Y&R Transcript Wednesday 12/19/01

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 12/19/01


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Victor: Stay on top of that, would you?

Connie: Mr. Newman, it's a wonderful thing you're doing.

Victor: Not a word to my family.

Connie: Anything else?

Victor: Not right now, Connie. Thank you.

Victor: Hi, sweetheart.

Victoria: Hi.

Victor: I'm surprised to see you.

Victoria: Well, I was Christmas shopping and didn't get a whole lot done. I can't figure out what to get anyone this year. I thought I would come by here.

Victor: Are you up to this?

Victoria: Yeah, I think I can handle it. I just can't stay at the ranch, I can't. Not with Mom gone. Have you heard from her?

Victor: Aunt Casey is doing well. I don't think your mother will be here for Christmas. Sweetheart, I know how much you wanted to spend the holidays with your family. But I promise you we will have a wonderful time.

Sharon: Hey, Diego how was the homecoming last night?

Diego: It was interesting. My mom cooked a huge meal. We stayed up till the wee hours of the night catching up. When you get to be our age, get your own life, nothing like walking through the door and being treated like a kid again. Come on, you guys don't agree?

Sharon: It's not like that for us.

Nicholas: Especially since we live right next-door to my mom.

Brad: She's so into the ornaments this year.

Ashley: Last year she was just a few weeks old.

Brad: Amazing, so many changes in so little time.

Ashley: Honey, you seem to not take your mind off of Colleen.

Brad: Well, I can't. Especially during the holidays and everything.

Ashley: I know how concerned you are about your daughter, and I'm sorry.

Brad: I just wish I had some idea what was going on in New York. Now your dad's shutting me out too.

Gina: So you two have been Christmas shopping, huh?

Malcolm: Little man here has a few more gifts to buy.

Gina: Speaking of gifts, exactly what is it you want?

Malcolm: My son here has made me very proud.

Gina: Oh, yeah?

Malcolm: See, he just wants one present from his pops and one from his moms and then what?

Nate: Send the rest of the presents to the kids that lost their parents.

Gina: Malcolm, that's a great kid there. You deserve one of my great hot chocolates with a peppermint stick.

Nate: Yeah!

Malcolm: My battery is tripping. I have to go out and make a call.

Nate: Can I stay with Gina?

Malcolm: Gina, is that cool with you?

Gina: It's cool with me.

Nate: I love that Mom and Dad aren't fighting anymore.

Gina: Christmas Eve with your mom.

Nate: Christmas Day with my dad, Alex and Uncle Neil.

Gina: You'll have a good time.

Nate: Yeah.

Billy: Okay. I'm here filled with the holiday spirit. To prove it, I woke up early to do my last-minute Christmas shopping. You proud of me?

Mackenzie: Yes. I'm curious why you're so early this morning.

Billy: I need a kiss from the most beautiful girl in the world. I was wondering if you've done any shopping for the new person on your holiday list.

Mackenzie: My mom?

Billy: Yeah.

Mackenzie: Besides letting her stay in town Iím supposed to buy her a Christmas present too now?

Amanda: Hey, Ned -- Larry, what are you doing here?

Larry: She remembers my name.

Amanda: You didn't think I would.

Larry: I remember yours. Amanda.

Amanda: Why are you here?

Larry: I'm looking at her.

Amanda: What?

Larry: Don't freak. I'm not stalking you or anything. When we met in the coffee house you mentioned this place. Well, it got me thinking about giving a little something back, especially now since it's the holidays.

Amanda: You're volunteering here now.

Larry: You have a problem with that?

Amanda: No, not at all.

Larry: You're still in town. I guess that means you got the news you wanted about sticking around?

Amanda: Well, my visit's been extended through the holidays, but that's all, at this point. What?

Larry: It's just kind of weird the way you're waiting around, waiting to find out if you can stay or if you have to go. What's the deal, Mandy? Why are you letting someone yank your chain like that?

Phyllis: Hey, how long do I have to keep my back to the door?

Jack: Patience, sweetheart, patience.

Phyllis: I wish you would tell me what you've been up to.

Jack: I haven't been up to anything.

Phyllis: More important than waking up next to me?

Jack: You were dead to the world. Were you worried?

Phyllis: Yeah. But I also believe you thought I had superstitions about waking up together on the morning of our ceremony.

Jack: The thought never crossed my mind.

Phyllis: I hope you weren't doing last-minute shopping.

Jack: You have something against shopping?

Phyllis: I do. I do.

Jack: Tell me about that.

Phyllis: Well, Christmas has become so commercialized, you know. To heck with the real meaning of Christmas. And not to mention they put up the lights around Labor Day. It's like a competition to see who has the most --

Jack: Go ahead, were you saying?

Phyllis: It's beautiful.

Jack: You have to open up some more.

Phyllis: I love it. I can't believe I love it but I do.

Jack: You don't think it'll get in the way of wedding decorations?

Phyllis: No. I think it will only add to it. You are the sweetest, most thoughtful man.

Jack: Tell me more about that.

Phyllis: I feel so lucky.

Jack: I feel exactly the same way.

Phyllis: You have nothing to lose -- I have everything to lose and nothing --

Jack: Don't say it. Don't even say it.

Billy: Mac, Iím not trying to upset you. It's the holidays. Peace and love. I just thought that maybe --

Mackenzie: Thought I would be filled with so much Christmas cheer I would buy my mom a gift.

Billy: Okay. Okay. I hear you. I obviously shouldn't have brought it up.

Mackenzie: No, you shouldn't have.

Billy: I bought a gift for Colleen and before I send it on, what do you think, being a girl and all?

Mackenzie: Oh, it's beautiful. Is it jewelry?

Billy: Open it.

Amanda: It's complicated, Larry.

Larry: Meaning you want to stay in town but it's out of your hands?

Amanda: In a way, yeah.

Larry: It kind of sounds like probation.

Amanda: What do you mean?

Larry: You know, someone else calling the shots. I think I have some ties because I'm an ex-con -- oh. Way to go, Warton.

Amanda: You're on probation?

Larry: Yeah. Well, I guess Iíll keep my mouth shut and be splitting now.

Amanda: Wait a minute. I'm not one to cast stones here. Heaven knows Iíve had my share of mistakes. Anyway, it sounds like you've paid your debt, which is a lot more than I can say about me.

Victor: Let me know as soon as he gets here, all right? Thanks.

Victoria: You haven't heard from Neil yet?

Victor: No. There are some things I want him to do in the next few days.

Victoria: You seem upset with him, not just because he's been late. What's going on?

Victor: I had an unsettling experience with him yesterday.

Victoria: What happened?

Victor: He dropped the ball on a very important deal.

Victoria: That doesn't sound like Neil.

Victor: I know.

Victoria: How did you leave things?

Victor: He promised me it wouldn't happen again.

Victoria: You're not reassured?

Victor: I want to be. I tell you one thing. He better sort things out.

Coffee, black. Anything else?

Neil: A shot of scotch.

Nicholas: Get this, not only do we live next-door to my mother, but I work for my father.

Diego: Talk about family togetherness.

Sharon: We're pretty connected.

Diego: More power to you.

Sharon: Sounds like your visit will be short.

Diego: My folks don't like me being away so long, worried I can't take care of myself.

Sharon: You like your independence.

Diego: Yeah. I'm okay looking after myself. I'm not saying I never hit any rough spots along the way but I manage, somehow. Listen, I'm going on and on. I have a lot of work to do. Excuse me a minute. I'm going to sit down.

Nicholas: Here. Seems like a nice guy. Okay. I'm going to do some Christmas shopping.

Sharon: I thought you were finished.

Nicholas: I am for everybody but you. I got a couple of things. Usually you kind of leave me some clues and stuff.

Sharon: You want me to make you a list?

Nicholas: Nope. Okay. Well, Iím going to go. See you tonight.

Shot of scotch he said.

Neil: Yeah.

You want something to eat with that?

Neil: Coffee's fine, thanks. Thanks a lot.

Gina: You're back, huh? I have to make that hot chocolate.

Malcolm: No peppermint sticks for me because I'm driving.

Nate: Don't forget mine, though. I can't figure out what it is.

Gina: I must say you look a lot better than you did the other day.

Neil: Thanks, Gina.

Gina: You didn't pull another all-nighter.

Neil: No, no.

Gina: That's good but you still look a little worn out.

Neil: It's a very busy time of year.

Gina: You better be taking good care of yourself because you are going to have a great holiday.

Neil: Beg your pardon?

Gina: Nate. He said you're spending Christmas with Nate and Alex and Malcolm. That little boy is so excited about it.

Neil: Nate told you that?

Gina: They're right over there. I'm going to fix some hot chocolate. Why don't you say hello.

Neil: Yeah, yeah, I think Iíll do that.

Neil: Hey, how you doing, my man. Good to see you.

Nate: Good. Dad and I are just back from Christmas shopping.

Neil: Oh, yeah? Where you going? Wait a minute --

Nate: I have to go. Uncle Neil said that --

Neil: Somebody going ice skating?

Nate: We all are on Christmas Day. Dad, Alex, me and you. We're all going in the afternoon get hungry for Christmas dinner.

Neil: Talk to your Dad about that. [Cell phone ringing] Excuse me. Yeah. Oh, okay. I'm on my way. Thank you. That was Victoria. Unfortunately I have to get back to the office. My man, I will catch you two later.

Nate: Okay. Bye, Uncle Neil. This is going to be the neatest Christmas ever, Dad. All of us together.

Phyllis: Jack, these formalities are gorgeous. And the ornaments are gorgeous.

Jack: It's a favorite of mine.

Phyllis: You told me everyone in the family gets to hang up their ornaments on the tree.

Jack: Everyone has a favorite. Everyone will be here today to witness our nuptials.

Jack: You're wondering about my dad.

Phyllis: We haven't heard from him. I want Traci and the family --

Jack: I was expecting to hear from my dad by now. Why don't I give him a call?

Colleen: You don't have to call. He's already here.

Jack: Hi.

Ashley: Hi.

Brad: Hey, Abby sleeping all right?

Ashley: I think she woke up extra early this morning.

Brad: Nap time will do her good.

Ashley: Honey, what were you saying about my dad?

Brad: I was standing right there when Colleen called. He wouldn't let me talk to her.

Ashley: I'm sure he's doing the best for Colleen. I think it's a difficult time for everybody.

Brad: I realize everybody. When I tried to remind him that Colleen is my daughter and maybe I could get through to her he told me to wait for another time to ďplay daddy.Ē

Ashley: That doesn't sound like him. I'm sure he didn't mean it to be so harsh.

Brad: First, he won't let me talk to her and then he heads to New York. Then we haven't heard a thing. People are trying to keep me in the dark as far as my daughter is concerned.

Ashley: I don't think anybody is doing that on purpose.

Brad: Your dad's slamming the door in my face. Why? What is going on with my daughter? I want some answers, Ash, and I think I'm entitled.

Jack: You guys must have gotten home very late last night.

John: About midnight.

Phyllis: Good. That means Traci and Steve are here too, right?

John: No, Traci and Steve will be staying in New York.

Colleen: I'm going to get something to eat.

Jack: Okay. So what's going on? You and Colleen are meeting Traci and Steve in the Bahamas after Christmas?

John: The trip is definitely off.

Phyllis: Things are more serious than you thought.

John: That's exactly what they are.

Neil: Vicki, hey.

Victoria: Hey yourself. I hope I didn't pull you away from anything important.

Neil: Actually your call was perfect. It got me out of a very sticky situation.

Victoria: Care to explain that?

Neil: No. I'd rather talk about how you're doing.

Victoria: You mean since the last time you saw me here at the office.

Neil: Yeah. You were having a hell of a rough time.

Victoria: I think I came back to work too soon. I know I did.

Neil: And now?

Victoria: And now I have decided to not rush things.

Neil: That's okay. Don't worry about it. We can handle things. You just take care of yourself -- it's really hot in here. Aren't you hot?

Victoria: How are you doing?

Neil: I'm hanging in there.

Victoria: You know, Dad told me about that project you dropped. That's not like you, Neil. Listen, I know it has to do with Ryan and --

Neil: Vicki, I don't know why your father feels compelled to tell you stuff like that. Damn it, I make one lousy mistake and he broadcasts it to the whole company. Why the hell couldn't he just let it go?

John: If that weren't enough, Colleen's been expelled from school.

Jack: What?

John: She was caught smoking marijuana on campus. You can imagine how upset Traci and Steve --

Jack: As well they should be. What's gotten into her?

John: She's become uncontrollable. The school called Traci and Steve and told them what happened.

Jack: Do they have any idea how to handle this?

John: They're talking about a boarding school.

Phyllis: They think she's defiant now.

Jack: I think you made a right choice bringing her home.

Colleen: You told them?

John: Yes, I did.

Colleen: Great, now they'll be ragging on me too.

Jack: Phyllis and I knowing about this doesn't mean we'll be on your case.

Colleen: But?

Jack: We happen to agree with what your granddad and parents are telling you.

John: Well, you two, today is a very special, wonderful day.

Jack: I can't think of anything. Everything is handled.

John: I left a number of things to do before the ceremony. Now Colleen, you know you're confined to the house, okay?

Colleen: Okay, Granddad.

Jack: I need to make a couple phone calls for last-minute arrangements. Why don't you decorate the tree.

Phyllis: You really screwed up big time, didn't you?

Malcolm: Listen to me, partner, look, I know you're expecting your uncle Neil to stop by for Christmas Day. Look, that's not going to happen.

Nate: Why not?

Malcolm: Uncle Neil, he has other stuff to do.

Nate: On Christmas Day? He didn't say he wouldn't be able to make it. Are you sure of that?

Malcolm: Your uncle Neil, he's a busy guy.

Nate: I don't understand.

Malcolm: You, me and Alex, we're going skating.

Nate: Why can't he stay for an hour or two?

Malcolm: He's not coming by. Just let it go.

Gina: Want a refill?

Malcolm: You know what, Gina? I think we're okay.

Gina: Nate, Iím thinking because of the wonderful thing you're doing for the kids in New York, I want to give you a gift certificate for a one-year supply of hot fudge sundaes.

Malcolm: That's cool of Gina, huh? 

Gina: I never made out one of those gift certificates and I was wondering if you would help me?

Nate: Okay.

Gina: We'll be back in a little bit.

Victoria: Why don't you calm down. Don't minimize this. You made a big mistake.

Neil: It's not the end of the world.

Victoria: It cost the company a lot of money.

Neil: You have to remind me of that?

Victoria: Apparently, I do. Dad has to delegate projects to you. They have to be dealt with immediately.

Neil: Suddenly your dad doesn't trust me to get the job done?

Victoria: He needs reassurance.

Neil: I have shown him over and over and over again I can handle what he gives me.

Victoria: You don't have to pretend that everything is all right when it's not. If you need help, just ask for it.

Neil: Okay. Vicki, thanks. I do realize that.

Victoria: Why did you blow off that project when you could have delegated it to someone else? Neil, is there something else going on? Neil? You can tell me.

Neil: No. No, Vicki, I can't.

Victoria: So there is something.

Neil: Just tell your father not to worry about me. Please, please, would you do that much?

Billy: You okay, Mac?

Mackenzie: Yeah.

Billy: That music box really affected you.

Mackenzie: It's just I used to have one. It was on my bedside table. I loved that thing. She's gonna love this too.

Billy: You're remembering more than the music box.

Mackenzie: Ever since I was three, when I went to bed, my mom would come in and she would open the box. She played a lullaby and she'd hum to it. It became our bedtime ritual. Sometimes when I go to sleep, I could hear it playing in my head.

Billy: Like you said before, you sort of have forgotten how things were with you and your mom back then.

Mackenzie: Yeah.

Billy: You're doing the right thing here, trying to work things out with your mom over the holidays.

Mackenzie: So Mr. Claus, what's in your shopping bag?

Billy: Funny you should ask. It just so happens I have two more gifts in here, both with your name on it.

Mackenzie: Really.

Billy: Yep. This one goes under the tree.

Mackenzie: Okay.

Billy: But this one you need to open up now, when Iím with you.

Mackenzie: Billy, I love it! Where'd you get this?

Billy: Being on the book staff has its perks. I picked it up in the archives.

Mackenzie: This is so sweet of you.

Billy: I made you one and I have one. I figured it's something we ought to have. It's sort of where it all began.

Mackenzie: It means so much to me. Thank you, Billy.

Billy: Merry Christmas, Mac. I love you always.

Mackenzie: I love you too.

Larry: Sounds like you have some regrets.

Amanda: Believe me, I do. Plenty of guilt too. But then I deserved every sleepless night I've spent since --

Larry: Since what? Oh, look, Iím sorry. It's none of my business. Forget I even asked, all right?

Amanda: It's okay. I have a daughter. We've been on the outs for quite a while now. She's the reason I'm here in Genoa City.

Larry: So you're hoping to patch things up with her, huh?

Amanda: Yeah, try to convince her I regret the mistakes I made. If that could happen, it's almost more than I dare hope for, but --

Larry: It seems like you've been praying really hard on it.

Amanda: It is the season of miracles. If my daughter and I could start to find our way back to one another, that would be the most wonderful Christmas present I could hope for. Sorry.

Larry: It's all right.

Colleen: I thought you weren't going to get on my case.

Phyllis: I'm not.

Colleen: What's that crack about me messing up?

Phyllis: Just an observation.

Colleen: Like you know anything about me.

Phyllis: I know everyone cares about you. Especially your grandfather.

Colleen: Right now he's mad at me.

Phyllis: He's concerned about you, Colleen. We all are. Hey, listen, Jack told me it's a family tradition we pick out our favorite ornament and hang it on the tree ourselves. So let me see one you would like. How about that one there?

Colleen: I like this one.

Phyllis: Okay.

Colleen: Now you're part of the family now.

Nicholas: Hey, Dad, got a minute?

Victor: Hey, son.

Nicholas: Here's the report you wanted. I heard from Mom. Did you?

Victor: Yes, I did. By the way, what about the deal?

Nicholas: I wrapped that up yesterday.

Victor: Your decks are clear for a while.

Nicholas: Yeah. You want to handle something else?

Victor: No, nothing like that.

Nicholas: Cool because I could use the extra time. I'm planning on doing something special for Christmas for Sharon this year.

Victor: How are things going?

Nicholas: We're taking our time, hoping to get past this distance. I can't do it alone. I know she's trying. It's just that it's hard for her.

Victor: Just don't give up.

Nicholas: I'm determined to make things right between my wife and me again. That's why I feel I need to do something special for Christmas this year. Anything I can do to help her get her mind off the past and into the future, Iím going to do it. The sooner that happens the sooner Sharon will be herself again.

Diego: Stack of mail.

Sharon: All bills, flyers.

Diego: A couple of Christmas cards for good measure. Something tells me you had it weeks ago.

Sharon: Not with the way my luck has been going.

Diego: I know that look. It must be a bill.

Sharon: Paternity test my husband wanted, I want it done now. There's a life inside of me that was snuffed out for no good reason. I don't think I could move beyond this unless I know everything.

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