Y&R Transcript Thursday 1/17/02

Y&R Transcript Thursday 1/17/02


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Ashley: Well, good morning to you too.

Brad: Hi.

Ashley: Hi.

Brad: Get your day started off on the right foot.

Ashley: Mission accomplished.

Brad: What smells so good?

Ashley: I made you breakfast.

Brad: You did? What's on the menu?

Ashley: Eggs Benedict, freshly-squeezed orange juice and home-made blueberry muffins.

Brad: I'm surprised you have so much energy this morning. I thought you would be tired.

Ashley: Why?

Brad: You got in late last night? I was tired. I hit the sheets early. So Miss early to rise, what's on your busy schedule today?

Ashley: I got up early because I couldn't sleep.

Brad: You were really worried about Phyllis.

Ashley: She almost died.

Phyllis: Whatís up, sleepyhead?

Jack: What time is it? Thank you for my coffee.

Phyllis: I had someone bring it up from the cafeteria. I can't drink any. I have to be kind to my kidneys.

Jack: I'm just glad you have kidneys. How are you feeling?

Phyllis: Better.

Jack: Sore?

Phyllis: You must be sore from sleeping on that chair. Here.

Jack: I'm here to look after you. I think you should be in bed.

Phyllis: It's good to walk around. They told me to walk around.

Jack: I can't tell you how nice it is to see you walk around.

Phyllis: I scared you, didn't I?

Jack: Yeah.

Phyllis: I was scared too.

Jack: I think this is God's way of telling us something.

Phyllis: I agree. I think it's God's way of telling us that next time we should be more careful.

Jack: Next time?

Nicholas: Yo. For your eyes only.

Victoria: What is it?

Nicholas: It's a report from the engineer of the new factory.

Victoria: Oh. I wasn't expecting this until tomorrow.

Nicholas: I need to clear my schedule today.

Victoria: Is there something going on?

Nicholas: I'm going out to talk with Sharon.

Victoria: Good. Good. I'm glad to hear that.

Nicholas: You can cover for me today?

Victoria: Take as much time as you need. Take the whole day. Working out problems with your wife should be your number one priority.

Nicholas: We'll see what happens.

Victoria: You okay?

Nicholas: I was at the ranch yesterday. Cassie is starting to ask questions. We have to figure out what we're going to tell the kids.

Victoria: At least you're talking.

Nicholas: I guess.

Victoria: Use this opportunity. Stay calm and speak from your heart. If you do that I know you'll get through this.

Nicholas: I hope you're right.

Victoria: Let me know how it goes.

Nicholas: All right. Thanks.

Mackenzie: I saw your brother at the coffee house last night.

Raul: I guess he's sticking around for a while.

Mackenzie: Heís worried about you, Raul. The way he was talking to me made me concerned too. We have been so out of touch lately. Why is he so worried?

Raul: He's blowing things out of proportion.

Mackenzie: He cancelled his plans.

Raul: He'll realize nothing is wrong and he'll be gone just like always.

Billy: Hey, what's up, man?

Diego: Hey, man, I was hoping I would run into you.

Billy: Shouldn't you be in Texas?

Diego: Shouldn't you be in school?

Billy: I have the first period off.

Diego: I stayed for Raul.

Billy: He didn't have another insulin reaction, did he?

Diego: You know the funk he's been in lately?

Billy: It's been going on since last summer.

Diego: I was hoping to shake him out of it. His best friend, his brother?

Billy: I don't think Raul considers me his best friend anymore. It's tough seeing the choices, hanging out with Brittany, not hanging out with Mac and me, and he's really touchy.

Diego: Any idea why?

Billy: Diabetes, breaking up with Rianna, college starting. I hope he's getting back to his old self.

Diego: That would be great. I think the kid is going to have a major fallout with this college thing.

Billy: Dude, what are you talking about?

Diego: Come on, man, we better talk.

Diane: Good morning, Chantal.

Chantal: Good morning, Diane. You brought your son. And this is his nanny.

Diane: Michael, come say hello to my son.

Michael: He's certainly grown since I saw him last.

Diane: Hasn't he?

Michael: You have a fine looking son there.

Diane: Would you take him? You be good, sweetie. Mommy will be right back.

Bye, mommy.

Michael: He is one year old now? He's a good baby?

Nanny: He's very good, senor.

Diane: Michael.

Bye, Mommy. Bye.

Diane: Well, that was a surprise.

Michael: What?

Diane: You taking such an interest in my baby.

Michael: I can guess why you're here.

Diane: It's about Nikki's visit to Milan. I figured out why she was asking so many questions. I'm convinced she knows who my son's father is.

Nikki: Good morning, sweetheart.

Victoria: What brings you by the enemy camp.

Nikki: I'm not looking for trade secrets. Where's your brother? Have you seen him?

Victoria: He was here earlier. Apparently they're talking. They had a conversation yesterday and he's on his way out to the ranch now.

Nikki: Have they made any progress?

Victoria: I don't know. They're communicating. That has to be good, right?

Nikki: It could be.

Victoria: Why do you say that?

Nikki: They have so much to overcome. It's not like your brother can forget what Sharon said to him.

Victoria: What did Sharon say?

Nikki: He didn't tell you?

Victoria: No, he didn't tell me.

Nikki: She basically accused him all over again of being responsible for the death of their baby.

Victoria: She did what?!

Nicholas: Sharon? Hey.

Sharon: Hello.

Nicholas: How you doing?

Sharon: I'm fine. Just fine.

Nicholas: I'm glad.

Sharon: How are you?

Nicholas: Hanging in there.

Sharon: Good. I made a fresh pot of coffee. You want some?

Nicholas: Yeah, that'd be nice, thank you.

Sharon: Okay. I'll be right back.

J.T.: Somebody got some new threads for Christmas.

Brittany: Excuse me?

J.T.: You look smoking.

Brittany: Nice try.

J.T.: I can't pay you a compliment?

Brittany: You're flattering me so Iíll help you break you up with Rianna. Just do what you do best. Dump the chick.

Rianna: Hey.

J.T.: Hey.

Rianna: Something on your mind?

J.T.: Check out those two.

Rianna: What about them?

J.T.: I almost feel sorry for Gutierrez.

Rianna: They have been spending extra time with him.

J.T.: You used to be pretty tight. I think this is going to sound weird, but you should talk to him.

Rianna: I can't do that.

J.T.: Why not?

Rianna: Isn't it obvious, J.T.? He has his life and I have mine. Why are you looking like that?

J.T.: When I bring up Raul's name you get all uptight. Makes me feel like you have feelings for the guy.

Rianna: J.T.

J.T.: If you didn't, you wouldn't be freaking out.

Rianna: I'm not freaking out. I'm over him. I have you now. You make me happy.

Mackenzie: Hi, guys. Did I interrupt something?

J.T.: We were just talking. Forget what I said. It's no big deal. Just a thought. You want to walk me to class?

Rianna: Sure.

Brittany: Spineless jerk.

Raul: Who are you talking about?

Brittany: J.T.

Raul: Yeah, of course, who else? What did he do now?

Ashley: Phyllis spent the night in the hospital for observation.

Brad: But she'll be okay.

Ashley: Doctors say she should make a complete recovery.

Brad: Thank God for that. I had no idea they were trying in vitro.

Ashley: I think back to all the times I told Phyllis she was selfish and thoughtless. I feel terrible for saying those things to her.

Brad: You have to let it go. There's no point dwelling on that. Where do Jack and Phyllis go from here?

Ashley: If Phyllis can get pregnant, she's going to go for it.

Michael: It's an interesting theory.

Diane: You don't buy it.

Michael: It's not backed up by anything factual yet.

Diane: Does this man have any rights to my son?   

Michael: If he wanted to make a case based on DNA evidence, I would have to say yes.

Diane: Oh, my God.

Michael: You're making two very big assumptions. First, that Nikki knows who the father is, and second, that this man would even want to be involved.

Diane: Nikki despises me.

Michael: Doesn't mean a random sperm donor is going to help her cause. If it's someone you know?

Diane: I realize it's unlikely. I can't pretend it's impossible. There's too much at stake.

Michael: What are you going to do?

Diane: Running back to Italy won't help if this man has legal rights.

Michael: You think he would be determined enough to pursue you overseas?

Diane: He could. I refuse to live my life looking over my shoulder. My first order of business is to find out who this man is.

Jack: You're not suggesting --

Doctor: Good morning, Phyllis, Jack.

Jack: Doctor.

Phyllis: Hi, doctor.

Doctor: I spoke with Dr. Walker, checked your charts. I do have to give you a slap on the wrist. You should have been more forthcoming about your symptoms.

Phyllis: I was telling my husband I learned my lessons. Sometimes I could be too stoic.

Jack: I want to talk about being careful next time.

Phyllis: I will be more careful.

Jack: You almost died.

Phyllis: I made a mistake. It shouldn't keep us from trying. I will be extremely careful. He will lower the dosage.

Jack: I don't know if that will help at all.

Phyllis: Doctor, help me with this.

Doctor: I don't see any reason why she can't have another go at this as long as she takes it slow.

Jack: It doesn't change the fact my wife almost died! This makes the risk of this happening again higher. Am I right?

Doctor: Not necessarily. We will monitor more closely and there are ways to prevent a re-occurrence.

Jack: Foolproof ways. You can look me in the eye and say nothing like this will happen again.

Doctor: I can't give you any guarantees.

Phyllis: The odds are in my favor.

Doctor: Truth is we don't know what makes people have hyper stimulation.

Jack: I would love to have a moment alone with my wife.

Doctor: Of course. I'll check back with you later.

Nikki: She hasn't used that word. She ordered a paternity test.

Victoria: I thought they weren't going to go through with the test.

Nikki: She didn't tell him until she had the results.

Victoria: Which showed what?

Nikki: He is the father. She said something along the lines that she had to die before he accepted the results.

Victoria: I can't believe this.

Nikki: Sharon is in a great deal of pain.

Victoria: That doesn't excuse anything. To say something that cruel to Nicholas after all this time.

Nikki: You talked to her the other night?

Victoria: She didn't say anything about this or I would have set her straight.

Nikki: Why?

Victoria: I need a to have a chat with Sharon. He adores Sharon and I will not let her treat him like this.

Diego: I didn't see Raul's letter.

Billy: Brittany said it was a disaster?

Diego: That was only half the story. Know the straight A average of his?

Billy: Yeah.

Diego: Gone. His grades took a nosedive last semester.

Billy: I had no idea things had gotten this bad.

Diego: I figured he must have told you.

Billy: We're not as tight as we used to be.

Diego: You guys have a fight or something?

Billy: It's complicated.

Diego: It must be for you to turn your back on him.

Billy: Diego, I didn't turn my back on him. Raul's been almost impossible to get along with. There's only so much I can do.

Diego: Sorry to hear you say that.

Billy: It's cool you care about your brother but Raul is very stubborn. Trying to change his mind only gets you a lot of attitude.

Diego: What if the shoe was on the other foot? Would Raul try to get to you smarten up?

Billy: A few years ago the guy saved my life. Don't think for one second I wouldn't go out of my way for him.

Diego: Is it just the diabetes?

Billy: It's a big deal, man.

Diego: The kid is diagnosed with a disease. Suddenly his future doesn't matter? This kid has scholarship potential.

Billy: You don't have to convince me of that.

Diego: You agree we have to get him off this path.

Billy: I don't know how to do that. Can we at least give it a shot?

Billy: All right.

Diego: I appreciate it.

Billy: You have a plan?

Diego: I had a plan to get out of this dump and get on with my life. Looks like that's going to be on hold for a while.

Brittany: I'm not sure you want to know the latest on J.T.

Raul: Forget I asked.

Brittany: On second thought, you'll appreciate this.

Raul: I will?

Brittany: How can I make this short and sweet? J.T.'s not really interested in Rianna. He only went after her last summer because he was bored. Then it became a competition with you.

Raul: And you're telling me this why?

Brittany: It seems now that J.T. has her, he's getting tired of her, especially after he got what he wanted, if you know what I mean.

Raul: I got the picture, Brittany.

Brittany: Now he wants to dump her.

Raul: Why doesn't he?

Brittany: He's afraid he'll look bad in Mackenzie's eyes. J.T. secretly worships Mackenzie. Rianna will realize what a fool she's been taking him back. That ought to give you some satisfaction.

Sharon: Coffee. It's blue mountain.

Nicholas: Really.

Sharon: Your favorite.

Nicholas: Yeah, it is. Thank you. It's good. You always made great coffee.

Sharon: Thanks.

Nicholas: I wanted to make sure Miguel took the kids before I showed up. So I guess we have some things we need to talk about.

Sharon: I guess we do.

Nicholas: Like how are we going to handle this with the kids. What are we going to tell them?

Sharon: Right.

Nicholas: I was looking at this picture. Cassie drew it right after she joined our family.

Sharon: I know. I saw you.

Nicholas: It really got to me. What are we going to say to our children, Sharon?

Sharon: I guess we just put the best spin on it.

Nicholas: And what's that?

Sharon: That you'll still be seeing them, and it's not necessarily permanent.

Nicholas: Yeah, that'll be reassuring.

Sharon: Nicholas, let's not fight.

Nicholas: Let's not argue? Or let's not fight for this marriage? Sharon, it's a legitimate question. Am I wasting my time trying to find a way back to you?

Nikki: Victoria, don't be foolish.

Victoria: I'm going to the ranch.

Nikki: You are not the only one worried about your brother.

Victoria: You talked to Sharon. Have you let her know how out of line she was?

Nikki: In so many words. She refuses to listen to reason.

Victoria: I lost a child. I know what it feels like to be in her shoes.

Nikki: So do I. It didn't help.

Victoria: I can't sit here and do nothing.

Nikki: I can't let you go out there when you're so angry.

Victoria: Excuse me for being protective of my brother.

Nikki: I'm protective of him too. It might make things worse. You're saying the two of them are starting to talk. We shouldn't interrupt. He has to be the one to convince her she's wrong.

Victoria: I could help.

Nikki: No! How many times have you complained when one of us interfered in your personal affairs? You are about to do the same thing.

Victoria: All right, fine. I won't go out there for now. But I am not going to stay quiet about this. If this isn't resolved soon, Sharon is going to know exactly how I feel.

Mackenzie: You okay?

Raul: Mac, what's your take on J.T. and Rianna? You think they're happy?

Mackenzie: They seem to be.

Raul: You hesitated.

Mackenzie: Lately, Iíve been getting this feeling.

Raul: That something's wrong?

Mackenzie: A little. Why?

Raul: On the off chance it's true, I think Rianna should know Brittany claims J.T. has been using her the whole time.

Mackenzie: Using her how?

Raul: How do you think? And that's not all. According to Brittany, the only reason they're still together is J.T. doesnít want to look bad in your eyes for dumping her.

Mackenzie: What?

Raul: Just passing along what I heard. Consider the source, but there it is.

Brad: That was a fantastic breakfast.

Ashley: Glad you enjoyed it, honey.

Brad: Why did you spoil me?

Ashley: Phyllis' close call reminded me how much I love you. And I need to tell you and show you. I can't think of enough ways.

Brad: Amen to that.

Ashley: Come here.

Brad: You finish that experiment you were working on?

Ashley: I went to the lab once I left the hospital.

Brad: Must have been hard to concentrate.

Ashley: It was. I wanted to just come home and have you throw your arms around me.

Brad: It's probably good you stayed at the lab.

Ashley: Why?

Brad: I had a visitor.

Ashley: Who?

Brad: Diane.

Ashley: Jenkins?

Brad: Yeah. She's back in town.

Ashley: My brother has enough stress in his life right now. The last thing he needs is Diane trying to get her hooks in him again.

Brad: You don't have to worry about that.

Ashley: How are you sure?

Brad: She told me why she's here.

Ashley: What'd she say?

Brad: I'm a little uncomfortable discussing it.

Ashley: Why, you don't want to betray her confidence or something?

Brad: Yeah. Do you understand?

Ashley: Can you tell me this much? Are you sure it has nothing to do with Jack? You're absolutely positive?

Brad: Oh, yeah. I am sure. Trust me. Your brother is the last thing on Diane's mind right now.

Billy: Diego, I think it's cool you're staying in town to help your brother.

Diego: Why I don't go crazy first.

Billy: Why would you?

Diego: Hanging out at my parents' house, living under their rules. Not my idea of a good time.

Billy: I'm sure you'll survive. I have to get to school.

Diego: We'll talk soon.

Billy: Yeah, definitely.

Hey, get you a refill?

Diego: I noticed a sign in the window. You looking for help?

Yeah, that's right. You need a job?

Diego: Yeah. Yeah, I do.

Have you waited tables?

Diego: Way too often.

When can you start?

Diego: Is now soon enough?

Mackenzie: Can I talk to you?

Rianna: Is it about J.T. and me again?

Mackenzie: I know you said everything is okay between the two of you.

Mackenzie: Are you sure? You don't have to put on an act for my sake.

Rianna: Maybe I was a little insecure last night. But wait a minute, you were just talking to Raul before. Is he trying to make it seem like J.T. and I are having problems?

Mackenzie: Raul was talking to me about you, but --

Rianna: But what?

Mackenzie: Someone told Raul something and he passed it on to me.

Rianna: Meaning someone is spreading rumors about J.T. and me. Who is it, Mac? I need to know now.

Mackenzie: I have a great mouth.

Diane: I have to find out who fathered my child.

Michael: That's easier said than done. Where would we even start?

Diane: After I took the sperm from Robertson Labs, it was stolen by Nikki.

Michael: So you assume.

Diane: Nikki stored the sample in a top secret location for several months. Then she decided it wasn't enough to deprive me of Victor's child. She had to further humiliate me.

Michael: Making you think you were carrying Victor's child.

Diane: They did a DNA scan.

Michael: The switch had to have been made before it was returned. There must be hundreds of sperm samples.

Diane: It's simple. There were two samples. One was Victor's. One was the true father's. They had their own containers. The father's went into Victor's container. Once I find out whose container Victor's is stored in now --

Michael: We find out who the father is, the real father.

Phyllis: I realize you're worried. Don't let your imagination go crazy. We shouldn't stop having a baby because of vague concern.

Jack: This is a hell of a lot more than a vague concern.

Phyllis: I will not be stupid again.

Jack: You weren't conscious when you going through this, I was. There are no guarantees.

Phyllis: He would keep his eye on me.

Jack: 4 hours a day? What if you weren't in your office. What if you were in your car somewhere? There would be a different ending to this story.

Phyllis: Life is full of what ifs.

Jack: You be blasť all you want. If one more minute had passed, there could be have been irreparable damage to your organs. You would have been gone, Phyllis.

Phyllis: What are you telling me? What are you saying to me?

Jack: We can't do this.

Phyllis: You want to throw in the towel because of one setback?

Jack: This is not a small setback. I can hold you. I can kiss you.

Phyllis: Jack, something is missing! We don't have a baby! We won't have a baby!

Jack: We have each other. We have each other. That's enough. That's enough for me.

Nicholas: You're not answering me. Is this a waste of time?

Sharon: It's hard for me to say.

Nicholas: And why is that?

Sharon: Because you're the one that threw around the ultimatums last time we talked.

Nicholas: Sharon, in all the years we have been together, have I ever done anything like that?

Sharon: But you did this time.

Nicholas: Have you thought at all about what you said to me? Don't you understand how I feel?

Sharon: Yeah, Iíve thought about it. I've thought about everything that happened, Nicholas.

Nicholas: I don't want to make demands, Sharon. But when I hear from you Iím responsible for our child's death, I have to believe you didn't mean that. I need to hear you say that to me. Baby, I love you. I love you so much and I love those kids. You are my world. You and the kids, and this house, and this life we have together. You mean everything to me. It rips my soul out when I hear from you I am the cause of our child's death. It kills me, my wife, the woman I love, thinks that way about me. Sharon, I can't believe you mean that. How can I live with a woman that feels that way about me? Don't you understand? I need you to tell me that that is not how you feel.

Sharon: Sorry, Nicholas.

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