Y&R Transcript Tuesday 12/18/01

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 12/18/01


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Nikki: I keep asking myself over and over should I tell Jack.

Katherine: Nikki, Nikki, first things first. Listen to me first. You need to find out what kind of life that child has.

Nikki: Do you think it's possible he's okay?

Katherine: Darling, of course he is. Because you and Diane Jenkins despise one another, doesn't mean she's a horrible mother.

Nikki: If Jack knew he had a child.

Katherine: There are lives and futures at stake here.

Nikki: That's right. How do I get the information I need out of the woman who loathes me? All I know is somehow Iíve got to get it.

Victor: Where's Victoria?

Nikki: She's out for a walk.

Victor: By herself?

Nikki: Yeah. She wanted some fresh air.

Victor: How is she doing?

Nikki: Um, I think okay.

Victor: Do you have any idea if she's coming to the office tomorrow?

Nikki: For her sake, I hope not. It's too soon.

Victor: You know sometimes work can be a good distraction.

Nikki: She needs to grieve, Victor. Surrounding herself with spreadsheets and ad copies aren't going to do that.

Victor: You don't know that.

Nikki: We obviously don't agree on this. She's having a good day so far. Let's not disturb that.

Victor: What's up with you? Why are you in a strange mood?

Raul: Diego, I can't believe you're back.

Diego:  Don't be so surprised.

Raul: I never know when you're going to blow into town.

Billy: That's Raul's brother. They haven't seen each other in ages.

Raul: It's been a long time, man.

Diego: You're not a shrimp anymore. Who's the pretty lady?

Sharon: Mac. Short for Mackenzie.

Diego: That's a name I'll remember.

Raul: This is Nick, Sharon and Cassie Newman.

Diego: Nice to meet you officially.

Cassie: You too, officially.

Nicholas: You said you were from around here. I had no idea.

Raul: I'm Diegoís younger brother.

Diego: It's great to see my kid brother again.

Neil: I'm really glad to see you. This has not been a good day. It's been really rough.

Alex: Tell me about it.

Neil: Sorry I said I didn't want to see you before.

Alex: Changed your mind?

Neil: I had a heavy encounter with Victor. Boy, it's good to see a friendly face.

Alex: Malcolm stopped by my office.

Neil: Something wrong?

Alex: You don't remember?

Neil: Remember what?

Alex: Your little confession, telling your brother that we had feelings for each other?

Neil: Oh, that. Alex, Iíd been drinking.

Alex: You know, damn it, Neil, that's no excuse.

Neil: How's Malcolm taking it?

Alex: How do you think?

Neil: Sorry.

Alex: No, sorry doesn't cut it. What the hell were you thinking?

Neil: Alex, it's okay. It's all right. We're going to get through this. I promise.

Alex: Get your hands off of me.

Olivia: Malcolm, what is it? Is it something wrong with Nate?

Malcolm: Nate's fine.

Olivia: Why did you make me rush over here?

Malcolm: Because I need to talk to you.

Olivia: What's going on?

Malcolm: I was at my brother's place earlier and he was drunk.

Olivia: In the middle of the day?

Malcolm: It kind of blew my mind too.

Olivia: His best friend was killed, Malcolm.

Malcolm: I understand that and I truly am sorry. The problem is he started running his mouth about Alex. Started talking about how he and Alex had feelings for each other. That's what you meant the other day, isn't it? You said I didn't need to spend as much time with my brother. You knew, didn't you?

Paul: Isabella?

Isabella: Your mother told you I was still in town.

Paul: So did Chris. How long have you been back?

Isabella: Were you expecting a call?

Paul: Let me ask you something. Does your return to Genoa City have anything at all to do with us?

Isabella: Don't flatter yourself. Our association ended the last time we talked.

Paul: I see.

Isabella: It's not like Iíve been pining away for you. Anyway, my reasons for being here have nothing to do with you. I may have a job offer. If my being here cramps your style, then sorry.

Paul: I'll deal with it.

Isabella: Your words, not mine.

Paul: You know, you haven't been gone for very long, but you certainly have changed.

Isabella: It's a tough world. A girl has to look after herself.

Paul: Why do I get the feeling that you're pushing me away?

Isabella: I thought I was doing the both of us a favor.

Paul: Maybe you are.

Isabella: What do you want?

Billy: You must have read about Diego, Nick.

Raul: My brother was best soccer player in the city.

Diego: That was a long time ago.

Cassie: He knows all about horses too.

Raul: Horses? Where did you pick that up?

Diego: Working on a ranch.

Raul: I thought you were doing construction.

Diego: That was my old gig.

Sharon: I hate to break this up.

Nicholas: We have to go.

Cassie: Nice meeting you, Diego.

Sharon: Raul, Brittany never came back for this sweater. It's on the counter.

Raul: Thanks.

Diego: Why you looking at me like that, bro?

Raul: I just can't believe you're really here.

Nikki: My day was very interesting.

Victor: Anything I should know?

Nikki: No.

Victor: Trade secrets or what?

Nikki: Something like that.

Victor: Do you think we should discuss Christmas?

Nikki: Yes, we need to. Hey, when Diane was here, I know she was carrying on about how wonderful her life is. Did she mention where she's living?

Victor: In Milan, why do you ask?

Nikki: Make sure never to visit there.

Victor: Why the hell would that woman be of interest to you?

Nikki: Hi, honey. How was your walk?

Victoria: Fine.

Victor: Hi, sweetheart. Your mother and I were discussing Christmas plans.

Nikki: Yes. Have you given it any thought?

Victoria: No, I haven't.

Nikki: I was thinking of just a small family dinner. How does that sound?

Victoria: Fine.

Victor: What should we have Miguel prepare?

Nikki: Miguel? I'm going to cook.

Victor: You're going to cook the entire meal?

Nikki: Well, you all can help me, right?

Victoria: Nobody would want to eat anything I cooked.

Nikki: Why would you say that?

Victoria: Because I'm terrible in the kitchen. When Ryan and I used to --

Nikki: Oh, honey. Sweetheart.

Neil: Alex, what's wrong?

Alex: How can you ask that?

Neil: So I slipped. So I told my brother. So what?

Alex: Neil, we had a deal.

Neil: We also have feelings for each other.

Alex: Which we had to keep in check.

Neil: I kept my feelings in check for a long time.

Alex: Until you got drunk and lost control.

Neil: I wasn't -- I'm sorry. I made a mistake.

Alex: A mistake. Is that what you call it? Because for me, it's devastating.

Neil: Why? Because now you have to face my brother? Alex, please listen to me. You were the one who said you could handle things.

Alex: And you lost your best friend, and I'm sorry about that, Neil. But damn it, we were talking about my life.

Neil: Honey, we don't have to hide anymore. Now everything is out in the open. See, it's a good thing.

Alex: What good can possibly come of this?

Neil: You, me, us. We can finally be together just like we've always wanted to be.

Malcolm: Olivia, you knew, didn't you?

Olivia: I had my suspicions.

Malcolm: For how long?

Olivia: A couple of months.

Malcolm: Why didn't you say something to me?

Olivia: Like you would have believed me.

Malcolm: Maybe I would have or maybe I wouldn't have. I would have run to my brother with it.

Olivia: And you would have accused me of lying.

Malcolm: For once it's not about you.

Olivia: You're right, it's not about me! Look I'm doing my best to keep things good between you and me for Nateís sake.

Malcolm: What's your point?

Olivia: The point is I don't like you attacking me. If you have a problem with your fiancťe, don't come to me looking for help.

Malcolm: My problem isn't with my fiancťe, it's my brother. Olivia, what's with the look?

Lauren: You talked to Paul.

Isabella: How perceptive.

Lauren: What did you say?

Isabella: Ask him.

Lauren: I was only gone a few minutes. I assume you didn't say anything about the baby.

Isabella: No, and I'm not going to.

Lauren: It's going to be very obvious that you're pregnant.

Isabella: He may find out Iím pregnant but he won't find out it's his child. I'm making sure of that.

Lauren: How?

Isabella: Lauren, do us both a favor and stay out of this. In fact, why don't we forget we ever met?

Nikki: Sweetheart.

Victoria: It's fine. I'm fine.

Victor: Come here, my darling. Would you rather not do anything for Christmas?

Victoria: I do. I do. A family dinner sounds great.

Nikki: Are you sure?

Victoria: I'm sure.

Victor: Well, look who's here.

Nicholas: Hey, you're all here.

Nikki: Yeah, we were just talking about Christmas.

Sharon: My favorite holiday.

Cassie: Mine too.

Victor: I bet it is.

Nikki: I decided on a good, old-fashioned family Christmas.

Nicholas: Cool.

Nikki: And I think I'm going to make Cornish hen.

Sharon: I can make the cranberry sauce and stuffing.

Nicholas: I'm getting hungry.

Sharon: What are you going to make, Nicholas?

Nicholas: A lot of noise about being hungry.

Cassie: What about you, Victor?

Victor: I'm going to open the wine.

[Phone ringing]

Nikki: Hello. Yes, this is Nikki Newman. Why? What's happened?

Diego: Sorry about Thanksgiving.

Raul: We were all hoping you'd make it.

Diego: I should have called when I knew it wasn't for sure. It's not my style.

Billy: Like blowing into town unannounced?

Diego: You get a bigger reaction.

Raul: If you call her and tell her you're coming and you don't show, it's kind of hard on her.

Diego: I wouldn't take this from anybody but my bro, my conscience.

Raul: Hey, you're here and that's all that matters, right? Let's go. She's going to be thrilled, huh?

Billy: Well, Diego, it's great seeing you again.

Diego: We'll hook up later. Nice to meet you, Mac.

Raul: You ready?

Diego: Actually, not so fast.

Raul: What's wrong?

Diego: I want to grab a bite.

Raul: Mom's gonna stuff you as soon as you walk through the door.

Diego: I know I don't want her to cook for me off the bat.

Neil: Everything in life happens for a reason.

Alex: What are you saying?

Neil: We have feelings for each other. We have for a long time.

Alex: That gives you the right to blab in a drunken stupor.

Neil: Keeping it inside never would have worked.

Alex: You're rationalizing.

Neil: I'm telling it like it is.

Alex: Everything's out in the open. No big deal.

Neil: Of course it's a big deal. Maybe it's for the best.

Alex: For you.

Neil: For everyone. We were living with a lie. It was awkward as hell.

Alex: Look, Neil, I am engaged to your brother, okay?

Neil: And you have feelings for me too. And now he knows. I'm not saying that it's going to be easy. Once the initial shock wears off --

Alex: Look, Neil. I love Malcolm. So whatever fantasy you have about our feelings for each other, you are dead wrong.

Neil: You don't mean --

Alex: No, no. You ruined everything. You made it impossible for us to be friends. Worst of all, your brother may never speak to you again.

Neil: Alex, I think if you really look at this thing, you'll understand --

Alex: No, no, no. You don't understand. It's over. And I can't have anything to do with you ever again.

Nikki: Yes, thank you for calling. I'm on my way. Casey's had a terrible skiing accident.

Victor: How bad is it?

Nikki: She's in surgery and she'll be in intensive care.

Victor: You should be with her, right?

Nikki: I hate to leave now.

Victoria: No, it's fine now. Go. You should go.

Victor: Where is she?

Nikki: She's in Vail.

Victor: I'll call Wally. He'll get the jet ready.

Lauren: Who's going to take care of you and the baby?

Isabella: I am.

Lauren: By yourself?

Isabella: For the last time, stay out of it. Your life is complicated enough. Why mess with mine? If you think Iím --

Lauren: I would watch it if you are. You will not screw him over ever again. I won't let you.

Malcolm: Olivia, speak your mind. You think I should be worried about Alex too?

Olivia: Ask her.

Malcolm: I have. I thought maybe she picked up on something. I thought that was the reason she didn't want to work with my brother.

Olivia: What did she say?

Malcolm: She was just blown away as I was.

Olivia: Really.

Malcolm: Woman, what are you implying?

Olivia: She definitely knows how Neil felt about her.

Malcolm: If she did, she would have told me. That man is trying to mess with my head. I can't figure out why.

Olivia: You know that's not like Neil.

Malcolm: Olivia, what is it with you? Are you trying to tell me Neil and Alex have something going on with each other?

Olivia: You know what? You're hurt and you're frustrated. Don't take it out on me. I don't want to be in the middle of this.

Malcolm: Get over it, you are in the middle. When Neil broke up with you, you were so sure there was another woman. And this is unbelievable. You told me Neil broke up with you for Alex? Alex is the other woman? Oh, Olivia, this is insane.

Olivia: You don't know anything for sure.

Malcolm: It sure fits, doesn't it. I can't figure out why. All of a sudden he's jealous of me?

Olivia: That's not Neilís style.

Malcolm: That man stood in my face and told me he's madly in love with my fiancťe. I don't know who that man is right now. But I tell you this, you're right about one thing. I can't be around him. Not now. Not when I know what's going through his head.

Victor: I talked to Wally, the jet is ready.

Nikki: Thank you so much, Victor. Iíll be back as soon as I can.

Victoria: We'll be fine, mother.

Nicholas: Aunt Casey needs you.

Cassie: Even if you aren't home for Christmas, we can celebrate again when you get back.

Nikki: You're such a sweet bunny. That's a very good idea. Well, honey.

Victoria: I'll be fine, I promise.

Nikki: I'll see you.

Nicholas: Be safe, Mom.

Nikki: I will.

Cassie: Bye.

Victor: I'll take you to the airport.

Nikki: Victor, no. Somebody from the guardhouse can take me. You stay with the family. I just can't believe I have to leave now. I am so looking forward to the New Year.

Victor: The last year wasn't bad, you know. You and I have grown closer. I'll take to you the guardhouse.

Nicholas: Maybe we should bag this whole Christmas dinner thing.

Victoria: Why don't we go to a restaurant?

Sharon: On Christmas?

Cassie: Who's going to make the game hens?

Sharon: We will, sweetheart.

Victoria: Sharon, you don't have to do that.

Sharon: That's okay. I want to.

Nicholas: Mom get a ride?

Victor: Yes, son, she did.

Sharon: We decided to go ahead with Christmas dinner.

Cassie: Me and Mommy are going to do Nikki's part.

Victoria: I'm going to turn in. Good night.

Nicholas: Good night, sis.

Cassie: Good night.

Victor: You know she's trying to be brave. I think she's very upset that her mother left.

Nicholas: We all are, Dad. You know, it's Christmas. We should pull together as a family.

Lauren: You were supposed to leave town and make a new life for yourself.

Isabella: I changed my mind.

Lauren: I gave you good advice.

Isabella: And I told you why I couldn't tell Paul about the baby.

Lauren: At the time it made sense.

Isabella: Drop the act. You don't want Paul to learn he's going to be a daddy any more than I do. It would ruin your plans. You should be thanking me.

Lauren: For what? Not throwing yourself at him?

Isabella: We both know Paul would do the honorable thing.

Lauren: It's really not fair, Isabella. He has a right to know.

Isabella: Life isn't fair, Lauren. It's just better this way.

Lauren: Do you still have feelings for him?

Isabella: Even if I did, that's not why Iím here.

Lauren: You don't expect me to believe that.

Isabella: I don't care what you believe. I'll tell you this much. This is one place where I have the support I need to get through my pregnancy.

Lauren: So when you have the baby, you'll leave town.

Isabella: One hopes.

Lauren: Why how many times have we heard that one?

Isabella: I'm not after Paul. His precious Christine is on the other side of the world. Why don't you make him forget about his ex-wife and me. You have my blessing.

Mackenzie: Feels good, doesn't it?

Billy: I can't wait to get the tree.

Mackenzie: Christmas is such a wonderful holiday, you know? There's going to be extra stuff for your family this year.

Billy: Because of Jack's wedding?

Mackenzie: Mmm-hmm. How do you feel about that?

Billy: Normally I wouldn't be too psyched.

Mackenzie: But you're looking forward to it.

Billy: Because I'm with you. Weddings are different.

Mackenzie: Yeah, I know what you mean.

Billy: So what do you think of Diego?

Mackenzie: He seemed to look up to him.

Billy: I used to. I thought he was so cool. You have a problem with him, Mac?

Mackenzie: It's just that whole thing with his mom and Thanksgiving. He didn't even care he hurt her when he didn't show up.

Billy: It's not like he's a kid anymore. You grow up, move away from your folks.

Mackenzie: Yeah, I guess.

Billy: You're still not sure about him.

Mackenzie: I don't even know the guy.

Billy: Yeah, well, bottom line is he's back and Raul's happy.

Mackenzie: Yeah. It's good to see a smile on his face again.

Raul: Staying long?

Diego: Through the New Year.

Raul: That's it?

Diego: Don't take it personally.

Raul: You have other stuff going on.

Diego: Besides this town --

Raul: I hear you.

Diego: Mr. Perfect. Ready to roll? Oh, I forgot.

Raul: What?

Diego: Last job, things got a little sticky.

Raul: You short on cash?

Diego: You know how it is buying everybody stuff at Christmas. Mom told me about the internet thing you had.

Raul: Glow by Jabot.

Diego: Big internet star.

Raul: Not even.

Diego: Can you spot me?

Raul: How much?

Diego: 50 bucks. There are still some things I got to pick up. Am I strapping you? You got all your presents?

Raul: Yeah, I'm cool.

Diego: You sure? Thank you. I'll get you back.

Raul: Let's go.

Victor: Are you sure you're up for a big Christmas dinner?

Nicholas: That's what Mom wanted.

Victor: Is it what you want?

Sharon: Are you suggesting we not celebrate Christmas?

Nicholas: What about the kids?

Cassie: Even though it doesn't seem that Christmassy, we can make it Christmassy, can't we?

Sharon: Of course we can, sweetie. It's the spirit that counts anyway. You know. It's getting late. We should send Lisa home.

Nicholas: Yeah. We need to put that one in bed. Let's go.

Victor: Good night, sweetheart.

Cassie: Good night.

Victor: Good night. Did you like the eggnog?

Cassie: Yes.

Nicholas: We'll talk more about this later.

Victor: Good night.

Malcolm: Alex.

Alex: Am I interrupting?

Olivia: Your timing is perfect.

Malcolm: I was hoping Olivia could clue me in.

Alex: About what?

Malcolm: About these feelings my brother has for you.

Olivia: You two should work this out by yourself. Take care, Malcolm.

Malcolm: Alex, aren't you going to say anything?

Alex: I don't know what you want to hear.

Malcolm: Baby, this thing with Neil is driving me crazy. I know it's got to be bothering you too.

Alex: It was just a little weird walking in, finding Olivia here.

Malcolm: Alex, baby, I need some answers.

Alex: Did you get any?

Malcolm: No, not really. At one point Olivia really rubbed me the wrong way.

Alex: How?

Malcolm: As if she was implying my brother was right.

Alex: What do you mean?

Malcolm: I mean that you might have the same feelings for him. Alex, I caught myself because I might be tripping. I'm just letting Olivia get to me.

Alex: Maybe we should leave Olivia out of this.

Malcolm: You want to keep this strictly between the two of us, huh?

Alex: Do you understand?

Malcolm: Alex, you listen to me. What we have together, we're not going to let anybody take it away from us, especially not my brother.

[Knock on door]

Paul: I told you to go home.

Lauren: What about me?

Paul: Lauren.

Lauren: You okay?

Paul: You saw Isabella too?

Lauren: Yeah. We had a little chat.

Paul: Well, I hope yours was better than mine.

Lauren: Yours wasn't so good?

Paul: She made it very clear that I am not the reason she returned to Genoa City.

Lauren: You know, you have been down in the dumps for weeks. And you're a terrific guy. You deserve better.

Paul: Thanks.

Lauren: Do you have any idea how long it's been since Iíve seen you really smile?

Lauren: Maybe if we keep trying.

Paul: Like the last thing you need is me in your life.

Lauren: What if I said that's a risk I'm willing to take? I got a smile. Maybe I should quit while Iím ahead, huh? For now. [Leaves Paulís office]

[Phone ringing]

Paul: Paul Williams. Hello. Somebody there? Hello. Hello. Hello. 

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