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Sharon: If you're looking for Nick, he just left.

Victor: I came to see you.

Sharon: Really.

Victor: Mm-hmm.

Sharon: I got a call from Nikki last night.

Victor: Hmm.

Sharon: She's going to be in Brazil a lot longer than expected.

Victor: Any problems?

Sharon: People who discovered the ingredient or whatever in the rainforest are having trouble refining it for commercial use.

Victor: I'm sorry to hear that. I wanted to apologize for being abrupt with you, with your concern with Tricia Dennison staying at my apartment.

Sharon: It's just strange, Victor, strange and disturbing.

Victor: That's your opinion. It's my decision, and I stand by it.

Tricia: Watch it, Tricia. No smiles for the camera. You wouldn't want anyone knowing how pleased you are with yourself. Yeah. I think this little arrangement is going to work out very nicely.

Victoria: Could you please spoil me a little bit more?

Ryan: I don't know, could I?

Victoria: I don't think so.

Ryan: You couldn't just be talking about the mango.

Victoria: I am on such a high.

Ryan: Me too. Last night was really fun.

Victoria: It was fun. Who thought the Abbott party would be such a blast?

Ryan: Sure is full of surprises.

Victoria: And then afterwards, dessert and more dancing.

Ryan: It was fun.

Victoria: That was just the warm-up. You know, after a night like last night.

Ryan: The best part is coming home.

Victoria: You know, you are setting the bar awfully high. I'm going to expect to be entertained like this a lot.

Ryan: Feel free to compete with me.

Victoria: Coming up with the diversions?

Ryan: Best part of being with a liberated woman.

Victoria: Yeah.

Ryan: Uh-oh. I lost her.

Victoria: I'm thinking of those words Ďdiversioní. Why do we need a distraction for our lives? I had so much fun last night. I could forget about everything that was bothering me.

Ryan: You're talking about Tricia.

Victoria: I don't get it, what's Alex have to do with this?

Ryan: Several times the relationship was in trouble. The only reason it hasn't crashed and burned is because Neil told Malcolm what to do. She said she needed time.

Victoria: That seems a normal reaction.

Ryan: Malcolm didn't think so. He thought he was being rejected, on the verge of walking away from everything. Neil explained why Alex needed time. Evidently, she had personal issues both guys knew about but Neil had to remind Malcolm of her history. He told him not to take it personally.

Victoria: You say because of Neil Alex accepted Malcolm's proposal?

Ryan: I know for a fact. I was in the room when Alex told Neil about Malcolm's sensitivity and understanding made all the difference in the world.

Victoria: Maybe that's for the best. When I see Malcolm and Alex together, they seem pretty happy.

Ryan: She is now. We're talking long term. If she goes through with this wedding, she's going to be marrying a man who is not all that she thinks he is.

Neil: You're in bright and early.

Alex: I had my fingers crossed.

Neil: Really. About?

Alex: Something I was hoping would be on my desk, and it was.

Neil: Sounds like good news. You want to lay it on me?

Phyllis: What a great surprise. I'm so glad you came by.

Malcolm: I wasn't all the way sure I would find you here.

Phyllis: After last night, you're worth your weight. I'll make you my killer pecan waffles.

Malcolm: This answers my question.

Phyllis: Yes, I can do more than make reservations.

Malcolm: I ran into Baldwin last night and found out things may have turned around for you and Jack. I came by to see if it was for real. It is for real, right?

Phyllis: Yeah, it is for real.

Malcolm: Look at you. Girl, you had me worried.

[Doorbell sounding]

Billy: Hey. Mrs. Chancellor. What's going on?

Katherine: Well, we were up all night. I don't want to wake her. She just drifted off a couple hours ago.

Billy: Why did she sleep down here?

Katherine: She was frightened to sleep in her room alone.

Billy: Why? What happened?

Katherine: Her mother, Amanda paid us a visit.

Ashley: Morning.

Brad: Morning.

Ashley: How'd you sleep?

Brad: Not well.

Ashley: Me neither. Do you think we could talk about something without bringing other issues into it?

Brad: I suppose we can try.

Ashley: You said something to me last night that was very disturbing.

Brad: What?

Ashley: You accused me of using paternity as a way of hurting you. How could I say something so cruel? That put a knife through my heart, Brad.

Brad: Excuse me, Ash, as I recall you were the one that brought into the discussion that Abby is not my biological child.

Sharon: I'm sorry, but I still think having Tricia Dennison in your apartment is a terrible idea.

Victor: I understand how you would feel that way, Sharon. You just have to accept the fact that I have my reasons. And I have everything under control. Why did you go to my apartment last night?

Sharon: Well, I was talking to Larry Warton at the coffee house. He found out that Tricia's out on the street. He knew that that would upset us, and he's offered to help us with the situation.

Victor: How the hell would Larry Warton help us with the situation?

Sharon: Believe it or not, Victor, he threw out an idea that really intrigued me.

Billy: Amanda was here?

Katherine: Let's go in the other room and talk.

Mackenzie: He came after me.

Amanda: You're lying, Mackenzie. You're lying!

Mackenzie: He put his hands all over me!

Amanda: I don't believe you... Believe you... Believe you...

Alex: When I came in, the letter was on my desk and it's a final piece of the HMO case.

Neil: Are they going to trial?

Alex: Mr. Tough Guy Drake turned belly up, offered to sign a consent decree. The board caved, said they would agree in writing.

Neil: I bet Lawson Medical is trying to keep this under wraps.

Alex: The attorney general said they make full restitution in a trust fund and it should hit the papers in a day or two.

Neil: Miss Perez, I said this before --

Alex: It was all about teamwork.

Neil: In this particular case, captain, your timing couldn't be more perfect.

Alex: What do you mean?

Neil: I spoke to Victor the other day about his job offer. He asked me to write up a proposal, how we envision your new role around here.

Alex: Well, have you done it?

Neil: No, and I'm not going to.

Ashley: I don't ever want Abby's paternity to be an issue between us, Brad.

Brad: So why did you bring it up?

Ashley: Because I thought it mattered to you.

Brad: You assumed I fathered Colleen my connection to her is stronger. Somehow my love for her is subtracted from the love I have for Abby. Come on, Ash you know better than that.

Ashley: I don't ever want to use Abby's paternity as a weapon. As far as I'm concerned, you're her father.

Brad: You just wonder if I feel that way. [Doorbell sounding] You expecting someone?

Ashley: No.

Brad: Yes.

Lou Coats: I hope I'm not too early.

Brad: I think you have the wrong house.

Lou Coats: I'm a photographer. Here's my card. I'm scheduled to take a photograph.

Malcolm: Okay. All's well that ends well, huh?

Phyllis: You know it.

Malcolm: Phyllis, I have to say it. I can't believe Baldwin, of all people, got so involved. I'm glad you got an assist, even if it was from that jerk.

Phyllis: Malcolm, he's not a jerk.

Malcolm: Phyllis, whatever. I'm just glad it worked out for you.

Phyllis: So am I.

Malcolm: I do hope you're not too bent out of shape I wasn't there for you.

Phyllis: Where were you?

Malcolm: Slow down. I was there. I made an appearance like I said I would. You told me you were going to be a no-show, remember that?

Phyllis: No.

Malcolm: Then itís like, why am I here? I was mad as hell at Jack. If I stick around I would have done something stupid like smack the dude.

Phyllis: It's a good thing you left because he would have had to propose to me with a black eye.

Malcolm: That would have been real cute. I am sorry I missed your festivities.

Phyllis: Where'd you see Michael?

Malcolm: Saw him at the Lodge. I took Alex over there after we left here.

Phyllis: What's that there? I know that smile.

Malcolm: What do you know? You think you know everything.

Phyllis: I think you're feeling the same way I'm feeling.

Malcolm: Okay, okay. I'll give it up. You know, even last night when I was down in the dumps worrying about you, I just -- it just felt so very good to be with her. Whoa, I'm tripping. You don't even know. I haven't told you, have I?

Phyllis: You have news about you and Alex?

Malcolm: Do I have news. You, my red-headed diva, Cupid's done struck me too. I am an engaged man.

Phyllis: Malcolm, you're holding out on me. Why didn't you say something?

Lou Coats: Photographer, we had an appointment.

Brad: We did? Maybe my wife knows something. Come on in. Ash, this is Mr. Coats.

Lou Coats: Lou coats, Memory Lane photography.

Brad: Do you know anything about this?

Ashley: We spoke about it. We spoke about a family portrait of you, Abby and me and I made an appointment.

Brad: This is not a good time. I'm happy to pay for any inconvenience.

Lou Coats: You want to reschedule?

Ashley: When's the next availability?

Lou Coats: Everybody gears up, a lot of weddings, portraits for Christmas. You are looking at early January.

Ashley: Honey, Abby won't be a baby then. She'll be past her first birthday.

Brad: That's a good point.

Ashley: So?

Brad: So let's do it.

Lou Coats: I'll set things up.

Victor: What's Larry Warton's idea?

Sharon: According to Larry, every time he used to run into Tricia he would really scare her.

Victor: You mean when she lived with Matt Clark?

Sharon: Right. It occurred to Larry maybe he could bright frighten her into leaving town?

Victor: How?

Sharon: Nothing that would violate probation but if the sight of him frightens her -- anyway, that's why I stopped by your penthouse to see if you thought the idea had any merit.

Victor: So Larry Warton claims that he scares Tricia Dennison.

Sharon: Terrifies.

Victor: Really.

Sharon: What is it, Victor? What are you thinking?

Mackenzie: Grandma? Grandma! Grandma!

Katherine: I'm right here. What is it? What is it? My dear, what is it?

Mackenzie: I had a dream, that's all.

Billy: It's just a dream.

Katherine: Sit down. Sit down.

Mackenzie: My grandma told you what happened?

Billy: That your mother came to apologize.

Mackenzie: You believe her?

Billy: You don't believe her?

Katherine: It seemed genuine.

Billy: None of it matters. She can't get to you, okay?

Katherine: I have been trying to reassure her over and over and over again about that same thing. Darling, listen to me. No matter what Amanda had in mind, there's no way that she could touch you. Do you understand that? It breaks my heart to see you constantly frightened.

Mackenzie: Grandma, I'm okay. It's just having her show up like this, it was a shock. But I feel totally safe with you. I'm sorry I kept you up all night. I'll be fine, I promise.

Katherine: Mackenzie, you are always saying that.

Mackenzie: Grandma, I am going to be okay. I don't want you to worry.

Katherine: I think I'm going to go upstairs and freshen up.

Mackenzie: I love you.

Katherine: I love you, too.

Billy: Okay. I know you were saying that for Katherine's sake. I know you're more upset than you're letting on.

Victoria: I don't want to ruin our morning, but are you as frustrated about the situation as I am? There's Tricia again. She's like a blast from the past.

Ryan: I don't enjoy it either.

Victoria: I'm not trying to criticize you. I know it's not your fault. I'm tired dealing with the woman. You brought home these signed divorce papers and I was like, wow, we're free. We're free of her. Next thing I know, she's checked herself out of the hospital and is living with my father. Am I supposed to roll over and accept this?

Ryan: I know you're worried about your father.

Victoria: My father is not infallible, Ryan. Let's not forget she's responsible for the death of two men.

Ryan: I don't think we have to worry about your dad.

Victoria: I hope not. The fact of the matter is she's there. She's living under his roof. She's capable of God knows what.

Ryan: I wish we could drop this --

Victoria: I wish you would stop that. Every day she's making more and more inroads. Should I call Miguel and have him set another place at the table at Thanksgiving?

Victor: Good morning.

Tricia: I didn't realize you were up and out so early.

Victor: Oh, yeah.

Tricia: Where'd you go at such an early hour? I'm sorry, I shouldn't pry. You know, when I went out to get the paper, I noticed there was a new guard.

Victor: Mm-hmm. There's a whole new crew.

Tricia: Really. May I ask why?

Victor: Because I didn't like the job the others were doing.

Tricia: You must feel I pose quite a threat. I know how valuable your time is and to spend so much of it thinking of me, I guess I should be flattered.

Victor: I'm going to get a jacket.

Traci: Good morning.

Brad: Good morning, sleepyheads.

Colleen: What's going on?

Brad: This is Mr. Coats he's a photographer. He's going to take a portrait of Ash, Abby and I.

Traci: What a good idea. In a few years, you're going to be so happy you did.

Ashley: Have you seen this princess?

Traci: What a sweet dress.

Ashley: Thank you, Aunt Traci.

Brad: We'll ready to roll. Let's have our lady seated. That's perfect. Yes.

Lou Coats: Okay. Dad, perch a little closer, please. Closer. That's good. Put your arm around her shoulder. Okay. Big smile. Hold it... Okay. Good. Let's do another one just like that one. Let's try one a little happier this time. Bigger smile, Dad. Okay, Abby. There you go, baby. That's the one I want. That's perfect. You'll do a couple more like this. We'll have it all, okay? Good... I like that. That's a good baby. That's good. Okay. Let's have one more big smile. Come on, Dad. I need a little more from you. That's good. Hold it. Hold it. Perfect. That's good.

Colleen: Excuse me. Before you did that, could you have one more sitting?

Traci: You mean of all five of us?

Colleen: The three of us, you, me and Brad.

Brad: I don't think so, Colleen.

Colleen: You can't take the time? After all, you are my parent.

Tricia: I need an eight-letter word for Machiavellian.

Victor: Scheming.

Tricia: That was quick.

Victor: Have you had breakfast?

Tricia: No.

Victor: Why don't you go in the kitchen? Everything is there.

Tricia: I didn't know if I should help myself. I didn't want to press any lines.

Victor: I certainly don't intend to starve you to death.

Tricia: Okay. I'll fix us both something.

Victor: Don't.

Tricia: Why not?

Victor: I'm going to go out. You care to join me?

Tricia: You mean outside to a restaurant?

Victor: Yeah. Would you like to go?

Tricia: Yeah, I'd love to. I haven't been out to eat since I got out of the hospital, except Boston but there were two pairs of eyes on me. It'll be a nice treat. Where are we going?

Victor: Why, does that matter?

Tricia: No, not really. Anything would be nice. I'm a little bit curious why you'd want to take me out.

Victor: You seem hesitant, would you rather not go?

Tricia: No, I want to go.

Victor: In that case, I'll follow you.

Mackenzie: I'm worried. I can't help it.

Billy: It's horrible.

Mackenzie: It's the worst nightmare.

Billy: Thank God Katherine was here all night.

Mackenzie: I had to pretend I was okay.

Billy: You didn't want to put anything else on her.

Mackenzie: She has done everything she can to make me feel safe. I have nothing to be afraid of. My mom can't even do anything to me.

Billy: That's right. She can't take you away, Mac. She has no legal right to do anything like that. I know you've been worried about your mom for so long. You had your guard up and finally let it down a little for the things Katherine's done and you get blindsided. Of course it's a shock.

Mackenzie: Showing her face and hearing her voice, it brought back everything. I remember when she called me a liar. She took that pervert's word over mine! Can you imagine how that made me feel? What that did to me? It's like it just happened yesterday, the most horrible time in my life.

Billy: Hey, look, Katherine told me Amanda promised not to contact you. Even if she does, she can't force you to see her.

Mackenzie: Yeah, I guess that's true.

Billy: Maybe her coming here was a good thing. Totally behind you.

Alex: Neil, what are you telling me?

Neil: Exactly what I said. I won't be writing your job description.

Alex: Why not?

Neil: Because frankly, I think you ought to do it. Now Iíve jotted down some notes, but I think you should set the parameters.

Alex: I get to write my own ticket.

Neil: That's right. You earned the privilege. That's what happens when you succeed at this level. Besides you've got pull. You have Victor Newman's right-hand man as your future brother-in-law, thank you very much. Alex, something wrong?

Alex: No. I just --

Neil: What?

Alex: I'm just rather confused.

Neil: Confused about the job offer?

Alex: No, not that. Last night when Malcolm and I left the party, we went out to eat.

Neil: Yeah.

Alex: Well, I --

Neil: Go on. Did something happen between you and my brother? Alex, Alex, I'm your friend, okay? I want you to trust me. If there's anything, anything at all you want to tell me, go ahead. I'm right here.

Alex: You know what? It was nothing. It was nothing, Neil. I don't even know why I'm asking it.

Neil: Okay. Fine. Let's get back to your contract.

Alex: The one I'm going to write.

Neil: Yes. Start the ball rolling. Everybody knows what a tough negotiator you can be. Adequate?

Alex: More than adequate. Doubly adequate.

Neil: We can always get that figure reduced, if you wish.

Alex: No, it's okay.

Neil: Seriously though, Alex, you've earned it, all of it. Not to mention you're coming off a partnership equity position. This is how we recognize and compete with that. So next step.

Alex: Where do we go from here?

Neil: I take it we have agreed on your base compensation. You will receive stock options, bonuses, all the usual goodies.

Alex: Naturally.

Neil: Before I give you my notes and let you run with them, keep in mind, we don't expect you to do drudge work. You'll stay in the big leagues here in the executive suite where you and I will very much work hands-on. We'll be in close contact. Are there any questions? Good. Here's my file. A few ideas that Iíve had that might intrigue you. Study it, peruse it, make it your own. It's your dream job at Newman Enterprises. Problem?

Alex: You know, I'm sorry, Neil, I can't do it. I can't take this job.

Brad: Colleen, I'm sorry, this isn't going to work. I wasn't planning on any of this. Ashley forgot she made the appointment. We were going to cancel. We both have very busy mornings.

Colleen: It won't take that long.

Traci: Sweetheart.

Colleen: The photographer is here.

Brad: This thing takes some time.

Traci: Brad's right, honey. Why don't we not argue?

Colleen: You don't want a picture of us together.

Traci: He didn't say that.

Colleen: Yes, he did.

Brad: I don't have time this morning. Neither does Mr. Coats.

Colleen: Forget it. You don't want to make time. That's what this is about.

Brad: Colleen.

Colleen: Whatever.

Traci: I'm very sorry. Please excuse me.

Lou Coats: Okay. Then, I'll be out of here. I should have the portraits for you next week.

Brad: I'll show you out.

Ashley: Thanks.

Lou Coats: You're welcome. She's a beautiful baby.

Ashley: Thank you.

Brad: That wasn't an unreasonable request.

Ashley: You sure?

Brad: You put me in a position that I had to say no and now my daughter feels hurt and rejected.

Ryan: I think you're going a little overboard here.

Victoria: Am I? If a couple weeks ago I had told you that things would have gone this far, you would have said no way in hell. I never would have guessed in a million years that Tricia Dennison would be living with my father. Would you?

Ryan: No. You're right, I wouldn't have predicted that.

Victoria: Well, thank you.

Ryan: I honestly don't think you have to worry. Victor Newman is a master getting inside people's minds. He's trying to figure out what Tricia's about and dealing with it. Sweetheart, listen to me, you have faith in your father, okay?

Victor: You all right?

Tricia: Of all the places you could have picked.

Victor: My son owns this place and the food here is wonderful.

Tricia: Yeah, I know. I just hope I don't cause a fuss.

Victor: Nothing will happen as long as I'm with you, all right?

Tricia: Of course not. I'm sorry if I'm making it strange. I haven't been out for a while.

Victor: That's quite all right. Where would you like to sit?

Tricia: I don't know.

Victor: How about the patio?

Tricia: Fine, the patio it is.

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