Y&R Transcript Wednesday 1/16/02

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 1/16/02


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 Jack: You have the test results?

Dr. Walker: Yes.

Jack: God, please don't tell me --

Dr. Walker: Jack, it's good news. There's no permanent damage to Phyllis' kidney or liver.

Jack: No damage or less than you thought?

Dr. Walker: None. Phyllis is a fighter. There's every reason to believe she will make a complete recovery.

Jack: So what now?

Dr. Walker: I've discontinued the hormone treatment. Phyllis' ovaries are almost back to normal.

Jack: There are no long-term complications.

Dr. Walker: She'll be just fine.

Jack: Thank God.

Ashley: How long will you keep her here, Doctor?

Dr. Walker: I would like to keep her here overnight.

Jack: She can come home tomorrow?

Dr. Walker: As long as there are no complications.

Jack: Thank you, Reese.

Dr. Walker: You're welcome, Jack.

Brad: Diane, what are you talking about?

Diane: Nikki. I'm getting a handle on her plan. She's trying to get back at me.

Brad: By using your child.

Diane: By using his father.

Brad: You don't know who that is.

Diane: Nikki might. He could be out there ready to pounce. I think more and more she's targeting my son.

Brad: Don't you think you're being a tiny bit paranoid.

Diane: If she and his father are planning to take the baby away. Brad, please, you have to help me. What am I going to do?

Sharon: Finally made it home. His adventure was over and he had learned a lot.

Noah: His mommy and daddy will always love him.

Sharon: That's right, always.

Noah: I like that book, Mommy.

Sharon: I'm glad, sweetheart. Something on your mind? All right, young man, time for bed.

[Phone ringing]

Noah: Daddy! I miss you, too.

Cassie: Don't hang up. I want to talk to him too.

Rianna: J.T., we have to get going if we're going to make the year book meeting.

J.T.: Not me.

Mackenzie: Hi, guys.

Rianna: Perfect timing.

Mackenzie: What's up?

Rianna: I'm trying to get my boyfriend to go to school.

J.T.: Rianna, we have been together all day. The year book thing is your deal. I'm going to get a doughnut. You want anything?

Mackenzie: No thank you.

Mackenzie: Are you okay?

Rianna: Yeah. Maybe I'm a little disappointed. Like J.T. said, we have spent all day together. It's just --

Mackenzie: What?

Rianna: I'm probably being stupid. Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one making all the effort.

Brittany: Last night of freedom tomorrow.

Raul: There's an all ages band at the Regency.

Brittany: That trippy, acid stuff?

Raul: You said you liked it.

Brittany: Your brother took off?

Raul: Same old thing. He blows into town, pours on the charm and splits. As far as I'm concerned, good riddance. Come on, let's go.

Paul: So you don't want to leave? What do you suggest we do instead?

Lauren: Well, there's plenty of dance clubs. Or --

Paul: I like what you're thinking.

Lauren: I promised myself I wouldn't do this until you spoke with Isabella.

Paul: Oh, for crying out loud, Lauren! Why don't you let this go?

Lauren: It's the right thing to do.

Paul: You don't know that.

Lauren: The longer you put this off the harder it's going to be, but not just for me. For everyone.

Paul: Isabella and I are history. We are through. We are finished. It seems to me you should be able to understand that.

Lauren: You're right. I should be. So let's go.

Paul: Just like that?

Lauren: Yeah, yeah. Just like that. Come on. Let's go to Gina's, dance the night away.

Michael: Dessert?

Isabella: Oh, my gosh, Michael, I'm stuffed.

Michael: You're eating for two.

Isabella: I'm one and a half at the moment.

[Cell phone ringing]

Michael: Excuse me. Michael. Yeah, hold for just a minute. I have to take this. Excuse me.

Gina: Isabella, I didn't see you come in.

Isabella: We slipped through the back.

Gina: How about I give you your favorite after-dinner drink on the house?

Isabella: Sorry, I can't.

Gina: You're pregnant?

Isabella: Believe it or not.

Gina: Well, that's wonderful.

Isabella: Yes, it is. I guess you're wondering who the father is.

Michael: Your favorite customer, Gina. Yours truly.

Mackenzie: So you feel as if you're the only one making the effort?

Rianna: I'm not being fair. There are tons of times J.T. is totally with me.

Mackenzie: Like when?

Rianna: You know.

Mackenzie: Rianna, are you guys having sex? Are you sure you're okay with that?

Rianna: If I wasn't, it wouldn't have happened. Sometimes, J.T., he gets weird on me.

Mackenzie: What do you mean?

Rianna: With this year book thing. Of course I was disappointed because I want him to spend time with me.

Mackenzie: But things are fine.

Rianna: Yes. Things are wonderful.

J.T.: You're still here?

Rianna: I was hoping you'd change your mind.

J.T.: Sorry, babe.

Rianna: Okay. I'll call you later. Bye.

Raul: What are you doing here?

Diego: Good to see you too, bro.

Raul: Serious.

Diego: Got as far as Kansas. I had to come back.

Raul: Why?

Diego: Brittany, could you excuse us for a minute? I'd like to talk to my brother alone.

Cassie: When will you be home? Couple more days? I understand. I love you too. Good night.

Sharon: You miss your daddy, don't you? Sweetie, what is it?

Cassie: Daddy sounds different. Is there something wrong?

Sharon: What could be wrong?

Cassie: I don't know. That's why I'm asking.

Sharon: Nothing for you to be concerned about. It's time for bed.

Cassie: Will you come to tuck me in?

Sharon: Of course I will, when you're ready. Cassie, you okay, sweetheart?

Cassie: I love you, Mommy.

Sharon: Oh, honey, I love you too. All right. Off you go.

Gina: You're the father.

Michael: That's right, Gina, daddy dearest. I see you're as excited as we are.

Gina: I just think life is fascinating. You'll have to excuse me. I have something to do in the kitchen.

Michael: She'll probably call the health department. Isn't it heartwarming the way people react to wonderful news. I'm sorry.

Isabella: We all make choices in life.

Michael: You don't have to pretend, Isabella. Once the news gets out about our little bundle of joy, things will be different. There'll be talk.

Isabella: I'll get used to it.

Michael: The sanctimonious good-doers of this town have looked down on me.

Isabella: You think the baby will change that?

Michael: Oh, no. I think that will confirm suspicions I'm scum of the earth.

Isabella: Eternal pessimist.

Michael: Realist. There's no point being disappointed.

Isabella: You and me against the world.

Michael: Something like that.

Isabella: You certainly are singing a different tune lately.

Michael: You mean other than the rant and rave?

Isabella: Exactly.

Michael: Stop complaining.

Isabella: I thought you would be pulling out all the stops by now.

Michael: Urging you to get the heck out of Dodge?

Isabella: Mmm-hmm. You're really comfortable with this situation.

Michael: I'm more comfortable with you on the dance floor.

J.T.: You got something to say, Mac?

Mackenzie: Rianna is certainly happy.

J.T.: So?

Mackenzie: What about you, J.T.? You know how much I care about Rianna.

J.T.: That makes two of us, Mac.

Mackenzie: The last thing she needs is to be hurt after all. Rianna has been through a lot these past few months. The least you can do is reassure her once in a while.

J.T.: After all the time we spent together? What more does she want? I thought you just told me how happy she is?

Mackenzie: Because she loves you and she assumes you love her too. You do love her, don't you?

J.T.: We shouldn't be talking about this.

Mackenzie: Why?

J.T.: Because we shouldn't, Mac, all right?

Mackenzie: Fine.

Jack: Hey, beautiful. You awake?

Phyllis: Hi.

Jack: Hi.

Phyllis: I'm in the hospital still?

Jack: Yeah.

Phyllis: Hi, Ashley.

Ashley: Hi. How you feeling?

Phyllis: Fine, I guess. What happened?

Jack: It's a long story. You don't have to worry about that right now. I'll tell you about it later.

Phyllis: No, I want to know now. Come on, you're scaring me, Jack.

Jack: You remember our appointment with Dr. Grazing?

Phyllis: Yeah, I do.

Jack: You had a nasty reaction to the hormone therapy.

Phyllis: Serious?

Jack: It was pretty touch-and-go there for a while.

Phyllis: You act like I was going to die or something. It was that bad?

Jack: The important thing is that you're fine now. You're going to be as good as new. That's all that counts. Which means I can finally give you a piece of my mind.

Brad: Diane, you don't know anything for certain.

Diane: I know Nikki hates me.

Brad: The feeling is mutual.

Diane: So?

Brad: You're letting your imagination get the better of you. Nikki would never use your child.

Diane: She arranged to switch the sperm samples. Does that sound like someone who doesn't use children?

Brad: She certainly should never have played God. Now he's here. She probably feels she's looking out for his best interest.

Diane: By flying to Milan?

Brad: She flew to Milan. Your nanny said you were a great mother and she took off. You can't be objective where Nikki's concerned.

Diane: I can't afford to be complacent either, Brad.

Brad: What does that mean?

Diane: My first instinct was to run. Take a place far away where Nikki couldn't find him. If she knows who the father is, what if the donor pokes around, starts asking questions? I need to find out who the father is.

Brad: How are you going to do that?

Diane: I don't know. My little boy's future is at stake so I will find him.

Nicholas: I called from the car.

Sharon: Cassie just went upstairs.

Nicholas: I saw her light go on.

Sharon: What are you doing here?

Nicholas: I have to pick up a few things.

Sharon: I could have sent them to you.

Nicholas: They're papers and stuff. I'm not sure what they are.

Sharon: Fine.

Sharon: I'm going to get going, tuck Noah and Cassie in.

Nicholas: I won't be long.

Sharon: On second thought, could you stick around? I want to talk to you about something.

Lauren: How about a toast?

Paul: All righty. To what?

Lauren: The future.

Paul: Did you bring your crystal ball?

Lauren: No need.

Paul: They played that when we were going out.

Lauren: I know.

Paul: Shall we?

Lauren: Sure.

Michael: Feeling better?

Isabella: He needs his exercise.

Michael: So does his mom.

Isabella: What if it's a girl?

Michael: As long as she doesn't look like her daddy.

Jack: Do you have any idea how close we came to losing you?

Phyllis: Sorry.

Jack: Just this morning you assured me you'd let me know if there was something wrong.

Phyllis: I didn't realize it was so serious.

Jack: We're married. We're supposed to be in this together.

Phyllis: I know. I know. I wasn't feeling well. I had no idea this would happen.

Jack: You decided to tough it out.

Phyllis: For our baby, the baby we were meant to have. Jack, you know, I thought it was indigestion. You don't go to the doctor every time you have a stomachache.

Jack: He asked you to tell him whenever anything is wrong.

Ashley: Jack, go easy, okay?

Jack: She wouldn't come to me for anything. I found her doubled over.

Phyllis: I wasn't in any real discomfort until then.

Jack: He said you must have known something was wrong for hours. Come on. Your ovaries were enlarged. A belly full of fluid. Your lungs were filling up. You came close to dying.

Phyllis: I didn't want to give up. It's too important.

Jack: Nothing is more important to me than you.

Phyllis: I was thinking of our child.

Jack: I'm thinking of my wife.

Ashley: Phyllis, you take care of yourself, okay?

Phyllis: Thanks.

Ashley: If you need anything, call me.

Jack: You taking off?

Ashley: Yeah. The two of you need some time together.

Jack: She keeps brushing this off.

Ashley: Look what the doctor said. She is okay.

Jack: You know what? You're right. You're right.

Ashley: She's very lucky to have you as a husband.

Jack: No, I'm the lucky one.

Ashley: You take care.

Brittany: What's wrong, Romeo?

J.T.: Don't start.

Brittany: Mac's finally on to you?

J.T.: How the hell did I get myself into this?

Brittany: We both know the answer to this.

J.T.: There has to be a way out of this.

Brittany: Break Rianna's heart. Can't do that. You don't want Mac to find out what a sleaze you are.

J.T.: Shut up, Brittany. You've been hanging out with the brain. This is it. I can't dump Rianna. If she dumps me.

Brittany: Fat chance. Raul and Rianna.

J.T.: The nerd isn't getting any action. All we have to do is nudge those two together.

Brittany: We?

J.T.: People are beginning to talk.

Brittany: There's nothing between Raul and me. You ask me for help and you cut me down. I know what you're saying. You blew it. I was starting to feel sorry for you. Now I think I'll just sit back and watch you sweat it out. It's so much more entertaining.

Lauren: You going to talk to me about this?

Paul: I'm fine.

Lauren: Why did you walk out of Gina's?

Paul: You don't know? It is one thing to know what's going on. But to see the two of them together like that --

Lauren: More than you can stomach?

Paul: I just feel sorry for her. She doesn't know what she's getting into with Baldwin.

Lauren: I wouldn't be so sure. The bottom line is you may be concerned about her, but there's a heck of a lot more going on now.

Paul: I don't want to talk about it.

Lauren: I can't let this drop.

Paul: Oh, yes you can, Lauren. It's a choice.

Lauren: Every time we're together it's great. Then the subject of Isabella comes up and we're at each other's throats.

Paul: I don't want to argue either.

Lauren: What are we going to do?

Paul: I don't know.

Lauren: Sound familiar, doesn't it?

Paul: What do you mean?

Lauren: Christine drove Isabella away.

Paul: Even if I did have feelings for Isabella, talking about it isn't going to make a difference.

Lauren: You don't know that.

Paul: There is no connection between Isabella and me. What is it going to take to make you realize that?

Michael: It doesn’t bother you to see Paul and Lauren dancing?

Isabella: No.

Michael: Well, maybe this baby is a plus after all.

Isabella: Look, it's been a long day.

Michael: You want to head home?

Isabella: Do you mind?

Michael: You all right? Let's go.

Raul: I don't need a lecture, Diego.

Diego: That's not why I came back here, bro. Some of the stuff you said earlier hit a nerve. I know I can't waltz in here and fix everything.

Raul: Hard to give advice when you have one foot out the door.

Diego: I understand why you don't want to talk to me.

Raul: Now I'm supposed to be an open book?

Diego: We used to be tight.

Raul: That was a long time ago.

Diego: So you're saying it's my fault. Come on, bro, I don't want to argue with you, all right?

Raul: Neither do I.

Diego: Do us both a favor and hear me out. You were talking about all this pressure you were feeling especially from Mom and Dad about college.

Raul: What about it?

Diego: There has to be a way to deal with it without throwing it all away. Still on top of the class?

Raul: My grades took a dive last semester.

Diego: How bad?

Raul: Bad.

Diego: What are you thinking?

Raul: Back off, okay?

Diego: Excuse me for caring about my little brother. If you don't straighten out --

Raul: What, Diego, I'll end up like you?

Diego: You need help, bro. I kept telling myself you're old enough and you can deal with your own problems.

Raul: Damn right I can. Leave me the hell alone.

Brittany: Raul, --

Raul: Let's go.

Brittany: You said --

Raul: Let's go, okay?

Diego: Can't get rid of me that easily, bro. You're Raul's friends, right?

Mackenzie: Yeah, so?

Diego: You know what's going on with him lately?

Mackenzie: Not really.

Diego: He seems like he's a different person.

Mackenzie: I got the impression you left town already. You sticking around?

Diego: For a while anyway, yeah. I don't have a damn choice.

Diane: I should send my son back to Milan.

Brad: Why don't you?

Diane: He'd miss me too much. I can't bear to be away from him.

Brad: Maybe you should go too, Diane.

Diane: I can't go now. Not until I'm sure he's safe. Do you believe in karma, Brad?

Brad: I suppose.

Diane: It’s all coming back to me. I wanted Victor's child so badly, I was devastated to find out he wasn't the father.

Brad: Now you couldn't care less.

Diane: He's my little boy. That's all that matters. Still my hands aren't exactly clean. I did steal that sample. If only I'd used a knowing decoy. I had no idea that having a child, my child would be enough.

Brad: Well, now you do.

Diane: But how secure can I be? My son and I with Nikki and all of her knowing?

Brad: Listen, Diane, I'm going to say it again. Nikki will not cause harm to your son, okay? Be smart and let it go.

Diane: In other words, hit the road.

Brad: In other words, Ashley will be back soon and I don't want you here.

Diane: Fine. She's the last person I want to see. Make no mistake about it, Brad, I will protect myself and my son, and I will do whatever it takes.

Phyllis: You're mad at me.

Jack: I'm not mad at you. I'm just frightened. I've never been that scared before in my life. I thought I was going to lose you.

Phyllis: Jack, I'm so sorry. I wasn't thinking. I just wanted to get pregnant so badly.

Jack: So badly, you were willing to risk your life?

Phyllis: Sorry. I mean if you knew how I feel putting you through that. My entire life I needed to look out for myself. And now having somebody in my life who loves me so much, I realize that I have to think of somebody else first for a change. I don't know what to tell you, I'm sorry. I'll never do that again. I'm sorry.

Jack: Easy, easy. Rest, okay? Just rest.

Phyllis: Are you leaving?

Jack: No. No, I'm going to sleep right here tonight.

Phyllis: You are?

Jack: Yeah.

Phyllis: I know I should tell you to go, but I'm glad you're staying. I love you, Jack.

Jack: Rest, rest.

Nicholas: Kids asleep?

Sharon: Cassie went down but she was restless.

Nicholas: Is that what you want to talk about?

Sharon: My daughter asked me if anything is wrong.

Nicholas: What'd you tell her?

Sharon: Not to worry.

Nicholas: You think she knows what's going on?

Sharon: She's a bright little girl, Nicholas. Maybe it's time we talk to her.

Nicholas: The longer we wait, the more difficult it will be.

Sharon: What are we going to say?

Nicholas: I don't know.

Sharon: Don't you think we should figure that out first?

Nicholas: Of course we should, Sharon. Sorry. This isn't easy.

Sharon: Tonight's not good.

Nicholas: How about tomorrow after you drop the kids off?

Sharon: You want to meet back here?

Nicholas: If that's cool with you.

Sharon: That's fine by me.

Nicholas: See you in the morning.

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