Y&R Transcript Friday 3/1/02

Y&R Transcript Friday 3/1/02


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Diane: Good to see you, Dr. Thompson.

Dr. Thompson: Hi, Diane. You too.

Diane: Kyle, this is Dr. Thompson. She's the nice lady that helped bring you into the world.

Dr. Thompson: Hi, Kyle. He's beautiful.

Diane: Thank you.

Dr. Thompson: You have time for a visit?

Diane: I wanted to stop by and show off my son.

Dr. Thompson: Where are you living now?

Diane: Milan.

Dr. Thompson: How exciting.

Diane: I have a terrific home, fulfilling career, wonderful friends and of course this little guy.

Dr. Thompson: I know you were struggling when you left town but you seem to have landed on your feet.

Diane: It's because of Kyle. I canít tell you how much joy my son has brought to my life. I donít know what I would do if --

Dr. Thompson: Diane, what is it?

Phyllis: That disguise did the trick. Now she and her son should be on their way to Milan and out of our lives for good. Hallelujah. [Knock on door]

Jack: Come in. When can you have that on my desk? Let me get right back to you, okay? Thanks. Hi there.

Phyllis: Hi.

Jack: You look great. Is this a new dress?

Phyllis: Nope.

Jack: You look terrific --

Phyllis: You're going with flattery?

Jack: Ashley came to see me a little earlier.

Phyllis: She told you we saw each other at the lodge?

Jack: She's concerned about you.

Phyllis: Because of the wig? Is that why? I knew it threw her.

Jack: It's more than the wig. She saw you were very upset.

Phyllis: Upset, Jack, what do you expect? You tell me you're the father of Diane's baby and you want to raise him together. It's quite a shock.

Jack: You're telling me nothing has changed.

Phyllis: No. I'm telling you something has to change. We canít go on like this.

I still canít believe you're here, Victor.

Victor: It's been a long time.

Yes, it has. Please come sit down. Would you like coffee or a drink?

Victor: Maybe a little later. Why donít you tell me about your situation first?

I wish I could tell you I donít need the help but I really do. Do you think there's anything I can do?

Victor: I hope there is. You have to fill me in with the details.

My husband and I founded this company.

Victor: You were designing and manufacturing high end kitchens, right?

It was very successful. We went public and we grew and expanded all over the Midwest.

Victor: When did your husband pass away?

Year and a half ago.

Victor: Did he deal with the business matters?

Yes. He was business and I was creative. After he died, everything started to fall apart. I mean, we had very competent people on the board. They just werenít as dedicated as Alan was. Without his leadership they made decisions that left us vulnerable.

Victor: That's when the competition attempted to take over your company.

Ah, yes, Hollister Manufacturing.

Victor: He's trying to take over your company?

You know him?

Victor: Not personally, but I heard of his company.

My hunch is he wants to shut us down to eliminate the competition.

Victor: In that case, maybe I should plan a meeting with Maxwell Hollister as soon as possible and see what we can come up with.

Nicholas: Okay. I hear some music and I see some streamers. I guess this is the place where we have to be.

Cassie: You have the ticket?

Nicholas: Walnut Grove Academyís Annual Father Daughter Dance. Let's switch things up. You be the dad and I'll be the daughter.

Cassie: You're not going to embarrass me in front of my friends, are you?

Nicholas: Would I do that? Okay. I would. I'll really show them with my moves. I have good moves.

Cassie: What moves?

Nicholas: You know the moves. We're going to do this and we're going to boogie.

Brad: You're telling me Jack is the father of Diane's baby and he's going for full custody.

Ashley: So he and Phyllis can raise the baby together.

Brad: That's unbelievable.

Ashley: That's one word for it.

Brad: How's Diane doing?

Ashley: She's the least of my concern.

Brad: It has to be a hell of an ordeal for her.

Ashley: You're feeling sorry for her?

Brad: Jack is trying to take the child away from her.

Ashley: There's one person we failed to mention in this equation.

Brad: Phyllis.

Ashley: I'm worried about her.

Jack: I realize this is a lot to process. I think it will be difficult to raise him at first, but I think we're up to the task.

Phyllis: Hear me out, okay? Last 24 hours has been confusing, but I know this; I hate the distance that's developed between the two of us. I hate the way I feel about you right now. You're the most important person in my life, even though I'm not the most important person in your life anymore. Listen to me. Just hear me out, okay? I donít want this to tear us apart, Jack. I mean, we've gone through too much to throw this all away.

Jack: I couldnít agree more.

Phyllis: If the mother was anyone else but Diane Jenkins, it would be a lot easier. Believe me, a lot easier. But it's not. The point is you have a son. You have a son who needs a father and his wife. He deserves to have you in his life, Jack.

Jack: What about your concerns?

Phyllis: They're not completely gone.

Jack: You're willing to keep an open mind.

Phyllis: Yes.

Jack: I donít know what to say. Thank you. Thank you.

Phyllis: I want you to be happy.

Jack: This doesnít mean you and I canít have a child of our own.

Phyllis: There are no guarantees. You want to raise a child of your own, Jack. I donít want to deprive you of that.

Jack: How did I get so lucky?

Nikki: This is a pleasant surprise.

Katherine: Have I come at a bad time?

 Nikki: No, not at all. Your timing is perfect.

Katherine: What seems to be the problem?

Nikki: This.

Katherine: Darling, I donít follow.

Nikki: I am going to Victor tonight. It is very special and the dress has to be perfect. I narrowed it down to these two. Which do you like?

Katherine: They're both lovely.

Nikki: You're no help at all.

Katherine: Darling, I really am so sorry.

Nikki: What's wrong?

Katherine: Mackenzie and Billy Abbott have broken up.

Nikki: Oh, no.

Katherine: My precious granddaughter is going through such a tough time. She was going to celebrate her 18th birthday and she was so devastated we had to call off the party. This happens when young love is involved.

Nikki: Wouldnít it be nice to tell Mackenzie that relationships get easier as you get older.

Katherine: Oh, boy. We both know that's not the case.

Nikki: Mmm-hmm.

Nicholas: How'd do I?

Cassie: You were great.

Nicholas: I know. I'm going to take a break and go back in there and really turn it up a notch. I want something to drink and then we'll go. You want anything?

Cassie: No thanks.

Hi, Cassie.

Cassie: Hi. Are you guys having fun?

Not as much as fun as you're having. Your dad's a good dancer.

Cassie: My dad hates to dance.

That's too bad.

We were wondering. Do you think your dad would dance with us?

Cassie: I guess so.

I get to dance with him first.

It was my idea.

No, it wasnít.

Cassie: Maybe we should ask my dad about this.

Nicholas: Ask me about what? What's going on?

Raul: Hey, Cody.

Cody: Hey, Raul. What's up?

Raul: Have you seen Brittany?

Cody: I havenít seen her around. What's with the paint on your hands?

Raul: I'm on tech for the school play. What's that smile for?

Cody: You guys are spending a lot of time together. Are you guys --?

Raul: Something like that.

Cody: I heard Billy and Mac working on the show. It sounds like a lot of fun.

Raul: Not exactly. Mac and Billy broke up.

Cody: What? Sorry to hear that.

Sharon: They broke up? Are you kidding? What happened?

Raul: I'm not really sure. They still love each other. I think they just had some stuff they couldnít work out.

Cody: Where there's love there's always hope, right?

Raul: I wonder where Diego is.

Sharon: He --

Diego: I had an incident at the rooming house.

Raul: What sort of incident?

Diego: No big deal.

Raul: No big deal? You're bleeding, man.

Sharon: How did this happen, Diego?

Diego: I heard some guys brawling outside my room.

Raul: You jump in the middle?

Diego: I had to do something. They were killing each other. I tried to break them up and that's when I was shoved against the wall.

Raul: Where are you living anyway?

Diego: A place on Union.

Raul: Nice neighborhood.

Sharon: Your brother told me someone got mugged.

Diego: I donít even know if that was true. This is the first time I got mixed up in anything. It's not going to happen again.

Raul: Luckily, it's not that bad of a cut.

Sharon: It looks bad to me. You should go to the emergency room. You're covered under our insurance policy.

Diego: I appreciate your concern.

Sharon: You're not working until you get a clean bill of health.

Diego: All right.

Nikki: I'm sorry to hear about Mackenzie. Tell her I'm thinking of her.

Katherine: I will. Now about these dresses, Nikki. Where is Victor taking you?

Nikki: Colonnade, private dining room.

Katherine: Well, the gentleman has not lost his touch after all these years, has he? Things going well, Nikki?

Nikki: Some things never change. I was reminded that the other day.

Katherine: What happened?

Nikki: He thought I was trying to pin him down where things stand between us.

Katherine: I gather he didnít take that at all well.

Nikki: No, fortunately it blew over quickly. I realized I have to keep my expectations in check.

Katherine: So I take it you're playing things by ear and see how they evolve?

Nikki: It's fine with me. When I think about how much I've changed, I'm a completely different woman. Victor -- if he's not ready to make a commitment, I wonít push him.

 I thought of taking the money from the buyout. This place means so much to me. It meant so much to my husband.

Victor: I wish I could have met your husband.

So do I.

Victor: How did you meet?

Last time I saw you, you were still in Paris.

Victor: You were running a boutique.

I sold that business and came back to the States. I met my husband at a design seminar. I got really interested in kitchens and he was building high-end cabinetry.

Victor: How romantic.

It actually was. What can I say? We fell in love. After we were married since we're in the same field, why not start a business together.

Victor: Obviously, it was very successful.

Our business was thriving. We were raising our daughter. One night there was a car accident and suddenly I was a widow.

Victor: I'm sorry to hear that.

Luckily, the mind has a way of being selective and you end up remembering only the good times.

Victor: Well, it is remarkable that you and your husband so successfully work side by side.

It wouldnít work for most couples but it was perfect for us. Somehow, I canít even imagine you fathoming it.

Victor: Why? Why not?

I canít quite picture Victor Newman working side-by-side with his wife.

Victor: You donít think so, huh?

Only because you have a different way of going about things. Being the wife of Victor Newman meant living a fairy tale. At least it did to me. How about that coffee?

Victor: All right.

My secretary left for the day but I can put on a pot. If you'd like to, these are the papers with the details after we went public.

Victor: I'll take a look at them.

Thank you. I'll be back.

Brad: Phyllis can take care of herself, Ash.

Ashley: That's what I'm afraid of. Look at her track record. She traps Danny Romalotti to marry her. She was so unstable, the judge ruled her to be an unfit mother. I ran into her at the lodge and she was dressed in a really weird way. She was wearing a wig.

Brad: It's a little odd but so is Phyllis. I donít think that means she's regressing.

Ashley: I hope you're right.

Brad: What are you thinking?

Ashley: Maybe we can help Diane.

Brad: What do you mean, with legal advice? I'm sure she's got that covered. She must have hooked up with Michael Baldwin.

Ashley: I was thinking of keeping her out of my brother's reach, her and her son.

Brad: How?

Ashley: There has to be something we can do.

Brad: We have to slow down.

Ashley: I am not going to slow down. This is a train wreck waiting to happen. I wonít stand by and do nothing. I wonít.

Dr. Thompson: Kyle's a big hit with my nurses.

Diane: Thank you for taking him for me.

Dr. Thompson: You feeling a little better?

Diane: I'm sorry, Dr. Thompson.

Dr. Thompson: No need to apologize.

Diane: I didnít mean to lay all this on you. You've always been a friendly -- I've needed a friendly face and you've always been so kind to me. It's Kyle.

Dr. Thompson: Is he ill?

Diane: Let's just say there's been some ramifications on what happened before I left. My son is caught in the middle.

Dr. Thompson: Victor Newman making more trouble for you?

Diane: He's not a part of this, not directly anyway.

Dr. Thompson: The biological father?

Diane: I donít want to talk about it.

Dr. Thompson: I wish there was something I could do. Are you going to be all right?

Diane: Donít worry about me. I'll survive. I have to. I have to take care of my child.

Dr. Thompson: I have to look in on a patient. Will you excuse me?

Diane: Do you mind if I stay in here a minute and pull myself together?

Dr. Thompson: Diane, take as long as you need.

Diane: Thank you.

Isnít that pretty?

Victor: Lovely. Where do you want to put it?

I was hoping you'd find a place.

Victor: All right.

That's where the star goes.

Victor: I thought I could put it wherever I wanted to.

My Madonna. The one thing in my life that stands above everything else. My love. My shining star.

Victor: Something wrong?

No. Just very good seeing you again.

Victor: Same here.

Jack: I want you to know you're wrong about something.

Phyllis: What?

Jack: What you said about not being the most important thing in my life. You couldnít be more wrong. You are my whole life. Yes, my son has found a place in my heart, but I love you. And though I know you havenít bought into this thing entirely, I honestly think this will be wonderful for both of us.

Phyllis: Do you think that's possible with Diane lurking about?

Jack: John Silva said I would be better off going for joint custody. I want it to be sole custody. Our contact with Diane will be minimal if at all.

Phyllis: I have to trust everything will work out, right?

Jack: You will be the most amazing mother to Kyle.

Phyllis: Do you think I'm up for the challenge?

Jack: I donít doubt it for a second.

Phyllis: Well, you remember what happened to me.

Jack: Ancient, ancient history. I canít tell you what it means to me that you put my needs first, particularly knowing how tough this is for you. I want you to know I'll repay you, starting with this.

Phyllis: What?

Jack: Tell me about the wig. Ashley saw you in a wig?

Phyllis: It was an impulse, that's all.

Jack: You thought wearing that would help you keep your head on straight?

Phyllis: You're so funny. I'll tell you something, wearing that wig on my head gave me a whole new perspective.

Katherine: Tell me, Nikki how was this episode between you and Victor resolved?

Nikki: Very easy. Next time I saw him I apologized.

Katherine: I assume things will remain the same as they are indefinitely?

Nikki: Why do you say that?

Katherine: This rift was resolved quickly. He approves of the new you. He's just coming back for more.

Nikki: Yeah. Yeah, he is. We had lunch together today.

Katherine: It went well?

Nikki: Yeah. I canít really say it was like old times. In a way it was almost better. It was new. It was exciting. It was magic. Yeah, it was magic.

Victor: I must say, your husband kept very, very good records. This is an excellent overview.

I didnít mean to keep you.

Victor: I'll talk to Hollister first thing in the morning.

Okay. There's plenty of room at my house if you'd like to stay there.

Victor: I think I better stay in a hotel.

There's a very nice one right on Illinois Road.

Victor: By the way, I would need some other documents.

Of course, anything that you need.

Victor: What I need is a copy of the by laws. I need the investment bankers' analysis and copies of the 10-k filings.

I have that in the other room. I'll go get it.

Katherine: Well, this is stunning.

Nikki: I love it. Isnít it beautiful? It's one of Victor's favorites. I donít know what to do. Maybe I should buy something new.

Katherine: Victor is only going to be looking at you and nothing else. [Phone ringing]

Nikki: Hello.

Victor: Hi.

Nikki: Victor. Are you still at the office?

Victor: You know, I'm sorry I have to do this to you. But we're going to have to postpone our dinner. Something came up and I had to leave town.

Nikki: Last-minute business trip?

Victor: Yeah. Something like that. I'll call you when I get back, okay?

Nikki: I'm free tomorrow.

Victor: I'm not sure if I'll be back in time for that but I will call you, so donít do anything until you hear from me, all right? Have a nice evening.

Nikki: Good night.

Katherine: He did ask for a rain check.

Nikki: I was so looking forward to tonight. I canít tell you.

Katherine: I know.

Nikki: Why do I do this? Why do I constantly let myself get sucked into this? What does he mean? [Imitating Victor] I'm sorry, I have to go out of town on a business meeting.

Katherine: Sometimes things do come up and he runs a hands-on business. That's why he's so successful.

Nikki: I canít believe you're making excuses for him.

Katherine: I saw the expression on your face before he called. Let go of that. After all, the man called you. I mean, it's not like he stood you up.

Nikki: I know. I know. I donít know what's wrong with me. I donít know why I get so upset.

Katherine: I'll tell you why. Because you are disappointed. Darling, donít be. Donít be. My instincts tell me that you and Victor are going to share many, many wonderful nights.

Bye, Cassie.


Nicholas: Keep practicing those moves. You have potential. I had a lot of fun tonight.

Cassie: Me too. My friends loved you. They thought you were the coolest dad in the world.

Nicholas: You already knew that, all right?

Cassie: Right.

Nicholas: Remind me to raise your allowance. Let's go. You okay?

Cassie: I'm going to have to go home. And you're not going to be there. I'm going to miss you even more.

Nicholas: Hey, look. We've gone through this, okay?

Cassie: I know. Mommy wonít let you stay. This is all her fault.

Nicholas: Okay, look, there's something we need to talk about. I think you misinterpreted what I said the other day. Yes, your mommy and I are having problems, but I didnít mean to give you the impression it's all her fault.

Cassie: She made you leave.

Nicholas: No, Cassie, she didnít make me leave.

Cassie: Why did you go?

Nicholas: That's something between your mom and me, okay? Look, it's okay for you to be upset. You shouldnít be angry at her. She loves you. And I know you love her too. And I know that you donít like feeling this way about her, do you?

Cassie: No.

Nicholas: Look, there are so many things about this that you canít control. What you can control is the way you treat your mother. I need you to do a favor for me.

Cassie: What?

Nicholas: I want you to try to be a little nicer to her. Can you do that for me?

Sharon: Can I get you anything else?

Doris: No, no. Decaf is fine.

Sharon: How did it go?

Raul: Glad we went to the hospital.

Sharon: Are you in any pain? You donít have to work the rest of the night.

Diego: I'm fine. Thank you.

Doris: What happened?

Diego: There was a fight at the rooming house.

Raul: Diego got in the middle of it.

Sharon: Maybe you should move.

Diego: I donít have any other options right now. Excuse me. I have to get to work.

Sharon: Mom, I'll get you some sugar.

Raul: I'll be out on the patio, okay? If you get a chance, I need to talk to you, okay?

Diego: Sure.

Doris: Where's Cassie?

Sharon: She and Nicholas are at a father-daughter function at her school. He's going to drop her off later.

Doris: Are you still worried?

Sharon: About what Nicholas is saying to her when I'm not around?

Doris: I know you had some concerns.

Sharon: Yeah, it was serious. When Nicholas got wind of, it he straightened everything out. Apparently, Cassie misunderstood.

Doris: It's good he could clarify things.

Sharon: It was a close call, Mom. I was this close to getting a lawyer.

Doris: How did Nicholas find out what was going on?

Sharon: Diego found out what was going on.

Doris: The more I hear about this young man, the more I feel lucky you have him around.

Diego: Thanks again for coming to the hospital with me.

Raul: You are not too crazy about doctors.

Diego: What do you want to talk to me about?

Raul: I think it's time you should leave.

Diego: You mean leave my rooming house?

Raul: No. Leave Genoa City.

Brad: You would conspire with Diane behind your brother's back?

Ashley: I might if I had to.

Brad: Before you start cooking up some crazy scheme, will you think for a minute? There's no way you would go through with this. Because as much as you disagree with Jack, you would never cross him, Ash.

Ashley: We'll just see, wonít we?

Jack: Excuse me.

Phyllis: Hi, guys.

Ashley: What's going on?

Phyllis: I know what you're going to ask.

Jack: We worked things out.

Phyllis: We have come to an understanding.

Ashley: You have?

Phyllis: Yes, we have. Isnít that great? Ashley, I know I was a little wacky when I saw you earlier at the lodge. I was a bit of a basket case. I realized nothing is more important than my marriage. Nothing will ever come between Jack and me.

Ashley: That's good to know.

Jack: We're on our way to dinner. We'll catch you all later.

Ashley: Bye.

Brad: What do you make of that?

Ashley: I guess I was overreacting. I guess Diane isnít as big a threat as I thought.

Diane: Come on, come on. Where is it? I was right. Phyllis canít have children. Jack is so desperate to get custody of Kyle and Phyllis wants me out of the picture.

Dr. Thompson: Oh, so sorry to disturb you. I forgot a file and I think Kyle wants mommy.

Diane: Actually I'm feeling much better.  I should get out of here.

Dr. Thompson: Are you staying in Genoa City for a while?

Diane: I'm not sure.

Dr. Thompson:  If there's anything I can do, let me know.

Diane: Believe me, doctor, you have been a big help already.

Dr. Thompson: You take care, you two.

Diane: Jack was right. You being his son changes everything. For all of us.

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