Y&R Transcript Tuesday 1/22/02

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 1/22/02


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Isabella: What are you two doing here? Never mind. I don't want to know.

Lauren: Isabella, no. You're not going. You were given to the end of today. You're obviously taking off.

Paul: Why are you leaving town?

Isabella: I decided it's best.

Paul: What about the baby?

Isabella: Michael and I agreed I should leave town. Everyone can get on with their lives, including me.

Lauren: You're not going anywhere.

Isabella: Give me back the bag. Do you want me to call the police?

Lauren: You have information that's important to Paul. One way or another he's going to hear it.

Paul: Would someone please tell me what's going on?

Lauren: I always thought it had to come from you. If I have to tell him, then so be it.

Isabella: Fine, Paul --

Lauren: Stop it! It's time, Isabella.

Alex: Taking me shopping, Mr. Winters?

Malcolm: Why to you think I want some java before we do this?

Alex: So you can keep up with me?

Malcolm: Bingo.

Alex: Are you as excited as I am?

Malcolm: Sweetheart, sweetheart, listen to me. I am about to marry one of the most gorgeous women in the world. That would be you, in one of the most beautiful places in the world, that would be Hawaii. Damn right I'm excited.

Alex: Oh, gosh, Malcolm, there's Olivia. Should we bite the bullet and tell her?

Malcolm: You know what? We should just get it out of the way. Olivia, Liv, hey.

Victoria: Neil, I'm concerned about you. You have to do something about the situation with Malcolm and Alex.

Neil: I am doing something --

Victoria: And you say it's working? I thought you were over this. Obviously you're not.

Neil: This is a perm issue that happens to be none of your business.

Victoria: I am your friend. That makes it my business. It's not just a personal issue. It's affecting your work.

Neil: I'm handling.

Victoria: I can't accept that.

Neil: You're gonna have to.

Victoria: Just give me some assurance that your work won't continue to suffer.

Neil: I can tell you this -- this is between Victor and me. If you see me screwing up, tell him. It's your duty. But I don't report to you and I don't have to assure you of anything. Are we clear on that?

Sean: Hey, pretty lady.

Jill: How's the spring campaign coming?

Sean: Come, take a look?

Jill: I don't see anything.

Sean: You have to click on this icon here, Jabot Classics.

Jill: Jabot Classics. Okay. What is that?

Sean: Look familiar?

Jill: It's a picture of my face.

Sean: You have to click on the color tool bar.

Jill: You can't use a picture of me.

Sean: Why not?

Jill: I'm not a model.

Sean: You're more beautiful than a model.

Jill: Nice try. I want this off the website now.

Sean: You're sexy and hot and real.

Jill: I'm not a kidney mother.

Sean: Precisely. You're perfect for our target demographic.

Jill: What am I going to do with you?

Sean: I'm sure you'll think of something.

Jill: I'm sure I will too.

Amanda: There you are.

Larry: At the rate I'm going, I'll be here all day.

Amanda: Let me help you.

Larry: Thanks. -- oh, thanks. Someone's sure in a good mood.

Amanda: Oh, yeah. Mackenzie I have agreed to let me stay for good.

Larry: That's great! Congratulations! That's awesome. I guess that means you want to settle in now, get your own place, get a job?

Amanda: Man I thought I found one. It was a seam stress job. It would have been perfect.

Larry: What happened?

Amanda: I called the number on the listing and no one answered.

Larry: If you want I can talk to the folks at personnel at Jabot. What can you do besides sew?

Amanda: I can type a little, enough to get by.

Larry: There's a guy over there big time into computers. Do you know anything about that?

Amanda: Not much but I'm a fast learner.

Larry: He seems pretty cool. Maybe he'll do me a favor.

Amanda: At this point any foot in the door.

Larry: Whoa, I have to run. I'm doing an extra shift tonight.

Amanda: Okay. Let me take care of this for you.

Larry: It's cool?

Amanda: It's cool.

Larry: Great. I'll check back with you soon then.

Amanda: I really appreciate this, Larry. Thank you and good luck.

Mackenzie: Survived another day of senior year. You want to come by the coffee house later? I'm working.

Rianna: I have to get home.

Mackenzie: Are you okay? Oh, God, you and J.T. didn't --

Rianna: You were right, Mac. He dumped me.

Mackenzie: I'm so sorry. I'm sorry.

Rianna: I thought it was different this time. I thought he loved me. Mac, I gave myself to him completely. I feel like such a fool.

Mackenzie: Nobody's going to say anything.

Rianna: Not to my face. When I think of all the promises J.T. made me, I can't believe I fell for it again.

Billy: Hey.

Mackenzie: Rianna.

Billy: What's going on?

Mackenzie: You don't want to know.

Paul: So what the devil's going on, Isabella?

Isabella: Lauren is sticking her nose where it doesn't belong. I'm asking you, Paul -- no, I'm begging you. Please let this go.

Paul: Obviously this is something she can't drop. Now I want to know what it is.

Isabella: Lauren should have known in the first place, this is none of her business. She has no right.

Paul: I have a feeling this is more between you and me anyway.

Isabella: Paul, I know you don't care that much for me. I know there was a time I wanted to believe you did but I was kidding myself. The truth is he we should go our separate ways. No regrets, no recriminations.

Paul: All nice and neat and clean? Goodbye and good luck?

Isabella: I will have and raise this baby as I see fit. These are my decisions to make, nobody else's.

Paul: Who said they weren't your decisions? Is that Lauren's point? Look, why don't you ask your new boyfriend. There's no reason I have to be dragged into this.

Isabella: Please don't press me.

Paul: I don't get it. What the hell are you afraid of? Oh, my God. This is my baby? Is that the secret you have been keeping from me? This is my baby?!

Lauren: Sorry. I should have called before I came over.

Katherine: It's a wonderful surprise. What brings you by?

Lauren: I needed to see a friendly face.

Katherine: Are you crying?

Lauren: Yes.

Katherine: Is it Paul? The two of you are having such a wonderful time.

Lauren: I was hoping it would go away. I wish I could tell you what it is.

Katherine: I understand. Listen to me. Is it what you said or the fact that you did identify it? Is that the problem?

Lauren: It's a terrible mess.

Katherine: Is Paul about to find out?

Lauren: He is now. I wouldn't blame him if he doesn't speak to me again.

Brock: What's up, Diego. You working today?

Diego: I'm looking for my brother.

Brock: I haven't seen him. He's probably at school.

Diego: School, great.

Ned: Amanda, where's Larry?

Amanda: He had to get back to his job. He said he would check with personnel to see if they had any openings in Jabot.

Ned: You might not be interested. This is a listing for a job at Walnut Grove.

Amanda: That's Mackenzie's school.

Ned: For a lunch aide. The money's not great.

Amanda: It's not bad though. If I could spend time with my daughter.

Ned: You don't think it'll cramp Mac's style?

Amanda: There's only one way to find out.

Billy: J.T. jumped Rianna?

Mackenzie: I know what you're going to say.

Billy: That SOB. I swear if I get my hands on him. What?

Mackenzie: I can't help feeling responsible for what happened. What if I hadn't given J.T. the benefit of the doubt?

Billy: Rianna should have known better.

Mackenzie: Yeah, I guess. It reminds me how lucky I am to have you. I wish I could do something for Rianna.

Billy: Why don't you go see her?

Mackenzie: I can't. I have to work at the coffeehouse.

Billy: Do you want me to drive you?

Mackenzie: No, that's okay.

J.T.: What's your problem, Abbott?

Billy: You.

J.T.: Save it. I'm not in the mood.

Billy: I heard about you and Rianna. She might be hurting now but at least she's rid of you. Finally everybody will realize what a creep you are, including Mac. The way you use people. Talk about being a jerk.

J.T.: I know what this is about. You haven't got any action since you broke up with Brittany and it's driving you crazy.

Billy: You are so pathetic.

J.T.: No matter how tight you think you are with another relationship.

Jill: Down, boy. What if somebody should come in?

Sean: Lucky them.

Jill: You are certainly good at disarming me. I came in to scold you.

Sean: Tell me more.

Jill: I invited you to move in with me. Since then nothing.

Sean: Are you anxious?

Jill: I'm dying to share -- share a noose with somebody. I want to he see the impact of our new living arrangement.

Sean: You trying to turn your house into an armed camp? And you wonder why I haven't packed my bags yet.

Jill: You have four things in your part.

Sean: I've been busy.

Jill: Putting my face on the website. I am still unhappy with you.

Sean: You're still going to scold me?

Jill: Maybe. You want me to scold you?

Sean: Mm-hmm.

Larry: Hey, Sean, you got a minute? Oh.

Olivia: What's up, Mac?

Mackenzie: Not much.

Olivia: What a surprise seeing the two of you here. Coffee break?

Malcolm: We're taking the afternoon off.

Olivia: Special reason?

Malcolm: As a matter of fact there is. Alex and I have some planning to do.

Olivia: You set a date.

Malcolm: Yeah, we have, second week in February.

Olivia: So soon.

Alex: We love each other very much, Olivia.

Olivia: Where's the ceremony?

Malcolm: Going to be in Hawaii, just the two of us. Olivia, do you think Nate will have a problem with that?

Olivia: He'll be fine with it. There have been a lot of changes in his life. I think this will be an easy transition. Hawaii. So far away and with no family.

Alex: Do you have a problem with that?

Olivia: No. I think it's a good idea.

Malcolm: Great. I was going to grab some coffee for me and Alex. You want something?

Olivia: No. As a matter of fact I have to get going.

Malcolm: I'll be right back.

Olivia: Good for you.

Alex: I beg your pardon?

Olivia: Last time I thought you should sale lady things with Malcolm and I see you took my advice. What about Neil? Does he know?

Victoria: I don't appreciate your attitude toward me, Neil.

Neil: I don't appreciate being told how to live my life.

Victoria: It's only because I care about you.

Neil: I realize that. This is something I have to work out myself.

Victoria: I hate this tension between us!

Neil: No kidding. I don't like it either.

Victoria: You're the only one I can talk to about Ryan.

Neil: What about your family?

Victoria: They're always there for me. With you it's different.

Neil: Hey, Vic, I found something the other day I've been meaning to show you. I was going through some old files on Ryan’s computer here. I ran across a memo he had been working on shortly before he -- anyway, he'd been watching the TV show “Survivor.” He couldn't get over the exotic scenery. He came up with an idea to do a Brash & Sassy shoot in Kenya. He's done most of the legwork so it wouldn't be difficult to get the ball rolling. That's not all he wanted to pitch to you. Here, take a look.

Victoria: Looks like what would have been after Greece.

Neil: The guy that knows our look the best --

Victoria: Is your brother, I know. The obvious person to oversee the shoot is you, Neil. But that's not an option, is it?

Paul: Isabella, you and me, damn it! Is this my baby? Is it? So this is my child.

Isabella: No, it's my child. To you, you were just --

Paul: What, just a donor?

Isabella: I didn't do it on purpose. All right. Yes, biologically you're the father. It was one night, Paul.

Paul: What does that have to do with it?

Isabella: I'm the one that's going to raise it. I'm the one who's going to love it, who's going to care for it.

Paul: This is my child too, Isabella.

Isabella: We both know how you feel. I'm sure it's a shock. You're not interested in having a baby with me. So thanks to Lauren, you know my big secret. You can leave now. Just go. Just leave.

Paul: You had no right to make this assumption. You had no right to keep this a secret from me.

Isabella: What would have been the point?

Paul: What ease the point?

Isabella: You know when I found out? The day I was in the hospital after the car accident. The same day you told me it was over between us. Why would I have told you?! You didn't care about me! You don't want to raise a child with me. Why would I have said one word to you knowing, knowing that all you wanted was me out of your life?! Well, guess what. You got your wish. So just accept it. Let me go, I beg you.

Mackenzie: Hey, Mom, what are you doing here?

Amanda: I have a question for you. Can you spare a few minutes?

Mackenzie: Uh, sure. So what's going on?

Amanda: Now that I'll be sticking around for a while, I have to get a job. Ned told me about a listing where they're looking for a lunch aide at your school.

Mackenzie: Would you be okay with that?

Amanda: The question is would you? Mackenzie, would it embarrass you being that close to you and you're friends? Just tell me. I'll understand.

Diego: And it's good.

Billy: What's up, Diego.

Diego: I'm looking for my brother. Have you seen him?

Billy: No. Have you told him you're sticking around?

Diego: Not yet.

Billy: I bet that'll make his day.

Diego: Not so sure. Not when he finds out where I'm working. Crimson Lights.

Billy: You're kidding.

Diego: He'll probably think I'm crowding him.

Billy: Raul thinks everyone is crowding him. Something else happened that he's going to be ticked about.

Olivia: So, have you shared the news with Neil?

Alex: It's none of his concern.

Olivia: When he finds out, given his state of mind --

Alex: Is something wrong?

Olivia: As you said, Alex, it's really not his concern or yours.

Malcolm: Here we go. A little coffee to help my lady get ready for the island.

Alex: Thank you.

Olivia: I should get going. Congratulations. I wish you both the best. Surprised?

Malcolm: Yeah. Yeah, a little.

Olivia: I am too.

Malcolm: I'll be damned. You okay? Something wrong?

Alex: No, baby, everything is wonderful. How can it not be wonderful? We are going to Hawaii soon and I cannot wait.

Malcolm: You know what? I goofed. I need cream and sugar.

Alex: All right, baby.

Victoria: You say the situation with my brother is none of my business. When something like this happens --

Neil: Vicki, send Malcolm. He's the photographer.

Victoria: We need one of our key people there, and you know it. Thee kneel okay. [indistinct] Why don't you go? I'm sure that's exactly what Ryan would have wanted.

[Cell phone ringing]

Malcolm: Hello. Malcolm here.

Victoria: Hey, Malcolm, it's Victoria.

Malcolm: Hey whack's shaking, sweetheart?

Victoria: We have a big shoot coming up and you're our guy.

Malcolm: Studio or location?

Victoria: Location.

Malcolm: Where?

Victoria: Kenya.

Malcolm: As in Africa?

Victoria: You got it. Sorry about that. You've been watching “Survivor,” right?

Malcolm: Please. Who hasn't?

Victoria: That's our concept.

Malcolm: That sounds like a bunch of fun.

Victoria: The thing is we need to move as soon as possible.

Malcolm: Really. Vic, you don't need me in the next couple weeks, do you?

Victoria: Is that a problem?

Malcolm: That's not going to work for me. That timing doesn't work at all. Sorry.

Victoria: Why not?

Malcolm: Well, you ready for the big news? Well that is when Alex and I have decided to get married.

[Blowing of harsh wind]

Katherine: Here we go. A nice cup of warm tea.

Lauren: Thank you. Thanks.

Katherine: I cannot believe it's over between you and Paul.

Lauren: We never actually got started. You know, we had some fun, and I got a glimpse into what we used to have. It was an illusion.

Katherine: No, no, no.

Lauren: It was a beautiful illusion. You know, when we were married he was so passionate. To this day, he makes me laugh harder than anyone I know. He can also make me so angry.

Katherine: I remember.

Lauren: Yes, you do. You know, I've looked for love for a long time, and I've even found it once or twice. But we never had that same connection. And when I came back to town, he was just so sad and lonely and I became convinced that we could rekindle our old love. And we could have. We're both so ready.

Katherine: Yes, but something's standing in the way.

Lauren: Now we'll never know, will we? It could have been so wonderful.

Diego: What's going on, Billy?

Billy: You know Rianna, right, Raul's old flame?

Diego: Yeah. What about her?

Billy: She was dating this real jerk, J.T. He dumped her after sleeping with her. Raul cares about Rianna even though he pretends he doesn't.

Diego: You think this will set Raul off?

Billy: He'll go hid [indistinct] midlevel on the guy.

Diego: He shouldn't use people like that. Is there something on your mind? If you don't want to talk about it, I understand.

Billy: Somebody said something earlier about Mac and me.

Diego: You two on the outs?

Billy: No, no. Things are great.

Diego: What's the problem?

Billy: You know, I'm not even sure there is one.

Diego: You're losing me, bro.

Billy: Mac and I have been dating on and off for a year and a half now.

Diego: Things are cool.

Billy: She's my best friend plus she's hot.

Diego: Sounds like you got it really bad.

Billy: I do.

Diego: So what's bugging you?

Jill: Did you want something, Mr. Warton?

Larry: Sorry, the door wasn't locked.

Jill: Have you heard of knocking?

Larry: I never expected the two of you making out or whatever.

Jill: I beg your pardon? I will not put up with insubordination.

Larry: There's something I have to talk to you about.

Jill: You're ignoring me now? Are you aware I'm on the board of directors?

Sean: Calm down. What's up? Chill.

Jill: You two want to chat, chat! Chat yourself blue in the face!

Larry: The other day we were talking you were asking me about women. You're right. They can drive you crazy.

Jill: Drive you crazy? I drive you crazy?! What else did you tell the janitor about me, Sean?

Amanda: Look, Mackenzie, I understand it might be awkward having me around you and your friends around school, especially doing menial work.

Mackenzie: I don't care what anybody thinks.

Amanda: Really?

Mackenzie: Yeah. I wait on people here all the time. It doesn't bother me.

Amanda: You wouldn't mind if I apply for the job?

Mackenzie: No, not at all. If that's what you want, that's fine with me.

Amanda: Thank you.

Mackenzie: No problem.

Amanda: How about I call now?

Mackenzie: I don't think anybody will be in the office. Why don't you wait for the morning.

Amanda: What is it? If you're not totally fine with this.

Mackenzie: Mom, Mom, that's not it.

Amanda: Something's up.

Mackenzie: My friend Riana's boyfriend broke up with her today.

Amanda: I'm sorry.

Mackenzie: I can't help wonder what she's going through.

Billy: Everything is great between us. We're totally in sink about everything.

Diego: Talk to me, Billy. What's going on, bro? You and Mac are solid, right? No problems? But something's not right. I get it. I get it. You two aren't --

Billy: No, we're not sleeping together.

Diego: Everything's great except that one department.

Billy: Yeah, yeah. We're tight and we're so close except --

Diego: Billy, you starting to get impatient?

Paul: I fathered your child and all you want is for me to leave you alone.

Isabella: I should have left Genoa city but I was afraid.

Paul: What were you afraid of?

Isabella: I'm pregnant by a man who doesn't love me. I have no way of supporting myself.

Paul: You convinced Michael Baldwin he's the father?

Isabella: Michael and I had a hot romance of our own.

Paul: What are you trying to do, rub my nose in it?

Isabella: Would you even care?

Paul: What were you planning to do, keep it a secret forever?

Isabella: I was desperate. I had to do something to protect myself and my child.

Paul: So you chose Michael Baldwin?

Isabella: I thought it was the easy way out. It was cowardly and now I'm paying the price.

Paul: How?

Isabella: Michael will be furious.

Paul: You don't think he has a right to be? You manipulated this whole thing.

Isabella: I don't need a sermon. Do us both a favor and stay out of this.

Paul: You really think I can do that? Do you think that's possible? Do you think I want to do that?

Isabella: All I'm saying is don't put yourself in the picture. Please don't demand having a role in the life of this child.

Paul: Would having me in the life of my own child be so terrible?

Isabella: I don't know if I can handle that. Through this baby I'm bound to you and remind me of everything I couldn't have.

Paul: So we just ignore what's best for the baby so it'll never know I'm its father.

Isabella: So I'm being selfish.

Paul: Your words.

Isabella: I won't throw myself at a man who made it very clear he does not want me in their -- in his life.

Paul: You don't think the baby would make a difference.

Isabella: That's exactly my point. Now you know the truth. The question is are you going to let me live my life or are you determined to mess things up for me?

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