Y&R Transcript Tuesday 2/19/02

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 2/19/02


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Nikki: You have a beautiful family, Nicholas.

Nicholas: What are you doing here?

Nikki: I spoke to your father. He told me whatís going on.

Nicholas: That my marriage is falling apart?

Nikki: Don't tell me you're giving up.

Nicholas: My wife and kids are the most important things in my life. The harder I try, the worst things get. Now Cassie and Noah are an issue.

Nikki: What do you think -- mean?

Nicholas: Sharon thinks I'm trying to get Cassie to take sides.

Nikki: How did things get so out of hand?

Nicholas: I have no idea. If Sharon thinks I'm going to back off and stop caring about those kids -- I'm not backing off and things aren't getting any better.

Sharon: There you go. Nick isn't here. I'm handling inventory. Thereís been some changes. Okay. Thanks. I'm sure there won't be any problem. Where are you? Sweetheart, you going somewhere?

Cassie: Yeah. I have the day off. I was going to walk over Tiffanyís. Itís right around the corner.

Sharon: Honey, I don't want you walking over there by yourself. Don't you have homework to finish?

Cassie: Itís done.

Sharon: What about those paragraphs for English?

Cassie: Itís not due until tomorrow.

Sharon: Have you started them?

Cassie: I was going to do it tonight.

Sharon: Why don't you do the first draft and I'll look it over.

Cassie: Okay.

Sharon: I'll call Tiffanyís Mom and tell her not to expect you. That looks spotless.

Diego: Thank you. I'm just doing my job.

(Phone ringing)

Sharon: Oh, Mom, are you on your way? You're still waiting? We'll just set it up for you to talk to Cassie some other time. No, don't worry about me. I'll be fine. Call me and tell me what the doctor says about that pain you've been having. Okay. Bye.

Isabella: Paul, you can't expect for us to just start dating again.

Paul: Thereís still so much for us to learn about each other.

Isabella: Of course there is. A couple about to have a baby don't just go out for a dinner and a movie.

Paul: A couple?

Isabella: Thatís what we are, isn't it?

Paul: I guess thatís the idea, yeah.

Isabella: You guess. Paul, this baby is more than an idea. Are you getting cold feet? If you are, at least before Michael was there to take care of me.

Paul: Look, please don't get upset. What do you have in mind?

Isabella: I think that would be obvious, Paul.

Paul: Listen, Isabella, before we go any further, you need to do me a favor. I don't want to you mention the name of Michael Baldwin again. His name is not a part of this conversation. Is that understood?

Isabella: Fair enough.

Paul: Now, what may seem obvious to you is not necessarily obvious to me. I realize we are going to be parents. This baby is not some abstract abstraction. He or she is very real.

Isabella: And getting more real every day. Did you think we were going to be dating and holding hands?

Paul: We won't rush into marriages -- marriage. Marriage is not going to happen until --

Isabella: Stop, stop who said anything about getting married?!

Brittany: Can you believe that pop quiz?

Who heard of a polypeptide anyway?

Not compelling drama. What do you think of Matthew?

Is that all you think about?

I'm so glad the yearbook is over.

Now we can go to the mall. How about going to the mall?

I have to clear it with my family.

You can join us?

Colleen: Yeah, maybe.

I think the bellís going to ring soon.


Billy: Hey.

Colleen: Hey.

Billy: Couldn't help overhearing. Going to the mall tomorrow?

Colleen: So.

Billy: I have a better idea. Something a lot more fun.

Colleen: I need to get to class.

Talk about weird.

Maybe sheís not worth my time after all. Abbott, whatís up?

Billy: You tell me. Whatís the deal, Troy?

Mackenzie: You think Billyís right? I'm acting like a little girl.

Amanda: I don't mean to criticize you. You said when Billy opened up to you it was as if he let you down.

Mackenzie: Look, we talked about sex when we started dating again.

Amanda: Billy is telling you how he felt now. Maybe thereís a reason why you reacted the way you did. Maybe you were afraid.

Mackenzie: Of what?

Amanda: Of losing him. Look, if you're not ready to take the relationship to the next level, maybe he will leave you for someone else. Am I right? Look, itís totally understandable. I'm saying to think how Billy felt. You asked him to be honest with you and when he opened up --

Mackenzie: I freaked out on him. Billy and I have always been open about everything. Now itís like heís changed overnight. Or maybe it hasn't been overnight. Maybe heís felt this way all along.

Paul: You're not talking about marriage?

Isabella: Of course I would hope for that, but --

Paul: But what?

Isabella: But I'm not going to twist your arm. I want you on bended knee proposing because thatís what you want too. Thatís down the road. I think we have to deal with the practicality.

Paul: All right, agreed. What do you propose?

Isabella: I think living together is a good first step.

Paul: Living together? You want to jump right into it?

Isabella: You make it sound like a death sentence. Would it be so bad coming home to me? Make you dinner, scratch your back, make you happy every way I know how. Is that such a horrible fate?

Paul: You know, itís just -- for me, things are moving along too quickly.

Isabella: Well, I shouldn't be pregnant either, but I am. How do you think I feel?

Paul: Okay. We don't have the luxury of time, so I agree. Itís important we keep things moving along.

Isabella: Hallelujah.

Paul: So when do you want to move into my apartment?

Isabella: Your apartment. No. No way. That won't work.

Paul: Isabella, what are you trying to do to me?

Isabella: With the problems of your ex-wife why would you think I would want to live in the apartment you two shared? I would never want to live there again.

I'll not so sure I owe you any answers, big man.

Billy: I've been watching you, bro? What is your interest in colleen?

Is that what she says, I'm interested?

Billy: She wants nothing to do with you, man, so back off.

Is that a threat?

Billy: Itís a warning. You mess with her and you mess with me.

Big words.

Billy: News flash, troy. You steer clear of colleen, or I'm going to bring you down. You can count on that.

Diego: That phone call you got, bad news?

Sharon: My mom was supposed to come back here and talk to my daughter.

Diego: I see.

Sharon: I'm concerned about Nicholas, as you know, that heís saying things to turn my daughter against me. I was going to see if my mom could talk to her and get her to open up a little bit.

Diego: She couldn't make it?

Sharon: Sheís stuck at a doctorís appointment.

Diego: Itís a dicey situation.

Sharon: Still, my momís so perceptive. Despite what Nicholas and I are going through, I know he loves the children. I should go back in the office.

Amanda: Hey, I'm not saying Billy hasn't been honest with you.

Mackenzie: Itís so confusing. Everything used to make sense. Billy and I were totally happy. Now --

Amanda: Things are different. Billy hasn't always felt that way.

Mackenzie: I don't know that. Think back to happier time between you guys. I'm sure sex wasn't an issue back then.

Mackenzie: It didn't seem like it. Why do things have to be different now?

Amanda: Because you're different, both of you. You're still growing. You're changing. So is your relationship. Look, the way you're feeling, itís totally natural. What you're going through, your bodies, your emotions, all those hormones.

Mackenzie: I asked him to be honest with me. And when I didn't like what I heard, I got upset. Thanks, Mom. I'm really glad we could talk about -- I'm really glad we could talk about this.

Amanda: Yeah, me too. It makes me feel like a real mom again.

Mackenzie: I need to go.

Amanda: You going to see Billy?

Billy: Hey.

Colleen: Billy, what the heck are you doing?

Billy: You okay, Cece?

Colleen: You scared me half to death.

Billy: I've been sitting here waiting for you. The yearbookís gone to press. I figured you'd want to do something else after school.

Colleen: And you've already signed me up.

Billy: Yeah, yeah. As a matter of fact I have. "Much Ado About Nothing".

Colleen: Shakespeare?

Billy: You heard of him. Our fabulous drama department is putting it on this summer and Mac and I were doing the sets. How about it?

Colleen: I was hoping to take a break, hang out with my new friends.

Billy: I'm sorry, Cece, I don't think thatís going to happen.

Colleen: Why not?

Billy: You know why.

Colleen: I have to prove myself? You know terry and I aren't potheads. You can talk to Granddad.

Billy: Will you stop raging on me? Heís the one that wants you to do the play.

Colleen: I can't belief this.

Billy: You messed up. You have to pay the consequences.

Colleen: Thanks for reminding me. I've got to go.

Diego: Wow. You're really working away, huh?

Cassie: English. I have to write some stuff.

Diego: About what?

Cassie: Ancient Egypt.

Diego: Cool, like king tut and stuff? So howís it going?

Cassie: Okay.

Diego: Anything going on with you folks? Sometimes when things are rough at home, kids sometimes think their parents don't love them anymore, that itís their fault.

Cassie: I know they love me. Thatís not the problem.

Diego: What is the problem?

Cassie: Mommy. She doesn't love Daddy any more.

Diego: Cassie, why would you say something like that?

Cassie: I can tell by the way she treats him.

Diego: Your parents are going through a rough time right now.

Cassie: Itís not the same for Daddy.

Diego: What do you mean?

Cassie: He wants us to be together. He told me that this morning. He said Mommy is the one thatís keeping us apart.

Isabella: Surely you can understand how I feel, Paul. I don't want to live in Christine's shadow anymore.

Paul: All right. What to you have in mind?

Isabella: My place. Itís big enough for the two of us.

Paul: I like my place better.

Isabella: I understand. This is a new beginning, a fresh start. I think we should be in a new space.

Paul: When do I move in?

Isabella: Paul, I believe we can make this work. I truly believe that.

Itís so awesome for you to sign up for the play, Colleen.

Colleen: It was Billyís idea.

Be prepared to have fun.

Billy: Sheís a terrific dancer. She took a ton of lessons in New York and Paris.

Thereís a dance in the school play. I'll speak to Hannah, the director.

I have to get going. Thanks, you two.

Billy: Hey, lighten up.

Colleen: I told my friends I'd go to the mall tomorrow.

Billy: So?

Colleen: If I back out, you know how that'll look.

Billy: Tell them you're doing a play with your favorite senior.

Colleen: They already think we spend too much time together.

Billy: I have to get to class. You coming?

Nicholas: We're a few weeks away from spring break. I have to have those demographics. Sorry.

Nikki: I came up with a great idea, exactly what you and Sharon need to work your problems out.

Nicholas: Letís hear it.

Nikki: As you said, spring break is coming. Let me just take the kids. We'll go to a theme park, one of the islands, it doesn't matter. Just to give you and Sharon time alone. Think about it, no outside interferences. Itís the perfect opportunity to talk things out and reconnect.

Nicholas: Itís a great idea. Sharon will never go for it.

Nikki: Why not?

Nicholas: Sheís on a kick how the Newman's always rally around each other.

Nikki: So?

Nicholas: She'll think you're turning the kids against her too.

Nikki: If I go to her as a mother and --

Nicholas: I love you for trying. Thereís no way Sharon will let you spend that much time alone with the kids. Not now.

Nikki: You sound like Sharonís not -- Sharonís already given up on your marriage.

Nicholas: I'm not so sure she hasn't.

Nikki: Has she done anything to indicate sheís ready to throw in the towel? No. Sheís upset, but sheís still carrying around the grief of the baby. Sweetheart, I absolutely believe that deep down she wants to save this marriage as much as you do. Honey, itís worth a try.

Nicholas: I'd do anything to get my marriage back on track, especially when I think of what this is doing to my kids.

Nikki: Letís make it happen. Time alone, not worrying what to say because you're protecting the kids.

Nicholas: What if Noah and Cassie aren't the problem? What if they're the one thing keeping us together?

So much for the mall.

Colleen: Are you spying on me again?

Chill. I'm not the one keeping you on a short leash. School play. That sounds like fun. Next thing you know you'll be the class president.

Colleen: I want to be left alone.

Do you? Really? Well, you know what they say. Everybody must get stoned.

Colleen: What?

Go ahead. Take it.

Colleen: Are you giving it to me?

You wanted to score. Besides it looks like you need it.

Colleen: Not here.

We're backstage. I should know. I do it all the time.

Diego: So Nick said Sharon is trying to keep you apart?

Cassie: Daddy wants to -- wants us to be together again. But Mommyís too mad. She won't let that happen.

Sharon: Cassie, are you finished already?

Larry: Diego, man, whatís shaking?

Diego: Not much.

Larry: It sounds like you had too many marguerites last night.

Diego: I wish.

Larry: Whatever it is, it sounds serious.

Diego: Ss.

Larry: You want to talk about it?

Diego: I just got in the middle of something. Now I'm kicking myself.

Larry: What, chick problems?

Diego: Itís about Nick and Sharonís marriage.

Larry: They're still on shaky ground.

Diego: Sharon thinks heís bad mouthing her to the kids.

Larry: He wouldn't do that. What did you do?

Diego: Talked to Cassie.

Larry: Are you saying that Cassie said Nick is dissing Sharon? Those two are crazy about each other. They're going through something right now.

Diego: This is pretty heavy.

Larry: It tonight mean that Nick would be trashing his old lady. So whatís next? You going to tell Sharon?

Diego: I don't know, would you?

Larry: Itís your problem, not mine. All I can say is good luck, you know? And if you get a chance, could I get a cup of Joe, black please? I'm sorry.

Diego: The patioís all clean. Anything else?

Sharon: I saw you talking to Cassie, Diego. What was that all about?

Whereís your hall pass, Abbott? Don't you have Chem.?

Billy: Mr. O'Connell is sick. Thereís no sub.

Mackenzie: Thereís something I want to talk to you about. It'll only take a minute.

Billy: All right. What is it? Whatís wrong?

Mackenzie: You were right. I was wrong. I'm sorry.

Sharon: Why aren't you answering me? I know you were talking to Cassie. I saw you.

Diego: We were talking about her school work. Sheís a smart kid.

Sharon: Thatís what you were discussing, her English assignment?

Diego: I was trying to cheer her up. Itís not easy these days.

Sharon: What did you tell her?

Diego: I said how much you and Nick love her.

Sharon: Did she believe you? What else did she say? Did she mention Nicholas and me?

Diego: I almost forgot. I told Larry I was going to get him some coffee. Excuse me.

Sharon: Excellent paper, sweetie. I remember when I was a kid I loved pyramids. I still do. I saw you talking to Diego.

Cassie: Heís nice.

Sharon: Yeah, he is, isn't he? What were you two talking about?

Cassie: Stuff.

Sharon: What kind of stuff?

Cassie: Nothing really.

Sharon: Cassie, I got the impression that it was about Daddy and me. Am I right? Cassie, what exactly did you tell him?

Isabella: You believe it too, Paul? Do you believe we can make this work?

Paul: If I didn't, I would have never suggested that we try. You have to be patient with me. I'm still feeling my way. But I do care a lot. I care a lot about you. You and this baby.

Isabella: Having you as the father of my child. In case you had any doubt, I do love you, Paul.

Larry: Yeah, thank you.

Amanda: Hey.

Larry: Hey. Hello. Amanda: Sorry I'm late.

Amanda: No problem. I was just reading the paper.

Larry: You look great. How are you doing?

Amanda: I'm great. Thank you. Thank you. Look, I can't stay long. I have to get ready for lunch soon.

Larry: You can't have a school full of hungry kids now, can you?

Amanda: Are we still on for dinner at Seanís?

Larry: Last I heard, unless you changed your mind.

Amanda: No. I'm really looking forward to it.

Larry: Me too.

Amanda: I only asked because you were concerned about Seanís lady friend.

Larry: She ended up giving her the green light.

Amanda: Excellent.

Larry: When you called you said you were going to see Mackenzie this morning.

Amanda: Yeah. Thatís why I was late.

Larry: Girl talk, huh?

Amanda: Her grandmother asked me to help plan a birthday party.

Larry: Didn't she have a birthday around New Yearís?

Amanda: She likes to celebrate her birthday after the holidays.

Larry: Big shindig.

Amanda: It was supposed to be. I don't think itís going to happen now.

Larry: Really? What happened? Why not?

Amanda: Mackenzie is having trouble with her boyfriend.

Larry: I got it. So you and her grandmother tried to calm her down?

Amanda: See, thatís the strange part. She didn't actually open up until after her grandmother left.

Larry: Thatís strange. I thought you said they're tight.

Amanda: They are but Mackenzie felt more comfortable talking to me.

Larry: Way to go. I bet that makes you feel awesome!

Amanda: Itís more than I could ever hope for.

Larry: I bet. Not a couple months ago she was ready to run you out of town on a rail.

Amanda: Now sheís turning to me like a real mother. Sheís reaching out to me with her problems, Larry.

Larry: Thatís so cool. I'm sure you have a lot of good advice for her too.

Amanda: Well, as a matter of fact, I think I do.

Larry: So things are going to be okay between her and her boyfriend?

Amanda: Yeah. Yeah, I believe that they'll work every thing out.

Larry: Good.

Billy: What do you mean, Mac? I was right and you were wrong?

Mackenzie: I was thinking lot out our conversation last night. I didn't handle myself very well when you told me how you felt about us, about our relationship.

Billy:  That I'd like to get more serious.

Mackenzie: I asked you to tell me the truth. When you did, I freaked out. I gave you a bunch of attitude. I can understand why you're so upset.

Billy: Mac, I'm no prince charming. I'm a guy. And what you see is what you get.

Mackenzie: And I can't tell you how lucky I am to be with you.

Billy: Are you sure about that?

Mackenzie of course I do.

Billy: So you don't think I'm a pig or wanting only one thing?

Mackenzie: You're that kind of guy.

Billy: The fact I'd like to be with you doesn't make you think any less of me?

Mackenzie: You have a right to your feelings.

Billy: So what now?

Mackenzie: What do you mean?

Billy: Well youíve acknowledged how I feel. You don't think I'm kind of pervert or something. So does this mean things have changed?

Mackenzie: Am I ready to sleep with you?

Billy: Well are you, Mac?

Mackenzie: You were upset with me because you thought I acted like you didn't have a right to your feelings. That was wrong. Of course you do. But I have a right to my feelings too, don't I? The truth is no, Billy, I'm not ready for sex.

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