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[Phone ringing]

Ashley: Hello.

Victor: I would say good morning but it obviously isn't.

Ashley: Hi.

Victor: You sound stressed.

Ashley: I'm worried about Colleen.

Victor: Any word on her whereabouts?

Ashley: I got off the phone with Traci a few minutes ago. She hasn't heard anything.

Victor: What will you do now?

Ashley: Stay here and cover the phone.

Victor: I want to make sure you're all right.

Ashley: I'm hanging in there.

Victor: Call you later.

Ashley: Okay. Thanks a lot.

Traci: Big brother, rise and shine. I know you're dead tired.

Jack: What time is it?

Traci: It's early but I have coffee.

Jack: Thank you. How long have you been up?

Traci: Pretty much all night hoping and praying the phone would ring.

Jack: I'm sorry.

Traci: Don't apologize. I'm grateful that you're here.

Mamie: Any word?

Traci: No Mamie, not yet.

Mamie: You must be beside yourself.

Traci: I just want to find my daughter.

Billy: You two have been up all night?

Traci: It's frustrating hour after hour listening to the clock tick.

Mamie: I spoke to John. He's on his way back from the trip.

Jack: What about Phyllis?

Traci: I saw her on her way out. I told her not to wake you.

Jack: She went to work, huh?

Traci: She couldn't have been sweeter. She offered to stay here with me, hold my hand. She's been a rock through this.

Jack: She's worried about you. We all are.

Billy: Colleen will show up.

Traci: Billy, she'd have to show up. I don't think I can get through another day of this.

Cody: First day blues?

Mackenzie: Huh?

Cody: You go back to school today. You don't look too good.

Mackenzie: It's not that.

Cody: Hey, you need to talk about something?

Mackenzie: Cody, have you ever had to keep a secret from people you care about?

Cody: To protect them?

Mackenzie: No, to protect somebody else. I have information that would make these people feel so much better but I would be breaking a major confidence.

Cody: That's a tough one, Mac. I don't know what to tell you.

Mackenzie: Maybe I should focus on the person who asked me to keep quiet.

Cody: How would you feel if you trusted someone and they turned around and ratted you out?

Mackenzie: That's a good point. It's not hard at all to put myself in their shoes. I still don't know if I'm doing the right thing.

Chantal: I know Michael is ecstatic you're coming on board.

Alex: That's very kind. I can't wait to dive in.

[Phone ringing]

Michael: In case you haven't figured it out, Chantal is looking after us. For accounting and billing, we go to the office down -- is there a problem?

Alex: Michael, are you absolutely sure you want me working in here? This is Christine's private office.

Michael: I talked to her, Alex. She's fine with it. If she comes back we will rent other office space. It doesn't make sense to waste this beautiful space. You're joining the firm at a very exciting time. Let me guess. You're getting a lot of heat for coming to work for me. Yeah. It's the Michael Baldwin curse.

Malcolm: First day, baby. Got your books, huh? How about the milk money and backpack? One healthy lunch for one healthy, growing little superstar.

Nate: Not too healthy.

Malcolm: This is me here. You know there's dessert in there, Mr. Sweet Tooth, as long as you promise me you eat the good stuff first.

Nate: I promise. My first day back at school.

Malcolm: A great way to end the summer.

Nate: I can't believe it's over.

Malcolm: Nothing lasts forever. You're lucky. A lot of kids been back to school for weeks.

Nate: I know. What are you going to be doing?

Malcolm: The usual boring stuff. I have to run some errands and then I will be at the studio working.

Nate: I had so much fun -- wait a second. I just remembered.

Malcolm: Remembered what?

Nate: Last night. You said you had something very important you wanted to tell me. What is it, Dad?

Malcolm: Let me catch you later on that one. We don't want to miss the bus on the first day. They'll talk about you at school, man. Go brush your teeth.

Nate: All right.

Victor: Are you here to discuss business?

Nicholas: I was supposed to get plans for the project Vicki and I are overseeing.

Victor: As long as you and your sister approve the design, there's no need for me to rubber stamp it.

Nicholas: Cool. I'll let Vicki know.

[Phone ringing]

Victor: Yeah. Mm-hmm. I'll be right there. I have to go back to the office.

Nicholas: I have to make a couple phone calls. Is it okay if I stick around?

Victor: Sure. I'll talk to you later on.

Nicholas: Okay.

Tricia: Nicholas.

Nicholas: I was hoping.

Mackenzie: Hey, Cassie.

Cassie: Mommy said we could stop for a hot chocolate.

Mackenzie: I'm going to make it. You're going in the fifth grade, huh?

Cassie: Last one and then I go to middle school.

Mackenzie: I remember that and then you feel like a queen. Customer needs my help.

Cassie: She's so nice. I really like her.

Sharon: Yeah, me too. Why?

Cassie: I was thinking about that lady that came in the other night asking about Mac. I really hope she hasn't bothered her. I feel so bad because it would be my fault.

Alex: I don't believe in curses, Michael, and I'm immune to --

Michael: I don't enjoy what they say about me.

Alex: I exercise my opinion over gossip. You're trying to scare me? Forget it. This is who I want to be and I think it's a very good move.

Chantal: You have a visitor. Doesn't seem too happy.

Michael: Three guesses who that could be.

Alex: Show him in, please.

Michael: Well, this is obviously a personal visit.

Malcolm: Damn right this is personal. I'm here to talk Alex out of this idiotic decision, Baldwin.

Gina: I thought you said you were meeting someone.

Olivia: I am.

Gina: They're not late yet. How's Nate?

Olivia: He's fine. Spent the night at Malcolm's last night.

Gina: Getting used to the idea?

Olivia: You know what they say, you can't fight City Hall. Malcolm has been behaving himself and Nate is thrilled to see his dad. You know what? I look at my son and I see he's growing up so fast. That makes me think.

Gina: About what?

Olivia: I don't know, Gina. Do you ever just feel empty inside? You ever wonder how did I get here, who am I? Is this all there really is?

Gina: Are you kidding? Every time I look in the mirror.

Neil: Hi. Hi, Gina. Hi, Olivia. I hope I'm not interrupting.

Olivia: No way.

Ashley: I never expected to fall in love with you and how very different my life would be if I hadn't. It truly is unexpected. We find that with one another.

Victor: Speaking of which --

Ashley: You and your gifts. What have you done? It's lovely.

Victor: Do you like it?

Ashley: Yes, I like it very much. The detail is incredible.

Victor: It's a yacht, isn't it?

Ashley: Yeah. You bought it for me. You'd know, wouldn't you?

Victor: Yes, I would. As a matter of fact I did buy it. See the name?

Ashley: The name?

Victor: Yes. Look at the end of the yacht.

Ashley: Forever Ashley.

Victor: It's a replica. The real thing is yours.

Ashley: Mine?

Victor: Yes, yours. It's my wedding gift to you.

Brad: You, Mrs. Carlton.

Ashley: Yes.

Brad: There are no words.

Ashley: You're pretty handsome, you know. So where’re we off to?

Brad: We're staying right here.

Billy: We're all here for you, Traci.

Traci: I very much appreciate it.

Mamie: Did someone mention Paul Williams?

Traci: He's going to stop by in a while and give an update.

Billy: What about Brad and Steve?

Traci: They're in New York and in the process of calling and visiting all of Colleen's friends there.

Mamie: What can I do? Would you like me to have Mrs. Martinez fix you some breakfast?

Traci: Thank you. I cannot have a bite.

Jack: What is the plan today?

Traci: I should stay by the phone, but I don't think I can sit by the phone and do nothing. So I need some car keys. I'm going to see if maybe I will come across Colleen on the street.

Jack: Here's Dad's keys.

Traci: I will have my cell phone with me. If you hear anything --

Jack: Call me too.

Mamie: Good luck, honey.

Billy: Good luck, Traci.

Mamie: This poor girl, she must be dying inside.

Jack: She's made of strong stuff.

Mamie: I prayed all night we will hear from Colleen.

Jack: She'll turn up, Mamie. She has to. I have a feeling Traci's problems are just beginning, when she does.

Sharon: Honey, I doubt the woman you talked to would have caused Mac any problems. We would have heard from her by now. If you want something with that hot chocolate, you better grab it.

Cody: Hot muffins in the oven.

Cassie: I am so there.

Sharon: Hey, Mac, can I talk to you for a sec?

Mackenzie: Sure. What's up?

Sharon: Well, the other night there was a woman looking for you. She said her name was Amanda? Anyway, Cassie spoke to her. Now she's concerned you might have been hassled.

Mackenzie: When did this happen?

Sharon: Did she contact you?

Mackenzie: I saw her but I thought she left town.

Sharon: It happened when the Abbott's had that big party.

Mackenzie: That's the night I saw her. That doesn't mean she's still in town.

Sharon: You knew this woman.

Mackenzie: Yeah, a long time ago. You can tell Cassie there's nothing to worry about. No harm done. Table four's just put an order in, okay?

Sharon: Okay.

Alex:  I told you it was my call and I thought you understood.

Malcolm: Alex I'm sorry but I don't. The more and more I think about this, the crazier it seems to me.

Michael: This is a simple business situation.

Malcolm: Nothing is simple with you, Baldwin.

Alex: I will have to learn that on my own.

Malcolm: Baby, I need you to be reasonable here. I won't argue he's not a good lawyer.

Alex: You won't argue anything. You will leave and we will talk later.

Malcolm: There are a million and one reasons why this won't work.

Michael: You need a little privacy. I'll close the door.

Tricia: You want to talk to me?

Nicholas: You said over and over again you want to help my family. Here's your chance. I need you to answer a couple questions for me.

Tricia: What is it?

Nicholas: Did Matt Clark ever use roofies?

Tricia: If you're trying to torment me.

Nicholas: That is not why I'm here.

Tricia: Why would you bring up something so horrible? Does this have to do with Sharon? It does. You found out that Matt was planning to use them on her.

Nicholas: You mean at the cabin?

Tricia: I knew he had them. I saw the bottle of pills. But when I asked him what they were, I could tell he was lying. I had them analyzed. And when I found out they were that date rape drug, and was going after Sharon. That's when I realized what an evil man he was. I had to try to stop him, so I went to the cabin.

Nicholas: I'm sorry for dredging all of this up. I really appreciate you talking to me. Look, I need to know, did Matt ever use them before that night?

Tricia: He said he took them for asthma.

Nicholas: Is there anything else?  

Tricia: Like what?

Nicholas: Did he ever use?

Mackenzie: I didn't see Colleen out there. I hope that means she went home.

Ned: She's still with us.

Mackenzie: Her family is freaking out. I'm sure you have been in a tough position, too.

Ned: Many times. If this place is going to function, we have to respect the privacy of those who come to us.

Mackenzie: Have you tried to talk to Colleen?

Ned: I had to walk a line. I had to back off. I'm sorry.

Mackenzie: I'm sure you did your best.

Ned: No, come in.

Mackenzie: Hey, Colleen.

Colleen: Hi.

Ned: I have to get these to a co-worker. Make yourself at home.

Colleen: Thanks for not telling my parents.

Mackenzie: I promised I would not say anything, and I won't. Listen, Colleen, I want you to listen to me. I know you're upset with your parents. I also know you love them no matter how angry you are. You've been missing all night. Your family is going through hell wondering what's happened to you. I want you to end this right now and go home or at least let them know you're all right.

Colleen: I thought you understood; that you ran away once. There were people looking for you. Did you contact them? See, how can you tell me to go back? You left home and stayed away. You knew you were upsetting your parents and you didn't care.

Mackenzie: My situation wasn't the same as yours. Things were really bad at home.

Olivia: We really should have breakfast like this more often.

Neil: If you recall, it's not from lack of trying.

Olivia: I have a bone to pick with you.

Neil: What did I do now?

Olivia: It's what you didn't do. Why was I the last to hear about Malcolm's engagement?

Neil: I thought he should tell you himself.

Olivia: I won't hold it against you.

Neil: How did you find out?

Olivia: He told me they are moving in before the wedding.

Neil: Are you okay with that?

Olivia: I'm not thrilled with my son being around that lifestyle but I will not fight it.

Neil: You let Malcolm know that?

Olivia: Yeah, I did. I did hang up that witch hat after the hearing.

Neil: I deserved that.

Olivia: I think I am starting to accept Malcolm's new life. At least he chose a woman with character.

Neil: It wouldn't be the first time.

Olivia: I hope it's the last. I would really like to see him settled with more stability. If Alex can do it, I say more power to her.

Neil: That Alex woman?

Olivia: I'm actually wishing my ex-husband well.

Neil: I'm glad things are getting better. I suspect his relationship with Alex is going in the opposite direction.

Alex: Malcolm, I am very angry with you. We will not get into it at this office.

Malcolm: We'll get into it at home. Get your things and let's get the hell out of here. Baby, you don't need a job this bad.

Alex: I can't believe you embarrassed me like this.

Malcolm: Have you really thought this thing through? If you associate with this guy, you are sending a message to the whole town.

Alex: Yourself included?

Malcolm: I don't want people to lose respect for you.

Alex: This is how much you respect me?

Malcolm: You haven't been here that long. You don't know all the history. Alex, sweetheart, I'm telling you like it is. People will think less of you if you associate with this sleaze bag.

Alex: Are you one of those people? Does that change things between us?

Malcolm: Alex, I can't believe you're doing this. I just can't believe it.

Michael: Why do the significant others want to hurt me? I think you handled it well. Nobody has to apologize to anybody.

Alex: You know what? I'm going to make sure he doesn't do anything like that again.

Michael: He may. He may not. It doesn't worry me.

Alex: I appreciate your attitude.

Michael: There will be times we have to make allowances for whatever arises in our personal lives. I suspect it would be difficult for Mr. Winters that this is the right thing for you.

Alex: I'm sorry. I have a meeting with a potential client.

Michael: Sure.

Olivia: Neil, you telling me he and Alex are having trouble?

Neil: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to open my mouth. Let's talk about something else.

Olivia: Something's going on. I want to know what it is.

Neil: Did Malcolm say anything about her job?

Olivia: She's working for Newman.

Neil: Not any longer.

Olivia: I thought she was offered a permanent position.

Neil: She didn't take it. Today's her first day at Baldwin Williams and Associates.

Olivia: Are you kidding me? Malcolm must love that.

Neil: Hardly.

Olivia: Maybe he accepted it.

Neil: Or maybe he thinks he has time to talk her out of it. Malcolm said they're engaged. Not one peep of friction. I think it's likely she put her foot down.

Olivia: Like it's his business anyway. Malcolm said absolutely nothing to me. Knowing him and his history of overreacting to things that doesn't go his way, maybe he's had an attitude adjustment.

Neil: Either that or it's the quiet before the storm.

Tricia: I don't know why you're asking me about that.

Nicholas: I'm trying to give you closure and put everything I heard together.

Tricia: From Larry Warton?

Nicholas: Is it true? Clark drugged you?

Tricia: I was such a fool to trust that man. Back then I thought he was Carter, the sweet, sensitive guy I met at your coffee house. I spent some time with him, went to his apartment. We never -- I couldn't even though I wanted to. I guess my wedding vows still meant something. I kept saying no, despite everything that was going on, the way Ryan was neglecting me, how miserable I felt. And then one day I went over to his apartment, for comfort. He gave me some wine and said I needed to relax a little bit. Next thing I knew I woke up in his bed. I was out of it. I didn't remember anything that had happened. He said that I had a little too much to drink and I surprised him, that we made love. Since I couldn't remember anything that happened, I believed him when he said I had done it willingly. I thought I betrayed my husband because I was a bad person.

Nicholas: Nice try. I know you ran away from the cabin before you had a chance to do anything. Sharon told me.

Matt: I am not talking about last night. I'm talking about the night at your place. Remember? We had margaritas. You came home but not in time, not soon enough.

Nicholas: She had too much to drink.

Matt: I gave her a roofie.  

Nicholas: You roofed her?

Matt: By the time you came in, I'd already had her. Let me tell you something, those pills, she was something else. She was on fire. She was showing me some tricks.

Tricia: I put two and two together and I felt very disgusted, used. Do you understand why I had to do what I did after that monster did what he did to me?

Nicholas: I am really sorry. Thanks for telling me.

Tricia: If it helps, I don't know why it would.

Nicholas: Bye.

Billy: Jack, what are you getting at?

Jack: She didn't want her parents to get back together and they have.

Billy: It gets better.

Jack: I have a feeling they're in for rough times.

Mamie: Let's find the child first.

Billy: What can I do to help?

Jack: Go to school. Enjoy your first day. There's nothing you can do here.

Billy: I better take off. I'll talk to my buddies, see if anyone's spotted her and check in later, okay?

Jack: Thanks Billy.

Billy: Poor Colleen out there all night by herself.

Mamie: I feel bad for her.

Jack: Don't assume the worst. It doesn't do any good.

Billy: We have to think positive.

Jack: Get to school, okay? Pick up Mac on the way?

Billy: I don't know. I haven't talked to her. Surprised she didn't call.

Mamie: Maybe she didn't want to intrude.

Billy: Mac seemed pretty concerned. That might be the case. It's just not like her, you know?

Colleen: It was okay because your situation was worse than mine. To me it is.

Mackenzie: Colleen.

Colleen: Forget it. I don't want to talk anymore.

Mackenzie: Sorry. I didn't mean to upset you. I have to get to school anyway. I promise I won't say anything to anyone. But you have to promise me you won't leave here. Colleen.

Colleen: Okay.

Colleen: I'm sorry, I didn't see you.

Amanda: It's all right. Feeling kind of down, huh? My name's Amanda. What's yours?

Colleen: Colleen.

Amanda: Well, Colleen, you look like you could use a drink or something. How about some milk or juice? What do you say?

Brad: You've become insecure about my commitment with Abby which drives me nuts. Now you think if we have a child, one that I fathered, you think that will hold our family together.

Ashley: Even if this was about reassuring me, months ago you said you couldn't wait to have a baby with me. I suggest it and I'm crossing the line?

Brad: Circumstances have changed.

Ashley: Have they ever!

Brad: Will you just listen to me?

Ashley: You said enough. I have to go.

Brad: Why can't you understand that --?

Ashley: Brad, my husband just said he doesn't want to have a baby with me. You made yourself perfectly clear. I think you better get the hell out of here before we dig ourselves in even deeper.

Brad: Who would have thought in a million years it would be this difficult for you to accept my relationship with my daughter?

Ashley: You know something? This isn't about Colleen anymore, Brad.

Brad: What's that supposed to mean?

Ashley: You're a bright guy. Figure it out for yourself.

Brad: Colleen is very important to me. I'm grateful for the opportunity to show her how much I love her and care about her. Make no mistake. This is my family. This is my life. Inside these four walls; you and Abby.

Victor: I realize you're upset and I understand why.

Ashley: Thank God somebody does. This is so very, very complicated. I can feel Brad's allegiance shift to Colleen.

Victor: This won't ruin your marriage, would it?

Ashley: My husband slammed the door on me, made a complete reversal.

Victor: He can't be that much of a fool.

Ashley: You don't know where this is headed.

Victor: Okay. Let me tell you something. Whenever you need something I'll always be there for you. You can always count on me.

[Phone ringing]

Ashley: Hello.

Victor: It's me again.

Ashley: Hello.

Victor: Are you feeling any better?

Ashley: I'm okay.

Victor: You want me to come by and keep you company?

Ashley: No. I can't see you.

Victor: Are you sure?

Ashley: Yes.

Victor: Okay. I'll call you later.

Ashley: Um no. Please don't. There's no point because I won't be here. I'm going to go to New York. I'm going to get Abby and go be with my husband. Bye.

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