Y&R Transcript Monday 3/4/02

Y&R Transcript Monday 3/4/02


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Neil: Isaac.

Isaac: I'm sorry.

Neil: They're still searching, right?

Isaac: They have been searching most of the night.

Neil: They should have found my brother by now.

Isaac: There's something you should know.

Neil: What's that?

Isaac: When the choppers come this time, they will have covered the last stretch of the river before the Falls.

Neil: Meaning if they havenít found him, they probably arenít going to.

Alex: What is the matter with you two? You think he's dead, donít you? You think my fiancť is dead! Damn it, I'm not going to accept it! You two can give up. I'm not going to. Malcolm wouldn't give up on me!

Ashley: Hey, honey. I think Jack and Phyllis are headed for a rough patch.

Brad: How about we donít talk about your brother and his wife anymore this evening. Why donít you give your beautiful brain a break?

Ashley: My beautiful brain?

Brad: Why not? Everything else about you is beautiful.

Gina: Would the two of you like a table or a cold shower?

Ashley: Oh, a table.

Gina: I think I can get one for you.

Ashley: Look who's here. Hi, Nate.

Olivia: My goodness. Hi. How are you?

Brad: Hi, guys.

Nate: My dad's coming home tomorrow. And we're having a party for him and Alex.

Olivia: It seems to me you've forgotten something, young man.

Nate: What, Gina?

Gina: I promised a free ice cream sundae for a year. Let's go back to the kitchen and we'll make one. We'll make one for your mom too.

Olivia: You can have this table. Nate and I are leaving soon.

Brad: This photo shoot in Africa. Malcolm will have some wild stories when he comes back.

Olivia: I wish I knew when that will be.

Ashley: Nate said it was tomorrow.

Olivia: Nate created this situation in his head. I donít have the heart to tell him that's not the case. I havenít heard one word from Malcolm since he left, not one, single word.

Nikki: I'll send a copy of this memo to you as soon as I get to the office. Right. It's no problem at all. You're welcome. Bye. Honey, I'm so glad you're here.

Victoria: Mom, it was a nightmare.

Nikki: Have they found Malcolm?

Victoria: When I left, the rescue crews were still looking for him. It didnít look good. And I'm really worried about Neil. Before Malcolm was supposed to go on location, they got into a huge argument. Malcolm beat up Neil and he just took off.

Nikki: That's the last you saw of him?

Victoria: Alex thinks if they hadnít gotten into that argument he never would have left that night.

Nikki: That's quite a stretch to blame Neil. Are you worried he canít handle it?

Victoria: Well, you know about his drinking. I'm worried it might set him off again.

Nikki: Honey, there's still the possibility that Malcolm can be found.

Victoria: We have to hold on to that.

Nikki: Has anyone notified Olivia yet?

Victoria: Neil didnít want to alarm her until we knew for certain. I donít know how long we can go without telling them.

Nikki: Sweetheart, if worse comes to worst, I think it will be up to Neil to inform everybody. So any idea when he'll be back?

Victoria: No. He wanted to stay through to the end. I mean, he's being really strong right now, but I have to wonder if anyone can be strong enough in this situation.

Victor: Why donít you get back to me in the morning? Tonight they'll know more about this, all right? Connie, thank you for making the reservations. Thank you. I appreciate it.

Julia: Are these what you want?

Victor: Well, let me see. That's exactly what I want.

Julia: Good. You know, it is getting late. You should be checking on that hotel room.

Victor: Have you had dinner?

Julia:  No. Have you?

Victor: I havenít either, no.

Julia: If that's your way of asking to have dinner with you, I'd love to.

Victor: I donít know any of the restaurants around this area, so what do you suggest?

Julia: There's a lot of good ones. If you're still doing reading, we can always order out.

Victor: Why donít you make that decision?

Julia: Sure. There's a terrific Italian place right down the street.

Victor: Sounds good.

Julia: You got it.

Diego: You want to run that by me one more time, bro?

Raul: I think it's time you leave Genoa City. I'm letting you off the hook, bro.

Diego: Letting me off the hook? What the hell does that mean?

Raul: You stayed here because of me. You got a job here and living at that crummy rooming house.

Diego: I'm staying at the house because it's cheap. Staying with our parents is no option.

Raul: You risk your life and health.

Diego: Feeling guilty about it?

Raul: Yeah, I am. You put your life on hold for me, Diego. What has that gotten you? A busted head. Next time it might be worse.

Paul: These are for you.

Isabella: Thank you.

Paul: Uh-oh. I'm in the doghouse, huh?

Isabella: Why would you say that?

Paul: I was supposed to meet you at the doctor's office and I didnít. Did you get my message? I called and said I had a meeting.

Isabella: She told me.

Paul: So how did the appointment go? You and the baby okay?

Isabella: We're both fine.

Paul: Well, look, I'm really sorry I couldnít be there. These things happen. You're upset with me, arenít you? What's so funny?

Isabella: I canít even pretend to be mad at you. I know how your work is. The truth is I was just happy you wanted to be there at all.

Diego: There you go. Thanks a lot. I should stick around. Getting to spend time with you and the family again. There's an area of my life I left hanging.

Raul: Talking about your girlfriend Carol, right?

Diego: Ex-girlfriend.

Raul: Something to do with your break-up?

Diego: We didnít break up. She dumped me.

Raul: Another guy?

Diego: No. It's not that simple.

Raul: What then? You guys were together for a long time.

Diego: Over three years. I thought we had a lot of great times. I thought we were totally in sync. Then the big question. Are we ready to settle down.

Raul: She wanted a commitment.

Diego: We talked about it. Then things came to a head as soon as I lost that job in the stables. I wanted to take the first decent thing that came along. She wanted to take something into the future.

Raul: You're not the future kind of guy.

Diego: It was just the beginning of the end. She wanted to give me something I couldnít.

Raul: You're still hung up on the girl.

Diego: It shows, huh?

Raul: Have you given it much thought recently if you're ready to put down roots, see if you can work something out with Carol?

Diego: I figure she's already moved on without me.

Raul: You donít know that. She could be at loose ends like you are.

Diego: Wouldnít she have called?

Raul: Have you called her? Maybe she's waiting for you to make the first move.

Diego: I suppose.

Raul: What have you got to lose?

Neil: Isaac, it's still pretty obvious she blames me.

Isaac: What happened to Malcolm was an accident, Mr. Winters. A very unfortunate accident.

Neil: I'm afraid she doesnít see it that way.

Isaac: She thinks we're not trying hard enough to find her fiancť.

Neil: You and I know better. I understand how she feels.

Isaac: Poor woman. She's frantic with worry.

Neil: Isaac, if we have to bear the brunt of her accusations so be it. You and Malcolm were driving. Right before the bridge collapsed, did he say anything to you? Did he offer any insight what was going on in his mind?

Isaac: Wait. There was a business with his hand.

Neil: Business, what do you mean?

Isaac: Well, his knuckles, they were bruised and scratched. I told him to put something on them. He kept rubbing them.

Neil: There's no mystery how he hurt his hand. He injured it when he hit me in my face. Did he say anything? Anything at all, a word?

Alex: I know what you're trying to do, deny responsibility. You're looking for some other reason Malcolm freaked out and took off.

Neil: It's possible I'm the reason Malcolm freaked out. Why he got so intense and upset, I donít know why.

Alex: That's wishful thinking. You donít want to accept it was your fault.

Neil: This is counterproductive. I'm going to get something to eat.

Alex: You started this mess. What else could have set Malcolm off other than the tensions between you two or will you find a way to blame me? Is that what you're thinking now?

Olivia: Malcolm has had ample opportunity to contact Nate.

Brad: Have you tried calling him?

Olivia: Several times.

Ashley: Has Nate said anything?

Olivia: Poor kid. He's so disappointed he hasnít heard from him.

Ashley: He's convinced himself his dad's coming home tomorrow.

Brad: I'm sure Malcolm's going to call the moment he's off the Newman clock.

Olivia: I hope so.

Ashley: You're really worried.

Olivia: Not hearing from Malcolm or Neil.

Ashley: I heard he was on his way back home.

Olivia: If that's the case, he hasnít responded to any of the voicemail messages I left for him.

Ashley: That's strange.

Ashley: You should call Malcolm, and Neil. Try again.

Olivia: In the morning; I'll do it maybe.

Ashley: Not maybe. I think you should do it.

Paul: I'm glad you understand. Believe me, I was disappointed. I wanted to see our kid. When's your next appointment?

Isabella: In a month.

Paul: I guess I'll have to wait then.

Isabella: Not necessarily.

Paul: What's this?

Isabella: Open it and see.

Paul: Picture frame?

Isabella: Take a closer look. There's a picture in it.

Paul: Oh, my gosh.

Isabella: The sonograms arenít that clear. But that's our baby. Our very own baby.


Diego: Is Carol there please?

Sorry, can I take a message? Who's this? Hello? Hello?

Raul: What happened?

Diego: A guy answered.

Raul: Oh.

Diego: I guess that tells me what I needed to know.

Raul: It doesnít have to be a boyfriend. It could have been a neighbor or relative.

Diego: Or the president just happened to drop by. Just drop it, okay? It's something I needed to find out. Now I know. 

Nikki: I'm just so sorry about everything you're going through.

Victoria: So you were with Dad when I called?

Nikki: Yeah, at Gina's.

Victoria: What's going on with that?

Nikki: Just me trying to figure out what to wear.

Victoria: Looks like a special evening.

Nikki: We were going to the private dining room at the Colonnade.

Victoria: You were?

Nikki: Your father got called out of town on business.

Victoria: I canít tell you how happy it makes me things are going well between you and Dad.

Nikki: It's dinner.

Victoria: It's wonderful you and Dad are seeing each other again.

Nikki: Will you not get excited? We're very different people than we once were. I've changed. I canít just turn that on and off. I canít be one person in my business life and another person in my personal life with your father. Even if I could, I really donít want to.

Julia: One thing being in the kitchen business, my kitchen is always well-matched, even if the dishes donít match.

Victor: This is all very good material in here.

Julia: If you're finished, would you like to think about having wine with dinner? I happen to have a very nice Chianti.

Victor: What would an Italian dinner be without red wine?

Julia: There you go. Well, it's nice to see some things havenít changed. Victor Newman taking charge of the wine.

Victor: You getting worried?

Julia: It seems when you married me you liked to call all the shots.

Victor: Was I really that controlling?

Julia: Yes. But I always felt safe and secure.

Victor: You speak very frankly. Was life with me confining?

Julia:  I was so young when we married. You were older and very protective and, yes, very controlling. There were no surprises. You made it clear from the beginning where you thought we stood.

Victor: Did I?

Julia: I had a feeling any woman who got involved in you, if she wasnít too terribly dazzled, she had to know what she was facing.

Victor: What about you?

Julia: What about me?

Victor: Did you know what you were going to face going into this marriage of ours?

Julia: I probably wasnít so aware. It was so long ago, who remembers. Enough about me. Let's talk about you. How are your children?

Victor: Nicholas and his wife have been going through some problems.

Julia:  I read about the death of Victoria's fiancť. How about Nicholas? How is he doing?

Victor: I'm proud of all of my children.

Julia: You're a very lucky man. So tell me about the women in your life.

Sharon: Hey, you guys. How was your father-daughter get together?

Nicholas: It was awesome. We forgot to eat dessert.

Cassie: Daddy danced with me.

Sharon: I wish I could have seen that.

Cassie: He was really good, Mom.

Nicholas: You sound surprised when you say that.

Cassie: You only stepped on my foot once. Dad, do you mind if I have a minute alone with Mommy?

Nick: Sure. I'll get something to drink.

Sharon: Let's sit over there, sweetheart. What is it, Cassie?

Cassie: I just wanted to say I'm sorry.

Sharon: Sorry for what?

Cassie: I'm still kind of sad about the stuff going on between you and Daddy. That we canít be a family, together.

Sharon: Oh, Cassie.

Cassie: It's okay. I'm not mad at anybody anymore. I shouldnít have blamed you. Anyway, I'm sorry for the way I've been acting. I promise to stop being a brat.

Sharon: Honey, you were never being a brat.

Cassie: I love you, Mommy.

Sharon: I love you too. So tell me, how did you come to realize that everything that's going on wasnít my fault?

Cassie: Daddy and I had a talk at school. He told me that I misunderstood some things. Not just what he said, but a lot of other things that were going on.

Sharon: And now you do understand?

Cassie: Pretty much, yeah.

Sharon: You said you missed dessert.

Cassie: We were too busy dancing.

Sharon: We have cookies in the kitchen. Do you want one?

Cassie: Yeah, cool!

Nicholas: You okay?

Sharon: You saw us talking, didnít you?

Nicholas: Yeah. I wasnít sure I had gotten through to her.

Sharon: Well, you did.

Nicholas: I needed to set the record straight with her, you know? Our problems are between you and me. If there's anything I can do to keep that from carrying over to the kids, I'll do it.

Sharon: I know. Cassie apologized.

Nicholas: She did?

Sharon: For the way she's been treating me lately. And you canít know what that meant to me, Nick. Like my daughter has been lost and now I have her back, so thank you.

Victor: You want to know about the women in my life.

Julia: I have to admit I've heard some intriguing gossip over the years.

Victor: From the tabloids?

Julia: At least your life has never dulled.

Victor: It certainly hasnít.

Julia: Whatever happened to Nikki?

Victor: She is still very much a part of my life.

Julia: I always liked her. You two were married for a very long time.

Victor: Yeah, we were.

Julia: How is she doing? Now that the children are grown.

Victor: She's involved in a lot of things.

Julia: It seems to me there was something about, I donít know, a very unpleasant situation with Diane Jenkins? From what I read that would have been enough to make you swear off marriage for the rest of your life.

Victor: She has become part of my past, and she's going to stay a part of my past.

Julia:  What about now? Is there anyone you're close to? I didnít mean to pry. If there's one thing I do remember, it's how much you value your privacy.

Victor: You're right about that. The food is absolutely wonderful. Cheers.

Alex: Sorry to disappoint you, Neil. Malcolm and I left on wonderful terms. The last time I saw him, we talked about what we'd be doing after the shoot. And how we'd be together. Forever.

Neil: Alex, I'm not trying to put the blame on you. I know it couldnít have been anything that happened between you two.

Alex: Honey, what is going on? Talk to me.

Malcolm: Alex, I donít want you to stay here, okay?

Alex: Why not?

Malcolm: Because of my brother, that's why.

Alex: Neil's heading home tonight.

Malcolm: It's not soon enough, all right?

Alex: Are you worried I'm going to see him?

Malcolm: Alex, look. You were in my brother's room earlier, right? Isaac started running his mouth what a great time we had the other night. Neil cut him off cold. He couldnít stand the thought of us being together. My brother still has feelings for you, and it's driving me crazy.

Neil: Alex.

Alex: What? What?

Neil: What were you just thinking now?

Alex: Nothing you want to hear, I'm sure of it.

Neil: Try me.

Alex: Right before Malcolm left, we did get in a little argument. About you.

Neil: About me?

Alex: I think he was frustrated that I wasnít more negative toward you. Thinking about it now, I wish I had been.

Diego: Here you go. I thought you wanted to take cookies home.

Cassie: Thank you, Diego. I can take them to school tomorrow.

Sharon: How's your head?

Diego: I'm all right. I'm kind of dizzy. Everything is getting kind of blurry.

Nicholas: What?

Diego: I'm kidding. I'm all right.

Nicholas: What are you talking about?

Sharon: Diego got in a brawl tonight.

Nicholas: A brawl?

Diego: No big deal.

Sharon: Big enough deal he had to go to the hospital and get one stitch.

Diego: Come on. I'm okay.

Sharon: I have to go in the back room and get a couple books before we leave.

Cassie: Why does Diego have to stay in a place like that?

Nicholas: The rooming house? I guess he has his reasons.

Cassie: Why canít he stay at the ranch?

Nicholas: The ranch?

Cassie: Remember, Daddy? The stable hand, he's moving out. He's getting married.

Nicholas: The tack room's going to be free. That's what you're getting at?

Cassie: And you have to hire someone new, arenít you? Diego knows a lot about horses. He used to work on a ranch. He even knows about appaloosas. He told me all about it.

Nicholas: My mom would have to okay it. It's a good idea.

Cassie: Okay.

Nicholas: Hey, Diego, got a second?

Diego: What's up, boss?

Nicholas: I have to run it by my mom first, she does all the hiring. Cassie just reminded me a job's opening up at the ranch for a part-time stable hand.

Diego: You're thinking about me?

Nicholas: It comes with a room. It's a longer drive for you to get to work but it's nicer and safe. You interested?

Diego: It sounds great.

Nicholas: I'll let you know.

Diego: Thanks.

Nicholas: Let's get our coat.

Diego: That stuff Mom used to say -- God never closes a door without opening a window.

Raul: Does that mean you're going to stay?

Diego: Maybe, if things pan out. Unless there's a reason you donít want me to stick around.

Raul: I hope it works out for you.

Diego: You mean that?

Raul: Yeah.

Diego: Thanks, bro.

Raul: See you later.

Isabella: You all right?

Paul: This is amazing.

Isabella: You're going to wear out your eyeballs staring at it like that.

Paul: He's so beautiful. Is it a she? I canít tell.

Isabella: The baby was turned wrong.

Paul: Probably camera shy.

Isabella: I canít wait to find out what we're having.

Paul: When do you think we'll find out?

Isabella: The baby wasnít big enough until recently. Now it's the luck of the draw. Whatever position the baby's in for the next set of pictures.

Paul: All the more reason for me to be there.

Isabella: You think the baby will respond to your orders?

Paul: I have to use my very stern fatherly tone. It's never too soon to let that little kid know who's boss.

Isabella: You never said if you want a boy or a girl.

Paul: I guess I donít care. You know, I never had a chance to be a real father to any child. If you canít tell, I'm kind of excited about this baby. What's the matter?

Isabella: Nothing, I just --

Paul: What?

Isabella: I canít describe how it feels when you say that.

Paul: There's something else I want you to remember. I told you this morning before I left, it's not just about the baby.

Isabella: I do forget that sometimes.

Paul: Well, I guess I'm going to have to keep on reminding you. In fact, I just thought of another way.

Victoria: You know, Mom, after everything I've been through this year, and now this accident in Kenya, it's given me a new outlook.

Nikki: How do you mean?

Victoria: We have to get our priorities straight. We have to figure out what's really important to us. I know if I had by some miracle a chance to be with Ryan again, I know that -- I'm sorry. I didnít want to do that.

Nikki: You're right. There are parallels between your relationship with Ryan and mine with your father. But there are a lot of differences too.

Victoria: Are you telling me that you're okay with the way things are with Dad, that you donít want it to go any further?

Nikki: I just donít want to get ahead of myself and I donít think you should either. What? Why are you smiling?

Victoria: I'm just being optimistic.

Nikki: Time will tell.

Victoria: I have a good feeling about this, Mom, a really good feeling.

Julia: This has been a very unexpected and very pleasant evening.

Victor: Do you mind if I stay a little longer, make some business calls?

Julia: No, absolutely.

Victor: I'll see you in the morning?

Julia: Sounds good.

Victor: What?

Julia: I am very glad you surprised me with this visit. And I very much appreciate the help. I canít help wondering.

Victor: Wondering what?

Julia: Never mind. I'll see you in the morning.

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