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Think you're king of the world, don't you, Newman?

Maybe on the outside.

Well me and my friends, we're going to give you a lesson on how things work in here.

Get him!

Nikki: Oh, Miguel, you've heard.

Nicholas: I'm still in shock.

Nikki: Were there any calls?

Miguel: I'm sorry, he hasn't phoned yet. I'll make some coffee.

Nicholas: Good idea, Miguel.

Victoria: I wish we would hear something.

Nikki: It could take some time.

Victoria: He's going to find the proof against Tricia.

Nicholas: Dad will be out of there in no time.

Nikki: I wish it could happen tonight.

Victoria: Especially knowing the people he's in there with.

Nicholas: I'll try to get Paul on the phone. Marissa, hey, it's Nick. Is Paul around?

Sharon: I feel so empty inside.

Doris: It's natural, honey. You've had a terrible loss.

Sharon: I never knew my little girl, but she was still my child and she was so real to me.

Doris: You carried her for months. She was a part of you.

Sharon: I saw her, you know. She was beautiful. She should have had a chance at life. She should have had a chance but that was taken away from her and that was so, so unnecessary. It's not fair. If she could have had a chance, she would have if it wasn't for -- it's just not fair.

Matt: You actually believe you still have a chance with Ryan.

Tricia: Where there's love there's hope. Isn't that the saying?

Matt: I know you built him up in your mind but that ended a long time ago.

Tricia: That kind of love never ends. No two people are ever closer. I know in my heart the love is still there. It's the truth. You only know about the way things ended. You don't know how it was in beginning. It was different. We were so much in love.

Matt: Tricia, I don't know how to say this, you and Ryan --

Tricia: You know, Iím just realizing in a funny way, things have come full circle. Ryan has been there for me through every crisis. It's different in the beginning. I am the one that was there for him.

Brad: There you go, now you've got it. Look at you. Wow. Little precious girl, you're going to be a year old in just a few days, huh? It's hard to believe, isn't it, Mom?

Ashley: Very hard to believe. The beautiful, precious thing for almost an entire year.

Brad: And I have treasured every single day of it.

Ashley: So have I, every single day. Not just with baby, with Daddy too.

Brad: I don't know if you can say every single day.

Ashley: We agreed we wouldn't talk about the bad times.

Brad: We can talk about them. We just can't relive them. Is that a deal?

Ashley: That's a deal. Let's seal it with a kiss.

Brad: I like the way you did business.

Ashley: Thank you.

Brad: What do you want for your first birthday? What do you want? You want that bottle. Did she just drool?

Ashley: What does that mean?

Brad: I don't know.

Ashley: You know how it makes me feel watching you with the baby?

Brad: How do you think it makes me feel?

Ashley: Honey, I'm so happy we were able to put the bad times behind us.

Brad: Me too.

Ashley: Unfortunately I don't think I can say the same thing about your daughter. You must be pretty worried after talking with Traci.

Don't eat the whole bowl.

There's more.

Colleen: This is like so --

Better than dance class?

Colleen: Put on Incubus.

I don't want to get up.

But I want to hear that song.

Is there any more pizza?

It's almost 9.

Colleen: Oh, my God! I'm supposed to be home!


Colleen: I'm serious. My mother will kill me.

Some ballerina.

Colleen: I've never smoked this much. I have to go home and Iím still high.

Get a grip.

Colleen: Easy for you to say. You're in your own room.

You'll be okay. You'll get home. You'll deal with it. You'll be fine. I do it all the time.

Colleen: How?

Take a real deep breath and open the door, go in --

And walk straight back to your room.

I usually yell to my folks, I'm back.

I don't wait for an answer. Go to your room, close the door and chill. Eventually things will be cool.

It works every time.

Colleen: Okay. I've got to go. See you tomorrow?

Um, yeah, sure.

Sean: Right on time.

Jill: You have a couch.

Sean: Not any couch. The one you got for me.

Jill: You took it back to the store.

Sean: I came to my senses.

Jill: Following my lead? What a wonderful surprise.

Sean: You underestimate the influence you have on me, you know.

Jill: Do I?

Sean: Something smells delicious.

Jill: I'm sure it's the food. You know what? You keep this up, we're going to forget all about dinner.

Sharon: I'm sorry, Mom, I don't mean to get so emotional.

Doris: You can't help that.

Sharon: When is this emptiness going to go away?

Doris: You have to give it time.

Sharon: I'm not sure time will solve this.

Doris: I have a feeling there's more going on here than the tragedy of you losing this baby.

Sharon: I don't know what you mean exactly.

Doris: I also have a feeling you're blaming Nicholas. It's nothing you said but more in your tone and it worries me.

Sharon: It worries me too.

Doris: Sometimes bad things happen. Sharon, you fell.

Sharon: It wouldn't have happened if we weren't arguing.

Doris: You and Nicholas arguing? That doesn't sound like you two.

Sharon: Well, there's a lot you don't know.

Doris: Well, fill me in.

Sharon: I don't want to go through it again. It's too --

Doris: Too what?

Sharon: Too awful. Now the baby's gone and there's nothing I can do to bring her back. The little girl I should be holding right now, that I should be nursing right now.

Doris: Sweetheart, don't do this. You're taking a terrible situation and making it worse. I know Nicholas is as heartbroken as you are.

Sharon: No, he isn't, Mom.

Doris: What are you trying to say?

Sharon: I don't know if Nicholas is as heartbroken as I am. He's sad because Iím sad. Deep down I think he's relieved.

Doris: Sharon!

Nikki: Did you get a hold of Paul?

Nicholas: Got him on the car phone. He's on his way over.

Victoria: What about Ryan? He blames himself for this partly.

Nikki: Because of Tricia? He shouldn't blame himself.

Nikki: I wonder if Sharonís heard yet.

Nikki: She should be told. Why don't you get her?

Nicholas: All right. I'll be right back.

Nikki: Your brother's in a lot of pain. Sharon's still very distant towards him.

Victoria: Well, they have been through a lot.

Nikki: Our family always pulls together in times of crisis. Maybe this last disaster with your father will help bring Nicholas and Sharon together.

Victoria: I hope so.

Doris: Sharon, you can't honestly believe Nicholas is relieved about you losing this baby.

Sharon: Mom, you don't know what's been going on.

Doris: I know you have had some rough times. It was evident when this was all over how much your husband loves you.

Sharon: I know that too. That's not the issue.

Doris: Well, what is the issue?

Nicholas: Doris, hey.

Doris: Hello, Nicholas. We haven't talked. I'm so very sorry.

Nicholas: Yeah, me too. Sharon, could you come up to the main house with me?

Sharon: Nick, Mom and I are in the middle of a conversation.

Nicholas: I know, but it's important.

Doris: You go on ahead. I'll be here with the children until you get back.

Sharon: Mom.

Matt: You helped Ryan. How?

Tricia: When we first got together, it was a really painful time for him. His marriage was in shambles.

Matt: Whoa, whoa, wait. The guy had a wife?

Tricia: And there was a child involved. It was a bad situation.

Matt: You must have been a child yourself.

Tricia: I was. I was still in college. And Ryan was this dashing young executive. It was just love at first sight for me.

Matt: But not for him because his life was a mess.

Tricia: It seemed hopeless but I was patient. I stood by him. I listened to all his problems.

Matt: How come?

Tricia: He saw it as a schoolgirl crush. But slowly it grew to be so much more. And as young as I was, he really started to lean on me, open up his heart. Once that happened --

Matt: Look out world.

Tricia: It was like magic for both of us. You know looking back I was really naive. But Ryan was so understanding, strong. You should have seen the way he stood up to Daddy.

Matt: I guess so. His perfect little daughter involved with a married man.

Tricia: Married and divorced twice.

Matt: I bet Keith loved that.

Tricia: He had to deal with it because Ryan was not about to let him break us up. He seemed to take pleasure in opening the world to me. We went on trips. We started a home together. It was the happiest time of our lives. And then we lost a baby. And that was devastating. But it only made our commitment stronger, because that kind of bond doesn't just go away.

Matt: Fine, he was Mr. Wonderful. I get that. But babe, it's too late.

Tricia: No, it's not. No, it can't be.

Matt: The only reason you're being nostalgic is because of everything you have been through, because you are alone and because you are afraid to start over. But babe, it is different for your ex. He is getting married again.

Tricia: That's right, Victoria. I have to deal with her.

Nikki: Was that Paul?

Victoria: It is. And it looks like Ryanís with him. Thank God you're here.

Paul: Were you able to see Victor?

Victoria: Yeah, he's doing all right.

Nikki: Thank you for coming with an update.

Paul: No problem.

Nikki: I hoped there was something on that tape to exonerate Victor. The fact you're here and not downtown getting him out of jail, that's not the case.

Paul: Sorry.

Victoria: Obviously my father didn't rape that psycho. There's no proof in that tape?

Paul: There's no smoking gun. There's nothing to disprove the story.

Ryan: There's no hope in anything we've seen.

Paul: Especially what the cameras caught that night. The fact is if the D.A. or Assistant D.A. got her hands on that tape, she would view them as actively incriminating.

Joey, get behind him!

It's time to even up.

Next time I'm going to kill you.

Ashley: Finally.

Brad: Alone at last.

Ashley: You know what?

Brad: What?

Ashley: You didn't say much after I mentioned Colleen.

Brad: Well, I don't have much to say. You're right. I'm worried. It's got to be so hard. She and her mom were so close.

Ashley: I guess there's no communication whatsoever.

Brad: You want something?

Ashley: No.

Brad: She's shutting Steve out.

Ashley: She's doing the same thing to you, honey. It has to hurt after building a relationship with her.

Brad: It does. It has to be normal teenage rebellion stuff.

Ashley: Wouldn't you like to help?

Brad: What can I do? I feel for kids today. The world they live in, it doesn't seem to make sense. How do you figure out what really does matter?

Ashley: It's really sad. We all have to make kids understand that. We have to give them families and love and relationships they can believe in. So when they feel their world is scrambled and insecure, people have to step up and be strong and stable.

Brad: Wow.

Ashley: I have been thinking about this. If you had any thoughts about going to Colleen and reaching out, why don't we talk about it?

Brad: You know, if I thought it would help I would be there. But I think if I do get involved, I would only make things worse. I hate to admit that. But it's the truth.

Colleen: Mom, Steve, I'm home. I have a ton of homework to do. Mom?

Nikki: You said something earlier about footage possibly being incriminating?

Nicholas: Not that we think for one minute Dad is guilty.

Paul: The tape confirms Tricia never got near him. However it clearly showed that when Victor went to bed, Tricia went with him.

Victoria: How is that possible?

Ryan: Victor was dead on his feet.

Victoria: You're saying he didnít realize she was following him.

Nicholas: That's the only explanation.

Nikki: He couldn't have been that out of it.

Nicholas: Dad was up the whole night before. He hasn't slept.

Nikki: I'm more concerned with what the police think.

Sharon: If they see the tape, will they think the same thing?

Paul: Not necessarily.

Ryan: Not if they see what the camera caught after that.

Victoria: What?

Paul: Her dress was torn; she was clutching it around herself.

Ryan: A convincing performance.

Nikki: Who did she think was watching?

Paul: Tricia somehow found out about the surveillance system. Somehow, somewhere, she decided to use it to her advantage.

Sharon: This blows me away.

Ryan: It's the only thing that makes sense.

Nikki: It doesn't even make sense. It's sickening.

Nicholas: We are not talking about some tape. Think of the heft she's manufactured.

Victoria: It's terrifying.

Sean: Fantastic.

Jill: You like it.

Sean: It's probably the best Thai food I have had.

Jill: You are not an easy man to impress either.

Sean: Lady, you impressed me from the moment I set eyes on you.

Jill: What a long, strange trip it's been. Oh, am I dating myself with that?

Sean: Jill Abbott, dated, you?

Jill: Speaking of that, nobody knows about us yet. How are we going to handle that?

Sean: I don't know. What do you think?

Jill: People were pretty negative about us last time. It would be nice if we could avoid that.

Sean: It would. Tonight I could care less about that. It's you and me, lady.

Jill: What, do I get another private performance?

Sean: You want one?

Jill: Sean Bridges, male stripper.

Sean: Only you know that in Genoa City.

Jill: Aren't you running a risk showing this side of you? Were you counting on my lust that you obviously have, how shall I put this, definite experience outside of the realm of computers?

Sean: Definitely. I figured the more you learned about me the more you wanted me.

Jill: You sound awfully confident.

Sean: The more I know about you, the more I get turned on about you.

Jill: What more do you know about me?

Sean: You were a manicurist.

Jill: How did you know -- oh, the internet.

Sean: You should be flattered. You were probably a darn good manicurist.

Jill: I was the best.

Sean: I believe it. The way your hands can.

Jill: It's how she handles other people's hands. Yours, for instance.

Sean: I'm all for being handled. I don't know if I can handle the acrylic.

Jill: That's not what I had in mind. Wait right here.

Nikki: What about Tricia coming on to Victor? That's certainly going to raise some questions.

Ryan: We checked that out, as well as the apology.

Paul: Since we know Victor is telling the truth, we can see what's happening. Tricia is coming on to him as Victor claims. Tricia will seem like an emotionally distraught girl. She sees Victor as a father figure.

Ryan: When Victor told Tricia nothing would happen, she pulled back right away.

Nikki: You told me this set-up was going on for days, maybe weeks.

Paul: She was positioning herself as a vulnerable young woman with Victor as her protector.

Nicholas: If you're the prosecutor, it will look like Dad was taking advantage of that girl.

Paul: I will see if I can find anything remotely useful. We'll do whatever we can and keep you posted. Good night, everyone.

Nikki: Good night.

Victoria: Good night.

Nicholas: Look, I know that it's worse than we thought. But the truth will come out. It will.

Ashley: I think we need to take comfort in the fact that Colleen's life isn't running amok. She's still in dance, making new friends.

Brad: No one close to her is making any progress. That's not healthy.

Ashley: I think you're right not to make a move right now. You were the one last summer that got through to her. Maybe you will reach that point again.

Brad: I sure hope so. I'm not holding my breath.

Ashley: You're not giving up on her.

Brad: No.

Ashley: We have to have some trust in Colleen. She's always had a good head on her shoulders. She has strong values and going through a rough time. I have to believe she's going to get it together, get through this rough time just fine.

Colleen: Mom, what are you doing in here?

Traci: I'm picking up your clothes for the laundry.

Colleen: I told you don't need to clean up after me anymore. You don't need to be here.

Traci: I understand, sweetie. It's just your dirty clothes. So how was dance class?

Colleen: Fine.

Traci: It went kind of late tonight.

Colleen: Yeah, sorry. I should have called.

Traci: Want to show me some of the steps you're working on?

Colleen: We're not working on anything special.

Traci: Really. What about your recital? When I talked to Mrs. Switer she said your class is working on some classical pieces.

Colleen: Well, we haven't gotten that far with them.

Traci: That's okay. Just show me a couple of steps.

Colleen: I don't have time.

Traci: Humor me. It will only take a couple of minutes. All right. What's the problem?

Colleen: What?

Traci: You always show me your dance steps when you're working on something new. You know I know it's a work in progress. Honey? Are you okay?

Colleen: Well, I was when I came in and now you're nagging me and I have this whole chem. lab to write up. So will you please just go?

Traci: All right. I won't bother you anymore. Good night, Colleen. I love you.

Sharon: I had no idea so much was happening.

Nicholas: We didn't want to lay any more on you.

Victoria: There's something I need to talk to you about. Well, when I was visiting Dad before Nicholas showed up I talked about the possibility of postponing the wedding.

Ryan: How did he react?

Victoria: He insisted we go through with it but I wanted to see how you felt about it.

Nikki: I agree. Your wedding is a very happy occasion. We need that right now.

Nicholas: Dad will be out in time.

Victoria: Sharon, do you still feel like being matron of honor?

Sharon: Yes, absolutely. Don't put it off because of me.

Nicholas: Sharon's mom is looking after the kids. We have to take off.

Nikki: We will keep each other posted.

Sharon: I'm just a phone call away if you need anything.

Nikki: All right. Thanks. I think I was right about Nicholas and Sharon moving closer together.

Victoria: They seem to be moving in the right direction.

Nikki: It's been a very rough day. I'm going to go to bed.

Victoria: We're doing the right thing going through with the wedding?

Ryan: If they didn't feel it was the right time, they would have said so. If we back away, it'll bring them down.

Victoria: I guess you're right.

Ryan: I am. This wedding is the best thing to be happening right now, not only for us but also for them.

Tricia: Once Victoria is out of the picture, I'll be able to make Ryan see the truth about us.

Matt: How will you get to her? There's security all around her. Now the Newmans have proof you're a threat.

Tricia: Not me, Victor.

Matt: Get real. You've blown your cover. You've gone underground. You show your face, alarms will go off all over this city.

Tricia: Are you saying I should give up?

Matt: Maybe you can get through to Ryan, but Newmanís daughter is untouchable. If you try and wind up getting caught, three guesses where they will send you.

Tricia: Suddenly Iím taking chances and you're being all careful.

Matt: I'm talking about survival. You're still a person. I'm gone like a cool breeze.

Tricia: I should have taken care of Victoria first before I dealt with Victor. Why didn't I realize that? Wait a minute.

Matt: What? You've got an idea?

Tricia: I know a place where there isn't going to be any security.

Matt: Where? Tell me.

Tricia: I'm talking about the Victoria Newman wedding. I'm a friend of hers from out of town. Yes, yes, I will be at the ceremony. I wonder if you could tell me the time it's going to begin? Great. Thank you. No, that's all. Thanks.

Jill: You like it?

Sean: Oh, yeah. I'm not really wild about having red toenails.

Jill: There's a whole lot more to a good pedicure than nail polish. There's a lot of foreplay.

Sean: Oh, wow.

Jill: Feel good?

Sean: Oh, lady, you are good.

Jill: I'm just starting from the bottom.

Jill: Shall we retire to the bedroom?

Sean: No.

Jill: Here?

Sean: Why do you think I got the couch?

Nicholas: Sharon, what is it?

Sharon: I was just thinking back. Remembering what happened before I fell. We were arguing about the baby.

Nicholas: Sharon, we can talk about this later.

Sharon: We were arguing and you took off. You said you had to get out of there.

Nicholas: I didn't want you to get more upset.

Sharon: You were upset too.

Nicholas: That's why I left. I didn't want things to get out of hand.

Sharon: You got in your car and you blew a tire.

Nicholas: I wasn't paying attention.

Sharon: Because you were so angry. Your tire blew. It was like an explosion. I thought you had been in an accident or something. That's why I went towards the door. That's when I tripped. That's when I fell, Nick. Because you ran out on me. Because we were arguing and you ran out on me. And that's why I lost my baby!

Sharon: I just checked in on the kids. They're both asleep.

Nicholas: Good. You want anything?

Sharon: No. I'm fine.

Nicholas: It's a real tough time right now. It was good having you at the house with the rest of the family. Your support means a lot to me, Sharon.

Sharon: Nick, I know this must be hard for you. I'll do whatever I can.

Nicholas: With everything that's been happening.

What the hell are you doing, Newman?

This guy's crazy.

Victor: Take a look at this right hand before I touch it.

What have you got in your hand, Charlie?

What do we have here, razor blades. Newman, back off. We'll take it from here.

You want to tell me what went down?

Yeah, they gang up on him.

Let's go.

I can't believe you handled those guys.

Victor: Thank you.

Don't thank me. Thank Larry Warton.

Victor: What do you mean thank Larry Warton?

We go way back. We did some time. He called out to Chet, told me to keep an eye out for you.

Victor: I appreciate it.

From what I saw you did pretty good by yourself.

Victor: I was lucky.

I have to get back to work. Good evening.

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