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Nicholas: Baby, you havenít been completely honest with me? Sharon, talk to me. Is it the spotting? Is it more serious than you said? Is there a chance we could lose the baby?

Sharon: No. Thereís no reason to assume that now.

Nicholas: Did the doctor examine you?

Sharon: She said itís best not to mess with things.

Nicholas: She told you to rest and relax and try to stay calm.

Sharon: Right.

Nicholas: You're not doing a very good job following doctorís orders.

Sharon: I know. Iím trying. Itís just that --

Nicholas: You're scared.

Sharon: This baby means so much to me.

Nicholas: Iím hiring a nurse. Iím going to make sure you stay off your feet.

Sharon: Thatís premature.

Nicholas: At the very least I will have Lisa and Miguel help out more with the kids so you can get some rest.

Sharon: Okay. That would be great. Thank you.

Victor: You're giving up on your needlepoint?

Tricia: Actually, I was just enjoying the peace and quiet.

Victor: Donít let me disturb you.

Tricia: You donít have to leave. What I meant was, itís very relaxing in this apartment. I like it here.

Victor: Mmm-hmm. Iím glad you're feeling more comfortable. You told me earlier that you ran into my daughter-in-law in the hospital.

Tricia: I already assured you donít need to worry. We were very civil to each other. The bodyguard was there if you want to ask him.

Victor: I will ask him what the two of you talked about.

Tricia: Why donít I tell you about the conversation before you hear it from her? Wonít that tell you I donít have anything to hide?

Katherine: Well, you certainly didnít have much to say at dinner, young lady.

Mackenzie: Iíve had a lot on my mind.

Katherine: Something to do with Billy?

Mackenzie: No. Well, yeah, sort of.

Katherine: Are the two of you having problems again?

Mackenzie: No. I canít get into it.

Katherine: One feels better if one just gets it off oneís chest.

Mackenzie: If I tell you something --

Katherine: I wonít breathe a word.

Mackenzie: You promise?

Katherine: Cross my heart.

Mackenzie: You heard about Colleen.

Katherine: Yes. Sheís run away.

Mackenzie: The thing is, I saw her at the shelter.

Katherine: Is she still there?

Mackenzie: No, and thatís why I feel so guilty. She promised she wouldnít leave there.

Katherine: And she did.

Mackenzie: And itís all my fault.

Nikki: Well, burning the midnight oil?

Jill: Nikki.

Nikki: I was on my way out and I noticed the light.

Jill: And you had to stop by and say hello to one of your favorite people.

Nikki: Whatís the matter, Jill? Arenít you happy to see me?

Jill: When'd you get back?

Nikki: Earlier today. I thought I would come in and go through the mountain on my desk. Anything exciting happen while I was gone?

Jill: Jack asked Phyllis to marry him.

Nikki: You have to do better than that.

Jill: You know?

Nikki: Jack told me before I went to Brazil.

Jill: Are you up to speed on the rest of it? I didnít think so. Jack and Phyllis are a total and complete mismatch. More than that though, they're a dangerous, dangerous combination.

Jack: Yeah. Okay. Keep us posted. Right, right. That was Paul Williams. He ran a check on the one credit card Colleen has with her.

John: Has she used it?

Jack: Not at all.

Traci: What else did he say? Is there any lead, anything?

Jack: Heís got nothing.

Traci: Whatís happened to her? Daddy, sheís been missing too long.

Jack: Paulís on the case. Brad and Ashley are at your apartment in New York.

Traci: It doesnít seem like enough, Jack. There has to be something else we can do for her. Can you think of anything, anything?

Jack: I could call Sean to put Colleenís picture on the website. We would get national coverage that way.

John: Jack, thatís a terrific idea.

Jack: Iíll make the call now.

John: Hey, hey, listen to me. This has been a really long day. I want you to go upstairs and lie down.

Traci: Daddy, I canít, not until I know where my baby is. I think of her out there all alone with no money, maybe taking rides from strangers. It terrifies me. Oh, God. Please God, whoever sheís accepting help from, please keep her safe. Please keep her safe.

John: Traci, come on, honey. Be strong. Be strong.

Katherine: You handled the situation as best you could.

Mackenzie: Billyís family is scared to death.

Katherine: Not because of anything you did. You're not responsible for her decisions and actions.

Mackenzie: I knew where she was. I could have spared the Abbotts so much pain. And now sheís gone.

Katherine: You could not betray her confidence. You're obligated to protect the identity of anyone in that shelter.

Mackenzie: Thatís what Ned said.

Katherine: You are in no position to reveal Colleenís whereabouts. You did the right thing. [Phone ringing] That could be an important phone call. Esther is not home. Katherine Chancellor, here. Oh, yes, yes. I have all that information in my library. Yes, yes. I will get it and call you back. As soon as I take care of this I will be back and we will talk.

Nicholas: Sweetheart, look at me. Now you're saying all this to reassure me. But you still seem upset. Whatís wrong?

Sharon: I donít even want to say it.

Nicholas: Are you worried thereís something wrong with the baby? Thatís why you're spotting?

Sharon: Yeah.

Nicholas: So what'd the doctor say?

Sharon: Just that everything has been fine so far and the sonogram is normal.

Nicholas: So she was reassuring, yet you are not reassured at all.

Sharon: I want to be.

Nicholas: The doctor gave you an encouraging report. Baby, I know that you're holding something back from me. You have to tell me what it is, otherwise, I canít help you if I donít know whatís going on.

Sharon: Okay. I know. Iíll tell you. Itís just that itís so hard.

Billy: How could you, Mac?

Mackenzie: What? Whatís wrong?

Billy: I heard your conversation with Katherine.

Mackenzie: I can explain.

Billy: This whole time you knew where Colleen was and you didnít say anything?

Mackenzie: I wanted to.

Billy: Oh, okay. I get it. You didnít want to betray her confidence.

Mackenzie: I didnít have a choice. I gave Colleen my word. If Iíd broken that promise, she would have taken off.

Billy: She did anyway. If we had known, we could have stopped her.

Mackenzie: You donít know that for sure.

Billy: What do you mean?

Mackenzie: I have been in Colleenís shoes. I know what itís like to be in a place you have to escape, to be in a place where you have nobodyís trust. She would run away again.

Billy: You can rationalize it all you want. Anything happens to her, it is on your head.

Ned: Colleen, where have you been?

Colleen: Wandering around.

Ned: You were gone for a long time.

Colleen: I saw a couple movies.

Ned: Did you use the time alone to do any thinking?

Colleen: You want to me to call home.

Ned: A lot of people are worried about you.

Colleen: I came by to take a bite to eat and then Iím leaving.

Ned: Your family loves you very much. Iím sure you can work out your problems.

Colleen: I know you're trying to help, Ned. My mindís made up. You canít talk me out of it.

Jack: Hi, gorgeous.

Phyllis: Hey. You look tired.

Jack: Traci is going through such a rough time. Dadís still there. She didnít sleep last night. I donít know how sheís going to sleep tonight.

Phyllis: I donít know how I would sleep if I were her.

Jack: The news isnít as evil. I went to the morgue and saw the girl Colleenís age, and it just got to me. It got to Traci too. Come here. Oh, I needed this. Oh, I needed this. Sweetheart, Iím sorry Iím so late. Have you been home for a while?

Phyllis: Not really. I did some shopping. I have a surprise for you.

Jack: Oh? You got me a present?

Phyllis: Sort of. Iím going to model some clothes for you and I want to know your opinion.

Jack: I really want to be there for you. I am a little overwhelmed right now.

Phyllis: Thatís my point. You need a break.

Jack: Okay. I am not sure itís going to work but you're welcome to give it a try.

Phyllis: You think so? Why donít you just sit tight and we'll see if it works. Iíll be right back. Donít look. Right?

Nicholas: Sweetheart, you know there is nothing you canít tell me, right?

Sharon: Itís just I have tried to put this out of my mind.

Nicholas: But you havenít been able to.

Sharon: No.

Nicholas: Okay. If itís worrying you this much, you shouldnít be carrying around alone.

Sharon: Thatís what Dr. Thompson said.

Nicholas: The doctor knows about this, whatever it is.

Sharon: Yeah. Itís something that I hope I would never have to mention to you because it makes me feel so stupid.

Nicholas: Baby, just tell me, please.

Sharon: Well, the reason itís so hard is that itís about Matt Clark.

Nicholas: Oh, God.

Sharon: See, just the mention of his name makes you react like this. Me too. You remember the night that we were having him over here for dinner, and at the last minute you couldnít make it?

Nicholas: Yeah, when you had too many margaritas.

Sharon: Right. Well, thatís what we thought. But it turns out that it could have been something more than that. Later on when Matt got me out at the cabin, the reason he told me I wasnít feeling so well is he slipped me the date rape drug. They call it roofies. Now I donít know for sure if itís true. But if it is, Iím afraid that it'll have some bad affect on the baby.

Nicholas: You werenít pregnant then.

Sharon: We donít know that, Nick. We donít know exactly when we got pregnant.

Nicholas: I guess I always assumed it was the night before I got arrested because we were so excited about our Caribbean trip.

Sharon: Dr. Thompson says we canít be sure.

Nicholas: We canít be sure?

Sharon: The night of the margaritas, thatís around the time that I conceived. So we donít know if I was pregnant then or not.

Nicholas: Oh, man.

Sharon: Thereís a good chance that if he did give me the drugs, it didnít have any bad effect on the baby because everything has been fine so far. Then I have been spotting, thereís a possibility that something went wrong. So I thought you should know.

Ned: I wish you would change your mind.

Colleen: I canít.

Ned: Nothing I can say, huh? Any idea where you're headed? Okay. I wonít press. Good luck. You can always come back.

Colleen: Thank you.

[Knock on door]

Ned: Excuse me.

Ned: Thank you for this. Well, I have some business to attend to.

Colleen: Bye, Ned. You've been really great.

Amanda: Leaving again? Remember me? Iím Amanda?

Colleen: I remember.

Amanda: Iím so glad I ran into you. Colleen, right?

Colleen: I really need to get going.

Amanda: Before you do, there are things I didnít get to say to you when we talked. Things that you need to hear. They may change your life forever.

Tricia: Listen, I know how protective you are of your family, and I admire you for it. I get the feeling you're worried about something else.

Victor: What would I be worrying about?

Tricia: Is Sharon okay? She seemed fine at the hospital.

Victor: You're not really concerned about my daughter-in-lawís welfare, are you?

Tricia: You make me sound so callous.

Victor: Do I?

Tricia: I just want to feel like I can open my mouth without everybody judging me.

Victor: It must be very difficult for people to watch every move that you make. Anyway, letís not rush things. Iím going to bed.

Tricia: Okay. Well, Iím going to stay up for a while.

Victor: All right.

Tricia: Mr. Newman, Victor, I hope that you donít think that Iím not grateful, because I am, for everything.

Victor: Good night.

Tricia: Good night.

Jack: Come on. What are you doing in there?

Phyllis: Be patient. Good things come to little boys who wait.

Jack: Iím not getting any younger out here.

Phyllis: Why donít you close your eyes? Humor me. Close your eyes and humor me.

Jack: Can I open them yet?

Phyllis: Hang on. Okay.

Jack: Wow. You look like --

Phyllis: Like?

Jack: I was going to say a million bucks. That seems like chump change now.

Phyllis: I was thinking Iíd wear this the next time we go to Paris. I was thinking Iíd wear it to the opera.

Jack: Remind me to call the travel agent first thing in the morning.

Phyllis: Oh, I have another change.

Jack: Wow. Let me guess. For clubbing in Berlin.

Phyllis: I was thinking more like an art gallery opening in Soho.

Jack: I pity those poor, starving artists.

Phyllis: Howís that?

Jack: Honey, with you standing in the room, how is anyone going to look at the art?

Phyllis: Do you care to venture a guess?

Jack: I think Iíll get in trouble on this one.

Phyllis: Okay. This is what I wear when I have designs on my man.

Jack: And how often do you think you'll be trotting this number out?

Phyllis: When you least expect it. You might come home late from work one evening and I may be waiting for you with massage oil in one hand, sheep in show* to fulfill your every fantasy.

Jack: My every fantasy?

Phyllis: Whatever your heart desires.

Colleen: I really donít have time to talk.

Amanda: Are you on some sort of schedule? What you mean is you donít want to talk.

Colleen: I really donít.

Amanda: Thatís okay. Iíll talk. You listen. Would you do that for me? More important, for yourself. What you're about to do right now, there may be no turning back. You better be very certain itís the right thing.

Colleen: You donít even know me. Why do you care?

Amanda: Because I had a daughter once. A daughter I drove away, and that was the worst mistake I made in my life. She was just a little bit older than you when she left.

Colleen: Why did she run away?

Amanda: Why donít you tell me your story first, okay?

Colleen: My dad messed around on my mom.

Amanda: Thatís tough.

Colleen: Long story. Complicated, as the adults love to say.

Amanda: How so?

Colleen: He is not my real father. My mom and I lived with him since I was a little kid. I didnít see much of my biological father until this summer.

Amanda: Iím with you so far.

Colleen: This summer everything was different. My biological father was so good to me and for the first time I felt like I was important to him. But then I realized he was just filling a gap. Now my mom wants to get back together with my other dad, and Iím supposed to go with them. I hate him for what he did to her. Itís not fair at all. But nobody cares. Iím supposed to smile, make nice and be the good little daughter Iíve always been.

Jack: You are so good for me.

Phyllis: You're just realizing that?

Jack: I made a lot of mistakes in my life. Smartest thing I ever did was asking you to marry me. I love you.

Phyllis: I love you. You make me happy. I canít wait to be your wife.

Amanda: Thatís a very hard situation. I donít envy you. How does your mom figure in all of this?

Colleen: What do you mean?

Amanda: Are you upset with her too?

Colleen: Well, I think sheís crazy to take Steve back, after what he did to her? How could she trust him again?

Amanda: Isnít that her problem?

Colleen: Not if I have to live with them. Then itís mine too.

Amanda: Thatís why you're running away?

Colleen: What else was I supposed to do? All of a sudden they hit me with, we're getting back together. Letís be a family and go home. No one asked what I felt. My biological father and his wife donít want me either.

Amanda: You feel left out in the cold.

Colleen: Exactly. So tell me about your daughter.

Amanda: There was a time when something bad happened, something terrible in our family. And my daughter tried to tell me about it. But I didnít believe her, so she ran off. After she left, it was months before I even tried to find her. By then I felt Iíd lost her forever. I know how much she must hate me for not believing her. Thatís why I asked how you feel about your mother.

Nikki: Well, you are the expert on mismatched couples.

Jill: What is that supposed to mean?

Nikki: A lot of people are wondering what you're doing with Sean Bridges. Sorry, did I say something wrong?

Jill: I have a lot of work to do, okay?

Nikki: Oh, boy. Trouble in paradise.

Jill: Sean and I are through. Do you have any more questions?

Nikki: Iím sorry to hear that.

Jill: Iím sure it delights you to no end.

Nikki: I didnít say that.

Jill: Everybody just thought I was getting my jollies with a younger man.

Nikki: If thatís all it was, I doubt you would be this upset.

Jill: The truth is, it kind of took me by surprise too. When it first started, I didnít know what to make of it. I certainly didnít envision it going anywhere. Then as time went on.

Nikki: You began to care for him.

Jill: More than I was prepared to admit.

Nikki: I guess he didnít share your feelings, walked away.

Jill: Actually, Iím the one who ended it. Heís doing everything he can to get me back.

Nikki: Why are you resisting?

Jill: Because it wouldnít work.

Nikki: I donít understand you. Here you are alone and miserable and this guy is dying to be with you. Jill, whenís the last time you talked to him?

Jill: We're done talking. I need a break. Iím going out of town on business for a while.

Nikki: Ah, you're running away.

Jill: Call it what you want.

Nikki: Do yourself a favor. Donít go too far away without at least making a phone call.

[Phone ringing]

Youíve reached Sean Bridges.

Colleen: My feelings for my mom? I think sheís being stupid. If he cheated on her once, I bet he'll do it again. It kills me, the thought of her being hurt like that.

Amanda: You sound protective. You two are very close, huh.

Colleen: We were.

Amanda: Do you love your mom?

Colleen: Oh, yes.

Amanda: Then listen to me, Colleen. Before you go out that door, your motherís out there somewhere right now desperate for a word from you. Sheís sick inside wondering where you are, whatís happened. If you're all right. Have you thought at all what this might be doing to her? Since my daughter left not a day has gone by where I havenít thought about her, ached for her. I have this terrible feeling of emptiness inside. And I know my daughter had every reason to walk away from me. I deserved the pain I feel. Do you think your mother does? Colleen, I understand how you feel. I do. Not wanting to be around the man that betrayed your mother. If you walk out that door, you'll be hurting her too. So if thereís any way, any way at all to go home and try to work things out, especially with your mother, then do it. Life alone on the road, itís hard. And sometimes itís scary. You have a mother who loves you, and you say you still love her. I could tell you from experience that the pain your mother is feeling right now is like a knife through her heart, and it doesnít get better. It just gets worse. Just think about that, okay, before you canít undo anything that you do.

Tricia: I have to tell him.

Matt: No, Tricia. Donít be a fool.

Tricia: Victor needs to know.

Victor: I need to know what?

Tricia: I thought you went to bed.

Victor: I came down to get something. What do I need to know?

Matt: Donít do it, Tricia.

Tricia: Why shouldnít I?

Matt: Itís a trap. Donít fall for it.

Victor: Who are you talking to?

Tricia: I have a confession to make.

Victor: Confession?

Tricia: You've been so kind and supportive.

Matt: No, heís not. Itís all an act.

Tricia: And I havenít been honest.

Matt: Tricia, this man is not your friend. Heís looking for weaknesses! Canít you see that?

Victor: What have you been dishonest about?

Tricia: About my medication. The truth is, um, I only started taking it that day you showed up at my therapy session. Before that I was pretending.

Victor: Why would you do that?

Tricia: Because I didnít think I could get better. I didnít think I needed it. Now I feel like a new person.

Victor: I think itís helping a lot. I thought I noticed a difference in you.

Tricia: Thereís something else I have to confess.

Matt: Tricia, stop it right now.

Tricia: I have been carrying a lot of anger toward you and your family. I would spend an entire day to get back at you. I was consumed with revenge. Thatís why I wanted to move in here. I thought by getting close, I would have an opportunity. But I donít want that anymore. You have nothing to fear. Your family has nothing to fear.

Matt: Thatís great, Tricia. You've destroyed us both!

Tricia: Shut up! Leave me alone! Do you hear me?  Leave me alone. Go away. No!

Victor: You all right?

Tricia: What happened?

Victor: I heard you cry out.

Tricia: I did?

Victor: Something upsetting you?

Tricia: No, Iím fine. Just a bad dream. Just a dream.

Sharon: I can see that you're upset. The reason I didnít tell you this before is I just didnít want to burden you. I am so sorry.

Nicholas: The doctor is sure that you can be pregnant.

Sharon: I hope the baby wasnít growing inside when I was taking the pills. I just want the spotting to stop. I only had two. I donít know why they're affecting me like this.

Matt: Sharon went all out that night.

Nicholas: She had too much to drink.

Matt: I gave her a roofy.

Nicholas: You roofed her?

Sharon: Nicholas? Our baby will be born perfectly healthy.

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