Y&R Transcript Thursday 12/6/01

Y&R Transcript Thursday 12/6/01


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Katherine: Christine, are you all right?

Chris: Yeah, why?

Katherine: Well, my darling, I don't mean to pry, but your conversation with Paul last evening, how did it go?

Chris: Well, I was surprised at how much we had to say to each other, though I don't think we accomplished anything.

Katherine: Surely, seeing him, being alone with him --

Chris: It stirred up some old feelings. But that's only normal. We were married for a long time. I just have to be cautious, Katherine.

Katherine: Cautious? Yes, well, that's wise, considering everything.

Chris: What do you know about Isabella?

Paul: Something on your mind, Lynne?

Lynne: Kind of obvious, aren't I?                                                                      

Paul: Well, that -- and yeah, you've been eyeing me from the moment I walked in this morning.

Lynne: I'm wondering about last night. Did you and Chris have a chance to talk after I left?

Paul: Briefly, yeah.

Lynne: And?

[Paul sighs]

Paul: Look, Lynne, I don't know what to tell you. I know how you feel about Chris and me, but I just wish that you wouldn't push. It's a very difficult situation at best, and coming face-to-face with Chris, it just didn't make it very easy. It was -- it was awkward for both of us.

Lynne: Of course it was. You and Chris have loved each other for so many years.

Paul: And then, things happened, and we were pulled apart. [Paul sighs] So I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

Lynne: It really hit you hard, didn't it?

Paul: Yes, it did -- even harder than I expected.

Sharon: Nicholas, where have you been?

Nick: I got the kids up and gave them some breakfast and took Cassie to her bus. And Noahís with Miguel. He's going to take him to preschool.

Sharon: Oh, my gosh. I completely overslept.

Nick: Well, you're allowed to.

Sharon: Well, thanks for getting the kids ready. It's good that you did that. I mean, Cassie hates to be late.

Nick: I was going to get you up so you could say good-bye, but Cassie said to let you sleep.

Sharon: Oh, gosh, she -- she's just the most sensitive and loving little girl.

Nick: Yeah. She takes after her momma.

[Doorbell rings]

Malcolm: Hey, Neil. Hey, man, you in there? Hey, come on, old man. Open up. Open up. I've got Alex with me, man. Hey! Neil! Ooh, damn. Baby, I think we got the wrong apartment.

Neil: What's going on?

Malcolm: We're looking for Neil Winters. You know, tall, clean-shaven, good-looking dude. You seen him?

Neil: Come on, man, you know I don't look that bad.

Malcolm: What did you do, man, lose your razor?

Neil: You should talk. I forgot to shave this morning.

Malcolm: Hey, I do this better than you. Anyway, you probably forgot to eat, too, right? Did you eat?

Neil: No. I'm going to eat at the office.

Malcolm: No, no, no, no, no. Stop all that nonsense. You're not eating there, no. See, you know why? Bam! What we got here, blueberry scones and half-cafe latte. Mmm-mmm good. See, my sweetheart here remembered you like that combo, I guess from all the work you all do together.

Neil: Malcolm, you know, you really shouldn't have gone to this trouble.

Malcolm: Hey, hey, hey, hey. Would you save the drama? It's no trouble at all. Alex and I are here for you, so you better get used to it.

Chantal: So Iíll get started on these letters right away. Anything else?

Michael: Yes. Make sure Alex knows I want to see her the minute she comes in.

Chantal: Okay. Branson case?

Michael: Yes.

[Knock at door]

Diane: Knock-knock. Hope Iím not interrupting.

Michael: That'll be all, Chantal.

Diane: It's good to see you again.

Chantal: Yeah. You, too.

Michael: Well, you're out and about early, Diane.

Diane: Actually, I've come to say good-bye.

Michael: Well, you're leaving town so soon?

Diane: It's hardly been a pleasant interlude, Michael.

Michael: I know you're upset at me for being so abrupt last night.

Diane: Oh, I was, but you had a lot on your mind. I'm glad you opened up to me.

Michael: Well, you gave me some much-needed perspective on my own problems.

Diane: For which I have your undying gratitude.

Michael: I want to return the favor.

Diane: How?

Michael: By giving you my undivided attention now. Please sit down. Sit down. Talk to me, Diane. Let me do for you today what you did for me last night.

Nikki: Thank you. I needed that.

Jack: I had a feeling you might. I wanted to stop by and see for myself how you and your daughter were doing this morning.

Nikki: I'm okay. It's just so hard to believe that Ryanís really gone, you know?

Jack: I know. How's Victoria doing?

Nikki: She finally broke down last night. I'm so glad she gave into her grief.

Jack: Is she sleeping in today?

Nikki: Yes, thank God. You want some coffee?

Jack: Yeah, yeah. Listen, you were worried about Victoria and her guilt over the way Ryan died. Is that still an issue?

Nikki: Well, not so much anymore after last night, although I have some guilt this morning.

Jack: About Ryan?

Nikki: No. Diane Jenkins.

Sean: You all right, sweetheart?

Jill: After tossing and turning all night?

Sean: You're worried about your grandson?

Jill: God, poor Phillip. It's the second father he's lost. I can't even imagine how he's going to react when he hears about it.

Sean: It's going to be rough, but he's a tough kid, right?

Jill: Yeah, but he is going to miss Ryan so desperately.

Sean: Of course he will. Still, it's going to take some time.

Jill: I know, I know, I know. I'm glad you were there for me last night, the way you held me. What would I do without you?

[Sean laughs]

Sean: I don't know.

Jill: I don't know, either.

Sean: So what is on your agenda for today?

Jill: I've got back-to-back meetings. Why?

Sean: Well, I was hoping we could hook up later, discuss some business.

Jill: Something to do with the website?

Sean: I've been reviewing the faces that we're using in our ads, and they're all knockouts, but most of them are blondes.

Jill: Do you think we need another look?

Sean: Well, we want to show that Jabot products are for all types of women, right?

Jill: Absolutely.

Sean: So I'd like to feature women from a variety of backgrounds. Like someone like -- her. That's the kind of face we need.

Chris: I assume that you've seen Isabella with Paul.

Katherine: Mmm-hmm. Yes, once or twice.

Chris: What's your impression of her? Look, Katherine, I know that Iím putting you on the spot.

Katherine: No, no, no. Actually, I'm trying to figure out a way to put this.

Chris: Just say it, whatever it is.

Katherine: All right. For the better part of a year, Paul was in a great deal of pain. His wife was halfway around the world, and the gulf between the two of you was growing and growing.

Chris: And I did what I could to try to bridge that.

Katherine: I know you did, Christine. I know you did. But the man was still suffering.

Chris: Which justifies what happened?

Katherine: No. But it does explain why the man was so vulnerable to a woman like Isabella.

Chris: I know. When I called home and Isabella answered the phone, it was like an alarm for me. I just -- I ignored it. So, what, you think that Paul was drawn to Isabella to ease the pain of our separation?

Katherine: Yes. Yes, of course I do. Oh, darling, you have to remember, Paul is not the first man to act like this, nor will he be the last.

Malcolm: Well, damn, I guess somebody did have an appetite. You inhaled that thing, man.

Neil: Guess I was hungry. Gotta go shave.

Malcolm: Yeah, please. Whoo.

Alex: Honey, I'm gonna clean this up.

Malcolm: I'll get this.

Alex: Oh, honey. What happened here?

Malcolm: Baby, be careful. Neil was having a hard time writing a eulogy, and well, I guess he took it out on the glass. He still hasn't cleaned this up.

Alex: No, no, baby. I can do that.

Malcolm: No, no, no. No, no. I got it. I will take care of it for my brother. [Phone rings] Watch your step. Hello. Malcolm here. Hey, Jim, my man. What's going on? What? No, no, no, no, no. That shoot is this afternoon. It's not this morning. Oh, get out of town. No, they didnít. They've got to do it earlier? No, it's cool, it's cool. Chip, chip, relax, relax, man. Look, I'll be over there in about 20 minutes. We'll take care of it. All right, all right. Peace.

Alex: Problems?

Malcolm: Oh, I've got to get over to the studio. They had some changes. Do me a favor, all right?

Alex: What?

Malcolm: I want you to stick around here just a little while longer, all right? Tell my brother I had to split. And then, I want you to lay some of that charm that you've got going all over him. Okay? 'Cause you know what?

Alex: Malcolm?

Malcolm: No, no, no. Listen to me. Just lift him up, because if that doesn't make him feel better, nothing will. Have I told you just how beautiful, sexy and wonderful and how happy you make me, hmm? 'Cause you do, you do. I will call you later, all right?

Alex: All right.

Malcolm: Please be careful with all that.

Alex: I will. I will, baby.

Malcolm: Look at your fine self.

Alex: Bye.

Malcolm: Whoo!

Nick: Here you go.

Sharon: Thanks. You don't have to wait on me, you know?

Nick: I like waiting on you. So how are you doing?

Sharon: Okay. How are you?

Nick: Hanging in there. You know, worried about my sister.

Sharon: Yeah. We all are.

Nick: I know. Babe, I can't tell you how much it means to me that you've been right there at my side through everything.

Sharon: Well, where else would I be?

Diane: Your timing's off, counselor. I needed a friendly shoulder last night.

Michael: Hey, hey, I'm offering one right now.

Diane: What if I don't need it anymore?

Michael: Oh, you're in a better frame of mind?

Diane: Let's just say Iím learning to get past things quicker, though if I ever doubted my decision to leave Genoa City --

[Michael laughs]

Michael: You don't now.

Diane: Obviously, moving back here is not an option.

Michael: Well, you thought it was?

Diane: Well, it crossed my mind once or twice this past year. But apparently, Jack and Victor aren't willing to let the past stay in the past.

Michael: Well, there's not much you can do about that.

Diane: Still, Iím not going to let them get me down.

Michael: Good girl.

Diane: I'm going to go back to Milan. I'm going to live my life and not look back.

Michael: Well, could be worse. Exciting city, wonderful job.

Diane: Plus I have my self-esteem back finally.

Michael: And your child.

Diane: What about him?

Michael: Well, you haven't said much about your son. Is he okay?

Diane: Why would you think otherwise?!

Michael: Whoa, whoa. Don't get defensive.

Diane: I'm not, but my child is a very private matter.

Michael: Look, I'm on your side, remember?

Diane: What's that supposed to mean?!

Michael: Look, I just know that the paternity of this child caused you a great deal of distress.

Diane: It was a very painful time in my life.

Michael: Which I assumed you'd gotten over, but now, I'm beginning to wonder.

Diane: It's none of your business, Michael.

Michael: That's not an answer.

Diane: That's right. It isn't. Besides, I don't go prying into your personal life, even when the opportunity presents itself.

Michael: What is that supposed to mean?

Diane: I was finishing my calls last night when I had a visitor, or should I say you had a visitor -- Isabella Brogna.

Michael: Hmm? Isabella. You two met?

Diane: We had a fascinating chat.

Michael: Really? What did you talk about? Or aren't you going to tell me?

Jack: I've got a lot of negative emotions where Diane Jenkins is concerned. Guilt ain't one of them.

Nikki: Oh, I wish I could say that.

Jack: Nik, it is over and done with.

Nikki: Maybe for you. Do you have any idea how often I think of that little boy and what kind of life he's having thanks to me?

Jack: Nikki, you are not responsible for what Diane did.

Nikki: I could have stopped her. Instead, I switched Victor's samples with somebody else's. It was an act of revenge -- thoughtless, selfish revenge.

Jack: Don't you think you're being a little hard on yourself? Besides, we don't know, maybe Dianeís a perfectly fine mother.

Nikki: Oh, my God. How would you know that? How can you be sure? In what other area of her life has she been a perfectly fine anything? It tears me up to think what kind of life that boy might be having.

Jack: So what can you do about it?

Nikki: I don't know. If only I had been able to identify the father. That was a dead end, literally.

Jack: Oh, because the guy you hired to switch the samples has died.

Nikki: There just doesn't seem to be anything that I can do. But I don't know if I'm going to be able to live with myself if I do nothing and then find out later that this boy has been mistreated or handed off to people who don't love him.

Jack: Nikki, you've got to stop this. You're tormenting yourself.

Nikki: Well, I deserve it.

Jack: Mr. Leftwich? Jack Abbott. Yeah. I was hoping you could help me with something.

Jill: She's definitely striking.

Sean: Excuse me.

Jill: Oh, Sean.

Sean: Excuse me. I'm Sean Bridges. I couldn't help noticing you.

Isabella: Okay.

Sean: You think Iím --? Sorry. I wasn't hitting on you. That wasn't a pick-up line.

Isabella: If you say so.

Sean: Okay. Let me start again. I'm with a colleague -- a female colleague. We couldn't help noticing you, Miss --? Name is?

Isabella: Brogna. Isabella Brogna.

Sean: Isabella. Terrific name. Could I persuade you to join us? I promise we won't bite.

Isabella: Why not?

Sean: Isabella, Iíd like you to meet Jill Abbott.

Jill: Hello. Sit down, please. So, you're probably wondering why Sean and I wanted to talk to you.

Isabella: I am a little bit curious.

Sean: You're a beautiful woman. You wouldn't be a model by any chance?

Isabella: No, but thank you for thinking so.

Jill: Anyway, we work for Jabot Cosmetics, and we've been searching for a new image for our web campaign.

Sean: We think you could be the face we're looking for.

Isabella: Are you serious?!

[Sean laughs]

Sean: I take it you're interested?

Jill: Not that we're making any promises.

Sean: But if you'd like to take a shot at it --

Isabella: Are you kidding? Of course I would. What woman wouldn't?

Sean: All right. So let's get down to the nitty-gritty, okay? Unless you're having second thoughts about this, Jill?

Lauren: If looks could kill, I'd be a dead woman.

[Paul laughs]

Paul: You're talking about Lynne?

Lauren: I have watched her roll her eyes at me for years, but that was ridiculous.

Paul: I'm sorry. I'll speak to her about that.

Lauren: No, don't even bother. She just wants you and Chris back together.

Paul: Yeah, well, that's not exactly a news flash, now is it?

Lauren: No. That's true. Of course, when I saw your reaction to Chris yesterday --

Paul: Oh, really? I didn't know I was being scrutinized.

Lauren: Oh, come on. You had to know I was going to watch the two of you like a hawk.

Paul: Not much gets past you.

Lauren: Right. So obviously, still sparks between you and Chris. But you haven't seen her in a long time, and of course that would have an affect on you, especially under the circumstances.

Paul: Under what circumstances?

Lauren: The death of a friend. It makes you vulnerable and emotional. Plus, you told me that you have unresolved feelings for Isabella. I mean, does Christine know that?

Paul: No. It's not as though Iím keeping it from her. It just hasn't come up, that's all. Look, Lauren, if Chris goes back to Los Angeles today and then on to Australia for God knows how long, the subject will probably never even come up.

Lauren: Have you thought about asking her to stay?

Paul: No.

Lauren: Why?

Paul: Because Iím not sure if it's what either of us wants, that's why.

Lauren: You think you're going to see her before she leaves?

Paul: Probably. Why?

Lauren: Where do you think that will lead?

Paul: You know, if you're talking about reconciliation, we are nowhere near that, so --

Lauren: Just don't forget how vulnerable you are right now?

Paul: Look, Iíve got to stop you right here. Would you mind telling me where the hell you're going with all of this?

Sharon: Your family has been through a lot these last few weeks.

Nick: Yeah. November wasn't a very good month for the Newmans.

Sharon: Well, maybe things will get better from here.

Nick: Yeah. Let's pray for that.

Sharon: I have been.

Nick: Besides our family's troubles, you and I have had our problems, too.

Sharon: Yes, we have.

Nick: Look, we both had a terrible loss. It was much worse for you because the baby was such a part of you, and I hope that I don't have to tell you this, but just in case, I feel terrible about what happened. I did want our baby.

Sharon: I just feel like a piece of my heart is missing, like something was there before, and now it's just gone.

Nick: I'm so sorry.

Sharon: You know, you never expect anything like this to happen. You get pregnant, and it's such a special time, and yeah, you realize that you have to be more careful, but you just don't ever think, you know, that things might not work out. And so, when it happens that way, it's just devastating.

Nick: But you have to go on.

Sharon: Yeah, we do.

Nick: Look, I know there's still some stuff that we have to work out, and I would never pressure you. But baby, I miss you. I miss my wife.

Sharon: Nick, I wish that things could be the way they were before.

Nick: They never will if we don't try. Baby, I love you so much, and I feel terrible about this distance between us. Is there anything that we can do, anything that I can do to help us get beyond that?

Chris: Paul told me that Isabella left town back in September.

Katherine: Well, that's my understanding also.

Chris: He also said that their parting was mutual, not that Iím reading anything into that.

Katherine: So where do you go from here, Christine?

Chris: I'm not sure what you're asking.

Katherine: Are you going to stay in town or not?

Chris: No. I have a flight booked for this afternoon.

Katherine: So soon?

Chris: You don't think I should take it?

Katherine: No, I've meddled enough in your business. I just --

Chris: You know what? There is plenty of time between now and then. May I use your phone?

Katherine: Yes, please. Please do.

Lauren: Look, Paul, Iím not trying to upset you, but if you make any kind of move toward Christine while you still have feelings for Isabella -- don't you see what could happen?

Paul: Damn it, Lauren. Why do you keep dragging Isabella into this whole thing?

Lauren: Because of you.

Paul: Yeah, but she's gone. She's out of my life. It's a dead issue, so why don't you just drop it?

Lynne: Excuse me, boss. Chris is on line two.

Paul: Hi, there. What's up?

Chris: I was wondering if you'd like to talk some more.

Paul: Yeah. Where and when? Okay. I will see you there shortly. Bye.

Lauren: So you're meeting Christine? I guess all I can do now is wish you good luck.

Neil: Hey, Alex. Where's Malcolm?

Alex: Something came up at the studio, and he had to leave.

Alex: He just asked me to stick around to explain.

Neil: Hey, you really shouldn't be cleaning that up.

Alex: Neil, I heard how the glass was broken, and I still smell whiskey.

Neil: Don't worry. I'm not trying to find answers in a bottle. Here, let me, let me. Obviously, my brother's hot on his campaign that the three of us should be spending all this time together.

Alex: You know, it's coming from his heart, Neil. He knows you're down. Look, you know what? I realize it may be a little bit uncomfortable, but under these circumstances, Malcolm won't let up, nor should he. Besides, you know, we're all adults, and you're going through a rough time, and your brother and I are concerned about you. You and I will be able to handle this, won't we? Look, Neil, you know what? I can see that you're not thrilled, but I have some news that eased my mind, and maybe it will ease yours, too.

Michael: Well?

Diane: Well, what?

Michael: What did you and Isabella talk about?

Diane: If you're wondering if your name came up --

Michael: Did it?

Diane: How could it not? We were standing in your office.

Michael: Did she happen to mention how she and I met?

Diane: No, though I assume she's the woman in question.

[Michael laughs]

Michael: Why would you assume that?

Diane: Oh, don't worry, Michael. She didn't say she was, but it wasn't really hard to put together. She's a beautiful woman. Have you acted on my advice yet?

Michael: No, but I will.

Diane: I found her intriguing. Are you sure there's not a future for the two of you? Who knows? You might surprise yourself with how you take to fatherhood.

Michael: Yeah, well, then again, maybe I won't.

Diane: How far along is she?

Michael: Less than a month. I don't know.

Diane: Huh? Only that long.

Michael: Why?

Diane: When she starts to show, maybe you will be surprised at some latent paternal tendencies.

Michael: All right. Don't mean to rush you, but you know, since you've got to leave anyway, I better get back to work. And as always, it's been very interesting seeing you. And keep in touch.

Diane: Ciao.

Nikki: What was that about?

Jack: Well, to put it simply, the door is not as closed as it might appear.

Nikki: You mean there still might be a way to find out who fathered Dianeís baby?

Jack: You're wondering how that's possible.

Nikki: Jack, the man at the lab who switched --

Jack: Is dead. I know. This fellow, Leftwich, has used this particular operative a number of times.

Nikki: What does that mean?

Jack: I guess this guy is very meticulous. He kept copious notes of all of his assignments.

Nikki: Really? So there could be a record.

Jack: Could be. I don't know, but I think it's worth looking into. That is, if it's as important to you as it appears to be.

Nikki: What do we do?

Jack: Well, I wrote down his widow's address here. I guess it's the best place to start. But I want to remind you. This is a terribly long shot.

Nikki: Yes, I understand. Meaning even if we do identify him and contact him --

Jack: There's no telling whether this man would want to be involved in the first place.

Nikki: Oh, God. I wish I had a crystal ball and knew what his reaction would be after we told him everything.

Jack: Look, I want to say it one more time. You may not find this guy. This is a very, very, very big if.

Nikki: I understand that, Jack. But this is something I have to do. This is an innocent child's future.

Jack: Okay, okay. If it's something you have to do, Iíll go along with you.

Nikki: You will? Is your morning free?

Jack: It is now.

Nikki: Thank you.

Neil: So, Alex, this news --

Alex: Mmm-hmm?

Neil: Does it have anything to do with Olivia?

Alex: Yes. We had a talk. She was very direct about her conviction that I'm the other woman who caused you to break up with her.

Neil: Damn it! Why won't she just let it go?

Alex: Well, she saw us together at the coffee shop the other day and said we looked really close. And apparently, that just cinched it for her.

Neil: Please don't tell me that she's going to Malcolm with this.

Alex: She was.

Neil: She was?

Alex: But she changed her mind.

Neil: So you're saying that she's going to drop this whole thing? Do you think she really means that?

Alex: Well, what she told me had the ring of truth.

Neil: Alex, tell me exactly what she said.

Alex: Well, she just said that she was tired of living with anger and didn't want it to rule her life anymore, so she was backing off.

Neil: Even though she's certain that she's right about us?

Alex: The point is, Neil, that she's aware that it's over between the two of you, and she just wants to wash her hands of the whole thing.

Neil: Okay -- no. Why do I have this feeling that there was more to what Olivia said?

Alex: Trust me, Neil, you know, it's not even worth repeating.

Neil: Why don't you let me be the judge of that? I would like to know.

Alex: Olivia said she didn't have to do anything to cause problems between the three of us. She believes trouble will find us.

Neil: Sounds like wishful thinking.

Alex: You know, it's just her bitterness talking, and I don't give what she said any credence. Neither should you. Anyway, I need to get to work.

Neil: Yeah. I do as well. Thank you for stopping by. I appreciate the coffee.

Alex: Oh, it's no problem. You know what, Neil? I'm not saying it will be easy, but I really feel we'll be able to deal with being around each other. Bye.

Neil: At least you feel like you can do that.

Isabella: So I should be expecting your call?

Jill: Absolutely. Just as soon as we've spoken with the photographer about taking some head shots of you.

Sean: You think Malcolm can squeeze her in later today or tomorrow?

Isabella: Who's Malcolm?

Sean: Malcolm Winters. He's one of the best photographers in the business. Right, Jill?

Jill: Yes, he is.

Sean: I'm going to pull the car around, Jill. Isabella, do you need a lift anywhere?

Isabella: No thank you. I'm actually meeting someone.

Sean: It was nice meeting you.

Isabella: You, too. Jill, I can't thank you enough.

Jill: Remember what I said, Isabella.

Isabella: I know, I know. No guarantees. But if we do work together --

Jill: It would be nice. Anyway, we'll be in touch, okay?

Isabella: Thank you.

Jill: Bye-bye. Oh, Christine. I'm so glad I ran into you.

Chris: What can I do for you, Jill?

Jill: When you see Nina and Phillip, will you give them a hug from me?

Chris: Of course.

Jill: Okay, okay. Have a nice trip back safe.

Chris: Jill, that woman that you're talking to --

Jill: Oh, isn't she beautiful? We're thinking of hiring her for Jabot as a model.

Chris: What's her name?

Jill: Isabella. Isabella Brogna. Anyway, see you.

Nick: I know you haven't been yourself lately.

Sharon: Since I lost the baby.

Nick: It's a very difficult thing to get past. I know that, and Iím trying to be patient.

Sharon: You have been. You've been extremely patient and supportive, and I really want to be there for you, too.

Nick: Do you, Sharon? I mean, do you really?

Sharon: Yes, Nicholas. You've been through so much, and I know you need me.

Nick: I do. I need you so much. I can't even tell you how much I need you.

Sharon: I'm sorry. I just haven't been able to reach out to you. I felt so -- just locked up and closed off inside, and it's not just you.

Nick: Then let me reach out to you. Let me show you how much I love you, how much you mean to me, Sharon. Let me try.

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