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Nikki: Oh, Victor, I came as soon as I could.

Victor: I hope you have something encouraging to tell me.

Nikki: I just saw Victoria. The wedding is still on schedule.

Victor: What about my tux?

Nikki: Right outside of the courthouse. I'm sure you will have time to change but if there isn't time, you can change at the church.

John: Good news, your prints have finally cleared.

Victor: Did you expect otherwise?

John: Carol Chen is a meticulous prosecutor. Your hearing is set for early afternoon.

Victor: John, Iím going to get out of here come hell or high water. I am going to my daughter's wedding.

Matt: Tricia, don't keep me hanging. What's next?

Tricia: Wouldn't you like to know?

Matt: You're off the radar screen.

Tricia: I thought that girl would keel over when I gave her my ticket.

Matt: You made it easier on yourself too.

Tricia: Nobody knows Iím still in Genoa City. Everyone's guard will be down just the way I want it.

Matt: Still planning something at the church? Everyone is going to recognize you when you show your face.

Tricia: I will get there early, scope the place.

Matt: What about when the guests arrive?

Tricia: I'll hide or something. I haven't figured out all the details.

Matt: You're going to wing it when you get there?

Tricia: It's worked so far. To get Miss Vicki out of the picture. Once Iíve done that, Iíll have Ryan all to myself. He loved me once. I'm sure I can get him to love me again.

Victoria: Hey, is that bad news?

Ryan: Philip has come down with mono. He may even have to be hospitalized.

Victoria: That's awful.

Ryan: Nina says he'll be okay. He's on complete bed rest. But he obviously can't be on a plane.

Ryan: He was going to be my best man. You're looking at this as another bad sign.

Victoria: I'm being silly. I am not going to devote one more thought to bad luck or as you said, we have our love and thatís all we need.

Ryan: That's my girl.

Nicholas: You okay?

Sharon: I'm glad you suggested that the two of us go together for a private goodbye to our little girl.

Nicholas: There was no easy way.

Sharon: Still I couldn't leave it unfinished. So thank you for going with me.

Nicholas: Did you ever think I wouldn't?

Sharon: I didn't mean it like that. That was difficult for both of us.

Nicholas: If you're by my side then I can get through anything. I don't care how tough it is. I love you. You mean everything to me.

Sharon: You know Victoria is probably wondering where I am.

Nicholas: We have plenty of time.

Sharon: I just -- I don't want to go over there right away, right afterwards. I wanted to spend some more time with you first.

Nicholas: I felt the same way.

Sharon: Well, I guess I should go now.

Nicholas: Okay. I'm going to wrap up some stuff here. I'll see you at the church.

Sharon: See you there.

Nicholas: Okay.

Brad: You know what? I think you came up with a great idea.

John: I wonder about Colleen.

Brad: You're a critical part of this package, John. You're the only person in the family
Colleen still feels close to.

John: I'm thinking, should it be the three of them or Traci and Colleen?

Ashley: I think you have to take your cue from Traci on that.

Brad: It would be great to bring the whole family together.

John: I wonder if that's too ambitious. You said your phone call with Traci was very disturbing.

Brad: I thought when Colleen was with friends the tension would ease.

John: That's not happened.

Ashley: Talking to Traci, it didn't sound that way.

Brad: Colleen's in a new school with different friends.

Ashley: Traci's really uneasy because Colleen hasn't introduced Traci to those new friends.

Brad: That could be a part of growing up. She's trying to distance herself.

John: Or it could be a sign of trouble.

Brad: She's still in dance.

John: Any passion a young person has goes a long way toward helping them through the difficult years.

Ashley: It keeps them grounded.

Brad: Still a chance to get away would be the best thing for that family.

John: You think we should ask Mackenzie to come along.

Brad: Along with both of them. I think it would help open the lines of communication before any trouble sets in.

Traci: Well, made a little progress today, huh? A little start. Oh, dear God. Colleen, how long has this been going on? I don't even know who you are any longer.

Jack: Good morning, sweetheart.

Phyllis: Hey.

Jack: What you got there?

Phyllis: Nothing.

Jack: Looks like something.

Billy: Master secret.

Jack: This is the new internet campaign.

Phyllis: You caught me. It's highly secretive, confidential material to bring Jabot down.

Jack: I was inspired this morning and whipped up a batch of your favorite.

Phyllis: Oh, adorable to see.

Jack: You said last night you don't have to get to work until late.

Phyllis: I have errands to run. I'll see you. Bye, Billy.

Billy: Bye.

John: I wonder if we can convince Colleen.

Ashley: Why don't we find out, huh?

[Phone ringing]

Traci: Hello, you've reached the Connellys --

Ashley: Nobody's home.

John: I'll try her cell phone.

[Phone ringing]

Traci: Hello.

John: Hi, sweetheart. It's Dad.

Traci: Oh, hi. Why are you calling?

John: Honey, I have had such an inspiration about my granddaughter but we have to act quickly.

Traci: I don't know what you're talking about right now.

John: Brad and Ashley told me you're having a very difficult time. A change of scenery might be the thing Colleen needs. How about the Bahamas? I want to take you and Steve and thought of asking Billy and Mackenzie so there are young people to come along.

Traci: I can't think about this right now. I have to go. Bye.

Colleen will be here momentarily.

Traci: Thank you, I appreciate that.

If there's anything I can do to help.

Traci: It's a family matter.

I'll see that you're not disturbed.

Colleen: What's going on?

Your mother needs to speak with you, Colleen. I'll leave the two of you alone.

Traci: Appreciate it.

Colleen: You pulled me out of class. What is the deal?

Traci: Colleen, this is the deal.

Victoria: You know what? I have an idea.

Ryan: What?

Victoria: Well, when we leave for our honeymoon we will make the west coast our stop and we will see Philip and it will do us both good.

Ryan: We can show him the video of our wedding.

Victoria: What are you thinking?

Ryan: I'm thinking how wonderful I am to marry a wonderful, sensitive woman. Do you have any idea how much I love you?

Victoria: I think you mentioned it once or twice.

Ryan: There was nothing without you.

Victoria: I'm not going anywhere.

Ryan: The next time I see this beautiful face; it will be at the altar.

Victoria: We will begin our life as husband and wife, Mr. McNeil.

Ryan: The end of chapter one.

Victoria: And the beginning of our new life together.

Ryan: Together, the way we were meant to be.

Lauren: Hey, guys.

Victoria: You know, baby, I have to go.

Ryan: I have to tell Neil he's been promoted to best man.

Lauren: What about Philip?

Ryan: Vicki will fill you in at the church.

Victoria: Wait, wait, wait.

Ryan: What?

Victoria: I love you.

Ryan: I love you too, more than you'll ever know.

Victoria: All right. Go, go. So, Philip. Philip has mono.

Sharon: Oh, no.

Victoria: He can't travel.

Sharon: Will he be okay?

Victoria: He'll be fine. I'm very lucky you are here. My half of the wedding party is intact. My mother stopped by earlier and said the hearing was today. It might be kind of tight, timing wise.* She assured me that nothing will stand in the way for my father to make it to my wedding.

Sharon: I hope so.

Victoria: How are you doing?

Sharon: This is a happy event. I don't want to think about anything else. Like we said last night, the Newmans rally around in good times and in bad.

Victoria: Sharon, I want you to know my brother loves you so much. He will do anything to make this right.

Sharon: We're hanging in there.

Victoria: Okay. Good. We're actually ahead of schedule. I haven't seen you in your dress. You want to try it on?

Sharon: Oh, okay. I'd love to.

Victoria: Sharon, what is it? Is there something wrong?

Sharon: It's just when you picked out this dress we thought I would still be pregnant.

Jack: So good?

Billy: You know, Jack, I can't remember the last time you made breakfast. Phyllis must be domesticating you.

Jack: Say it isn't so.

Billy: It must be true love.

Jack: It sure is, buddy.

Billy: What's wrong?

Jack: One little cloud in paradise.

Billy: I'm a good listener. I might even have a useful suggestion.

Jack: I made peace with the fact that Phyllis and I aren't going to have kids.

Billy: What's the problem?

Jack: I can't get Phyllis to accept that.

Billy: That's understandable.

Jack: Why?

Billy: Jack, you wanted to have kids for such a long time. Phyllis knows that. Is it really that easy to give up your dream?

Jack: Who said it was easy?

Billy: Exactly.

Jack: The point is I put it past me. I have gotten past it. I have.

Billy: I'm sure Phyllis will come to realize that.

Jack: It's a non-issue.

Billy: Maybe you're sending her the wrong signal.

Jack: Maybe Iím protesting too much?

Billy: That could be.

Jack: Maybe you're right. I wish there was an easy, tidy way to put her concerns to rest once and for all.

Billy: Jack, are you really okay with this?

Jack: You sound like Phyllis now. You don't believe me?

Billy: No, I didn't say that.

Jack: Life is about accepting certain compromises. Sometimes you have to deal the hand you're dealt.

Billy: In your case it is not that bad. A beautiful fiancťe that's nuts about you. Tons of money. A really cool place to live. Who could ask for more?

Jack: Wait, that's it. You, little brother, are a genius.

Michael: Look who's here.

Phyllis: Where's your guard dog today?

Michael: Chantal, she's out.

Phyllis: I have done some research online.

Michael: In vitro fertilization.

Phyllis: There's a ton of stuff on the net.

Michael: Has Jack been pressuring you to look into this?

Phyllis: No. He's in love, Michael.

Michael: He accepts the situation?

Phyllis: Listen, it's not about him. It's about me.

Michael: But you're doing it for Jack.

Phyllis: I know how important it is for him to have a child of his own.

Michael: So you looked into his heart and you found the answer.

Phyllis: No. I looked into my heart and I found the answer. I'm going to give my husband a baby.

Tricia: I wish you would let me work this out on my own. You make me nervous.

Matt: I keep you on your toes.

Tricia: You have something on your mind. Out with it.

Matt: No matter how you deal with Victoria, there will be an uproar. Have you thought about how you will get Ryan calm enough to have this heart-to-heart, as well as see the light? Don't you think there will be resistance?

Tricia: I never thought of that.

Matt: If there was a way for you to pull this off, just get the chick out of the way and the road will be clear for you to have this intimate little talk.

Tricia: It will be clear for a lot more than that. I've got work to do.

Matt: You and me both.

Tricia: You're not coming with me. You're too noisy and then you yell at me and tell me what Iím doing wrong.

Neil: So the stock bonus plan is there just like your dad wanted.

Nicholas: Good.

Ryan: This a private party?

Neil: Ryan, aren't you supposed to be at a wedding right now?

Nicholas: Don't tell me you're backing out.

Ryan: There's no chance in that. My son came down with mono. He can't be here. Vic came up with the idea of visiting him before the honeymoon.

Nicholas: Leave it to Vic.

Ryan: Anyway, Iím short a best man, Neil. You up for it?

Neil: Yeah. I'm honored you would ask me.

Ryan: It's a done deal.

Neil: Why don't I take care of your particulars to L.A.? It's the least I can do. Best man is not just about holding the rings.

Ryan: Oh, the rings! I was going to pick up the rings on my way to the airport.

Nicholas: He is falling apart.

Victor: How's Victoria?

Nikki: She's nervous but she'll be fine. I think you made the right decision insisting we go ahead with the wedding. Ryan is such a wonderful man. I'm just so glad she was able to find her way back to her one true love. You and I know how rare that is. I just hope their path is a little smoother than ours.

Victor: We didn't make mistakes?

Nikki: We made mistakes but --

Victor: But what?

Nikki: As far as I'm concerned having you in my life is worth every mistake and more. I wouldn't trade a minute of it. So aside from making bail, where do things stand?

Victor: You heard about the surveillance tapes?

Nikki: Paul told us last night.

Victor: What Tricia Dennison set up is insidious. She bought a train ticket. She's on her way to L.A. She called the district attorney before she left saying she will be back to testify.

Nikki: Do you think this will even go to trial?

Victor: No, not if we get the results of my DNA test.

Nikki: Thank God for modern science. Look at the time. I have to go. I have a lot of last-minute things to do. You can reach me on my cell phone if you need to. Otherwise, I will see you at the church with our daughter on your arm.

Michael: You sure you're not acting a little impulsively here?

Phyllis: I admit in the past I have acted impulsively. Not this.

Michael: In vitro is no walk in the park.

Phyllis: Just fear holds me back. Michael, Iím aware of what having a child entails, thank you. I thought about this.

Michael: Okay. What's your timetable?

Phyllis: With in vitro the odds are in your favor the younger you are.

Michael: You were going to start last year.

Phyllis: Now is fine. I'm not going to tell Jack anything. I don't want to get his hopes up in case nothing happens. I'm not going to say a word unless and until the procedure is successful.

Brad: Traci hang up on you?

John: She was anxious to get off the phone. She wasn't rude, but she was distracted and uncomfortable.

Ashley: Did it sound like something was seriously wrong?

John: From her tone she was sounding troubled. She said she had a lot on her mind and she doesn't want to talk about a trip right now.

Ashley: We can't give up on this idea.

Brad: Let's wait a while and try again. Maybe Traciís having a bad day.

John: Let's hope that's all it is.

Colleen: Where did you get that?

Traci: Oh, Colleen, you know where this came from. I found it in your bedroom. How long has this been going on?

Colleen: Mom.

Traci: Colleen, just answer the question! I know you're smoking marijuana. I want to know how much and for how long?

Colleen: It's not what you think. Everybody's doing it. It's absolutely harmless.

Traci: You and I both know that's not the truth. Honey, you're a teenage girl. Your brain is still developing. You are supposed to be at this school to learn things to get through life. How can you do that stoned?

Colleen: Mom --

Traci: Colleen, don't you care about your health? Don't you care about your mind? My God, you're a dancer!

Colleen: I thought we were making progress this morning. I made an effort and this is what I get? You drive me out of class and accuse me of things?

Traci: I found this in your bedroom. What do you expect?

Colleen: It isn't mine.

Traci: It isn't yours.

Colleen: Of course not.

Traci: Then where did you get it?

Colleen: Well, I had this couple of friends over the other day when you and Steve weren't around. No one was smoking in the house. But one of the guys does smoke pot and after they left I just -- I found it on the floor. It must have fallen out of his bag. I couldn't take it to school.

Traci: So you hid it under your pillow?

Colleen: What else was I supposed to do with it?

Traci: You're supposed to come to me.

Colleen: Are you kidding? We haven't been talking and look how you reacted.

Traci: All right. You were talking about some guy. Is this one of your new friends?

Colleen: No. One of my old friends.

Traci: What? Colleen, none of your friends from middle school would smoke marijuana.

Colleen: You would be surprised.

Traci: Yes, I would be surprised. Who?

Colleen: I'm not going to tell you. Are you kidding? So you've been wondering why I haven't been around those kids anymore. Now you know.

Traci: And you're telling the truth.

Colleen: I know it looks bad. I'm telling you, I would never, ever buy one of those things and hide it in my room let alone use it. If you don't believe me, then I don't know what else I can say.

Traci: Colleen, to find something like this, I am bound to react. This is a parent's nightmare. If you were in my position, I think you --

Colleen: I know. I know. Can I go back to class now?

Neil: Ryan, why don't I take care of the rings too? Where's the jeweler?

Ryan: Are you sure? Peterson's.

Neil: I know exactly where that is. You sure youíre okay finding your way to the church?

Ryan: Yes.

Nicholas: We can make cue cards for your vows.

Neil: I think you and Vicki make a perfect match. Look at this guy here.

Ryan: I should be changing my name. How's Ryan Newman grab you?

Nicholas: It's a big deal joining my family but that's going too far. This is your second time around. You get your membership card and everything.

Neil: Lots of responsibilities.

Ryan: I think I can handle it.

Neil: I have stuff to do. Later, Nick.

Ryan: I'm out of here too.

Nicholas: Hold on, Ryan, there are some things I would like to say to you.

Billy: How did I become a genius?

Jack: You said about us living here. You're right. This is a great house . It just screams family from every corner. You're here, Dad's here, Iím here. There's family pictures up the wazoo. You can't escape it. Phyllis and I were talking about starting a family -- getting a house after we got married. We should be looking for an apartment downtown. In the heart of everything, penthouse. The best theatres and restaurants. A place that people wouldn't even think of raising a child.

Billy: You sure that's the right answer?

Jack: We can start the life we would have, like this. I'm telling you, I can't believe I hadnít thought of this before.

Michael: You know eventually you will need Jack's cooperation.

Phyllis: That's after the procedure has already worked.

Michael: How long does it take?

Phyllis: That depends. They have to screen me to see if I'm a worthy candidate. Assuming I will be, we start at the beginning of my cycle. In a month or less, my eggs will be harvested and I can go to Jack and tell him I'm pregnant.

Michael: You could be pregnant by Christmas.

Phyllis: Yes. That would be the best gift Jack got.

Michael: And get married in the spring.

Phyllis: I'll show by then.

Michael: You're worried about family disapproval?

Phyllis: John Abbott and his high morals.

Michael: What do you think what that old man thinks?

Phyllis: It's Jack's dad. That's not the only reason.

Michael: What?

Phyllis: We all know I had Daniel before I was --

Michael: This is a totally different situation.

Phyllis: Still.

Michael: All right, move the wedding. Have it next month.

Phyllis: I have one problem.

Michael: What?

Phyllis: Jack. He's so committed having the wedding of a century. How do I get him to drop it without telling him a reason?

Michael: That's quite a challenge.

Ryan: Here comes the brother-in-law speech.

Nicholas: You got it, but Iíll be good to my sister. She's already on cloud nine.  I have a good feeling about this marriage, Ryan. You have been through a lot.

Ryan: I feel like the luckiest guy in the world marrying your sister. Knowing I get the rest of your family along with it. Brother.

Nicholas: I should have said this a long time ago.

Ryan: You've had a lot on your mind. I saw Sharon at the apartment. She seems to be okay. After last night it looks like you two are smooth sailing again.

Nicholas: It's definitely been one of the most difficult times in my life. I feel I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I hope Sharon feels the same way.

Victoria: Thank you so much. Our lucky day continues. Lauren found the perfect dress. It's the same color. It's in your size and it'll be at the church.

Sharon: Thank you. I don't know what I'd do without you.

Victoria: That's my line. We should go.

Can I help you?

Tricia: I hope so. I'm Bianca Roberts.

From the Chronicle Society Page?

Tricia: That's right.

I read that all the time.

Tricia: She'll be thrilled to hear that. Would you like to be --?

You mean off the record?

Tricia: Of course.

That would be exciting.

Tricia: I want some details of the Victoria Newman wedding. We made a point.

Fenmore handles many of the society.

Tricia: We're going to press in an hour and there are some particulars we need. So our story will be complete.

Sure. What do you want to know?

Victor: What's the matter?

John: The funds are all in place. I can't get the D.A.'s office to agree to move forward any. I will go see the judge and see if I can move it forward at least an hour. Even if I can't, you still should be able to get out of here and get to the church.

Victor: I'm going to hold you to that.

Mr. Silva, I'm glad you're here. I have the DNA test results.

John: I assume you're telling us the charges are being dropped? This can't be right.

We ran two tests simultaneously. Trust me, it's accurate.

Victor: What does it say?

John: They compared the DNA from your blood with the semen from the rape kit. It's a match. It's a perfect match.

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