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Ashley: You following me? What do you want from me?

Victor: We're not through talking?

Ashley: I said too much already.

Victor: You said you shouldn't talk to me of all people. What did you mean by that?

Ashley: I thought what Brad and I had was extremely solid.

Victor: Now you're questioning that?

Ashley: Now I don't think I have any choice.

Colleen: Hi.

Brad: Hey. I didn't know you were still up.

Colleen: Mom sent me to my room because he was here.

Brad: Your father, I know.

Colleen: You saw him?

Brad: I walked in on him and Traci.

Colleen: Is he still around?

Brad: No, sweetheart. He left a while ago.

Colleen: Good. Why was he here in the first place?

Brad: You know the answer to that.

Colleen: If he's trying to talk Mom and him getting back together, it's pointless. Maybe you can get her to realize it's a big waste of time?

Brad: I wouldn't do that.

Colleen: Why not?

Brad: I don't think it is a big waste of time.

Colleen: It's over. Why can't anybody see that?!

Steve: I'm glad you called.

Traci: I had to get out of there. I had to do some thinking.

Steve: Does that mean you are considering what I said earlier? Traci, I'm worried about you.

Traci: I thought that this was about our daughter.

Steve: I'm hoping this is about our marriage too.

Traci: Of course it is.

Steve: Do you mean that? There's nothing more important. That's why I came here.

Traci: I know.

Steve: Tell me. Come on, Traci, tell me how you really feel. Why did you have me come over here? Do you want to give our marriage another try? Or is this goodbye?

Malcolm: Whoa, whoa, baby, wait a minute. You're turning my brother down?

Alex: Yes.

Malcolm: Why?

Alex: I think it's best.

Malcolm: This is a wonderful opportunity for you.

Alex: I agree, Malcolm.

Malcolm: What's the problem?

Alex: Corporate law is not my thing.

Malcolm: What about the HMO case?

Alex: There's a difference between representing a corporation on one thing and being at their beck and call.

Malcolm: What do you say we go home and talk about this some more? Neil, you don't need an answer right away, right?

Neil: No, no, it can wait.

Alex: Drop it.

Malcolm: You were all the way cool about this a while ago.

Alex: I was considering it.

Malcolm: What in the world happened to change your mind?

Lauren: You're pregnant with Paul's child?

Isabella: Yes.

Lauren: You sure?

Isabella: I'm positive.

Lauren: Interesting.

Isabella: I'm glad you're fascinated.

Lauren: It's not what I meant.

Isabella: I had to tell someone, Paul's ex-wife.

Lauren: How did it happen?

Isabella: Do you think it happened?

Lauren: That certainly changes things. I can understand why you're considering leaving.

Lynne: Paul, a man from the credit card company is on the phone. There's a very large charge from Genoa City Memorial.

Paul: Tell her to pay it.

Lynne: It's okay.

Paul: Isabella got in a car accident. She didn't have insurance so I'm covering the bill.

Lynne: I see.

Paul: She was heading out of town. The car veered off the road and as soon as she's released from the hospital, she'll be on her way.

Lynne: Don't be upset with me, boss. I just want what's best for you.

Paul: Yeah, yeah, I know.

Lynne: Good night.

Paul: You know, Lynne, I just -- what the hell are you doing here?

Sharon: Thanks a lot, Lisa.

Nicholas: So, what are you doing up, squirt?

Cassie: I couldn't sleep. I'm too excited.

Nicholas: I'll bet the big baby shower tomorrow.

Cassie: I have my dress ready and everything.

Sharon: I'm pretty excited too. We're going to have a great time.

Nicholas: What's wrong?

Cassie: I didn't know what to get you, Mommy.

Sharon: Sweetheart, you don't have to get me anything.

Cassie: Yes, I do. Anyway, I thought I would make you something.

Nicholas: Did you draw another one of your masterpieces?

Cassie: I'm working on a poem.

Nicholas: A poem. Now that is awesome. Can we hear it?

Cassie: Sorry, Daddy. Not until the shower. It's a surprise for Mommy and the baby.

Sharon: I think this baby is going to be so lucky to have you as a big sister.

Alex: I never made a decision.

Malcolm: You sure were leaning that way.

Alex: A very attractive offer.

Malcolm: Why are you turning it down?

Neil: Malcolm give the lady some space, okay?

Malcolm: Alex, sweetheart, I understand you want to be your own boss.

Alex: You're self-employed. Certainly you know where I'm coming from.

Malcolm: Will you take a day or two, think about the pros and cons?

Alex: You don't think I've done that?

Malcolm: Baby, you were cruising along doing this thing. Bam out of nowhere you get blindsided? I don't think so. What's the deal? Come on, talk to me.

Alex: It isn't a good fit. End of discussion.

Malcolm: Just like that? No matter what my brother does to make it work?

Alex: Malcolm, I said end of discussion.

Malcolm: Okay. I'll leave it alone. Baby, I'm not trying to give you a heard time. I'm sorry. I can't help but being a little concerned here.

Alex: About what?

Malcolm: You turning down this job position. Does this mean you're thinking of leaving Genoa City?

Steve: Are you going to answer me, Traci?

Traci: What you said earlier made me really angry. But it also forced me to look at things more realistically.

Steve: You realize Colleen hasn't been the only one affected by Brad.

Traci: He and I talked. He has made his position very clear. I couldn't believe that you're accusing me of being attracted to him, but you're right, Steve. Perhaps I do still have feelings for Brad. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I think it's because of what's happened to our marriage. I think it made me wanting to feel loved again.

Colleen: You think Mom and Steve should keep talking.

Brad: If there's a chance they can save their marriage.

Colleen: So what he did is okay?

Brad: Of course not. Steve doesn't think so either.

Colleen: Have you ever done something like that to Ashley?

Brad: No.

Colleen: Because you think it's wrong.

Brad: You can't toss people out of your life because they made a mistake.

Colleen: Whatever. Where's he gone?

Brad: He went to a hotel --

Colleen: You didn't tell her that, did you?

Brad: I'm not trying to influence it one way or the other.

Colleen: You're not helping.

Brad: Sweetheart, come down. I know you're angry with Steve. You have to start being grown-up about this. The best thing for you and your family is to stay together.

Colleen: That's not going to happen.

Brad: You don't know that.

Colleen: Mom will never forgive him.

Brad: You haven't.

Colleen: And I never will. The family I need is right here with you and Mom.

Victor: I'm not going to walk away. I'm not going to leave you in this mood.

Ashley: I know you want to help.

Victor: I'm not going to leave until you tell me. What is this about?

Ashley: Having another baby.

Victor: Having another baby with Brad?

Ashley: Something we talked about in the past. He was really anxious to have another baby.

Victor: And now?

Ashley: He's changed his mind. He's not anxious to have a baby with me.

Victor: What did he say?

Ashley: I said maybe we should start trying, he thought it was a desperation move.

Victor: He has a point.

Ashley: I suppose so.

Victor: Are you feeling rejected?

Ashley: Colleen is the substitute of the child he and I would have had together. I don't know.

Victor: Do you think perhaps those things are unrelated?

Ashley: You know what? It's the distance that I feel with Brad now. That's what worries me. I don't know if we can ever get past it. I'm not sure if we're ever going to be as close as we used to be.

Alex: Malcolm, slow down. I'm staying right here. This is strictly a business decision and nothing else. I have a few things I need to wrap up. Would you like for me to speak to Victor?

Neil: No, no, that's okay. I can handle it.

Alex: Thank you, Neil. And please pass on my thanks to Mr. Newman as well.

Neil: I will do.

Malcolm: I'll catch you later, sweetheart.

Alex: Okay. Bye, honey.

Malcolm: Neil, do me a favor, bro.

Neil: What's that?

Malcolm: Hold off talking to Victor just yet. I promise you she will realize this is the best gig in town.

Neil: I can wait a day or two. I wouldn't get my hopes up.

Malcolm: Why not?

Neil: Just a feeling.

Malcolm: You have known the lady up to now. Working at Newman beside you? That's the best solution for everybody.

Isabella: I'm not reconsidering anything. Leaving is my only option.

Lauren: When did you find out that you're pregnant?

Isabella: A few hours ago.

Lauren: You sound surprised.

Isabella: I am.

Lauren: You must have known something was going on.

Isabella: No, I didn't. I tried to leave town last night.

Lauren: You apparently didn't get very far.

Isabella: My car ran off the road. They kept me in the hospital for observation.

Lauren: So is everything okay?

Isabella: Physically. The hardest part was facing Paul again.

Lauren: He found out about the accident?

Isabella: I even had to ask him to pay my bill. All I wanted to do was leave down with a little bit of dignity. In any case, a woman at my age brought to the hospital like that, evidently it's standard procedure to run a pregnancy test.

Lauren: I see.

Isabella: Now I will always have this reminder of Paul. How he can never love me as much as his precious Christine.

Lauren: Don't tell me you're still thinking of leaving town.

Isabella: If you're suggesting I throw myself at his feet --

Lauren: No, no.

Isabella: Don't you understand? It'll never work. I was stupid to hang around this long. I kept hoping Paul would get over Christine, but he won't. Someone will say something or there'll be a picture of Christine, and then he just starts beating himself up. And I can't live like that. I won't.

Lauren: I don't understand how he can let you leave town like this. He doesn't know. He doesn't know that you're pregnant.

Michael: It's after hours. I couldn't reach your attorney.

Paul: What to you need with my attorney?

Michael: A date has been set for your divorce hearing. I wanted to make sure there won't be any conflicts.

Paul: There won't be.

Michael: Good.

Paul: Something else?

Michael: I was wondering, I couldn't help noticing the beautiful young woman you were with at the Abbott’s.

Paul: What are you going to do, tell Christine? We're getting a divorce. Isn't that enough?

Malcolm: Aha, found you.

Alex: I'm almost finished.

Malcolm: I think you can take a little trip with yours truly down memory lane. Alex, this here is a big moment for us. It's our last chance to hook up at Newman Enterprises. Huh? Come on, don't act like you don't remember, huh? I had all the flowers laid out. A little ambience going. It was in this very room that I was trying my damnedest to get you to go out with me. You see, all I could think about is how very badly I wanted to do this. And this...

Alex: Malcolm, Malcolm, stop.

Malcolm: What? What's the matter?

Alex: It's just I have a lot on my mind.

Malcolm: What, work?

Alex: Yeah. I need to wrap things up so I can get out of here.

Malcolm: What's the rush?

Alex: Malcolm, stop. Stop. I just want to make a graceful exit.

Malcolm: All right. You know what? I'm sorry, sweetheart but I just don't get it.

Alex: Malcolm, I really need you to --

Malcolm: Listen to me, before you jump ship I think it's smart to see if there's any other boats in the water.

Alex: Meaning?

Malcolm: Genoa City is a really great town, it is. Let's be real about it. How many big time firms do we have here? I'm saying check things out and see what else there is available. Then if you really want to leave Newman.

Alex: I don't want to string your brother along.

Malcolm: You heard him, he doesn't need an answer today. Besides, sweetheart, he's on your side.

Sharon: Clock's ticking. Baby number three.

Nicholas: Bring it on.

Sharon: Easy for you to say. Your stomach's not going to blow up like a balloon.

Nicholas: I think it's cute. In fact, I don't know when you've looked more beautiful. You know what? I just can't stop thinking about you.

Sharon: Tell me more.

Nicholas: The kids are asleep. We have the whole place to ourselves.

Sharon: And?

Nicholas: I can hold my beautiful wife.

Sharon: You mean like this?

Nicholas: Yeah, something like that.

Sharon: And then what?

Nicholas: Then I can kiss you like this.

Sharon: And then after that?

Nicholas: You sure you want to know?

Sharon: You afraid I'll blush?

Nicholas: No, not you. It's one of the many things that turn me on about you. You want to know more?

Sharon: I think I get the picture.

Nicholas: Baby you are and always will be the most sexiest woman in the world to me. Never forget that.

Michael: You know what I think, Paul? This is the best thing for you and Christine.

Paul: Oh, you're Dr. Phil.

Michael: You need a --

Paul: You came to say what you came to say. My lawyer will be in the court for the divorce hearing.

Michael: Good, good. As for you and the beautiful brunette. I find I’m in the strange position for wanting you to be happy so Christine can pursue the life that --

Paul: You get out of here before I --

Michael: Fine, fine! She is a very beautiful woman perhaps to fill the void left by a certain lovely blond.

Paul: Get the hell out of here!

Michael: I hope you don't carry a torch for her. It's over, Paul! It's over!

Lauren: You haven't told Paul?

Isabella: I found out after he left the hospital.

Lauren: You could pick up the phone.

Isabella: There's no point. This baby doesn't change anything.

Lauren: It changes everything.

Isabella: No, it doesn't.

Lauren: Why don't you tell Paul and see?

Isabella: I know exactly how he feels. He made that very clear. This is my decision and my baby.

Lauren: Okay. I won't press. You're in no shape to drive.

Isabella: I'll be fine. I want to leave town and this whole unfortunate experience behind me.

Lauren: Whoa, you okay? You okay? You are in no condition to do anything. Well, for your sake, the sake of your baby, just put everything off until the morning.

Colleen: Don't you see? I don't need Steve when I have you.

Brad: Colleen.

Colleen: You are my real father. I was born in this house. You delivered me.

Brad: Steve is your father.

Colleen: He doesn't give a damn for either of us. Please, I don't want things to go back the way they were.

Brad: Honey, I want to be part of your life and you will be. We're not going to be a family.

Colleen: Marriages don't always last. Look at you and Mom. Her and Steve. Maybe all of this happened for a reason.

Brad: Whoa, whoa, sweetheart. I need you to listen to me. Sit down. This has gotten way out of hand. I had no idea that you were feeling this way. I'm going to make this as simple as I can. I love you and I care a great deal about your mom. But Ashley's my wife. She and Abby are my family. So any thoughts you have about your mom and me, don't. We're not going to be a family.

Colleen: Brad, you don't mean that.

Brad: I do mean it. I know this is hard for you to accept, but you have to believe me, in the long run --

Colleen: Save it. I don't want to hear it. I thought you cared about me, you wanted me to be your daughter. I guess I was wrong.

Brad: Colleen, wait!

Steve: What are you saying, Traci? Brad's prepared to give you what you've been missing in your life?

Traci: We were so close to resolving things before I left New York. I think with just a little bit more time, we could have resolved everything.

Steve: Then you came out here and started hanging out with your ex-husband.

Traci: All right. It's foolish, I admit it, okay?

Steve: It takes two, Trace.

Traci: What are you talking about?

Steve: He probably led you and Colleen on the whole time.

Traci: He did nothing of the kind.

Steve: You don't have to defend him.

Traci: I'm not. It was Colleen and I getting carried away with the idea of the three of us being a family again. Steve, you're the one that says always be brutally honest. Well, now it's your turn. Where do you think that leaves us?

Steve: I'll admit it hurts like hell that after all these years you still haven't seen what am I saying? None of this would have happened if I hadn't been unfaithful. Look, we've both been hurt. And I think it's going to take a lot of work. But I want you back, Traci. I don't want to lose you. What about you?

Traci: Whatever happened with Brad, it was nothing, nothing. Nothing compared to the years that we've shared. You're my husband, Steve. As much as I couldn't stand to be in the same room with you, I never stopped loving you. I think it's time. I think it time for us to go home.

Alex: Malcolm, I didn't want to get into this with Neil.

Malcolm: Get into what? What is it, baby?

Alex: I already accepted another offer.

Malcolm: Whoa. Okay. Now that was fast.

Alex: Well, it came up suddenly, and I went for it.

Malcolm: Okay. Is it everything you want?

Alex: It's hard to be sure. For the moment, I think so.

Malcolm: So much for me worrying about you making a rash decision, huh? Wait a minute, wait a minute. Talk to me. Why wouldn't you tell Neil this? You afraid he would hit the roof? Alex, listen to me. He may have been a little disappointed but if this is what you really want, I know my brother would be happy for you. Just like I am happy for you. Congratulations. Well, all right. If I don't have to worry about you.

Alex: You don't.

Malcolm: You know I'm going to be home later and we're going to do some celebrating. A little this. A little of that. A little more of this. A little more of that.

Alex: I'll see you later.

Malcolm: Congratulations, baby. You got a j-o-b.

Alex: It's not Neil's reaction I'm concerned about. It's yours, Malcolm, when you find out who I'm working with.

Paul: Yes, I need some information on a patient. Isabella Brogna. I see. She has been discharged. Do you know what time? All right. Thank you.

Victor: I realize you're upset, and I understand why.

Ashley: Thank God somebody does.

Victor: You know, problems are not solved with children in marriages. You know that.

Ashley: I'm very well aware of that, Victor. This is so very, very complicated. I can feel Brad's allegiances shifting. I can't convince him of that. My husband slammed the door having a baby with me. He made a complete reversal.

Victor: He can't be that much of a fool.

Ashley: I don't know where this is headed.

Victor: Okay. I sense you'd rather be alone. Let me tell you something, whenever you need something, I'll always be there for you. You can always count on me. I hate to see you in pain like this.

Sharon: Such a beautiful baby. So happy, so sweet. She's more beautiful than I could have ever imagined.

Matt: She's beautiful, all right.

Sharon: What are you doing here? Get out. Get out. Get out now before I --

Matt: Come on, Sharon. I'm not going to hurt you. I don't have to.

Sharon: What are you talking about?

Matt: You know.

Sharon: You mean that night that you got me drunk and you gave me the drugs? You think you hurt my baby. You didn't. She's fine. She's absolutely perfect.

Matt: You sound like you're trying to convince yourself. You still have doubts, don't you?

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