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Victor: So you feel as though you're on a runaway train.

Victor: I hate to see you like this.

Ashley: You know the worst thing of all; I brought it all on myself.

Traci: You're saying I'm not over Brad. That's quite a statement. Why would you think that?

Steve: Colleen transferred her affections to your former husband.

Traci: Brad is happily married to Ashley.

Steve: Have I struck a nerve?

Traci: Where is this coming from?

Steve: Look, I'm partly at fault.

Traci: Partly?

Steve: It doesn't mean you encourage our daughter to spend time with --

Traci: What's wrong with them becoming closer?

Steve: We're supposed to be the adults, Traci. Not play into her fears and insecurities.

Traci: You are out of line and you have no right to talk to me like this.

Steve: I am still your husband. As long as I am, I have every right.

Traci: Talk about transferring affection. Isn't that what you're doing with your little friend at the office?!

Waiter: Bonjour.

Isabella: Hi.

Waiter: Can I get you something to drink, Miss?

Isabella: Just some mineral water. God, what am I going to do? What am I going to do now?

Lauren: Do about what? Hi. You remember me, Miss Brogna, don't you? Lauren Fenmore. We met at the Abbott party.

Isabella: Yes, of course.

Lauren: I am so glad we ran into each other.

Isabella: Why?

Lauren: We had such a wonderful conversation, and I was hoping we could continue it.

Isabella: And what do you know, here you are.

Lauren: Kismet.

Nicholas: Hey, sexy.

Sharon: Hey, honey.

Nicholas: You ready to get out of here? Your chariot awaits.

Sharon: I can't leave yet.

Nicholas: Don't give me a hard time on this, woman. You have to think about the baby.

Sharon: I am.

Nicholas: Remember our rule? No more working late?

Sharon: Apparently you forgot that I'm meeting Katherine Chancellor here to talk about the baby shower?

Nicholas: Oh, yeah.

Sharon: Yeah. We're going over all the details. You wouldn't believe how seriously she's taking this.

Nicholas: Then you better stick around. What?

Sharon: Your father stopped by this morning, after you went to work.

Nicholas: Don't tell me his visit had anything to do with Tricia Dennison.

[Knock on door]

Malcolm: Hey, hey, hot off the presses. Sizzling, baby. Somebody call the fire department.

Neil: What are these?

Malcolm: Shots you want for the stockholders’ meeting. You the man with the money so.

Neil: I trust your judgment. Looks like you made the right choices. You usually do.

Malcolm: I appreciate the love. Before I bounce, I wondered if you have a minute.

Neil: Yeah. What's on your mind?

Malcolm: Alex. It's pretty important, man.

Neil: I don't get it. What's Alex got to do with it?

Ryan: Neil's really hung up on the woman. Poor guy's stuck between a rock and a hard place. Malcolm and Alex are engaged.

Michael: Mind if I join you, counselor?

Alex: Suit yourself.

Michael: Thank you.

Alex: Easing up on your caseload a bit, huh?

Michael: On the contrary, it's worse than ever. Miss Perez, I'm quite in awe of you. You accomplished the impossible with the Lawson Medical case. You must have had some damning evidence.

Alex: After months of hard work, we found the smoking gun and they were forced to cave in.

Michael: I understand the U.S. attorney is going to prosecute on the basis of your work.

Alex: You heard right.

Michael: That will cost Lawson a fortune in fines and penalties.

Alex: It will be incorporated in the patient's bill of rights.

Michael: The grand slam.

Alex: Feels good.

Michael: It ought to be a wake-up call to a lot of HMOs which means patients will get better health care which means congratulations.

Alex: Thank you.

Michael: I assume you can write your ticket where Newman Enterprises is concerned.

Alex: They've asked me to stay.

Michael: And you haven't said yes. That surprises me. I know they made you a heck of an offer.

Brad: Hell.

Steve: I am not going to push you, Traci. I came here to work things out between us because I felt we were getting close to settling things. I have done everything I can to assure you that what I did, it will never repeated, ever.

Traci: I know you would like me to believe that.

Steve: It's true. I have learned a painful lesson. If you can't forgive me, if you're not even interested in trying, I can't force you.

Traci: What is it you want from me, Steve?

Steve: You’re willing to give. I'm going to spend a night in the hotel. You have my cell phone number. If I don't hear from you by morning, I guess I'll just head back to New York.

Traci: What about Colleen?

Steve: Naturally, I want to see her again. Naturally, she's made it clear she doesn't want to see me, so I won't push. You know, we have been together for many years, Traci. And I know you. Perhaps better than you realize.

Traci: What's your point?

Steve: I'm picking up a vibe here. If I'm right about this, I think you're starting to have feelings about Brad again. I have a feeling you're setting yourself up for a huge disappointment.

Sharon: I'm not sure what your father hoped to accomplish, but he took Larry Warton up on his offer to help.

Nicholas: He set up this accidental meeting.

Sharon: She literally freaked.

Nicholas: I don't want him getting you involved. Your party is about to start.

Sharon: Hi.

Katherine: I am wonderful, ready to roll up my sleeves.

Nicholas: This big shower is about to happen. I am definitely out of here. There must be something I can do.

Sharon: Go out on the patio. Help yourselves to refreshments, please.

Katherine: I cannot tell you how much fun I am having.

Esther: You would think Mrs. Chancellor is the one having a baby.

Katherine: Have you looked at the list I gave you?

Sharon: Everything looks wonderful. I can't thank you enough for going through all this trouble.

Katherine: Nonsense. I'm having the time of my life planning this. I have a list of the party favors. Esther, may I have the list, please? There we go. Why don't you take a moment and go over them and maybe -- now, I need your advice.

Victoria: Um, okay.

Katherine: Sharon seems to be fine and everything.

Victoria: Yeah, that's a good thing, right?

Katherine: I want this event to be special. Don't you understand? I have never given a baby shower in my life. Can you think of anything that would be unusual that I'm doing?

Victoria: You're asking the wrong person. I don't have any expertise when it comes to showers.

Esther: I have an idea. Well, they have these little kits for making your own stuffed animals and they come with fur and stuffing and all kinds of things for the face, and you can dress them up with the cloths. And each one can make one for the baby. It makes a really cute gift.

Victoria: That sounds great.

Katherine: Yes, Esther, that's not bad. That's something I was sort of looking for, to do, you know?

Lauren: Wow.

Isabella: I don't want to talk about it.

Lauren: So are you dining here alone or are you expecting someone?

Isabella: Excuse me, Miss Fenmore, but why do you care?

Lauren: I'm just curious.

Isabella: About what?

Lauren: About the frank conversation we had and I really appreciate your frankness. It seemed after, you and Paul were virtually joined at the hip and here you are dining alone. Is Paul working on a case?

Isabella: I don't know what Paul's doing.

Lauren: Really. You're not communicating even about dinner?

Isabella: Miss Fenmore, I'm really not up for this right now.

Lauren: I only wanted to chat.

Isabella: No, you didn't. You wanted to know where things stand between Paul and me. You obviously have a personal interest. Let's cut to the chase. If you're interested in Paul go for it. Throw yourself at him. Make him an offer he can't refuse. Do whatever you want, Miss Fenmore, because I couldn't care less!

Ryan: Hey, Nick.

Nicholas: How's it going, buddy?

Ryan: Where's Vicki?

Nicholas: She's on the patio planning the baby shower.

Ryan: I'll stay in here where it's safe.

Nicholas: Smart man.

Ryan: How you doing?

Nicholas: Things are good. I think Sharon worries too much.

Ryan: The lady is expecting. It goes with the territory.

Nicholas: I wish she wasn't so stressed out.

Ryan: Something in particular?

Nicholas: No, just in general. How are things with you? How are things with my sister?

Ryan: Knock on wood, brother. I thank God every day for finding my way back to your sister. She is an incredible woman.

Victoria: Well, she found an incredible man.

Neil: Malcolm, you're engaged to the most beautiful lady in the world. I don't know what's possibly wrong.

Malcolm: I didn't say it was wrong. I said it's important.

Neil: So what's on your mind?

Malcolm: I think it's common knowledge that my fiancée is the true workaholic, right?

Neil: No argument there.

Malcolm: That's why I need your help.

Neil: What this time?

Malcolm: I have a wedding and honeymoon coming up, right?

Neil: Of course you do. Complete with showers and bachelorette parties. She's finished her monster case. It should be smooth sailing.

Malcolm: That's really easy for you to say.

Neil: What do you mean by that?

Malcolm: Alex and I met with Mamie, right? We wanted to tell her about our plans. We got champagne for the story.

Neil: Stop, stop, I know. Alex was late.

Malcolm: Bingo. She got tied up at the office. It got me to thinking what the future is, right.

Neil: I guess you know we offered her a permanent job here.

Malcolm: That's why I'm standing here talking to you. I want you to do me a favor. When you work out her contract will you make sure she has time for life outside of this joint?

Neil: You haven't talked to Alex yet. We had our contract negotiations today.

Malcolm: She took on a huge workload, right? Damn.

Neil: I took into account your lady needs a private life. We arranged a schedule that wouldn't be overly busy.

Malcolm: See, that is why you're my man. We're home safe then.

Neil: No, we're not. Not quite.

Malcolm: Why not? What's the problem?

Neil: Alex told me she's not sure she wants to work here after all.

Alex: Tempting, but I never envisioned myself as a corporate lawyer. Business law doesn't hold much fascination for me.

Michael: A lot of money and prestige.

Alex: Those things are true, but, I just don't think I would be happy.

Michael: If you passed, what then?

Alex: I'm still a full partner in a small firm in Minneapolis.

Michael: I didn't know that.

Alex: Neither do the partners. They offered to buy me out.

Michael: You're not thinking of leaving Genoa City.

Alex: No. I like it here.

Michael: Then you do need a job.

Alex: Yeah.

Michael: I have never seen you operate in the courtroom, but I have to believe that you're more convincing in front of a judge than you have been with me.

Alex: What does that mean?

Michael: It means there's another reason.

Ashley: Everything we're getting back from the test markets depends on test markets. You have done one hell of a job with our product placement. Thank you. Keep in touch.

Victor: Sounded like good news.

Ashley: Very good news. It's great when your strategies pay off.

Victor: Professionally, things seem to be going well.

Ashley: Trying to focus my attention on business. It would be nice to have a little control.

Victor: I doubt seriously things have been out of your control. You feel bad about hurting people. It's time for you to reassert yourself.

Ashley: The time has passed.

Victor: Your sister moved back to Genoa City?

Ashley: She's back. I did not take your advice.

Victor: She's moved into your home, along with your daughter.

Ashley: Yeah.

Victor: Did you have any choice in the matter?

Ashley: Not realistically. What's happened is I postponed the conflict.

Victor: What's the problem?

Ashley: The problem is a young girl that wants her life to be different than what it is. She wants to create a past that never existed.

Victor: She wants her parents back together again.

Ashley: Yeah, absolutely.

Victor: Where does your sister's husband fit into this?

Ashley: Steve's the guy left out in the cold all of this. He stands to lose not only a wife but a daughter too.

Brad: Hey. Steve's gone?

Traci: Yeah.

Brad: Guess I walked in on the middle of something.

Traci: Can we not talk about it?

Brad: So Colleen is due back in New York next week, huh?

Traci: That's right.

Brad: First year in high school. That's a big deal.

Traci: It's a big deal. She can't be late to start and I'm feeling guilty for not thinking of it sooner.

Brad: It's a good thing Steve reminded you of this. What he said about resolving the situation in time, it's possible.

Traci: I don't know. What do you think I should do?

Brad: That depends on where you two are, Trace. How likely you are to reach an understanding. When Ash asked you to come back, how close were you two to working things out?

Traci: Close.

Brad: Still seemed tense between you guys now. Does that mean you're not so sure?

Traci: That's part of it.

Brad: Steve go back to New York?

Traci: No. He's staying at a hotel.

Brad: He wants to talk some more.

Traci: Yeah.

Brad: If you guys pick up where you left off, it shouldn't take that long.

Traci: Maybe.

Brad: Good.

Traci: Do you think that we should reconcile?

Brad: Can I be perfectly honest, Trace?

Traci: Please.

Brad: Part of me hopes you two don't work it out.

Traci: Really?

Brad: Yeah. Yeah, and I know it's selfish.

Traci: I guess I can understand why you might feel that way.

Brad: You can?

Traci: Yeah.

Lauren: I beg your pardon?

Isabella: There's nothing more to say, is there? You got your answers, so go. Leave me alone. Call Paul. Knock yourself out.

Lauren: What on earth could have happened since Jack's party?

Isabella: Juicy details are none of your business. Let me give you some advice, Miss Fenmore. Go after Paul if you're looking for some fun. If you're really interested, don't torture yourself.

Lauren: What do you mean?

Isabella: Whatever Paul may claim, there's only room for one woman in his life.

Lauren: Christine.

Isabella: Of course Christine. The bond between those two, I don't think will ever be broken. I warn you, Miss Fenmore, proceed at your own risk.

Lauren: Look, I don't like to see anyone in pain. At least you found out now before it's too late.

Isabella: You know I keep telling myself as much as it hurts, it could be worse. Except it couldn't, not now.

Sharon: Thank you again.

Katherine: Darling, it's a pleasure. We will see you tomorrow.

Sharon: With bells on.

Katherine: All right, darling. Victoria, speak with you later. Hello, Ryan.

Ryan: Hey.

Sharon: I saw you huddling with Kay and Esther. Do you have plans?

Victoria: You'll find out tomorrow.

Sharon: Not even a little hint?

Victoria: You'll just have to wait.

Sharon: Katherine's really going all out.

Victoria: She's very excited about this baby of yours.

Ryan: We have to get home. We have to fix dinner.

Victoria: I'll see you later.

Sharon: See you later. She's really something, isn't she?

Nicholas: She is an awesome lady. I have an idea. What do you feel if we ask Katherine to be our baby's godmother?

Sharon: Nick, that is such a wonderful idea.

Malcolm: Alex actually said that? She wasn't sure if she wanted to work here?

Neil: Pretty much, yeah.

Malcolm: When did you meet with her?

Neil: This morning.

Malcolm: Neil, what was the problem, money, perks? What?

Neil: No. It wasn't money. It wasn't perks. She seemed just fine with our offer.

Malcolm: Neil, why would she turn you down?

Neil: Hard to say.

Malcolm: Where did you guys leave it?

Neil: Asked her to think about it.

Malcolm: I can tell you from experience, that woman likes to take her sweet little time when it comes to thinking things over.

Neil: Malcolm, this is a job offer not a marriage proposal.

Malcolm: It's the same thing. She takes her work all the way serious.

Neil: So I noticed.

Malcolm: You said this conversation happened this morning?

Neil: Yeah, why?

Malcolm: I don't know, it's just weird. I saw her before we met with Mamie. You’d think she'd have told me she was having second thoughts. You would think that's important enough to tell the man you're getting ready to marry, right?

Alex: I don't think we should be discussing this, Michael. It seems inappropriate.

Michael: Maybe so. Is there anyone you can discuss this with? I understand you're reluctant to open up to a virtual stranger. I assure you anything you say to me will be kept in the strictest confidence. I sense you're struggling with a lot here.

Alex: Gosh, a lawyer and a mind-reader. Quite a combination.

Michael: Well, when I saw you with Neil Winters here, I remarked that it must be interesting for you to be personally involved with one brother and working with the other.

Alex: I remember.

Michael: At the time I didn't think you quite followed me. Perhaps I was being a bit too oblique. Let me be direct. I sense that Neil had more than business on his mind where you were concerned.

Alex: No comment.

Michael: I see you're wearing a ring. Is that Malcolm's?

Alex: Yes, we're engaged.

Michael: Please don't tell me you're becoming a housewife.

Alex: Hardly.

Michael: So you need a job. You're not working alongside your brother-in-law-to-be?

Alex: I would rather not discuss it. I don't see how the topic will help.

Michael: Perhaps you think your options are limited. Then again they may not be as limited as you might think.

Alex: You're really good at this.

Michael: I've had a lot of practice.

Nicholas: You know, I still don't understand why Dad had to drag you into the plan of his to scare Tricia.

Sharon: Don't get upset. I was the one that brought it up in the first place. I asked Larry Warton to help us.

Nicholas: You don't need the stress right now.

Sharon: I can handle it.

Nicholas: Are you sure?

Sharon: Look, despite the way I feel about Tricia, I realize today your father knows what he's doing. When he has a plan, things happen.

Nicholas: Or they don't happen, depending on what he wants.

Sharon: Exactly. Seeing Victor in action today reassured me. Maybe there wasn't a huge breakthrough but I definitely don't feel like I have to worry about Tricia anymore.

Nicholas: Are you sure you're not saying that because you know that's what I want to hear?

Sharon: That's how I feel.

Nicholas: I hope so. When you stress these days, you're stressing for two.

Sharon: I know. Being pregnant has forced me to be more on an even keel.

Nicholas: Our miracle baby keeps on making more miracles.

Sharon: With all of the attention you give me, I just -- I kind of can't wait for the whole thing to be over, you know, and for the day we can just hold our new daughter or son in our arms.

Ryan: Dinner almost ready?

Victoria: Yeah. Didn't you hear me slaving over a hot microwave?

Ryan: I must have blinked. Cheers. I had a talk with Neil.

Victoria: How are things going with his lawyer friend?

Ryan: He thinks I'm butting in too much.

Victoria: Shoot the messenger?

Ryan: Something like that.

Victoria: What happened?

Ryan: I'll tell you later but I'll tell you this much. With Neil being between a rock and a hard place, I'm thinking Alex is right there with him.

[Phone ringing]

Neil: Hold on one second. Winters. Yeah. Didn't arrive yet? I will have my secretary find a tracking number and get it for you. No problem. Thanks.

Malcolm: Neil, man, I sure wish I knew where Alex's head was in this thing.

Neil: Malcolm, I wouldn't sweat it.

Malcolm: This is Newman Enterprises. Talking about one of the conglomerates on the planet. This is right up her alley.

Neil: She has reasons for mulling it over.

Malcolm: She should be falling all over herself to sign the contract with you guys. She has a good friend working alongside, someone she can lean on. Why don't you pep up a little bit? I'm talking about you. Okay. Wait a minute. You said there's no time limit on this offer, right?

Neil: Not as far as I'm concerned.

Malcolm: What about Mr. Big Stuff upstairs? He won't get bent out of shape thinking she's trying to pull his chain?

Neil: As long as she makes up her mind in a reasonable time.

Malcolm: I think I can help you out.

Neil: How?

Malcolm: She took her time accepting my marriage proposal. When it came right down to it, I got the answer I was looking for. I think this might work out the same way.

Neil: You think so?

Malcolm: I'll lay the Winters charm on her. I'll give her a nudge in the right direction.

Neil: A nudge.

Alex: Well, well, two for the price of one.

Malcolm: Baby, baby, we were just talking about your beautiful, sexy self.

Alex: Oh?

Malcolm: I was telling my brother that I'd hate for you to pass up the opportunity that Newman is offering you.

Alex: You told him.

Neil: I didn't see the harm.

Malcolm: Talk to me. What's the problem?

Alex: There's no problem, Malcolm. I've made my decision.

Malcolm: See? Look at that. Told you my girl would come around.

Alex: It's a wonderful offer, Neil, and I cannot thank Mr. Newman enough. But I'm afraid I have to turn it down.

Victor: It seems to me we have talked about everyone else but very little about you.

Ashley: Everything is such a mess. Brad and I can't even speak to each other without arguing.

Victor: It's that tense?

Ashley: It's had a huge impact on him, getting to know his biological daughter.

Victor: At the expense of the relationship with your daughter.

Ashley: He thinks it's my paranoia causing me to think that way. He's accusing me of ruining the relationship with our daughter.

Victor: Is there any way I can help?

Ashley: No. For you to get involved would only make things worse. I can't talk about this anymore. I've already said too much. Victor, I have to drop off papers at the boardroom.

Traci: Brad, if things don't work out with Steve --

Brad: Then you'd move back home and I could spend more time with Colleen. I told you it was selfish, Traci.

Traci: Steve is really trying.

Brad: I hope you're giving him credit for that.

Traci: Yes, of course.

Brad: Good. Because when and if you two do work this out, it's going to take time for it to come around.

Traci: I know.

Brad: I told you I would use whatever influence I have over Colleen to persuade her to give her dad a second chance. Whatever pain she's in, she'll get past it. Did I say something wrong?

Traci: No. No, you didn't.

Brad: Look, Trace, I'm not pushing for a reconciliation. Still, if you and Steve get back together, I'll do whatever I can to support you. I know Ash will too. Traci, we want you to be happy. You and your family.

Traci: Thank you.

Lauren: I understand how you feel. Angry, disappointed and hurt. But time helps. And space does too. In that sense it's very fortunate you don't have any ties in Genoa City.

Isabella: Perhaps I should move on.

Lauren: Perhaps that's best.

Isabella: That's what I wanted to do.

Lauren: First few days are the hardest. It gets easier. Trust me. I know these things.

Isabella: You know nothing, Miss Fenmore.

Lauren: I'm sorry?

Isabella: You have no clue what's going on.

Lauren: I'm trying to help.

Isabella: You could never help. You want to know why? Because I'm pregnant. I am carrying Paul's child.

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