Y&R Transcript Thursday 1/3/02

Y&R Transcript Thursday 1/3/02


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Nikki: Why are you looking at me like that?

Jack: Iím just trying to sort through this. You say you know who fathered Dianeís child.

Nikki: Yes.

Jack: You kind of checked this guy out. And based on that, you don't think he should be told he has a son?

Nikki: Not for the moment, no.

Jack: I don't say this is an easy call, but this is his kid.

Nikki: Jack, what would I say this man is very together. He's stable. He has a good relationship. Imagine the overwhelming impact this news would have on him.

Jack: He doesn't have to be involved in the boy's life. Do you have the right not to tell him?

Nikki: How could this kind of information not affect this man's life?

Jack: He may say thanks for the info, but no thanks, where the boy's concerned.

Nikki: Or he can't turn his back on his own flesh and blood.

Jack: He might say thank you for the wonderful gift. Is there something you're not telling me here?

Phyllis: Thank you for seeing me right away, doctor.

Doctor: The nurse said you sounded intense when you phoned.

Phyllis: I didn't want to overreact.

Doctor: Tell me the symptoms.

Phyllis: I experienced some dizziness and nausea. Maybe Iím reacting to the medication.

Doctor: It's possible. It's also possible what you have experienced may have nothing to do with hormone therapy.

Phyllis: How can we be sure?

Doctor: Let's take a look at you.

Traci: What do you mean there's another option?

John: I said there might be.

Traci: Colleen can't just come back home. That is not an option. Steve and I can't watch her every minute. She is so angry with us that we are barely communicating. Dad, we have to be realistic. No one has been able to reach her.

John: Sweetheart, that is not true.

Traci: I don't understand.

Brad: Your father and Ash feel there may have been a breakthrough with Colleen, partly because of what happened the other night.

Ashley: Iím not sure that's exactly the way it is. But it did seem to have an impact on Colleen that we trusted her.

Traci: You lost me. What are you talking about? Brad, why do I sense you're less optimistic than these two?

Billy: Hey, CeCe. What's up?

Colleen: Just finished packing. My mom should be here soon to ship me off to boarding school.

Billy: Iím sorry the way things worked out.

Colleen: Me too.

Billy: Have you talked to your mom since she's been back?

Colleen: No. I have nothing to say to her.

Billy: I think maybe you do. A lot went on before you came back here. I think if you opened up to your parents, really open up --

Colleen: There you go lecturing me again. Will you please shut up?

Sean: You're turning me down.

Jill: Sean, this is one of the sweetest things that's ever happened to me.

Sean: But you're still saying no.

Jill: For now. Not forever.

Sean: What does that mean, Jill?

Jill: It means Iím not ready to accept your proposal right now. You have to know how touched I am. Darling, I love who you are. I love your spontaneity, your unpredictability. I love the fact you took all the trouble, that you went out and got me this beautiful ring before we left San Francisco.

Sean: But you're not going to wear it is basically what it comes down to.

Neil: Let me get this straight, you want me to go to Malcolm and tell him you never had feelings for me.

Alex: Yes. I want you to take back what you said. You know you blew things out of proportion and let Malcolm think there was more going on between us than there was.

Neil: You're saying I twisted the truth.

Alex: It's eating away at him. You have to nip it in the bud.

Neil: Nip it in the bud. Is that what you call it? Alex, let me clarify something, for my own sake. You want me to go to Malcolm and tell him everything you said about your feelings for me is an out and out lie, and you are lecturing me about twisting the truth. You've got some nerve, Miss Perez.

How about a refill?

Malcolm: Fine, fine. Thanks.

Nate: There's Mom.

Malcolm : Oh, yeah. Go, go, go.

Nate: Hi, Mom.

Olivia: How's my baby?

Nate: Great.

Olivia: I take it you got a spin in the new hot spot.

Nate: Topless.

Malcolm: You weren't supposed to tell your Mom that part.

Nate: Can I pick some songs out of the jukebox?

Malcolm: Please, before you get me in more trouble. May I? I had him really bundled up.

Olivia: That's okay. I know how much you want a sports car like that. It was awfully nice for Alex to get you one.

Malcolm: Yeah, it was nice. Do you think it was too big of a present?

Ashley: It seemed to have an impact we trusted her with the baby.

John: Of course it did. It doesn't come as a surprise to me.

Brad: I fully believe Colleen is a wonderful girl. I wasn't concerned about the baby. I was concerned about the message it sent. I don't think we can assume there's been a monumental change.

Ashley: I agree with that. I don't think she's suddenly seen the light, honey.

John: She has taken a step in the right direction. I would like to believe that.

Traci: We all would like to believe that, Dad.

John: There's more. Colleen was looking at the photo album. We began to discuss the family. She was surprised I had all her school pictures from kindergarten on. She offered to help me create new photo albums.

Ashley: We figured that might be a way of building a bridge to her, reach her.

John: If you're willing to let her stay in Genoa City.

Traci: You want her to live with you.

John: We have to apply to Walnut Grove Academy. I know the headmaster very well. I believe I can work something out.

Traci: Brad, you haven't said very much. What do you think?

Brad: Oh, Trace, I honestly don't know what's right. Of course, I would love to have Colleen here, if it's in her best interest. You know the moment we found out Colleen was having trouble, we bent over backwards to help her. Now she put herself in jeopardy, first by running away and then drug use. Iím concerned if she stays here, sheíll continue down the same path because she won't see the consequences of what she's done as dire.

John: The girl is in the middle of a crisis. She feels isolated. Do you understand if you exile her from the people that care about her, that's dire too?

Nikki: Are you insinuating --?

Jack: Iím not accusing you of anything. Why don't you let me check this guy out. Between the two of us, we can put our heads together.

Nikki: That's not necessary.

Jack: Relationship between father and son is sacred and you have no right to play God with it.

Nikki: Don't you think I know that? None of this would have would be happening if I hadn't played God to begin with.

Jack: Maybe Iím taking a hard stance because Iím thinking a lot about fatherhood these days.

Nikki: Because of your situation.

Jack: I put myself in this guy's shoes and I would want to be told.

Nikki: Are you sure?

Jack: Yeah, yeah.

Nikki: Jack, listen --

Jack: Iím not being totally honest with you. I've been thinking a lot about fatherhood recently. I've been keeping it to myself. If I keep it to myself any longer, I will blow up. You are the one person I want to tell. Can you keep a secret?

Nikki: Yes, of course.

Jack: This is a big secret. This is for your ears only.

Nikki: Jack, I get it. What is it?

Jack: You remember how upset I got when you talked to Phyllis about in vitro fertilization?

Nikki: You practically bit my head off.

Jack: We're going for it. Phyllis has already started hormone treatment.

Nikki: This is wonderful news!

Jack: No celebrating, okay? We're taking this very wait-and-see and very, very hush hush.

Nikki: They have a high success rate these days. This is fabulous!

Jack: You're happy for me?

Nikki: Oh, you have no idea. So am I allowed to ask how Phyllis is doing? How's the in vitro going so far?

Phyllis: You think this could be a reaction to the hormone therapy.

Doctor: Yes. I still have a few more questions.

Phyllis: I don't feel bloated or short of breath.

Doctor: I realize that's what you said.

Phyllis: You think Iím holding something back?

Doctor: Are you?

Phyllis: I want this to work.

Doctor: I know. But why be uncomfortable if it can be avoided?

Phyllis: What are you suggesting?

Doctor: Take a break from the therapy now. Start up next cycle, you only lose a month.

Phyllis: There has to be other options.

Doctor: We can lower the dosage.

Phyllis: That lowers my chance of having a baby, right?

Doctor: Iím not sure you should look at it that way.

Phyllis: I would rather tough it out.

Doctor: This is the only time you experienced nausea and dizziness? It's not, is it?

Phyllis: Okay. Listen, it's not a big deal. On New Yearís Eve, I felt a little dizzy. It's nothing. I think it was because I was wiped out. I don't want to lower the dosage.

Doctor: Listen to me. You had two episodes quite close together. Hormone therapy is not something you play with. In very rare cases there could be serious complications.

Phyllis: I know that you gave me the book. I read it. I understand that. I refuse to accept I have serious complications.

Doctor: This is not up for debate. Iím lowering the dosage and that's final. I will inform my nurse of the change. When you come back this afternoon, I will have my nurse administer the injection. I assume you will have your husband with you.

Phyllis: You're not thinking of telling Jack you're lowering my dosage, are you? That's the last thing I want.

Brad: John, we all want to do what's best for Colleen. We have to be realistic.

John: I realize that. I believe I have a rapport with her. I believe I can reach her.

Traci: I understand that, Dad. It breaks my heart to say this, I have to agree -- as much as it breaks my heart to say this -- I have to agree with Brad. I don't want my daughter to live with strangers. Steve and I agonized over this. We didn't have a lot of choices.

John: Did you and Steve consider her staying in Genoa City?

Traci: No.

John: Do you think you should call him and --?

Traci: It's a hard enough situation. I made up my mind. I appreciate your concern, yours too, Ashley, but I made up my mind and Iím sticking to it. I would like to see Colleen now, I think.

John: All right. Let's go.

Jill: Baby, we are having the most amazing time together. You make me so happy. Please let's just leave things the way they are.

Sean: Jill, Iíve had my share of romances. But I have never proposed to anyone before. You are the only one Iíve ever wanted to spend my life with. No, this is not one of my impulsive gestures.

Jill: I know that. I know how good you are for me. I am so comfortable with things the way they are.

Sean: With me being your boy toy.

Jill: How can you say that? You know that you're so much more to me than that.

Sean: I thought I did.

Jill: Don't do this when everything is going so well.

Sean: See, we're having fun now. Now we could have something so much more fulfilling. That's what Iím saying with this ring. Don't be afraid. Go for it!

Jill: Aren't you also the one who said to live in the present? That's what Iím doing, okay? Baby, your ego was just bruised and it shouldn't be. Iím a new woman. Iím living in the moment and loving it. Please don't ask me to change it around, not when Iím so happy. Please.

Sean: Iím sorry, Jill. I can't let this go.

Jill: You said this is the first time you talked to anybody about marriage. Well it's not my first time, okay? I have been there before. And I have scars from jumping into a relationship before I was ready. That's why Iím being so cautious. Please. Please understand where Iím coming from on this. 

Alex: Neil, I know this isn't easy for you. We're in this position because you put us there.

Neil: I see. I created this all by myself. You played no role in it.

Alex: Look, you have to say you lied. You can say misread things but you realize now that your head is clear.

Neil: This gets better by the minute. Not only do you want me to take back what I said about my feelings, but you want to make it seem like a one-way street. You didn't give a damn and I got spiteful and jealous. Do you have a different way of putting it?

Alex: Why not blame the alcohol?

Neil: Okay. Let's blame the alcohol. I can say I was so bombed, I didn't have a clue what was flying out of my mouth.

Alex: You have to tell him something.

Neil: Because you wonder if your fiancť thinks there's a grain of truth? You didn't have any feelings for me. Iím sorry if your life got difficult and complicated. My life has been a living hell these past few weeks! Excuse me. Okay. Since we're talking about this. Hmm, how's this? You're saying that I twisted the truth. Well, let's put everything out on the table, shall we? Iíll tell Malcolm it was wrong to put words in your mouth, but we did discuss what was going on between us, acknowledged our feelings which, ooh, led to a kiss. You remember that kiss, don't you? Iím not making that up. So if we're going to put everything out on the table, let us tell Malcolm the truth, and nothing but the truth, so God help us both. Come on. You ready? Let's tell him the truth right now. Come on!

Alex: Get off of me!

Neil: Yeah, I thought so.

Colleen: You're not the same guy I knew in New York. I thought you were so cool. This bad boy that did his own thing or tried to.

Billy: I've learned a lot since then. If you want people to stop ragging on you, you have to let them know theyíre getting through.

Colleen: You have to get through to me.

Billy: I care about you. I don't want to see you screw up.

Colleen: More than I have, you mean.

Billy: Before you left last time and you pulled that whole runaway thing.

Colleen: That is ancient history.

Billy: I don't think you know how bad it was. I spent a lot of time with your mom. Traci was scared to death something happened to you. You were upset that your parents got back together? And on top of that you forced Mac to lie to me while you were feeling sorry for yourself. Do you know how much trouble that caused between us? And then you go home and the next thing I find out, you're using drugs.

Colleen: You're the one who talks. You told me you got drunk and almost died. I have never gotten close to killing myself.

Billy: Not yet. All right. I screwed up. But I learned from my mistakes. I changed my ways. I haven't had a drink since.

Colleen: Maybe I learned my lesson, too.

Billy: How is anyone supposed to know that with this attitude you're copping?

Colleen: Do you see any joints in my pocket, or eyes bloodshot?

Billy: You were using drugs because were you angry.

Colleen: I shouldn't be? Be Miss Goodie Goodie?

Billy: Would it kill you?

Colleen: I said I wouldn't smoke anymore pot. I can't stop being who I am.

Billy: That is bull and you know it! This isn't who you are. Now you're doing it to me, huh? Turning away. What's up with that?

Colleen: Leave me alone.

Billy: I will, as soon as you stop acting like a spoiled brat.

 Olivia: Do you overreact to everything I say?

Malcolm: It's hard when you say things like that.

Olivia: Alex bought you a great gift and I meant it. Clearly something about that is bothering you.

Malcolm: Let's just drop it, okay?

Olivia: Great. Consider it dropped.

Malcolm: Olivia, Iím sorry. I didn't mean to jump all over you like that.

Olivia: Why did you?

Malcolm: Yeah, I was a bit thrown with her giving me that car.

Olivia: Thought it was a bit too extravagant?

Malcolm: Don't get me wrong. We bought each other pricey stuff in the past.

Olivia: But nothing like this.

Malcolm: It's the timing, Olivia. It's the timing.

Olivia: Maybe she just thought you were down and that this would be a great pick-me-up.

Malcolm: Yeah because of all that nonsense my brother laid on me. Iím still tripping about it all. It's bad enough Neil is attracted to my fiancťe. To claim she feels the same way about him, I mean, I don't get it. Why would he make that up other than to hurt me?

Olivia: I don't think you and I should talk about this.

Malcolm: I don't know if I can continue on about this without getting answers soon.

Olivia: You're going to confront Neil.

Malcolm: I know fighting with Neil will make things worse.

Olivia: It's good the two of you keep your distance right now.

Malcolm: I don't want to go toe to toe with Neil. He's my brother, for God's sake. If talking to the man has a way of straightening this all out.

Olivia: Is that possible?

Malcolm: Maybe he got a case of wishful thinking and got carried away. I don't know. I don't know. But Iíll tell you the only way I will find out for sure is ask him point blank.

Olivia: What if you don't like the answers?

Malcolm: Wait a minute. Olivia you say that as if you expect that's what's going to happen. Damn it, Olivia. You know something I don't?

Alex: I wish I had seen this side of you before. None of this would have been an issue.

Neil: What, the honest side?

Alex: Okay. Maybe there was a grain of truth to what you said. But that's all there is.

Neil: Whatever you say.

Alex: We were attracted together. We worked in close proximity for months. You're handsome, warm. What is there not to like?

Neil: Like?

Alex: It happens in the office setting all the time.

Neil: They mistake those feelings for something real.

Alex: You know what? You're twisting things. There's nothing unusual about liking someone. And that doesn't mean you're ready to throw your life away for them.

Neil: You'll convince yourself sooner or later.

Alex: You're turning this situation into something so much bigger in that mind of yours. You're creating problems between me and the man I love. You want to call that honesty? You go right ahead. You are just kidding yourself. If Malcolm comes to you, what will you say?

Sean: I hear what you're saying, Jill. But we have a damn good relationship.

Jill: Yeah, I know that

Sean: You should also know when you have a good relationship, it's not always about just having fun together. If we have something real, you want to make a commitment. Grow together. And by not accepting my ring, you're telling me that you don't want that from me.

Jill: No. I am telling you Iím committed to what we have now. There is no other man in my life. There is no other man I want in my life.

Sean: Why won't you wear my ring?

Jill: Because in a little while you will come to me and you would say honey, we have been engaged long enough. It's time to set a date. It's time to send out the invitations and I would have to tell you all over again I am not ready.

Sean: Maybe you would be by then.

Jill: This is no way to get engaged. Look, I want to be with you. I want to keep what we have. So the question is, can you accept this? Or has all this changed your feelings for me?

Sean: You're right, Jill. That is the question.

Traci: Colleen, my God, what has gotten into you?

Billy: It's okay, Traci.

Traci: It's not okay. I want an explanation from you, young lady.

Billy: It's not Colleen's fault. I said some things. Let's just drop it.

Colleen: So are you here to take me off to boarding school?

Traci: Yes.

Colleen: I don't want to go.

Traci: Iíll bet. Honey, it's a lovely campus. Iím sure it will be an adjustment.

Colleen: Who will be there?

Traci: Other kids like you who made mistakes.

Colleen: It's a reform school.

Traci: No, it is not -- you will be closely supervised.

Colleen: Do I ever get to see you?

Traci: Visitors are not encouraged at first. But after they feel you're ready, your father and I will come up to see you.

Colleen: When they feel Iím ready? Great.

Traci: Sweetheart, it is a very good school. They have a very high academic standard.

Colleen: Whatever, whatever. Iím going to get my bags. Iím already packed.

Doctor: Phyllis, are you sure about this?

Phyllis: Iím very sure. I don't want Jack to know you're lowering my dosage. He is to know nothing, not today, not ever. Listen to me, Jack and I have never been happier. I am not going to do anything and neither are you to upset the man I love, the man I love more than my own life.

[Intercom buzzing]

Doctor: Yes? Iíll be right there. I have a consult. Iíll see you later today. Promise me if you have any more symptoms, shortness of breath, nausea, anything, you will notify me immediately. Okay.

Jack: Phyllis is doing great. We have finished the first stage of the process. We're about to begin the second.

Nikki: I have a good feeling about this. Am I allowed to say that?

Jack: Nix the enthusiasm. Let's drop the subject. Iím not through with you. We haven't finished the other subject.

Nikki: I don't want to talk about Dianeís baby anymore.

Jack: You're closing the door on the whole thing?

Nikki: I don't want you to think about this for any moment. Your life is better than ever. Focus on starting your family, not Diane or Dianeís baby or anything to do with her.

Jack: I have a weird feeling about this.

Nikki: Let it go. It's my problem and my conscience is doing just fine.

Jack: Oh, geez, I have to go. This is our secret, okay?

Nikki: I know. Let me just say I hope everything is going well with Phyllis, and the two of you will be expecting really soon! I know. I know.

Olivia: Malcolm, will you please calm down?

Malcolm: Answer the question, Olivia.

Olivia: Iím not on trial here.

Malcolm: I know that. Olivia, you're wrong. Alex would never do anything like that behind my back. Even if it were true, I would have known something was wrong. There would have been some signs or something.

Malcolm: Alex, you don't want to talk about a wedding date. You don't want to talk about ideas. You don't want to talk about making the apartment more our home. Call me crazy. Alex, you said we were past all the trouble we had. Is that really true? Or is there more we need to iron out before we move on?

Brad: Iím not saying we should give up on that. Involve professionals, people who aren't emotionally involved. Maybe they can get through to her. What we've done so far hasn't worked.

Ashley: There has been progress in the last few days. If we ship Colleen off right now it will cause a setback.

Brad: What?

Ashley: Six months ago I never would have done this. Iím lobbying to keep Colleen in Genoa City. We both have switched places.

Brad: Traci and Steve have made a decision. We have to support it and hope to hell it's the right call.

Traci: Out with it Billy. I want to know what was going on in this room.

Billy: It's okay, Traci. It's no big deal. It got out of control.

John: Why, son? What happened?

Billy: I was trying to get through to CeCe let her know I have been where she is. Let her know I have learned from my mistakes.

Traci: My daughter doesnít think sheís made mistakes. You see thatís what so terrifying about this. Until she takes responsibilities for her actions, how can any of us help her? If I had any doubts before, I don't have them any longer. It is obvious to me Steve and I made the right decisions.

John: Will you listen to me a moment? Nothing is guaranteed. But I believe in my heart that if Colleen is allowed to stay here and go to school, we will make some progress with her.

Billy: It's worth a shot, Traci. Iím willing to keep trying. I know the rest of the family is too. Right, Dad?

John: Absolutely.

Colleen: Iím ready to go.

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