Y&R Transcript Monday 11/26/01

Y&R Transcript Monday 11/26/01


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Ryan: Hey.

Nikki: Oh, honey, how can we ever thank you? You saved Victoriaís life.

Silva: No. Call me on my cell as soon as you know. Yeah. Looks like Iíll be here for a while. Oh, yeah. Good. Thank you.

Paul: Thanks. John, I got here as quickly as I could. I called Nick from the car.

Silva: This is just unbelievable, isn't it?

Paul: I just wish Iíd been at the church. You know, maybe I could have done something.

Silva: Paul, who knows if it would have made any difference, you know? Any word on Ryan?

Paul: Well, he's out of surgery. It's still touch-and-go.

Silva: Man. Okay, what else have you found out?

Paul: Well, the pills that Tricia needed to frame Victor were reported missing from the pharmacy at the hospital the same day she claimed he raped her.

Silva: Did you get a sworn affidavit on that?

Paul: Yeah. I sent it to your office.

Carol: You realize that your evidence is circumstantial at best.

Paul: You know, it's just another piece of the puzzle, Ms. Chen. If you chose to ignore it, that's your business. But Tricia drugged Victor. The man is innocent.

Carol: I'm impressed by Mr. Newman's bravery, but I can't drop the rape charges because Ms. Dennison's apparently had a mental breakdown.

Paul: "Apparently"?

Silva: Have you talked to Tricia yet?

Carol: I'm about to question her.

Silva: Do you mind if we join you?

Carol: It's highly unusual, counselor.

Silva: Carol, everything about this case is unusual.

Carol: All right. Come with me.

Colleen: I'm home! I have homework! What's going on? Why are you two in here?

Steve: How was dance class?

Colleen: Fine. Same as always. Why?

Steve: Just curious.

Colleen: You know, this is weird, coming home, finding you in my room.

Traci: Weird, is it?

Colleen: Well, yeah. This is my space, isn't it?

Traci: Your space?

Colleen: You're acting very strange.

Steve: I want to hear more about your dance class. Tell me, what are you learning? Why don't show me a step or two?

Colleen: I have been dancing for hours, okay? And I am just really tired --

Traci: Stop it! Just stop it! Don't say another word, and don't tell us another lie, Colleen, because we know damn well that's what you've been doing!

Ashley: Oh, my sweet baby girl. She's a year old. I can hardly believe it.

Brad: You can say that again.

Ashley: Hey, you. What's up?

Brad: A little something to tempt you, my love.

Ashley: Ooh.

Brad: You were so busy feeding Abby her birthday cake earlier, you didn't get any for yourself.

Ashley: Oh, boy, Mamie outdid herself. Did you get some cake?

Brad: I think Iíll just taste yours.

Ashley: Okay. How does it taste?

Brad: Good.

Ned: Amanda, I know you're concerned.

Amanda: My husband is looking for me.

Ned: That doesn't mean he's going to find you.

Amanda: But I can't take that chance.

Ned: Because of this other person, the one you're trying to protect?

Amanda: I have to leave.

Ned: But this is where you're safest.

Amanda: Not anymore.

Ned: Are you talking about yourself or about this other person? Do you have money?

Amanda: I have a few dollars.

Ned: Well, that won't take you very far.

Amanda: I'll manage.

Ned: Where will you go?

Amanda: I could go to another shelter.

Ned: Well, supposing your husband's looking for you there, too?

Amanda: Then I'll go somewhere else.

Ned: You really think running's the answer?

Amanda: Damn it, Ned! I don't have a choice! I have to leave right away.

Ned: Maybe I can help.

Amanda: How?

Ned: You want to keep a low profile? We'll get you a job.

Amanda: Here in Genoa City?

Ned: I could set you up at a boarding house away from the shelter. You've started to make a life here. You owe it to yourself to give it a chance. What do you say?

Amanda: I'll think about it.

Billy: Hey, Ellen! Reinforcements!

Ellen: What are you guys doing here?

Mackenzie: We came to help with the holiday dinner.

Billy: Yeah. Just don't ask me to carve the turkey.

Ellen: Well, you're off the hook. We're all set.

Mackenzie: Are you sure?

Ellen: Talk to Ned.

Billy: Well, hey, what do you know? They don't need us.

Mackenzie: Still, we can lend a hand. Let's find Ned.

Billy: Wait a second, Mac. You're still hung up on that mystery woman.

Mackenzie: You know how I feel, Billy.

Billy: You know what Ned said. She wants to be left alone.

Mackenzie: But if Colleen needs help --

Billy: From a total stranger?

Mackenzie: She got through to her before. If Ned tells me to drop it --

Billy: You will?

Mackenzie: Come on, before he gets too busy.

[Monitor beeping]

Victor: You're a brave man, Ryan.

Ryan: I love your daughter very much.

Victor: I don't know if any of us would have been here if it hadn't been for your action.

Intercom: Dr. Rene Johnson, please call extension 2385. Dr. Rene Johnson, please call extension 2385.

Sharon: I got here as soon as I could.

Nick: Where are the kids?

Sharon: They're at home with my mom and Miguel.

Nick: How are they doing?

Sharon: Remarkably well.

Nick: All right. Well, we'll talk to them just as soon as we get more information.

Sharon: I still can't believe it.

Neil: Hey, what's the word?

Nick: Well, he's out of surgery, but beyond that --

Neil: I spoke to John Silva after you left.

Nick: What did he say?

Neil: The police don't consider your father a fugitive anymore.

Sharon: They thought that Victor went on the run?

Nick: Yeah. It's a big mess. In order for Dad to get to the church in time, he had to bust a window out at the courthouse.

Sharon: What?

Neil: The prosecutor agreed to drop Victor's arrest warrant for the moment.

Nick: Finally, some good news.

Sharon: Well, what about the rape charges? They've been dropped, haven't they?

Neil: Apparently, that's not going to be so simple.

Ned: Hey.

Mackenzie: Hi.

Ned: What are you two doing here?

Mackenzie: Well, we came by to pitch in, but we talked to Ellen. It looks like you've got everything covered.

Ned: Well, I appreciate the effort.

Mackenzie: No problem.

Ned: Something else on your mind?

Mackenzie: I have a question about the woman who helped Colleen.

Ned: Mac --

Mackenzie: No, you don't understand. Colleen is back in New York with her parents, but things are really weird.

Ned: They're still having problems?

Billy: Well, it sounds bad.

Ned: I'm sorry to hear that, but you know the woman wants to remain anonymous. We have to respect that.

Mackenzie: But she got through to Colleen before. Maybe she can do it again.

Ned: They were both at a homeless shelter. Colleen's with her family now.

Mackenzie: What's the big deal in just asking the woman --

Billy: Hey --

Mackenzie: -- Letting her decide?

Billy: Mac, come on, honey. Maybe she isn't even around.

Mackenzie: Come on, Ned. What harm could it do?

Ned: Look, I understand where you're coming from --

Mackenzie: Then you'll do it?

Ned: This is a totally different situation. We're talking about a young girl living with her parents miles away.

Mackenzie: When Colleen was going to run, this woman convinced her to stay. Now, please, Ned, say that you'll help.

Traci: I cannot believe that you would do something like this. Lying to us for weeks, forging my name on notes to your dance teacher claiming you're ill? You are not the child I raised.

Steve: Why would you do this, Colleen? I mean, dance has always been so important to you.

Colleen: No, not really. It hasn't for a long time. I don't even like it anymore.

Traci: You have never said that before.

Colleen: Would you have listened?

Traci: Honey, you haven't talked to me for a month. I would have listened to anything you had to say.

Colleen: You always make such a big deal about dance. I don't think you would have let me just drop it.

Traci: In favor of what, hanging out and doing nothing?

Colleen: So what's wrong with that?

Steve: What's really wrong here is that you lied, your dishonesty.

Colleen: After what you did, how can you even talk to me about lying? You are the biggest liar of them all!

Traci: All right, that's enough. This is not about your father. It's about you and what you've done. Now, where have you been when you've been lying to us about being at dance class?

Colleen: Hanging with friends. No big deal.

Steve: At their homes?

Colleen: Yeah, and some coffeehouses.

Steve: Hmm. Well, tell me, what do you do when you hang out?

Colleen: We just talk, drink some coffee or a soda, sometimes do our homework.

Steve: Your eyes are red. Your pupils are dilated. You've been smoking pot.

Ashley: I really thought we would have heard from my father by now.

Brad: Well, he probably just got held up at the wedding.

Ashley: I guess so, but he did say he was just going to make a brief appearance at the reception, and then he'd be right here for Abbyís birthday party.

Brad: I bet somebody twisted his arm, and he and Gina are going to be singing till dawn.

Ashley: It's great to see him so happy, isn't it?

Brad: You know, speaking of happiness, I think it's time that we expanded our little family.

Ashley: You mean it?

Brad: Yeah. I know you asked me about this when we were having our difficult times.

Ashley: I did, and you -- you shut me down.

Brad: Yeah, I did, but we've turned everything around since then. And just so there's no doubt, I would be thrilled, ecstatic, the happiest man in the world if you and I had a child together.

Ashley: Well, I think we better start working on that project as soon as possible.

Brad: I don't call that work.

Ashley: Good, 'cause neither do I.

Brad: You know, I think we need to leave your dad a note, grab that baby and get on home. What do you say?

Ashley: If we wake that baby up, you know, she could be up all night long.

Brad: That's okay, 'cause I think Mom and Dad will be, too.

Ashley: Uh-oh. You are so bad.

Brad: Yeah?

Ashley: Uh-huh.

Brad: So bad I'm good?

Ashley: Oh, you're very bad, 'cause you're very, very good.

Sharon: They're still accusing Victor of rape?

Nick: The prosecutor thinks she has a case.

Sharon: That is ridiculous!

Neil: Well, she said that even if Triciaís nuts, that doesn't mean that she wasn't attacked.

Sharon: Please tell me that this lunatic is not going to win!

Nick: No. No way. That is not gonna happen. How's it going?

Victor: He's a brave young man.

Sharon: What about Victoria?

Nikki: She's trying to be strong.

[Monitor beeping]

Victoria: Everyone's real worried about you.

Ryan: There goes the normal wedding.

Victoria: Too much excitement for me.

Ryan: This wasn't the honeymoon I had planned, either.

Victoria: We'll get to Greece. We will.

Intercom: Dr. Lance Miller, please call extension 2575. Dr. Lance Miller, please call extension 2575. Dr. Kenneth Collins, please report to radiology. Dr. Kenneth Collins, please report to radiology.

Neil: Hey, buddy.

Ryan: Don't you have work to do? Why don't you go outside and get some air?

Victoria: I'm fine.

Ryan: I'd like a little time alone with my friend.

Victoria: Okay. I'll be right outside.

[Ryan chokes]

Neil: Ryan, should I get Olivia?

Ryan: It'll pass.

Neil: You really know how to impress the in-laws, man.

Ryan: Thanks for coming, Neil.

Neil: Where else would I be?

Ryan: You must know why I want to talk to you.

Neil: Hey, buddy, you don't have to say anything. I know what this is about, man. This is about Super Bowl tickets. We've been planning to go for years.

Ryan: Just haven't gotten around to it.

Neil: Well, this time, it's my treat. We're gonna be at the 50-yard line. It's gonna be great. I'm serious, Ryan.

Ryan: So am I, Neil. Victoria's -- if something happens, Victoriaís family will be there, but sometimes family's not enough.

Neil: Hey, hey. Come on, Ryan --

Ryan: No, if things don't -- if things don't work out, it's going to be rough. I know I can count on you.

Intercom: Dr. Phil Anderson, please report to family care. Dr. Phil Anderson, please report to family care.

Nikki: I need to go to her.

Victor: I think she wants to be alone.

Intercom: Dr. Wright Campbell, please report to ICU. Dr. Wright Campbell, please report to ICU.

[Nikki sighs]

Nikki: Victoria blames herself.

Sharon: For what?

Nikki: She thinks if she hadn't gone into the church, that none of this would've happened.

Sharon: There's only one person to blame, and it isn't Victoria.

Carol: Hello, Tricia. Tricia, I have spoken to some of the guests at the wedding. I'd like to hear your version of what happened.

Tricia: It was a lovely ceremony, and the church looked so beautiful. Isn't that what everyone said? Of course, they would've seen things differently because they weren't up at the altar with Ryan and me. I don't know how to answer you, Ms. Chen.

Carol: You're confused?

Tricia: Well, brides do tend to get a little nervous and not remember every detail.

Carol: I understand that it wasn't your wedding. You took Victoria Newmanís place, threatened people with a gun?

Tricia: Oh, that.

Silva: You remember that?

Tricia: I didn't want to use it.

Paul: Then why did you?

Tricia: Well, it was the only way I could get Ryanís attention. I admit I made a mistake, but I didn't start this.

Carol: Who did?

Tricia: The Newmans.

Silva: Is that why you framed Victor, claimed he raped you?

Paul: You drugged him, didn't you?

Carol: You drugged Mr. Newman?

Tricia: It worked.

Carol: So he didn't sexually assault you?

Tricia: No, but see, I had to do something, because they were out to get me. But now that Ryan and I are happily married, we can just let bygones be bygones, because that's what I want, and I'm sure my husband wants that, too.

Mackenzie: The way you're talking, Ned, it sounds like the woman's still here. Don't worry. I won't try to find out who she is.

Ned: You'll respect her wishes?

Mackenzie: Yes, as long as you think about what Colleen's going through, do what you can to help. Ready?

Billy: Yeah, yeah. Let's go. See you around, man.

Ned: See ya.

Mackenzie: Thanks, Ned.

Ned: Bye.

Billy: Mac.

Mackenzie: What?

Billy: Did you mean that? You're not going to try to find that mystery woman?

Mackenzie: Yes, Billy.

Billy: Okay. It's for the best.

Mackenzie: We'll see.

Billy: Come on. I'll go buy you a smoothie at the coffeehouse, huh?

Mackenzie: Oh, okay.

Ned: Amanda --

Amanda: I've made up my mind. I'm leaving.

Ned: But if you could get a job --

Amanda: That's not going to happen, all right?

Ned: You don't want to stay?

Amanda: Of course I do, but it's way too dangerous, Ned.

Ned: I wasn't going to mention this --

Amanda: What?

Ned: Mac and Billy were just here.

Amanda: So?

Ned: Colleen's having problems. Mac's hoping you'll help again.

Amanda: What did you tell her?

Ned: That it's an entirely different situation and that it's much more complex.

Amanda: Yeah, my situation's pretty complex, too.

Ned: You're talking about that person you're trying to protect.

Amanda: Look, I wish that there were something I could do for Colleen, but --

Ned: But you don't think that's possible?

Amanda: I almost ran into Mackenzie. She didn't see me, thank God, but sooner or later -- I can't let that happen.

Ned: Why are you so worried about Mac? She doesn't know who you are, does she? Amanda, what's going on?

Amanda: I have to leave. I'm leaving tomorrow morning. Thank you, Ned. Thank you for everything.

Ellen: You're leaving?

Mackenzie: Well, unless you need our help.

Ellen: Well, we could use a hand after all. A few of our volunteers couldn't make it.

Billy: Great. What can we do?

Ellen: Follow me.

Colleen: How can you say I've been smoking dope? You don't know that!

Traci: Well, let's see. For starters, I found a pipe in your room.

Colleen: It isn't mine, and I told you that.

Traci: I know what you told me. And then, there are the physical signs.

Colleen: I'm just tired.

Traci: Yeah, well, you know what? We'll just all have to march down to the emergency room then so that we can take a test, and you can prove you haven't been smoking.

Colleen: You're being ridiculous.

Traci: Really? Well, a little urine test is quite simple. Then we'll all know the truth.

Colleen: Okay, fine. So Iíve tried some pot.

Steve: Who have you been smoking with?

Colleen: I was by myself.

Traci: Where did you get it? From one of your old friends that's suddenly smoking dope?

Colleen: Yes, and I was just curious. It was the first time.

Steve: And we're supposed to believe that?

Colleen: What, you think that just because I was lying about going to dance class?

Traci: I think you're lying for a lot of reasons.

Colleen: I'm sorry. I shouldn't have done that, and I shouldn't have lied to you.

Traci: Oh. No, you shouldn't have. Because once you have broken trust, it is very, very hard to earn it back, and honey, you have broken our trust.

Colleen: Look, I won't do it again. You have my word.

Traci: Well, it's too late. Your word isn't worth very much around here.

Colleen: Well, now what? What are you going to do?

Traci: Well, for starters, you're grounded.

Colleen: Grounded? For how long?

Traci: Indefinitely.

Colleen: And you're going along with this?

Steve: Yes. Yes, I am, sweetheart, absolutely.

Colleen: This is so stupid! Why are you doing this to me?!

[Monitor beeping]

Neil: Of course Iím gonna be there for Victoria. So will you, man, 'cause you're gonna pull through this. And damn it, that is an order. Besides, who else is gonna keep me in line, hmm? Tell me the truth about myself when I don't want to hear it?

Ryan: One more thing -- Phillip.

Neil: Yeah. I called Nina and she wanted to get on the next plane.

Ryan: My son's too sick.

Neil: Yeah. Maybe in a few days.

Ryan: You know, Iíve had a great life, Neil, so many people who care about me. I've been blessed, truly I have. You know, if this doesn't work out the way I hope -- I'm at peace. I am. Victoria won't believe that, but try to make her understand. Just do anything you can to make her see that, because even in the short time that Iíve had here, she's made me the happiest man in the world.

Neil: I really love you, man.

[Ryan sobbing]

Neil: He's all yours.

Olivia: Neil?

Neil: I should go join the others, but I'm not sure that's a good idea.

Olivia: Why not?

Neil: I don't know if I can hold it together anymore. They shouldn't see that.

Billy: You okay?

Mackenzie: Sure.

Billy: And you're not just saying that?

Mackenzie: Being with you always makes me feel better.

Billy: Well, helping out here doesn't hurt, either.

Mackenzie: I think we're ready.

Billy: Yeah, cool. So is our first customer.

Mackenzie: Okay. Here you go, fresh from the oven.

Amanda: Well, hello, Mac.

Silva: Carol, I think it's pretty obvious that Tricia Dennison is delusional.

Carol: So it would appear.

Paul: Now what?

Carol: Two orderlies are on their way.

Paul: So we're not talking voluntary commitment?

Carol: No, Mr. Williams. Ms. Dennison will be taken to the psychiatric ward of the county jail, where she'll be observed and evaluated.

Paul: They won't write her a prescription and then decide to let her go?

Carol: Of course not. If and when she fully recuperates, she may or may not stand trial for her crimes.

Silva: So at some point, it's possible that she could be considered for release?

Carol: I wouldn't worry about that happening anytime soon.

Orderly: Tricia Dennison?

Carol: Oh, come with me. Tricia --

Tricia: Oh, I was hoping it would be Ryan. I wonder what's keeping him.

Carol: Tricia, these men are here for you.

Tricia: For me?

Carol: They're going to take you somewhere where people can take care of you.

Tricia: Oh, I know. This is part of Ryanís surprise. He hasn't told me where we're going on our honeymoon yet. It's very romantic. Well, come on, gentlemen. I don't want to keep my husband waiting.

Nikki: Honey, any change?

Victoria: Olivia's in with him right now. How are the kids?

Sharon: They're fine.

Victoria: They don't know what's going on with Ryan?

Sharon: No, no. Thank God.

Victoria: Olivia, how is he?

Olivia: Ryan's vitals have stabilized.

Victoria: I need to be with him.

Victor: He has stabilized?

Nikki: Well, we should be hopeful, shouldn't we?

Olivia: I have a consultation. Excuse me.

Intercom: Fr. Matthews, please call extension 4249. Fr. Matthews, please call extension 4249.

Victoria: Hey.

Ryan: Hey.

Victoria: You know, Olivia says that things are looking a lot better.

Ryan: Come here. Come here.

Victoria: I know you're not out of the woods yet, but you're going to be all right. I can feel it. You're going to be just fine.

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