Y&R Transcript Tuesday 3/12/02

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 3/12/02


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Jack: Thank you, Jennifer. I'm not terribly hungry. How about you?

Phyllis: I'm starved, actually. Do something really quick before we leave.

Jack: I thought we agreed we're going to the courthouse.

Phyllis: Listen, I know you're upset. This isnít easy for me but I've been thinking while we have been working, about my last visit to Diane.

Jack: Which one?

Phyllis: You remember I went to go check out the situation to see if I could deal with her.

Jack: And what was the verdict?

Phyllis: As much as I dislike her, I think I can do it.

Jack: If we get custody of Kyle.

Phyllis: There are a lot of ifs, Jack. You're going to have to jump through a lot of hoops.

Jack: Can we jump through those hoops together? Thatís what I need to know.

Phyllis: Well, we have a lot of issues, but I believe that love conquers all. I love you.

Jack: So what are you saying?

Phyllis: I want to be by your side today if you'll let me.

Michael: Good to see you again.

Sydney: You too, Michael.

Michael: Diane, this is your new attorney, Sydney Gorman. Now Sydney is the finest in her field. Sheís an expert in family law and has a degree in family counseling.

Diane: Michael, you donít have to sell her, let the lady talk. I'll judge for myself.

Sydney: If you prefer to have someone else represent you, we can continue this hearing until we find another attorney.

Diane: I donít have a problem with you.

Michael: Do you want me to leave?

Diane: Did I say that?

Sydney: Why donít we get down business? I need some information from you, Ms. Jenkins.

Diane: What do you need to know?

Sydney: For starters, would you like to be able to leave the courtís jurisdiction with your child?

Jill: Sean, you're not seriously listening to Larry Wharton now.

Sean: The man made a good point, Jill.

Jill: You really see us riding into the sunset on choppers like Hellís Angels?

Sean: Not necessarily, but it was a pretty cool idea. Itís interesting to find something that neither of us has done anymore.

Jill: So what you're telling me is a lost cause. Find me something I can show you how to do.

Sean: You've shown me lots of things.

Jill: Now we're taking advice from an ex-con.

Sean: Donít tell me you're going to start ragging on him again.

Jill: Listen, I'm very in tune about my instincts about people.

Sean: You deem him unworthy.

Jill: If I never hear that hoodlumís name again it will be too soon. What the hell are you doing here?

Katherine: I'm looking for Larry Wharton.

Nora: Ashley, I am very impressed. You show commitment, deciding to get a mammogram to make a statement.

Ashley: Oh, well, it wasnít going to be that long before I needed to get my first one.

I know you had some questions.

It makes you wonder, what is the right thing to do. It still is true, isnít it? Mammograms are the best means of early detection; it does save lives.

You know what the counter-argument is. Itís true mammograms donít find every lump. Sometimes, they simply donít see whatís there and most of the lumps that are detected are already benign, not dangerous. Thereís a whole body of opinion who thinks mammograms for women in their 40s and 50s lead toward necessary trauma and overly aggressive treatment and that the end result in terms is not as great as we once believed.

Ashley: I'd rather err on the side of being overly cautious, thank you very much.

A lot of women feel the same thing you do. I tell my patients if they're 40, they feel they want a mammogram they should have it. The amount of radiation exposure is very minimal and if it adds it their sense of security and peace of mind itís worth it.

Ashley: What I donít understand is the negative publicity.

Totally, the reality is the research that has women showing mammograms arenít seriously flawed.

Maybe there are doubts they donít work at all.

They do work, and breast self-exam is another method as well.

Believe me, we will. Bottom line, Ashley, I donít want to see women lose confidence in mammograms and stop using a tool that has been valuable, at least on a case by case basis.

Ashley: The more I learn about it -- I want to do everything to protect it.

Itís a very powerful message. So what do you think, should we see if they're ready for you?

Oh, yes!

Oh, yes, ma'am. After you.

Mackenzie: Come on. Heís not exactly fighting her off with a stake.

Raul: You need to stop doing this to yourself okay?

Mackenzie: I'm so glad you're here, Raul. Help me with this thing will you?

Raul: Sure.

Mackenzie: I donít think so, huh?

Billy: So you've done this kind of thing before.

Danielle: I'll never tell. Looks done to me, though.

Billy: Yeah. Well the first coat anyway. It needs to dry before we can finish it.

Danielle: So what are you going to do in the meantime?

Billy: Well, I donít have any plans.

Danielle: Do you want to hang?

Sydney: How do you feel about what Mr. Abbott has done?

Diane: How do you think it feels? Itís hard. Being told I canít leave the country.

Sydney: The temporary restraining order. All you have to do is show up with a matter thatís hurting in court.

Diane: Of course I will.

Sydney: Really?

Diane: Really. Is there anything in particular I need to be concerned about today?

Sydney: Mr. Abbott and his attorney may use this hearing as an opportunity to drag any negative information they have.

Diane: Terrific.

Sydney: Which is why I need to hear the whole story. Whatever you believe will help our case. From what Michael has told me we're not certain what they're after. Mr. Abbottís original petition is from -- thatís an open-ended -- itís quite possible they could ask the judge for more. 

Diane: You mean they want to take my son away from me, donít you?

Sydney: Listen to me, we cannot let Jack Abbott and his lawyers call the shots.

Jack: Donít worry, sweetie, I'm almost done.

John Silva: Jack! Jennifer said to come on in.

Jack: Of course, of course. Hi, Jack.

John Silva: Oh, hi, Phyllis.

Jack: Phyllis is caught up, why donít we talk over here. That way we wonít disturb her.

John Silva: All right.

Jack: So howís it going?

John Silva: Well, thatís what I was going to ask you. Whatís up with Phyllis?

Jack: I have convinced her I would be better off going to the courthouse alone, unless we presented a united front.

John Silva: Good. How did she respond to that?

Jack: My wife will definitely be joining us. She'll be a model citizen.

John Silva: I'm glad sheís changed her point of view. Jack, are you sure about this? From what you said, she just recently started coming around.

Jack: I know. I laid everything out for her. It got kind of heated there for a while, but everything worked out fine.

John Silva: Heated? What do you mean.

Jack: Long story short, they confessed something that sent me through the roof.

John Silva: You mean something concerning this case?

Jack: She went to see Diane. Sheís talked to her a couple of times.

John Silva: Why did she do that?

Jack: She said she went there to see if she can deal with the woman.

John Silva: You mean if you ended up with custody of your son. Jack, from what you've told me I strongly urge to you go to that hearing alone.

Phyllis: Whatís the matter, counselor? Donít you trust me?

Jill: Why are you looking for Larry Wharton in my office?

Katherine: Do you have any idea where he is?

Jill: I donít keep tabs on the man, Katherine.

Sean: His shift should be ending soon. He likes to stop by the coffee shop at work.

Katherine: Thank you, Sean.

Jill: Sean boy? What does she want with Larry Wharton?

Sean: Why do you care?

Jill: You're right. Why I do care? Nothing.

Sean: Letís get back to the topic at hand.

Jill: Oh, yes, the adventure.

Sean: The motorcycles are out.

Jill: Oh, they're so out. I have an idea. Skydiving. Now that would be really thrilling.

Sean: I do need to remind but our bungee jumping experience.

Jill: You didnít like that very much. Okay.

Sean: I got it.

Jill: Hmm?

Sean: A glider ride.

Jill: It would be fun.

Sean: Itís a blast!

Sean: I havenít done aerobatics, it would be a major rush.

Jill: I donít want an instructor peeping over our shoulders.

Sean: We're stumped.

Jill: Oh, no we're not stumped. We're going to sit down and give this a little bit more thought. Oh, you know what I've always dreamed about. No that, wouldnít work. Itís not even worth talking about anyway. Oh, my God it would be a trip!

Sean: All right. Come on, Jill. Now I'm intrigued. Whatís on your mind?

Jill: No, I canít. No.

Sean: You can and you will.

Danielle: Whatís the matter, Billy?

Billy: Whereís this all coming from, Danielle?

Danielle: What?

Billy: Oh, you want to hang out all of a sudden.

Danielle: I just thought it would be nice for the two of us to get to know each other better.

Billy: Did J.T. put you up to this?

Danielle: Look, we may have gone out for a while. Nobody puts me up to anything. Besides, I'm so over him. Come on. It would be fun. What? Worried about how Mac will react? I already asked you if you guys called it quits.

Billy: What did she say?

Danielle: If you're interested, go for it.

Katherine: Well, just the man I was looking for.

Larry: Mrs. Chancellor, hello.

Katherine: May I join you?

Larry: Please, please. So whatís up?

Katherine: Well, I wanted to invite you and Amanda to dinner tomorrow night.

Larry: Really. I guess I didnít do that bad the other evening, huh.

Katherine: You did splendidly.

Larry: Would you mind if I ask who else is going to be there?

Katherine: You, Amanda, Mackenzie and me.

Larry: No Jill?

Katherine: I'm so sorry to disappoint you.


Larry: And if you donít mind me asking, whatís the occasion?

Katherine: Well, actually you are the one that gave me the idea when you told me you were sorry you missed Mackenzie the other evening. My granddaughter could use a diversion right now. Sheís going through a bit of a rough time.

Larry: I'm sorry to hear that. Anyway, yeah, by all means. Count me in. And have you told Amanda yet?

Katherine: No, no, I havenít. Should you see her before I do, invite her.

Larry: Okay, good. Deal.

Katherine: Bye. Well, I must run.

Larry: Well, thank you again very much, Mrs. Chancellor.

Katherine: Yes.

Larry: Have a great afternoon.

Larry: Hey, there pretty lady. Has anyone ever told you you have perfect timing?

Well, Ashley, you've just joined the ranks of millions of women who have had a mammogram. How was it?

Ashley: Oh, it was a piece of cake. Not nearly as uncomfortable as I thought it would be.

Was the experience worth it?

Ashley: Are you kidding? A few moments of my time to protect myself against the ravages of the disease. I hope so.

So when are we going to get the results back?

It depends on the radiologistís schedule. I'll try to put a rush on it. It could be a few days.

Ashley: Then we'll have to get momentum rolling.

How about I call with you with an update?

Ashley: Sounds great.

You take care.

Colleen: Hi.

J.T.: Hey.

Colleen: I was hoping I'd run into you. I wanted to thank you.

J.T.: For what?

Colleen: I saw Brad and Ashley a little while ago. Abby is here.

J.T.: Oh, yeah, the kid you baby sit for.

Colleen:  Sheís my little sister.

J.T.: How did it go?

Colleen: Great.

J.T.: You didnít confess, admit you were about to get stoned before the kid almost choked.

Colleen: And the best part was I wasnít to blame and I shouldnít worry about it anymore. You were so right J.T., no point bringing up what almost happened.

J.T.: I'm glad it all worked out for you. Something else?

Colleen: Donít take this the wrong way, but I'm kind of surprised. Stuck on yourself because you're so popular, but you have been really nice to me. Maybe we could go grab a soda or something?

J.T.: Yeah, sorry. I've got to rehearse.

Colleen: Right. Well, thanks again.

Brittany: Good job, stud. Jail bait.

J.T.: Get real. I did the kid a favor thatís all.

Brittany: What kind of favor?

J.T.: You're something else, you know that?

Brittany: Donít give me that garbage about how you're not in the mood.

J.T.: Maybe you are, but I'm not.

Brittany: You better take this seriously or you're going to make a fool out of yourself.

J.T.: Who cares? Itís a school play. Itís supposed to be bad. Me? I thought you hit rock bottom when you're panting about Abbott.

Brittany: What are you talking about?

J.T.: Raul.

Brittany: You're crazy.

J.T.: You think you're cool because you can read everybodyís mind. But you're totally clueless when it comes to yourself.

Larry: So my day was rolling right along and boom! I run smack into Jill Abbott. You know, I swear that lady could just look at me and she'd blow a gasket, which is kind of cool because I'm learning how to deal with it, you know, effectively. In fact, I think the less that I let it get to me the more that she -- well, look. I'm sorry. I'm doing all the talking here. What about you, Amanda? How was your day?

Amanda: Fine.

Larry: Well look, is it me or is there something going on here? I know that you have been really busy, but is that the only reason that we havenít seen each other lately?

Amanda: Um --

Larry: Itís that kiss I laid on you the other night, isnít it? You think I've crossed the line. Well hey, I can always take it back.

Amanda: Larry, really, itís fine. Itís no big deal. What did you mean before when you said I have perfect timing?

Larry: Mrs. Chancellor was just here, and she was wondering if we'd be interested in going to dinner with her and your daughter tomorrow night.

Amanda: What did you say?

Larry: I told her I thought was a great idea, but now I'm not so sure.

Ashley: What are you doing here?

Brad: I was just waiting for a beautiful woman to come walking through that door.

Ashley: So you're working at home. Hi.

Brad: I wanted to have lunch with our precious daughter. 

Ashley: Let me guess, cottage cheese and carrots.

Brad: How did you know?

Ashley: You're wearing that meal on your shirt, honey. So where is our fair princess?

Brad: Sheís upstairs with Francis.

Ashley: Until Colleen takes over?

Brad: Yeah. Okay. Daddy needs to wine and dine Mommy tonight.

Ashley: Not in that shirt, you're not.

Brad: All right. I'll change it. I want to look my best for you. Thanks, honey.

Ashley: I canít wait till Colleen comes over.

Brad: Good news.

Ashley: Yeah. They'd love to have her help out with the breast cancer campaign.

Brad: What did you talk about?

Ashley: The women are enthusiastic, totally committed.

Brad: Did you find out more about the mammogram controversy?

Ashley: Yeah, did I have a very good night.

Michael: Diane, we all have to be aware that Jack is Kyleís father.

Diane: Which means some kind of visitation is a given.

Michael: If they go after you right away, take potshots at your character, they're probably going for full custody.

Diane: So youíre sure that we need to be prepped for that.

Michael: Maybe, not today but over the long run, yes, I'm afraid so.

Diane: Do you think Phyllis will be there today?

Michael: What does that matter?

Diane: I'm just curious what I might be walking into.

Michael: Are you afraid sheís going to attack you?

Diane: She'll be surprised.

Michael: Are you ready?

Diane: I'd like to review the plan once more.

Michael: We'll tell the judge we want the restraining order lifted. Of course, Mr. Abbott and his attorney may go on the offence, but try not to worry.

Diane: Easy for you to say. You have nothing to lose.

Michael: Diane, look, you're apprehensive thatís understandable. Everyone is to appear level-headed in front of a judge, especially where the welfare of a child is concerned.

Sydney: I'm going to grab a coffee to go. Anybody want anything?

Diane: No thanks. I'm fine. Well?

Michael: The fun begins. [Phone rings] Michael.

Michael: No. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'll be right there. Okay, bye.

Diane: Got to run? How convenient.

Michael: You got to be kidding me.

Diane: Oh, please, Michael. I know you donít want to be in that courtroom. You canít stand it, and it to be with your precious Phyllis. Thank you for all your support.

Phyllis: I told you I could handle going into that courtroom today and I meant it. What do you think, I'm a loose cannon?

John Silva: Phyllis, the stakes are high. If you lose control in the courtroom.

Phyllis: What makes you think I would do that?

John Silva: From what I understand, you already acted impulsively. Which you didnít clear with your husband?

Phyllis: My husband understands. Why donít you?

John Silva: You say you want to help but how can I believe you, how can you be sure when you go into the courtroom all those good intentions wonít fly out the window?

Phyllis: Because I trust myself even though neither one of you does.

John Silva: Yeah, I think you should reconsider.

Phyllis: I'm going into this courtroom unless either of you want to stop me.

John Silva: Jack, listen to me. Jack!

Danielle: How about it, Billy? Want to take off, maybe get together later?

Billy: I'm not sure.

Danielle: I need to run by the computer lab. When you make up your mind, let me know.

Billy: Okay.

Mackenzie: Yes?

Billy: I just finished talking to Danielle.

Mackenzie: I didnít notice.

Billy: She said you were discussing me earlier.

Mackenzie: So?

Billy: She also said you told her that if sheís interested in me to go for it. Is that true, Mac? Well, is it?

Mackenzie: Billy, we broke up. You certainly donít need my permission for someone to go out with you.  Are you interested in her?

Billy: I barely know her.

Mackenzie: Thatís not -- you do want to see other people, donít you?

Billy: Damn it, Mac, this wasnít my choice. What happened between us.

Mackenzie: You're the one who says we canít go on anymore.

Billy: You're painting me into a corner. I didnít want it to end.

Mackenzie: What about my hang-ups about sex? Is that what you were going to say?

Billy: It didnít have to turn out to be this way. If only you trusted me.

Mackenzie: No. You mean only if I ignored the way I was feeling.

Billy: Donít you get it? Your feelings can change if you let them.

Mackenzie: You're right. They can. I didnít answer your question before, but yes. Thatís what I told Danielle, and I meant it. You want to see her, knock yourself out. I'm sure she'll give you exactly what you want.

Sean: Come on, Jill, Ďfess up.

Jill: I canít.

Sean: Why not?

Jill: Because you'll laugh at me.

Sean: I will not. I promise.

Jill: Okay. I know this sounds crazy, but for many years now -- oh, baby, I have always dreamed about running a marathon.

Sean: I canít believe you just said that.

Jill: Why, itís stupid. I know it is.

Sean: No. Because I've always dreamed of running a marathon, too.

Jill: You have?

Sean: Itís incredible. I canít believe how in sync we are.

Jill: Well Sean, we shouldnít get ahead of ourselves. Do you know how long 26 miles is?

Sean: True. I'm in shape, but not that kind of shape.

Jill: What do you say? You know something, maybe we donít this alone, but together.

Sean: We can do anything.

Jill: Can you imagine the sense of accomplishment this is going to be?

Sean: One of the greatest highs in our lives. So when are we talking?

Jill: The Chicago marathon is in October.

Sean: Seven months. Doable.

Jill: You know the best part of this, we're going to be crossing that finish line together.

Sean: What?

Jill: I'm sorry. I just canít stop thinking about it.

Sean: The marathon?

Jill: No, no, what Katherine wants with Larry. She is up to something, Sean. I can guarantee it.

Sean: You know what, Jill? I'm up to something and you want to know what?

Billy: Hey.

Danielle: Hey. That was fast.

Billy: Yeah, yeah. You still want to do something?

Danielle: Sure.

Billy: Crimson Lights?

Danielle: Sounds good to me.

Billy: Okay, letís go.

Danielle: So howís poor little Mackenzie? Did you ride in on your white horse and save the day?

Raul: Why are you flipping out about Mac?

Brittany: You tell me. You're the guy with all the answers.

Raul: Not this guy. I donít have a clue about whatís going on. Like when you said Mac is just my friend, or you're not going to translate anymore. What did you mean by that?

Brittany: You two were tight. Then she got together with Billy. Now heís out of the picture.

Raul: Come on. Mac does not think of me that way.

Mackenzie: Hey, Raul. I need to talk to you. Sorry. Did I interrupt?

Raul:  Thereís something wrong.

Mackenzie: I hate to lay all this on you, Raul.

Raul: Why, you and Billy had another run-in?

Mackenzie: I keep saying things I donít mean. Why do I do that?

Raul: I donít know. You really think itís over? Hey. Maybe thatís why you're pushing him away. To keep you from going back. I donít know. I could be wrong.

Mackenzie: No. I think you're right. Thatís exactly it. Part of me knows Billy and I shouldnít be together. Not anymore. We'd only end up hurting each other again. Thanks.

Raul. You always know what to say to me to make me feel better. I mean, itís not like my life has ended. Itís just the beginning of a new chapter. Who knows? Maybe itís going to be even better tomorrow.

Larry: Look, Mandy, if this dinner thing is going to be a problem I could just call.

Amanda: Did I say that?

Larry: You just donít seem too into it.

Amanda: I just donít understand. Why would Katherine invite us over again? We were just there the other night.

Larry: Maybe she wants to talk to me about turbo charges. I donít know. But she did mention about Mac and she can use a lift.

Amanda: Well thatís right. Mac did just break up with her boyfriend.

Larry: Well, that will do it.

Amanda: So Katherine thinks we can cheer Mac up.

Larry: Yeah, besides it will give me a chance to get to know your daughter better.

Amanda: You want to get to know Mackenzie.

Larry: Well, yeah, you and I are seeing each other.

Amanda: I donít know, Larry, what you're thinking about the two of us, but you're off base. Way off base.

Brad: You picked the right time to get involved in breast cancer awareness, didnít you?

Ashley: I donít think anything is more important because of all the controversy thatís been stirred up.

Brad: I agree. One heck of a productive day you had today.

Ashley: Yeah, it was.

Brad: Why did you say that you were tied up for hours?

Ashley: I had a mammogram.

Brad: Did you.

Ashley: I figure if I'm heading up this campaign for breast cancer awareness I need to make a statement. So I had a mammogram.

Brad: Setting an example, true.

Ashley: Exactly. You know what? This is very exciting. I really think we're going to make it.

Brad: You are beautiful. Donít ever doubt that.

Ashley: You know what else? I think about you and Abby and all the joy you've brought to my life and I realize yet again how lucky I am.

Come in.

I have Mrs. Carltonís mammogram.

Thank you. We're heading up the breast cancer committee. She wanted to publish the results. I know sheís a little young but a good idea.

A very good idea.

Is something wrong?

Take a look, Nora.

Phyllis: Itís not too late, Jack, if you want to kick me out.

John Silva: Jack, just being a cautious lawyer. Thatís all.

Phyllis: You didnít tell me he was on.

Jack: Heís on our side, Phyllis.

Phyllis: Do you doubt me?

Jack: I want you to look at me, when Diane walks into the courtroom you wonít freak out.

Phyllis: I wonít even blink, all right? You can count on me.

Jack: Thanks.

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