Y&R Transcript Friday 1/25/02

Y&R Transcript Friday 1/25/02


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Nicholas: You can't force me to leave.

Sharon: You are being so unreasonable.

Nicholas: Sharon, this is my place of business.

Sharon: Do you know what? That's another thing. Your place. Yours. I had just as much to do with it as you did.

Nicholas: It doesn't give you the right to ask me to leave.

Sharon: It's common decency to back off but I can't expect that from you, can I?

Nicholas: You are acting like I have no right to be here.

Sharon: Leave me alone.

Nicholas: Sharon, yes, you had some input in the place but it was my idea. I bought it.

Sharon: As a gesture, Nicholas, for me, to what we shared.

Nicholas: Now you're being sentimental? Give me a break. Give me a break. You're asking me to leave.

Sharon: You have plenty of things to occupy your time. You don't have to be here breathing down my neck.

Nicholas: I thought you of all people would understand. I'm going to finish the receipts.

Diane: We know the switch was made at this lab but the same number of deposits remained, correct?


Diane: The father’s was put in his. All you have to do is run a DNA check until you find Victor Newman's misplaced vial and we'll have our answer.

With all due respect, you're out of your mind. Do you have any idea how many we have in store? We're talking a massive expenditure of time and money.

Diane: A small price to pay.


Diane: If the money had been spent upfront on security, we wouldn't be having this conversation.

We're not having it. I'm through talking with you.

Diane: You're worried about the cost? You should be worried about the very existence of this lab. I will go to the press. I will hound you in ways you can't imagine. It's your choice. You either do as I demand or Robertson Labs can follow procedures all the way into bankruptcy.

Ashley: Are you all right? Do you need help or something?

Phyllis: I'm all right. Honest.

Ashley: When you called, I wasn't sure what happened. If Jack wasn't here and you needed help.

Phyllis: He just left. He's taking extremely good care of me.

Ashley: It doesn't surprise me.

Phyllis: He's a peach.

Ashley: I know how relieved he was to find out you're going to be okay.

Phyllis: I wish I could get my husband to accept that.

Ashley: He just wants to make sure you're fully recovered, Phyllis.

Phyllis: There's such a thing as overkill.

Ashley: Do you have a problem with the way Jack is handling things?

Phyllis: Actually, I do. That's why I called you here. I need your help with Jack.

Victor: Well, God bless you.

Victoria: Thank you. Thank you for coming by so quickly. I'm surprised you could tear yourself away from the apartment.

Victor: I beg your pardon?

Victoria: I'm talking about Mother. The vibes --

Victor: My darling, you said you wanted to meet me?

Victoria: You're changing the subject. Think spring campaign, something that will boost our sales.

Victor: I'm listening.

Victoria: We want to tie in Survivor Africa, Kenya, and remote location.

Victor: Sounds interesting.

Victoria: Good because we're moving really fast on this.

Victor: How fast?

Victoria: There's a crew leaving tonight. We have to move fast or the concept will fail.

Victor: The concept may be dead if you rush this whole thing.

Victoria: Are you saying you won’t approve a budget? Will you stand in our way?

Victor: Will you slow down for a minute?

Alex: Done.

Malcolm: Done? It's all set, huh?

Alex: We are getting married in Hawaii at the resort of our choice.

Malcolm: What about the hotel we booked before?

Alex: Their wedding coordinator is taking care of all the details. We just show up and say our vows.

Malcolm: I do, I do. I never thought I would be happy about a little delay.

Alex: Photo shoot, and afterwards the islands? I can't wait.

Malcolm: Me neither, baby.

Alex: Have you talked to Nate?

Malcolm: No, but I filled in his mother.

Alex: That must have been fun.

Malcolm: Olivia was pretty cool about it. I want to square things with my son. I'll have Julia bring him over before we leave.

Alex: How do you think he'll take to it?

Malcolm: He's seen this coming for a while now.

Alex: Second thoughts?

Malcolm: About what?

Alex: Having our wedding so far away.

Malcolm: No sweetheart, it all makes sense.

Alex: Come on, baby I want you to be honest with me. Under normal circumstances you want Nate there.

Malcolm: Alex, you know, we said time and time again these are not normal circumstances. I mean, look at my family. On second thoughts, let's not look at my family, okay? You know, we should talk about your family. We should talk about your mother. You know, we could fly her to Maui and back. I'm sure she would love to see her baby girl get married. I still haven't met the woman. What's the problem, sweetheart? You plan on keeping a top secret until it's a done deal or what?

Olivia: Good morning.

Neil: Good morning.

Olivia: I wasn't expecting to run into you here.

Neil: That makes two of us.

I'll have your order in just a second.

Olivia: Having breakfast?

Neil: Nope.

Olivia: Are you okay?

Neil: Yeah.

Cream and sugar?

Neil: Just cream. Thanks. You look relieved.

Olivia: I am.

Neil: You sure you don't want to sniff it make sure it isn't spiked?

Jill: What is this, an office or daycare center?

Jack: It's for Abby when she's visiting Ashley.

Jill: How sweet.

Jack: Did you want something?

Jill: Yes, Jack. I have left a lot of messages for the past few days. There are a lot of things you have to sign off on. I realize your bride has an insatiable appetite. Surely the honeymoon is over.

Jack: Are you through? I wasn't trysting with Phyllis. I was at her bedside in a hospital. She very nearly died. You have some other smart mouth remark you want to make?

Diego: I didn't think it would be so tough between those two people.

Cody: It’s always really good between them. Before Nick came in, I was telling Sharon I hired you. She had an odd reaction. Is there some reason she wouldn't want you working here?

Diego: Not that I can think of.

Cody: With all the tension in here, I don't want to make it worse. If there is a problem, I might not be able to offer you this job.

Diego: I'm cool.

Cody: All right.

Diego: Can I get you anything?

Sharon: No thanks.

Diego: Listen, Sharon, I just spoke to Cody. He was under the impression you were unhappy with me working here. If that's the deal there's no point working where I'm not wanted.

Sharon: Why would you think I don't want you here?

Diego: The time awhile back when we first met. You got the test results. It seemed like a shock.

Sharon: That's right. Do you think I would be self-conscious or a little embarrassed that I was so emotional in front of you?

Diego: I'm not saying that's the case, but if it were --

Sharon: That was a really horrible moment for me. Still, after what you and everyone else in the coffee house just saw between my husband and me --

Nicholas: Excuse me.

Sharon: Yes?

Nicholas: You remember me?

Diego: I better.

Nicholas: Since you're going to be working here now?

Diego: Am I?

Nicholas: I was just going over your application.

Diego: Cody hired me. As long as it's okay with you guys.

Diane: Talk about a total waste of time.

Michael: What's the matter with you?

Diane: I came from a very frustrating meeting with that idiot at Robertson Labs. He refused to lift a finger to help.

Michael: So you’re at a dead end?

Diane: Like hell. They have all that science at their fingertips. They're damn well going to use it.

Michael: If you think the lab will admit culpability, you're sadly mistaken.

Diane: Maybe not voluntarily.

Michael: Where you going with this?

Diane: I want to hire you to take legal steps to force them to give me the answers I need.

Michael: I was afraid it would come to this.

Diane: You're not up to the challenge?

Michael: Not exactly. You going after them legally is out of the question.

Phyllis: Your sweet, well-meaning but extremely over-protective brother.

Ashley: Phyllis, you almost died.

Phyllis: All right, you're going to think I'm an ingrate, for sure. He's hovering and controlling the situation. It's becoming a problem.

Ashley: Maybe you should tell me what this is all about. What's going on?

Phyllis: I want to try for a baby again.

Ashley: Is that possible?

Phyllis: Oh, yes, yes. The doctor assures us there's nothing medical standing in our way.

Ashley: There's no risk.

Phyllis: You know how doctors are. There are no guarantees. Ash, I really want Jack and I to have a baby.

Ashley: He doesn't want to chance it.

Phyllis: He keeps thinking of worst case scenarios.

Ashley: He doesn't want to lose you.

Phyllis: I have assured my husband until I'm blue in the face. He either doesn't believe me or he's paranoid. I don't want to give up.

Ashley: I'm not clear. What exactly do you want from me?

Phyllis: I want you to back me up.

Ashley: Oh, no.

Phyllis: Ashley, listen to me. He listens to you. You can go to the doctor's yourself and give an objective opinion.

Ashley: I don't want to get stuck in the middle of this one.

Phyllis: I need your help, okay? You know what it's like to have a child in your life. I want that for Jack and me.

Ashley: Phyllis, I --

Phyllis: You know what I'm afraid of? I'm afraid if we just play it safe and follow the rules, that Jack and I will never have a family. That's what I'm afraid of, Ashley.

Ashley: And you two would have problems down the road.

Phyllis: I don't want to give up, okay? This procedure works. It's a medical miracle. It produces beautiful little babies where there wasn't hope at all.

Ashley: I can see you're totally sincere.

Phyllis: I am sincere.

Ashley: Quite honestly I can see both sides. I don't deny what you're saying. At the same time I know my brother. I know he loves you with all of his heart.

Phyllis: And I love him.

Ashley: If he's telling you he doesn't want to chance it, then that tells me he made peace with the consequences.

Phyllis: Ashley, please, please can you help us? Please, can you help our future? I'm begging, all right? Please.

Jill: My God. I am so sorry.

Jack: You've shown your sympathy. You can leave.

Jill: I had no idea.

Jack: Would that have really mattered?

Jill: Is Phyllis okay?

Jack: Phyllis is fine.

Jill: Good. So what happened?

Jack: That's none of your business.

Jill: Jack, are you lying to me?

Jack: What does that mean?

Jill: Was Phyllis really sick?

Jack: Yes, Phyllis was very sick.

Jill: She was sick with some mysterious illness.

Jack: There was nothing mysterious about it, Jill. You're just a blabbermouth.

Jill: Like I couldn't find out?

Jack: Don’t.

Jill: Stop me.

Jack: This is all getting very childish. Listen to me; you have to take my word for it. Phyllis was very ill. She very nearly died. I am not singling you out, so don't feel persecuted.

Jill: I'm sorry. I'm glad Phyllis pulled through it, whatever it is. And I hope to see you around here more often.

Jack: Wait a minute, I better say something to you before you shoot your mouth off to Phyllis again.

Jill: I don't know what you're talking about.

Jack: A month or so ago you went on and on about Phyllis' lack of appreciation for my need to have a child. You threatened to go to her to give her a head's up.

Jill: I remember.

Jack: Phyllis and I were trying in vitro. Her body had a violent reaction to the hormone therapy and we nearly lost her. Whatever your motive was to go to her before, now I'm telling you do not breathe a word to my wife about pregnancy or children.

Alex: Honey, never fear. I will call my mom and tell her all about our wedding.

Malcolm: Baby, why just call when you can have her out there cheering us on? I mean, hey, I would like to meet my future mother-in-law one day. Unless of course you have issues with her. I know you have drama with your pops.

Alex: Honey, let's not discuss this now.

Malcolm: Sweetheart, I'm just a little curious. Why not invite her? I mean, come to think of it, you never asked her to visit and you said you would do that back at Christmas? Remember?

Alex: I said I might. It fell through the cracks.

Malcolm: I think you let it fall through the cracks.

Alex: Are you accusing me of something?

Malcolm: Whoa, baby, I am not accusing you. Why don't you want to introduce your mother to your fiancé?

Alex: You're kind, loving, successful, all the qualities she'd want my husband to have.

Malcolm: Yet you don't want her out here, and now you don't want her at the wedding. Okay, okay. You know what? I'm going to zip it. I'm going to shut it up. No more pressure from me, for now. Don't think I'm going to let you off the hook. Sooner or later, me and your mom are going to have to hang out.

Alex: I have so much to do if we're jetting off to Nairobi tonight.

Malcolm: What's on the list?

Alex: I have a little last-minute shopping. Tie up things on the job. I have to finish packing for both legs of our trip.

Malcolm: I have models, wardrobe, I have to hook up with Vicki and figure out how we're going to shoot this sucker. Even if this wasn't a location shoot, this would be a pretty big deal.

Alex: As wonderful as this trip is going to be, it's going to be awfully busy. You won’t have a lot of free time.

Malcolm: We won't see much of each other.

Alex: I should have realized that.

Malcolm: Hey, hey, hey, I am teasing you. Yes, this is a business trip, this is also our pre-honeymoon. You bet I will find some time for my bride.

Alex: I will hold you to it.

Malcolm: I planned us a little surprise.

Alex: Oh?

Malcolm: See the way the schedule is, we're going to have a few days after the shoot and before the wedding to treat ourselves to a little safari.

Alex: Safari?

Malcolm: Mmm-hmm.

Diane: What are you talking about?

Michael: Just what I said. You can't sue these people without opening a whole world of pain for yourself.

Diane: You're not serious.

Michael: Think back a year ago, Victor's ultimatum. Get out of town or I'll sick the law on you? The lawyers will tell you the same thing.

Diane: As Victor's wife --

Michael: Ex-wife. It was a half-baked sherry to begin with. You took some very personal property under false pretenses. That's at the base of the lab's legal defense. You gave them enough. You didn't just take a dollar from your mommy's purse. This is real theft, Diane. Don't tick these people off.

Diane: Why are you trying to frighten me? All I want is a little justice.

Michael: Look, you can go to jail. You want me to lie to you?

Diane: What are my options?

Michael: Just be grateful they haven't slapped you with criminal charges.

Diane: If a court of law isn't the answer, what about the court of public opinion? The threat alone of that publicity.

Michael: You want to rile up Victor again? He'll come down on you so hard, your head will spin.

Diane: All right, all right. You made your point. This just isn't what I expected.

Michael: Well, for what it's worth, I'm sorry. I understand you're on a mission.

Diane: It's so frustrating. How do I get answers?

Michael: Are you sure there are answers to get?

Diane: Nikki has an agenda. Once your child is born, you'll understand. When your kid is threatened, it does something to you. You know, Nikki certainly won't tell me. Brad, the Newmans, they're all dead ends. There has to be some way, somebody that's close enough to her that -- oh, my God. Why didn't I think of that?

Michael: "That"? He, she, it, what?

Diane: Someone who might be privy to that witch's plan who used to be very close to yours truly.

Victoria: Dad, I have to move quickly on this. I have the photographer set up, models. There are a lot of logistics involved.

Victor: You seem to be on top of everything.

Victoria: I should be. I'm going along to supervise it.

Victor: Wait a minute. You're going to Africa?

Victoria: We need someone there that can make high level decisions.

Victor: Why? Someone else can do that for you.

Victoria: Well, are you saying you're against it?

Victor: I'm against it because I want you here. Why not have Neil handle the whole thing?

Victoria: Is there any particular reason you would like Neil to handle it?

Victor: To put it bluntly, I would rather not have Neil assume any more responsibility at headquarters.

Victoria: He is in counseling.

Victor: I'm aware of that. The jury’s still out. I'm telling you, I want to you stay here and that's that.

Victoria: I didn't want to bring this up, but Malcolm is doing the shoot and I don't think it would be productive to send Neil.

Victor: You're telling me there are problems between the two brothers?

Victor: Apparently so. You guessed there might be something going on in Neil's life that might be causing these problems. There's another reason I want to go. I want to go for Ryan.

Victor: Ryan?

Victoria: It was his idea. He came up with the concept. He had it all planned. He did it right before the wedding.

Victor: Okay. You're doing this to honor him?

Victoria: Yeah. And I think it'll launch one hell of a campaign.

Victor: Come here. Okay. In that case, I will go along with your decision, okay?

Victoria: All right.

Victor: What?

Victoria: I don't know. You tell me. Something else on your mind?

Victor: Yeah.

Neil: You think I'm here getting hammered.

Olivia: Do you blame me for wondering?

Neil: Talking about what happened right before Christmas?

Olivia: That and other things.

Neil: Could you be more specific?

Olivia: Victoria came to see me, and she was concerned. She felt your drinking was affecting your work.

Neil: With did you say to her?

Olivia: I told her I was concerned, but there wasn't anything I could do about it.

Neil: You're right, there wasn't. But if it eases your mind any, I'm going to counseling.

Olivia: It does. That's great. Is it helping? Well, the fact that you have a cup of coffee speaks volumes. It could be a double scotch considering what you've been going through.

Neil: Malcolm and Alex setting a date?

Olivia: It must be rough on you.

Neil: Why would it be? Actually, I'm probably more up to speed than you are. They postponed their wedding for another two weeks.

Olivia: Why?

Neil: Malcolm is doing a shoot for Brash & Sassy in Kenya, taking Alex along.

Olivia: Really.

Neil: Really.

Phyllis: I realize I'm putting you on the spot with this.

Ashley: Phyllis, I know you're well aware of the fact there was a time I doubted your commitment to my brother. By then I thought you were sweeping the baby issue under the rug, that it would come back to haunt you eventually and you were turning a blind eye to my brother's needs.

Phyllis: Then you heard we were trying for a baby.

Ashley: I feel like a real heel for ever having doubted you.

Phyllis: Does this mean you're going to help me?

Ashley: What I'm trying to say is, obviously, you have gone the extra mile, and I know my brother feels that way too.

Phyllis: Right. Right, but that's the past. That's all in the past. I'm talking about the future here. Will you talk to him? Will you persuade him to give it another try?

Ashley: Phyllis, if there's ever an issue that should stay between a husband and a wife, it's this one.

Phyllis: So you're not going to step in. Unbelievable. Unbelievable. Before, you were giving your opinion at a drop of a hat. You said this is what family does. I'm asking you to be family.

Ashley: Can you put yourself in my shoes for one second? What happens if I persuade my brother, and God forbid something happened to you? He would blame me for interfering.

Phyllis: I absolve you of all of that, okay?

Ashley: I can't do it.

Phyllis: You're afraid if I drop dead, you'll be in trouble with Jack, right? You're just thinking about yourself, Ashley.

Ashley: I'm sorry you feel that way. Phyllis, I really am sorry. And I am on your side. Yours and Jack's. And I know that you two love each other so much. I think you can get through anything, absolutely anything.

Nicholas: So you've waited tables before.

Diego: Oh, yeah, a Jack of all trades.

Nicholas: I know your brother. He's a cool kid. So welcome aboard.

Diego: Thanks.

Nicholas: Do you have a problem with this?

Sharon: I didn't say anything.

Nicholas: Well, speak up. Are you going to hold up hiring Diego to prove you can?

Diego: Excuse me.

Sharon: So this is how it's going to be, huh? Every decision, this is the way you're going to play it? Let me tell you something, you are not going to get your way, Nicholas.

Nicholas: Anything else?

Sharon: Yeah. I'm not playing games with you. The only reason that I'm here is because I just thought -- never mind. You know what? You don't care. Do whatever you want.

Michael: You're not thinking what I think you're thinking, are you?

Diane: Would it be so far-fetched?

Michael: Given you're burned your bridges, yes.

The secretary said I could come in.

Diane: Hey there, sweetheart. Did you miss Mommy?

Si. That's why we came here. He was making a fuss.

Diane: Not anymore. Look at that little face. Kylie smiley.

Michael: Is Kyle an Italian name for Christian?

Diane: I changed his name.

Michael: It's a baseball name. Kyle Jenkins, pitching for the Brewers. What?

Diane: My appointment didn't work out this morning. I need to go back out.

I'll take him.

Diane: No, no. The baby's coming with me. Maybe Kyle is the answer. Maybe you're the bridge I need.

Alex: Oh, honey, a safari? I can't believe it.

Malcolm: I have all my animal friends standing by. Lions and tigers and giraffes.  

Alex: Just when I think you can't make me any happier.

Malcolm: Does this mean you feel better about your intended to be making time for his bride?

Alex: Much. Except --

Malcolm: Uh-oh, what?

Alex: Everything is backwards.

Malcolm: What?

Alex: Not that it won't be a spectacular honeymoon. I don't have a traditional bone in my body.

Malcolm: You're an old-fashioned kind of girl, huh?

Alex: I guess you bring that out in me.

Malcolm: What do you say when we hit our one-year anniversary, we'll do it right, get married all over again and do it in a church.

Alex: Honey, that would be wonderful.

Malcolm: You know me, just an old-fashioned type of guy.

Alex: Who I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with.

Malcolm: I like when you talk like that.

Neil: It should be an incredible shoot. It was Ryan's idea, it was a tribute to him, making it all happen.

Olivia: I assume you were demanded to go?

Neil: That's Victoria's division.

Olivia: That didn't answer my question.

Neil: No, I'm not tempted to go. I can't put an act on in front of you. Yes, I would love to be on that trip. Things were different, I probably would have gone. With the lovebirds there, I couldn't take it. I just couldn't take it.

Victor: Sweetheart, I'm sorry I have to tell you this. This is no way to run a business.

Victoria: Because Neil's not going?

Victor: His personal life is affecting his performance.

Victoria: He is doing everything he can to pull his life together.

Victor: He had better. Are you okay?

Victoria: Yeah. There's dust in the air today.

Victor: Okay. I don't like the idea of you going to Africa, but I'll go along with it.

Victoria: Thank you.

Victor: You have a safe trip, sweetheart.

Victoria: Thanks. Oh, Dad, will you do me a favor? Well, if you see Mom, can you tell her where I went?

Victor: You don't have time to say this to your mother yourself?

Victoria: Something tells me you'll see her before I do.

Victor: All right. Are you sure you're well enough to go to Africa?

Victoria: Yes. It's just allergies or something.

Victor: You think it's just an allergy.

Victoria: Yes.

Victor: You take care of it.

Victoria: All right.

Victoria: Oh, my God.

Nicholas: Sharon.

Sharon: What?

Nicholas: This isn't going to work.

Sharon: Isn't that what I've been telling you all along?

Nicholas: Just hear me out, okay? We'll split things up. I'll come in at night so I know you're not here. You're at home. I'll do my stuff and I'll leave you here in the mornings as much as possible. How's that sound to you?

Sharon: All right, I guess.

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