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[Sound of tires screeching]

Sharon: Nick!

Nicholas: Sharon? Baby, what happened? Baby?

Sharon: I think I fell.

Nicholas: All right. I'll get an ambulance.

Sharon: No, Nick. I think I need to go to the hospital.

Nick: I think it's best we get an ambulance out here.

Sharon: No, honey, I want to go now.

Nicholas: Are you in pain?

Sharon: Yeah, a little.

Nicholas: Can you move?

Sharon: I don't know. Help me.

Nicholas: Easy, easy. Are you okay?

Sharon: Nick, just get me to the hospital.

Nicholas: Okay. I got a flat tire. We'll take your car.

Victor: What did you think would happen tonight?

Tricia: Well, it's just we were having such a nice time. I was hoping we could talk some more. Please don't call it a night yet.

Victor: I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. I have to turn in. I have a meeting early tomorrow morning. Is there something else?

Tricia: Yeah, but I don't know if I should tell you.

Victor: Why not?

Tricia: Well, it's just that I have been having these feelings and they've caught me by surprise.

Victor: Are they upsetting feelings?

Tricia: No, the opposite. They're exciting. They're very exciting.

Nikki: Cody, are you having fun?

Cody: What can I say? It's the simple pleasures.

Nikki: I'm for that. Where are Nick and Sharon?

Cody: I haven't seen them in a while.

Nikki: How are they doing?

Cody: Fine, as far as I know. Is something wrong?

Nikki: I just wanted to catch up with them, that's all.

Cody: Is it true Ryan and Victoria are getting married?

Nikki: Yes, it is.

Cody: Congratulations. The rumor mill is finally right for a change.

Nikki: Thank you.

Cody: Nikki, I have to go.

Ryan: Hey, hey, hey, enough. Enough with the wedding plans.

Victoria: I have one more thing to do.

Ryan: I'm sorry. I want my fiancťe's undivided attention for the rest of the evening. The world can survive without us for one night.

Victoria: You know, I like it. I like this when you're forceful. It's kind of a turn-on.

Ryan: Yeah?

Ashley: I thought I would make dinner.

Brad: I was going to throw on some steaks.

Ashley: You're making dinner?

Brad: Mm-hmm. Nothing fancy, just some salad and baked potatoes, a couple of fillets. Sound good?

Ashley: Yeah. Want some help?

Brad: Just relax. Ash, I realize we need to talk about what happened today. But let's do it after dinner, okay?

Ashley: You think there's any point? We already have tried talking.

Brad: Well, Iím not ready to give up. Are you?

Ashley: I didn't say that.

Brad: Okay. Then why don't we eat and chat about this and that and see where we go from there? What do you say?

How did the tutoring go?

Billy: I couldn't remember the capital of Liechtenstein. Like anybody could, right?

Something I can do for you?

Mackenzie: There's a woman that helped out Colleen. Ned's the only one who knows who she is.

Oh, well. I have to go.

Billy: I have to bone up on my world capitals for next time.

See you later.

Nikki: Something on your mind, Mr. Warton?

Larry: The last time you and I talked, I got a little touchy.

Nikki: And now you're afraid you're on my bad side.

Larry: No, it's just that -- I mean, sometimes I say some things that don't exactly come out the way I want them to.

Nikki: There is nothing unclear about your attitude. You are uncomfortable socially and you're quite happy to leave it like that.

Larry: Sounds like you're putting words in my mouth here. Look, with no disrespect, you made it sound like all I had to do was snap my fingers and I would be yapping it up with the best of them. Well, it ain't that easy.

Nikki: I never said that it was. If you refuse to try --

Larry: I have tried. I went to one of those adult Ed classes like you suggested.

Nikki: You did? When?

Larry: When you were out of town. I figured something in a conversation besides sports and cars.

Nikki: So what happened?

Larry: I felt like a fish out of water.

Nikki: So you just gave up. You know, you should know more than anybody, no pain, no gain. You made it very clear you don't want me interfering with your personal life.

Larry: Mrs. Newman, you just don't get it. Being in that class is like being in school again. Everybody is raising their hand except me. And when I did want to answer, I usually ended up saying something stupid. Then everybody would go, oh, get a load of this moron. What is he doing in here?

Nikki: So you think if all those other people weren't there you would be more successful?

Larry: Maybe. I can't afford some rich, fancy schmancy tutor.

Nikki: What if somebody took you on at no cost?

Larry: Right. Like somebody would really do that for me.

Nikki: Actually somebody might. If you asked her nicely.

Ned, you're back.

Ned: I don't want word getting around until I wade through this stack of mail.

How was your trip?

Ned: I have this conference behind me. I missed this place.

We missed you too.

Ned: Hey, how's everything?

Better now our fearless leader has returned. Mac and Billy want to know about the lady that helped Colleen. They want to thank her.

Ned: I'll catch up with her later.

I will see you tomorrow.

Olivia: How's she doing? Any changes? Get her on a gurney. Let's bring her in here. Sharon, what happened?

Sharon: I tripped and I fell. I landed on my belly. In the car I started having cramps. It's causing cramps.

Olivia: Prep her for me. I'm going to listen to the baby's heart, okay?

Sharon: Okay. Olivia, what about the cramps?

Olivia: I'm not sure they are cramps.

Nicholas: What else could it be?

Olivia: Contractions. I want to you prep her for O.R.

You want me to start an I.V.?

Tricia: No. Sorry. Maybe I shouldn't have said anything but any problems theyíve been having are personal. Still, I don't want you to think I can't confide in you. You know, maybe if you let me finish that massage, I could ease into it. I don't think you'll regret it.

Victor: You know, perhaps Iím not reading you correctly. But if I am, nothing physical is going to happen. Okay?

Tricia: I'm just talking about a massage.

Victor: I said no. [Phone ringing] Yes.

Nicholas: Dad, it's me. I'm at Memorial. Sharon fell.

Victor: I'll be right there. I have to go out for a while, okay?

Larry: Whoa, whoa, you're not saying --

Nikki: Look, over the years I have acquired a pretty good idea how to be socially comfortable. I can give you some pointers to make your transition easier.

Larry: For me?

Nikki: I don't consider it a waste of time. Besides somebody helped me once. Is it so hard to imagine I would want to give something back? All right. You think about it and we'll talk tomorrow, okay?

Larry: You're not working some kind of angle on me, are you?

Nikki: You are really something. What could I possibly have to gain by this arrangement?

Larry: I don't know.

Nikki: Me either. So relax. [Cell phone ringing] Hello. Honey, hi. Nicholas, I was just thinking about you. What? God, Iíll be right there.

Mackenzie: We should zero in on our top picks for colleges.

Billy: Sounds all right for me.

Mackenzie: My grandma said she already --

Billy: Mac, what is it?

Mackenzie: I just realized that my mom's birthday is next week.

Tricia: Why did Victor reject me?

Matt: Damned if I know. I could never walk away from a sexy woman like you.

Tricia: You were that attracted to me?

Matt: Hell yes. Big time.

Tricia: Liar.

Matt: What?

Tricia: Were you just biding your time with me? I was a substitute for Sharon.

Matt: Come on, doll, the number of times I was with you? How could you say that?

Tricia: Did you see the look in his eye when he said nothing would happen? He meant it. He meant every word.

Victor: Nurse, would you do me a favor, would you page my son, Nicholas Newman?

Yes, Mr. Newman.

Victor: Thank you.

Nicholas Newman, please report to E.R.

Nikki: What happened?

Victor: I have no idea, sweetheart.

Nikki: Where's Nicholas?

Nicholas: Mom, Dad. I just gave blood in case Sharon needs it.

Victor: You said she fell?

Nicholas: She's in the operating room now.

Nikki: Why?

Nicholas: Olivia.

Victor: Son, happened?

Nicholas: I got a flat tire. I came back in the house and Sharon was on the floor.

Olivia: Sharon is stable and we're moving to a private room. I'm afraid we had to deliver the baby.

Nikki: But it's premature.

Ashley: Steaks were delicious.

Brad: Thanks. Nothing to it. To the future. Ash, I hope you know how much I love you.

Ashley: It's not about love though.

Brad: I know that. It's about mistakes and misunderstandings and how to get past them.

Ashley: We've really tried.

Brad: I don't know if that's really true.

Ashley: Are you saying Iím just going through the motions?

Brad: I'm talking about how I handled things.

Ashley: I don't understand what you're saying.

Brad: I was wrong about the situation with Colleen. I was wrong saying your concerns were based on your insecurities.

Ashley: I still don't understand why you did that.

Brad: The reasons don't really matter. What matters, what's important is that you understand how truly sorry I am. Especially for some of the things I said to you.

Ashley: Including how you reacted about Victor?

Brad: I have to admit that that's a real problem for me. The man never operates without an agenda.

Ashley: Are you going to make some people off-limits for me?

Brad: That's not what Iím doing.

Ashley: That's what you're doing. Today it's Victor. Tomorrow who?

Ryan: Feel more relaxed?

Victoria: Yes. I can't help it. I can't help it. I can't stop thinking about the wedding.

Ryan: Oh, Vicki.

Victoria: I know, I know. All right. I will put it out of my mind for tonight. I will just focus on what an amazing man you are. Do you know how much I love it that you knew this is exactly what I'd want?

Ryan: Knowing each other for as long as we have has its advantages.

Victoria: It's been ten years.

Ryan: What a decade it's been.

Victoria: The best is yet to come.

Ned: Would I be prying if I asked why you don't want people to know what you did for Colleen? If it weren't for you, she probably wouldn't be back home right now.

Amanda: Ned, look, I had a chance to help the girl. Things worked out.

Ned: I'm not talking about publicizing what you did. The Abbotts are one of the most prominent families in town.

Amanda: I'm not looking for a reward.

Ned: I don't understand why you're so reluctant to come forward.

Amanda: Can we please drop this?

Ned: Amanda, wait. I will do what you asked. I don't see what's wrong. There are ways the Abbotts can help you help yourself.

Amanda: I told you, I don't want anything.

Ned: I'm not talking about charity. They own a large business. They might be able to help you find a job. You're down on your luck, Amanda. If they could offer a hand, where's the harm in that? Sleep on it, okay?

Billy: Do you want to talk about it?

Mackenzie: It's my mom's birthday next week, who cares?

Billy: Is that how you feel?

Mackenzie: I haven't thought about her until that night she showed up out of the blue.

Billy: You said you were happy she left town.

Mackenzie: Because I am. I don't want her here. What would be the point?

Brad: Ash, Iím not going to let my feelings I have for Victor destroy what we have. I love you. I want to spend the rest of my life loving you.

Ashley: I never doubted your love for me, you know.

Brad: Are you saying you want to get past this?

Ashley: I want to get past it. How could you even question that? I realize I'm not at fault at the situation. I shouldn't have taken things personally. It was a difficult time for us.

Brad: I know you're still hurting and I regret that more than I can put into words. Can you try to get past the blame for us, for our marriage, for our future?

Ashley: Yes.

Brad: Does this mean what I hope it means? We're best friends again?

Ashley: And a whole lot more.

Billy: I shouldn't have gotten into all of this.

Mackenzie: No, you shouldn't have.

Billy: I'm sorry, Mac.

Mackenzie: No, sorry, Billy. I shouldn't have snapped at you like that. Maybe there is a little part inside of me that --

Billy: Wishes you could have seen her again.

Mackenzie: She acted so different that night. Like she had all these regrets and wanted me to forgive her.

Billy: Yeah, go on.

Mackenzie: Then I remember what happened that night. I'll never forget that. Even if there was that tiny moment where I wished we were closer.

Ryan: You think we're going to share this place with a couple of rugrats?

Victoria: Is that what you want, a family with all the trimmings?

Ryan: Toys all over the place. Angels running around chasing their pet hamster that got out of the cage. I can't wait.

Victoria: Neither can I.

Ryan: Know what I see?

Victoria: After the kids and the hamster?

Ryan: I see you and I snuggled up close in a hammock looking for stars, shooting stars, making wishes.

Victoria: What would you wish for? After all you already have everything you want. Perfect wife. Perfect house. Perfect kids. Perfect hamster.

Ryan: I do have everything. From the moment I first laid eyes on you.

Victoria: Don't you forget it.

Ryan: I never will. You and I are one. And we always will be.

Nicholas: Sharon had the baby?

Olivia: I apologize for having to leave you.

Nicholas: Tell us.

Olivia: It's a girl. [Cell phone ringing]

Nicholas: How is she?

Olivia: The baby's premature.

Nicholas: I don't like the sound of this.

Nikki: Your daughter is alive.

Olivia: Sharon may be a little drowsy.

Sharon: Nick.

Nicholas: Hey, baby.

Sharon: Where am I?

Nicholas: You're in the hospital.

Sharon: What happened?

Nicholas: You fell, but you're okay.

Sharon: I feel so groggy.

Nicholas: They gave you some painkillers.

Sharon: I fell.

Nicholas: You hit your head.

Sharon: You said Iím okay?

Nicholas: Yeah, you're fine.

Sharon: What about the baby? Nick?

Nicholas: Sweetie, it's okay. It's okay. You had the baby.

Sharon: Oh, my gosh. I did?

Nicholas: We had a little girl.

Sharon: A little girl. Oh, a daughter. Nick, we have a daughter.

Matt: I think you're selling yourself short. Newman is a man. You got it going on. If you turn up the heat a little --

Tricia: It will not happen no matter what I do. Victor made that clear.

Matt: Romance, is that what you're looking for? Doll, the guy's old enough to be your father. I thought that's what the attraction was in the first place since your old man is out of commission. But it's more than that, isn't it?

Tricia: I don't know what you're talking about.

Matt: Well, I guess you just miss me.

Tricia: Don't flatter yourself. Victor would put you to shame.

Matt: But he's not interested. I guess we'll never know, huh?

Tricia: I would have given him everything. How could he treat me like this?

Matt: If you're right about Newman, it's his loss.

Tricia: Damn right it's his loss. If he thinks he can treat me like dirt and get away with it? No, he's not going to get away with it!

Matt: Something tells me you intend to get even.

Tricia: Oh, yeah. I'm going to get even. And I know just how Iím going to do it.

Matt: Tell me. All right. Yeah, you're right. That is perfect. That'll fix Newman for good.

Brad: So gorgeous, how do you feel?

Ashley: I have been very worried about us, you know.

Brad: Yeah, me too. That's behind us now.

Ashley: I bet you're going to take all the credit for that too, aren't you?

Brad: Bite your tongue. You know I give credit where credit is due.

Ashley: Which is where exactly?

Brad: Well, it's in the nursery with our little girl. After you left for the lab, Abby woke up. I brought her downstairs. I was holding her in my arms looking at that little angelic face. Suddenly I realized what was really at stake.

Ashley: What's really important?

Brad: We have something very special, Ash. I wasn't about to louse it up. I wonít give one more second of concern to Victor Newman.

Victor: Were you able to reach Victoria? There's no answer.

Victor: What about her cell?

Nikki: I guess it's turned off.

Victor: The next few hours are critical for the baby.

Nikki: What do you mean?

Victor: It's touch and go.

Nikki: Why is this happening?

Victor: Yeah, why. Nicholas said he was going for a drive. Why at that hour?

Nikki: You think that's significant?

Victor: Things are not right between our son and his wife.

Nikki: What are you saying?

Victor: We shouldn't talk about that with our son right now.

Nikki: I agree.

Victor: It will be a long night for them both.

Nikki: For all of us.

Victor: Yeah.

Sharon: I want to hold her.

Nicholas: I know you do but you can't do that right now, okay?

Sharon: Why?

Nicholas: Well, she came a little early, remember?

Sharon: Yeah. She's in an incubator like Noah was? She's far enough along, right?

Nicholas: The doctor said she was viable.

Sharon: Oh, good. A daughter. Cassie's going to be so happy. She was really pulling for a sister. She must be happy too. And Noah, oh, he was hoping for a baby brother, but it doesn't matter. As long as the baby's healthy.

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