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Traci: You know, I want to yank that doorbell out of the wall. Every time I hear it ring, I think -- sorry. You must think Iím a basket case.

Billy: Have you gotten any sleep at all?

Traci: A little bit. Look, honey, I know that you have school.

Billy: Itís no big deal.

Traci: Billy, I donít want you missing class for me. Hereís what we're going to do. I will call you on your cell if I hear anything, any word at all, okay?

Billy: Iím sorry, you wonít get rid of me that easily.

Traci: Billy, Iím fine.

Billy: You're not fine, okay? None of us are. Until Cece gets home we're all going to be worried sick. Donít give me any grief. I am not going anywhere.

Traci: Iím going to make some tea. Do you want some?

Billy: Yeah. [Cell phone ringing] Hello.

Mackenzie: Hey, itís me. Has there been any word?

Billy: Nope.

Mackenzie: Nothing at all?

Billy: You know, Mac, Iím with Traci, sheís all alone. Iíve gotta go.

Amanda: You're still here. Means you thought over what we talked about, huh, decided to sleep on it?

Colleen: I did listen to what you said. Still, the thought of going back to New York with my mom and him, acting like everything will be the same when it can never be the same ever.

Amanda: Canít talk you out of it, huh? Mindís made up.

Colleen: Yep.

Amanda: Okay, Colleen. I donít want to try to pressure you anymore. But still, I have to believe if you listen to your heart. I mean, yes, I understand you're hurting. But you have a mom who loves you. And I know despite the pain you're feeling now, you love her too. Remember that, honey. Remember that. Remember what you'd be leaving behind, okay?

Colleen: I have to go. Say goodbye to Ned for me.

Steve: I guess we've come to a dead end. Iíve talked to all of Colleenís friends. If I really listened to what my daughter had to say, but I didnít. Now sheís out there somewhere.

Ashley: Steve, beating yourself up isnít going to bring her back.

Steve: Yeah, I know. If I hadnít had that damned affair.

Brad: Steve, itís over. You and Traci have worked things out. The fact is we've all played a part in whatís happened.

Malcolm: Well, look it here, look it here, look it here. Howís it going, big brother?

Neil: Hey, good morning. Alex.

Alex: Good morning.

Malcolm: Iím taking my beautiful, sexy fiancťe out for breakfast.

Alex: Iíll go snag us a table.

Malcolm: Okay. Am I a lucky dude or what?

Neil: I take it things are a lot better between you two?

Malcolm: You picked up on that, huh?

Neil: You donít have a problem with Alex working with Michael Baldwin? You dropped it like we discussed?

Malcolm: Letís put it like this: I trust Baldwin as long as I can kick him. But I will be damned to let him come between what we have.

Neil: You are back on track.

Malcolm: Not only that but we are rollin', rollin', rollin'.

Neil: I have to head off to work.

Malcolm: Whatís the rush?

Neil: I have some files I left at home.

Malcolm: See that? Neil couldnít get out of here fast enough. Kind of makes me wonder. Whatís going on with my big brother?

Nicholas: You werenít pregnant then.

Sharon: We donít know that, Nick. We donít know exactly when I became pregnant.

Nicholas: I assumed it was the night before I got arrested because it was the night before our Caribbean trip.

Sharon: I thought so, too. Dr. Thompson said we canít be sure.

Nicholas: We canít be sure?

Sharon: The night of the margaritas, thatís around the time I conceived. We donít know if I was pregnant then or not.

Matt: Iím talking about the night at your place. Remember? Mexican food, margaritas. Came home but not in time. Not soon enough. Sharon was all wobbly.

Nicholas: She had too much to drink.

Matt: It wasnít just booze. I gave her a roofy.

Nicholas: You roofed her?

Matt: By the time you came in, I had already had her.

Sharon: There you are. I was surprised when I rolled over and you werenít next to me.

Nicholas: I woke up early and got the rugrats out of there, put them in their clothes and sent them on their way.

Sharon: Nick, I know I laid something heavy on you last night. Iím a little concerned about how you're handling it. Are you okay?


Katherine: All right, Mackenzie, what happened?

Mackenzie: Iíve made such a mess of things.

Katherine: I can only assume this has to do with Billy?

Mackenzie: He came over last night, overheard I knew where Colleen was but didnít say anything. Now heís angry at me for good reason. What do I do? I go and make everything worse.

Katherine: You were in a very difficult position. You gave your word and you had to keep it.

Mackenzie: Was it the right thing to do, knowing what happened?

Katherine: I understand why you're second-guessing yourself. You have to stop it and I mean stop it. Given your history you know how important confidentiality is to the shelter. Billyís not going to feel this way forever.

Mackenzie: I wish I could believe that. But I canít blame him if he never forgives me, not after what Iíve done.

Steve: So you two should finish packing. Iím sure you have a plane to catch.

Brad: You sure you donít want us to stay longer?

Steve: I appreciate the offer, Brad. I can do everything that needs to be done here. You guys have put your lives on hold long enough. You should go.

Ashley: Do you want one of us to stay maybe?

Steve: I appreciate all you've done. Everybody here has been put on alert. Iím sure Traci could use the support.

Ashley: Okay.

Ashley: What?

Brad: I, um, am just thinking about Colleen. Being here in her room. I feel she could walk through the door any second.

Ashley: She couldnít get here that fast unless she hitchhiked.

Brad: I wish you wouldnít say that, Ash.

Ashley: Say what? What have I done wrong now?

Nicholas: Look, baby, donít worry about me. Iím going to be fine.

Sharon: Are you sure? I know you tossed and turned a lot last night.

Nicholas: I know. Iím sorry about that. I didnít mean to keep you awake.

Sharon: Honey, itís okay. After me telling you about those drugs Matt may have given me? I understand why you would be upset. The thoughts of those pills maybe hurting the baby. We have to remain positive. Dr. Thompson said we shouldnít worry and especially when the risk is so slim.

Nicholas: You're right. We canít let this get us down. We have to believe that everything will turn out great.

Sharon: Sweetie, it will. It has to. Hey, I have an idea. How about Iíll make us a big breakfast and you go change. Unless you need to work up an appetite first, in which case I have a suggestion. You game?

Nicholas: That sounds great but not this morning. I have to get to the office. I have a ton of stuff to do, so I have to leave in the next 15 minutes.

Sharon: Nicholas. You didnít even ask about me and the baby, how we're doing today, the spotting?

Nicholas: I am so sorry about that. How are you feeling today?

Sharon: Actually I think that the spotting stopped. Isnít that wonderful? Honey, I really believe the baby is going to be just fine. Go on. I know you have a lot of work to do.

Malcolm: I donít know. You know what? We definitely have to do something about Neil, heís been by his lonesome way too long. I tried to hook him up with some of the beautiful models I know. No dice.

Alex: Maybe he doesnít want matchmaking.

Malcolm: He has to step up to the plate or he will wind up being a lonely old dude. If he had himself a smart, sexy, workaholic in his life someone that fuelled his life daily, I would leave him the hell alone. My brother? Zero, nada, none in the love department. Unless you know something I donít.

Olivia: I hope you havenít already eaten.

Neil: Olivia, hey.

Olivia: The door was open. Can I come in?

Neil: Depends whatís in the box.

Olivia: We have an assortment of things in the box. Thereís scones, wonderful, wonderful croissants. My bringing you breakfast was my way of saying thank you again for last night. I had a wonderful time.

Neil: So did I.

Olivia: When I just came in you seemed a little upset. Something troubling you?

Neil: Not anymore.

Olivia: Good.

Katherine: You do realize you acted the way you did because of your own experience.

Mackenzie: Still, Colleenís situation and mine are completely different. She has a loving home with people who care about her and want to protect her. Because I didnít have that, I let it stop me doing what was right. I should have gone to the Abbotts and to hell with all the rules.

Katherine: Mackenzie, who are you calling?

Mackenzie: Ned, itís Mac. Iím calling about Colleen. I was hoping she came back? Is she at the shelter right now?

Ned: She was here but she left again this morning.

Mackenzie: What do you mean she left again? Why didnít you call me?

Ned: I was trying to spare you being in the middle again.

Mackenzie: Do you have any idea where sheís gone? Please, if you have any information, I need to know.

Ned: Iím sorry, I donít. Itís possible sheís left town.

Mackenzie: Iím going to Colleenís mom. I need her to know everything that I know.

[Knock on door]

Sharon: Coming. Hey, Victoria.

Victoria: Is Nicholas around? Heís my ride.

Sharon: Nickís already left for the office.

Victoria: He forgot?

Sharon: Apparently so.

Victoria: I guess Iíll see him at work. How are you and my newest little niece or nephew?

Sharon: Actually, right after I saw you yesterday, I had a little episode.

Victoria: Sharon, you and the baby all right?

Dr. Thompson: What can I do for you?

Nicholas: Sharon told me about the spotting and I have some questions. I hope you have some answers.

Brad: I didnít say you did anything. Any time someone mentions the word, hitchhike, I canít stand the idea of her being in a car with a stranger.

Ashley: You realize itís a possibility.

Brad: I realize it. I hope thatís not what sheís doing.

Ashley: So do I, Brad.

Brad: A while ago when I said we'd all played a part in whatís happened, you gave me a look. Should I exclude you from that?

Ashley: You are trying to make Steve feel better. Of course I donít have a problem with that. I think you have a problem with me suggesting one of us stays here.

Brad: We do have some things to discuss.

Ashley: Right now we have to focus on getting Colleen back. We can deal with our situation when sheís home safely. I think we have to get to the airport. Why donít you get the bags, and Iím going to get Abby.

Brad: All right.

Amanda: That was someone calling about Colleen?

Ned: Sheís one of the teen volunteers. Mac knows Colleen is here, or was. Feels very badly about not telling them. By the way, I heard of some of what you said to Colleen. You handled things very well.

Amanda: Oh, I saw her hurting. I wanted to help out if I could.

Ned: I think you did. You didnít lecture her or criticize. Instead you just tried to give her perspective on what she was doing.

Amanda: I knew if I pushed, she would shut down. Not listen to a word.

Ned: I think thereís a chance you might have reached her. I hope so.

Amanda: Yeah. Thereís a first time for everything.

[Doorbell sounding]

Billy: Iíll get it, sis. Mac, what are you doing here?

Mackenzie: Billy, I know you're still angry.

Billy: You know, I donít think this is the time or place.

Mackenzie: I have some news about Colleen.

Billy: What news?

Mackenzie: May I come in?

Billy: What have you heard?

Mackenzie: I spoke to Ned this morning. Shortly after I got off the phone with you. I found out that Colleen had gone back to the shelter, but that she had taken off again.

Billy: When did she leave?

Mackenzie: Sometime this morning.

Billy: Half hour ago, two hours ago, when?

Mackenzie: Iím not sure.

Billy: Thatís great. She could have gotten an even bigger head start from when she took off and you didnít tell us.

Mackenzie: I said I was sorry.

Billy: A lot of good that does us right now.

Mackenzie: I realize I made a mistake, okay? But I did what I did with good intentions. I care about Colleen, and I love you. I would never want to hurt you or your family.

Billy: You did, Mac. You did, whether you meant to or not. Traci is in hell right now and you could have put an end to that by letting her know where her daughter was. In case you're wondering, I havenít said anything to anyone.

Mackenzie: Well, I donít expect you to keep your mouth shut. Thatís why I stopped by. To tell your family everything that I know.

Billy: No, no, no. You've done enough. Iíll take it from here.

Mackenzie: Billy.

Billy: Mac, I think you need to leave now.

Traci: Well, Mackenzie. Hi, honey. We were about to have some tea. Would you like to join us?

Mackenzie: No thanks, I was just leaving.

Sharon: So the good news is the spottingís stopped.

Victoria: Thank God. Still I know how scary that must have been for you. Are you feeling all right, though?

Sharon: I feel fine. The doctor said this is nothing to get worked up about. I should just relax and take it easy.

Victoria: Are you? You told Nicholas about this last night, the spotting.

Sharon: Yeah. I explained what happened, how the doctor said this was not unusual. Still, I couldnít help wondering why this was happening.

Victoria: And you're concerned it might have something to do with the drugs that Matt Clark gave you, that there could be something wrong with the baby. You told Nicholas about the pills, didnít you?

Sharon: He got really upset.

Victoria: How was he this morning?

Sharon: He said he was fine but he wasnít. He was restless all night, distracted this morning. I think heís really scared the baby might be at risk.

Alex: I hardly think your brother would talk to me about his love life.

Malcolm: Baby, I do want my brother to be happy. I want him to find a woman of his dreams just like I have. But okay, okay. You know what? My brotherís a big boy. I should mind my own business. Well, letís talk about more exciting type of things then, like our wedding.

Alex: Gosh, Malcolm, we havenít even set a date.

Malcolm: We havenít? Why donít we set a date, right here, right now? Hey, hey, hey, I know you said you wanted to enjoy, Iím not pushing this, Iím not. I want you to understand this. You and I, we have to do this all the way right. And that is going to take a hell of a lot of planning.

Alex: I know.

Malcolm: Look, there is one other thing I did want to talk to you about.

Alex: Let me guess, honeymoon plans, right?

Malcolm: No. I wanted to talk about you moving in with me. When we do finally make it official? Iím sure you will want to take my apartment and make it more your own and that is entirely cool with me.

Alex: Your apartment is fine the way it is.

Malcolm: Thatís my point. My apartment isnít just mine anymore. Itís going to be ours. You will want to put your own touches on it. We can get some new furniture, slap new paint on the walls.

Alex: Malcolm, Iím just never big on decorating. I never have been.

Malcolm: Okay. See, baby, things are going to be different now. You're about to be part of a family. This is our home we're talking about. What do you think? You want to hit some furniture stores after work? Order some love seats so we can our cuddle on, cozy in front of the fire?

Alex: Malcolm, will you stop this please? I donít want to go furniture shopping. I donít want to change anything. Can we please just drop this?

Olivia: Now that we are officially dating I thought I could do this thing more often.

Neil: Doctor, if we werenít officially dating, you could stop by and plant me with pastries any time you want.

Olivia: Itís as easy as that, huh?

Neil: Iím not a complicated man.

Olivia: What you see is what you get.

Victoria: I can understand why Nicholas would be upset but you told him everything.

Sharon: I could tell he wasnít himself after that.

Victoria: If you're having second thoughts about telling Nicholas.

Sharon: I am. After seeing his reaction I wish that I hadnít said anything. I really feel like I made a mistake. The whole idea his wife possibly took these drugs just blindsided him. What? Do you know something that I donít?

Victoria: Nicholas wasnít blindsided. He knows that it was possible Matt gave you those pills.

Sharon: He knew? How?

Victoria: I didnít tell him, I swear. He found out somehow and confided in me.

Sharon: Why wouldnít he tell me?

Victoria: For the same reason you didnít tell him. He was trying to protect you.

Sharon: Still, what Nicholas didnít know was that I might have been pregnant that night. What he didnít realize yesterday that the baby might have been a risk.

Victoria: Yeah, that must be why he reacted so strongly. Listen, Sharon, the last thing you need to do is stress out about this. Remember what your doctor said. The best thing for you and the baby is just to relax.

Sharon: Yeah. Thanks, Vicki. It always helps talking to you.

Victoria: Good. Iím going to the office.

Nicholas: Donít tell me how to act, okay? I have a situation here. I need some answers. You are not helping me.

Dr. Thompson: I will tell you everything I can. But you have to get a grip. Sharon looks to you for strength and support. Not more agitation. [Pager beeping] Thatís my patient. I have to go.

Nicholas: God, it canít be true. It canít be true.

Traci: Are you going to tell me?

Billy: Tell me you what?

Traci: Why Mackenzie really stopped by? There was a lot more going on than either of you would say.

Billy: Okay. Mac did come by with some news. Apparently, she talked to the guy that runs the homeless shelter, and Cece was there until this morning.

Traci: What? What do you mean? What do you mean she was there until this morning? Are you telling me that she --?

Billy: Iím sorry, Traci. She took off. Ned has no idea where she was headed.

Traci: All right. What else did Mac say? Did the man say how she was? Is my baby all right?

Billy: The shelter wouldnít like to give out too much information about the people that come in. I assume Cece was okay if -- look, Traci, I know what you're thinking, but --

Traci: My little girl is out on the street again, all alone and scared and at the mercy of who knows who. If only we had known she was still in town all this time. If only Mac had found this out even an hour before she left that shelter. She was so close. She was so close all this time. Letís figure this out then. She was torn about leaving. Thatís why she was there. This means she was debating about what to do, right? But she did leave. We havenít heard anything from her. So that means she could be gone for good. Oh, Billy, Billy, my baby, my baby.

Colleen: Mom?

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