Y&R Transcript Friday 2/15/02

Y&R Transcript Friday 2/15/02


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[Knock at door]

Victor: Come in.

Nick: Hey, Dad. You got a minute?

Victor: Hey, son. What can I do for you?

Nick: I'm trying to find Vick. Know where she is?

Victor: I guess you don't know, do you? Your sister's in Africa.

Nick: She's in Africa? I thought she was sick in bed.

Victor: That's what everyone thought. I'm not happy about it, either.

Nick: Well, have you talked to her since she's been there?

Victor: A little while ago.

Nick: How are things going?

Victor: According to her, fine. I have an idea though. Neil winters is on the way back home.

Nick: So you don't believe her?

Victor: I just have the feeling that she's not entirely candid with me.

Alex: What is it, Neil?

Victoria: What's going on?

Neil: That was the front desk -- with a message. There's been an accident.

Alex: What kind of accident? Who? Who was involved? Not Malcolm? Oh, my God. Neil, how bad is it? Neil, tell me! How bad is it?!

Neil: It's bad.

Alex: Oh, God!

Neil: Very bad.

Victoria: What happened?

Neil: Malcolm and Isaac were headed out to the location. A bridge over the river collapsed.

Alex: Oh, no.

Neil: Yeah, Isaac was rescued.

Alex: Well, what about Malcolm?

Victoria: And the driver?

Neil: Still missing. Beyond that, I don't have any other details.

Alex: Well, we've got to go get out there.

Neil: Police and rescue workers are on their way. Vicki, do we have any resources here in Nairobi?

Victoria: Yeah, yeah, we've got a corporate helicopter.

Neil: Well, that's good. Then it'll be a big help right now.

Victoria: Okay, I'll make a call.

Larry: Hey, man.

Sean: Hey, Larry, what's up?

Larry: Same old, same old. Look, are we still on for dinner tomorrow night?

Sean: Yeah, why would you think otherwise?

Larry: Well, last time we talked, you hadn't told your old lady. And I was just wonderin' how she's gonna react to you inviting me and --

Jill: I'm fine with it, Mr. Warton.

Larry: Well, I guess I'm there then.

Jill: So, I understand you're bringing someone?

Larry: Yeah, it's actually our first time out together. Well, except for once, which doesn't really count, so this is like our first real date.

Jill: How nice.

Sean: Should be fun, huh?

Larry: Sure.

Jill: Yeah, when you get the right mix of people, there's nothin' like a good dinner party.

Larry: Yeah, I'll bet. Look, I haven't been to one of these in awhile. What do you want me to wear?

Sean: Whatever makes you feel comfortable. You know, it's casual.

Larry: Well, casual means, you know, like different things to different people.

Jill: Business casual.

Larry: Huh.

Jill: That means you wear a shirt, some slacks and, you know, a sport coat if you want.

Larry: Oh, okay, got it. Yeah.

Sean: Here you go. Here's the address.

Larry: 12 foothill road.

Phyllis: Did I hear you right?

Nikki: I realize my suggestion is --

Phyllis: Jack and I having a baby through a surrogate mother? Yeah, it's a little extreme.

Nikki: It could be an answer for you, Phyllis, a good one.

Phyllis: You're saying this child born of another woman could fulfill my need to give Jack a baby.

Nikki: I realize it's not a perfect solution.

Phyllis: You're treading on personal territory.

Nikki: You can resent it all you want but my concern is for you and Jack, and your happiness.

Phyllis: It's heart-warming.

Nikki: Phyllis, you told me you are worried about Diane. That worries me a lot.

Jack: Diane, wait, wait. There is something I can tell you now. I've been trying to avoid getting into this for some time now. I guess I have no alternative.

Diane: If you're trying to delay me again.

Jack: I am the father.

Diane: What did you say?

Jack: I said I'm the father. Kyle is our child.

Diane: How? I mean, how can that be? How did you find out?

Jack: Through an unlikely chain of circumstances. I tracked down the records of the man hired to switch the sperm samples. I checked his records against the computer files at Robertson labs. It appears Victor's sample was switched for mine.

Diane: How long have you known this? Why didn't you tell me? Are you absolutely sure?!

Jack: Stop with the questions already. I was as shocked as you are.

Diane: How can I not ask questions? I mean, my God, Jack, you come in here, and you lay something like this on me. How do I even know if you're telling the truth?

Jack: Why would I lie about something like this? Think about it. This has turned my life upside down. You think I wanted things this way?

[Phone rings]

Diane: Yes? Graziella, are you still in the lobby? Look, something's come up, and I'm gonna be delayed just a minute, so -- well, tell the limo driver he has to wait. Is Kyle all right? Okay, well, just stay there. I'll be down as soon as I can. I can't believe this. I mean, I'm -- in shock.

Jack: I know how that feels.

Diane: It's hard for me to even process this.

Jack: Well, welcome to the club, sugar.

Diane: If what you're saying is true --

Jack: You still don't believe me?

Diane: It's just -- it's just a little bizarre.

Jack: When I first found out, I had my doubts, too. That's why I had to have proof.

Diane: This is why you wanted me to stay.

Jack: Yeah.

Diane: And now you're sure.

Jack: I will be.

Diane: When?

Jack: Tomorrow. We'll have our proof tomorrow.

Doris: There you are.

Sharon: Sorry. I'm late. Something came up at the coffeehouse, and Nick wasn't there.

Doris: No problem, honey. I love spending time with my grandchildren. I was just a little surprised. You're usually home by now.

Sharon: Was Noah upset?

Doris: Didn't seem to be. You didn't ask about Cassie.

Sharon: That's because I doubt she cared.

Doris: That's why you didn't hurry home, isn't it? Cassie.

Sharon: I guess that's part of it. She hasn't exactly been warm with me lately.

Doris: That's no reason to avoid her, Sharon.

Sharon: I just needed a break, okay? It hurts, the way Cassie's been treating me.

Doris: I'm sorry it's gotten so bad.

Sharon: It's Nick's fault. I'm starting to think that he's been brainwashing her, making it look like I'm the one who's responsible for all of our problems.

Doris: Has Cassie told you that Nick blames you?

Sharon: No, but she believes that I'm trying to cut him out of her and Noah's lives, which isn't true.

Doris: Have you talked to Nicholas about this?

Sharon: He claims that he never said a word to Cassie about me.

Doris: And you don't believe him.

Sharon: What else could be causing her to treat me like this?

Doris: Aren't you jumping to conclusions?

Sharon: How can I help it?

Doris: Look, this is obviously a difficult time for the child. In a week, she could just as easily be blaming Nicholas instead of you.

Sharon: Yeah, well, that doesn't do me much good now, does it?

Doris: Sharon, I have to say, you're not helping the situation with your attitude.

Sharon: With my attitude?

Doris: You could be doing what your daughter's doing -- blaming someone else for a situation -- a heartbreaking situation -- which is not the fault of one single person.

Sharon: Mom, this isn't all in my mind, if that's what you're implying. I know how Cassie's acting. And there's something else.

Doris: What?

Sharon: I walked in on a meeting between Nick and John Silva.

Doris: The attorney?

Sharon: Yup.

Doris: Did your husband explain to you what the meeting was about?

Sharon: Oh, he had his answers and his excuses. He said that he was checking on his rights where the kids were concerned.

Doris: Maybe he was.

Sharon: Yeah, and maybe he wasn't. The point is, I would be a fool to trust him right now.

Doris: Oh, Sharon.

Sharon: You know what? Fine, Mom. Take Nick's side. Go ahead, just like the rest of the Newmans. But Nicholas is the one that took the first step. The more I think about it, I may have no choice but to take the next.

Nick: I can't believe Vick took off without telling me.

Victor: Well, it seems that a lack of communication runs in the family lately.

Nick: You're talkin' about me.

Victor: About you and your wife, son.

Nick: Nothing to report there.

Victor: Sharon tells me that you went to see John Silva. She's upset about it.

Nick: Well, I explained to her what that was all about.

Victor: She thought you were taking legal steps.

Nick: I was simply checking out where I stood where the kids were concerned. That's it. The word "divorce" never even came up.

Victor: Well, she doesn't know that.

Nick: Dad, she'd gonna assume the worst anyway.

Victor: What happened to prompt you to see a lawyer?

Nick: Remember, we talked about this? Sharon was acting like I was trying to turn Cassie against her and saying very irrational things.

Victor: So you panicked?

Nick: Yeah. You know, I thought she might try to block me from seeing the kids. I was just covering my bases, that's it.

Victor: Sounds like a lack of trust on both sides, and that's dangerous. I can tell you from my own experience how quickly things can deteriorate.

Nick: Dad, I love my wife, and I can't believe that things have come to this, but they have. And I'm doin' the best I can to deal with it. But to be honest, I don't see Sharon making any moves. Unless she's determined to make things worse.

Victor: I'm so sorry to hear all this. Want a piece of advice?

Nick: Please.

Victor: Think. Really think about what you're about to lose if you were to get a divorce.

Victoria: The chopper's on the way.

Alex: But it's so dark.

Victoria: They have a searchlight.

Neil: Thank you. I tracked down the people with Isaac. The authorities have set up a base camp near the bridge to coordinate the search.

Alex: Then let's go.

Neil: Now, wait a minute. There's nothing we can do to help.

Alex: Neil, I don't care. I want to be there.

Sean: Well, what is it, Larry? You know the place?

Larry: No, no, it's just when an address has such short numbers, it usually means a, you know, big, fancy house, right?

Sean: Oh, it's big, all right.

Larry: With a big yard to go with it, too, I bet.

Jill: Well, actually, it's not a yard. It's a property.

Larry: Okay. I got it, a property.

Sean: So you're gonna take the long driveway down. You're gonna pass a stable on the right, a farmhouse on the left. You can't miss it.

Larry: So we're talkin' about a serious-sized mansion here, right? And what kind of a dinner party is this again?

Jill: It's a sit-down dinner. You'll be served.

Larry: By guys in what? Monkey suits?

Jill: Well, actually, it's more like one monkey-brain in black and white.

Larry: Hmm.

Jill: Anyway, the food is gonna be wonderful, because Sean's doing the cooking.

Larry: Ah, you're yankin' my chain, right?

Jill: Oh, please. This man is an excellent cook.

Sean: Don't worry, Larry, I'm not gonna poison you. But you're gonna have a great time.

Larry: Well, like I told you, this is basically my first date with this gal, and I don't want to end up embarrassing myself in front of her.

Sean: It's a lot simpler than you think. And we'll explain anything you need to know. Right, Jill?

Jill: Absolutely. We're just people, Mr. Warton. We get together, we talk, we eat. Nobody's looking to make anybody feel uncomfortable. So, you just relax and, by all means, be yourself.

Sean: You'll be fine.

Jill: You're an original, Mr. Warton. I wouldn't want to see you hiding that light under a bushel.

Larry: Yeah. Yeah, well, there's no need for me to get nervous. This should be really cool.

Sean: Exactly.

Larry: I've got to shove off. I'll see you guys maybe tomorrow at the office. If not -- business casual.

Sean: See you later, Larry.

Jill: Bye, Mr. Warton.

Larry: Thank you again. J ill: Larry Warton has a date. Whomever he managed to dig up, she must be a doozy. What? Did I say something wrong?

Nikki: So what's with the look?

Phyllis: I don't understand this sudden interest you have in Jack and me. I mean, what do you care if we have a baby or not?

Nikki: Why wouldn't I care? Jack is very important to me. I know how much it would mean to him to have the chance to raise a child of his own.

Phyllis: Listen, I'm aware of that, Nikki.

Nikki: I know you are. You have done everything you possibly can to make that happen, but it hasn't.

Phyllis: Yes, I know. I already told you I don't want to give up.

Nikki: And I don't think you should. But this problem with Diane is immediate.

Phyllis: Has Jack been talking to you?

Nikki: Phyllis, Jack doesn't even like Diane. He despises her.

Phyllis: Good, then why should I fear her?

Nikki: Because -- you're the one who told me. You worry that every time Jack sees Diane with that beautiful little baby, he can't help but wonder what might have been. So why don't you do something about it?

Phyllis: A surrogate mother?

Nikki: Yes. Listen, the child she would be carrying would be Jack's. The two of you would be going through the pregnancy together, not in the traditional sense, no. But you would experience the pregnancy together. You would both be there when the baby is born. In every way that matters, that child will be yours and Jack's. And I'm telling you, if that were to happen, any thought of Diane with her baby would be far from Jack's mind. So why don't you do something about it?

Phyllis: You make a convincing case.

Nikki: Do you realize Jack loves you so much? I know that if he had the chance to raise his own child, his life would be perfect. You have to think about that.

Phyllis: You think Jack would go for this?

Nikki: Well, I think that all & depends on how you feel about it.

Phyllis: If I could get into this --

Nikki: Only one way to find out.

Diane: You'll have proof tomorrow? But how?

Jack: I had to be absolutely certain of my facts, that Kyle was my son. So I took a few steps.

Diane: What steps?

Jack: You'll remember I came here, you found my hand in your purse.

Diane: You said you were looking for a pacifier.

Jack: Well, in fact, I was getting hair samples out of your brush. I just finished getting saliva samples from Kyle.

Diane: And you took them to a lab

Jack: For a DNA matching with my blood sample.

Diane: My God.

Jack: So you see, this is serious business. This is the real thing. It's no joke. You believe me now?

Diane: Yes, but at the same --

Jack: At the same time what?

Diane: This was all done behind my back.

Jack: This whole amazing set of circumstances happened behind a lot of people's backs, and that, my dear, was your doing.

Alex: I don't believe it.

Victoria: What?

Alex: We came here a different route this time. I just had no idea this is where we were going.

Victoria: You've been here before?

Alex: Yeah.

Alex: Last night -- this is where Malcolm and I stayed. That bridge that we -- that bridge that collapsed, Malcolm and I just drove over that bridge this morning. We were joking about how rickety it looked. Oh, God.

Victoria: Alex, we'll find --

Neil: Someone's coming. Someone's coming.

[Alex sobbing]

Neil: Isaac?

Victoria: Oh, my God.

Isaac: I'm so sorry. So very sorry.

Alex: Well, have they found Malcolm yet?

Isaac: Many men are searching.

Neil: Tell us what happened.

Isaac: We were crossing the bridge. A big lorry came directly toward us from the other direction.

Alex: But there wasn't enough room on that bridge for both of you.

Isaac: I know. But the crazy bastard just kept coming.

Neil: So did he hit you head-on?

Isaac: Jomo swerved at the last moment, trying to get through the gap, but he hit a post. We all sat there, shaken, cursing the lorry driver, not realizing the damage that had been done to the bridge. Then the lorry driver put his vehicle into reverse.

Alex: Go on.

Isaac: As the lorry was backing up, a huge piece of the roadway just broke off. And the bridge collapsed, and we were dumped in the river.

Alex: Oh, my God. That river must be 20 feet down. My God.

Isaac: Next thing I knew, I was struggling in the water, trying to get out of my seat belt.

Neil: Did Malcolm?

Isaac: He broke loose right away. The driver was thrown free and swept downstream. - Malcolm stayed with me, helped me to get out of my seat belt. Then he swam off in search of Jomo.

Neil: Sounds like my brother.

Isaac: He saved my life.

Alex: So if Malcolm was able to help you, then he wasn't hurt by the fall.

Isaac: No. When we hit the river, he wasn't injured.

Alex: Then there's a good chance he'll be found somewhere downriver. I'm gonna go and see if there's anything I can do to help.

Neil: Alex, there's nothing you can do there. Alex!

Victoria: Is there something more?

Isaac: I didn't want to say it in front of the man's fiancé.

Neil: Say what?

Isaac: As Malcolm was swimming downriver -- the rest of the bridge collapsed, crashed straight down.

Neil: On -- on top of Malcolm?

Isaac: It looked like a direct hit. I watched for a long, long time, but he didn't surface. As I said, it was difficult to see, but --

Neil: I'm glad you're alive. I'm gonna go join the search.

Jack: Still have your doubts?

Diane: It's just so unreal.

Jack: I think you can understand now why I'm having the paternity test done.

Diane: Well, yes, but --

Jack: Diane, if this boy is truly ours, it changes everything. You can see that, can't you?

Diane: Yes. I can see a lot of things more clearly.

Jack: We should have the test results tomorrow afternoon.

Diane: I'll cancel my flight to Italy. I'll stay, at least until then.

Jack: Thank you. I'll -- I'll be in touch.

[Knock on door]

Nikki: Hi.

Victor: I didn't expect to see you.

Nikki: I was in the neighborhood.

Victor: Were you?

Nikki: Well, almost.

Victor: So what's the reason for the good mood and the beautiful smile?

Nikki: Well, let's just say that I have taken action that will hopefully rectify the matter I have been concerned about.

Victor: Well, now that's cryptic enough of an answer to keep me wondering.

Nikki: Believe me, you don't want to know.

Victor: I see. Well, whatever you say.

Nikki: So what's going on with our son?

Victor: I was afraid you would ask. Seems things are going from bad to worse.

Nikki: Is there something new, o re of the same?

Victor: Apparently, Sharon walked in on a meeting that our boy had with John Silva.

Nikki: What do you mean? He's seeing an attorney?

Victor: Yeah, but not to discuss a divorce. He just wanted to know what his rights were in regard to the children, in case things got worse.

Nikki: Let me guess. When he tried to explain that to Sharon, she wouldn't listen.

Victor: Well.

Nikki: Victor, what is the matter with those kids? They've got everything going for them. They have shared so much love.

Victor: I don't know what to do. They're about to throw it all away.

Victoria: You know, Isaac, there's something I don't understand.

Isaac: Yes?

Victoria: Malcolm and I were supposed to go together. Why did you two leave without me?

Isaac: Malcolm insisted on leaving immediately. He knew you didn't want to work tonight, but he said he wanted time to think.

Victoria: Did he say what was on his mind?

Isaac: No. He was quiet. Rather moody. Within himself.

Victoria: I know something was upsetting him. I just can't believe he wouldn't call me before he left.

Alex: I need a flashlight. What is it? Do you guys have more information? Come on. Don't hold anything back from me. I need to know.

Isaac: You do understand that the river's current is very swift.

Alex: Malcolm's a strong swimmer. Why -- why are you guys looking at each other? What is it?

Neil: They've found -- they've found a body -- downriver.

Alex: Oh, no. No!

Sean: I know exactly what you're trying to do, Jill.

Jill: What am I trying to do, Sean?

Sean: Your speech about hiding Larry's light. You're trying to set the poor guy up.

Jill: I have no idea what you're talking about.

Sean: Oh, come on. You relish the image of Esther passing out at the door when she sees Warton, him blowing in like "the terminator," creating a disastrous dinner party.

Jill: Look, if Katherine and that idiot maid can't roll with the punches, that's not my problem.

Sean: Look, I made it very clear why I invited Larry. It wasn't some random impulse. I like the guy. Besides, you told me to make your home my home.

Jill: And I meant that.

Sean: Well, that's what I'm trying to do. But if you sabotage my efforts, I'm not gonna --

Jill: Sweetie, sweetie, sweetie, I will be good, I swear.

Sean: You don't care at all what I think, do you?

Jill: Listen to me. You are overreacting. This is gonna be fine, I promise you. Oh, I can't stand to see you looking so upset. What could I possibly do to bring a smile back to that handsome face?

Sean: I have a project I have to finish at the office.

Jill: Well, I hope you won't be late. I'll wait up.

Sean: Whatever.

Nikki: Penny for your thoughts?

Victor: I was just thinking that sometimes I wish I could live our children's lives for them with the benefit of our experience.

Nikki: I cannot tell you how often I have felt that way.

Victor: I hate standing by and watch them throw all that away. I just want to scream at them. Tell them not to let it happen.

Nikki: I'm sure you've said that to Nicholas.

Victor: I've talked to both of them, you know? The walls are up so high, they don't even fight for what they have. How the hell can they let it all slip away?

Nikki: You know, I think the problem is they just -- they haven't had the years to look back on their relationship. And they don't know what they might be throwing away.

Victor: I guess they don't.

Doris: What do you mean you'll have no choice but to take the next step?

Sharon: I'll just get myself a lawyer. Discuss a legal separation. Then at least I'll be prepared.

Doris: Oh, Sharon, think what you're saying. You respond to something Nicholas does and he responds to that. Where will it end?

Sharon: I know. I realize it's this vicious cycle, but I have to protect myself.

Doris: From what? From the man you love? From the father of your children? Sharon, please don't do this.

Sharon: As I've said, Mom, I have no choice.

Doris: You're so convinced that Nicholas is turning Cassie against you.

Sharon: He is.

Doris: You have no proof of that. Before you make any drastic moves, you'd better make certain.

Sharon: How, Mom? Cassie's barely speaking to me.

Doris: Why don't I meet you and Cassie at the coffee shop tomorrow? I'll talk to the child, see what I can find out.

Sharon: All right. Yeah. That's a good idea.

Doris: Sharon, try to remember the love that you and Nicholas share. A love like that happens once in your lifetime. You should be doing everything you can to hang onto it. Sharon, please try. Try hard.

Jack: So how you doing?

Phyllis: Great.

Jack: Gee, I don't think so.

Phyllis: What?

Jack: Come on. Come on. I can see the wheels spinning. Something's going on in that pretty head of yours.

Phyllis: Yeah, you're right.

Jack: So talk to me.

Phyllis: There's something I've been thinking about, and I haven't been able to get it out of my mind.

Jack: Okay, tell me.

Phyllis: What would you think of us having a baby by a surrogate mother?

Jack: A surrogate mother? Where is this idea coming from?

Phyllis: What do you think about it?

Jack: I -- I don't know. I --

Phyllis: It's kind of weird, isn't it?

Jack: I don't know what to say.

Phyllis: Right. I've been thinking about it, given our circumstance, and the more I think about it, the more intrigued I become.

Jack: You would actually go along with this idea?

Phyllis: Yeah, yeah, sure. Why not? You know? As long as I don't get hung up on the gene thing, and we can get somebody young and healthy, check out their background, of course. And then we just let, you know, science do the rest of the work.

Jack: Well, yeah, but --

Phyllis: Listen, Jack, I want you to know that I haven't given up on us having a child of our own, all right? And with all the medical advances now, somewhere down the road, that could work. But if we go this route, this could definitely work. You don't like this idea, do you?

Jack: No -- I like it. I do. I can't believe you're coming up with this idea.

Phyllis: Yeah, well, it's an option.

Jack: Yeah.

Phyllis: Yeah. I know that you want a baby of your own. And I know how disappointed you were when I can't give that to you.

Jack: Hey -- you also know I don't blame you.

Phyllis: Yeah, I know.

Jack: And you know that I've made peace with this, the fact that we won't have kids.

Phyllis: Then the in vitro didn't work.

Jack: Phyllis --

Phyllis: Listen --

Jack: It's not your fault.

Phyllis: My point is, you want to be a father, and I don't want to see that dream die. And if we have a surrogate mother, everything will work out, right? I want to give you a baby. I want to have a baby. Even if, technically, it wouldn't be mine.

Jack: No, no, no, you listen to me. Any child we would raise together would be your child. It would be our child. 100%.

Isaac: Oh, poor Jomo.

Victoria: Did he have a family?

Isaac: Yes. His wife lives in Nairobi. I'll have to notify her.

Alex: Well, I want to stay here. I want to wait to hear news of Malcolm.

Victoria: I'll wait with you.

Neil: That's a good idea. I think we should all stay here.

Isaac: I'll have them bring in some cots.

Neil: Thanks, Isaac.

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