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Dr Thompson: You said you're having problems?

Sharon: Yes, I'm spotting.

Dr. Thompson: Any cramping, any discomfort or pain?

Sharon: No, not really.

Dr. Thompson: Did you fall or hurt yourself in any way before the spotting began?

Sharon: I was talking to my sister-in-law and she left. All of a sudden this started happening. Is this the baby?

Dr. Thompson: Many women experience spotting during their pregnancies.

Sharon: You're going to examine me and make sure?

Dr. Thompson: You just had an ultrasound. Everything is fine.

Sharon: Iím just so scared.

Dr. Thompson: The best thing you can do is be cautious, rest, stay off your feet. Letís see what happens. Very often this stops in 12 to 24 hours.

Sharon: Not always?

Dr. Thompson: Iíll say it again. Letís not look to the worst possible scenario.

Sharon: What if this is happening because of the drugs Matt Clark gave me that night? What if I lose the baby because of what he did to me?

Victor: What next steps are you talking about?

Nicholas: We are meeting with the structural engineer next week. I assume you feel you donít need to be there.

Victor: I left the project in yours and Victoriaís hands.

Nicholas: Itís sink or swim, kids.

Victor: You got it.

Nicholas: Anything else?

Victor: Why did you interrogate Tricia Dennison at the penthouse this morning?

Malcolm: Well, there it is.

Nate: That was cool.

Malcolm: I told you were going to like it.

Malcolm: We have been trying to catch that flick forever. We finally did it, huh. Thatís how we do it. Better late than never. Little man, you have yourself a good time?

Nate: The best two nights in a row.

Malcolm: I have to say it was pretty nice of your mom to let me baby sit. I finally can tell you my good news.

Nate: Is it what you were going to talk to me about last night?

Malcolm: Sure is.

Nate: What is it, Dad?

Malcolm: You know Alex and I have gotten pretty close, right? Nate, the truth is Alex and I, we really love each other. We love each other a lot. We got to talking about things, and we decided to get engaged. Nate, I hope you can get with that. That would sure make your old pops happy. Hey, hey, whatís going on? Whatís with the look?

Nate: Oh, nothing.

Malcolm: Oh, something. Come on, partner, you know you can talk to me. Whatís going on?

Nate: I was hoping one day you and Mom might get back together again. I guess that was stupid.

Gina: Thatís right. 7:00, you got it. Bye-bye.

Nikki: Hello.

Gina: I donít believe it. You look fabulous.

Nikki: Thank you.

Gina: Where have you been?

Nikki: Brazil of all places, up in the rain forest.

Gina: That sounds exotic.

Nikki: It had its moments.

Gina: Glad you're back.

Nikki: You are one of the very few people that knows Iím back.

Gina: And you want to keep it that way.

Nikki: For now.

Gina: They wonít hear it from me.

Jill: Wait, like I really need this right -- Sean, what are you --

Lionel Ritchie: Hi, Jill. How you doing? Iím Lionel Ritchie. Sit down, the showís about to begin.

Jill: I know who you are. What are you doing here?

Lionel Ritchie: I just told you, the showís about to begin. Sean, is this the lady you were telling me about?

Sean: This is the one.

Lionel Ritchie: Well, then, my friend, hereís hoping.

♫ Every time I see you and I look into your eyes every feeling that I get and itís way down deep inside, girl I been trying to hold on but you say that you're not sure I just hope you realize what my heart is going through how long must this feeling go on how long must I stand the pain and how long must this feeling go way before the night, rating -- waiting for the right time to come I know all about the hurt and the problems in the past I know why you're scared of love because you just donít think it'll last long well, Iím here to tell you what Iím saying is all true there ainít nobody else in life that can take the place of you how long must this feeling go on how long must I stand the pain how long must this feeling go way into the night waiting for the right time to run why canít we just run away oh, run I think that we can be where nobody finds us oh, run canít we just run away girl, I canít wait to have you how long must this feeling go on how long must I stand the pain how long must this feeling go way into the night waiting for the right time to come ♫

Well, answer the question. How long are you going to make this man suffer?

Malcolm: Hey, hey, tiger, come here, you. Come sit next to your old pops. Hey, tough guy, look at me. Look at me. First of all, what you just said to me was not stupid. Nothing that ever comes out of your mouth is ever stupid, you hear me? Secondly, actually I can understand why you would hope your mom and me would get back together again. I guess you're still a little sad about the divorce, huh?

Nate: Sometimes.

Malcolm: Nate, itís always hard when a family breaks up. It is. But you've just got to give it time, kid. You've just got to let time do its thing.

Nate: Does that mean you're getting engaged, Momís going to get mad at you and not let you see me?

Malcolm: Actually, I talked to your mom. I donít think sheís going to fight me on this one. Even if she does make a fuss about it, I donít think the judge will let her get away with it. Okay. I see that little brain working overtime. What are you thinking about?

Nate: It wonít be just us two guys anymore. When you get married, Alex is going to move in then, right?

Malcolm: Nate, I really need you to understand that Alex, she means the world to me. So yeah, I was hoping she could move in with us guys sooner rather than later. So yeah.

Alex: Hey, guys.

Malcolm: Well hey. Hey, baby.

Nate: Hi.

Alex: How are you, Nate?

Nate: Fine.

Alex: How was school today?

Nate: Good. Dad says you guys are going to get married.

Alex: Yes, thatís the plan.

Nate: And you're moving in here?

Alex: Well, I will be.

Nate: I guess that means you're going to be my new stepmother.

Malcolm: Well, Nate, yeah, eventually she will. You donít have to worry yourself with that right now. I promise you, we will not make you rush into anything, all right? We can talk about that another day. Right about now, I think itís time for somebody to hit the hay. Tomorrowís a school, day, right?

Nate: Good night, Alex.

Alex: Good night. Sweet dreams.

Malcolm: Hands up. And two, and three.

Dr. Thompson: Sharon, listen to me, you need to calm down. We didnít even know you were pregnant then. Getting all worked up isnít good for you or your baby. I think you should go home, talk to your husband. Let him know what you're going through.

Sharon: No. I am not going to tell Nicholas about this. It'll upset him.

Dr. Thompson: Sharon, I canít force you to do anything you donít want to do. I think it would be in your best interest especially emotionally for you to go to your husband. Let him help you get through this.

Ryan: So you've seen Victoria. She must be thrilled. She missed you.

Nikki: I missed her too. We have a lot to catch up on. She must be working late or I assume you would be living together seeing you're sharing an apartment.

Ryan: I guess sheís told you sheís moved in?

Nikki: After the divorce, I assume.

Ryan: Same day.

Nikki: Okay. No point letting any grass grow.

Ryan: Nikki, you knew we were planning to live together.

Nikki: I know.

Ryan: Something you want to say to me?

Nikki: Yeah. Victoria is the happiest I have seen her in a very long time. I know you're the reason why.

Ryan: Well, she makes me pretty happy too.

Nikki: Good. Try and keep it that way.

Ryan: Tell me about Brazil.

Nikki: Tell me -- forgive me for postponing telling you about the travelogue. Iím still in shock.

Ryan: Triciaís new living arrangements.

Nikki: Itís totally bizarre. Victor buys your building, jacks up security and turns around and allows her to move in with him? So heís invincible. This woman is a menace to everyone except him.

Sean: Thank you so much.

Lionel Ritchie: My pleasure.

Jill: Thank you, so much. To have you sing to me is a once in a lifetime experience.

Lionel Ritchie: Sean and I have been friends a very, very, very long time. Thereís not much I wouldnít do for this crazy guy. When he called and asked me to sing a song, I came right over.

Sean: The fact is he was in town.

Lionel Ritchie: I have an appointment to make. I have to be going. Talk to you later. Bye-bye. Take care.

Jill: Thank you. Thank you.

Sean: I owe you, my friend. Anything you want.

Lionel Ritchie: You got it.

Victor: I understand you have questions about Matt Clark.

Nicholas: Yeah. Was Tricia upset about that?

Victor: Didnít seem to be. What did you want to accomplish?

Nicholas: Dad, Iím not trying to cut you out. This is something very very -- thatís very personal.

Victor: You asked if Matt Clark used the date rape drugs on her. You were thinking of the night that Matt Clark tried to rape Sharon at the cabin?

Nicholas: Yes. I canít get that out of my mind. When Matt took the pills to the cabin with intent to use them, Rohypnol pills were found all over the cabin. It was very obvious what he was planning to do.

Neil: Thank you. So can I tempt you?

Olivia: I donít know. What do you have in mind?

Neil: How about some caffeine and chocolate?

Olivia: If you insist.

Neil: I do.

Olivia: I want to thank you.

Neil: For what, dinner?

Olivia: All of it, taking me out, helping me to enjoy life. Iím glad that we're close again.

Neil: I am too.

Olivia: Itís a relief not being the enemy anymore.

Neil: Itís all behind us now.

Olivia: And I feel like a woman again.

Neil: Iím glad for that.

Olivia: Are you? Sorry.

Neil: No, no, whatever you're wondering, ask.

Neil: What would you like it to be?

Olivia: No, no. I asked you first.

Neil: You did. For me itís more than hey, buddy, old pal. And itís not strictly companionship.

Olivia: Would it be fair to say we're dating?

Neil: Dating. I think it would be fair to say that, yes.

Olivia: Really. Okay. So Iím dating. You donít know how good it makes me feel to say that, especially since itís you. I hope Iím not being too forward.

Neil: Oh, no. Not in my book.

Malcolm: Hey, you. Iím really glad you're here, baby.

Alex: Are you?

Malcolm: Yeah, I am. There are a lot of Iím sorry.

Alex: I have things to say to you. Number one, this is all moving way too fast.

Malcolm: What?

Alex: First we got engaged. Then I took this new job. Now we're together, I canít handle it. We need to slow down.

Malcolm: Okay. Hey. Whoa, whoa, whoa, baby, did Michael Baldwin put all these thoughts in your head?

Alex: No. I came to this conclusion on my own after the way you behaved this morning.

Malcolm: Look, look, I know we had an argument.

Alex: No, no, the first day of my new job you burst into my office and insulted the senior partner. You embarrassed the hell out of me. Is there any wonder I want to slow things down?

Victor: If you're concerned more happened to Sharon that night at the cabin than you're being told.

Nicholas: You were there. Sharon was drugged or attacked, you would tell me.

Victor: Why did you ask Tricia Dennison all those questions? [Phone ringing] Yes.

Sharon: Hi, Victor. Itís Sharon. Nickís secretary said he was with you?

Victor: Yes, heís right here. Sharon for you.

Nicholas: Hey.

Sharon: Hi, honey. I really need to see you. Could you please come home?

Nicholas: Yeah. Whatís wrong?

Sharon: Just come home, would you? I need you.

Nicholas: Okay. I am on my way. All right. Dad, somethingís wrong with Sharon. I have to go. Talk to you later.

Victor: Okay, son.

Ryan: Look, Nikki, I donít know how much you've been told. There were mitigating circumstances.

Nikki: I know her father had a stroke. She felt very alone, asked Victor to take her in.

Ryan: He felt it was the best way to keep an eye on her.

Nikki: To have her followed by guards everywhere? Doesnít that tell you something? Do you think that Iím wrong to be concerned?

Ryan: I understand why you'd feel that way. Still I always feel Triciaís a decent person. The woman I fell in love with and knew had a very good heart. Sheís getting help now.

Nikki: Whatís the last time you saw her?

Ryan: From what I could tell, she was calm and rational. I believe sheís starting to get her life back together.

Nikki: None of this explains why sheís living with Victor. Donít you find that very strange?

Ryan: At first we all did.

Nikki: What about now?

Ryan: The more I thought about it, the less odd it seemed. She needed to reach out. Look, Nikki, the way I see it, her turning to him was an act of good faith. Why in the world would she turn to Victor Newman for help of all people if she had some agenda?

Nikki: Good question. You tell me.

Ryan: Look, the man is way too smart. She knows that, not to mention the fact heís watching her 24/7. If she were up to anything, he would be all over it, which is why I think we can all relax and let Victor handle the situation.

Nikki: I have a lot of trouble believing in Tricia and her good intentions. Ryan, Iím sorry. I donít think we're dealing with some lost little lamb here. This could be the act of a manipulative, psychotic woman who somehow managed to work her way into Victor Newmanís home.

Tricia: I didnít hear you come in.

Victor: What are you working on?

Tricia: Needlepoint. Something for my dad. Iím a little rusty so by the time I finish, it should be Christmas. Would you like me to make you one? Unless you'd rather I not have sharp objects.

Victor: Thatís all right. Thank you for offering to make me one. I think I can do without it. Iím glad you're keeping busy though.

Tricia: You look a little tired.

Victor: Yeah. Itís been a long day.

Tricia: Listen, um, why donít I make you some dinner?

Victor: Thatís not necessary.

Tricia: No, I know. Iíd like to. You've been so nice to me. I donít have much to occupy my time. I want to feel like Iím contributing in some way. So Iíd like to be able to make you dinner sometimes and get you a drink when you come home like I used to for Daddy.

Malcolm: Alex, excuse me for caring about you. Baby, I was just worried about you. Iím doing all I can to look after my woman. This is how you're going to come at me?

Alex: I am not incompetent.

Malcolm: For Godís sake, I never said that you -- why are we fighting about Michael Baldwin?

Alex: The problem is your patronizing attitude.

Malcolm: Patronizing?

Alex: You are going to be my husband not my father. I will work for whom I want, whenever I want, doing the type of work I choose to do. Thatís the way itís going to be, so you better get used to it.

Malcolm: Alex, let me ask you something. Alex, look at me, look at me. If you saw me heading to a cliff with my eyes closed, what would you do? Hey, Malcolm, heís a grown man. He knows what heís doing. Lord knows I wouldnít want him to think I disrespect him. You would want to watch me crash and burn?

Alex: Why are you so against me working for Michael?

Malcolm: Besides all that I told you? The man is a glory hawk. The man loves the limelight. If he sees a case and thinks he will make it big, he takes it. You will be stuck doing his grunt work.

Alex: You donít think Iím a force to be reckoned with? I brought an entire industry to its knees. No one will overshadow me. Not Michael, no one. Where do you get this view of me anyway? Weak, passive, not too bright, in need of some big, strong man to run my life? Thatís not me, Malcolm. Not even close. You know what? It makes me wonder if you even know the Alex Perez you claim you want to marry. You donít seem to like her very much. Maybe itís time for you to get rid of her.

Malcolm: Baby, you're completely misunderstanding what Iím saying. Where you going?

Sean: Nice way to end the day, huh?

Jill: Yeah. It was an amazing way. I canít believe that you got Lionel Ritchie to come here and do that.

Sean: I was hoping he could get through to you where I couldnít.

Jill: It was a lovely song.

Sean: Is that all it was? I saw a boom box in here and played you a lovely song, thatís a grab-you-by-the heartstrings moment, lady, come on. I used my friend Lionel like a jackhammer.

Jill: Why do I get the feeling you've done this before?

Sean: Come on, Jill.

Jill: Donít think since it worked once, it will work again. I know your tricks, Sean.

Sean: You know my tricks? I donít know my tricks. I donít know why you're so hell-bent on staying broken up with me.

Jill: You know exactly why.

Sean: Brittany?                                                                                                    

Jill: It is not just about Brittany!

Sean: Your horoscope said you couldnít date guys with glasses? I left the cap off the toothpaste?

Jill: I told you before itís the thousands of Brittanyís after you, all those girls.

Sean: You mean younger women? I donít care about age. Why canít you believe that? Iíve only wanted a woman like you. I almost gave up finding one. You are the one I want to be with, sweetheart.

Jill: Even if I believed you, and trust me, I want to believe you, what about ten years down the line, hmm? We have to look at that. We have to look ahead. Look at you and look at me, okay?

Neil: As a physician, would you deem this dessert healthy?

Olivia: Absolutely not. Get away from my half.

Neil: Itís so good. What happened to coffee?

Gina: I told them not to bring it. Actually I thought you should have this.

Olivia: Champagne?

Neil: What is the occasion?

Gina: I have been watching you two. I decided a toast was in order. On me, of course.

Neil: This is really nice of you. To our phenomenal host.

Gina: Donít be wasting it on me. You should toast to this lovely woman. Enjoy.

Olivia: Thank you, Gina. To your phenomenal --

Neil: Companion friend. This is quite good.

Olivia: Champagne goes perfectly with the rest of my dessert.

Neil: Later. When Iím in a place like this, I usually ask my date to dance.

Olivia: Really. Usually when Iím in a place like this and Iím asked to dance, I usually dance.

Malcolm: Stop, Alex, baby, stop. Just listen to me. You're right, okay? I have been acting like an idiot. You're right. Look, I am well aware that you can take care of yourself. Alex, I love you. And I just want you to be happy.

Alex: Then donít question my judgment.

Malcolm: Baby, I hear you. I do. Alex, I canít promise you I will never act like an idiot again in your eyes. I promise you I will do all that I can do that is worthy of you. Sweetheart, I need to you understand this. I never want to change you. I love you. I need you. I donít ever want to lose you. Well, well, well, Mr. Man was right again.

Alex: Who?

Malcolm: Oh, Neil. He told me I better put a dent in my attitude because you would not tolerate it.

Alex: Malcolm, you have to leave Neil out of this. You are the man of my life, not your brother. So if we're going to get married, we have to work things out for ourselves, you and me.

Malcolm: You got it. Just you and me.

Sean: Jill, you are not an old woman. None of us are getting any younger. We're all going to die some day. Maybe tomorrow, maybe when we're 110. Thatís why you have to live for the moment.

Jill: You have that luxury. I havenít.

Sean: No. Where are you going to live? In the past? You might as well hang it up.

Jill: You're not hearing me.

Sean: I donít want to hear you're walking away from this for some stupid reason. It sucks.

Jill: I know it sucks.

Sean: Change your attitude.

Jill: I canít.

Sean: You wonít.

Jill: I have tried and I canít.

Sean: Jill, please. It can work. I know it can.

Victor: After I left you with your father, was there a change in him?

Tricia: I held his hand and kept talking to him. He didnít respond at all. I wonder if heís ever coming back.

Victor: You mean the world to him, you know. Even if he doesnít seem to notice you, itís very important that you're by his side. You're his lifeline.

Tricia: Thatís what I was telling Sharon what you've been to me, a lifeline.

Victor: Did you talk to Sharon?

Tricia: Yeah. I ran into her at the hospital. We had a good conversation. Listen, if you donít believe me, you can call and ask. We talked about my dad and we talked about you. I told her how much you've helped me. I think she was actually listening to me. For the first time I felt maybe she didnít hate me so much. I am trying, Victor. Iím sorry. I should probably call you Mr. Newman.

Victor: Thatís all right.

Tricia: Iím trying really hard to make amends for what Iíve done. So are you sure I canít fix you something to eat?

Victor: No, not tonight. Thank you for offering. Maybe some other night.

Tricia: Maybe soon then.

Victor: Yes. Maybe soon.

Nicholas: Hey, baby, Iím home.

Sharon: Thank you for getting here so quickly.

Nicholas: You called me. Whatís up?

Sharon: Iím spotting a little.

Nicholas: Did you call the doctor?

Sharon: I saw her as soon as I realized what was going on.

Nicholas: What'd she say?

Sharon: She said that these things happen and itís not necessarily serious.

Nicholas: Okay. Thatís pretty good. Anything else?

Sharon: That Iím just supposed to rest and relax and try to take it easy.

Nicholas: Okay. Iím here now. Iíll stay here as long as you need me.

Sharon: I know this isnít a crisis but Iím just so scared. I canít help it.

Nicholas: The doctor told you not to be alarmed but you still seem pretty freaked out. Have you told me everything?

Sharon: The truth is, Nick, no; I havenít been completely honest with you.

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