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Miguel: How was the dessert?

Nikki: This was fabulous.

Miguel: May I get you something else?

Victor: No, thank you, Miguel.

Nikki: Why are you smiling?

Victor: Because you are full of surprises tonight.

Nikki: Well, maybe. There might be another one.

Victor: What are you talking about? What is this?

Nikki: I donít know. I guess you're just going to have to open it.

Victor: Thank you. Ooh. Whatís this, huh? What is this?

Nikki: It just reminded me of you for some reason.

Victor: This is so nice. Thank you.

Nikki: So anything exciting happen while I was gone?

Victor: Such as?

Nikki: Oh, I donít know. Maybe a new roommate or something?

Victor: You heard about Tricia Dennison?

Nikki: Oh yes. Nicholas and Victoria both told me. Victor, what in the world are you thinking?

Tricia: Are you sure I canít fix you something to eat?

Victor: No, not tonight. Thank you for offering. Maybe some other night.

Tricia: Maybe soon, then.

Victor: Yes. Maybe soon.

Tricia: Well, thereís no time like the present, huh? Mitch!

Mitch: Yes, Miss Dennison.

Tricia: Iím going out for a while.

Mitch: Mr. Newman --

Tricia: I know, itís not part of my usual routine but I have an important errand to run.

Mackenzie: The good news is the paper -- thank you -- is not due until next Wednesday. Five pages, typed.

Billy: We just got back.

Mackenzie: Welcome to senior year, buddy.

Billy: At least I wonít miss more classes. Now Colleen is back with her parents, I will be able to concentrate.

Mackenzie: Raul and I were talking about colleges earlier. We thought this weekend we could go to Chicago and check out Northwestern.

Billy: Sure. That would be great. You were talking to Raul?

Mackenzie: I convinced him to see Rianna.

Billy: Way to go, Mac.

Mackenzie: I got the feeling he wanted to be persuaded.

Rianna: Raul.

Raul: Whatís going on?

J.T.: What do you care?

Raul: It doesnít look like nothing to me.

J.T.: You have a lot of nerve. You donít know what she was doing? She was looking at this.

Raul: A bracelet?

J.T.: She gave it to me when we were going out.

Rianna: Iím done here. Why donít you and I go some place?

Raul: No thanks.

Rianna: Raul, please donít go. Damn.

Lynne: Mrs. Chancellor, how nice to see you.

Katherine: Iíd like to see Paul.

Lynne: Heís on a conference call. He shouldnít be long.

Katherine: I donít mind waiting. You look good.

Lynne: I canít complain.

Katherine: People spend so much time complaining.

Lynne: Amen to that.

Lynne: Things calm down at your house? Is Lauren Fenmore still there?

Katherine: No.

Lynne: Paulís off his phone call. Boss, Katherine Chancellor to see you. I will. Please go right in.

Katherine: Thank you.

Lynne: Maybe Paul can get on with his life now. Lauren and Isabella are out of the picture.

Isabella: "Lauren, I know Iím breaking my side of the agreement by leaving. Please donít tell Paul about the baby. If he comes after me it will cause nothing but heartache for us and our child. This is the only way to handle things. I know that now."

Isabella: Do you know Lauren Fenmore?

Michael: Yeah, why?

Isabella: Is she trustworthy?

Michael: I canít say. I donít know her that well.

Isabella: What if it was Paul? What if heís on his way here?

Michael: Are you still in town?

Isabella: Yes, but if I stay any further --

Michael: Letís get together and talk. Where are you, Isabella? And why would you want to know about Lauren? Lauren Fenmore, as I live and breathe, itís been a million years. May I join you?

Ryan: Hey, hey.

Victoria: Hi.

Ryan: I come bearing gifts. I stopped at the new Thai place on Market. What are you reading?

Victoria: Book about Greece.

Ryan: Are you getting psyched about our trip?

Victoria: Yes.

Ryan: You seem a little down. You still thinking about Sharon and your brother?

Victoria: I thought about giving them a ring, but then I think itís better if they just call me.

Ryan: Thatís probably smart. From what you said thereís nothing that you can do. Thatís very sweet.

Ryan: Are you hungry? You get the plates and Iíll unpack the food.

Rianna: What is the matter with you?

J.T.: What did I do?

Rianna: I donít need to you come to my rescue.

J.T.: I was trying to help.

Rianna: I donít need your help.

J.T.: Fine. Iím leaving.

Rianna: Wait. Iím sorry. I didnít mean to come down on you. Everything is just so frustrating.

J.T.: Maybe you're right. Maybe I should keep my mouth shut. I canít stand the way that guy treats you. Whatís wrong?

Rianna: That bracelet.

J.T.: Bring back memories, huh?

Rianna: Yeah.

J.T.: Me, too. When you said you didnít mind if I wore it, then Raul walks in like he owns you, like you're some criminal for talking to me. Whatever happens between us, you deserve better than that guy. Listen to me, Rianna. You're shaking.

Rianna: Iím fine.

J.T.: You shouldnít let him get to you like this.

Rianna: We talked about spending time.

J.T.: He didnít want to see you.

Rianna: He said no, earlier, and changed his mind.

J.T.: You're making me feel guilty for no reason. Maybe Iím wrong. Something is happening between us. The fact I kept this with me, Rianna.

Rianna: I guess I see what you're saying.

J.T.: Does it change anything?

Rianna: I have to go.

J.T.: Getting closer and closer every day.

Raul: That damn J.T. What I wouldnít give to wipe that smirk off your face.

Mackenzie: Raul, what are you doing out here?

Raul: I sat down.

Mackenzie: Billy and I are inside. Come join us.

Raul: Sure.

Raul: Mac told me about Colleen. Thatís great, man.

Billy: Yeah, itís great.

Mackenzie: Did you see Rianna?

Raul: I saw her.

Mackenzie: And?

Raul: And I wished.

Katherine: So that is what Iím hoping to do. Having spent some time myself in a shelter, I know what it does. Itís a worthy cause. They're so desperate for money.

Paul: You want to establish a permanent endowment.

Katherine: And itís going to attract a large number of people.

Paul: Let me guess why you're here.

Katherine: I was hoping you would know.

Paul: You want my company to supply security and you want us to donate our services.

Katherine: Right on both counts.

Paul: Whatever you're involved in, Iím 100% behind. You could have handled this with a phone call. You didnít have to come here in person.

Katherine: Frankly, my friend, I was anxious to see you. I know your life has been chaotic lately. How are you, Paul, really?

Lauren: Please, make yourself at home, Mr. Baldwin.

Michael: Thank you. A beautiful woman like you shouldnít be dining all by yourself. Are you meeting someone?

Lauren: Thereís a reason you came to speak with me?

Michael: Iím curious about something.

Lauren: Tell me.

Michael: Paulís date at the Abbott party, this Isabella woman, is she still in town?

Lauren: Why do you think I know?

Michael: You do have some kind of relationship with her, donít you?

Lauren: Why on earth would you think that?

Tricia: Gina, hi.

Gina: Well, hi. Table for one?

Tricia: Thanks, but Iím not staying.

Gina: Why'd you come?

Tricia: I need help preparing a menu because Iím cooking dinner for someone.

Gina: Anyone I know?

Tricia: Victor.

Gina: Victor Newman?

Tricia: Itís not what you think. Iím staying with him while my father is recovering from stroke. I just want to repay him.

Gina: What did you have in mind?

Tricia: I donít know what he likes. He eats here a lot though, right?

Gina: Heís one of my best customers.

Tricia: Will you help me?

Gina: Would you like me to cook a meal for you?

Tricia: I can handle that. Iím not a great chef. Maybe you can jot down some of his favorite dishes and Iíll get some of his favorite dishes?

Victor: Why donít you stay here and have a very pleasant evening? Letís please not discuss Tricia Dennison.

Nikki: Victor, itís too bizarre. I have grown to expect the unexpected with you. But that woman living under your roof?

Victor: Donít get the wrong idea, all right?

Nikki: I certainly hope nothing inappropriate is going on. The kids say you're doing this to protect the family. What I want to know is whoís protecting you?

Victor: Sheís under surveillance 24 hours a day. If she makes a wrong move, I have ways of safeguarding myself.

Nikki: What are they?

Victor: I donít want to talk about it.

Nikki: I have one question.

Victor: Which is?

Nikki: Itís one thing to keep tabs on Tricia. But I get the feeling that you're also playing psychiatrist.

Victor: Whatís your question?

Nikki: Sheís been staying with you for a while. Do you think sheís dangerous?

Victor: Yes, she is. But Iíve seen some improvements in her behavior.

Nikki: Really. Do you think sheís making a turnaround?

Victor: Well, I think that she did not take her medication. Iím making sure that she is.

Nikki: You're saying before you monitored her, you donít think she was on any of her drugs at all? You think she had everyone fooled?

Victor: Yeah.

Ryan: That hit the spot.

Victoria: Much better than anything I could have thrown together.

Ryan: Wait until we get to Greece. We will eat like kings.

Victoria: I have to renew my gym membership. There are lots of sights nearby. This is going to be the best vacation we have ever had, honeymoon or not.

Ryan: You know, itís interesting you say that.

Victoria: Why?

Ryan: You mention the word honeymoon. This definitely has all the right ingredients. So why donít we make it official?

Victoria: I know where you're going with this.

Ryan: I guess Iím not too subtle.

Victoria: You donít have to be. You want to set a date for the wedding.

Ryan: It sounds like you already have one in mind.

Victoria: I do. November 9th. The day after the waiting period for your divorce is over.

Ryan: Oh, okay.

Victoria: Thatís yes?

Victoria: Thatís less than a month away. We have to really start making plans. I was thinking we could have the reception at the Colonnade.

Ryan: In the private dining room?

Victoria: No, the whole restaurant.

Ryan: I thought being this is our second go-around we would keep it small and intimate.

Victoria: Well, Iíve changed my mind.

Ryan: Now you want to go all out.

Victoria: This is our big day. Why not do it right?

Ryan: Okay. Iíll call in the morning and see if the place is available. What, you want me to call now?

Victoria: I would feel better knowing we had a reservation.

Ryan: All right. I think I have the number in the bedroom.

Billy: I donít get it, man. Rianna was looking at a bracelet she gave J.T. a long time ago.

Raul: You should have seen her pull her hand away like I caught her doing something wrong.

Mackenzie: You sure it wasnít your imagination?

Raul: J.T. is trying to yank my chain.

Billy: He knows if heís getting to you, he will keep doing it.

Mackenzie: Leave J.T. out of this. This is about you and Rianna.

Raul: There is no Rianna and me.

Mackenzie: Raul, she wants to make up. Deep down you do, too. What happened at the boutique doesnít change anything, okay?

Billy: Look, hey, man, we're going to see a film later on. Why donít you come with us?

Mackenzie: Iíll call Rianna. We can go as a group.

Billy: Whatís the matter?

Raul: My insulin shot. I donít think I took it.

Billy: Thatís no good.

Raul: No, it isnít.

Billy: Look. All right. Letís see a film. We'll call Rianna --

Raul: I donít want to stay here.

Billy: Why donít you just come with us?

Raul: I would rather be alone. You go ahead. Mac, Iím fine. Really.

Billy: All right. We should get going.

Paul: Iím hanging in there, Katherine. Iím surviving.

Katherine: I know itís a difficult time for you. Iím truly saddened about you and Christine and your divorce.

Paul: Me, too. Things happen. People change.

Katherine: I never would have expected it.

Paul: It surprised me, too. But to be perfectly honest with you, our marriage hasnít been on solid ground for some time.

Katherine: Iím aware there has been some involvement with another person. That woman you brought to Jack Abbottís party?

Paul: Isabella. Beautiful woman. For the record, if you havenít heard this, sheís no longer in the picture.

Katherine: You have some regrets I gather?

Paul: You know, itís really hard not to.

Katherine: Well, Paul, thereís a woman who I happen to know. And I think she would find it delightful to spend some time with you.

Paul: You wouldnít happen to be talking about Lauren Fenmore by any chance, would you?

Victoria: Whatís the verdict?

Ryan: Well --

Victoria: What? What? No, we didnít get it.

Ryan: The Colonnade Room is ours.

Victoria: Thank you so much for doing that.

Ryan: No problem. [Doorbell sounding] Who could that be?

Victoria: I donít know. Let me go find out.

Ryan: May I help you?

Iím looking for Victoria Newman.

Victoria: Hi.

Good to see you.

Victoria: Good to see you, too. The reverend is a friend of the families. This is Ryan McNeil.

You had something you wanted to talk about.

Victoria: Ryan and I are getting married.


Ryan: Whatís going on?

Victoria: We have to get cracking.

Ryan: You didnít tell me weíd have a minister here.

Victoria: We donít want to keep a man of the cloth waiting.

Whatís this one?

Tricia: Green beans and almonds.


Tricia: Really? Itís not overcooked or anything?

Itís perfect.

Tricia: Go ahead and finish it. I have to set the table before Mr. Newman gets home. It has to be perfect. It'll be nice to do something for Mr. Newman after everything heís done for me.

Katherine: Lauren Fenmore has been a dear friend of mine for many, many years and I have never known anyone more full of life than her.

Paul: Sheís a fireball, no doubt about that. I got the impression she wouldnít be in town much longer.

Katherine: I think her schedule is flexible.

Paul: I know what you're getting at.

Katherine: You're two beautiful people, you're unattached and have a great history together.

Paul: Lauren is a terrific friend. I care for her, I always will. Things are so unstable in my life right now. I just wish I had handled things with Isabella differently.

Lauren: You think I have some sort of relationship with Isabella? Where would you get an idea like that?

Michael: I ran into her a couple of weeks ago. She seemed rather distraught. Suddenly she asked what I knew about you and if she could trust you.

Lauren: Whether or not I know her, why do you care if sheís still in town?

Michael: Christine Williams. Christine Williams is a friend of mine. I assume you know she and I have our own law firm now.

Lauren: I heard.

Michael: As someone who cares about Christine Williams, I canít help but be curious about this new woman in Paulís life.

Lauren: And why is that?

Michael: He seemed awfully close to her for a man whose divorce is not final yet, especially a man with the scruples of Paul Williams.

Lauren: Iím not sure what you're trying to get me to say.

Michael: Actually it doesnít matter. The marriage is over. Paul is moving on. So be it.

Rianna: Is it okay if I sit down?

Raul: Yeah, whatever.

Rianna: Stop, please. I need to talk to you. Look I donít blame you for walking out of the boutique. J.T. is making things worse.

Raul: That bracelet was a gift from you?

Rianna: I gave it to him when we were going out a long time ago.

Raul: Why did you pull your hand away so fast?

Rianna: I realized what it must have looked like. I told you, I didnít think J.T. still had that bracelet. When I saw him wearing it, I was surprised, thatís all. You didnít tell me why you came to the boutique.

Raul: You wanted to talk about colleges.

Rianna: We can do that right now.

Raul: Iím not in the mood.

Rianna: I explained to you.

Raul: You keep saying you're over this guy but these things keep happening, Rianna.

Rianna: Something else keeps happening too. Iím doing everything to make things right between us, to get back to what we lost. Would I do that if I loved J.T.?

Raul: Thatís not the point.

Rianna: Yes it is. I donít love J.T. Despite what happened, I never stopped loving you.

J.T.: I knew you would do this. Stop throwing yourself at this jerk. Heís not worth it.

Victoria: Can I get you something, coffee, tea?

No thank you, Victoria. When were you two thinking of getting married?

Victoria: November 9th.

This November?

Victoria: Yeah. Is that a problem?

Iím afraid so. The church isnít available.

Victoria: Somebody else is getting married that day?

A lovely couple. They reserved the day over a year ago. Thereís a date open in February. Thereís always spring, pencil something in --

Victoria: You know, Iím sorry. We should do this another time. Ryan and I need to talk.

I understand. Let me know as soon as you make your decision. Good to meet you, Ryan.

Victoria: Good night. I feel terrible.

Ryan: I guess the Newman name only gets you so far. Hey, itís okay. You know what? We will have the honeymoon and then we'll get married. Itís a little unconventional but hey, what the heck.

Victoria: I donít want to do that.

Ryan: All right. Then maybe we can get married at the Colonnade Room too. Hmm?

Victoria: Yeah, I guess.

Ryan: While you mull that over for a while, I am going to get another glass of wine. Do you want one?

Victoria: Mm-hmm.

Ryan: Okay.

Victoria: I said I wanted a church wedding; Iím going to have a church wedding. Hi. Is this Ben Dorman? Iím Victoria Newman.

Lauren: Why are you after this information?

Michael: I assume this Isabella woman left town?

Lauren: Why do you assume that?

Michael: Then I assume this Isabella woman is still here.

Lauren: Iím not saying anything to you.

Michael: You're being circumspect.

Lauren: You're asking questions that are none of your business.

Michael: Do I sense some defensiveness?

Lauren: Why would I be defensive?

Michael: One has to wonder if you drove Isabella away for your own purposes.

Lauren: Counselor, you are filled with wild assumptions.

Michael: Am I? Am I indeed? Hmm, well, well, well. Fascinating to see you again. Anyway, if you'll excuse me, Iím sure you two have plans.

Paul: Hi there. What was he doing here?

Lauren: The last thing you want to talk about is Michael Baldwin.

Paul: Stay away from him. Donít even talk to him. The man is not to be trusted.

Lauren: Okay.

Rianna: Stop it, J.T.

J.T.: He doesnít give a damn about you.

Rianna: Mind your own business.

J.T.: Not until you hear me out.

Raul: She told you to leave.

Cody: Hey, hey, thatís enough! Thatís enough! J.T., I want you out of here.

J.T.: What about him?

Cody: Now!

Rianna: Raul, Iím sorry.

Cody: You okay?

Raul: Yeah.

Cody: I donít know what just went down with you two.

Raul: It wonít happen again.

Cody: Good.

Rianna: Raul, please --

Raul: I have to go.

Rianna: What is it? Cody, he needs some sugar. Bring some orange juice. Raul, sit down.

Raul: Iím fine.

Rianna: You need to sit down! Why wonít you just sit down?

Nikki: How long will she be staying with you?

Victor: While her father is in the hospital recovering from a stroke.

Nikki: When will that be?

Victor: Who knows? My goal is to convince Tricia to re-admit herself to the hospital.

Nikki: Whatís the likelihood of that?

Victor: I donít know. Can we please talk about more pleasant things? Itís a beautiful evening, isnít it?

Nikki: Yes, it is. I think itís a perfect night for a swim.

Victor: Are you serious?

Nikki: Why not?

Victor: You did a great job of replicating the channels of Brazil. This is Wisconsin in October.

Nikki: I heated the pool. Itís a balmy 95.

Victor: Is that a fact? Is the pool house open so I can change?

Nikki: Who needs to change?

Victor: What do you have in mind?

Nikki: Come on! The waterís great!

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