Y&R Transcript Wednesday 3/20/02

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 3/20/02


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Phyllis: Okay, it's all right, Phyllis. Don't freak out. Jack doesn't know anything, I'm sure. Unless John Silva talked to him. Oh, God, unless Diane blabbed to John Silva and told him that I was trying to get her out of the country. Oh, God, if that happened -- oh, no.  [Door closes] Hey. Listen, you're making me nervous. You didn't say anything on the ride home.

Jack: I didn't want to discuss this in the car.

Phyllis: Are you angry?

Jack: I'm nervous. I'm more than nervous. I tried every way I could to convince you to steer clear of Diane, not to give her any ammunition against us.

Phyllis: Wait, listen, you told me I did a fine job in the courtroom today.

Jack: And you did.

Phyllis: So there's no problem.

Jack: Honey, you nearly freaked out before the judge came in, and several times during the hearing.

Phyllis: That's John Silva talking.

Jack: No, no. Now it's me talking.

Phyllis: Listen, I told you that I would contain myself in the courtroom.

Jack: I know what --

Phyllis: I never said Iíd stop hating Diane.

Jack: And yet I find the two of you in the hallway afterward.

Phyllis: I told you, it's because --

Jack: I know what you told me. I also know why you were talking to Diane.

Phyllis: You do?

Jack: I had a little talk with John Silva. I think you and I need to have a little talk of our own.

Carey: Sorry. I'll stop staring.

Nick: That's okay.

Carey: I haven't seen you here before.

Nick: What, at Ginaís?

Carey: Mmm-hmm. Yeah, I usually come here after work. It's my favorite Italian restaurant.

Nick: Yeah, it's mine, too. It's the best restaurant in town.

Carey: So where do you work?

Nick: I work at Newman Enterprises. How 'bout yourself?

Carey: At a law firm down the street. Madison, Hart and Javitz.

Nick: Oh, yeah, Iíve heard of them. Are you an attorney?

Carey: No, not yet. Someday, I hope. I'm a paralegal. Are you waiting for someone?

Nick: No. Actually, I just finished. And you?

Carey: No, I'm flying solo. I don't usually sit at the bar, but I'm just waiting for a table. My name is Carey.

Nick: Hi. Nick.

Carey: Nice to meet you, Nick.

Johnny: Can I get you something while you're waiting, miss?

Carey: Uh, sure. Club soda with lime, please.

Raul: Well, I just figured since you're in the play at school, you'd like to go see the film version of "Much Ado about Nothing." You could steal from it.

Brittany: Steal?

Raul: Yeah, don't actors do that all the time? I mean, don't get me wrong, but I think what you do is just absolutely brilliant.

Brittany: Oh, you're just saying that.

Raul: No. Yeah, I think you kind of stink.

Brittany: Thanks a lot.

Raul: Just kidding. You know I think you're awesome. Seriously, I can't wait till opening night. Just gonna watch you blow everybody away. Well, I guess I got my old job back, huh?

Brittany: What job?

Raul: Running lines with you.

Brittany: Oh, that. Well, J.T.'s not much of a rival in that department.

Raul: Why don't we run that scene we were doing earlier?

Brittany: Oh, you know what? I left my script at school. I've got to learn those lines by tomorrow.

Raul: Now, don't panic. We'll just go pick it up.

Brittany: Well, it's late. The place is probably locked up.

Raul: So we'll get the janitor to let us in.

Brittany: Do you think he will?

Raul: Sure. You kidding me? We'll just tell him that we've got a future Academy Award winner with us. Huh?

Mamie: What a fun evening. That game was fantastic.

Olivia: I know how much you love basketball.

Mamie: Almost as much as those hot fudge sundaes we had afterwards.

Olivia: Oh, that was a treat.

Mamie: It certainly was. Thank you so much for inviting me. We had fun tonight, didn't we, Nate?

Nate: Yeah. But I wish Dad could have been there. Hey, wait a minute! Nothing.

Olivia: Honey, honey. I know how disappointed you are.

Nate: I thought he would be home by now.

Olivia: Well, you know what? Your dad -- he's probably just crazy busy over there in Kenya.

Nate: But he could have at least called.

Mamie: You know, you are absolutely right, Nate. I am going to have a word with that father of yours the moment that I see him. He's got some nerve, not staying in touch with any of us, especially you, huh?

Phyllis: What did John Silva tell you?

Jack: He reminded me of what happened with Daniel.

Phyllis: My son?

Jack: Honey, odds are what you went through is gonna be brought up in court. Diane's lawyers are gonna use it to undermine our case, try to say that you're unfit to help raise Kyle because you lost custody of your own son. That's why you've been behaving strangely, isn't it? You were worried that Daniel would become an issue, and you were so scared, you couldn't say anything to me. I'm sorry it didn't click before now.

Phyllis: So you're telling me that what happened with me is going to be used against us in court?

Jack: You all right?

Phyllis: Yeah. I'm just -- I'm trying to process this.

Jack: What's to process? Unless it never occurred to you that this would happen.

Phyllis: I have to be honest with you, Jack. This never occurred to me.

Jack: Well, in that case, why have you been acting strangely? Why did you nearly crawl out of your skin in the courtroom? And why were you talking to Diane when we both agreed that's a bad idea?

Carey: So what do you do at Newman Enterprises?

Nick: This and that.

Carey: You look so familiar. I suppose that sounds like a line, but do you hang out at the coffee house by the university?

Nick: Yeah, Iím actually there quite a bit.

Carey: So what's wrong with me?

Nick: I beg your pardon?

Carey: Well, if Iíve seen you there before, why haven't we ever talked? You seem like such a nice guy.

Nick: Thanks.

Waiter: Your table's ready, miss.

Carey: I'll just be a minute. You know, I hate cutting our conversation short. Would you care to join me?

Nick: I already ate.

Carey: Oh, right. You said that. Okay, real smooth, Carey.

Nick: That's all right.

Carey: Could I give you my number? Maybe we could have dinner another time.

Nick: That's a very tempting offer, but Iíd better pass. It's definitely not you.

Carey: Right.

Nick: No, Iím serious. I enjoyed this. I find you very attractive.

Carey: Well, that says it all, doesn't it?

Nick: Yeah, Iím sorry.

Carey: No, don't apologize. You did the right thing. A lot of guys would've slipped that number in their pocket and conveniently forgotten that! Good night.

Nick: Good night.

Nate: There's probably a good reason why Dad hasn't called. Like Mom said, he's probably real busy.

Olivia: You know what? It's time for bed.

Nate: Okay.

Olivia: Go wash up.


Mamie: I was hoping that our evening out would help him to get his mind off of Malcolm.

Olivia: So was I.

Mamie: It's so unlike the man to be out of touch this long. I just don't know what to make of it.

Olivia: Neither do I. At first, I was irritated that he would not call his own son and then I was angry, but now --

Mamie: What?

Olivia: I have a voice message. It's Neil.

Mamie: Well, at least he had the decency to call you. What did he say?

Olivia: He wants to see me right away.

Mamie: Is something wrong, Olivia?

Olivia: I don't know. It's just the tone in his voice. Can you stay with Nate?

Mamie: Yes, sure.

Olivia: Suddenly I've got a bad feeling.

Raul: See it anywhere?

Brittany: No, but it has to be here somewhere.

Raul: Are you sure this is the last place you had it?

Brittany: I'm positive. Oh, there it is. So let's head back to the coffee house?

Raul: Well, why don't we just stay here?

Brittany: You want to run lines on stage?

Raul: Yeah.

Brittany: Well, it's a little dark. There's only one light. Where are you going?

Raul: There. We can see now. But if you feel uncomfortable --

Brittany: No, it's fine. You're right. It's more private. So let's go.

Raul: Huh?

Brittany: With the lines.

Raul: Oh. Sure.

Diego: Sharon? Do you mind if I ask you something?

Sharon: No. Go ahead.

Diego: Well, it's about your sister-in-law. How well do you guys get along?

Sharon: Well, we used to be really close, but ever since the separation, things have been kind of tense.

Diego: Well, I guess that's not too surprising.

Sharon: Well, it was better the last time we talked. I take it that you've met Victoria.

Diego: Yeah.

Sharon: The way you say that -- did something happen?

Diego: You know, I probably shouldn't say anything.

Sharon: Diego, no really, it's fine. You can tell me.

Diego: I just think that she's worried that I might be taking advantage.

Sharon: I'll talk to her.

Diego: Oh, no, no. You don't have to do that.

Sharon: No, she can't just go around --

Diego: No, no, Sharon, really, no, everything's totally cool between us. I mean, I'm sure she was just trying to be protective. I appreciate if you wouldn't make a big deal out of this.

Sharon: Okay. But let me know if she gets in your face again, because -- I'll take care of it.

Diego: Okay. Actually, no disrespect to Victoria, but I don't deal well with people getting in my face. So if she gets in my face again, then Iíll handle it.

Sharon: Actually, that's a really good attitude to take where the Newmans are concerned.

Diego: Well, that's interesting.

Sharon: What?

Diego: Well, you're smiling. You're making a joke about Nick's family. Somebody seems to be in a pretty good mood today, huh? Are things looking up with you and Nick?

Sharon: Maybe. A little.

Diego: Well, that's great, Sharon. Excuse me.

Olivia: Neil?

Neil: Olivia.

Olivia: Is Malcolm here?

Neil: No, he's not.

Olivia: Okay, what the hell is going on?

Neil: Olivia --

Olivia: I know I mean nothing to the man, but what about Nate, okay? That little kid is going nuts. He doesn't know where he is; when Malcolmís coming home? Can't your brother just pick up a phone and call him? What about you? I must have left you a dozen messages. You couldn't return one call? What's the matter?

Neil: Olivia, there's been an accident. Malcolm is dead.

Nick: Hey.

Sharon: Hi. So how'd your meeting go?

Nick: Oh, it was great. We closed the deal.

Sharon: Oh, great. Congratulations.

Nick: Thank you. You finish the books?

Sharon: Mmm-hmm. All wrapped up.

Nick: Cool. Thanks again for, you know, covering me on that. I appreciate it.

Cassie: Hi, Daddy.

Nick: Hey, you guys.

Cassie: Are we going home soon?

Nick: Well, your mother finished my work for me, so we can take off at any time.

Cassie: Cool.

Noah: Can I go with you, Daddy?

Sharon: Sure.

Nick: You sure?

Sharon: Yeah. I'll see you at the ranch.

Nick: Yeah. Race you to the car. Let's go. Come on. Come on. Show me something.

Graziela: I do not see how the judge could not think poorly of Mr. Abbott. After everything he's done, all the lies he told to keep you here.

Diane: It was quite a deception.

Graziela: And you said that you two were once close. Well, that makes what he's doing to you now even more unforgivable.

Diane: We were close.

Graziela: You loved him?

Diane: Very much. The first time I came back to Genoa City, it was five or six years ago, and when I saw Jack again, it was in this very restaurant. We shared so many wonderful moments here. So many memories. [Diane remembering] I can't believe it.

Jack: What, something wrong?

Diane: It's -- it's -- oh, my gosh. It's a beautiful, diamond engagement ring.

Jack: I love you. Please say you'll be my bride. Here, let's see what champagne will do to add sparkle to a diamond. Here. Say you'll be my wife. Make me the happiest man on the planet.

Diane: It really is breathtaking.

Jack: Oh, it pales in comparison to the woman wearing it.

Diane: That's a romantic thing to say.

Jack: What can I say? I'm a romantic. You haven't answered me.

Diane: Oh, I haven't, have I?

Jack: You need some time to think about it?

Diane: No. No, I don't need time.

Jack: So?

Diane: I'd be an absolute fool to marry you, Jack Abbott. But the way I feel about you -- Iíd be an even bigger fool not to. I love you. Yes. Yes, Iíll marry you.

Graziella: SeŮora? SeŮora, are you okay?

Diane: I'm fine. Jack's tried to block out how much he used to love me. But somewhere inside him, those feelings still exist. I'm sure of it.

Jack: Answer me. Why were you talking to Diane?

Phyllis: I just -- I thought that maybe I could get through to the woman. It's Diane!

Phyllis: I know it's Diane. You told me. You're afraid I'm gonna lose it with her. I know. But the stakes are too high, Jack, especially since now my fitness as a mother is an issue.

Jack: Then I was right? The thought that this might come up never occurred to you?

Phyllis: I don't know. I don't -- listen -- I was probably in denial. I don't know. I just don't think Iím one to look at it.

Jack: I know this is painful --

Phyllis: You have no idea how painful this is. You have no clue. To be told that you're not suitable to raise your own son. I wake up every day thinking of him, wondering how he is, where he is, and if he's happy. It's like a part of me is missing. And I just -- I had to survive.

Jack: Yes, and you did survive. You did.

Phyllis: I know, because I put walls around my heart, Jack. Because I had to get up every morning and go on with my life and be happy. But those walls are still there. They're there. And I'm afraid if I look beyond those walls, Iím afraid what's gonna happen to me, Jack.

Neil: He's gone.

Olivia: Oh, no. You said -- you said --

Neil: I said that there was an accident.

Olivia: In Kenya?

Neil: Yeah. Malcolm was riding in a truck with two other passengers --

Olivia: Oh, God --

Neil: And they were on their way to a location site. And they were crossing a bridge. The bridge collapsed.

Olivia: Oh, God. Oh, God.

Neil: Their truck went in the river.

Olivia: Oh, God, oh, God, oh, God.

Neil: Malcolm managed to -- he saved one of the passengers, and then when he went after the driver, he was swept downstream. I know. The rescue crews, they searched for a long time, but they couldn't -- they couldn't find a body.

Olivia: Then -- then -- then maybe he's -- maybe he's still alive.

Neil: No, he's not. He's not alive. We held onto hope, Olivia, for as long as we could, and then we just gave up because he couldn't have survived that. There's no way that he'd ~

Olivia: Neil, God, oh, God, oh, God. [sobbing]

Raul: What scene are we doing?

Brittany: Act four, scene one. I will say one thing about Beatrice. She does have some great lines.

Raul: I'm sure Shakespeare appreciates the compliment.

Brittany: Well, what I mean is, most of the women in his plays seem so retro.

Raul: What are you talking about? Shakespeare wrote some great women.

Brittany: Have you ever read "Taming of the Shrew"?

Raul: Yes, and I'm not surprised you have.

Brittany: Well, if you're implying any parallels, I'm not Katherine. I mean, yeah, she starts out pretty feisty, but then the way she ends up crawling back to Petruccio -- it creeps me out.

Raul: Oh, whatever. All right, you tune in five years later, I bet you she's wearing the pants in the family.

Brittany: Oh, anything to land a man, huh? Is that what you're saying? That's a true male chauvinistic view of women.

Raul: Hey, we're talking about Shakespeare, okay? Not me. Anyway, maybe you're right about Katherine, but Beatrice is not like that. She doesn't bow down to anyone.

Brittany: Yeah, she's supposedly so independent, but she doesn't say anything directly.

Raul: Well, neither does the guy.

Brittany: So they're crazy about each other. Why don't they just admit it?

Raul: They do, eventually.

Brittany: But they take forever getting there.

Raul: Well, sometimes in real life, that's how it happens, too.

Brittany: Well, I guess that's true. So where is that scene? Raul, take the script.

Raul: "By my sword, Beatrice, thou lovest me."

Brittany: That's not the beginning. You skipped ahead.

Raul: I know. I'm testing you. What's your line?

Brittany: "Do not swear, and eat it."

Raul: "I will swear by it that you love me, and I will make him eat it that says I love not you." Sounds like it's pretty clear to me how they feel.

Alex: We'll have to make plans for a memorial service.

Olivia: If you need any help, just ask me.

Alex: Thank you, Olivia.

Neil: Liv, what about Nate?

Olivia: Oh, God. Oh, God, Nate.

Neil: Liv, would you like me to be there?

Olivia: No. No, I have to do this on my own. I don't know where Iím gonna find the words to tell him. Aunt Mamie is with him right now. I should -- I should go.

Neil: It's okay. Listen, I'll be in touch.

Olivia: I'm so sorry, Alex.

Alex: Poor Nate. This has to be so hard on him.

Neil: It's going to be hard on a lot of people, Alex.

Alex: Malcolm touched the lives of so many people.

Neil: We did everything that we could, though. Everything.

Alex: I know.

Neil: Alex, I hope you don't regret that we called off the search.

Alex: No. You made me see it was the only thing we could do. I want to apologize to you, Neil.

Neil: For what?

Alex: You've been so supportive. And I'm sorry I lashed out at you, and I tried to blame you for this.

Neil: Don't worry about it. It's okay.

Alex: No, no, Neil, itís not okay. This was a terrible, tragic accident. It was nobody's fault. You have nothing to feel guilty about.

Neil: Thank you.

Sharon: It's not as cold tonight as it was last night.

Cassie: It's cold enough.

Nick: Hey.

Sharon: Hey. Where's Noah?

Nick: He's in bed. He fell asleep on the way home.

Sharon: Hey, did you finish your math assignment?

Cassie: Almost. I have a couple of problems.

Nick: Well, hey, math's my specialty. Get your book out and I'll help you.

Cassie: No, that's okay. I can do them upstairs.

Nick: You sure?

Cassie: Yeah. They're not really hard. I'll just go up in my room.

Sharon: If you need any help, just holler.

Cassie: I will. Love you.

Nick: Love you, too.

Cassie: Love you.

Nick: Is there anything wrong?

Sharon: No. I was just thinking about the books for the coffee house. I'm not quite as confident about them as Cassie is with her homework.

Nick: Want me to take a look at them?

Sharon: Would you?

Nick: Yeah. I'll swing by in the morning.

Sharon: Oh, actually, I brought them home with me. We could look at them now if you like.

Nick: Sure.

Sharon: Okay.

Raul: Wow, that was -- why'd you stop?

Brittany: We should go.

Raul: Well, what's your hurry?

Brittany: I have to get home. I just remembered, there's some stuff I have to do.

Raul: Hey, Brit?

Brittany: What?

Raul: Was I out of line just now?

Brittany: No.

Raul: One more thing. That kiss -- that was amazing, wasn't it? Huh?

Mamie: You're back. What did Neil have to say? Has he heard from Malcolm?

Olivia: Where's Nate?

Mamie: In bed. Olivia, what's wrong?

Jack: I'm so sorry. I don't want to cause you pain.

Phyllis: I know; it's good. I have to be prepared. I'm terrified. I'm terrified that my life is gonna be thrown around that courtroom.

Jack: I want you to know, whatever happens, I will support you.

Phyllis: Diane's attorney is going to make me out to be a monster.

Jack: Honey, she can call you every name in the book. It will not alter what I know. I know you're a changed woman.

Phyllis: I'm not. I'm not a changed woman. I'm not changed in that way. The pain of losing my son.

Jack: God, I hate seeing you like this.

Phyllis: I'm okay.

Jack: Are you really? Honey, this is the first day of the hearing. Look at you. It makes me wonder.

Phyllis: What? What are you thinking?

Jack: Yes, Kyle is my son. Yes, he's important to me. You're the most important thing in my life. I don't know if I can put you through more of this.

Sharon: So, how's it look?

Nick: Oh, yeah, it looks good.

Sharon: Nick, is anything wrong?

Nick: No, nothing.

Sharon: All finished?

Nick: Yeah, done.

Sharon: Great. I'll be right back.

Nick: Okay. I got to get out of here. I'm going crazy. Sharon, I've got to go. See you later.

Sharon: Bye.

Mamie: I can't believe this.

Olivia: Neil said that the rescue crews looked for him for days before they finally had to give up.

Mamie: How could something like this happen? Malcolm's so young, his whole life ahead of him. He's about to get married. Life was just starting.

Nate: Mommy?

Olivia: Oh, yes, sweetie?

Nate: I can't sleep. Is it okay if I get a glass of milk?

Olivia: Oh, sure, honey. Sure.

Mamie: Do you want me to stay?

Olivia: No. I have to do this on my own.

Mamie: When are you going to tell him?

Olivia: Oh, God, Aunt Mamie, I don't know. I can't tonight. I don't have the strength for it. Maybe in the morning.

Mamie: Okay. I'm gonna go, and you call me if you need me, okay?

Olivia: Yeah, yeah. Come here, sweetie.

Nate: I miss Daddy so much. I wish he would come home.

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