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Tricia: Good morning.

Victor: Good morning. Why don't you help yourself to some coffee?

Tricia: Thank you. I will. I just talked to the hospital. There's been no change.

Victor: I'm sorry to hear that.

Tricia: It's weird, you know. He had a headache and the next morning --

Victor: Yeah. Those things happen very suddenly. Unfortunately, it's out of our control, you know. Did you sleep well?

Tricia: Better than I thought I would. I guess in a strange way I already feel secure here. Maybe because I know about your doubts about me, you and my father are friends. Being with you makes me feel closer to him. It's comforting.

Victor: That's nice to know.

Victoria: Hi, I'm glad I caught you. You're not going to believe what happened.

Nicholas: Try me.

Victoria: Tricia moved in with Dad.

Nicholas: Into the penthouse? How did she talk Dad into that?

Victoria: Her father had a stroke.

Nicholas: Oh, man. When?

Victoria: A couple nights ago. He's not doing well.

Nicholas: Is he going to pull through?

Victoria: Who knows. Tricia did the little lamb spiel and he bought it.

Nicholas: There must be an easier way to do it.

Victoria: I said he must be out of his mind but he's determined.

Nicholas: He's trying to protect his family, obviously.

Victoria: There are limits. I know he's worried because I moved in with Ryan.

Nicholas: You are not the only member of the family. This family has a problem with Tricia.

Victoria: I know, Sharon.

Nicholas: Dad with handle Tricia. He has taken measures to deal with her.

Victoria: We're talking about a seriously disturbed woman.

Nicholas: Why are you second-guessing him?

Victoria: I don't like this situation. Not one little bit.

Paul: I don't have the Cooperman file.

Lynne: It's behind my desk. Let me get it.

Paul: Good morning, ladies.

Lynne: Hello. What are you doing back here?

Paul: We put the Wilson case to bed. We're still wrapping up the few loose ends.

Lynne: What about the report?

Paul: He's going to fax it over shortly and you can fax it to the client.

Marissa: We didn't expect you back until tomorrow.

Paul: You have an engagement this evening.

Lynne: You do? There's nothing on the schedule.

Paul: I'm going to work on my expense report and be ahead of the curve for a change.

Lynne: An engagement?

Marissa: Since when? You know, Lynne, you're awfully interested in the boss's social life.

Lynne: Make a joke. This is not like Paul. Something is going on.

Marissa: Lynne, come on. Whatever it is, it has nothing to do with Isabella because she's long gone.

Malcolm: Look at you, Miss Glamour Girl.

Phyllis: Yeah, right.

Malcolm: I expected to see you in your hospital blues. Are you ready to bust out of this joint?

Phyllis: They're releasing me.

Malcolm: That's good news. The doctor says you're okay? No complications?

Phyllis: Yeah, everything's fine.

Malcolm: Baby, that's wonderful. Tonight's definitely the big night then, right? You know, when you're going to party? Huh?

Phyllis: Yeah. Nobody's called me to cancel or anything.

Malcolm: Then I guess it's still on. How about that?

Jack: Another food and bar station and lights in every tree in the place. All these chairs have to go. Mike, lots of extra chairs, lots of them, okay? [Cell phone ringing] Abbott. Yeah. We still want them. Get them here within the hour. Thanks. Hey, Pop.

John: Well, well, well, quite a production.

Jack: Yeah, yeah. Wait until you see what the place will look like.

John: I don't have to ask you if you need a ride to the office.

Jack: I'm going to be busy with this.

John: I'm surprised you are going ahead with this party. Does that mean you found a way to resolve things?

Jack: Things are resolved all right. Last time I saw Phyllis, she gave me back the ring. Dad, it's over.

Ryan: I think that about answers all my questions.

Neil: Good. Glad I could help. Something else?

Ryan: I know I pushed buttons the other day. I'm not sure if I should ask.

Neil: You're looking for an update on Malcolm and Alex. Ryan, you can relax. As far as I know they haven't gotten engaged.

Ryan: Why haven't you gone for Alex?

Neil: I haven't thought about it. Malcolm has been scarce. I haven't seen Alex much except for here at work. I assume he heard what she was saying, giving her some time and space to consider his proposal.

Ryan: That's one scenario.

Neil: What do you think is going on?

Ryan: It's possible they've broken up.

Neil: What?

Ryan: It's possible that maybe you haven't seen Malcolm because he's off licking his wounds. This could be the perfect opportunity.

Neil: So much for you not pushing buttons.

Ryan: I'm on your side. I'm not getting on your case.

Neil: You could have fooled me.

Ryan: I'm saying it could be in your best interest to find out what's going on with Alex.

Neil: It could open up a whole new can of worms.

Ryan: Or new feelings. You said you had feelings for her.

Neil: Exploring them --

Ryan: Is not an option. This is a whole new ball game. What could possibly hold you back from expressing feelings that may or may not be there?

Mary: Oh, yes, please. What a delightful morning. I hate to see it end.

Isabella: Me too.

Mary: Isabella, about you and Paul.

Isabella: When I decided to stay, Paul and I came to an understanding. We're going to take things very, very slowly.

Mary: You'll be dating then.

Isabella: Exactly. Nothing at all inappropriate. I hope that'll ease your mind a little.

Mary: Well, thank you for confiding in me. I do feel better, even though I'm not surprised that's how you would want to proceed.

Isabella: I can tell you're relieved.

Tricia: I have to admit, I'm embarrassed. I could have waited.

Victor: Why didn't you?

Tricia: I guess I panicked. Being in my father's house alone, I couldn't handle it.

Victor: It was that frightening to you.

Tricia: It was. When I was there packing, the drive that was so strong wasn't as strong, and I realized maybe I overreacted.

Victor: Why are you telling me this?

Tricia: I want you to know if you change your mind and you don't want me here, that's okay. I'm not as desperate as I may have seemed.

Victor: We'll just take it a day at a time.

Tricia: My therapist tells me that.

Victor: Okay. I have to go to work. My driver will take you to your therapy sessions or anywhere else you want to go.

Tricia: Your nice way of saying you're keeping tabs on me? That's okay, that's okay. I understand.

Victor: Do you?

Tricia: Listen, I explained to you I want to prove to you that I'm making progress. I understand I'm going to have to earn your trust.

Victor: Make yourself comfortable around here, all right? Downstairs that is. Living room, kitchen. Upstairs is off limits.

Tricia: Of course. I understand. That's your private area.

Victor: Have a nice day.

Matt: I wouldn't do that.

Phyllis: Jack hasn't brought it up which makes sense, since there's no way I'm going now.

Malcolm: Wait a minute, you're not sure if this party's happening or not?

Phyllis: Hey, how are you and Alex doing?

Malcolm: Phyllis, we're good.

Phyllis: Good. That's good. That's all I get? I want details.

Malcolm, I don't know --

Phyllis: Don't feel guilty for feeling happy around me, okay?

Malcolm: Phyllis.

Phyllis: Seriously, Malcolm, I'm happy for you, okay?

Malcolm: Okay, okay. Thank you. Is someone picking you up and taking you home?

Phyllis: No problem.

Malcolm: Is that a yes or is that a no?

Phyllis: Listen, don't worry about me, okay? I'll be fine. I should probably just be alone with my thoughts right now anyway.

Malcolm: Okay. I mean, I have to get back to the studio. Phyllis, you know, I figured Alex and I would put in an appearance at this party. So I hope you change your mind and decide to show up.

Phyllis: I'm not going to change my mind. But go ahead. Have a good time, have fun. Thank you for coming by.

Malcolm: Yeah. You're welcome.

Phyllis: Jack and I broke up. I gave him his ring back.

Malcolm: His ring? What ring?

Phyllis: We were engaged. We were going to get married. But now that's never going to happen.

John: Oh, Jackie, I'm so sorry. How are you doing?

Jack: How do you think I'm doing?

John: In light of the circumstances --

Jack: Dad, the party's still on. If I had my wits with me, I would have canceled it. I haven't been thinking clearly. It's too late to cancel now.

John: Why?

Jack: People set aside an evening. It would tick our friends off. These are friends I'm counting on to get through this. Believe me, I will get through this. Please, please don't worry about me.

John: How does that leave you?

Jack: I don't know. Part of me says, "Jack, you always wanted to have kids." Carry on the family name. I know that sounds corny.

John: Not at all.

Jack: The other part of me is screaming, what the hell is wrong with you, Jack? Get over there and force her to take the ring. Phyllis is your life. How can you possibly take no for an answer?!

Michael: That's a damn good question, Jack.

Nicholas: Okay. So now that you've weighed in with this vote of no confidence.

Victoria: I'm concerned about this. It's a bad idea.

Victor: I gather you've brought your brother up to speed.

Victoria: I think he has a right to know his father has put himself in danger.

Victor: You share her opinion, son?

Nicholas: I feel it's extreme but if you feel you have it under control.

Victor: I do.

Nicholas: I'm cool with it. It's nice to know Tricia isn't running amok.

Victoria: I still think there's a better way to deal with this.

Victor: For example?

Victoria: You own a lot of real estate in town. Set Tricia up in her own apartment. Install a surveillance system, it shouldn't be hard, living in the lap of luxury with a 24-hour guard and she will be out of harm's way.

Victor: It won't work.

Victoria: Why not?

Victor: I had a discussion with Miss Dennison this morning. There's something she made quite clear to me.

Neil: Right. On the count of three, we will drop this subject. One --

Alex: Good morning.

Ryan: Speak of the devil.

Neil: I was telling Ryan here how hard you've been working lately.

Alex: I even have proof. Here's a summary of pending health care legislation in the state.

Neil: Excellent. Thank you.

Alex: I have a copy for Victor too. I will write him a note and you will see him before I do.

Ryan: I will leave you two to deal with that and whatever else.

Alex: All right.

Neil: Is that everything?

Michael: I think your son ought to learn the truth.

John: Well, I don't like your attitude, Baldwin.

Jack: It's all right. Michael and Phyllis are good friends. If he has something to share with me, I'm willing to listen. Well, counselor, what's on your mind?

Michael: I'm curious, Jack. Are you planning to drop Phyllis like a hot potato because she can't bear your children?

Jack: You come hear to speak the truth, not ask me insulting questions.

Michael: Fair enough. Fair enough. My first knee jerk reaction to hearing what happened to Phyllis was to say to her to run as fast as you can away from this guy. He's making you feel like damaged goods.

Jack: Those are your words.

Michael: You know that having kids was a condition of your proposal. Despite her past, the heavy issues, her absolute terror of going down that road again. Well, guess what, buddy? You got your wish. Phyllis loved you so much she was actually willing to overcome those fears. Now it turns out that she can't have your child and you have the gall to question whether or not you want to be with her. Now shallow as you are, you must realize what that's done to her.

Jack: You are dangerously close to crossing the line.

Michael: Phyllis, she doesn't want to lose you. She wouldn't be happy without you. I wish she would. After the way you've treated her, you don't deserve her. Because I am her friend, I am here to tell you you have to make peace with what happened. You get over it, Jack. You let Phyllis know it doesn't matter she can't have your child. You say you love her. You prove it. You go to her and say you want to be with her no matter what.

Jack: Are you finished? I have tried countless times to convince Phyllis the experience with motherhood would not repeat itself.

Michael: Oh, I see. So you get over your fear of having children so I don't have to get over my fear of growing old together without children. That's a heavy one to lay on somebody. You know what? Phyllis would have actually gone along with it. Because as frightened as she is with that, the idea of a life without you frightened her more.

Jack: That so? Then why is she the one that broke off the engagement?

Lynne: I'm going to take this stuff over to the printer.

Mary: Good morning. Paul called last night and said he would be back this morning. I was hoping to catch him.

Lynne: He's doing paperwork. Why don't you go on in?

Mary: Thank you, dear. I think I will. Well, I see you made it back in time.

Paul: My feet have wings.

Mary: I'm so glad you're looking forward to this evening.

Paul: Yeah, I am. What can I, do for you Mom?

Mary: I picked up a little something for you to wear to the party tonight.

Paul: What, am I going as a giant peach?

Mary: That's a cummerbund and tie to wear to the with your tuxedo.

Paul: I'll stay away from the fruit basket.

Mary: You don't like it?

Paul: Why, I --

Mary: You have to wear it.

Paul: May I ask why?

Mary: Isabella picked them out and I promised I would talk you into it.

Paul: In that case, I have no choice.

Neil: Your ring.

Alex: I got it last night during a very romantic dinner. Oh, you know what, I have to take it off.

Neil: Why? I mean why would you take it off?

Alex: I didn't want you to find out this way. When we woke up this morning, Malcolm and I decided we wanted to tell you together. He was going to come to the office with me but a friend of his is in the hospital. It's official. We're getting married and you and I are going to be family. Neil, you okay?

Neil: Yeah. Sure.

Alex: You're --

Neil: I just didn't know that --

Alex: I understand. When we spoke I made a big speech of wanting to take my time to make this decision. Now I have a ring on my finger. It obviously startled you. It would have caught me by surprise.

Ryan: What changed your mind about waiting, Alex, if you don't mind my asking.?

Alex: Malcolm came back and he apologized for pressuring me. He was just so sweet. It was almost as though he could read my mind.

Ryan: Really.

Alex: Yes. I mean he did admit he was upset at first that I needed time. Then he made peace with what I said and told me to take as long as I needed.

Ryan: That's pretty darn sensitive.

Alex: I'll say. You know what's funny though? After I found that he was willing to wait, I realized I didn't need to anymore, Once it hit me how in sync we are, how Malcolm knows me, all my hesitation went away and I was sure I wanted to marry him.

Ryan: Well, congratulations.

Alex: Thank you.

Neil: Yeah, Alex, congratulations.

Alex: Give me a hug.

Malcolm: Hey, Phyllis, you're coming at me way out of left field with this. When did this happen?

Phyllis: Which part?

Malcolm: All of it.

Phyllis: He was romantic. I mean, if you call badgering me to death romantic.

Malcolm: I think it worked to get you to change your mind.

Phyllis: Yeah, it did. After a lot of discussion. But it's over now.

Malcolm: Phyllis, I'm sorry, baby. You ended it?

Phyllis: Yeah, I had no choice.

Malcolm: What do you mean you had no choice?

Phyllis: Because of Jack.

Malcolm: He wanted this?

Phyllis: He didn't want it. In fact, he tried to talk me out of it.

Malcolm: Well, okay, Phyllis, Phyllis, baby, why are you doing this? You have to at least try to believe what that man says.

Phyllis: You think I’m overreacting.

Malcolm: No, Phyllis. I think Jack loves you very much.

Phyllis: He wants to have children with me, Malcolm.

Malcolm: Okay. I believe that he will get past that.

Phyllis: Listen, with all due respect, I think I know Jack a little better than you do.

Malcolm: So you're going to assume the worst? Come on, Phyllis.

Phyllis: I had to do this, okay?

Malcolm: You know what? I'm your friend. I'm telling you, you're dead wrong on this. Phyllis, the two of you love each other.

Phyllis: We love each other. And that's going to be it. Okay? I can't handle that, Malcolm.

Malcolm: Sweetheart, I need you to hear me. You're making a huge decision on a cut that's healing. You are going to lose the love of your life.

Phyllis: Please don't do that. Please.

Malcolm: Listen to me. You have no way of proving that's the way Jack feels.

Phyllis: Malcolm, he took the ring back.

Michael: Broke up? You an --

Jack: We were going to announce at the party tonight and surprise everyone.

Michael: Phyllis decided she couldn't --

Jack: That's right. Phyllis decided. Kind of changes things, doesn't it?

Michael: She's only backing away from you, Jack, because you convinced her babies are more important than she is.

Jack: I am not going to tell you I don't want children.

Michael: If it's so important to donate to the gene pool, why don't you try in vitro fertilization.

Jack: I can't imagine why you would even mention -- it speaks to your ignorance.

Michael: Concerning what?

Jack: You have been telling me about how shaky Phyllis is with the concept. Do you have any idea how physically and emotionally demanding a process it is? I do. I have done some research on this. Hormone therapy so intense, you  can barely function for months. A 70% failure rate. And when you fail, those who are determined try again. You see, it's a process for people who are desperate to have children. You and I will agree, that doesn't exactly describe Phyllis. I pushed her before. I'll admit to that. I'm not going to push her again. That's not an option.

Michael: What about option number two?

Jack: And what would that be?

Michael: You can't change Phyllis. Why don't you try changing yourself? Think about it. You know, Jack, I don't know you very well, but I do know that Phyllis loves you a great deal. That doesn't come along twice in a lifetime. You are crazy if you let her go. And if you do, I guarantee, you will live to regret it.

Mary: Have a wonderful time tonight, son.

Paul: Thank you. I will try to get Isabella home by curfew.

Mary: I trust you. Now get back to work.

Paul: All right.

Lynne: Isabella is still in town?

Mary: She is.

Lynne: I thought she was gone.

Mary: She was terribly confused and on the verge of leaving. I convinced her she should think more carefully about her future.

Lynne: Mrs. Williams, what are you doing?

Mary: Lynne, don't take that tone with me.

Lynne: I can't believe you're promoting that relationship. That woman is wrong for Paul.

Mary: My son was out of it because of Isabella.

Lynne: That piranha ruined that.

Mary: Christine was gone for eight months and now she's divorcing my son.

Lynne: This is a nightmare.

Mary: I'm really sorry you feel that way. Isabella is a very honorable young woman. The last thing on her mind is seducing my son.

May I get you anything else?

Isabella: No, thank you. Just the check.

Is there some problem with the bill?

Isabella: No. I was just looking at the name of the establishment.

We have rooms upstairs for rent.

Isabella: Would you happen to know if you have any rooms available for tonight, a double?

I'll be happy to check for you.

Isabella: Thank you.

Victoria: What did that psycho say to you?

Victor: She assured me if things don't work out, she will go back home.

Victoria: I thought she was uncomfortable there.

Victor: Don't you understand, if she stays with me, I have her under close scrutiny?

Victoria: And then she comes at you with an ice pick. I don't know why we can't have that lunatic committed.

Victor: We can't do that. Until she does something questionable, doctors have no right to impose those restrictions on her.

Victoria: Why can't anyone see she's dangerous?

Nicholas: Dad has got this under control.

Victoria: She could do anything. She could come up to your room in the middle of the night. You can't watch her 24 hours a day.

Victor: I assure you if she makes one wrong move, I will be alerted. She has explicit instructions not to step foot on the stairs.

Victoria: How do you know she was listening? I can't believe that you don't see the potential for disaster here. Let's not forget, this woman has killed two men, at least one of them on purpose. She's capable of anything.

Victor: My darling, I understand you feel uneasy about this, all right? I appreciate your concern, but you've got to trust the way I'm handling this. Let me assure you of one thing. When I'm through with Tricia Dennison, she will no longer be a threat to my family.

Tricia: Why?

Matt: Don't say anything. Just sit casually down on the stairs. Trust me on this. Victor is a very clever, very resourceful man. Do you believe his attitude towards you he would let you have run of the house? Think about it, Tricia. We know Victor wants to keep a close eye on you. Two words, sweet cakes: surveillance system. What's she doing now? Stop right there. Don't look around. Somebody's watching you. You can't do anything to raise suspicion. Pour yourself some coffee. It seems we're going to have to act as if we're under a minor leaguer under a microscope at all times without letting him know that we know. We have to think very, very carefully how to proceed from here. No more conversations with me, not out loud. Not until we know what Victor's done with this place.

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