Y&R Transcript Tuesday 1/1/02

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 1/1/02


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Phyllis: That was amazing.

Jack: You like my piŤce de rťsistance.

Phyllis: A sauna and jumping in a jelly pool? I feel invigorated.

Jack: You look invigorated.

Phyllis: Now, Jack, I have loved the spa honeymoon. But I have a little problem.

Jack: What's that?

Phyllis: Well, I just feel like Iím taking and taking.

Jack: Oh, no, no, the smile on your face is payback to me.

Phyllis: You say the most romantic things.

Jack: You doubt them?

Phyllis: I think you should learn to take as well as you give.

Jack: You have something special in mind?

Phyllis: I do. Remember I told you about that massage that I was so good at giving?

Jack: I think so.

Phyllis: Well, um, I think you should just take a load off and let me work my magic on you. Why don't you do that?

Jack: Whoops.

Jack: Oh, that is heavenly.

Phyllis: Feel good?

Jack: Yeah.

Phyllis: Why don't you hold on tight because you ain't seen nothing yet.

Amanda: You remembered.

Mackenzie: It's in my bedroom.

Amanda: I thought you might like to have it.

Mackenzie: I don't know what to say. Of all the gifts to have given me.

Amanda: You're upset. Mackenzie, Iím --

Mackenzie: No, Iím not upset. I'm just surprised. Before Christmas, Billy showed me the music box he gave his niece and it reminded me of this one, and it reminded me of all these memories.

Amanda: What memories?

Mackenzie: The way you used to tuck me in bed at night, sing me to sleep.

Amanda: You remember that too.

Mackenzie: How could I forget?

Victor: You have no idea when Sharon and Nick left?

Miguel: No, sir. I was out shopping. When I got back, they were gone. Sorry I can't be of more help.

Victor: That's okay, Miguel.

Victoria: What do you suppose that means?

Victor: I don't know. Let's hope they had a good talk and left together. Sweetheart, do you want to go upstairs and change before we go out to dinner?

Victoria: Um, yeah. Whereíre we going?

Victor: I don't know. You want to go somewhere low key?

Victoria: Yeah, sure.

Victor: Okay. You go upstairs and I'll make some calls, okay?

Victoria: Hey, Dad, thank you for doing this. It really means a lot to me. Even though I know you'd rather be spending the New Year with Mom.

Victor: You go upstairs and get ready and we'll go have dinner, all right?

Victoria: Okay.

Colleen: I can't believe you still trust me, even after what I did?

Ashley: You're family, Colleen. We love you, and we know you love my daughter.

Brad: Where's my gorgeous wife?

Ashley: Hi, sweetheart, in here.

Brad: Hey. Hi. Colleen, I didn't know you were going to be here.

Colleen: Aunt Ashley invited me over.

Ashley: I needed help picking out wallpaper for Abbyís room. We let Abby pick, didn't we?

Brad: Well, Iím glad you two took care of it.

Ashley: Now Colleen is going to baby-sit so we can go to dinner.

Brad: Really.

Colleen: Is that okay by you?

Brad: If that's what you two arranged, that's fine by me.

Ashley: The kitchen is fully stocked, so help yourself. If Abby gets hungry --

Colleen: I know where everything is.

Ashley: Okay. We're going to Ginaís and we have our cell phone numbers posted on the phone if you need us.

Colleen: Everything will be fine.

Amanda: When I came in, I noticed you had another music box.

Mackenzie: Billy gave it to me.

Amanda: That's partly why I didn't want to give you this one.

Mackenzie: Have you had this since you left St. Louis?

Amanda: Besides a bag of clothes, that's all I took with me.

Mackenzie: Why?

Amanda: Because it reminded me of you. And all the sweet times that we've shared. I'm glad that looking at it doesn't make you uncomfortable. If you don't want it, Iíll understand.

Mackenzie: No, I do want it.

Amanda: Really?

Mackenzie: Yeah. You couldn't have gotten me a better present.

Billy: Hey, what's going on?

Mackenzie: My mom gave this to me.

Billy: Is that the one you were talking about?

Mackenzie: Yeah.

Billy: Wow.

Mackenzie: Are you sure you want me to have this?

Amanda: Yeah, of course.

Mackenzie: But it's the only things you have from the house.

Amanda: Well, it is very special to me, but I took to hoping one day I can give it back to you, and now I can.

Mackenzie: Thank you.

Amanda: You're more than welcome, sweetheart.

Mackenzie: Well, um, we should go because we have that thing to go to, right?

Billy: Yeah, right.

Mackenzie: Happy New Year.

Amanda: Happy New Year.

Victor: Don't ask me that.

Nikki: I want you to kiss me. Victor the coat and the bracelet, they're fabulous, but I want you to show me your real feelings.

Victor: Isn't that what I have been doing?

Nikki: No, you have been giving me things.

Victor: And the kiss would be doing more than just giving you things.

Nikki: Just one kiss. If you don't give me that kiss, I won't keep anything that you have given me.

Victor: You drive a hard bargain.

Nikki: Am I that unattractive?

Victor: You're adorable. You test a man's patience to its limit.

Nikki: Put your arms around me.

Victor: Now remember, this was your idea.

Nikki: You dirty stinker!

Victor: I beg your pardon?

Nikki: You can kiss like that and you've been holding out on me?

Victor: You just said that one kiss was enough. I mean --

Nikki: Well, yeah. One kiss for the coat and one for the bracelet.

Victor: I bet you got an "A" in addition.

Nikki: Victor, all the gifts in the world aren't worth anything unless there's a little love.

Victor: One has to wonder if a little love is enough.

Nikki: Well, let's not count anymore.

Nikki: Happy New Year, Victor.

Victor: Happy New Year.

Nikki: Victor.

Gina: Is it Mr. And Mrs. Carlton?

Brad: Hi, Gina.

Gina: How is that wonderful little girl of yours?

Ashley: Wonderful.

Gina: I hope you can stay to ring in the New Year.

Brad: We can't stay late. We have to relieve the babysitter.

Gina: Well, we'll muddle through. If I don't get a chance to tell you, Happy New Year.

Brad: So I had a little chat with your dad.

Ashley: How did it go?

Brad: I told him he was out of line speaking to he me the way he did.

Ashley: Yeah. What did he say?

Brad: He apologized. I told him from here on in, I wanted to be well-informed with what's going with my daughter and he agreed.

Ashley: Do we agree?

Brad: What do you mean?

Ashley: I got the distinct impression you weren't comfortable with Colleen watching Abby tonight.

Phyllis: I wasn't sure if Iíd have any room for dinner.

Jack: I worked up an appetite too. Except your hairdresser will be here in the next few minutes.

Phyllis: Haven't you pampered me enough?

Jack: You want to look good for our big night out, don't you?

Phyllis: You think of everything.

Jack: I try.

Phyllis: I know what we can do while we wait.

Jack: Yeah?

Phyllis: Yeah.

Jack: What's that?

Phyllis: Open wedding gifts.

Jack: Oh, that.

Phyllis: All of these. I can't get them all. They're heavy. Take it. I don't want to break it. Let me see. This one is from Michael. You can open that. This one is from Nikki. You can open that too. And this one is --

Jack: What's wrong?

Phyllis: There's no card with this.

Jack: Open it up. It's probably inside.

Phyllis: Let's see. I don't want to break anything. Oh, wow.

Jack: Wow.

Phyllis: That's beautiful.

Jack: Wow. It's stunning. No card at all?

Phyllis: No. Well, I can't write a thank you note if I don't know who sent it.

Jack: They were messengered here. They're from Fenmoreís. We can call and find out who sent them.

Phyllis: There's no way I will be able to sleep if I don't do it now.

Jack: Right now?

Phyllis: Yes. Hi. The china and crystal department, please. Hello. Hi, my name is Phyllis Abbott. And I'm hoping you can help me with something. My husband Jack Abbott and I just got married last week. Thank you. Yeah. It's great. Thank you very much. This is my situation. We just received some -- hang on. We just received some champagne flutes, yeah, right. And a card wasn't enclosed. They purchased it at your store. It was messengered to us on Christmas Eve. Oh, okay, thank you. Yes, Abbott. They're going to check. Hi. A note wasn't enclosed. Who purchased it? Really? Okay. I got it. Okay. Thanks. Bye-bye.

Jack: Who purchased it?

Phyllis: Michael.

Jack: Baldwin?

Phyllis: Yeah.

Jack: We got a gift from him.

Phyllis: I know. I know. I don't understand why he didnít enclose a card on the second gift.

Jack: You'll have to ask him when you see him, right?

Phyllis: Right. [Knock on door]

Jack: I think that's your hairdresser dear. I'll get the door.

Phyllis: Okay.

Victor: You're finally back.

Nikki: Yeah. Good to see you. I'm sorry if I startled you.

Victor: My mind was on something.

Nikki: Really. Something I should know?

Victor: Where have you been?

Nikki: Well, Victor, I told you that --

Victoria: Mom, you're home. I'm so glad you're home. How's Aunt Casey?

Nikki: She's out of the hospital. She's much better. How are you?

Victoria: Much better now that you're home. We missed you at Christmas.

Nikki: I missed you.

Victoria: Did you hear about Dad's gift to the family?

Nikki: I certainly did, a trip around the world.

Victoria: It was pretty amazing.

Nikki: Well, that's your father.

Victor: So Victoria and I made reservations for dinner.

Victoria: You know, Iím sorry. I don't feel like going out. I just want to stay home.

Victor: What do you mean you don't feel like going out?

Victoria: I'm tired.

Victor: You weren't tired a few minutes ago.

Victoria: I am now. I'm not really that hungry anyway. I was going to grab a bite to eat and go up and read. Good night. I'm glad you're home.

Nikki: Good night. Oh, thank you.

Victoria: It would be a shame to let those reservations go to waste.

Larry: Hello again.

Amanda: Hi.

Larry: I'm surprised you're still around.

Amanda: I had good reason to stay.

Larry: Last time I saw you, you were down in the dumps. So what's with the smile? Wait, wait, wait. Let me guess. You finally gave your daughter her birthday present.

Amanda: And she loved it.

Larry: Well, what do you know.

Amanda: Larry, thank you for telling me to give it to her. I mean, for the first time since I have been in town, I think she might actually give me a chance.

Larry: Wow. That is great.

Amanda: So, you know, I had turned you down for dinner.

Larry: Yeah, you sure did. You're not having second thoughts, are you?

Amanda: I feel like celebrating now.

Larry: You know what? I'm still up for it too. Let's go grab a bite to eat. It's cold out.

Amanda: You will have to pick the place. I don't know any places.

Larry: You like barbecue? I know this great little place.

Billy: You haven't stopped staring at that music box since we left the coffee house.

Mackenzie: I just can't believe my mom gave this to me. You know what? I'm going to put it on my night stand right next to yours. My mom says, besides clothes, this is the only thing she took with her when she left St. Louis.

Billy: It must have meant a lot to her.

Mackenzie: It reminded her of all the time we spent together. How she used to sing me to sleep while the music played. The more I think back, the more I remember how close we were. Now I know she has the same memories.

Nikki: Sorry, she wasn't exactly subtle, was she?

Victor: It's not her strong suit.

Nikki: She seems better though.

Victor: Yeah, much better.

Nikki: How are Nicholas and Sharon?

Victor: They had a talk earlier. I hope it was for the best.

Nikki: I hope so too.

Victor: Why did it take you so long to come back from your trip?

Nikki: I was helping a friend. I couldn't put it off.

Victor: That's all you're going to say?

Nikki: Well, for the moment, yeah.

Victor: All right.

Nikki: So you and Victoria were going to go out.

Victor: Yeah. I was trying to lift her spirits.

Nikki: How sweet of you. Well, I was just going to stay home and have a quiet evening. As long as you're here, you want to stay for dinner?

Victor: Just the two of us?

Nikki: Yeah. If you don't mind potluck.

Victor: Okay. I'll stay.

Nikki: Good. Sit down. Relax. Let's see what I can whip up, okay?

Ashley: Honey, I'm really sorry if I upset you.

Brad: I didn't want to question your decision in front of Colleen. I didn't know if having her baby-sit Abby was a good idea.

Ashley: I don't think our daughter is at risk.

Brad: I'm worried about the message it sends. She thinks all is forgiven.

Ashley: The issue is about trust.

Brad: Exactly. Colleen's lost ours.

Ashley: I think we're walking a fine line. People start treating Colleen as a juvenile delinquent, she will see herself that way. It will become a mental process for her and let things spiral further out of control.

Brad: You think her looking after Abby will prevent that from happening?

Ashley: If we give her a specific responsibility, it's not taking her off the hook. It's telling her we still have faith in her. You still don't think it's a good move?

Brad: I appreciate what you're trying to do, especially with everything that's happened with Colleen. It means a lot to me. I love you for it.

Ashley: I love you, too. We'll find a way to help your daughter.

Jill: Well, well, well, look at you.

Sean: Surprised to see me so respectable?

Jill: Just a trifle.

Sean: You ready to go?

Jill: I checked our tickets to the opera and we still have time.

Sean: In that case, how about some wine?

Jill: I would love some.

Sean: How did our trip to San Francisco compare to our wilderness adventure?

Jill: No contest.

Sean: Wilderness wins? May I remind you who got us home on that snowy morning in the woods?

Jill: I know. I know. I was very impressed. You know what the truth is though? Both trips were wonderful because I was with you.

Sean: Same here. Especially considering all the doubts you once had.

Jill: How could I have been so wrong about us?

Sean: Relationships are tricky. Emotions get in the way.

Jill: I'm glad there's no more confusion.

Sean: For both of us.

Jill: What do we toast to?

Sean: How about fate?

Jill: I didn't know you believed in fate.

Sean: How would we have hooked up? If I didn't take this job or if I didn't convince you to give us a second chance. More and more, I believe that destiny has brought us together.

Jill: To destiny.

Billy: It's hard to imagine the year's almost over.

Mackenzie: It just flew by, didn't it?

Billy: It's been an interesting 12 months.

Mackenzie: Definitely a year I will never forget. All in all, life is good. There's nowhere I'd rather be right now than here in your arms.

Billy: Mac, when we were at the coffee house, why did you tell your mom that we had plans tonight?

Mackenzie: Well, I wanted to be alone with you.

Billy: Is that the only reason?

Mackenzie: No.

Billy: Part of you still doesn't trust her.

Mackenzie: That hug I gave her was impulsive.

Billy: Yeah. That's what I thought.

Mackenzie: I got a little self-conscious, like I went too far too fast. Do you think that was wrong of me?

Billy: Move at your own pace, Mac. Don't do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable.

Mackenzie: Yeah, that's what I think also.

Billy: I'm going to grab some caps and scarves and we'll go to the park.

Mackenzie: Okay.

Jill: We better finish this so we can get going.

Sean: You sure you don't want to stay in this evening?

Jill: Why?

Sean: I'm a little worn out.

Jill: Did the mad dash to the airport exhaust you?

Sean: I told you I had to pick something up for you before we left San Francisco.

Jill: What is it?

Sean: Did anybody tell you patience is not your strong suit?

Jill: To hell with patience. Where's my present? Oh, my God, Sean. We let time get away from us. We have to get going.

Sean: What about your gift?

Jill: Can we do it in 30 seconds?

Sean: We need more time than that.

Jill: Then it'll just have to wait.

Sean: Okay.

Jill: Poor baby, don't pout. I want to see what you got me. It'll make me anticipate it all the more. It better be good.

Mamie: What do you and Phyllis have scheduled for this evening?

Jack: We have a late dinner in the private dining room.

Mamie: How romantic.

Jack: That's the idea.

Mamie: Where is your new bride?

Phyllis: She's right here.

Mamie: Oh, my.

Phyllis: Sorry it took me so long.

Jack: Quite all right. Well worth the wait. Wow. You look amazing.

Phyllis: Are you ready to go?

Jack: Yeah, yeah, let's go.

Phyllis: Oh, wait, I left my purse upstairs.

Jack: I'll get it.

Phyllis: Okay. It's on -- I forget where I left it. I'll get it.

Jack: Don't be too late. The limo's waiting.

Mamie: The limo? My, my.

Jack: We're doing it up right, Mamie.

Mamie: Nobody does it better. That's for sure.

Colleen: You want to look at the Christmas tree one last time? I know you like those pretty lights, don't you? Yeah, so do I. Look at those. Look. Pretty. Careful.

Ashley: Hi.

Colleen: You're home already.

Ashley: We left Ginaís before it got too busy.

Brad: How's Abby?

Colleen: She had a bath and dinner.

Brad: It's time for your bedtime. You want me to take her up?

Colleen: I was hoping I could do that.

Ashley: Sure you can.

Colleen: Thank you for letting me stay with her.

Ashley: Thank you for being a great babysitter.

Colleen: Maybe I can do it again sometime? I guess that won't be possible. Seeing that my mom's sending me to a boarding school. Come on, Abby.

Jack: I don't know what's keeping her. Phyllis! Honey, we have to go! Where did I leave her coat?

Mamie: It's right here, Jack. You have plenty of time to get there. It'll be fine.

Jack: There she is.

Phyllis: Hi.

Jack: What took you so long?

Phyllis: I couldn't find my bag.

Jack: You all right?

Phyllis: I'm great. I'm great. Let's go paint the town. Happy New Year, Aunt Mamie.

Mamie: You too.

Jack: Don't wait up for us.

Nikki: And your son?

Diane: What about him?

Nikki: Is he peachy too?

Diane: Why were you here, Nikki? What are you really after?

Nikki: Yes, do tell me when's the next flight from Milan to Chicago with a connection to Genoa City? 10:00 tomorrow morning. No, thank you. I'll hold off booking a ticket. At least for now.

Victor: For a potluck dinner, this was delicious.

Nikki: Thank you. Well, that trip around the world sounds incredible. I'm sure the family had a wonderful time.

Victor: You should have been there.

Nikki: Well, we'll make up for it next year.

Victor: Mmm-hmm.

Nikki: Want some coffee?

Victor: Yep.

Victor: Thank you. What?

Nikki: It's odd -- that song.

Victor: What song?

Nikki: What song?

Victor: I'm just kidding. Just kidding. I'm only kidding.

Singer: I can see what's mine now finding out what's true then I found you looking through the eyes of love now I can take the time I can see my life as it comes up shining now reaching out to touch you

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