Y&R Transcript Monday 2/11/02

Y&R Transcript Monday 2/11/02


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Jack: Hey.

Nikki: We need to talk. I ran into Phyllis yesterday. You told her I had something in store for Diane. Why would you do that?

Jack: She found out I had been in touch with Diane.

Nikki: You can't come up with a cover story?

Jack: I didn't want to lie. Will you relax? You were practically a hero.

Nikki: Do you know she wants to help me?

Jack: Which put you on the spot.

Nikki: Of course it did. It sounds like she knew the whole story. I didn't tell her; she knew you're the father but you have to keep me informed in the future.

Jack: Scout's honor.

Nikki: You haven't told anybody else?

Jack: Just one other person. But --

Nikki: Her? Don't tell me you've talked to Diane about this.

Phyllis: Good. You're still here.

Michael: This isn't a convenient time for me.

Phyllis: I have a bone to pick with you.

Michael: There's a problem?

Phyllis: You told me Diane was leaving.

Michael: I thought she was on the way to the airport.

Phyllis: Why is she sneaking around?

Michael: Diane is not a threat to anybody.

Phyllis: What is she doing here?

Michael: She feels threatened.

Phyllis: I am so tired hearing that sob story. Poor, poor Diane Jenkins is threatened by Nikki Newman. Give me a break.

Michael: You know about that?

Phyllis: You know about that?

Michael: I might know something.

Phyllis: I might know something too. This is ridiculous. Let's show our hands. I'll tell you what I know about Diane and Nikki, and you tell me what you know.

Victor: A very short one, okay?

Diane: Well, well, the illustrious Victor Newman. Hello, Diane, how have you been? Fine, Victor. Would you like to join me? Do you want to carry part of the conversation or do I have to carry it all myself?

J.T.: Hey, Rianna. What's that?

Rianna: Nothing.

J.T.: Looked like a coffee mug.

Rianna: It is. I got it for you before -- for Valentine's Day. Don't worry.

J.T.: It's a nice thought, though.

Rianna: That's me. Full of nice thoughts.

J.T.: What are you doing?

Rianna: What does it look like?

J.T.: Looks like you're cleaning out your locker.

Rianna: That's very perceptive.

J.T.: Are you getting a new one?

Rianna: No. I'm graduating early. I'm leaving Walnut Grove.

Cody: One black coffee.

Larry: Thanks, man.

Cody: How's work treating you?

Larry: Not bad. Been putting in a lot of overtime.

Cody: Extra cash to buy something for your valentine?

Larry: Yeah, right.

Cody: You're a good guy. You should have somebody special in your life. What about Amanda?

Larry: I haven't talked that much to her lately.

Cody: Now's your chance.

Malcolm: Home sweet home. Isaac, I won't lie, my man. This place is incredible. Victoria is going to be tripping.

Alex: You got some great shots.

Malcolm: That place was spectacular.

Isaac: Have you decided which of the three you want to use?

Malcolm: That's a tough choice. I think Iím leaning to the first one. I am so excited about this shoot. These pictures will be amazing. I have never seen a place like this.

Isaac: Mr. Newman will be sorry to hear what he missed.

Malcolm: If Neil wants to see Africa, he's going to have to see it for himself.

Neil: How'd you sleep?

Victoria: I was out the minute my head hit the pillow.

Neil: Yeah, me too.

Victoria: Howíre you feeling this morning?

Neil: I'm not sure. Is it possible to feel better and worse all at the same time? Listen, Vicki, I'm really sorry about last night. It was bad enough I came on to you, but to twist Ryan's words around like that, I was a total loser.

Victoria: Well, we all make mistakes.

Neil: Yeah, but mine was a doozy.

Victoria: It's okay. I won't hold it against you.

Neil: Still friends?

Victoria: Of course.

Neil: Great.

Victoria: Actually. I feel partly responsible.

Neil: Vicki, come on.

Victoria: You were making such progress before this trip. You were really pulling yourself together. If I had to do it again, I would never, ever have you supervise the shoot.

Neil: You didn't ask to get sick.

Victoria: I could have worked something out.

Neil: Like what?

Victoria: I don't know. What I do know is sending you and Malcolm and Alex halfway around the world was an invitation for trouble, no matter how much you said you could handle it.

Neil: I still say none of this is your fault.

Victoria: Let's call it even, okay?

Neil: You have a deal.

Victoria: In the spirit of moving forward, there's something I need you to do for me.

Neil: Sure, name it.

Victoria: I need you to go back.

Jill: Good morning, Sean.

Sean: What do you think you're doing?

Jill: I was in the kitchen.

Sean: You're supposed to be back up in bed?

Jill: I am.

Sean: We haven't gotten up early since we got here.

Jill: I would like nothing but to climb under the sheets with you. Unfortunately, I have a morning meeting. I thought I told you about that. But I am making you breakfast in bed.

Sean: Belgian waffles with strawberries and whipped cream?

Jill: You're pushing it. Come here.

Sean: Where is everybody?

Jill: The hag's out with her idiot maid. The coast is clear.

Sean: What about Mac?

Jill: She's at school.

Sean: You are in a good mood.

Jill: I'm in a great mood. Since you moved in, everything has gone so smoothly. Isn't it nice?

Sean: I guess.

Jill: Try to contain your enthusiasm.

Sean: Not everybody is happy for me to be here.

Jill: Don't suggest I try to make peace with Katherine. Not before I had my morning coffee. You have to get upstairs.

Sean: Come with me.

Jill: What about breakfast?

Sean: You will help me work up my appetite.

Jill: You are such a bad boy. [Doorbell sounding] I'll get it.

Sean: Ignore it.

Jill: I can't. I have to see who it is.

Nikki: I cannot believe --

Jack: She said she's going back to Italy.

Nikki: Are you pretending to be her best friend?

Jack: Yes, who's working real hard to see what you're up to.

Nikki: That's a dangerous game. What's your next move?

Jack: I have to get legally admissive proof Iím the father.

Nikki: You get some DNA tests?

Jack: Given the stakes, how can I not. I talked to John Silva yesterday. If Iím the father I have rights regardless how the child was conceived.

Nikki: Are you sure you want to do this?

Jack: We're talking about my flesh and blood.

Nikki: We're also talking about Diane.

Jack: I told Silva how she got pregnant. Hearing that he said there's a good chance I could get custody.

Nikki: My God. That does change things.

Jack: Yeah. I'd have the boy living with me. My boy. My son, Nikki. I went to see her yesterday. She put Kyle in my arms. I can't even describe it. My heart was so full.

Nikki: You didn't let her see that, did you?

Jack: God, no.

Nikki: I can't imagine a court allowing Diane to be a part of that child's life which means she would be a part of your life.

Jack: I guess we'll see.

Nikki: There's someone else you're not thinking about in this whole thing.

Jack: Phyllis.

Michael: I can't get into this with you. Diane spoke to me in confidence.

Phyllis: You're not her lawyer, Michael.

Michael: I am her friend.

Phyllis: I'll pretend you didn't say that. Aren't you the slightest bit curious what I know?

Michael: The situation is much more serious for Diane.

Phyllis: It's serious for me too.

Michael: So Diane's in town a few more days than she intended to be.

Phyllis: There's a reason she's here.

Michael: It has nothing to do with you.

Phyllis: What about this business with Nikki?

Michael: That may not be for real.

Phyllis: Are you saying she's lying?

Michael: Can we drop this?

Phyllis: Something is happening, Michael.

Michael: Jack loves you.

Phyllis: That's not the point. Things keep on happening.

Michael: Things, like what?

Phyllis: Like this. This. You recognize this?

Victor: What's your reason for being here?

Diane: Business.

Victor: Are you doing architectural work in town or what?

Diane: Actually, Victor, it's not your concern why Iím here.

Victor: I'm not sure of that.

Diane: I offered you an olive branch. You didn't welcome it.

Victor: You have caused my family a great deal of emotional pain. If you're hovering around Genoa City, it's a great concern to me.

Diane: Are you aware of Nikki's recent activities?

Victor: What are you talking about?

Diane: Is it possible, you really mean? Even her trip over the holidays, you don't know that.

Victor: You know something I don't?

Neil: So you've come to ask me to go home.

Victoria: I know you're worried about how it'll look.

Neil: Saving face is the least of my concerns.

Victoria: Let's say I was too sick to travel, and now Iím healthy we went back to our original plan. I booked you a flight. It's leaving this evening.

Neil: Did you now. Well, okay. I guess this is all for the best.

Victoria: I'm not going to hold this against you or go to my father with this. You have to give me some reassurance.

Neil: What kind of reassurance?

Victoria: When you come back home, you have to pick up where you left off. You're going to get focused again.

Neil: Yeah. You mean lay off the booze?

Victoria: Yeah, and continue your counseling. Will you do that?

Neil: Yes.

Victoria: Promise?

Neil: Vicki, you have my word.

Isaac: The crew will be arriving later on today. We should get a good night's rest. We will head to the site tomorrow morning before dawn.

Malcolm: Isaac, before dawn? All right. I guess it's all good. I can't wait to get the thing started.

Isaac: Will your brother still coordinate things from here?

Malcolm: Well, yes, that is the plan.

Isaac: Perhaps Mr. Winters will be in a better state of mind than when we left.

Malcolm: I have a feeling my brother will handle the shoot. He's Mr. Newman's right-hand man.

Isaac: If you're confident, so am I.

Malcolm: We should let him know we picked a site.

Isaac: Shall we freshen up first?

Malcolm: Yeah, yeah.

Isaac: Meet in half an hour?

Alex: Thank you, Isaac.

Malcolm: Well, Mrs. Winters to be. Forgive me, but I don't recall you saying too much about last night.

Alex: Are you looking for a critique.

Malcolm: You know I got skills. I want to make sure my baby understands I have never felt closer to you than right now.

Alex: Isaac did say this is the most romantic place on earth.

Malcolm: And he did not tell a lie.

Alex: Malcolm, honey, are you thinking about Neil again?

Malcolm: Yeah, baby, I can't believe I just stood up for him the way I did with Isaac.

Alex: Well, that's because he's your brother and you're a good person.

Malcolm: Old habits die hard. If my brother doesn't clean up his act, he's going to be on his own.

Alex: Maybe he pulled himself together.

Malcolm: Overnight? I don't think so.

Alex: He didn't want to be here. He's only here because Victoria got sick.

Malcolm: That justifies his behavior? He's been getting drunk. Neil has been out of line the whole trip.

Alex: I wasn't defending him. I was just trying to -- you know what? I'm going to take a shower.

Larry: Hey there.

Amanda: Hi.

Larry: You mind if I join you for a cup?

Amanda: No, go for it.

Larry: Thanks.

Jill: Hello, Billy.

Billy: Hey, Mom, Sean.

Sean: Hey.

Jill: Why don't you come in, sweetie? Darling, you're probably wondering what Sean's doing here so early in the morning.

Billy: No, not really.

Jill: There's something I need to tell you. Sean is living here now.

Billy: Well, thanks for letting me know.

Jill: I haven't had a chance. I was meaning to. I haven't had a chance. He's only been here for two nights.

Billy: You don't owe me an explanation.

Jill: What brings you by? If you're here to see Mackenzie she's left for school.

Katherine: Your son is here because I invited him. Good morning.

Jill: I might have known.

Sean: I'm going to go to work.

Jill: What about breakfast?

Sean: I'll get a bite at work.

Billy: Speaking of breakfast, I'm starving. Do you mind if I go to your kitchen and get something?

Jill: It's my kitchen too.

Katherine: Sure, you help yourself.

Jill: You knew I hadn't told him about Sean yet. You're embarrassing me, to make trouble between me and my son.

Katherine: I had no idea you would be up at this hour. You and your boy toy are sleeping in the morning or whatever you do in the morning.

Jill: What, are you jealous, Katherine?

Katherine: Nauseated. That's more like it, nauseated. That's why I invited your son here. There's something I need to discuss with him.

Jill: What things?

Katherine: None of your business things. Going somewhere?

Jill: I have a conference call.

Katherine: Well don't be late. It's always rude to be late. You know that.

Jill: I so won't forget this.

J.T.: So what are you going to be doing?

Rianna: I'm not sure. Traveling probably.

J.T.: That's cool.

Rianna: Yeah. I need to return these books.

J.T.: You want a hand?

Rianna: No, thank you.

J.T.: Okay. Well --

Rianna: Please don't say it. It's been nice knowing you.

J.T.: It has.

Rianna: Yeah, well, I wish I could say the same. Goodbye, J.T.

J.T.: Yeah. See ya around.

Rianna: I don't think so.

Mackenzie: Are you okay?

Rianna: Sure. J.T. and I were saying our goodbyes. It was touching. I told him I was leaving and he said cool.

Mackenzie: So you've made up your mind?

Rianna: I'm outta here.

Mackenzie: I'm going to miss you.

Rianna: I'm going to miss you too. Other people not so much.

Mackenzie: J.T. really hurt you, didn't he?

Rianna: Yeah, but I learned a lot about guys and about myself.

Mackenzie: May I ask you something?

Rianna: What?

Mackenzie: Do you think everything would be okay between you and J.T. if you hadn't, you know --

Rianna: You mean the sex? Yeah.

Phyllis: You recognize this?

Michael: Maybe.

Phyllis: Don't play lawyer with me, Michael. You know it's Diane's scarf.

Michael: How did you get it?

Phyllis: I went by Jack's office and he wouldn't let me in. He made up lame excuses that I later found out were not true.

Michael: You think Diane was with Jack.

Phyllis: Yes, I do. He obviously didn't want me to know. I didn't want to get into it. I woke up and he was gone.

Michael: Well, that's definitely a talk you need to have.

Phyllis: That's a way to throw --

Michael: It's not my problem. Glad to give you my take on it. But you and Jack, that's not a problem I can fix.

Phyllis: Thanks a lot, Michael.

Michael: Phyllis, sweetheart --

Phyllis: No. You told me you need to choose between Diane and me. Why does it feel like you already have?

Nikki: It was clear from our conversation that Phyllis is already feeling insecure.

Jack: Why? What'd she say to you?

Nikki: She worries. You look at Diane with that baby.

Jack: And wonder what might have been.

Nikki: She desperately wants to give you a child, Jack.

Jack: Nikki, I could get custody of Diane's child.

Nikki: Will you listen to yourself? What if you're wrong and Diane stays in the picture? How do you think Phyllis will react to that?

Jack: I don't know. I guess Iíve assumed all along that Phyllis would be okay with this.

Nikki: You better talk to her.

Jack: I can't, not until I have the results. Even then I have to talk to Silva and see what the next step is. I hate lying to Phyllis. I hate it. It's only for a short time. Once I find out how much or how little a part of our life Diane's going to be, if at all, I can talk to my wife. If Diane is no threat at all, whatever misgivings Phyllis has will go away and embrace the child of raising this child together.

Nikki: Raising Diane's child?

Jack: Not Diane's child, our child. My child.                                                                         

Diane: I know you feel I'm some kind of threat to your family, Victor, but that's not true.

Victor: Really?

Diane: Really. My reason for being here has nothing to do with the Newmans. You know what? If I could live the rest of my life with no further contact with you or your family, I'd be thrilled. Don't view me as your enemy, Victor, because Iím not your enemy.

Victor: Diane Jenkins, I don't believe a word you say. If I were you, I'd watch my step.

Larry: So, how have you been?

Amanda: Real good. How about you?

Larry: Can't complain.

Amanda: Well, you can.

Larry: Yeah, but it doesn't do any good.

Amanda: So are you staying out of trouble?

Larry: Yeah, Iím trying to.

Amanda: Well, you look good.

Larry: Thanks. So do you. So how are things back at the shelter?

Amanda: They're good. I'm comfortable there.

Larry: There's just not much going on at night though.

Amanda: I stay busy. There's always something to do there and I like feeling wanted.

Larry: Yeah, I bet. I mean, that's good. That's good. It's just to me, it's not that entertaining.

Amanda: No, I suppose not. I'm sure there are other things that are more exciting.

Larry: Like what?

Amanda: Like a roller coaster?

Larry: You like roller coasters?

Amanda: No, no. I was just thinking of something that was more exciting.

Larry: Oh. Good, good. Because you know what? It's a little bit too cold outside to hit any amusement parks right now. Besides, I gave up most of that stuff up when I was a kid.

Amanda: That's good.

Larry: So, tell me, what do you like to do, you know, in your spare time?

Amanda: I read. I read a lot. Something on your mind, Larry?

Rianna: I don't know how to answer your question having sex changes people. I'm not sure how. I'm not being much of a help, am I?

Mackenzie: No, that's okay. Do you wish you'd waited?

Rianna: The way things turned out? Of course. Why, are you and Billy --?

Mackenzie: No. There's no way I'm ready.

Rianna: Okay, Mac. You saw me go through something awful. But what you and Billy have created is so strong. It's so real and special.

Mackenzie: Are you saying that we should --?

Rianna: I would never tell you what you should and shouldn't do. I'm saying when the time is right you both will be okay.

Mackenzie: And you thought that about you and J.T.

Rianna: You know J.T. is such a dope. But he was right. He said Iím the kind of girl that always wants to be in love. I fall in love with the idea of being in love. I buy stupid Valentine's Day presents because I think it will make it all right. I give myself to a guy that said the right things because I thought that's what love was. I didn't have a clue.

Mackenzie: Do you now?

Rianna: This is getting so depressing. Mac, you are such a great friend. I am so thankful I've gotten to know you.

Mackenzie: Same here.

Rianna: I know Billy loves you. You want to be my valentine? You get a free mug out of it. I'll see you before I go.

Billy: Where's Mom?

Katherine: She left. Sorry about the unpleasantness. Truly, I did not know she was up.

Billy: Don't worry about it. It's okay. So what did you want to see me for?

Katherine: Well, as you know Mac's 18th birthday party is on its way. I made most of the arrangements and I thought possibly maybe you might want to --

Billy: Whatever you decide I think will be fine.

Katherine: All right, Billy, what's wrong?

Billy: What do you mean?

Katherine: For a while I noticed something's amiss between you and Mackenzie. Is it my imagination or are you having problems?

Billy: Everything's fine.

Katherine: I'm not sure I believe you.

Billy: You know, Iím going to get going. I'll be late for school.

Katherine: Billy, I would like to --

Billy: I will think about the party and I will get back to you, okay?

Sean: Hey, Larry.

Larry: Sean, what's up? Amanda this is Sean. Sean, Amanda.

Amanda: Hi.

Sean: Nice to meet you.

Amanda: You too.

Sean: I didn't mean to interrupt you guys.

Larry: That's okay. Why don't you join us?

Sean: You sure?

Larry: Yeah. Take a load off.

Sean: All right.

Larry: So how've you been?

Sean: Don't ask.

Larry: What's wrong, man?

Sean: I moved in with the woman I'm seeing.

Larry: You did? Well, that's a good thing, isn't it?

Sean: It's a long story. We have housemates, sort of. The other two people aren't very happy about the arrangement. I'm trying to figure out some way to diffuse the situation.

Larry: What have you got so far?

Sean: Nothing yet. Wait a minute. Why didn't I think of this before?

Larry: What?

Sean: How would you two feel about having dinner at my place?

Malcolm: I am so pleased you were able to make it after all.

Victoria: Me too. Have you picked a location?

Malcolm: Wait until you see this place. You'll lose your mind.

Victoria: When do you start shooting?

Malcolm: Tomorrow morning.

Victoria: Can I see the location before dark? Neil, can you handle the arrangements for the models and the crew?

Neil: Absolutely. I'll get on it.

Isaac: Miss Newman, what do you think of Kenya?

Victoria: I haven't had a chance to see much of it yet.

Isaac: Be prepared to be amazed.

Malcolm: Here he goes again, Vic. You have to get used to this dude.

Isaac: I'm not exaggerating, am I?

Malcolm: This place is out of control.

Victoria: Why do you say that?

Isaac: Malcolm and his fiancťe saw how enchanting Africa can be. Seeing you and Miss Perez walk out of your tent this morning, I have no doubt --

Neil: Do you people mind? I'm actually on a phone call.

Victoria: Yeah. We should get going. You'll be here when I get back, right?

Neil: Yeah.

Victoria: All right.

Isaac: I will make arrangements for the trip, Miss Newman.

Victoria: Thank you.

Malcolm: Vic, when I tell you what's been going on --

Victoria: I know. I know. That's why I'm here.

Malcolm: I'm glad you came. I'm really glad.

Victoria: Okay.

Neil: Yeah, that's perfect. No. I won't be here for the shoot. Victoria Newman's going to be handling things. She'll be handling things from this point on.

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