Y&R Transcript Thursday 4/11/02

Y&R Transcript Thursday 4/11/02


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Leanna: Is this some sort of joke? You're my anonymous source?

Nikki: Surprise.

Leanna: Obviously you're not here to dish dirt on the Newmans.

Nikki: Well, you manage to do that quite well on your own, Leanna.

Leanna: That's what they pay me for. So you're here to what? Tell me it's over? We're no longer friends? Gee, Iím gonna miss you.

Nikki: Just stuff it.

Leanna: All right, let's cut the bull. Why don't you tell me what this is about?

Nikki: I can only assume you're up to no good, trying to cause problems for my family yet again.

Leanna: And you'd like to put me on notice? I'm shaking in my pumps.

Nikki: Let me tell you something -- you think Victor's been rough on you in the past? You don't want to get on my bad side. You will regret it. I can assure you of that.

[Victor remembering]

Leanna: That is just so like you, thinking you can wave a magic wand or throw around some big bucks and everything will be hunky-dory. Well, news flash -- there are some things you've done that you can't fix with your money and your power. That's right, darling. You're just gonna have to accept the consequences and live with yourself.

[Knock on door]

Victor: Come in. Katherine.

Katherine: Victor.

Victor: How the hell are you? Nice to see you.

Katherine: Is this a bad time?

Victor: Well, depends. What can I do for you?

Katherine: What can you do for me? All right. I came by to speak my mind.

Victor: When do you not speak your mind? Does this by chance have to do with Nikki and me?

Katherine: Yes it does.

Victor: Uh-huh.

Katherine: Now, you know I only want the best for you, which means each other, so Iím going to tell you something, and you are going to listen.

Victor: Well, after that, how can I not listen?

[Knock on door]

Sharon: Who is it?

Nick: Me.

Sharon: What do you want?

Nick: The kids gone? We need to talk.

Sharon: Yeah, we do.

Nick: Look, I know you're angry, okay? And I understand why.

Sharon: How perceptive.

Nick: Obviously, I regret what happened at the coffee house, Sharon, but I swear to you, it meant nothing. If you hadn't walked in when you did --

Sharon: But I did, Nick, and I saw everything.

Nick: Okay, fine. Well, now that our heads are more clear, I'd like to explain what happened if you'll let me.

Sharon: Go ahead.

Nick: When I left here, I was angry and hurt and confused. I felt like I'd put my heart out on the line and you'd just stomped on it.

Sharon: Darling, don't give me that. You came down here drunk. And instead of talking, you were pawing at me.

Nick: You slapped me in the face.

Sharon: That was the only way I could get you to stop.

Nick: It seems like that now, Sharon, but you were into it, too. I know you were. It felt good. Been a long time since we held each other like that. I wanted you so badly. I needed you. Can't you understand that? I got to the main house; I had to get out of there. So I had Miguel drive me into town. He took me to the coffee house. Cody was still there. I told him to leave. Then I went in the office to just chill out.

Sharon: So what are you saying, Nick? You were all alone and then some woman, a total stranger, just appears out of nowhere?

Nick: Okay, you're right. She wasn't a total stranger.

Phyllis: What are you doing?

Jack: Oh, Iím just checking the place out.

Phyllis: For land mines?

Jack: No, for any little things Kyle could put in his mouth. I'm sure Ashley keeps an eye on these kinds of things for Abby, but --

Phyllis: Yeah, right, you just want to be sure.

Jack: Can't be too careful, right?

Phyllis: Right. So you must be excited. It's your first visit with Kyle.

Jack: Well, the judge hasn't ruled yet. I'm probably jumping the gun, getting this place ready. But Diane will probably insist that we start at her place.

Phyllis: Right, right, and you and Kyle don't really know each other.

Jack: Well, Iím not concerned about that. He's my son. We'll get along just great.

Phyllis: No, what Iím saying is Diane isn't simply going to hand him over to you, Jack.

Jack: Sweetheart, it is simply a matter of time before this whole visitation process begins. Diane may insist that it start on her turf. I can't dispute that, but eventually, Kyle is gonna be in this house.

Phyllis: Mmm-hmm. Right. Well, it can be a big job, baby-proofing a house, you know? I remember.

Jack: You're thinking about Daniel.

Phyllis: Listen, you've got a lot of work cut out for you. I'll just see you later. I have to get to work.

Neil: Whatever Malcolm was upset about when Vicki saw him, it wasn't the fight. Because he was right outside of your hotel room, Alex. But he never came in to find out that you weren't there.

Victoria: How do you know?

Neil: Oh, my God. No, it can't be. It can't be that.

Alex: Neil, look, what are you talking about? What is it?

[Neil remembering]

Neil: Alex, did you mean what you said? Have you never really had any feelings for me?

Alex: Even though nothing ever happened, you weren't imagining things. And I really am sorry that I asked you to lie to your brother. And I know I shouldn't have done that. The truth is I did have feelings for you. Strong feelings.

Victoria: Neil, what's going on? Where did you just go?

Neil: I forgot. I have a meeting to get to.

Alex: Wait -- wait a minute. You're leaving?

Neil: Yeah. I -- look, I have to go.

Alex: No, no, no, Neil, wait a minute. You just realized something, and it had to do with Malcolm, didn't it?

Neil: Alex, we can talk later.

Alex: No, no, no, we're gonna talk about this right now. Come on, damn it, Neil, I've got a right to know.

[Doorbell rings]

Olivia: Coming. Who is it?

Mamie: It's me, sweetheart.

Olivia: Aunt Mamie, come on in.

Mamie: Oh, did I catch you on your way out?

Olivia: Oh, it's okay. I've got a few minutes.

Mamie: So is Nate at school?

Olivia: Oh, he just caught his bus a little while ago.

Mamie: How's he doing?

Olivia: Well, he has his good days and his bad days. Today was a good day.

Mamie: Oh. Any special reason?

Olivia: Yeah. Alex stopped by and she gave him this present.

Mamie: Oh, how sweet.

Olivia: I know. It was a gift from Malcolm. He got it for him in Kenya.

Mamie: How did he handle it?

Olivia: It meant a lot to him, just knowing his dad was thinking about him.

Mamie: Yeah, well, everyone knows how much Malcolm loved your little boy. And Neil and Alex, how are they holding up?

Olivia: Better than I expected.

Mamie: Really?

Olivia: You know what I think has helped? The time they've spent with Nate. They've been so wonderful to him.

Mamie: I'm sure it helps them to feel like they're doing something for Malcolm.

Olivia: Yeah, and what's nice is they're not alone. You know, they have each other.

Mamie: Yes. I'm sure they're a great comfort for one another.

Neil: This is all making sense now.

Alex: What is making sense?

Neil: Malcolm couldn't be in two places at once.

Victoria: You keep saying that.

Neil: After I thought you and Malcolm had left for the shoot, I decided to stop by Alexís room.

Victoria: Why?

Neil: To talk.

Alex: Which we did.

Neil: Right. And then I left. And then I went back, I went all the way back to my room, and that's when I found my brother waiting for me.

Alex: Neil, Neil, I don't understand what you're saying here.

Neil: Alex, even if you left the same time that I did, there was no way that Malcolm could make it all the way back to your room, realize that you weren't there, have a conversation with Vicki and then make it all the way back to my room before I even got there. It's just not possible.

Alex: So what does it mean?

Neil: It means that Malcolm was outside of the room while you and I were inside talking. And that is why he told Victoria that you weren't there. Oh, man.

Alex: You're saying it's possible that Malcolm overheard us talking? Is that what you're thinking, Neil? That that could be the reason why Malcolm was so furious?

Victoria: What did you two talk about? What is it that you think Malcolm might have overheard?

Nick: Sharon, it's not what you're thinking.

Sharon: Isn't it?

Nick: No. I'd met that woman a couple times.

Sharon: Where?

Nick: At Ginaís. We talked for a little bit. That's it.

Sharon: And last night, she just happened to appear at the coffee house?

Nick: No, she'd been there earlier. Jason, the guy Iím closing the deal with, he was hitting on her.

Sharon: Is there a point to this?

Nick: When I got to the coffee house, I thought I was alone.

Sharon: What about your friend?

Nick: I have no idea. I was pretty out of it. She must have seen me go into the office, and she followed me in there to see if I was all right.

Sharon: I see. So she just saw that you were hurting and took it upon herself to make sure that you were all right and you were fine with that.

Nick: I wasn't even thinking about her, damn it. Look, I know I should have asked her to leave, but I just -- there's no excuse for what I did.

Sharon: Kissing her?

Nick: Sharon, even if you hadn't come in, I swear to you, nothing else would have happened. You've got to believe me. You have to.

Leanna: That is quite a threat, Nikki.

Nikki: If you're smart, you'll do as I say.

Leanna: What, leave town with my tail between my legs? I'm sorry, that's really not my style. You know, something here just doesn't add up. You obviously know about my meeting with Victor. But you don't have a clue what it was about, do you?

Nikki: Listen, I know every time you appear on the scene, it spells trouble.

Leanna: Oh, well, you see, I didn't simply appear. Victor asked me to his apartment. He had a number of fascinating questions.

Nikki: I know. Actually, I'm surprised that you got out of there in one piece, considering how much he detests you.

Leanna: This is very surreal. First Victor messes with my head and now you.

Nikki: It's just a friendly warning -- stay the hell away.

Leanna: If I had any doubts before, I don't now. There is a story here. And you and Victor are trying to throw me off the scent. You know Iím going to find it, whatever it is. Why don't you just tell me? It'll save us all a lot of time and hassle. I might even let you do a little damage control.

Nikki: Oh, Leanna, you are so wrong. There is no story. Only how pathetic you are. And that's not really news.

Leanna: Maybe you're right. Maybe there is no story -- not yet, anyway?

Nikki: And what does that mean?

Leanna: You really don't know what my meeting with Victor was all about. That's why you're here. You're fishing for information.

Nikki: Leanna, there is absolutely nothing you could say that would be of any interest to me.

Leanna: I find it very intriguing that Victor would invite me to his apartment, and not tell you anything about it.

Nikki: Why don't you just crawl back under the rock you came from and leave my family alone?

Leanna: Nice try, but I can tell you are dying to know what Victor and I discussed. You can't ask him, so you cooked up this bogus meeting. Poor Nikki. I smell desperation in the air.

Katherine: You know I offered my yacht to you a while back so you and Nikki could go on the lake and have a romantic evening.

Victor: Mmm-hmm. That was very nice of you, Katherine. That date never happened.

Katherine: That's because Nikki had a conflict.

Victor: Mmm-hmm. That concerns you?

Katherine: Well, the offer still stands.

Victor: Why are you coming to me?

Katherine: I have to wonder if you're so reluctant because it wasn't your idea.

Victor: As an old friend, I'll give you an answer, Katherine. It has nothing to do with that. I would love to spend a night on that yacht -- if Nikki and I can make it work.

Katherine: Victor, no one would be happier to see the two of you back together again, no one. And I have to tell you, I'm going to do anything I can to help make that happen.

Victor: I know you will. And I love you for it.

Jack: Oh, Mamie, you are an angel. God, how old are all these things? I wonder which one of these things Kyle will be drawn to first.

[Doorbell rings]

Jack: What are you doing here? Hi. Hi, there.

Diane: Didn't you get the word? The judge made her ruling on visitation.

Messenger: Mr. Abbott?

Jack: Yeah?

Messenger: Court papers for you. Will you sign, please?

Jack: Oh, thanks.

Messenger: Hello, Miss Jenkins.

Diane: Hi. May we come in?

Jack: Oh, yeah. Sorry. Yeah. What's all that?

Diane: The porta crib.

Jack: You want him to start his visitation here?

Diane: Well, we might as well get Kyle used to the place.

Jack: Yeah, Iím fine with that.

Diane: Great. I've got diapers, wipes, extra clothes, bottle.

Jack: Well, it sounds like we're all set.

Diane: Yeah. Okay, honey. You're gonna have fun with Daddy. There you go.

Jack: Hey. Hey, little man. How you doing, mister? You and I are gonna get to know each other real well. Can I take off his coat?

Diane: Sure. Do you want me to stay? Just in case --

Jack: No, no, no, that's all right. We'll be just fine. Right? We'll be here when you get back.

Diane: All right, then. See you later.

Jack: Hey. What's going on?

[Baby twitters]

Sean: Hey, how's the second best web master in the internet biz?

Phyllis: Great.

Sean: What do you know, me too. In case you're wondering, Jill and I are great. Talk about a woman. What's the matter, Phyllis? You look like you lost your best friend. Sorry, Malcolm.

Phyllis: My other best friend, Michael Baldwin, went south on me.

Sean: Why? What do you mean?

Phyllis: Forget it, it's too complicated. Bottom line, I can't trust him. So, now, I have nobody. I have no one to turn to Ė no one.

Sean: What am I? Chopped liver? You know, whatever you tell me goes in the vault. You know that. We go way back. If you have something you need to get off your chest, you know Iím your man.

Olivia: Aunt Mamie, you're not disapproving of Alex and Neil spending time together, are you?

Mamie: Well, we all know that in the past that things were very tense between the two of them.

Olivia: Not anymore.

Mamie: Glad to hear it.

Olivia: Are you?

Mamie: A tragedy like this often draws people together.

Olivia: For support.

Mamie: And yet, I can't help wondering about the seriousness of the problems that he was having with his brother --

Olivia: What about them?

Mamie: Well, from what I gather they were at each other's throats because of Alex. Is that true?

Olivia: I don't want to get into this.

Mamie: I see. So then it was an issue.

Olivia: It's moot.

Mamie: Is it?

Olivia: Alex and Neil have moved on with their lives -- as they should.

Mamie: Honey, I can't help wondering if Malcolm would feel that way. I mean, the way they're turning to each other.

Olivia: Look, Aunt Mamie, I hear what you're saying. But there's nothing romantic going on between the two of them. In fact, Iím glad they have each other.

Mamie: What about Malcolm? You really think he would feel that way?

Olivia: Look, we all know that I had problems with the man. But the one thing I always gave him credit for was the size of his heart.

Mamie: Yes, it was one of his finest qualities.

Olivia: Right. And I for one believe that he would want Alex and Neil to be helping each other through this very difficult time. In fact, I think he'd be happy for them.

Neil: I went to Malcolm and Alexís room because I had to get a few things straight.

Victoria: What things?

Neil: Well, number one, you had told me to head back to Genoa City, remember that? And I was feeling pretty miserable about everything that had gone on.

Victoria: And?

Neil: And I laid it out on the line. I had to know. I had to be certain if Alex had ever felt the same way about me -- as I had about her.

Victoria: And what did you say?

Alex: I told him that it was true that I did have feelings for him. But that's not the way we left it. We talked about how those feelings were all in the past. And I made sure that Neil knew how much I still loved Malcolm. Look, if Malcolm did overhear us talking, it wouldn't have driven him over the edge. It couldnít.

Neil: Unless Malcolm didn't stick around. He only heard the first part. And then he was so devastated, he couldn't take anymore.

Victoria: And that's when I saw him, outside in the hall, outside your room.

Neil: Which would explain the way he acted, he seemed totally spaced out.

Sharon: This is so typical of you to come in here and try and sweet talk your way out of everything that happened Ė make me believe everything you said. Guess I shouldn't be surprised. I let you do that to me once before with another woman. But not
this time.

Nick: Sharon, please --

Sharon: No, listen to me. I have listened to everything you had to say. When you left last night, I was hurt, too. Despite the fact that you had to get drunk before you could come down here and talk to me. And despite the fact that you were forcing yourself on me, I was upset about the way things turned out. Why? Because of how much I was feeling for you. And I don't just mean the kissing. Yes, it was nice to be in your arms again. But I'd been thinking about you all day. I really wanted us to try again. I was praying that we would work it out, that we would have some kind of breakthrough. At one point, I was even remembering when you asked me to marry you in the coffee house office. Things didn't turn out the way that I had hoped. But, still, I had to reach out to you again. That's why I swallowed my pride. That why I got in the car and went to the coffee house
and chased after you. Talk about wearing your heart on your sleeve. I had my heart in my hands when I walked in that room. And what did I see?

Nick: I'm so sorry. Can't we just forget about last night and take everything we're feeling and just try again?

Sharon: I'm through trying, Nicholas. I've already talked to a lawyer, and I'm filing for a legal separation.

Victoria: All right, let's not jump to conclusions.

Neil: Why? Vicki, are you are you actually saying to me that it's not possible?

Victoria: I'm saying that maybe Malcolm overheard what you guys were talking about, but maybe he didnít. We'll never know.

Alex: You know what? Up until now this didn't make any sense. I mean, why would Malcolm freak out, attack Neil, then take off the way he did? I mean, why would he just lose it all like that so suddenly?

Victoria: It wasn't all of a sudden. Bad feelings had been brewing for awhile.

Neil: No, no! Not enough to make him hurt me like that. It had to be something pretty major for him to be pushed over the edge.

Victoria: Look, I realize that the two of you want some nice, tidy answer as to why --

Neil: Oh, Vicki, there is no tidy answer to this! It's the only thing that fits. I mean, we have the answer. I guess the question is -- what are we gonna do about it?

Alex: It's too late, Neil. It's too late to do anything about it. Malcolm's dead. He's dead.

Sean: Wow. That's a pretty messed up scene.

Phyllis: Yeah, it is. I'm pretty confused. Now, Jack wants to know how I feel.

Sean: And you don't know what to do.

Phyllis: Yeah. I mean, do I go for full custody or shared custody of a child by a woman I despise and despises me in return? I mean, it's a no-win situation.

Sean: And you have to pick the lesser of two evils to figure out which one you can live with.

Phyllis: Neither.

Sean: Well, the way I see it, if you choose full custody, you're opening yourself up for an emotional whipping.

Phyllis: Yeah. Jack says it'll be therapeutic. It'll be my chance to show the world that Iím not the unfit mother I was once declared to be.

Sean: I suppose it could be, but it'd still be painful.

Phyllis: Yeah. Thanks for your input.

Sean: Not to mention, if Jack gets his way, you're gonna play step-mommy to a child that you have some serious issues with.

Phyllis: I don't have issues with the child. I have issues with his mom. You know? And if he goes for shared custody, I have to deal with Diane Jenkins, big time.

Sean: I still say it's a no-brainer. Go for joint custody. Look, I know you don't want Jack to have anything to do with this woman. But he adores you. And from what you've told me, he can't stand her.

Phyllis: Listen, it's not about that. I know that Jack isn't gonna fall head over heels in love with Diane Jenkins. I know that. I just don't want this woman anywhere near our lives.

Sean: Well, I don't know this woman, but I know you. And you are more than capable of taking care of yourself. I mean, she'll be so intimidated she'll make sure to steer clear of you.

Jack: Hey, Kyle. Diane, your mommy, will be right back. Take it easy. It's okay.

Diane: Look, Jack, why don't I stay for a few minutes and make sure he's okay?

Jack: Uh, yeah. Maybe for just a minute. I think he's okay now.

Diane: Were these yours?

Jack: Yeah, yeah. I found those in the attic. Mamie has kept these all these years. Don't worry. They're clean. Okay?

Diane: Look, why don't you sit on the couch with Kyle between us. We'll play with some of your old toys. That'll keep him happy. That's right. Look, sweetie, that was Daddy's!

Jack: What do you think of that?

Diane: He likes that. I know you don't trust me, Jack. You've made that very clear. But, still, seeing you and Kyle together like this makes me wish that there could be a better solution to this mess. In fact, it makes me certain that there must be a better way. He deserves that.

Jack: What is it you're after? You obviously came here with an agenda. What is this "better way" you keep talking about?

Katherine: Well, I'm not wanting to push my luck, nor miss my doctor's appointment. I think I should leave.

Victor: Always good to see you.

[Katherine laughs]

Katherine: Nice to see you, friend.

Victor: I'll take you to the door.

Katherine: "Ruthless"? Oh, come on. What are you doing with this garbage in your office?

Victor: It's always a good idea to realize how one is perceived in other quarters.

Katherine: Oh, Victor Newman. Now, for God's sake, you don't think -- you're not serious about getting any insight from this garbage? I mean, Leanna Love? Come on! Yes, well, I -- that really disturbs me. And I'd really like you to focus on far more pleasant things, such as you and Nikki taking the boat out and, I don't know, just dancing under the stars. I mean, where are the good times with you, anyways?

Victor: I promise you, Katherine, one day we'll do that. Nice to see you.

Katherine: Nice to see you.

Victor: Thanks for coming by.

Nikki: You have a very twisted imagination.

Leanna: Well, I won't need to rely on it for too much longer. Not as soon as I have a talk with some of my sources. The same ones who have been filling me in about you and Victor.

Nikki: Oh, so you are looking for dirt.

Leanna: Well, what can I say? Everybody is always fascinated by the great Victor Newman. I was under the impression that things were heating up between you two, despite that bad period you first signed on at Jabot. I must confess, I was a little bit
jealous. To think you had gotten back into the man's good graces while working for the enemy. I thought you had it all -- independence, Victor. Quite a coup. But I guess I was mistaken. True? I promise not to tell.

[Nikki scoffs]

Nikki: Leanna, don't insult my intelligence.

Leanna: Well, Iím gonna find out anyway.

Nikki: You do that.

Leanna: Tell me again why we're having this conversation.

Nikki: Whenever a snake slips into the garden, it's always best to deal with the snake first, ask questions later.

Leanna: Are you threatening me again?

Nikki: Stop messing with my family, Leanna. If you don't, you will regret it. I promise you that.

Leanna: You are up to something, Victor. And I'm going to find out what it is.

Nick: Legal separation? You don't mean that.

Sharon: Obviously, there are a lot of details that need to be worked out, like where Iíll be living. Also, I'm going to ask for a restraining order to keep you away from me.

Nick: You cannot be serious.

Sharon: Obviously, we have nothing left to talk about. And if you think that you're gonna get drunk and come looking for me again -- well, that's not gonna happen.

Nick: What about the kids?

Sharon: You can see them, of course. We'll work something out. A schedule. I'm prepared to be flexible.

Nick: Oh, great. I'm sure Cassie and Noah will be thrilled to know their mom's being so considerate.

Sharon: You can be sarcastic, Nicholas. It's not gonna change anything.

Nick: Why? Because you've got your mind made up? Because you're determined to destroy our family?

Sharon: Me? Me? You really are a piece of work, Nicholas.

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