Y&R Transcript Tuesday 2/12/02

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 2/12/02


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Phyllis: Why don't you tell me Jack? Why are you seeing Diane behind my back?

Jack: The moustache will probably have me arrested but I have to see my wife. How's my best gal?

Phyllis: You left before I walked in.

Jack: I had a breakfast meeting. Let's have an early lunch.

Phyllis: I can't make it. Jack, please don't do this. I know what's going on. I know you feel guilty.

Jack: Guilty?

Phyllis: About Diane because you've been seeing her.

Nikki: Knock, knock. May I come in?

Victor: Are you here for a reason?

Nikki: I'm on a mission.

Victor: What would that be?

Nikki: Smoothing the waters. I know I tried your patience. Things have been going great.  Why I can't leave well enough alone.

Victor: It was beautiful before you and Diane were talking. If you're here to clear the air, then consider it done.

Nikki: Good. I feel so much better now. There's enough tension in our family without our adding to it. I'll get out of your hair.

Victor: Wait, wait. What happened between you and Diane Jenkins?

Sean: Hey, so what do you say? Dinner at my place. Come on. It'll be fun. I could really use some help.

Amanda: Help? What do you mean?

Sean: I just moved in with my lady. It's a little tense. Not that I would --

Larry: Did you run this by your old lady?

Sean: I mentioned it to her once before.

Larry: What did she say?

Sean: She will be fine with it. If it'll make you feel better, I will ask her again. So how about it?

Amanda: Yeah.

Larry: Great. We'll be there.

Sean: I really appreciate it, guys. [Beeper beeping] I will give you the where and the when later on. It was nice meeting you.

Alex: You're sending Neil home.

Victoria: I'm taking over.

Alex: When is he leaving?

Victoria: This evening. That's what I'm going to be doing.

Alex: Will this leave a permanent mark on his record?

Victoria: Of course not.

Malcolm: The way my brother's been acting, it should.

Victoria: There's a lot we have to do. I want to see the location as soon as possible before we troop over there tomorrow morning.

Malcolm: Are you sure you want to do that?

Victoria: I don't have a choice.

Malcolm: I'll call Isaac and give him a head's up.

Victoria: I was hoping you would come with me.

Alex: It's okay. Work comes first.

Victoria: I'll meet in Neil’s room; I want to see if he's heard from the models.

Malcolm: No problem.

Brittany: What have you been up to?

Raul: Not much.

Brittany: Yeah, right. Brit

Raul: You don't believe me?

Brittany: You don't call me anymore.

Raul: I'm serious, I'm sorry. I've been swamped.

Brittany: You could have told me.

Raul: Like you care.

Brittany: I thought you were taking it easy.

Raul: School's one thing. I can't blow off my job. Not everybody has a trust fund.

Brittany: I get it; you're saving your pennies for your college fund.

Raul: Half of what I make goes to my family. They're counting on me.

Brittany: I didn't know that.

Raul: How could you? You don't have a clue about my life.

Jill: Oh, you like the new look?

John: As a matter of fact, I do. It's very fresh without being a departure from the original packaging. Very good work, Jill.

Jill: Thank you. I'll get production on it right away.

John: All right, all right. Something else on your mind?

Jill: Yeah. There's been a change in my ... Sean and I are living together now.

John: I knew you were seeing each other. I didn't think things went that far. You moved in with him or taking a place of your own.

Jill: He's staying with me. John: At Katherine’s?

Jill: It's my place too.

John: How does Katherine feel?

Jill: Who cares?

John: I do. She's my friend.

Jill: She will survive.

John: What about Billy? Have you told him yet?

Jill: He found out this morning. It wasn't under the best of circumstances.

John: What do you mean?

Jill: Sean moved in a couple of days ago, and I was waiting for a better circumstance and before you know it, boom, he showed up. Despite Katherine’s denials, she invited him to embarrass me.

John: My interest is my son.

Jill: So is mine.

John: You want me to help you, don't you?

Alex: Is something wrong?

Malcolm: Alex, that's the second time you stood up for my brother.

Alex: I wasn't defending him.

Malcolm: Sounds like it.

Alex: This could damage his career, not to mention his self-confidence.

Malcolm: It's his own damn fault. Okay. Look, look, the last thing I want to do is argue with you.

Alex: Me too. Besides you're late.

Malcolm: I wish you could come with me. That's it, why don't you tag along?

Alex: You're joking, right?

Malcolm: Not even a little bit.

Alex: Honey, you'll be busy all the time.

Malcolm: I got Vicki. She's cool.

Alex: That's not the point.

Malcolm: Would you rather stay here stuck in the hotel? I want to be with you.

Malcolm: Why are you turning me down?

Alex: I'm trying to keep you focused on your shoot. Honey, what is going on? Talk to me.

Malcolm: Alex, I don't want you to stay here, okay?

Alex: Why not?

Malcolm: Because of my brother, that's why.

Alex: Honey, Neil’s heading home tonight.

Malcolm: It's enough, all right?

Alex: Are you worried I'm going to see him?

Malcolm: You were in my brother's room, right? I was with Isaac. He was running his mouth what a good time. Neil cut him off cold. He couldn't stand the thought of you and I being together. My brother still has feelings for you, and it's driving me crazy. You know what's making it worse? It's you right now. It's like you're not hearing me. You think I'm being irrational when all I'm trying to do is save you from an uncomfortable situation.

Chantal: You want to buy Phyllis a present?

Michael: She needs cheering up. 

Chantal: Sedation is more like it.

Michael: You don't like the woman?

Chantal: She's rude, pushy.

Michael: You can't judge a book by its cover. Fact of the matter is, Phyllis has had a very rough time.

Chantal: And while I'm sorry to hear that, she's probably brought it on herself.

Michael: I'd hate to get on your bad side.

Chantal: Like that cat fight with Diane. I hope those two don't cross paths again, at least when I'm around.

Michael: And they don't see each other for the rest of their natural lives.

Diane: Anxious to be rid of me, Michael?

Brittany: Look, just because my parents have money doesn't mean I can't understand what it's like for you. Mac and Billy and Rianna, your other rich friends, it's different on them?

Raul: Why are you harping on this, Brittany?

Brittany: Because it's not fair, Raul!

Rianna: Raul.

Raul: Hey, Rianna.

Rianna: Do you have a minute? I need to talk to you.

Raul: I have to see Miss Circle right now.

Rianna: It's important.

Raul: Yeah. What's going on? Rianna, what's wrong?

Rianna: I've come to say goodbye.

 Larry: Pretty wild, huh?

Amanda: Yeah, yeah. I've never been invited to a dinner party quite like that.

Larry: And I've never been invited to a dinner party period. Do they normally ask you over to keep everyone from killing each other?

Amanda: No, no. But if Sean needs the help.

Larry: Right.

Amanda: Is there something on your mind?

Larry: No. It should be a fun time.

Amanda: Don't you want to go?

Larry: It's just that -- oh, I'm sorry. I'm such a klutz. Did I get it over you?

Amanda: It's fine, Larry. It's just sugar. Don't worry.

Larry: You sure you want to go to this dinner party? Me being a klutz? Knowing my luck I'll break a plate or something.

Amanda: Then I'll have to break a cup. Of course I want to go with you to the party. In fact I was kind of hoping you would think of it like a date.

Larry: Really.

Amanda: How about it, Larry?

Larry: Totally, totally. That's exactly what I was trying to -- I mean, you know --

Amanda: It's okay. We're going to have a lovely time, all right? Look, I've got to get to work. I'll leave you with this mess. And you just call me up with the when and where.

Larry: Again, I apologize.

Alex: Honey, I am hearing you. No matter how Neil feels, nothing is going to happen. Nothing, honey. Sweetheart, baby, I love you. And you're the man I want to marry. Just last night you were saying you didn't have any doubts.

Malcolm: I'm sorry, okay? I didn't mean to jump all over you. This thing just gets to me.

Alex: Don't let it.

Malcolm: This is my brother we're talking about.

Alex: Neil is heading home tonight. Once he's gone, the shoot is over. You can have me all to your sexy self.

Malcolm: Hey, look at you. You know just what to say, don't you?

Alex: I will be counting the hours until you get back.

Malcolm: I guess I better go. I love you.

Alex: I love you too, baby.

Malcolm: I'll see you soon.

Alex: Okay.

Victor: Once I review the figures, we'll get together and talk about it, all right? I don't think there's any sense doing it before. All right. Thank to you then. Sorry about that.

Nikki: All right. So you're at Gina’s and you ran into Diane and you had this impromptu gab fest?

Victor: You know Diane Jenkins is one of my least favorite people and she's caused nothing but trouble for my family.

Nikki: I despise her. I wish she would go away.

Victor: Whatever tactics you're using, they aren't working, are they?

Nikki: I know that.

Victor: Give me a straight answer. What happened between you and Diane Jenkins?

Nikki: I went to Milan to see her.

Victor: I see. That's the mystery trip at Christmas time that you didn't want to tell us about.

Nikki: Months ago it was you that pointed out that child could be in a bad situation. Diane wanted your child specifically. That's not what she got, thanks to me.

Victor: So what did you find out?

Nikki: The baby is just fine. She loves him very deeply and that's all I wanted to find out. Unfortunately, my trip has set all these things in motion and God help me, I don't know how to stop it.

Jack: I'm seeing Diane? Where are you getting this idea?

Phyllis: Don't, don't, please don't do that, Jack. I have proof. Does this look familiar? Yeah. I found it in your office after you pulled the little act to get me out of there last night. I knew something was going on. Now I know what it is. You're not even going to deny it.

Jack: It's true she was there. It's not what you think it is.

Phyllis: Why do you look so guilty? Why was your ex-fiancée in your office?

Jack: It would have blown up.

Phyllis: Are you worried about her feelings?

Jack: I am not worried about her feelings.

Phyllis: You are talking in circles. I want to know what the hell is going on!

Jack: She had come to me once.

Phyllis: To get your support against Nikki.

Jack: I didn't tell you what Nikki is up to.

Phyllis: You know what her plan is.

Jack: I'm also part of it.

Phyllis: How?

Jack: I have to get Diane on my side. If you walked in, everything would have blown up.  I don't like having to say this. I would like to know you believe this in your heart but I want you to understand it. Aside from contempt, I have no feeling for Diane, no feeling whatsoever. You are the woman that I love. You are the woman I will always love. What do I have to do to get you to believe that?

Neil: Okay. No, no, the road's too dusty. Not even with tarps. Our equipment is too delicate, okay?

Victoria: Another fire doused. You know what you were saying before about changing, do you feel like you've lost control?

Neil: Big surprise. Still can't get a grip.

Victoria: You're an incredible man. You'll get past this.

Neil: You know, Vicki, whenever I feel I'm on the right track, I get kicked in the teeth again.

Victoria: Something happen to make things worse? Neil, I care about you. You can tell me. I want to help.

Neil: Alex and I talked. She claims the whole thing was in my head.

Victoria: That she never had feelings for you.

Neil: So she says.

Victoria: Do you believe her?

[Knock on door]

Malcolm: Hey, this a bad time?

Victoria: No, no. We were just wrapping up a few things.

Malcolm: We have to get going. We'll lose our light.

Victoria: Where's Isaac?

Malcolm: He's downstairs waiting for us.

Neil: You're going too?

Malcolm: You have a problem with that?

Neil: I'll handle the per diem issue.

Victoria: I thought we were meeting downstairs.

Isaac: There's trouble on the road. Police are handling the situation.

Victoria: We're not leaving right away.

Isaac: Not until we get the green light.

Victoria: Okay. Thank you.

Malcolm: Somali bandits. So much for rushing up out of here.

Victoria: I think I'm going to go take a nap. I suggest you spend some quality time with your fiancée.

Malcolm: Oh, Vic, I don't know if she wants to be around me right now. Things have been a little tense.

 Victoria: Make it up to her.

Jill: Look, John, I was going to tell you.

John: You were waiting for the right time, like Billy.

Jill: As a matter of fact, yes. Are you going to help me or are you going to cause trouble for me?

John: Why do you think I'm interested making your life more difficult than it is?

Jill: Just tell me.

John: I like Sean. He's a fine, highly respectable young man.

Jill: "Young man.”

John: I did not have an issue with that. You did when you broke it off with him. Now you're living with him.

Jill: It's the age difference. That's what you're taking exception to. He could be as presentable as anything and you still think he's not enough for me.

Sean: Trooping something?

John: Your timing is magnificent. What is it? What's different about you?

Sean: The contacts. I got them a little while ago.

Jill: You'll get used to them, sweetie.

John: Jill was filling me in on your new arrangements and I hope you're both happy. 

Sean: Thank you, Mr. Abbott.

Jill: You didn't answer my question.

John: I won't say anything negative to Billy.

Jill: I appreciate that John. John, it would be nice if you and Billy came over to dinner. We could spend some time together.

John: Particularly for Billy and Sean.

Jill: Anything to help the situation.

John: All right, Jill. I'll give it some thought.

Jill: What?

Sean: You want to have John and Billy over for dinner.

Jill: Is that a problem?

Sean: Not at all. It's proof.

Jill: Of what?

Sean: How incredibly in sync we are.

Jill: What are you talking about?

Sean: Let's throw a soirée, chill everybody out.

Jill: It's Katherine. She's hell-bent making my life a nightmare. Look at this morning. The woman invites Billy over just to make trouble for me. She's insufferable.

Sean: Come on, Jill, we can do this. We just have to make the first move. I don't want to live in an armed camp. Do you?

Jill: Okay, okay. We'll have our dinner party. Did you have somebody in mind?

Sean: As a matter of fact, yes, I have. I've even invited them.

Jill: Somebody I know?

Sean: Larry Warton.

Raul: You're leaving school?

Rianna: Today's my last day.

Raul: I had no idea.

Rianna: I figured I had enough credits, and with the way things have been going --

Raul: What are you going to do?

Rianna: You might be surprised. Even after we broke up, I kept up with my Spanish.

Raul: Yeah? You must be pretty good by now.

Rianna: I'm getting there. My parents are sending me to live with a family in Spain for a few months.

Raul: Like a foreign exchange thing? That's cool.

Rianna: I'm a little nervous, but I figure it should be a great experience.

Raul: It's going to be wonderful, Rianna. That takes a lot of guts too.

Rianna: As long as I'm not running away from my problems. That's no way to deal with things.

Raul: If you ask me, I think going away is a terrific idea. You're already an awesome person. Going overseas and seeing the world is just going to make you that much better.

Rianna: I wish you hadn't said that.

Raul: Why not?

Rianna: It reminds me what an amazing guy you are. A lot's happened between us. Things I'm sorry for. But if there's one thing I learned, it's I'm not living my life with regrets. Not anymore. Things got weird. I made some mistakes. Part of me will always look back to last summer and wonder what if. I just hope you know how much you mean to me. I will always care about you, Raul.

Raul: I feel exactly the same way, Rianna. You have a great life. You hear me? You go out there and you conquer the world. Show them all what a class act you are. And be careful, okay?

Jill: You invited Larry Warton to dinner?

Sean: Larry and his date.

Jill: My God, he's going to bring a street walker.

Sean: Cool it. I mentioned this before.

Jill: I wasn't thrilled about it either.

Sean: Larry's a good guy. All you have to do is get to know him. I understand where he's coming from.

Jill: I understand where he's coming from, the state penitentiary.

Sean: I already invited the man. You want me to back out. Sorry, no ex-cons? You told me to make myself at home.

Jill: You're right. You're right. We'll have your hoodlum friend to dinner. Esther will faint away and Katherine will run upstairs to protect her precious jewelry. But then again, maybe this one time.

Sean: That's my girl.

Jill: Do me a favor; please consult me next time before you invite any of your friends over.

Sean: You're going to have a great time, believe me.

Jill: Oh, he's so cute.

Victor: Because you visited Diane Jenkins in Milan you set things in motion. What do you mean by that?

Nikki: I've said too much already. What it comes down to is I opened Pandora’s Box.

Victor: I need to remind you whenever you jump into the fray with Diane Jenkins, you wish you hadn't.

Nikki: Yes, I know.

Victor: Do I have to remind you of the time you convinced someone to break into the Robertson Labs, that didn't turn out well?

Nikki: Don't remind me.

Victor: How long do you have to go on before you realize don't deal with Diane Jenkins. She's scheming all the time. Stay the hell away from her.

Nikki: I would love nothing better than to do that but I don't know if that's possible. It might be too late.

Victor: What the hell are you talking about now?

Diane: Trying to pacify me, Michael?

Michael: You know that comment you overheard is totally out of context.

Diane: You can't wait to get rid of me.

Michael: I love spending time with you.

Diane: Not when Phyllis is around. She sucker-punched me. Next time I'll be ready.

Michael: I hope there won't be a next time. Why don't you go back to Italy? If I didn't have a legal practice, I'd come with you.

Diane: Sorry, Mike, I am not leaving. At least not for the moment.

Michael: What's come up?

Diane: Jack. He's made a complete turnaround.

Michael: Jack Abbott.

Diane: I knew what a compassionate man he was. I had to find a way to get into his good graces.

Michael: Now you have.

Diane: He's agreed to help me.

Michael: How?

Diane: By finding out what Nikki’s up to.

Michael: You can't be serious. If you believe Jack Abbott is somehow suddenly on your side, you're deluding yourself.

Phyllis: I believe you. I know you love me. But I have questions. I'm very concerned.

Jack: Ask away. I want to do anything to ease your mind.

Phyllis: I should be glad Nikki has this agenda against Diane. I even offered to help her out. Diane is a mother. She's a mother. It will affect her son.

Jack: We would never do anything to harm the boy.

Phyllis: How could you separate the two? Anything you do to Diane, you do to her son. You know that, Jack. I mean, I am convinced now that we should just let Diane go back to Milan. That's it. I want her out of my life. I want her out of our life. Promise me, Jack, you won't do anything to make her stay in town. You promise me.

Neil: I was hoping you would be here. Wait. This won't take long. Malcolm's already left. You have nothing to worry about.

Alex: We have nothing to discuss either.

Neil: You heard me. I let you speak your mind. The least you can do is hear me out.

Alex: All right. What is it, Neil?

Neil: All right. Alex, the other day you said I'd imagined everything, that you never really cared about me, not the way I thought you did.

Alex: And I also told you to move on.

Neil: I'm trying. Look, I realize I haven't been myself lately. But you said some things to me that completely destroyed me. To think the hell I've been putting us through is nothing more than wishful thinking. Alex, do you have any idea what I'm going through? I'm not talking about the alcohol. I'm dealing with that situation. I'm talking about what you said to me. I can't get it out of my mind. And that's why I need to know, please, don't answer me out of anger or pity. I want you to speak to me honestly from your heart. I need to know now. Have you never had any feelings for me?

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