Y&R Transcript Friday 12/21/01

Y&R Transcript Friday 12/21/01


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Nicholas: Miguel, if you could pick up the kids, Iíll be down there. I know they will. Tell them they'll find out when they get down there. Thanks, buddy. Cool, I was just about to call you.

Victoria: What's up?

Nicholas: Dad wants us to meet at the airport ASAP.

Victoria: Why?

Nicholas: He didn't say.

Victoria: What's going on?

Nicholas: I don't know, but knowing Dad it's going to be something cool. You in?

Victoria: Yeah, I guess.

Victor: Well, hello.

Victoria: Hi. What's this about the airport?

Victor: I can't tell you.

Victoria: Why not?

Victor: Because it will spoil the surprise.

Sharon: Sorry.

Diego: Please don't apologize.

Sharon: I hardly know you.

Diego: Any friend of my brotherís is a friend of mine. Does that have to do with the test you mentioned earlier?

Sharon: Yeah.

Diego: Did you get the results? You said it wasn't a serious health problem.

Sharon: No, not in the way that you're thinking.

Diego: You want to talk about it? I hope whatever it is it turns out okay.

[Cell phone ringing)]

Sharon: Hello?

Nicholas: Hey, it's me.

Sharon: Nicholas?

Nicholas: Are you in the middle of something?

Sharon: Sort of.

Nicholas: All right. Can you drop whatever it is and meet me at the airport? Miguel is picking up the kids. I called your mom but she can't make it. She has a commitment at the church?

Sharon: What's this about?

Nicholas: I'm sure you'll love it. Just meet me at the hangar, okay?

Victor: How did she sound?

Nicholas: Let's put it this way, this little adventure of yours couldn't come at a better time.

Victor: I'm glad to hear it. Let's go. Time to go.

Nicholas: Yeah, let's go.

Jack: Everything under control?

Phyllis: Yes, yes, I have everything under control. You already asked me that.

Jack: If you need any help, my sister --

Phyllis: Is downstairs waiting for me, I know.

Jack: What have you got in the bag in here?

Phyllis: Stay away from the gown.

Jack: I was going to take a little peek.

Phyllis: No, no, no. Go downstairs and do something. I have to get ready.

Jack: Not so fast. Not so fast. Come here. You realize the next time we kiss we'll be husband and wife?

Phyllis: Are you getting cold feet?

Jack: Do I look like Iím getting cold feet?

Phyllis: I'm the luckiest woman on earth.

Jack: I'm going downstairs.

Phyllis: The next time we kiss, we'll be husband and wife.

Jack: I did say that, didn't I?

Phyllis: It's our wedding day. Okay. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. All right. I have a lot of work to do.

Raul: Hey --

Diego: Hey, I thought you were picking up groceries for Mom.

Raul: I dropped them off at home.

Diego: Where'd the time go?

Raul: You have shopping to do?

Diego: I better get going. Nick and Sharon, you know them pretty well.

Raul: They're really down to earth considering who they are.

Diego: What do you mean?

Raul: You heard of Victor Newman. You hit them up or something?

Diego: I was talking to Sharon. For someone who has everything, she seemed like a pretty sad person.

Raul: You can't buy happiness, Diego.

Diego: I have to get moving. Wish me luck.

Raul: Good luck.

Paul: This is excellent. You can go ahead and set it up. Are you ladies set to go to mass?

Lynne: I need a few more minutes.

Marissa: I do, too.

Paul: This new place is -- it's weird going to a different church.

Lynne: How's your mom coping?

Paul: She's all right.

Marissa: Did I miss something?

Paul: The water main broke at Sacred Heart.

Lynne: I feel bad for her. Every year she's in charge of the Christmas decorations. She starts way before Thanksgiving. Now all her work is ruined.

Paul: She took it in stride. Let me know when you're ready to go. I have shopping to do.

Isabella: Hello, Michael.

Michael: What are you doing here?

Isabella: Something I need to tell you.

Michael: I'm busy.

Isabella: I'll wait.

Michael: What is it?

Isabella: Guess who I saw at Ginaís yesterday.

Michael: Should I care?

Isabella: I think you will.

Michael: Okay who?

Isabella: Paul Williams.

Michael: Paul Williams was at Ginaís when we were there?

Isabella: He didn't see us together.

Michael: He saw you.

Isabella: When I was leaving.

Michael: I bet he was shocked.

Isabella: Actually, no. Mary and Christine told him I was in town.

Michael: You spoke with him?

Isabella: Yes I did, thank you for your concern. It was awkward and unpleasant.

Michael: I bet it was.

Isabella: No, I didn't mention anything about us. Don't look at me like that. Tell me what you're thinking.

Ashley: Sweetheart, are you okay?

Brad: Yeah.

John: Sweetheart, have you seen Colleen?

Ashley: She went upstairs to put Abby down.

Brad: Is she coming to the ceremony?

John: I invited her.

Ashley: She would rather stay upstairs.  

Brad: It's an important occasion.

Ashley: I think she needs a little space. If she wants to come down, she will.

Mamie: Have you checked on Phyllis?

Ashley: No, why?

Mamie: I wondered if she needed help getting ready.

Ashley: I offered. Apparently, she wants to be left alone.

Mamie: Oh, just a case of the jitters, Iím sure.

Billy: Hey, Jack, there you are.

Jack: I can't have a few moments with my bride-to-be? Honestly, I came here -- I don't remember. I came to get something for you.

Billy: Maybe to give me the rings to hold?

Jack: That's what it was. You're good at this. Maybe it's a profession for you, professional best man.

Billy: I promise not to lose them.

Jack: Yeah, try not to lose them.

Billy: You know, Jack, Iím really honored you asked me to stand up for you. It meant a lot to me.

Jack: It means a lot to me too. If I could wish one thing for you, it's that you know the kind of joy I have in my life right now.

Billy: I'm going to call Mac, see if she's on her way.

Jack: Okay.

Ashley: How you holding up, big guy?

Jack: How does it look like Iím holding up?

Ashley: Dashing as ever. It's almost that time.

Jack: Can't come soon enough for me.

Ashley: How's Phyllis?

Jack: Cool as a cucumber. Thanks for asking.

Ashley: She almost ready?

Jack: Last I saw her, I think she was finished with her nails.

Ashley: What about her hair and makeup?

Jack: Hadn't even started yet. Hey, she's not worried. I'm not worried, right?

Cassie: The plane looks so Christmassy.

Victor: I'm glad you approve.

Cassie: Where are we going?

Victor: I'll let you know as soon as we're in the air.

Cassie: Why can't you tell us now?

Victor: It's a secret until we take off. Where's Sharon?

Nicholas: I don't know. I assumed she'd be here by now.

Victor: There you are.

Sharon: Hey, everyone. Sorry Iím late.

Noah: Hi, Mommy. We're going on a trip.

Sharon: Where?

Cassie: We won't find out until we take off.

Victor: We're just about to take off. I'll talk to Wally.

Nicholas: There you go. Hey, you okay?

Sharon: Yeah. Why do you ask?

Nicholas: No reason. What have you been up to?

Sharon: Um, I had some things to wrap up at the coffee house. You really have no idea where Victor's taking us?

Nicholas: I have no idea, but it's going to be some place great. I think it's just what we need right now.

Brittany: I checked the lost and found for the sweater.

Raul: Oh, that.

Brittany: I wonder what could have happened to it.

Raul: What do you care? You didn't pay for it.

Brittany: Don't start.

Raul: I can't believe --

Brittany: Did you pick up the sweater or not?

Raul: I couldn't leave it here.

Brittany: Are you giving it to your mom?

Raul: I haven't decided.

Brittany: The cops can't trace it.

Raul: That's not it. Aren't you afraid of getting caught?

Brittany: It hasn't happened yet. I've been doing it since I was a kid.

Raul: Why?

Brittany: It's fun. Nobody gets hurt. It wouldn't kill you to show you some gratitude.

Michael: You know, every time you mention his name, it's abundantly clear you are in love with Paul Williams. Yet you refuse to admit it. Perhaps if you stop denying your feelings, you might stand a chance of getting the man back.

Isabella: How do you propose I do that?

Michael: Tell Paul you're carrying his baby.

Isabella: You mean lie to him?

Michael: He loves kids. He will feel obligated to marry you. You'll get what you want, I'll be off the hook. We all live happily ever after.

Isabella: I couldn't do such a thing.

Michael: You had no problem blackmailing me.

Isabella: You have to support your own child.

Michael: I have work to do.

Isabella: Playing a woman that could care less about you. How pathetic.

Michael: Are we finished here?

Isabella: No, Iím not.

Michael: You have to hit me up for more money?

Isabella: I was on my way to church. Would you like to come along?

Michael: You're serious.

Isabella: Why not?

Michael: You and me in a house of worship.

Isabella: Look, I know things are strained between us right now. Can we just get along for one night?

Michael: What would be the point?

Isabella: The point is we both don't have family around. We're not exactly surrounded by friends. Can't we just celebrate together?

Michael: What are you thinking, Isabella, we go to church and go back to my place and sit by the fire and crack walnuts and sing carols around the tree?

Isabella: Why not?

Michael: Sorry, sweetheart. After you turned my life upside-down.

Isabella: That's too bad. It could have been nice.

Lauren: Here.

Paul: For me?

Lauren: Yeah. And don't say "you shouldn't have."

Paul: Can I open it now?

Lauren: You can either open it now or open it tomorrow, and thank me tomorrow night. We're still on, right?

Paul: Yeah, that's the plan.

Lauren: I'm looking forward to it.

Paul: Yeah, me too.

Lauren: Maybe I can put a smile on your face like I did yesterday.

Paul: Lauren.

Lauren: I am not giving up on you. It's a personal challenge of mine. Consider yourself forewarned.

Paul: We should get going. We don't want to be late for mass now, do we?

Lauren: No, I guess we donít.

Billy: Wow. You look incredible.

Mackenzie: You don't look so bad yourself.

Katherine: You make a very handsome best man.

Billy: Thank you.

Katherine: Very handsome indeed. I think I'm going to say hello to Brad and Ashley. Excuse me, darling. Hello, you two.

Ashley: Katherine, hi, sweetie.

Katherine: Hi, sweetheart.

Brad: Hello, beautiful.

Katherine: Thank you very much.

Jack: Hey, how are things going in the kitchen?

Mamie: Mrs. Martinez is right on schedule. Don't you worry about a thing.

Jack: All we need now is a bride.

Katherine: Hello, Mamie. Well, if it isn't the man of the hour.

Jack: Hey. I'm so glad you could make it.

Katherine: I would not think of missing your wedding. Has Nikki arrived yet?

Jack: Nikki isn't going to be here. She's in Colorado right now. Her sister Casey had a skiing accident. She felt she should be with her.

Katherine: I hope it's nothing serious.

Jack: She said she would be all right. I'm sure she's thinking of us.

Katherine: Yes, I'm quite certain you're right, Jack.

Raul: I really haven't made up my mind if I'm giving the sweater to my mom.

Brittany: Why are you getting bent out of shape? I thought you were loosening up.

Raul: I guess we have different definitions of loosening up.

Brittany: Before I forget. I got you something. Merry Christmas. No, I didn't steal it. I saw it in the store and I thought of you. Consider it a thank you for keeping me company lately.

Raul: I didn't get you anything.

Brittany: That is okay. Go ahead. Open it.

Raul: It's a wallet.

Brittany: Yeah. I noticed the one you had is kind of beat up.

Raul: You didn't have to do this, Brit.

Brittany: I wanted to.

Raul: Thank you.

Brittany: You're welcome. I better get going. I have to get home.

Raul: How come?

Brittany: It's family time at the Hodgesí house. It's so stupid. The rest of the year my family couldn't give a rip about togetherness. We never see each other. When it comes to Christmas.

Raul: Hang in there, there are a couple more days then you're going on holiday.

Brittany: My dad sold the condo.

Raul: You'll get through it.

Brittany: Are you doing anything? If not, we can see a movie.

Raul: I canít. My brother's in town. I want to spend time with him.

Brittany: Fine. Blow me off.

Brad: Listen, John, you made the right move getting Colleen out of that apartment. I'm sure Traci and Steve need time to regroup.

John: Did you talk to your daughter? How did she seem?

Brad: She seemed angry, defiant.

John: Maybe because she's aware you're disappointed in her.

Brad: I made that crystal clear. I can't believe the bad choices she made.

John: It doesn't help to be upset with her.

Brad: It's okay for getting kicked out of school for smoking pot?

John: Of course not. The girl feels terrible over what happened.

Brad: She doesn't act like it.

John: Because she's angry.

Brad: She has to find another way to express her anger.

John: We have to find out another way.

Brad: This isn't the time to make decisions.

Mackenzie: I can't believe Colleen did that.

Billy: She was pretty mad at her folks.

Mackenzie: To such a 180. Getting mixed up with drugs at her age could affect her future.

Billy: Exactly why people shouldn't get on her case too much. She could shut everything out.

Mackenzie: How is she around you?

Billy: Defensive. I guess I gave her a hard time too.

Mackenzie: She knows you love her. Do you want me to try talking to her?

Billy: No. Let's just leave her alone for a while.

[Knock on door]

Phyllis: Come in!

Ashley: How's it going?

Phyllis: Awful, awful. I don't know what I was thinking. The wedding's going to start any minute. I'm not even half ready.

Ashley: Would you like a hand?

Phyllis: Yeah. Could you?

Ashley: Oh, yeah. Absolutely. No problem.

Phyllis: Good. Where you going?

Ashley: Come in. Your worries are over, Phyllis.

Phyllis: Patty Russell! How did you know?

Ashley: I brought a couple of friends that will make you beautiful in no time.

Phyllis: You are a life saver. Thank you, thank you. Patty, I can't believe it. Ashley!

Patty Russell: You ready to get started?

Phyllis: Let's get started.

Patty Russell: Let's get to it.

Phyllis: Okay. Here we go.

Diego: Good you're still here. At least I got gifts for everyone.

Raul: What are you doing?

Diego: I could ask you the same question. It's a college application.

Raul: I know.

Diego: Why isn't that filled out?

Raul: It's not due to the end of January.

Diego: I'm surprised. With your grades you can get into the best college in the country.

Raul: Mr. Perfect.

Diego: What?

Raul: Never mind.

Diego: What's the matter with you?

Raul: Nothing. I'm fine. Drop it.

Diego: Okay. I'll drop it.

Brittany: Don't bother. Okay. Call me later. Who are you?

Raul: This is my brother Diego.

Brittany: Oh, hi.

Diego: Hi.

Brittany: Have you changed your mind about going to that movie?

Raul: No.

Brittany: Suit yourself. Nice to meet you, Diego.

Diego: You too.

Cassie: Victor?

Victor: Yes, my sweetheart.

Cassie: When are you going to tell us where we're going?

Victor: Well --

Nicholas: I think it's time.

Victor: You have been patient. I thought it would be a wonderful idea to take this plane and fly around the whole world. Meet people from every country.

Cassie: We're flying around the whole world?

Victor: That's right.

Noah: We're following Santa.

Victor: That's right. We're following Santa.

Cassie: I wish Iíd known before we left Genoa City.

Sharon: Why's that, Santa?

Cassie: I could have given things to people we need.

Victor: I thought of that as well. In the cargo hold of this plane I put a lot of gifts and food, so wherever we stop you and Noah can give them to other children.

Sharon: Where are we going first?

Victor: We're going to Mexico, a beautiful city, very, very beautiful city.

Nicholas: That's going to be fun.

Victor: Yep.

Nicholas: What do you think of Dad's surprise?

Sharon: The kids are really excited.

Nicholas: Yeah, they are. It's going to be fun. Anyway, we get to do this all over again when Mom gets back. We can invite your mom too.

Sharon: She'd like that.

Nicholas: Are you sure you're okay?

Sharon: Yeah. I'm fine, Nicholas.

Victoria: Sharon seems kind of out of it.

Nicholas: Yeah, but the trip will do her good.

Lauren: It's so pretty. It's awfully quiet in here.

Paul: Yeah, it is. Hello, Mom.

Mary: Hello, everyone.

Paul: Merry Christmas.

Mary: Thank you, dear.

Paul: What's wrong?

Mary: This is no way to run a church. I worked so hard decorating our sanctuary. When I heard a pipe burst I ran right over and rescued whatever I could. Fortunately, I was able to get some of the poinsettia plants out in time.

Lauren: I'm going to go in and get seats. Are you coming?

Paul: I'll be right there. Mom, don't be upset. Nobody meant to hurt your feelings. After the service, why don't we take the extra plants to the hospital and the shelters. A lot of people need cheering up.

Mary: That's a wonderful idea, son.

Paul: Let's go inside. I want to light a candle first.

Mary: All right.

Isabella: I didn't expect to see you here.

Mary: A pipe burst at my church so they canceled service.

Isabella: Sorry to hear that. Well, merry Christmas.

Mary: Merry Christmas.

Paul: Merry Christmas. Are you coming? Whatís the matter? What are you staring at?

Mary: Normally Iím good at recognizing this, but it makes no sense. I have to be wrong.

Paul: About what?

Mary: Is it possible, could Isabella be pregnant?

Paul: Pregnant?

Victor: I would like all of you to meet Fernando and his wife.

Fernando: You have a fine looking family, Victor.

Nicholas: Dad, how do you know each other?

Victor: He owns one of the finest hotels, if not the best. Whenever Iím here on business, I stay there. He and I go sport fishing off the coast of Puerto Valletta.

Fernando: Last time Victor caught the most magnificent fish.

Victor: You expected that, didn't you.

Fernando: We thought you would like to try our holiday delicacies.

Fernando: And for the children, we also have one of our native --

Cassie: Look, it is so pretty.

Sharon: What do you say?

Cassie: Gracias.

Fernando: You're most welcome.

Cassie: We have some gifts in the back of our plane and some food too.

Victor: Compliments of my grandchildren.

Fernando: Thank you, both. We will donate to the local relief agencies for the needy. Thank you, Cassie and Noah.

Cassie: You're welcome.

Fernando: We know you have a long trip ahead of you but before you go, would you like to hear one of our Christmas carols?

Victor: We would love that.

[Singing in Spanish]

Jack: How's Phyllis doing?

Ashley: She looks stunning.

Jack: Do you think she minded stopping to check on her?

Ashley: I think she was quite relieved. How about you? You hanging in there?

Jack: Never better.

Ashley: You sure you don't have a few butterflies in there?

Jack: Tell her to get the hell down here.

Ashley: Jackie, I love you.

Jack: Go, go, and go.

Brad: How you doing, Jacko?

Jack: Hanging in there. Hanging in a little too long.

Brad: I'm sure she will be down any second.

Ashley: It's time.

Jack: It's time. It's time, gang.

Ashley: Here we go.

Diego: Who was that?

Raul: Brittany.

Diego: Youíre with someone like her.

Raul: We got to know each other doing the Glow by Jabot project.

Diego: You guys hang out?

Raul: Why's that such a shock?

Diego: She doesn't sound like your type.

Raul: What's wrong, math geek? You're gone for years and you blow back into town telling me who's my type?

Diego: Chill, bro. I didn't think you would be with such a princess. Look, I know you don't want me prying, right? I care about you. Tell me what's going on with you.

Raul: Nothing.

Diego: What do you mean nothing? You're a straight A student. You're hanging out with a girl you didn't say more than three words.. I don't want to get in your face but --

Raul: Why are you? Changed my mind. You want to see that movie?

Brittany: Sure. Whatever.

Victor: How are the cookies?

Cassie: Delicious.

Victor: Don't eat too many. You have to save room for our next stop.

Nicholas: Where would that be, Dad?

Victor: American Samoa.

Cassie: I know where that is.

Victor: You do?

Cassie: It's an island in the South Pacific.

Victor: You're right.

Nicholas: Is there any chance you guys want to take a nap before we get there?

Cassie: No way. We're too excited!

Nicholas: That's what I thought.

Cassie: Come on, Noah. Check this out.

Nicholas: Nice job, Dad.

Victor: Thanks, son.

Victoria: This really was a nice idea.

Victor: I'm glad you agree. I thought it would be a good thing to try to lift this family's spirits. It's a Christmas none of us will ever forget.

Cassie: Mommy, look at the Baby Jesus. Isn't he beautiful?

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