Y&R Transcript Friday 1/11/02

Y&R Transcript Friday 1/11/02


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Nikki: Who the hell do you think you are barging in here making demands?

Diane: I told you I wanted answers now. Nikki, Nikki, where's all that lovely goodwill you brought to Milan when you dropped in claiming to be on business for Jabot. I saw through you then, I see through you now. You hate me. You always will.

Nikki: You're really testing my patience.

Diane: You claim you were concerned about the repercussions of your actions on me, because thanks to you I don't know the identity of my child's father. You know something? I think that was half true. You weren't worried about me. You were worried about my child, weren't you, Nikki?

Trevor: You haven't touched your food.

Phyllis: What?

Trevor: Is there something wrong with your muffin?

Phyllis: Last night, I didn't think I ate that much but I feel full.

Trevor: You want to get it to go?

Phyllis: That's okay, Trevor. I'll pay you for it. Keep the change.

Trevor: Thank you.

Neil: I'm getting irritated. You have our terms. Let's not beat the deal into the ground. Do you want this deal or not?!

Edmond Grant: Frankly, Neil, watching you in action Iím reconsidering doing business with Newman Enterprises at all. What do you think about that?

Victoria: Gentlemen, is there a problem?

Edmond Grant: And you are?

Victoria: I'm Victoria Newman, Victor Newman's daughter. You're Edmond Grant.

Edmond Grant: I appreciate you wanting to help but the truth is, after what's just happened, I feel like I can no longer trust Neil to negotiate in good faith.

Neil: You're blowing this out of proportion.

Victoria: Neil, why don't we talk to my father. I'm sure we can sort something out.

Edmond Grant: I'm not sure. I'm seriously considering canceling the entire deal.

Alex: Can I have some hot chocolate with whipped cream, please?

Olivia: Excuse me?

Alex: Olivia, I thought you were the waiter.

Olivia: Apparently. May I join you?

Alex: Suit yourself.

Olivia: So how's everything?

Alex: I assume you're asking about Malcolm and me. We're fine, thanks. Does that surprise you?

Olivia: I was speaking to your fiancť. I really couldn't believe Neil would say you had feelings for him out of spite.

Alex: Wait a minute, you talked to --

Olivia: Stay calm. I told Malcolm I thought he should stay well away from his brother.

Alex: And?

Olivia: And then Neil walked in.

Amanda: You made a decision about Mackenzie being a part of my life again?

Brock: I considered both sides of this issue with great care.

Amanda: You're very protective of Mackenzie as any father would be, and any mother should be.

Brock: He failed to protect her.

Amanda: I regret that with all my heart.

Brock: I believe you. But as you've admitted, that really doesn't make amends for what happened.

Amanda: No, it doesn't.

Brock: Still, you've broken off contact with this --

Amanda: Ralph?

Brock: Ralph, Ralph. I sense your stay in Genoa City, it hasn't been official to Mackenzie. It makes sense the two of you connecting; it might benefit our daughter even more.

Amanda: So you're saying?

Brock: This is a tough call. But knowing that Billy and my mother will be keeping a close eye on things and will continue to do so after I leave, yes, yes, Amanda. If this is what Mackenzie wants, I won't fight it.

John: Bradley, arguing about Colleen isn't going to accomplish anything.

Brad: There are issues that need to be resolved. Why can't you see that?

John: Traci trusted me with the care of her daughter.

Brad: I am hardly a disinterested party.

John: While you're a biological father, you have lost your custodial rights.

Brad: You're saying I should stand on the sidelines and keep my mouth shut.

John: I wouldn't put it that harshly.

Brad: But that's what you're saying.

John: It is out of your hands.

Brad: Grandparents are known as a soft touch.

John: You think Colleen should be treated like a criminal. You want to place one restriction upon another. To a kid it feels like you're saying, you don't trust me. They will never trust me.

Brad: If you keep coddling Colleen, you will find --

John: I'm tired of spare-the-rod-spoils-the-child belief.

Brad: She was smoking pot, expelled from school. This isn't a minor screw up! The bottom line is Traci put you in charge and you will do whatever you damn well please.

John: No, Bradley, I will do whatever I think is right.

Ashley: You guys, what's going on?

Doctor: I'm sure you wonder why I asked to speak with you before Phyllis gets here.

Jack: Is something wrong?

Doctor: How's Phyllis doing?

Jack: She's doing fine. I would notice, right?

Doctor: You asked if you would notice if anything was wrong.

Jack: Are you trying to say something?

Doctor: Let's say there's a confidentiality issue here; I suggest you question your wife more closely about her health.

Jack: A confidentiality issue? Wait a minute, doctor. Are you suggesting Phyllis is hiding something from me?

Phyllis: What's going on here? What'd you tell my husband?

Amanda: Thank you, Brock. Thank you so much.

Brock: You do realize the ultimate decision is still Mac's.

Amanda: Of course. Don't you worry. I won't pressure her to make any decision now. I can be very patient when I need to be. Which is why I should be getting back to the shelter now.

Brock: I'll walk you to the door.

Amanda: Whenever you feel like calling me, you can.

Mackenzie: Bye, Mom.

Amanda: Seeing you after all these years, I can't help but look back at my life. Brock, if I could change one thing, I would have told you about our baby. At the very least, you would have tried to make things work between us. I know there's no way of telling how things would have turned out. But I still have all this guilt that Mackenzie didn't get to have you in her life until just recently. I mean, if she had --

Brock: It's essential that we learn from our mistakes. Regrets only keep us prisoners of the past. Amanda, what is it?

Amanda: I guess you don't remember --

Brock: What?

Amanda: When I last saw you in India at the train station, when I decided to leave you and go back home, I was so scared and confused. I knew that I had hurt you so deeply. You could have pressured me to stay but you didn't. You just tried to comfort me. And you did it using those very same words. Okay. Have a safe journey.

Alex: So Malcolm talked to Neil?

Olivia: I don't know. I left before anything happened. Given your fiancť's state of mind, I would say he had something to say.

Alex: It was today?

Olivia: A couple days ago in this coffee house.

Alex: I know about that.

Olivia: Did Malcolm question Neil?

Alex: He told Malcolm he misinterpreted the situation.

Olivia: You must be relieved.

Alex: I'm not thinking about myself. I'm thinking about Malcolm. The situation is going to be very difficult for him. Now we can put this behind us. Look. I know you have your own theory about my supposed feelings for Neil. You said you wouldn't stir things up.

Olivia: I'm not. As I said, I told Malcolm to drop the whole thing. I couldn't get over-confident.

Alex: What are you saying?

Olivia: Malcolm might be satisfied with Neil's retraction for now but you're not home free yet.

Victoria: What the hell did you think you were doing?

Neil: The guy was overreacting.

Victoria: I saw enough to see what was going on.

Neil: Victoria, come on.

Victoria: I don't know what's happening with you. You always had excellent people skills. I learned everything I know about negotiating from you and my father.

Neil: That man was upset we're taking over his company. He was being difficult.

Victoria: He was.

Neil: Yes, he was! Okay, look, so I didn't handle him with kid gloves. I'll call him on his cell and I'll get him back here. He'll come right back.

Victoria: No, no. You are not talking to him. You just jumped all over the man if we have a chance salvaging this deal, you can't be involved.

Neil: All right.

Victoria: Oh, my God. You've been drinking.

Mackenzie: Seeing Mom again really affected you, didn't it?

Brock: I was surprised. Very surprised.

Mackenzie: After arguing with her and spending a little more time with her, it's more than that, right?

Brock: Sweetheart, there's no question I cared a great deal for Amanda. That was a long time ago. We're both such different people.

Mackenzie: Come on, Dad. Mom said you're the same wonderful man now that you were then.

Brock: What may or may not happen between Amanda and me should not affect your decision.

Katherine: Thank God you're home. I thought that board meeting would never end.

Brock: Everything is all right with Chancellor Industries?

Katherine: Everything is just fine. I was worried I wouldn't see you before you had to leave.

Brock: I have to get going.

Katherine: I'll have Robert drive us.

Mackenzie: I'm going to go.

Katherine: Good, good.

Mackenzie: I forgot. I'm supposed to tutor at the shelter.

Brock: Sweetheart, you just said that to the wrong person. I feel terrible taking you away from your work there.

Brock: I'll be back soon. In the mean time, if you need to discuss anything with me.

Mackenzie: I'll call you.

Brock: I have another reason for sending you to the shelter. I sense that you're anxious to get down there. It's for a reason beyond the tutoring, huh? Am I right or am I right?

Jack: Sweetheart, relax, the doctor is answering my question.

Phyllis: He's giving you the impression something is wrong.

Jack: Is something wrong?

Phyllis: We had an agreement.

Doctor: I was urging more communication.

Phyllis: You've alarmed my husband and that's exactly what --

Jack: Would someone fill me in please?!

Phyllis: A couple weeks or so ago, I was experiencing some symptoms. So I came into the doctor and he checked me out, that's all.

Jack: And?

Phyllis: And he said it wasn't unusual I feel this way, and he suggested we lower the dosage of my hormone therapy, and we did that.

Doctor: You have had no symptoms since?

Phyllis: I'm fine. I'm doing fine now. Thank you. We just have a couple more dosages to go and that's it. We're done. Listen, I have to tell you, doctor, I resent your interference.

Doctor: My primary responsibility is your physical well-being, Phyllis. I also believe it's important in cases like this for the couple to be candid with each other.

Phyllis: Really. Who appointed you God?

Doctor: Yes? I'll be right there. Excuse me for a moment.

Nikki: I have no idea what you're talking about.

Diane: Right, of course you donít.

Nikki: I've had enough of this. I'm calling security.

Diane: Oh, no. You and I are going to have this out right here and right now.

Nikki: Are you threatening me?

Diane: Why would I do that after flying all this way to see you?

Nikki: This isn't exactly a social visit.

Diane: True. Any more than yours was in Milan.

Nikki: Why do you keep bringing that up?

Diane: I try to find out why you were there.

Nikki: You have no conscience.

Diane: Don't even try it. Whether he's happy. If he and I are close.

Nikki: You got called out of your office. They walked in your office. What am I supposed to do, ignore them?

Diane: The question remains. Why are you suddenly concerned about my child after a year? Something must have happened.

Nikki: You know, Diane, why does it matter to you what my opinion is of you? Tell me that!

Alex: Hi, baby.

Malcolm: Hey, baby. Alex, I wasn't expecting you.

Alex: You weren't, huh? That bed, those satin sheets, they're not for us?

Malcolm: They're props for a lingerie shoot Iím doing.

Alex: When?

Malcolm: Later today.

Alex: How much later?

Malcolm: Couple hours. Why, have you got something on your mind?

Alex: You bet I do.

Malcolm: Excuse me, but where's all this coming from?

Alex: You don't like --

Malcolm: I love that I'm doing the spontaneous, kinky type of thing.

Alex: You think Iím too predictable? Well, Mr. Smarty, we'll see about that.

Ashley: Will one of you please tell me what's going on?

John: Your husband isn't very happy with Traci's decision.

Brad: I think your father is being a bit naive.

John: What's that mean?

Brad: You think everything will resolve itself if you pat her on the head and show her love.

John: As opposed to putting her in the chain gang?

Ashley: All right, knock it off.

John: I have a meeting.

Brad: Are you planning on leaving Colleen here alone?

Ashley: Colleen is in the middle of stripping the paper off the wall. The sitter will be here all day.

John: Ash, I will check on her as soon as the meeting is over.

Ashley: Okay. I'll walk you out.

Phyllis: So much for doctor-patient confidentiality.

Jack: I'm glad he said something. Hey, we are in this together. Why would you not tell me about something like that?

Phyllis: I knew you would react the way you're reacting now.

Jack: You're my wife. I love you. Of course Iím going to be concerned.

Phyllis: Jack, it was a small problem. It was taken care of by lowering the dose of hormone therapy. It's not a big deal; Iím fine now.

Jack: You're sure about that?

Phyllis: Yes. It should be fine. By lowering the dosage of the hormones, it lowers the chances of us getting pregnant. I didn't want to tell you this --

Jack: Because you didn't want me to worry.

Phyllis: I know how much you want a baby.

Jack: I am concerned about you. About you. Okay. Maybe I've been a little overprotective. How about I promise not to overreact if you promise to tell me everything, no matter how small.

Phyllis: I love you.

Jack: I love you too, more than words can say. Two more treatments and this time next week we could -- let's not press our luck.

Phyllis: I think you should say it.

Jack: You're feeling that confident?

Phyllis: Yeah, yeah. I'm just going to say it. I think a week from now, I will be pregnant with our baby.

Jack: Wow. I wonder what's keeping the doctor. Let me go check.

Katherine: Oh, dear. I wish you didn't have to go.

Brock: You understand why.

Katherine: I suppose. Any second thoughts about Amanda?

Brock: Actually, both you and Billy factored into my decision. I feel better knowing the two of you are going to keep close tabs on the situation.

Katherine: Do you think Amanda is still capable of hurting Mackenzie?

Brock: I believe what I always believed about Amanda. She's got a good heart. She doesn't always have the strength of her convictions which has led her into trouble before.

Katherine: As it did with that horrible man she married.

Brock: I hope she's grown into a stronger person. Still --

Katherine: You would like me to keep an eye on her, yes.

Brock: Yeah. This time keep me informed about everything.

Katherine: Oh, dear, dear Brock. I promise you I will. I promise. All right. We're off.

Brock: Off to the airport.

Amanda: I don't want Mackenzie to feel I'm pressuring her. I can't help hoping that things are going to work out, you know?

Mackenzie: Am I interrupting?

Amanda: No, honey. I just didn't expect to see you again so soon.

Ned: I'll let you two talk.

Amanda: Is everything okay, Mackenzie?

Mackenzie: I have been giving our situation a lot of thought even before Dad showed up.

Amanda: And?

Mackenzie: I needed his input before making my decision. I also realize you have been living in limbo for months which must have been rough.

Amanda: Sweetheart, Iím willing to wait for as long as necessary that you feel comfortable about your decision, whatever it is.

Mackenzie: And I appreciate that. But there's no need to put it off any longer. If you want to make your stay here more permanent, Iím okay with that.

Amanda: Are you sure?

Mackenzie: Positive. Well, I have tutoring today, so I don't want to keep the kids waiting.

Amanda: Okay.

Mackenzie: I'll see you later.

Amanda: That's my girl.

Neil: Vicki, this isn't what you think.

Victoria: You're going to tell me you haven't been drinking?

Neil: All right. I was tired. I didn't get much sleep last night.

Victoria: That's your excuse for hitting the bottle for a quick pick-me-up before your meeting? All right. If it's not what I think, then why do I smell scotch in this glass? Answer me!

Neil: All right! So I had one lousy drink. So what.

Victoria: You shouldn't be drinking at all, especially not this early in the day. No, don't you dare blow this off, not when it's affecting your work.

Neil: Victoria.

Victoria: You blew a big deal right before the holidays, now this?!

Neil: You're saying this becoming a pattern?

Victoria: Is it?

Neil: While you and the rest of the Newmans were globe-jetting giving gifts to the needy, I was here closing the big deals.

Victoria: To make up for the fiasco.

Neil: New York state the negotiations didn't go as planned. You want to know why? Because of you. You came in here and interfered.

Victoria: I don't believe this.

Neil: Believe it, baby!

Victoria: All right, Neil. I understand this is an awful time. I understand what it's like to not be able to move, to just try to keep going. But Ryan wouldn't want you to do this. Ryan wouldn't want this for you. Unless it has to do with something other than just Ryan. Neil, please talk to me. Please. Please help me understand what's going on with you.

Neil: So you think you've got all the answers, huh, Vicki? I didn't think so. So if you're finished, I have some work to do.

Victoria: I hope you realize that I have no choice but to go to my father with this.

Neil: Yeah. Yeah, fine. Go to your daddy! Yeah, Victor, yeah.

Ashley: Honey, let it go.

Brad: How do I do that, Ash?

Ashley: You said you accepted Traci's decision.

Brad: I'm not sure I have much choice. As your father pointed out I lost my custodial rights. Whatever she says goes.

Ashley: This isn't easy for any of us.

Brad: You don't reward reckless behavior. If your father has his way --

Ashley: You know more than I do there is more than one way to handle a situation. We can keep a close eye on things.

Brad: I'm not sure I can do that.

Ashley: Honey, come on.

Brad: We have a window of opportunity. If we don't act now --

Ashley: What are you saying? You want to call Traci and convince her that sending Colleen to boarding school is the right answer?

Brad: That would be beating a dead horse.

Ashley: Then what? You want Colleen to live with us instead of Dad? Is that what you're suggesting?

Ned: I couldn't be happier for you, Amanda. I know how much you wanted this.

Amanda: It's what Iíve been praying so hard for. Since I'm going to be staying here, where do I begin? I mean, I can't afford a room much less an apartment. I guess a job would be a good start.

Ned: Which I can help you find. First I need some information about your work history.

Amanda: My last job I was a cleaning lady for a motel.

Ned: Before that?

Amanda: A seamstress.

Ned: Really. You made clothes?

Amanda: I made the shirt Iím wearing.

Ned: Things may be looking up for you. Check out this ad. I posted it yesterday.

Amanda: Freelance seamstress wanted for small boutique looking for handmade, original clothing.

Ned: What do you think?

Amanda: It's worth a shot. 1-800-555-0122.

[Phone ringing]


Amanda: Hi. I'm calling about the seamstress job? Hello?

Ned: What happened?

Amanda: I don't know. Someone picked up and then we must have gotten disconnected. I'll try again. It's busy.

The area code you've given is for Genoa City, Wisconsin.

Malcolm: Sweetheart, um, I think somebody has been holding out on me.

Alex: What do you mean?

Malcolm: What I mean is I thought I knew the real you. Now --

Alex: Now what, baby?

Malcolm: Now I find there's this whole other side to you.

Alex: There is?

Malcolm: Yeah, there is. I was just teasing you about being predictable. But hello. There's nothing predictable here. You completely turned the tables on me today.

Alex: You can't be the only spontaneous one in this relationship.

Malcolm: I am not mad at you. I still can't help but wonder. Why all of a sudden are you acting like that?

Alex: I'm not acting any way. You are my man. Don't make it too complicated.

Malcolm: Okay. Okay. I hear you. But listen to me. Just for the record, I am going to put this thing with my brother behind me. Hey, you don't think I can do that?

Alex: It's not that --

Malcolm: What, easier said than done?

Alex: Maybe. Maybe there's a way for us to put the past behind us more quickly?

Malcolm: Oh, yeah? How do we do that?

Alex: Set a date for our wedding and make it soon.

Diane: Why would I care about your opinion of me?

Nikki: I don't know. That's the impression Iím getting.

Diane: I could care less what you think of me or the kind of mother I am. Something seemed wrong from the moment you walked in my office.

Nikki: Here we go again.

Diane: I'm glad I brought my son and his nanny along this time. That's right. I didn't come alone. Because I intend to stay in Genoa City until I find out what's really going on with you.

Nikki: You're wasting your time, Diane.

Diane: Perhaps. But whatever it is, it concerns my son which makes it important enough that I am not leaving until I get some answers. Live with it, Nikki.

Jack: The nurse will be in a minute to give you your injection. Hey, you all right? Oh, Phyllis. Nurse! Somebody get in here! Nurse!

[Phyllis is seen fainting in Jack's arms]

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