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Victor: What a nice surprise.

Nikki: Hi. I just wanted to return this to you on the way to the office.

Victor: Where'd you find that?

Nikki: By the pool last night after skinny-dipping.

Victor: What a skinny-dip.

Nikki: Donít be embarrassed. At least you didnít forget your pants.

Victor: If you're looking for Tricia Dennison, she went to her therapy session.

Nikki: Oh. Well, I know you think Iím being nosy but I really would like to make my own assessment of her.

Victor: You should have called before. Would you like something to drink?

Nikki: Yeah, thank you. I know you hate me questioning your decisions but Iím just so curious why you let her live here.

Victor: Since you're being such a good girl and not pressuring me, Iíll fill you in.

Nikki: Okay.

Victor: When I came home last night, I had a little meeting with Tricia.

Nikki: Yeah.

Victor: I think the drugs sheís taking are having an effect, making the groundwork for her return to the hospital.

Nikki: Isnít that going to be a little difficult?

Victor: Why?

Nikki: Victor, I know you can be very persuasive but do you think you can convince Tricia to admit herself into the psychiatric ward again?

Tricia: Victor has been so patient with me and understanding.

Dr. Burns: What have you and Mr. Newman talked about?

Tricia: All sorts of things. Some of them are kind of unsettling.

Dr. Burns: How so?

Tricia: He helped me realize that there are blanks in my memory.

Dr. Burns: Since when?

Tricia: Pretty much from the time I left the hospital to a couple weeks ago. It made me wonder if the memory lapses had something to do with my medication. Is it possible the drugs are just now taking effect?

Dr. Burns: Mr. Newman suggested this?

Tricia: No, actually he said it would be unlikely. Why, is there a problem?

Dr. Burns: Tricia, the man is not a doctor. Do you think heís qualified to question you regarding any phase of your therapy?

Tricia: Heís just interested in your welfare.

Dr. Burns: Iíll have to speak to him about this.

Tricia: Actually he wanted to come sit in on one of my sessions.

Dr. Burns: How do you feel about that?

Tricia: Itís fine if itís okay with you.

Dr. Burns: It would be highly irregular.

Tricia: You say that like you're angry he would ask.

Dr. Burns: You donít think heís being a little presumptuous?

Tricia: Victor is trying to help me. Iím convinced he has my best interests at heart. Why would you question that?

[Sound of baby crying]

Sharon: Oh, you have to stop this.

Doris: Iím right here, girl. Itís all over. Itís going to be fine. You did a real good job.

Sharon: The baby.

Doris: The child is fine. Healthy.

Sharon: Good, good. [Sound of baby crying] I hear the baby. Is that my baby?

Doris: I donít know, honey.

Sharon: Iím sure it is. Iím sure it is.

Doris: Sharon, we both agreed on this. The people from the adoption agency would take the baby at birth.

Sharon: If I could just see it.

Doris: Itís for the best.

Sharon: Oh, I canít believe that. I never even got to see it. I never got to hold it. I donít even know if itís a boy or a girl.

Doris: This is the plan all along. We felt it was better if you never saw the baby, if you never bonded with it.

Sharon: No. I want my baby. I want to see my baby. I want to hold my baby. Donít take my child away, please. Please donít take my child away. I want my baby. I want my baby! I want my baby.

Lauren: Why the hell did you do that?

Isabella: You betrayed me.

Lauren: Hey, back off! Or I will break your arm.

Isabella: What is your problem? Donít act like you donít know.

Lauren: I have no idea whatís happening.

Isabella: You lied to me. I saw you and Paul at Ginaís.

Lauren: So?

Isabella: You acted so kind and so concerned. You pretended to be my friend. All along you were clearing the way to have Paul all to yourself.

Marissa: Lauren Fenmore?

Lynne: Didnít leave town after all. I have egg on my face after I reassured Mrs. Williams.

Marissa: I thought for sure she went back to L.A.

Lynne: So did I until she came prancing in with a fancy breakfast for Paul.

Marissa: You're a genius.

Paul: Iíve been telling her that for years, Marissa.

Lynne: How would you like to have lunch today?

Paul: Not today.

Marissa: Lynne picked out a restaurant.

Paul: Some other time.

Lynne: Paul, you need to have lunch with me.

Paul: Why? Whatís going on?

Lynne: Iím trying to get you and your mother together. You've shut her out long enough. Mrs. Williams, what are you doing here?

Paul: I called her. I thought it was time for us to talk.

Victoria: Sharon, itís Victoria.

Sharon: Hi.

Victoria: Hi. I wanted to come by and see how you were doing.

Sharon: Iím fine. Really. Iíve been feeling better.

Victoria: Sure?

Sharon: Yeah, Iím sure.

Victoria: Sharon, listen, I know this is a really bad time for you, but Iíve got some news that I just have to share it with you and I think it might help.

Sharon: Oh, good news I hope.

Victoria: Yeah, absolutely. Itís more than I can handle right now. Well, Ryan and I decided to --

Sharon: You're getting married.

Victoria: Yes, we set a date.

Sharon: Oh, my gosh, that is wonderful. When?

Victoria: November, and Sharon, I really, really want you to be my matron of honor.

Sharon: You want me to stand up for you?

Victoria: Would you?

Sharon: Oh, I would love to. Thank you. This is exactly what I needed right now.

Victoria: Oh, thank you. So how are things going with you and my brother?

Sharon: You know all the questions he has about Matt. Did Nick also tell you what Matt Clark said he did to me that night?

Victoria: Yeah. I know the whole story.

Sharon: Then you know that Nickís uncertain whether the baby is his or not. And Victoria, itís completely changed his attitude. He can hardly even look at me sometimes.

Victoria: Sharon, Iím so sorry.

Sharon: You know, he canít help it. So what we've decided to do is go ahead and have the paternity test done now.

Victoria: Thatís a good thing. Then you can answer any questions you might have. You think itís a good thing, right, Sharon?

Sharon: I was the one that suggested it. I really do believe itís Nickís baby.

Victoria: Of course. You have to believe that. Thatís exactly how you should handle this.

Sharon: Itís just that I have this really sick feeling in the pit of my stomach and I just canít get it to go away.

[Doorbell sounding]

Olivia: Well, hello there.

Neil: Hi.

Olivia: Are you going to come in or are you just going to stand there so I can admire you?

Neil: Yeah, sorry. Glad you're here. I wasnít quite sure if you'd be home.

Olivia: Whatís this?

Neil: Iíve been working all night. An emergency with one of our overseas offices.

Olivia: You had to put out the fire.

Neil: Thatís my job.

Olivia: Actually Iím relieved to know thereís a reason why I havenít heard from you.

Neil: Were you worried?

Olivia: After the other day I thought I scared you off.

Neil: No, no. Not a chance. It was wonderful.

Olivia: No regrets?

Neil: None.

Olivia: You want some breakfast?

Neil: I planned on going home and crashing but breakfast sounds good.

Olivia: You relax. It'll just be a few minutes.

Neil: Thanks.

Ryan: Hey, Nick.

Nicholas: Hey, Iím looking for my dad. Heís not in his office. Have you seen him?

Ryan: No, I havenít.

Nicholas: I guess heís working from home. Heís done that a lot since Tricia moved in with him.

Ryan: I know you had your doubts about that arrangement.

Nicholas: Itís his life. I have to assume he knows what heís doing.

Victor: Itís a tricky situation. I canít ask Tricia to commit herself. Then she could obviously check herself out.

Nikki: If the psychiatrist believes her therapy is working it implies she doesnít know her business.

Victor: I asked Tricia if I could sit in on her therapy sessions.

Nikki: How many ways did she say no?

Victor: She said she would think about it.

Nikki: You're kidding. She trusts you that much?

Victor: Letís say sheís come to lean on me quite a bit lately.

Nikki: Even so, what makes you think her doctor will let you sit in?

Dr. Burns: Tricia, calm down. Iím not attacking Mr. Newman.

Tricia: It sounds like it.

Dr. Burns: There are certain procedures in therapy that need to be followed.

Tricia: Does it matter as long as itís working? I see nothing wrong with the conversation we had.

Dr. Burns: It obviously affected you.

Tricia: Of course it did. I canít remember things I did for a long period of time and itís scary.

Dr. Burns: Iím afraid I have an emergency. We have to continue this session.

Tricia: So do I. Iíll wait here.

Matt: Tricia.

Tricia: I donít want to talk to you. Just go away.

Matt: I know you didnít listen to me before. If you donít pay attention now, it could be too late.

Tricia: What do you mean?

Matt: Newman will have you back in the hospital and you'll never get out.

Victoria: Horrible situation for all of us. You have every right to feel uncomfortable.

Sharon: Itís just brought back some horrible memories.

Victoria: Listen, have the test. Find out this is Nicholas's baby and then you can put all those horrible memories about Matt away.

Sharon: Those arenít the memories I was talking about.

Victoria: I just assumed that --

Sharon: I was talking about Cassie.

Victoria: Why Cassie?

Sharon: Because when she was born and I had to give her up for adoption, I thought that was the best thing to do, you know? I was only 16. I wasnít prepared to care for a child.

Victoria: Sharon, why are you bringing this up now?

Sharon: Donít you see the connection?

Victoria: No, I donít. Itís got nothing to do with that situation.

Sharon: Well, there is one thing.

Victoria: What?

Sharon: When Nicholas was leaving this morning I told him I would call and make that appointment for that test. And he said something that shot ice through my veins.

Victoria: What did he say?

Sharon: He was so casual, and he said that if the babyís not his we'll just put it up for adoption, and we'll make all the arrangements now and Iíll never even have to see it. And I never really thought about what we would do if that baby wasnít Nickís. I never let myself consider that possibility.

Victoria: You shouldnít. Thatís exactly how you should feel about this.

Sharon: What if Iím wrong? I canít even say it. What if my worst nightmare comes true? When I had to give Cassie up, it was the absolute worst time in my life. I felt so empty. If I had to go through that again, carrying a child and giving birth and having it taken away from you before you even had a chance to hold it.

Victoria: Listen to me; you canít do this to yourself. You have no reason to believe thatís how itís going to turn out.

Sharon: I know that in my head. But in my heart Iím just so afraid.

Victoria: The odds are on your side, honey.

Sharon: I know.

Victoria: You have to hold on to that.

Sharon: What if it turns out the baby isnít Nickís?

Victoria: Sharon, all I can say is we'll cross that bridge when we come to it, you know? And chances are you never will.

Paul: So, Mom, how've you been?

Mary: Fine, we should talk.

Mary: Yes, I agree.

Paul: I wasnít sure how to resolve this. For some reason you feel compelled to get involved in my personal life whether I like it or not.

Mary: I --

Paul: Please, would you hear me out? I know a lot of people that donít have a relationship with their children. Itís sad but sometimes it is the only alternative.

Mary: Son, please donít say that you --

Paul: You're not listening to me.

Mary: Yes, I am.

Paul: I realize despite the fact that you drive me crazy, you do it out of love. And love is just in too short supply in this world.

Mary: So you've made a decision.

Paul: Yes, I have. Iím ready to bury the hatchet. What do you say?

Mary: Thatís music to my ears, son.

Paul: You know how I feel about you. Cutting you out of my life would make a bad situation worse.

Mary: Oh, sweetheart, Iím so glad that you feel that way.

Paul: But donít get me wrong. You were way out of line. I just think itís time now to put it behind us. Okay?

Mary: Okay.

Paul: Okay.

Lauren: You know, Isabella, Iím only doing what you asked me to do.

Isabella: Really. You pleaded with me not to tell Paul I was pregnant with his child.

Lauren: I gave you my word and I kept it.

Isabella: You claimed to be looking out for Paul and his feelings. You had an agenda. I see right through your plan.

Lauren: I donít have a plan.

Isabella: You kept my secret. You knew if you told Paul about the baby, it would ruin your chances with him.

Lauren: Thatís ridiculous.

Isabella: Is it? Letís go to Paul now. Letís tell him you kept the fact that Iím carrying his child from him. Letís see what he thinks of you then.

Nikki: Triciaís psychiatrist has a handle on how to deal with Tricia?

Victor: She probably does. However I became aware of something last night that might have Dr. Burns see things my way.

Nikki: Oh, really? What?

Victor: Tricia admitted to having memory lapses. I donít think she was fully conscious of what she was doing during that period she wasnít taking her medication.

Nikki: I know you were worried about that before.

Victor: Iím more and more convinced that is the case. She fakes taking her pills up to the time I monitor them personally.

Nikki: The memory lapses, you think she was faking those too?

Victor: I donít think so. I think she was genuinely confused and willing to cooperate now. Sheís a very cunning lady. Thatís why Iím watching her as closely as I am.

Nikki: Thank God sheís taking medication now.

Victor: Things should be revolved very soon.

Nikki: Iíll keep my fingers crossed.

Victor: I donít want to talk about that. I would much rather talk about last night but I have to go.

Nikki: By the way.

Victor: What?

Nikki: I decided to keep the heat on in the pool.

Tricia: Go away. Please just go away.

Matt: Iím inside your head.

Tricia: What do you want from me?

Matt: Same things that you want, babe. Iím the only part of you that really knows whatís going on.

Tricia: You're the part thatís upsetting me and I want you gone.

Matt: Look, I know whatís happening here. You want him to be your father. Heís not your daddy; heís your enemy. All those blanks in your memory, he will use those against you.

Tricia: How?

Matt: Trapping you to admit you didnít take the pills in the first place. Once you cop to that, you'll never be free.

Tricia: He wants to help me.

Matt: You'll be right back in the loony bin. You have to stop taking those meds, Trish. They're messing with your head.

Tricia: I donít want to go back to the way things were.

Matt: You were at the top of your game, doll. You were clear-headed, in control of your own destiny. You blew that.

Tricia: You're trying to confuse me.

Matt: Iím trying to save you from a life in a padded room. All those things Victor said about not wanting you to be alone, to talk to your doctor to get a better situation for you is part of his plan.

Tricia: Whatís he trying to do?

Matt: He wants to sit in on your sessions so he can convince your shrink that you're as sick as he thinks you are. Once he does that, he will get you under a microscope. I wonít be the only one gone, doll. The Tricia that you knew will be history. The person thatís left isnít gonna be pretty.

Olivia: More coffee?

Neil: No thanks. Everything was delicious. It hit the spot, Liv.

Alex: I had asked about your dinner with Olivia. You said you needed a diversion.

Neil: I needed a break. Things are crazy for me at the office. I thought I could use a change of pace.

Alex: Did it work?

Olivia: They say a way to a manís heart.

Neil: Do I detect an ulterior motive?

Olivia: Admitted.

Neil: I apologize for bursting in on you.

Olivia: You donít have to apologize.

Neil: I apologize for waiting so long to see you.

Olivia: Thatís okay.

Neil: No, it isnít. Making love is a big deal. I should have been camping on your doorstep begging to see you again. That, uh --

Alex: Oh, yes. Itís my engagement ring.

Olivia: You see I like that you can read my mind. Did I say something wrong?

Neil: No, of course not.

Olivia: Just now if you wanted to camp out on my doorstep and begged to see me, I wouldnít mind.

Neil: Would you let me in?

Olivia: Any time day or night.

Neil: Iíll remember that. So, next step.

Alex: Yes, where do we go from here?

Olivia: You know itís been a while since I woke up in the morning thinking about someone this special.

Neil: Would you be referring to me?

Olivia: Yes, Neil. Iím talking about you.

Neil: Arenít you romantic. Alex, we'll write up the perfect deal. We will choose where you think you will be most effective.

Alex: Is there something about the word, no, that you donít understand?

Olivia: I have a feeling that this is the beginning of something incredible. You know, sometimes you know when something is right. When something is meant to be.

Neil: Yeah. Hey, Liv, would you excuse me a minute? I really need to get a glass of water.

Nicholas: Connie, can you please tell my dad I need to speak with him as soon as he gets in? No, itís not an emergency. I just need to talk to him. Thanks.

Ryan: Nick, I donít mean to pry but you seem to be having a rough time. Can I help?

Nicholas: How much has Victoria told you?

Ryan: Not much, only that you and Sharon are having some problem.

Nicholas: You got that right.

Ryan: I wonít ask for any details but just know Iím here if you need a sounding board or if thereís anything I could do.

Nicholas: I wish you could but I donít know what that could be. Thatís something we have to deal with it on our own.

Ryan: Iím sure you will work it out, you have a baby on the way. What could be more positive about a --?

Nicholas: I thought you said you wouldnít push.

Ryan: Nick, Iím just trying to bring perspective. Oh, no, is there a problem with the baby?

Nicholas: I know you mean well but back off!

Ryan: I didnít mean to upset you.

Nicholas: I know you didnít. Sharon and I are going through something thatís pretty heavy and I donít want to talk about it.

Ryan: I didnít mean to pry.

Nicholas: If you see my dad, just tell him --

Ryan: Iíll tell him you're trying to track him down.

Sharon: Nicholas, Iím glad I found you.

Nicholas: Do you have news for me about the appointment?

[Music throughout]

Paul: Now quit your sniveling or the dealís off.

Mary: Oh, you.

Paul: You feel better?

Mary: Much. But I still think you're a rat for making me suffer.

Paul: Me?

Mary: Making me wonder if you were going to shut me out of your life.

Paul: You know I had a point. But no, I could never do that. So all squared away now, are we?

Mary: Are we?

Paul: Sure, why not?

Mary: I can hear the sadness in your voice and I know you're still hurting. Son, I wish you would talk to me.

Paul: I think I realize that things between Isabella and me were doomed from the start. I think deep down inside I knew it would always end this way.

Mary: Were you confused. You were in love with Christine and Isabella at the same time. Thatís the way I see it.

Paul: Now I lost both.

Mary: Just know, sweetheart, if you need me, Iím here.

Paul: I know that. Go on, get outta here. I have work to do.

Mary: Okay. Bye.

Paul: I love you.

Mary: I love you.

Lauren: Just who do you think you're threatening? You're the one that kept your pregnancy from Paul the moment you knew about it. It was your responsibility to tell him, not mine.

Isabella: This is my fault?

Lauren: Of course itís your fault. You're just too afraid to tell him.

Isabella: You're right. I am scared.

Lauren: The situation, I donít envy you.

Isabella: Donít start acting like my friend again. I can take advantage of this situation too if I want.

Lauren: Whatís that supposed to mean?

Isabella: You want to fight over Paul? I have ammunition you can only dream of.

Lauren: I see this conversation has taken an ugly turn. Maybe thereís something you should know.

Isabella: What?

Lauren: My conscience has been bothering me believe it or not. I wasnít sure if I was doing the right thing not telling Paul, so I went to see him this morning.

Isabella: Great. What did you say to him?

Lauren: Your secret is safe. But I maneuvered the conversation to children. I asked him flat out about the subject if he wanted a baby as much as he did with Chris.

Isabella: And?

Lauren: He said it was very important when he was married to her. Having a child for the sake of having one, without a long-term, solid relationship, he wasnít interested. I know thatís not the answer you were looking for.

Isabella: How do I know thatís what he really said?

Lauren: You know Iím not lying, Isabella. You know the type of man Paul is.

Tricia: Why isnít there any water in this place?

Matt: What do you need water for?

Tricia: To take a pill.

Matt: What pill?

Tricia: This one, stupid. I have a headache.

Matt: This looks almost close enough to fool them. Just do it for a couple of days, see how you feel. You can always go back on your meds. This could be the last chance to get off of that stuff for good.

Miss Dennison? I have your medication.

Olivia: Are you all right?

Neil: Yeah, Iím fine.

Olivia: Itís just that you're quiet all of a sudden.

Neil: I told you just thinking about that problem at work.

Olivia: You sure thatís all it is? Neil, whatís wrong?

Neil: What do you mean?

Olivia: Come on, itís me. I know when somethingís bothering you. It has to do with us, doesnít it?

Neil: Liv, Iím just tired. Iím fine.

Olivia: Neil, come on, talk to me.

Neil: Okay. You're right. There is something. Itís been weighing on me.

Tricia: I never take my medication until after my session.

Dr. Burns called. She may be delayed. She thought I should give it to you now. If you prefer I wait, Iím sure thatís fine.

Tricia: Iíll take it now.

Matt: Good girl.

Iím sure your doctor wonít be too long.

Matt: Great, here comes Mr. Laughs. Iím outta here.

Victor: Have you taken your medication?

Tricia: Yes, a second ago. I should have waited. Thereís no harm done, is there?

Ryan: Sharon. Iíll give you two some space.

Nicholas: Thanks, Ryan. So did you get the appointment for the paternity test?

Sharon: No.

Nicholas: How come?

Sharon: Nick, I havenít even called the doctor yet.

Nicholas: I thought we both agreed this was the best thing.

Sharon: We did.

Nicholas: Why havenít you called?

Sharon: Because I think we should rethink that idea.

Nicholas: Rethink what?

Sharon: Everything. Everything that we have talked about, our whole attitude towards this child.

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