Y&R Transcript Monday 4/8/02

Y&R Transcript Monday 4/8/02


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Nick: This feels so good -- I've wanted you so bad.

Sharon: I've wanted you, too. Oh, gosh, I've missed you so much. Honey, slow down a little bit, okay?

Nick: What?

Sharon: It's just -- we just need to --

Nick: To what? Talk?

Sharon: Look, don't get upset, okay? I'm not rejecting you, I just --

Nick: Baby, I don't want to talk, all right? We did that. That doesn't work.

Sharon: Nick, look, this is just moving too fast for me, okay?

Nick: What do you mean fast? It's been so long.

Sharon: No. Don't, don't. Stop!

Nick: Sharon, what are you doing? Why are you pulling away from me?

Brad: Please, don't keep us in suspense, Dr. Jamison.

Ashley: Yeah, please, whatever the news, let's just hear it.

Dr. Jamison: The news is good.

Ashley: It's good? Did I just hear her right?

Olivia: Yes, you heard her right.

Ashley: Oh, my God.

Brad: Ah, tell us more. We want the full report.

Dr. Jamison: The tumor was small, as we thought -- under a centimeter. The margins were clean. The cancer hasn't spread.

Brad: Thank God.

Ashley: Oh, doctor, how do I ever thank you?

Dr. Jamison: I think your husband had the right idea.

Ashley: Thank you, God. I don't know when I've ever been so grateful for anything in my whole life.

Isabella: Sydney? That's a heck of a long way. What would Mary -- are you saying she went to see Christine?

Lauren: You know, maybe it was a church trip.

Paul: Oh, come on, Lauren! We all know why my mother went to Australia.

Isabella: Honey, calm down. It's not like -- what could she have told Christine? That I have you in my evil clutches?

Lauren: Paul is expecting a child. That would be news.

Isabella: True, if she hasn't heard it from someone else already.

Paul: What, you mean, Baldwin?

Isabella: Look, what's the big deal? Paul and Christine are divorced. It's not likely that the woman's gonna come charging back here. That's not what you're thinking, is it?

Paul: No. No, of course not.

Isabella: So let Mary do her worst.

Paul: You know, we are talking about somebody involving themselves in our lives in a way that I am not gonna tolerate.

Isabella: Honey, --

Paul: I am gonna get to the bottom of this. I'll see you at home later.

Amanda: Hey, stranger.

Larry: Hey.

Amanda: How've ya been?

Larry: All right.

Amanda: Do you mind if I join you?

Larry: Oh, yeah. Sure, go ahead. Take a load off.

Amanda: So I haven't heard from you since the other night at Katherineís.

Larry: Yeah, I've been kind of busy. Why, was I supposed to call you and tell you?

Amanda: No, you're not supposed to do anything. I mean, I didn't mean for it to sound like I was --

Larry: Hey, how is your daughter?

Amanda: Well, I couldn't tell you, really. She's -- you know, I see her in passing at school, but I don't want to crowd her, you know? When she's ready to talk, she knows where to find me.

Larry: Huh.

Amanda: Look, see, the thing with teenagers is that you have to know when to be there and when to hold back, especially with Mackenzie since we're still not totally on solid ground.

Victor: Ms. Leanna Love, please. And I thank you.

[Doorbell rings]

Victor: Come in!

Victoria: Hi.

Victor: Hi, sweetheart.

Victoria: Ah, working late, I see. Like father, like daughter.

Victor: What are you doing here?

Victoria: Well, I have the first quarterly status report on the new plant. I knew you wanted this as soon as we were through with it, so here you go.

Victor: Well, Iíll go through it tomorrow, okay? But thanks for bringing it by. What? Anything else?

Victoria: No. Why? Are you trying to get rid of me?

Sharon: I said this is moving too fast for me.

Nick: Are you telling me that that didn't feel good to you?

Sharon: No, of course, it felt good. I just -- I didn't expect all this intensity.

Nick: Oh, baby, let's not talk now, okay? Let's just be together. It'll remind us of what we used to have, and then we'll talk. It'll be so much easier then.

Sharon: I don't know. Oh, gosh, I don't know. I don't know what I'm thinking. I don't know what I want to say. I have been feeling like you.

Nick: But now you're putting me off.

Sharon: No, no. You don't understand. I have been having all of these wonderful thoughts about you -- about us, about the good times, the way things used to be. They used to be so good. I mean, feeling your arms around me just now, I --

Nick: Go with those feelings. Just this once.

Sharon: I -- I don't know. I've gotta sit down. I gotta think about this. Just give me a minute. You know, just before you came here, I was remembering when you carried me over the threshold -- how close we were. It's like we were one person, Nick. And I just want to feel that way again. I want that more than anything in the world, but we just have to take things a little slower, okay? Do you understand what I'm saying?

Sean: You ready to think summer?

Jill: I don't know. Am I?

Sean: I got some new ideas to run by you for the "Glow by Jabot" house.

Jill: Oh, please, don't remind me of that.

Sean: Why, what's the problem?

Jill: Sean, our cast is in a shambles. Billy and Mackenzie have broken up, Rianna has gone. And who does that leave us with? J.T. and Billy, who are ready to murder each other?

Sean: Raul and Brittany.

Jill: Isn't that great. We got three guys and a girl, and we're selling makeup. You know, maybe we should just start fresh.

Sean: My thought exactly. We could revamp the whole concept. Take the website in a completely new direction.

Jill: Tell me about it.

Sean: We reshift our focus. Mature audiences only. That way, you and I could star in it.

[Jill laughs]

[Knocking on door]

[Doorbell rings]

Mary: I'm coming.

[Knocking on door]

Mary: I'm coming. I'm coming.

[Doorbell rings]

Mary: Paul, I was asleep.

Paul: Well, wake up.

Mary: Look, Iím exhausted. You can come back tomorrow.

Paul: Mom, I am not leaving. You and I are going to talk. Now did you, or did you not, just get back from a trip to Australia?

Mary: Son --

Paul: Answer my question, please.

Mary: Yes.

Paul: And it wasn't a pleasure trip, now, was it?

[Mary sighs]

Paul: You went there for the purpose of harassing Christine about my situation.

Mary: Son, I am out on my feet.

Paul: All right, fine. I will make you a cup of coffee. But let me get this straight. You and I are going to have a talk and you are going to answer some questions. You're going to answer them now.

Sharon: Nick, just tell me, please. Are we on the same page? Nick, why are you being so rough?

Nick: Baby, I just -- I want you. I want you so bad.

Sharon: Hey, stop. This isn't like you. Were you drinking before you came up here? No, no! God! It can't happen like this -- not with you drunk and pawing at me. It's just not right.

Nick: Sharon, you want this, too. I know you do. Don't fight it. Give in to it.

Sharon: No, I don't. I don't want it -- not like this! I'm sorry. I didn't mean to do that. It was just -- it was the only way to get you to stop!

Nick: I'm sorry. I just wanted to be with you.

Sharon: That's not the way you do it, you know. Not by getting drunk and coming down here and grabbing at me and not listening to me. I told you, I want to be with you, too. And I've missed you, but --

Nick: But we got to go by your rules, right? Your timetable, Sharon. We always have to do everything the way you want it. You know, maybe I shouldn't have had those drinks, but I did it because I was dreading coming down here. You know, that all the bad stuff would get dredged up again, then we'd have nowhere to go. And all the progress we've made would just be gone. But then I walked in that door, and I saw you. And you're so beautiful, and I love you so much. And I thought that, you know, everything could be possible again, like I had my wife back. I'm sorry that I overstepped. Trust me, it won't happen again.

Dr. Jamison: Dr. Griffiths, your oncologist, will review all the findings with you in more detail. But for now, what's important -- things look very good.

Ashley: It's just such an incredible relief.

Brad: So what's next, doc? I know that Ash starts radiation therapy.

Ashley: How soon?

Dr. Jamison: We'll begin the treatments next week.

Ashley: And how long will that continue?

Dr. Jamison: Usually six weeks. A shorter course of 28 days for the therapy may be appropriate in your case. That's something you'll want to discuss with the oncologist.

Olivia: Well, I have a lot confidence in your doctors, but, as your best friend, I think Iíll keep an eye on you myself.

Ashley: I appreciate that.

Brad: Me, too, Liv.

Ashley: Thank you so much for everything.

Dr. Jamison: Oh, you have no idea how glad I am, Ashley, to be able to give you such good news. You're a very strong woman.

Ashley: I didn't feel that strong.

Dr. Jamison: Well, you acted that way. You take good care.

Ashley: Thank you, doctor. I will.

Brad: Thank you, doctor.

Dr. Jamison: Bye, all.

Ashley: I can't believe this. I'm so grateful they found it as early as they did and it's contained. Honey, Iím going to be fine. I'm going to be fine.

Brad: Yeah, you are gonna be fine.

Victoria: Seems like you want me to leave.

Victor: Sweetheart, that is not the point.

Victoria: Look, I know you're worried that Iím gonna start questioning you about Mom, but --

Victor: I'm not worried. But I'd rather you didnít.

Victoria: Listen, I don't want to be nosy. I just want to help.

Victor: I fail to see the difference.

Victoria: Dad, come on. Don't be that way. You and Mom have had so many miscommunications over the years. You've had so many missed opportunities.

Victor: Sweetheart, that is our fate. And you can't change it, okay?

Victoria: Oh, you don't think so, huh? You may be very surprised, Dad. Very surprised.

[Phone ringing]

Sharon: Hello?

Doris: Hi, Sharon, it's me.

Sharon: Mom. Hey, what's up?

Doris: I'm a little surprised to find you there. We just thought we'd be leaving a message.

Sharon: Why? What's wrong.

Doris: Cassie wanted to tell you she got an "A" on her math test. Now she's just in the other room, if you'd like me to call her.

Sharon: No, no, no. Mom, please, don't put her on the phone right now.

Doris: Honey, what's wrong? Why aren't you at the coffee house?

Sharon: Because nothing went as planned. And the whole thing was a total fiasco, and then Nick left.

Doris: You argued?

Sharon: No, it wasn't really like that. I don't know. I don't know what happened. One minute, we were having a breakthrough, and then the next, everything exploded.

Doris: What did Nicholas do?

Sharon: I don't want to get into the details.

Doris: But if it was going well before then, maybe you could start over.

Sharon: So you think I should go after him?

Doris: Oh, honey, Iím sorry. I just don't think I can advise you on this one.

Sharon: Yeah, I don't know what to do either. I just hate for the whole evening to end this way.

Doris: Oh, honey, Iím so sorry.

Sharon: Yeah, me too. Mom, I gotta go, okay? Bye.

Amanda: Speaking of Mackenzie -- she was obviously on my mind the other night at Katherineís, and --

Larry: Look, Mandy, no offense, okay? And I know that you care about your daughter a lot, but it seems to be, that's the only thing that you ever talk about. I mean, maybe if you concentrated on other things, it wouldn't be that way so much. You know what I mean?

Amanda: Actually, I wasn't going to talk about Mackenzie. I was going to say Iím sorry. I'm sorry for how distracted I was that other night. I think it made things uncomfortable between us.

Larry: See, I don't think it was because of you worrying about Mac.

Amanda: Really? What?

Larry: I think it's got to do with the fact that I gave you that little kiss awhile back, and that you --

Amanda: We talked about that, okay? Why do you keep bringing it up? I told you, I wasn't offended by it.

Larry: Well, that's what you say, but sometimes --

Amanda: Yeah, and that's what I meant, Larry. Look, why do you keep acting as though I'm not telling the truth?

Larry: Hey --

Amanda: Don't doubt me.

Larry: It's just that when I think about the way things were, that -- well, look, I've gotta go. There's something I've gotta take care of, okay? I'll see you around.

Mary: Son, will you stop hovering?

Paul: What, are you ready to talk?

Mary: I suppose.

Paul: Are you ready to admit that you went to Australia and stuck your nose where it doesn't belong?

Mary: I'll admit to being a mother who sees her son allowing himself to be tied to a woman who doesn't even come close to being worthy of him. A woman so despicable, she's willing to use her illegitimate child to entrap him.

Paul: You know, you are getting dangerously close to the edge.

Mary: Oh, son. I tried to reason with you.

Paul: Oh, you call that reasoning?

Mary: I even tried to reason with Isabella! I looked for someone, anyone in this town, who could help me get through to you. And when that failed, in my desperation, I went to the one last person who just might still care enough to try. Son, Iím your mother. I believe that you're in danger. I only did what I felt I had to do. Naturally, it was futile. She turned me down cold.

Paul: You are unbelievable.

Mary: Paul --

Paul: You know, first, you insult us by trying to send Isabella to this home for unwed mothers. You know, I thought that was bad, I really did. And then you do this. What the hell were you thinking! Trying to drive Chris into this?! That is not fair, and it is not right! You are way out of bounds here!

Carrie: I see you're ready to go. Do you mind if I finish my coffee?

Cody: For you, I will stay open a little later.

Carrie: So you're closing a little early tonight. Are these going to be your new hours?

Cody: No, no. Tonight's a little different.

Carrie: Oh? Why?

Cody: Well, it has to do with Nick and Sharon.

Carrie: Your bosses?

Cody: Yeah. Yeah, it's a personal thing.

Carrie: I guess I won't ask what.

Cody: Well, even if you did, I couldn't answer.

Carrie: Sounds like they're a pretty happy couple.

Cody: Does that surprise you?

Carrie: Not exactly, but -- no, never mind. Thanks for letting me finish.

Cody: Okay. Hey, Nick. I was just about to lock up.

Nick: Look, don't worry about it. I'll take care of it. I just want you to take off, all right?

Cody: All right.

Nick: Carrie.

Carrie: Hey, Nick. Are you okay?

Ashley: I wonder what's taking those release papers so long.

Olivia: I can check on those for you.

Ashley: Would you mind?

Brad: Thanks, Liv. That would be great.

Brad: So you're all anxious to get out of here, aren't you?

Ashley: Oh, you bet I am.

Brad: How do you feel, baby?

Ashley: After the news I just got? Pretty damn good.

Brad: Me, too. But I meant from the lumpectomy.

Ashley: Honey, I feel fine. I just want to get out of here. I want to go home. I'm gonna take my baby girl, and I'm gonna hug her so tight. This kind of a scare just makes you so conscious of how precious life is. I just want to grab hold of it. I want to savor every second that I have.

Brad: It's amazing, isn't it? How we take things for granted.

Ashley: I couldn't have gotten through this without you. You know that?

Brad: Oh, Iím sure you could have. You're so strong --

Ashley: No, no. You were here for me. But I know we have a hard road ahead. You know, maybe a little hard road ahead because of the radiation.

Brad: Yeah, but once you're through with that, you get a clean bill of health, we can put it all behind us. It'll be nothing but a distant memory.

Ashley: Except for two things -- how much I love you. And how precious every single second we have together is. Don't ever let me take you for granted, okay?

Brad: You've never taken me for granted. You never would.

Ashley: I was really trying to keep it together, but I was really scared.

Brad: Oh, honey. So was I. So was I. But thank God, we can put that fear behind us and look forward to a very long and very, very happy life together.

Ashley: Yea!

Sharon: Nick? Nicholas, are you here? Oh, Miguel, hey. I was just looking for Nick, but if you just got home --

Miguel: I drove him into town. I dropped him off at the coffee house.

Sharon: Oh. How did he seem?

Miguel: Pretty upset, Sharon.

Lauren: Something wrong with your dinner?

Isabella: I guess Iím not hungry.

Lauren: Did my news about Mary kill your appetite?

Isabella: You couldn't have kept your mouth shut?

Lauren: That could have been an option. But does it matter? Paul would eventually find out about the trip. It bothers you, doesn't it? That he's so concerned about Christineís feelings. After your experience with Paul, during and after that marriage, did you honestly believe that history was just gonna magically fade away when he moved in with you?

Isabella: What do you expect, Lauren? That Iím just gonna shrivel up and blow away in the wind?

Lauren: You reacted strongly before.

Isabella: Well, Iím over it now, okay? Paul is living with me. We're lovers. He is the father of my child. Granted, things may not be perfect between us, yet. And Paul has some issues that I wish he didn't have. But I'm not gonna run away. I'm staying right here, and I'm gonna fight for my man. But this time, Iím gonna win.

Mary: Now, son, you listen to me. I did what I had to do. My only mistake was thinking that maybe Christine --

Paul: Your only mistake?!

Mary: I know that this is painful for both sides. I also know how she feels about me. But I thought that it might be worth a try -- once she knew that this woman was trying to use an innocent child to trap you.

Paul: So you did tell her about the baby. Oh, brother. Really pulling out the stops this time, aren't you, Mom? So tell me, how did Chris react when she found out I was gonna be a father?

Mary: It still matters to you, doesn't it?

Paul: What are you talking about?

Mary: I can see it, Paul. You still have feelings for her. Son, doesn't this tell you something? You care. You care how Chris felt. Doesn't that prove your lack of commitment to Isabella?

Paul: So you've finally hit rock bottom.

[Door slams]

Mary: Answering machine. Hello, Christine. This is Mary Williams. I know you won't want to call me back, but you must. There's something we have to discuss -- something that could be very important to you.

Sean: Shall we adjourn to the couch?

Jill: No, no, no, no. We can't. Your best friend Larry is due here any moment.

Sean: Yes, well, it wouldn't be good for him to walk in on us again.

Jill: What? You're so modest all of a sudden?

Sean: Oh, no, my love. You misunderstand. I'm only thinking of your carefully orchestrated scheme.

Jill: Don't you needle me. This is gonna work.

Sean: Only if Katherineís really plotting against you.

Jill: You think Iím imagining all this?

Sean: I think you're a little paranoid, maybe.

Jill: Hey. Oh, hello, Mr. Warton. Please, come in. Sean was just leaving.

Sean: Hey, Larry.

Larry: Hi. How you doin', Sean?

Jill: I'll see you at home.

Sean: Mmm-hmm.

Jill: Okay. So come in. Are you all fresh and eager, ready for your first lesson?

Larry: Umm lady, you're coming on like you really want to help me. And I hope that that's for real, because if you're messing with me, I won't be very happy. You know what I mean?

Victoria: Listen, I know that you and mother love each other. You just need someone to help you communicate, someone to put out the little fires before they become big ones.

Victor: Sweetheart, your mother and I will work it out ourselves.

Victoria: But you don't. I mean, don't you see? That's been your problem all along. One zigs while the other one zags. You need someone to help you --

Victor: Now, darling, I think it's time for you to go, okay?

Victoria: Listen, I can help you with this.

Victor: That is so sweet of you, but we'll take care of things. Now it's time for you to go. Bye.

Victoria: All right, fine.

Victor: Okay.

Victoria: I'm not letting this go.

Victor: You have a nice evening.

[Cell phone rings]

Victoria: Hello? Yeah, I'll be right there. All right.

[Doorbell rings]

Victor: Well, Iíll be damned. Leanna Love.

Leanna: Well, that's a hell of a greeting. But then again, it was a hell of a shock when you called and said you wanted to see me. So what's this all about?

Victor: Come in.

Carrie: Nick?

Nick: Go away.

Carrie: I just wanted to make sure you were all right.

Nick: Well, yeah, everything's just great. God, my head is killing me.

Carrie: Maybe this will help.

Sharon: Nick, are you here?

Carrie: Rough night, huh?

Nick: You could say that. My life is over. Every thing I do, every move I make, it's a disaster. I mean, and just when I think that it can't get any worse, it does. Now to top it all off, Iím sitting here crying in my beer with a total stranger. I am pathetic.

Carrie: You're not pathetic. Okay, so things are tough, but you have so much going for you.

Nick: Oh, yeah. I'm the guy who has everything. Except Iíve got nothing. Nothing. [Sighs] That feels good.

Sharon: Guess he's not here.

Nick: Don't stop.

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