Y&R Transcript Tuesday 3/5/02

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 3/5/02


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Alex: Finally they're back. They have good news. Iím sure of it. They havenít found him. Thatís what you're thinking, that thereís no hope and that heís not coming back.

Neil: I'll go talk to them.

Isaac: Why donít you sit down?

Alex: Oh, my God. Whatever you and Neil say, I canít think about that. Thereís hope. Thereís always hope.

Nate: Iím so excited, I could hardly sleep. Daddyís coming back from Africa today.

Olivia: Why donít you go over there, okay?

Nate: Okay. [Phone ringing]

Neil: Hi. This is Neil. Leave your name and number at the sound of the beep and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

Olivia: Neil, itís me. I left you several messages. I donít know why you're not getting back to me, but itís important. Can you call as soon as you get this?

Michael: Miles away, doctor.

Olivia: Actually, I am.

Michael: Mind if I ask where?

Olivia: Kenya.

Victor: Can you think of any other points of leverage? I agree. I think this will be adequate. Okay. I'll be in touch.

Julia: Donít tell me you were here all night.

Victor: I just checked into the hotel and got a good nightís sleep.

Julia: And back here first thing in the morning.

Victor: I was very curious about this so I wanted to deal with it as soon as I could.

Julia: I canít tell you how grateful I am for all of this, that you would show up out of the blue because you're concerned about my company and me.

Victor: Why wouldnít I be concerned about you? You and I go back a long, long time.

Julia: Yes, Ann. Maxwell Hollister is here?

Victor: Iím expecting him.

Julia: I know you were going to meet him but I didnít think it was going to be so soon.

Victor: Well, Mr. Hollister.

Mr. Hollister: Itís a pleasure meeting you. Mrs. Martin.

Victor: The reason I asked you to come by because I think we can resolve an issue rather quickly and equitably, if you know whatís good for you.

[Knock on door]

Sharon: Hi. Victoria, I didnít know you were back.

Victoria: I got back at the crack of dawn yesterday. I slept all day.

Sharon: Come in. Do you want a coffee or anything?

Victoria: No, thanks.

Sharon: Have you been jogging?

Victoria: I needed to clear my head. Did I miss the kids?

Sharon: They're already up and out. So how was Africa?

Victoria: It was awful. Malcolm got in a terrible accident. His car went off a bridge and plunged into a river and we canít find him. We donít know if he survived.

Sharon: How horrible.

Victoria: Donít say anything until we know for sure.

Sharon: No, of course not.

Victoria: So itís good to see you.

Sharon: Likewise.

Victoria: I've been thinking a lot about you and my brother lately.

Sharon: Really.

Victoria: I wonít take up any more of your time.

Sharon: Victoria, wait. Last time we talked, things got pretty intense.

Victoria: Yeah. In case you're wondering, I havenít talked to Nicholas since I got back.

Sharon: You know heís up at the main house.

Victoria: I guess that means you two are still having problems.

Nicholas: Malcolmís still missing.

Nikki: We're all praying they'll find him, but it doesnít look good.

Nicholas: Have Olivia and Nate been notified?

Nikki: Neil doesnít want to say anything until heís certain.

Nicholas: Howís Vic holding up?

Nikki: Tragedy like this, thatís the last thing she needs.

Nicholas: I can only imagine what sheís going through. If Malcolm doesnít make it --

Nikki: They were on location. Whatever the outcome, it isnít her fault.

Nicholas: I hope she realizes that.

Nikki: Iím glad your father convinced her to come home. Iím going to keep an eye on her. Right now, Iím more concerned about you. How are things going between you and Sharon?

Mary: Hello, Lauren.

Lauren: Mary, what are you doing here? Kaffee klatsch with the girls?

Mary: Your secretary told me I could find you here.

Lauren: I have to talk to her about that. I have a meeting. I assume this isnít a social call.

Mary: Hardly.

Lauren: You want to talk about Paul.

Mary: And Isabella.

Lauren: We know where things stand.

Mary: Isabella is carrying my sonís child.

Lauren: I already got the memo. You can go now.

Mary: I didnít come here to say I told you so, Lauren. I would like to discuss the situation. You've always claimed how you care about my son, Paul. Now is your chance to prove it.

Paul: Well, good morning, sleepyhead.

Isabella: Pregnant ladies need their rest.

Paul: Why do you think I let you sleep in?

Isabella: You made breakfast?

Paul: Pregnant ladies have to eat too.

Isabella: Are you stealing pages from my cookbook?

Paul: Maybe.

Isabella: You're spoiling me.

Paul: Wait until you try the breakfast.

Isabella: They're not bad.

Paul: Gee thanks. What an endorsement.

Isabella: Paul, remember last night?

Paul: How could I forget?

Isabella: You said you wanted to be involved in every step of the pregnancy.

Paul: I do.

Isabella: What do you think of birthing class?

Paul: Sign me up.

Isabella: Seriously? Paul, are you sure you're ready for this?

Paul: Well, yeah. Unless you donít want me to be there.

Michael: Kenya, huh? You thinking about Neil?

Olivia: Malcolm, actually. I havenít heard from him since he left.

Michael: Well, he is in the middle of nowhere, Olivia.

Olivia: He has a friend, Michael.

Michael: They get caught up in what they're doing.

Olivia: Last time Malcolm traipsed off to see Drusilla itís not like he called or even wrote. I thought he learned. I hoped he changed.

Michael: Olivia, it sounds like heís a terrific father.

Olivia: Heís terrific when heís around.

Michael: There has to be some sort of explanation.

Olivia: I hope there is. That boy got so excited waiting for a call from his dad. When it didnít come, he was hurt, a lot.

Michael: And now?

Olivia: Now heís in denial. Heís convinced Malcolm is coming home today which you and I both know is not the case.

Sharon: Thanks, Trevor. I'll be in as soon as I can.

Victoria: Problems at the coffee house?

Sharon: Nothing serious. Victoria, obviously you're wondering whatís going on.

Victoria: Nicholas is living at the main house. Thereís nothing more to say.

Sharon: Are you going to lay into me again?

Victoria: No. I still think what you said to my brother is wrong. I talked to Nicholas before I left and I gave your situation a lot of thought. It doesnít help for family and friends to put their two cents in.

Sharon: So you're going to keep your comments to yourself.

Victoria: I love everyone involved a lot and I care about the situation. Thatís it.

Sharon: What does that mean?

Victoria: It means things are tense enough around here. Iím not going to make it worse.

Sharon: I think thatís the right decision and I hope the rest of your family follows your lead.

Victoria: Despite what you think, Sharon, we all care.

Sharon: I realize that.

Victoria: Do you?

Sharon: I also understand why you felt compelled to give me the advice you did having lost a child of your own. But our situations are very, very different.

Victoria: In other words, your situation has not changed. Nothing has improved since I left.

Sharon: It hasnít been all that bad.

Victoria: Meaning?

Sharon: As you can imagine itís tough on the kids.

Victoria: Children suffer the most.

Sharon: Cassie started blaming me.

Victoria: How did you handle that?

Sharon: I didnít. Nick did. He told her that itís a very complicated situation and itís not one personís fault.

Victoria: Did she listen?

Sharon: Yeah. He got through to her. My daughter doesnít hold me responsible anymore.

Victoria: Thanks to Nick. So where does that leave things between you and my brother?

Mr. Hollister: I must admit when my office told me you called, I was quite surprised.

Victor: And curious, Iím sure.

Mr. Hollister: Yes. Thatís the only reason I agreed to be here today.

Victor: Why donít we get down to business?

Mr. Hollister: I donít think we have anything to discuss.

Victor: I think we do, Mr. Hollister.

Mr. Hollister: If this is about the takeover.

Victor: It is.

Mr. Hollister: Itís a fait accompli

Victor: I donít think it is. Iím willing to buy the stock in Juliaís company plus 10%. Thatís a fair deal. Donít you think? All you need to do is sign here.

Mr. Hollister: You've got to be kidding.

Victor: Iím not.

Mr. Hollister: Iím not signing anything. I have to hand it to you. I knew you'd try to squirm your way out of this. I had no idea you had connections like Mr. Newman here. Mr. Newman, your reputation precedes you. I have no intention of selling my stock.

Victor: Mr. Hollister, I understand perfectly well whatís going on. You have no interest in her company except to absorb it in order to eliminate a rival.

Mr. Hollister: Well, now, why would you make me an offer when you know I would refuse? Why waste your time?

Victor: Iím not wasting my time, Mr. Hollister.

Mr. Hollister: This meetingís over.

Victor: If I were you, I would reconsider. In fact, Iím sure you will.

Mr. Hollister: Oh, I will, will I?

Victor: If you donít, I will create a new division at Newman Enterprises. I will aim all of my resources at your company in your specific markets. I will destroy you.

Mr. Hollister: Come on, Newman. You are a giant in business. But you donít know the first thing about my industry.

Victor: That is true. But this lady here does, and she will head up the new division. Besides, Mr. Hollister, I have this here. This is a detailed analysis of the operation and all of its weak points, and there are quite a few. And I have devised a strategy to go after the weak points. So within a yearís time, your business will be finished. So, Mr. Hollister, why donít you sign right there. Have a nice day, Mr. Hollister.

Nikki: So Cassie realizes the problems between you and Sharon arenít anybodyís fault.

Nicholas: I convinced her itís a lousy situation and nobodyís to blame.

Nikki: That must be a relief for Sharon.

Nicholas: Yeah, for all of us.

Nikki: Honey, she has to at least appreciate what you've done.

Nicholas: If you're wondering if things have changed --

Nikki: Have they?

Nicholas: Iím not sure.

Nikki: At least you're communicating.

Nicholas: Iím not sure. Things wouldnít have worked out if it wasnít for Diego.

Nikki: Who is Diego?

Nicholas: He works at the coffee house, Raulís brother. He knew what was going on.

Nikki: With you and Sharon, you mean?

Nicholas: He knew what Sharon was thinking.

Nikki: That she thought you were turning Cassie against her.

Nicholas: Yes. This guy Diego is looking for extra work and a new place to stay.

Nikki: Doesnít he have an apartment?

Nicholas: He does. Itís in a bad neighborhood. And heís quite a horseman.

Nikki: You want me to offer him a job?

Nicholas: If you donít have a problem with it?

Nikki: Considering what he did for you and Sharon, give him a call. I'd like to meet him.

Nicholas: All right. Thanks, Mom.

Nikki: Sure.

Isabella: Of course I want you there.

Paul: Well whatís the problem?

Isabella: You'll think Iím being silly.

Paul: I wonít know until you tell me.

Isabella: Last time I visited my doctor, I stopped by the birthing class at the hospital. You should have seen it. It was women of all sizes sprawled out on mats huffing and puffing.

Paul: So?

Isabella: Well, it wasnít flattering.

Paul: You're right. You're being silly.

Isabella: You donít think I should be self-conscious around you?

Paul: Not when you're carrying our child. This is supposed to be the get-to-know-you period.

Isabella: I didnít know it would be me in a leotard doing breathing exercises.

Paul: Fair game.

Isabella: Why could I get a feeling you're enjoying this?

Paul: I donít know. Why do you?

Isabella: You laugh, Williams. Wait until the baby is born. I'll get even.

Paul: I canít wait.

Lauren: Okay, Mary, why donít you tell me what you're doing here?

Mary: I want to know what you think about Isabella and Paul.

Lauren: Whether they're in love?

Mary: Are they?

Lauren: I think they have strong feelings for each other.

Mary: Which you have been aware of for some time now.

Lauren: I was right. You're here to gloat.

Mary: Stop assuming that you can read my mind and just answer the question please. One thing I know about you, Lauren, you're a very calculating, self-centered person.

Lauren: Other than that, Iím a fantastic girl.

Mary: Since you pursued a relationship with Paul, despite his feelings for Isabella, you must have believed you had a chance. No comment? Well, fine. Letís turn to Isabella. Whatís your opinion of Ms. Brogna?

Lauren: Mary, come on.

Mary: I donít think thereís any mystery what kind of woman she is. She was a client of Paulís and became involved with him before he was divorced from Christine. Got herself pregnant. You find this amusing, Lauren?

Lauren: I never thought that I would see this day. Oh, my God, Mary. You're so horrified at the thought of Paul and Isabella together you'd be willing to settle for me, wouldnít you?

Victoria: Where do things stand between you and Nick?

Sharon: I donít know. For a while we seemed to be spinning out of control.

Victoria: And now?

Sharon: And now things seem to have calmed down somewhat.

Victoria: Is it something you can build on?

Sharon: I donít know. Itís too soon to tell.

Victoria: Sharon, what you said about Nicholas talking to Cassie, I hope it reminds you what a wonderful person he is.

Sharon: Victoria, it may be hard for you to believe this but I have never lost sight of that. I have never stopped loving your brother.

Victoria: Well, I need to get to the office but before I go, I've had some very painful reminders lately of just how fragile life can be. Whatever chance you and Nicholas have, just hope and pray that you work things out.

Michael: Breakfast of champions.

Olivia: You remember Mr. Baldwin, donít you?

Nate: Hi. Mom, I have to go to school.

Olivia: Get yourself a healthy snack and then we'll go. Despite what you think, Michael, Iím not trying to get between Malcolm and his son. I will never do that again. If Malcolm is up to his old tricks, I swear.

Michael: Who knows, maybe he'll come through in the 11th hour, save the day.

Olivia: I hope so. If he doesnít, Nate is going to be crushed. If that happens, itís going to break my heart.

Isaac: Iím very sorry, Miss Perez.

Alex: What did the pilot say?

Neil: They didnít find a body.

Isaac: With all the wildlife Iím sure itís unlikely that --

Alex: Stop it. I donít want to hear it. Malcolm is not dead. He canít be.

Isaac: But the search team --

Alex: To hell with the search team. Malcolmís still alive. He has to be.

Neil: Alex, itís the last flight. They called off the search.

Alex: I donít believe it. Nothing that you or anyone can say will convince me.

Isaac: They have covered every square inch from here to the Falls.

Alex: Search elsewhere. If you donít do it, I will.

Isaac: Miss Perez, you have to understand.

Neil: Alex, everything that Isaac has told us is true. We have moved heaven and earth trying to find my brother.

Alex: Neil, please. All I need to know is will Newman Enterprises continue to look for Malcolm, because Iím not leaving without him. I canít.

Nikki: Well, I think we covered the particulars, hours, salary. Thereís the tack room. Not palatial but itís comfortable.

Diego: Anything is a step up from where Iím living. If you're talking about the money, Iím fine.

Nikki: What about the hours?

Diego: I donít have a problem with them if Nick doesnít.

Nicholas: I can change your hours at the coffee house. We can make it work.

Diego: Great, thanks.

Nicholas: I think we're all set. Iím going to show him around.

Diego: Excuse me.

Nikki: Hold on just a minute. I have a few questions, Diego.

Nicholas: Good luck, man.

Nikki: You said that you spent about four years at an equestrian center in central California?

Diego: I was responsible for over 30 horses, Arabians, quarter horses and saddle horses. I've ridden them and taken care of them. Iím good at talking to them.

Nikki: What would you do about worms?

Diego: Thatís something pretty serious. You have to stay on top of that. Deworm and isolate any new horse for 24 hours.

Nikki: Is there any specific treatment you would recommend?

Diego: Actually itís safe and gets the job done. Did I pass?

Nikki: You have the right answers. Nicholas, Iím sorry. You know how I feel about my horses. I want to make sure they have the best of care.

Nicholas: I know. Take it easy on Diego.

Diego: Itís cool. Your mother wants to make sure she has the right man for the job.

Nicholas: Iím going to show him around.

Diego: Thank you.

Lauren: You must really dislike Isabella if you wish yours truly on Paul instead. Careful what you wish for, Mary.

Mary: I canít imagine that relationship is anything more than a temporary distraction. We know what kind of a woman she is.

Lauren: Sheís carrying Paulís child.

Mary: If it werenít for that, she would be ancient history.

Lauren: Be that as it may, thereís a baby. Your grandchild, Mary. You have to get used to that.

Mary: We shall see.

Lauren: I donít know what you're trying to do here. If you're trying to break up Paul and Isabella, think again. You of all people know a child can bring two people together and create a lifetime bond. If you'll excuse me I have to get ready for my meeting.

Paul: Admiring our son?

Isabella: Son, huh?

Paul: I donít really care if itís a boy or a girl, as long as itís happy and healthy. Whatís on your mind?

Isabella: Your mother.

Paul: Oh. Sorry I asked.

Isabella: I know how she feels about our relationship. Maybe the shock has worn off. I'd like to reach out to her.

Paul: Well, I donít think thatís a good idea, Isabella.

Isabella: You believe sheís going to make a wonderful grandmother, right?

Paul: Eventually.

Isabella: She'll come around. I just want it to be sooner rather than later.

Paul: I appreciate the thought. You know what? You donít know my mother as well as I do.

Isabella: Do you mean it'll never happen?

Paul: Iím not saying that. Iím saying that I think maybe just a little more time would work to our advantage. [Phone ringing]

Isabella: Hello.

Mary: Hello, Isabella.

Isabella: Mary. Paul and I were just talking about you.

Mary: I was wondering if you could join me for lunch.

Isabella: Lunch? That would be lovely.

Mary: My house?

Isabella: Fine.

Mary: All right. Come as soon as you can.

Isabella: Okay. I'll be there shortly. Well, I guess I read your mother a lot better than you do.

Paul: My mother invited you to lunch.

Isabella: Sheís reaching out to me. Isnít that wonderful?

Paul: Thatís wonderful.

Isabella: Iím going to do my best to pull her on our side.

Alex: Damn it, Neil, why are you giving up? Malcolm is your brother. You say you love him.

Neil: Of course I love him, Alex.

Alex: Why are you turning your back on him?

Neil: Iím not.

Alex: I know things arenít good right now but we have to keep the faith. Malcolm survived that fall. We know he did. And even if he got caught in a current, he must have found a way to make it to shore.

Neil: Alex, we've looked everywhere.

Alex: Then we keep looking. Maybe closer to camp. He could be nearby. But heís just too hurt to let us know.

Neil: What? Oh, Alex. Thereís something that I havenít told you. Last time Isaac saw Malcolm --

Alex: When he was trying to save the driver.

Neil: A part of the bridge that collapsed, a large wooden beam, it hit Malcolm. It struck him in the head.

Nicholas: And this is the tack house. I know itís right next to the stables. Itís not the best location.

Diego: Are you kidding me? This is great.

Nicholas: The last place was that bad?

Diego: I had a cockroach the size of your motherís Arabian.

Victoria: Hey, whatís going on?

Nicholas: You're home. Sorry about Malcolm.

Victoria: We're not giving up hope. Iím Victoria Newman.

Nicholas: This is Diego. Heís replacing Walt.

Diego: Nice digs.

Victoria: I used to live here.

Diego: You did?

Victoria: Itís a long story.

Diego: I'd like to hear it. Maybe another time. I have to get to my day job so excuse me. Thanks again, man.

Nicholas: Sure.

Victoria: Working two jobs.

Nicholas: He can carry his weight. He definitely knows horses.

Victoria: Where did he come from?

Nicholas: Crimson Lights. He works there. He was in a bad situation, needed a new place to stay.

Victoria: And you solved all of his problems.

Nicholas: Glad I could help.

Victoria: Are you feeling charitable these days?

Nicholas: He did me and Sharon a huge favor. He cleared up a situation.

Victoria: About Cassie. I spoke to your wife and she told me what happened. Diego helped with that?

Nicholas: He pretty much saved the day.

Victoria: Hmm.

Nicholas: What?

Victoria: After everything you told me, are you sure you want this guy living here?

Julia: Victor, I donít know what to say.

Victor: Donít say anything. Iím happy my strategy worked out.

Julia: You were amazing. I have never seen anything like that. This companyís my whole life and you just saved it. I donít know where to begin to thank you.

Victor: You donít have to thank me. Iím glad I came. And now I have to get back to Genoa City.

Julia: So soon? Itís been wonderful seeing you.

Victor: Same here.

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