Y&R Transcript Tuesday 3/26/02

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 3/26/02


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Mamie: That was a lovely service.

It wasn't difficult finding something wonderful to say --

Neil: It took a lot of guts to stand up in front of everybody like that and speaking from your heart like you did.

Nate: Do you think he heard me?

Neil: I'm sure your father heard you. We're all proud of you.

Olivia: You want to say goodbye to the reverend?

Nate: Yeah.

Neil: I'll go with you.

Hi, Ashley. We have been talking about the breast cancer awareness.

You're the chairperson and you're doing a fantastic job.

I understand you had a mammogram to set an example. I think it's fantastic.

Absolutely. Like we said in the meeting, if it's something that can happen to other people, it can happen to anyone. We're all at risk of the terrible disease.

Ashley: Yeah. I see my husband, excuse me.

Brad: I was talking to your dad.

Ashley: There's a reception at Ginaís. Let's go there and wait for my appointment.

Brad: Let's go to Jabot instead.

Ashley: Why?

Brad: We don't need to be around all these people. We certainly paid our respects.

Ashley: Okay. I could use some quiet time.

Brad: I know. I know. It's too much for you.

Ashley: I have to go. I have to go.

Phyllis: What's with that look? You're wondering if Iím going to be a good girl.

Victoria: Alex and Neil have had enough grief. They don't need any more from you.

Phyllis: Look at them. They're so cozy, like two peas in a pod.

Victoria: Tragedy can bring people together, Phyllis. I wouldn't read anything into it.

Nikki: Are you ready, sweetheart?

Victoria: Yes, I'm ready.

Katherine: My advice is no matter how you think you're prepared for parenthood, it's always full of surprises.

Paul: So I hear. Tell me, have you spoken to Lauren lately?

Katherine: I speak to her on an almost daily basis.

Paul: Did she happen to mention anything about my mother?

Katherine: No, not that I recall. She did mention Mary a couple weeks ago, yeah.

Paul: But not since then.

Katherine: No. Is there anything you want me to ask her when I talk to her?

Paul: No. I'll give her a call.

Katherine: All right. I'm going to speak to the reverend.

Paul: Okay. Good to see you, Katherine.

Lynne: Paul, are you coming to Ginaís?

Paul: I don't think so.

Lynne: I couldn't help but overhearing. You're curious about your mother. Is everything all right?

Paul: I'm not sure.

Lynne: Have you spoken with her? Has something happened?

Paul: You know, Lynne, I appreciate your concern. You're right. I never should have put you in the middle.

Ashley: How much time before my appointment?

Brad: 45 minutes.

Ashley: I think we should go on over there, huh?

Brad: Baby, you really want to sit in the waiting room for that long?

Ashley: I guess not.

Brad: No. Hey, we have to stay positive, okay? I know that's tough, but we need to do that.

[Cell phone ringing]

Brad: Excuse me. Carlton. Oh, is that really necessary? I would rather stick with the original plan. Okay. All right. I understand. I'll see you then.

Ashley: What's up?

Brad: That was Gordon Chang. We had a meeting scheduled for next week. But he's going out of town.

Ashley: The anti-aging cream.

Brad: He wants to move it to tomorrow morning. I better call Nikki and let her know. I have her cell phone number here.

Paul: Isabella? Isabella. What is all this?

Isabella: If you have to ask, I think I failed.

Paul: I don't think you failed at anything. You just caught me off guard, that's all.

Isabella: Well, I knew you would be on a downer coming back from the memorial service, so I wanted you to step into a whole different world.

Paul: That's what it feels like, a different world. Very inviting.

Isabella: You think?

Paul: You don't really have to ask, do you? Go on, sit down. So how is he?

Isabella: Now it's a he.

Paul: He, she, our little one.

Isabella: You don't care if it's a boy or girl?

Paul: You know I donít. I just want a happy, healthy baby. That's all I'm praying for.

Isabella: You're going to be a wonderful father.

Paul: I can't wait.

Isabella: You have no idea how happy I am to hear you talk that way, excited about the baby.

Paul: You make me so happy. I hope you know that.

Isabella: Maybe I can make you even happier.

Paul: What's going on in that mind of yours?

Isabella: Don't ask any questions. Take off your clothes.

Gina: How's it going in the kitchen?

Don't worry, Gina. Everything is under control.

Gina: You know how much I appreciate this.

I know how close you were to Malcolm. You should be out here with all the others.

Gina: Thanks, sweetie.

Everyone, everyone, I need your attention please. I have a few words I'd like to say. First of all, I really would like to thank all of you guys for coming today. And looking around at all the faces in this room, I see people who meant so much to Malcolm. And if he could, I know that he would want to thank each of you for being a part of his life. You know, I don't really have to tell anybody what an incredible man Malcolm was. What a talented artist, what a devoted father, and a caring fiancť. I loved him so much, as did all of you, which is why I'm so glad that we are all here together to honor his memory.

Neil: To Malcolm. You going to be okay?

Neil: Phyllis, can I talk to you for a second? Is there a problem?

Phyllis: I don't know. Is there a problem, Neil?

Neil: I'm not sure. I've been picking up attitude from you all day. You want to talk to me about something?

Phyllis: It's nothing you would be interested in.

Neil: Try me.

Phyllis: I don't think so.

Neil: What is the deal with Phyllis?

Alex: After you left the studio, we exchanged a few words.

Neil: Words? About what?

Alex: Let's just say things got kind of tense and she was just looking for somebody to blame.

Neil: That lady was hurt? I can't believe her, after everything that happened she dares to give you a hard time? I'm going to talk to her.

Alex: Neil, Neil --

Neil: What?!

Alex: Donít. So, who's helping me wash the dishes?

Victoria: That thoroughly got to me. I couldn't wait to get out of the church. I feel badly leaving so suddenly.

Nikki: There's only so much you can handle.

Victoria: Neil and Alex are going through so much; I don't want them to worry about me.

Nikki: What's going on with Alex and Neil?

Victoria: It's private. I can't talk about it. How are things progressing with the two of you? I know you think I'm meddling.

Nikki: Honey, true, but we know you mean well.

[Cell phone ringing]

Nikki: Oh, that's me. Hello. Hello. Yeah. Hold on just a minute. Excuse me a minute. It's Brad. It's important. Hi.

Brad: I'm calling about the meeting.

Nikki: Is there a problem?

Brad: Gordon has to go out of town. It's been moved to tomorrow morning. Is that going to work for you?

Nikki: Yeah, yeah. I'll be there.

Brad: Great. I'll see you then. Hey, Nikki, if by chance I can't make it, will you be able to handle it on your own?

Nikki: Yeah, of course I can. You have a conflict?

Brad: I'm not sure. I don't think so, but it's a possibility.

Nikki: Brad, you don't sound like yourself. Is everything okay?

Brad: Yeah, yeah, I'm fine. That's it. I'll probably see you in the morning. Just taking a precaution, sweetheart, that's all.

Neil: Alex, why don't you want me to talk to Phyllis?

Alex: I'm afraid it will make things worse, Neil.

Neil: She was way out of line.

Alex: I don't mind a nasty look or two.

Neil: What exactly did she say to you?

Alex: She wanted to know why Malcolm went off on his own.

Neil: You mean before the accident.

Alex: Right, right. She seems to have cooled down now. Maybe she realizes there's no point getting worked up. There are still questions why Malcolm reacted the way he did. We're as close to the truth as we're going to get. Don't you agree?

Neil: Yeah, sure, I agree.

Alex: Excuse me.

Neil: Absolutely.

Mamie: Alex, the collage you made of Malcolm is in my car. I know you would want to keep it.

Alex: I forgot to get it when I left the chapel.

Mamie: You want to get it now?

Alex: Yes. Why don't I.

Victoria: Isaac said his hands were so bruised that he noticed them?

Neil: That's what he said. He said they were bruised, possibly bleeding.

Victoria: That doesn't sound right.

Neil: What do you mean?

Victoria: I saw Malcolm after the fight. His hands were not bruised. This doesn't make any sense.

Neil: You sure?

Victoria: I'm positive. I saw his hands very clearly. They were not bruised or scraped.

Neil: They had to be fairly bruised. He hit me hard; he hit a brick wall, right?

Victoria: It's confusing. Maybe we have the sequence wrong.

Neil: No, I don't think so.

Victoria: I was with Malcolm when the trip was canceled.

Neil: Yeah, yeah. You said he seemed fine then.

Victoria: He was fine. He was going to go look for Alex.

Neil: But the next time you saw him?

Victoria: It was weird. He was distant. It had to be after the fight.

Neil: Maybe it was later. Maybe the fight came later.

Victoria: I don't know, Neil. Who knows what happened.

Neil: We're back to square one. We don't know what happened here. How could Malcolm change his attitude, his mood so completely after a short period of time?

Victoria: The question was why. Why did he feel so angry he felt he had to come after you?

Hey, how you holding up? I think the service was starting to get to her so she took off. Did you need to talk to her?

Neil: That's okay. I'll talk to her later, thanks.

Jack: Nate, you spoke so well at the service today.

Nate: Uncle Neil said my dad was a hero.

Phyllis: He was. He was a hero to me. You know that? He was my best friend. You know what it's like to have a best friend. You have one in school, right?

Nate: Yes.

Phyllis: Someone that stands beside you and is there even when nobody else is. He was a wonderful man, your father. He was very special, and I was blessed to have him in my life, Nate. You know what he told me? He told me that you were the most important person in his life. He loved you very much. Don't ever forget that, okay?

Nate: Okay.

Phyllis: Okay.

Nicholas: Breaks your heart, doesn't it?

Sharon: It's hard to lose your father at such a young age.

Nicholas: Nate is a brave little boy.

Sharon: It's amazing how children find the strength to carry on. You think that you're still going to have to work late tonight?

Nicholas: Actually, I just got a call on my cell phone from the client, Jason. Apparently there are more problems they have to work out so we have to meet tomorrow.

Sharon: Tomorrow night?

Nicholas: It's the only time he's free.

Sharon: I'll tell Noah and Cassie they might not see you.

Nicholas: I would like to make it up to them.

Sharon: What did you have in mind?

Nicholas: I was thinking on the weekend I could spend the day with them, just the three of us.

Sharon: Sure. I'm sure they would love it too. They love spending time with you.

Nicholas: Great.

Victoria: So that was Brad.

Nikki: I'm concerned about him. There's something about his tone.

Victoria: This isn't the time to worry about Brad's tone.

Nikki: Honey, he's my friend.

Victoria: Fine. But did you really have to take that call now?

Nikki: It's business. I don't understand why you're upset.

Victoria: Take a look around. Dad's not here.

Nikki: Where is he?

Victoria: Upstairs.

Nikki: Okay. I don't see what the problem is.

Victoria: Do I have to spell it out for you? I think you're letting your job come between you and Dad.

Nikki: You are making way too much out of this.

Victoria: I don't think I am. Do I have to remind you when you went to work with one of our biggest rivals?

Nikki: He has come to terms with it.

Victoria: It's still a sore spot.

Nikki: What are you suggesting? I should quit my job?

Victoria: Absolutely not. I understand it's wonderful for you to have something of your own. Sometimes I feel so frustrated.

Nikki: I assure you, your father and I --

Victoria: I have been thinking about this and I have the perfect solution.

Nikki: What?

Victoria: You have a perfect career and you won't ruffle Dad's feathers. You can work with me at Brash & Sassy.

Nikki: What?!

Sharon: You left early last night.

Nicholas: I didn't mean to be rude. I had a long day and I wanted to go to bed.

Sharon: When I came out of the kitchen, I was surprised you were gone.

Nicholas: I yelled goodbye. I guess you didn't hear me.

Sharon: I can understand why you're tired. You have been putting in a lot of hours.

Nicholas: Is there something else?

Sharon: I'm kind of beating around the bush. Maybe I should come out and say it.

Nicholas: Yeah, why don't you?

Sharon: The reason I've been asking you about your schedule is I was thinking that maybe, you know, when you're not so busy, we can have dinner together.

John: I thought Ashley and Brad would be here.

Jack: She mentioned she had something going on later.

John: She didn't say what it was.

Jack: No.

Gina: She seemed upset when she was leaving the chapel.

John: Ashley is a sensitive person. Maybe she just wanted to be by herself.

Jill: So amazing with the models. When I think of every one of them, he made that extra effort just because it was Malcolm. So many people are going to miss the man.

Katherine: I personally didn't get to know Malcolm, but I know how important he was to you.

Jill: Thank you.

Katherine: I'm sorry.

Sean: If I didn't see it with my own eyes, I never would have believed it.

Paul: Oh, God, I feel so --

Isabella: Good?

Paul: I was going to say incredible. I don't think I have an ounce of tension left anywhere.

Isabella: You know why I'm doing this, don't you?

Paul: Because I'm a lucky guy?

Isabella: Yes, that, but it's also part of my getting to know you better. Pretty soon, I'm going to know every square inch of your body. I'm not finished.

Paul: Yes, you are. See, it's my turn to spoil you.

Isabella: You want to massage me?

Paul: Yes.

Isabella: In my condition I may roll off the table.

Paul: Why don't you let me worry about that.

Isabella: You don't want to wait until after the baby is born?

Paul: I don't want to wait. Come here. You all right?

Isabella: Yeah.

Paul: You sure?

Isabella: Yes.

Paul: Stay right here. I'll be right back.

Isabella: That feels so good. Oh, nice. I could get used to this. You know, you have me hooked.

Paul: You know what? I could say the same thing.

Jill: Don't start with me.

Sean: I'm just amazed. You and Katherine actually being cordial.

Jill: Well, it's been known to happen once in a blue moon. Don't be making a big deal out of it though.

Sean: Maybe I should. Maybe it'll happen more often.

Jill: You know at a time like this, I kind of wish that it would. But it's not possible. You see, what's between Katherine and me, it's in the blood.

Nicholas: So you want to have dinner?

Sharon: Yes.

Nicholas: Like all four of us?

Sharon: Sure, we could do that.

Nicholas: But you meant just the two of us.

Sharon: Well, my mom could watch Cassie and Noah.

Nicholas: Sharon, I'm a little confused. Didn't my mom offer to --?

Sharon: I wasn't completely dismissing her idea. I was just thinking it over. She's right. It might be good for us to spend some time alone together to talk.

Nicholas: To talk.

Sharon: Well, we can just stick to the weather if that's what you're comfortable with. I'm not saying we will resolve all of our issues over one meal.

Nicholas: All right. I'll get back to you.

Nikki: You want me on the Brash & Sassy payroll?

Victoria: What do you think?

Nikki: That's not possible.

Victoria: Why not?

Nikki: You even have to ask me that?

Victoria: I'm sure we can find a role for you. It's been so crazy at the office. I could really use the help. Mother, we can make this work.

Nikki: Stop. Look, there is no reason for you to worry about your father and me. We had a long talk this morning and everything is back on track.

Victoria: Really.

Nikki: Yes, really. In fact we're having dinner together tonight. Does that make you feel better?

Nicholas: Are you taking off?

Sharon: Yeah. I have to get back to the coffee house. The kids are there with my mom and she has to get home.

Nicholas: I'll come with you. I'll tell them I can't make it tonight, and head back to the office.

[Cell phone ringing]

Nicholas: Excuse me. This is Nick. Oh, hey, hold on a second. I have to take this. Why don't you go ahead?

Sharon: Does this mean you're not coming to the coffee house?

Nicholas: I'm not sure. This could take a while.

Sharon: Okay.

Nicholas: Hey.

Jack: That was sweet what you said to Nate about his father.

Phyllis: I meant every word of it. I loved Malcolm.

John: His death was a real tragedy.

Gina: John, excuse me. Can I speak to you?

John: Sure.

Jack: Don't judge her too harshly. She's under a lot of pressure right now.

John: Is there anything wrong?

Jack: It's personal. I have something to talk to you about but I have to iron out a few more details.

John: Keep me posted.

Jack: Yeah, I promise. You were a little harsh on Gina, don't you think?

Phyllis: I was harsh on Gina.

Jack: Why, because of her connection with Daniel?

Phyllis: Her connection with Daniel. To think of being in a courtroom listening to a lawyer tell a judge I'm an unfit mother, and have a child --

Jack: Don't think about that now.

Phyllis: I got the impression from you last night you were having second thoughts going for full custody of Kyle.

Gina: Excuse me, everyone. I'd like to thank you for coming here today, and I am sure, like all of you, we've been trying to find our own way to pay tribute to Malcolm. And I was having a little difficulty doing that until Neil mentioned Malcolm's favorite hymn. So if you'll allow me, with great honor, I'd like to sing this as a tribute to our good friend.

♫ Amazing grace

How sweet the sound

That saved a wretch like me

I once was lost

But now I'm found

I was blind

But now I see

The Lord has promised

Good to me

His words my whole secure

He will my shield

And portion will be

As long as life endures ♫

Victoria: All right. I'm glad you and Dad are finally getting together.

Nikki: But you still feel I should quit my job at Jabot.

Victoria: I think you have to be careful not to let it affect your relationship with Dad.

Nikki: I just told you --

Victoria: I know, I know, you're back on track. You're not moving forward. You're just having dinner.

Nikki: So what?

Victoria: How long will you be satisfied with that?

Nikki: This conversation is over. I'm going to make more tea. You want some?

Victoria: I have to get going.

Nikki: All right. I'll see you later.

Victoria: Okay.

Sharon: How are the kids?

Doris: Perfect as always.

Sharon: Yeah, I bet. Where are they, in the office?

Doris: Cassie is doing her homework and Noah is looking at a picture book. How are you?

Sharon: Well, the service was very sad.

Doris: I hope you passed on my condolences.

Sharon: I did.

Doris: How's Victoria? You told me she and Malcolm were close.

Sharon: She had a rough time but Victor and Nikki were there with her and Nicholas.

Doris: Speaking of your husband, did you ask him?

Sharon: It took me a while to get to it, but I finally stopped fishing and told him straight out you could take the kids for a night and we could spend some time together.

Doris: What did he say?

Sharon: He told me he would get back to me.

Doris: Any idea why?

Sharon: Maybe I caught him off guard. I made it clear we don't spend all night talking about our problems; we take it slow and see how it feels.

Doris: Sounds like you handled it just right. Don't be surprised if he does call tonight and says he wants to have dinner with you.

Sharon: Maybe.

Doris: I know how much you care about each other. Why wouldn't Nicholas want to have dinner with his wife?

Nicholas: That sounds cool. Give me a call when you hear from the zoning board. Give Deeds a head up, too. Okay.

Carrie: You look so familiar. I suppose that sounds like a line. Do you hang out at the coffee house by the university?

Nicholas: Yeah. I'm actually there quite a bit.

Carrie: So what's wrong with me?

Nicholas: I beg your pardon?

Carrie: If I've seen you there before, why haven't we ever talked? You seem like such a nice guy.

Nicholas: Thanks.

Your table's ready, miss.

Carrie: I'll be just a minute. You know, I hate cutting our conversation short. Would you care to join me?

Nicholas: I already ate.

Carrie: Oh, you said that. Real smooth, Carrie.

Nicholas: That's all right.

Carrie: Could I give you my number? Maybe we could have dinner another time.

Brad: What is taking Dr. Thompson so long?

Ashley: Honey, you heard the nurse. She got tied up with an emergency.

Brad: I thought she would be here by now.

Ashley: Would you sit down? You're making me more nervous than I already am. Come on.

Brad: Sorry.

Ashley: Okay. Hi.

Dr. Thompson: Hi, Ashley. Hi, Brad. I apologize for keeping you waiting.

Ashley: We just got here ourselves.

Brad: The biopsy, you have the results?

Ashley: And?

Dr. Thompson: And I'm afraid it isn't the news we hoped for.

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