Y&R Transcript Thursday 12/20/01

Y&R Transcript Thursday 12/20/01


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Victor: You want to do something out of the ordinary for Sharon for Christmas this year.

Nicholas: Yeah, something cool. Something that will put us in a different place, you know what I mean?

Victor: I have an idea.

Nicholas: Of course you do. What have you got?

Victor: The question is, is she in the mood for a grand gesture or not? I don't mean to pry, son, what's going on?

Nicholas: Nothing new.

Victor: Does it still have to do with the paternity test?

Nicholas: We don't talk about it but it still bothers Sharon. We talked about this before. You said I wasn't being unreasonable.

Victor: That's not a problem anymore. The child is gone now. You and Sharon have to find a way to close this chapter.

Mackenzie: Look at it, Billy. You know what? I think Iíll put it on my night stand so it's the first thing I see when I wake up in the morning.

Billy: Well, then Iím glad I gave it to you early then.

Katherine: Billy?

Mackenzie: Grandma.

Billy: This -- we were -- we were just testing out your mistletoe.

Katherine: Likely story. By the way, shouldn't you be getting ready for your brother's wedding?

Billy: I just came over to show Mac some stuff.

Katherine: Yes, I bet. Well, you need to get dressed now. That's lovely. Wait a minute, what is that?

Mackenzie: Billy got it for his niece, Colleen.

Billy: Yeah. I realized I should have mailed it already. With the Christmas rush, it'll never get to her in time.

Katherine: Why don't you give it to your dad? You can give it to Colleen when they go to the Bahamas.

Billy: Traci and Steve are still having a rough time with Colleen.

Katherine: I'm so sorry to hear about that.

Billy: My dad came up with this idea to get them out of New York for the holidays to chill out, have some fun.

Katherine: A fresh start you mean?

Billy: That's what we're hoping. You're right. I better split. Unless I can stick around for a preview of your new dress. Mac said you got her something to knock my socks off.

Katherine: Indeed I did. You will have to wait for the proper time to see it.

Billy: Come on.

Katherine: Billy, will you please go get dressed for your brother's wedding?

Billy: Yes, ma'am. Iíll see you soon. Merry Christmas.

Katherine: Merry Christmas.

Rianna: Iíll call you when I leave. Goodbye, mother. Yet another trip to the mall. That reminds me. I bought you a Christmas present.

J.T.: Oh, thanks. Iíll open it later. You know, I got you something too, I just didn't bring it with me.

Rianna: Oh. That's okay. Waiting's half the fun. You know, J.T., I know we were going to spend the rest of the day together but I have to help my mom buy a gift for my dad.

J.T.: That's cool.

Rianna: You can come with us if you like.

Brittany: Hey, you two lovers. How are things going?

Rianna: Great. I have to leave. Are you coming?

J.T.: That sounds like a family thing. Let's put off getting chummy for another day.

Rianna: We're planning on Christmas day. I won't take no for an answer.

Jack: Anything I can do to help you?

Phyllis: You know what? I'm hungry.

Jack: You know what? I'm kind of hungry too.

Phyllis: You are? You know, I meant for tea and toast.

Jack: Whatever happened to lust? Iíll get you tea and toast.

Phyllis: Tea and toast.

Jack: Honey bun.

Phyllis: Honey bun.

Diego: You okay?

Sharon: Yeah, it's just a bill for a test I had run.

Diego: Medical test? Nothing serious I hope.

Sharon: No, not now anyway.

Diego: That's good.

Sharon: I didn't get the results.

Diego: Don't they send those right to the doctor?

Sharon: Yeah, probably.

Diego: You can probably call and find out, right?

Sharon: I just don't know if -- will you excuse me?

Diego: Sure.

Larry: Man, man, Larry Warton drinking hot chocolate. People will think Iím getting soft.

Amanda: So what's with being a tough guy anyway?

Larry: I'm just trying to survive it the best I can.

Amanda: All right then. Here's to survival.

Larry: Here's mud in your eye.

Ned: Am I interrupting anything?

Larry: No, no, it's your office.

Amanda: Do you want us to go?

Ned: Please stay. I didn't know you two knew each other.

Larry: This lady is the reason Iím here. We got to talk about the shelter and it got me thinking I ought to volunteer.

Ned: All filled out?

Larry: The best that I can. When do you think you can use me?

Ned: How's Christmas day grab you? All the volunteers are with their families, if that's not too inconvenient.

Brad: You're just in time, Billy.

Billy: She's cute. She's my niece.

Ashley: Nothing like bragging, Bill.

Billy: If you've got it, flaunt it.

Ashley: Have you seen Jack or Phyllis this morning?

Billy: I sneaked out to see Mac.

Brad: Speak of the devil.

Jack: Hello, everyone.

Billy: Are you up for this?

Jack: I can't wait for this.

Ashley: What about Phyllis? Does she need any help from the matron of honor?

Jack: She is fine. If she needs help, I will give you a holler.

Brad: Any word from New York?

Jack: I have news about Colleen. As a matter of fact, maybe you better sit down.

J.T.: I thought you got to spend Christmas day with whoever you wanted to.

Rianna: You want to be with me, don't you?

J.T.: Yeah, sure. But --

Rianna: You're my boyfriend. I want to show you off to my mom and dad.

J.T.: I just wished you asked me first.

Rianna: You can spend morning and dinner with your parents and squeeze us in during the day. You can watch the football game with my dad. It'll be fun. You'll see. I've got to go, okay?

J.T.: Okay.

Rianna: Bye, Brittany.

Brittany: Bye.

J.T.: What are you looking at?

Brittany: You are a piece of work, J.T. The way you're sucking her in. It won't be too long before she goes all the way with you. She'll probably hang herself. I have to say it. Have you thought this through?

J.T.: I don't know what you're talking about, Brit.

Brittany: Mac's reaction that you messed up her best friend again. Sheíll be mad for sure. Wait a minute. Oh, my God, you've already slept with Rianna, haven't you?

Nicholas: Dad, trust me, Sharon and I want to put this whole thing behind us, but there's this distance between us.

Victor: It's still there?

Nicholas: Yeah. And I don't know how to get past it. You know I hate it that Mom had to go. I know Aunt Casey needs her and she at any time doesnít have anyone else. Sharon was just starting to get into the whole idea of us getting together at the ranch for the holidays.

Victor: The ranch doesn't have to be the only option, you know.

Nicholas: It doesn't?

Victor: But I won't say anymore until the arrangements have been made.

Nicholas: What arrangements?

Victor: You just wait and see.

Nicholas: You're being pretty mysterious.

Victor: You bet. Anyway, meanwhile, Iím glad that you and Sharon are trying to work things out.

Nicholas: The past few weeks Iíve been thinking a lot about what happened. About why I had to know the paternity of the baby. I just felt I had to know. I was becoming obsessed with it.

Victor: That's understandable.

Nicholas: Looking back, if I had to do it over again, I never would have asked Sharon to get that test done.

Dr. Thompson: Hello, Sharon. The receptionist told me you were here. Obviously, something is bothering you.

Sharon: I got this in the mail today. It's a bill for the baby's paternity test.

Dr. Thompson: I see.

Sharon: I never got any results.

Dr. Thompson: I know.

Sharon: Does that mean that you did?

Dr. Thompson: They were sent to me, yes.

Sharon: So who was the father?

Jack: A shock, a sweet kid like that.

Brad: Your dad did the right thing bringing her back.

Ashley: How is she, Jack?

Jack: She's quiet.

Brad: She doesn't have much to say.

Jack: You are her father. She's not talking to her granddad. Maybe you will have more luck. I have to get some tea and toast. See ya.

Brad: My God. Smoking pot, gets kicked out of school. How does something like this happen?

Billy: She was pretty messed up when she left, Brad.

Ashley: She didn't want to go to New York.

Brad: To suddenly go off the deep end like this?

Billy: Well, I missed breakfast. She has teeth, maybe she's hungry too.

Ashley: All right. There's some apple sauce in the fridge.

Billy: Sorry, kiddo. There goes the steak.

Ashley: I'm sorry.

Brad: Sorry doesn't begin to describe it, Ash.

Ashley: She needs somebody --

Brad: It's a little late.

Colleen: It's okay, Aunt Ashley. Whatever you have to say I already heard it. It's just a bunch of noise. Blah, blah, blah. It's like a broken record.

Diane: Hey, Baldwin, it's Jenkins. Hello from Milan.

Michael: Same to you.

Diane: Are you busy?

Michael: What do you have in mind?

Diane: I guess you know this is Jack Abbottís wedding day.

Michael: Yes. The whole town knows.

Diane: I've been debating with myself about something and I decided to go ahead and do it, if you'll help me.

Michael: What is it?

Diane: Fenmore's has these lovely champagne flutes.

Michael: Don't tell me you're going to send a gift.

Diane: Put your name on it.

Michael: Why?

Diane: If they see my name they will throw it in the trash.

Michael: I already sent the happy couple a gift even though they didn't invite me to the wedding.

Diane: Call me a masochist. He won't know it's from me.

Michael: Why bother sending it?

Diane: I suppose, holidays.

Michael: You make absolutely no sense.

Diane: I never should have gone back to Genoa City. It was a huge mistake. Seeing Jack again brought back all these old feelings. Despite the way he treated me, I can't stop thinking about him. I was a fool to let him go.

Michael: On the bright side, your career is better than ever. You should be proud of yourself. Your socializing is the only thing that needs work.

Diane: Tell me about it.

Michael: That's easily remedied by a lady like you. You're smart, talented, and rich.

Diane: That and a couple thousand lire will buy me a cappuccino.

Michael: Start dating again.

Diane: It's time I find myself a new man.

Michael: There you go. Lots of new men.

Diane: Thanks, Michael, for being such a good friend.

Michael: Now that I can forget about the present.

Diane: Send it anyway.

Michael: This is too pathetic.

Diane: Michael, please. It'll be my way of saying goodbye.

Michael: All right. Consider it done.

Diane: Thanks, love. Merry Christmas.

Michael: Merry Christmas to you too.

Jack: There you are, gorgeous. Tea and toast.

Phyllis: Thanks for taking care of me.

Jack: You ain't seen nothing yet. You will be pampered like no woman since Cleopatra.

Phyllis: It works both ways.

Jack: I was hoping you would say that. Where's the dress?

Phyllis: In the closet.

Jack: Can I take a peek?

Phyllis: Absolutely not.

Jack: I thought you weren't superstitious.

Phyllis: Itís not superstition. It's about making your jaw drop when I walk down the stairs.

Raul: I thought I'd find you here.

Diego: I like the atmosphere.

Raul: You left early. Mom made breakfast for you. I told her you had Christmas shopping to do. So you done?

Diego: I'm working my way up to it.

Raul: I'm getting some coffee. You want some?

Diego: Yeah, sure.

Raul: Can I have two coffees?

Diego: That book, it's real nice. What's with that?

J.T.: I was going to break things off.

Brittany: Still on the draw, huh?

J.T.: Sort of.

Brittany: You really screwed up this time. There's no way out now. When you dump Rianna, it will be one hell of a crash, one everybody will hear, including Mac. You have no one to blame but yourself.

Katherine: Billy's attitude towards Colleen is quite touching.

Mackenzie: Thanks. Yeah. He really likes her.

Katherine: He's become quite the sensitive young man.

Mackenzie: You're surprised?

Katherine: Not really. Thinking back when he was such a self-centered young man when he first came to down.

Mackenzie: That was such a long time ago.

Katherine: Considering who his mother is, that's understandable. He's turned himself totally around. That's thanks to you, my darling.

Mackenzie: He's had a good effect on me too, Grandma.

Katherine: Spoken like a young lady in love. That was a lovely music box that he bought.

Mackenzie: Yeah. It reminded me of one I used to have at home in St. Louis. My mom gave it to me.

Katherine: Sad memories?

Mackenzie: No. Nice ones, actually.

Katherine: I know you're reluctant to spend some time with your mother. How would you like me to invite her to Christmas dinner?

Ned: Mr. Warton, you are officially on the schedule. If you'll excuse me, Iíll put some canned goods out.

Larry: Do you need any help?

Ned: No thanks.

Amanda: Not many people would volunteer on Christmas day.

Larry: I have no plans. It beats sitting around with a few brews watching the tube.

Amanda: You have no family around?

Larry: Nope, which is all right. Here I will be doing some good and I will be around some pleasant company.

Amanda: If you mean me.

Larry: Of course I do.

Amanda: Thank you, that's very nice.

Larry: What are you looking for?

Amanda: My daughter I told you about, she volunteers here sometimes.

Larry: You wondering if she'll be here at Christmas?

Amanda: She has family in town so she will most likely want to be with them. It would be nice if she drops by so I can get a glimpse of her on Christmas day. It's been a long time since we shared a holiday.

Brad: You don't want to hear what I have to say. You know it all. You're blameless.

Colleen: Did I say that? Why does everybody have to remind me? You want me to relive it over and over?

Brad: Why did you do it, Colleen?

Colleen: I screwed up. I get the message loud and clear. Would you give it a rest?

Billy: Hey, CeCe.

Colleen: Hey, Billy. Oh, my gosh, look how big Abbyís gotten.

Billy: You take her for a while. Welcome back, by the way. I'm getting dressed.

Colleen: Hi, sweetie. Remember me? You have gotten so big. May I be excused?

Ashley: Honey, it's okay. Underneath all that teenage angst your little girl still does exist.

Phyllis: Okay. We can't have this before the wedding.

Jack: I can live with that. We'd be loose. We'd be relaxed.

Phyllis: That's funny. Okay. Listen, we're going to have this wedding in a few minutes.

Jack: You're getting so old-fashioned on me.

Phyllis: No, no, no. Listen, I have to eat. I have to get my hair and makeup done. Why don't you be a good boy and sit on an ice cube.

Jack: Party pooper. [Cell phone ringing] Don't answer that.

Phyllis: Well, you should. Maybe it's a sign or something.

Jack: That would depend on who it is.

Phyllis: Go ahead.

Jack: Hello? Nikki, hi.

Rianna: Well, what are you saying?

J.T.: God knows I don't want to hurt you more than I have. For both of our sakes, Rianna, I'm telling you now. It's over.

Diego: Bro, you okay?

Raul: Yeah. Sorry.

Diego: Who's the chick?

Raul: Rianna.

Diego: You broke up? What happened?

Raul: Don't start with me too, all right? You don't talk about anything.

Diego: That's me, though. It's all right if I do it. Not okay if you do it. Just kidding. It's just a high school thing. They never last.

Raul: Words from the wise old man.

Diego: I been around the block a few times my man.

Raul: I'm seeing a new girl.

Diego: Who?

Raul: None of your business.

Diego: You can tell me. Is she hot?

Raul: What's with you anyway? I know practically nothing about your life and you want to know the details about mine? I didn't know you were working on a ranch.

Diego: She started working at the ranch.

Raul: Serious?

Diego: Thought it was.

Raul: Then it's over.

Diego: We were together for four years. We went through a lot but it didn't work out.

Raul: Another guy?

Diego: No, no. She didn't dig what I was doing with my life. You get involved with a girl and they give me attitude with my parents.

Dr. Thompson: Sorry, Sharon. I had to look in on my patient in labor.

Sharon: You still haven't answered me. Paternity test results. Why are you holding back? It was Matt Clarkís baby, that's why you don't want to tell me.

Dr. Thompson: Honestly, I don't have an idea.

Sharon: You told me you have the results.

Dr. Thompson: They were sent to me. I never opened them.

Sharon: Oh, so you don't know.

Dr. Thompson: No.

Sharon: Did you destroy them?

Dr. Thompson: Sharon, I wish you could just leave this alone.

Sharon: So you still have them.

Dr. Thompson: It wasn't my place to do away with them, though I was tempted.

Sharon: I'm not angry with my husband anymore. But something is wrong. There is like this cloud over us, this distance that we can't bridge. Now I know that time can heal a lot of things. But I don't think it can heal this because it hasn't so far. We love each other. But we are so out of sync right now. Maybe it's because we don't know. I'm wondering if not knowing is the reason I can't let go. Maybe if we had our answers, Nick and I could finally put this behind us, which is what I know we both want.

Dr. Thompson: Sharon, I have to say this. My advice to you is still not to open that door. Let me get rid of these results. If I were you, I would never open these. Tear the envelope up, Sharon, then go home to your husband and get on with your lives.

Jack: It's fine. Don't worry about it. Thank you for the call. Take care.

Phyllis: What was that all about?

Jack: That was Nikki calling from Colorado.

Phyllis: She can't make it to the wedding?

Jack: Her sister Casey had a skiing accident. She should be there and she sends her regrets.

Phyllis: Absolutely.

Jack: It's a swell thing you invited her. It means the world to me. Hey, what's wrong?

Phyllis: I was thinking of Nikki's involvement with this sperm switch.

Jack: What about it?

Phyllis: Not to bring up a sore subject, you said Nikki wants to make amends?

Jack: We're talking about this on our wedding day?

Phyllis: I'm curious, Jack.

Jack: When you called asking me to come home, Nikki and I were in the process of finding the information we were looking for.

Phyllis: The files, serial numbers, notes. Despite your secretive ways, I figured out what was going on.

Jack: You have.

Phyllis: Yes, I have. You and Nikki are trying to track down the biological father of Dianeís baby.

Jack: She's worried Diane isn't taking care of the baby.

Phyllis: You think if you find the biological father --

Jack: He might want to take over.

Phyllis: That's a gigantic leap, don't you think?

Jack: I had to leave before we got the information.

Phyllis: Who is it?

Jack: Nikki never said. Maybe the information didn't lead --

Phyllis: Maybe she'll track it down on her own.

Jack: After everything we have done, I will be the first one she tells.

Larry: You can't just call up your kid and ask to see her?

Amanda: Afraid not. You're curious why things are the way they are.

Larry: If there's one thing I learned in the joint, itís you don't poke your nose around somebody's business without their invitation. There I go talking about prison again.

Amanda: You were there. You learned something. That's the idea, isn't it?

Larry: Yeah, I guess. But it's not exactly the place to go for an education.

Amanda: Still, I imagine if you're open to it, there's quite a few life lessons to be learned behind bars.

Larry: Yeah. And a few things even though you're not open to them. I have to get back to work. I wanted to tell you I wish you and your daughter the best for Christmas. Either way, I'm looking forward to seeing you.

Raul: Sorry it didn't work out, man.

Diego: Iíll live.

Raul: Sounds like you've got nothing going on now.

Diego: I'm alive. That's enough to deal with.

Raul: Stick around for a little while longer, man.

Diego: Don't take this the wrong way. This is nothing against you. But there's no way I can hang out in this 'burb.

Raul: Come on, Diego.

Diego: You've got great friends in school. You never get into any trouble. Me? No. Hanging out in this place, no way.

Raul: Whatever. I'm going to get some groceries for Mom. Iíll catch you later.

Billy: What?

Colleen: You know why I'm here.

Billy: So?

Colleen: Isn't it time for a lecture from you? I've gotten one from everybody else.

Billy: No, no, not me. It's more like dťjŗ vu.

Colleen: What do you mean?

Billy: When I heard what happened, it brought back a lot of memories when I messed up and it was a much bigger deal.

Colleen: You smoked pot?

Billy: My drug of choice at the time was booze. I got really wasted one night and I passed out in the snow and I nearly died.

Colleen: I never knew that.

Billy: I just hope you're smarter than I was, Colleen. What happened was a wake-up call.

Colleen: I thought you weren't going to lecture me.

[Knock on door]

Connie: All the international flights came in, Mr. Newman. You are set to go.

Victor: Thank you very much, Connie. Thank you very much.

Nicholas: You're going on a business trip? Or is this the surprise you were talking about?

Victor: I've come up with something that I hope will put everybody in a better frame of mind.

Nicholas: Don't keep me in suspense.

Victor: You will find out soon enough. Only one question.

Nicholas: What's that?

Victor: Are you up for an adventure?

Nicholas: Yeah. Knowing you, you're not talking about miniature golf.

Victor: No.

Nicholas: This is what the family needs to put them in the holiday mood, especially Sharon.

Victor: Well, I hope so.

Dr. Thompson: Hey, everything all straightened out? Sharon?

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