Y&R Transcript Wednesday 3/6/02

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 3/6/02


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Katherine: Well, I see you're in full swing.

Nikki: I decided to work from home. Now that you're here I get a coffee break. Or would you like tea?

Katherine: I don't have time.

Nikki: If you're looking for an update, Victor won't be back until today.

Katherine: Just the thought of the two of you getting back together again.

Nikki: It is only dinner.

Katherine: This is a critical evening.

Nikki: I know you can feel it in your bones.

Katherine: This is far too important. Don't you understand that? Darling, you can't leave a thing to chance. Believe me, you've got to strike while you have the momentum.

Nikki: What are you suggesting?

Katherine: Take the initiative and plan a more romantic evening than he was planning. Yes, darling, I do have something in mind.

Julia: There's no rush, if you'd like to stay.

Victor: No, I better go.

Julia: Victor, is something on your mind?

Victor: It's hard to see someone you were married to such a long time ago.

Julia: If you have any doubts, the years have been good to you. If anything, you're more attractive than ever.

Victor: Oh, my goodness.

Julia: It's not flattery. Do you ever think back to our marriage?

Victor: Truthfully?

Julia: You don't, do you?

Victor: You know I don't dwell on the past.

Julia: Yet you turn up on my doorstep, a woman you haven't seen for so many years because you see my picture in the newspaper.

Victor: Because I don't dwell on the past doesn't mean I forgot it.

Julia: Still you come riding in on your horse to rescue the damsel in distress.

Neil: Alex.

Alex: It was nighttime. It was dark. How can Isaac be sure of what he saw?

Neil: It was dark. He saw the beam from the bridge and he saw Malcolm.

Alex: From what distance? Does he know it knocked Malcolm out? Could he tell how bad the injury was?

Neil: I knew this would upset you. I didn't want to say anything while there was still hope. I'm afraid there isn't anymore hope. My brother's a survivor, but I don't think even he could survive this.

Nicholas: So you don't trust Diego for some reason.

Victoria: I don't know. It seems odd to me. How well do you know him? He's been around for a couple of months?

Nicholas: Yeah.

Victoria: He's somehow involved in the problems with Sharon and now living out here at the ranch. Don't you think he's kind of insinuating himself?

Nicholas: Are you saying he's an opportunist?

Victoria: Feels that way.

Nicholas: He has a full-time gig at Crimson Lights. It's not like he's a total stranger. He's Raul Gutierrez's older brother. He graduated from G.C. He's a couple years younger than I am. Are you saying we have a Carter Mills situation?

Victoria: It's not the case here. He's not out to get anyone. I'm saying after everything you've been through.

Nicholas: I thought to err on the side of caution.

Victoria: Until you get to know him better. It seems he's moving kind of fast.

Nicholas: It wouldn't hurt to keep an eye on him but let's not make him feel he's under a microscope. Excuse me. I have to take this. This is Nick. Hey, buddy, how's it going?

Raul: You took the job over at the Newman ranch.

Diego: You're sounding anxious. Were you having second thoughts about me sticking around? Sorry, I got the job and the free digs. Anything to keep my kid brother happy.

Raul: You're hanging out for a while, huh?

Diego: Don't push. It isn't like I'm putting down roots. Don't tell Mom about this new job. I don't want her knowing my business.

Raul: I don't want to get her hopes up. She has backed off, okay? She hasn't hassled you about your plans or why you hardly ever come around anymore. Why you won't deal with your own mother is something I still don't understand.

Diego: Don't start with me. Not today.

[Knock on door]

Paul: Yes, Lynne.

Lauren: Got a minute for me?

Paul: Hey, Lauren, come on in.

Lauren: I know you're busy. This won't take but a minute. These are for you.

Paul: Too small for a summons.

Lauren: Tickets to the hockey exhibition. I sent away for the tickets and they came in the mail yesterday.

Paul: Great. What a neat surprise. You want to give them to me?

Lauren: Of course.

Paul: Thanks. That's really appreciated. It's good to see you. I hope it wasn't just for the tickets.

Lauren: What do you mean?

Paul: I guess what I'm trying to say is you're an important person to me. You always have been, and I just --

Lauren: I'm going to get the "I hope we can be friends" speech, aren't I?

Isabella: Mary, I am so happy you invited me for lunch. I even brought a cake for dessert.

Mary: Did you?

Isabella: It was a lovely gesture for you to reach out to me like that. I want us to be close again. I'm excited about you having a special part of this baby's life. Can I help you prepare for lunch?

Mary: I didn't ask you here for lunch.

Isabella: Why then?

Mary: To give you this.

Isabella: St. Agatha - that's a home for unwed mothers? Do you want to tell me what this is about?

Nicholas: I'll call you next week. Okay. Bye. So you want to talk about Diego some more?

Victoria: No. I want to talk about you and Sharon. Where do things stand between the two of you?

Nicholas: I don't know. You talked to her last. You tell me.

Victoria: You know, I got this feeling that maybe -- is there reason to hope?

Nicholas: Hope, I don't know. That's tough to call. Did she give you any indication how she's feeling?

Victoria: No, not really.

Nicholas: There's this distance between us.

Victoria: You're so close to somebody for so long.

Nicholas: It's tough to deal with sometimes. It's not just emotionally. You know what I mean? I just can't stop thinking if we were close like that physically again, it could remind us what we used to have.

Victoria: You think it would make a difference?

Nicholas: It would for me. I know that I have to go slow. I've got to.

Alex: You wait until now to tell me this.

Neil: Alex, I have tried to explain to you why. Maybe, just maybe, I should have said something earlier. I didn't see the need.

Alex: You didn't see the need to shoot down my hope before. That's what you're trying to do now.

Neil: What do you mean?

Alex: I don't believe it's true. You have it in your head we should just give up. Now you come up with this horrible accident, this so-called proof that Malcolm can survive.

Neil: What are you talking about; you think I'm lying about this?

Alex: Yes, I do.

Neil: I'll get Isaac. You can look him in the eye --

Alex: I don't care what Isaac thinks what he saw. I don't care about the bridge or waterfall or any of that. I have to find Malcolm myself. I have to find him! He can't be gone! He can't be!

Neil: Alex, stop.

Victor: I guess what you sense is my mind sort of drifting, you know, back to what you said about when you and I were married.

Julia: Did I offend you?

Victor: No, too many years ago.

Julia: Victor, I was so young then. I didn't have any idea what it meant to be a wife, especially your wife. Come on, sit for a minute.

Victor: All right. You, of course, remember I too was very young.

Julia: Yes. But you had more experience in the world. That's all I'm saying.

Victor: I had just begun to build my empire. I hadn't even established my reputation yet.

Julia: You weren't even a billionaire.

Victor: Was I that controlling?

Julia: No, that's not what I said.

Victor: It isn't?

Julia: I said you were protective. You made me feel very safe.

Victor: You said I was confining.

Julia: Victor, why are you asking these questions? Why do you want to get into this?

Victor: I don't know. I'm just interested to hear what I was like when we first got married, when you thought of me as a person, as a husband.

Nikki: Katherine, maybe I will take you up on your plans later. This is Victor's turn to plan the date.

Katherine: That is the old Nikki talking, the Nikki that waits for the man to call. That is not you now.

Nikki: You're right. I'm aggressive. I'm on the prowl.

Katherine: Are you going to hear me out or not?  

Nikki: Go.

Katherine: As you know, my yacht is docked at the lake.

Nikki: And the lake is still partially frozen.

Katherine: It's not going to be a cruise. You can still have dinner aboard the ship, right? Now just think of this. A nice, clear night and all the stars above you and the water, the water just kissing the hull of the boat and that you'll be dancing to the music in the salon. You'll have the entire boat to yourself, just the two of you. Isn't that a lot more romantic than the Colonnade? Don't you think?

Paul: So are you saying that we can't be friends?

Lauren: No, I'm not saying that at all. In fact, I think we're stuck like glue to this friendship come hell or high water.

Paul: There's been high water on my side of the equation. I appreciate you hanging in there.

Lauren: As your friend, how are things going?

Paul: They're going well. Isabella and I moved in together.

Lauren: Really? I didn't think you were going to do that.

Paul: I didn't either. Isabella made a good point. It didn't make sense going back to square one. We decided to move faster. I tell you, I have no regrets.

Lauren: Well, I can't believe I'm going to say this to you. I'm glad things worked out.

Paul: I appreciate you saying that. I can't tell you what it means. It makes a huge difference having the support of people around like you.

Lauren: Speaking of that, have you spoken to your mother lately?

Katherine: What do you think of my idea? A romantic evening on the yacht.

Nikki: Miguel, can you come here please?

Miguel: Yes, Mrs. Newman. Hello, Mrs. Chancellor.

Nikki: Miguel, I want you to prepare dinner for two. I don't know if it's tonight or tomorrow night. Chateaubriand, roasted potatoes with garlic and rosemary and the balsamic vinaigrette that you do.

Miguel: Would you like me to decorate the dining room a specific way?

Nikki: We'll be eating at the lake. I will give you more specific instructions later.

Miguel: Very good.

Katherine: You found my idea appealing.

Nikki: Absolutely. I like the idea of surprising Victor. I've actually done it a couple times recently with very interesting results.

Katherine: As opposed to raising the bar a smidge?

Nikki: On the contrary, I think it's a wonderful incentive. Who knows how the evening could end.

Julia: It was a life time ago when we were married.

Victor: I'm curious. What do you remember?

Julia: I remembered that you're everything to me. I loved you. I idolized you. But you treated me as if I were some beautiful thing to be looked at and admired but hardly a person.

Victor: Really?

Julia: I don't mean that to sound cruel. I know you were trying to protect me and keep me safe.

Victor: Wouldn't any man want to do that for his wife?

Julia: Of course. For you that meant keeping me from spreading my wings. It was as if I were locked up in some kind of cage because you were afraid I would fly away.

Victor: But you flew away anyway.

Julia: Only because you were so possessive and jealous.

Victor: My goodness. How the hell could you stand living with me?

Julia: Victor, I didn't leave without regrets, a lot of them. You don't know how many nights I would wake up and just ache and reach out and pick up a phone and call you.

Victor: But you never called.

Julia: No. Because I knew that if I wanted to become my own person, you were the last one I should reach out to. If Victor Newman is part of your life, then he has to be the central figure. Your life has to revolve around him. At least that's how it was for me.

Victor: Was I really that domineering? You laugh?

Julia: Sorry, it's almost funny that you would ask that. Being domineering is who you are. It always has been. It's how you run your business. You run every facet of your life. And it's what makes you such an incredibly powerful presence, that control you have, that power, even that jealousy. What's yours is yours. And God forbid anyone should tread on that territory. It's just what you're all about, Victor. You always have been.

Neil: Alex, it doesn't have to be the end. You know, we can continue the search. I can talk to Isaac about using one of the helicopters, doing periodic sweeps of the area. Listen to me. The only reason I told you everything now is to decide whether or not to stay. If you do stay, I'm not going to fight you, all right? I'll stay right here with you as long as it takes. You hear me?

Alex: Part of me feels I need to stay here indefinitely. But I'd only be doing that to have peace of mind. But I know I can never have that now. Besides, there are other factors. People have to be told. Olivia, Nate.

Neil: I've already asked Victoria not to tell them until we're absolutely certain. And now that we are, I feel that we should deliver the news in person.

Alex: I agree. There's really no need for either of us to stay. It's time to go, Neil. It's time to go home.

Paul: To answer your question behind the question, yes, my mother knows Isabella and I are together.

Lauren: She knows you're living with her.

Paul: Yes. Why do you ask?

Lauren: Because I saw your mother this morning. She tracked me down at Gina's. We had a little encounter.

Paul: I see. What did she want?

Lauren: As unlikely as this sounds, she wanted me to be her ally.

Paul: She wanted you to be her what?

Lauren: She's very unhappy about your relationship with Isabella. She wanted me to share dirt, do anything to support her negative feelings about Isabella.

Paul: And?

Lauren: And nothing. I'm not playing into that. I tried to tell her she didn't have a choice and she needed to accept it.

Paul: I'm sure that went over big.

Lauren: She was tightlipped after that.

Paul: You made more of an impact than you think. She called Isabella and invited her to lunch. She was hoping for a breakthrough.

Lauren: I know it would be a lot easier for you. I have to go.

Paul: You leaving town?

Lauren: I have a meeting. Remember, I run that big department store?

Paul: It's where I get the cool ties. Thank you for the tickets.

Lauren: Sure. Tell me how it goes.

Paul: Lynne, do I have any appointments for the next hour or so? Thanks.

Isabella: You still won't accept my relationship with Paul.

Mary: How on earth could you expect me to?

Isabella: The fact you're going to be a grandmother in a few months.

Mary: You know how deeply I resent that. I opened my heart to you last summer when I believed you were a trustworthy person. You learned that being a grandmother is one of my most cherished desires. Now that you got pregnant, you're using it to win me over just as you're using it to rope Paul in.

Isabella: You are so convinced that Paul wouldn't be with me unless he was coerced somehow.

Mary: This relationship is doomed.

Isabella: Oh, really?

Mary: It's true under certain circumstances a child can bring people together, should bring them together. But not always. Certainly not in a case like this. When I think of the lies you've told, the lies you've lived.

Isabella: If you're talking about Michael Baldwin. If you're going to hurl accusations --

Mary: I won't debate this, Isabella. Your character is such that -- well, you're simply not the type of person I would ever choose for my son.

Isabella: I have made mistakes, and I've apologized for them. Your son is more capable of forgiveness than you.

Mary: You want to talk about Paul's feelings? Fine. Perhaps you have gotten him to forgive you or at least think he has. Even so, that's not going to sustain you on any long-term basis.

Isabella: You don't believe Paul has feelings for me.

Mary: Paul is still very torn. He may have feelings for you but he has feelings elsewhere as well. Should he decide to marry you, it would never last. You've got to know that, Isabella.

Isabella: You have this all figured out. You decided that this is the best option for me, a home for unwed mothers.

Mary: I have done some research. I have talked to my priest. St. Agatha's a wonderful institution. You can get so much more than shelter and emotional support.

Isabella: What more is there?

Mary: Isabella, I'm willing to believe that you once had a sense of decency and morality. Unfortunately, you've gone far astray. The nuns at St. Agatha's can turn your life around. I'm trying to be charitable. I urge you to do the right thing, not just for Paul but for yourself.

Connie: Mr. Newman phoned early this morning. He'll return this afternoon. Do you want me to give him a message?

Nikki: I think I'll leave this on his desk.

Connie: All right.

Nikki: On the evening of your arrival home, you're invited for a very special nautical adventure. Phone the number below to learn to report where and what uniform to wear.

Nicholas: You're the last person I expected to see here.

Nikki: Hi, sweetheart.

Nicholas: What's up?

Nikki: Just leaving a note for your father.

Nicholas: Is he around?

Nikki: He's out of town on business. Connie says he'll be back this afternoon. So did Diego like the tack room?

Nicholas: I think so. It's going to work out just fine for him.

Nikki: Good.

Nicholas: Assuming I could get through to Victoria.

Nikki: Did she have a problem with it?

Nicholas: She's wondering if he's an opportunist.

Nikki: You told her he's Raul's brother.

Nicholas: Given everything that's happened, she's concerned.

Nikki: Are you worried too?

Nicholas: I don't want to make anybody feel uncomfortable, but I think I'm going to keep an eye on him.

Diego: One decaf to go. There you go.

Raul: Thank you. Congratulations again, man. Let me know when you get settled in.

Diego: Will do.

Victoria: Hello again.

Diego: How's it going?

Victoria: I came by for a cup of coffee and officially welcome you to the ranch. I didn't get to do that before.

Diego: That's nice of you to say that. Your mother and Nick made me feel very welcome.

Victoria: You seem pleased with how things worked out.

Diego: If you're talking about my living arrangements, no question. This is a huge step up compared to where I was living.

Victoria: Talking about two jobs. You must have made some impression on my brother.

Diego: I hope so. Nick's a great guy. Listen, Victoria, I want you to know I'm going to work my butt off for your family. I'm not looking for a free ride.

Victoria: Of course not. I wouldn't expect anything else.

Diego: Something on your mind?

Victoria: Like what?

Diego: I don't know. Look, I know we just met. I don't know you and you don't really know me. I'm a pretty direct guy. If there's something you want to say, you can just say it.

Victoria: You're a direct guy, huh? I'm glad to hear that.

Diego: You afraid that isn't the case?

Victoria: I didn't say that, no.

Diego: Okay. I'm getting the feeling you're not very happy about me taking this job at the ranch. Is that true?

Victoria: You know, Diego, since you're a direct guy, I will be direct with you. If you really are on the level as my brother believes, no, I have no problem with you working at the ranch, not in the least.

Victor: Very interesting to hear your description of me. You think there's any way I could change?

Julia: Why would you want to? It works for you, Victor. Look at your life.

Victor: I seem to have everything, don't I?

Julia: Why did you come here, really? I think it's about more than being a Good Samaritan. It's almost as if you're searching for something.

Victor: Perhaps I am. I don't know what. It's wonderful seeing you.

Julia: For me too.

Mary: Let me tell you about this home. They provide companionship, counseling, emotional support.

Isabella: I have Paul.

Mary: That's temporary.

Isabella: You don't know that. I am not walking out on your son.

Mary: Listen to me --

Isabella: No. We have nothing more to say to each other.

Mary: If you're honest with yourself, you will realize the truth of what I am telling you.

Isabella: You are totally wrong, Mary. For someone that's as close to your son as you, you don't have a clue what's in your son's heart. Even if I went, he would follow me there and bring me back.

Mary: You're so sure, I offer you a challenge. Go and see if Paul follows you. Or are you afraid he might not come after you?

Paul: Am I too late for lunch?

Neil: Alex, Isaac arranged for us to go to Nairobi for a flight back home.

Alex: Have you talked to him about the search?

Neil: We're on the same page about continuing.

Alex: I can't get that image out of my head of a piece of bridge striking Malcolm.

Neil: I'm sorry I told you --

Alex: You had to. I needed to know.

Neil: It's weird I keep doing the same thing. We have to try to get that out of our minds now. We need to remember how happy he was with you. How much he was looking forward to --

Isaac: I'm sorry to disturb you. The helicopter is ready to take you.

Alex: You know, I will join you in a minute.

Malcolm: Sweetheart, it's right here. This is real. Believe me when I say that. I wouldn't say it if I didn't mean it.

Alex: No.

Malcolm: No. Alex, we've earned this. We faced some tough challenges together. We can go into this and bring it on, world. You and me, we have stood up to every crisis, and we've come through stronger and more in love than ever. Baby, I have no doubts about the future, none. In fact, the only problem I can see happening, I just have to figure out where I'm going to find room for all the happiness you bring me.

Alex: What an amazing coincidence, because I find myself having the same exact problem.

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