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Tricia: I have come so far and made so much progress. If I'm readmitted, that would just set me back.

Victor: What do your father's doctors say?

Tricia: Not much. I think they just don't want to give me false hope. But if he pulls through, he's not going to be home for a while, and there's no telling what condition he'll be in when he is. In the mean time, I can't handle being in that house by myself. Too many bad memories. I doubt you would allow it anyway.

Victor: I have serious reservations.

Tricia: Look, it's not easy for me to ask for your help. But given the circumstances, staying with you where you can keep a close eye on me, it's my only choice. Don't you agree?

Sean: Jill?

Jill: I'm busy.

Sean: So am I. I should be back at the Abbott house taking care of business, instead I'm here because you walked out on a stupid argument.

Jill: Stupid? First I'm ridiculous, and now I'm stupid. You have far more important things to do like help Brittany blowing the candles out on her birthday cake, all 18 of them.

Sean: I can't believe you're upset because I was talking to the girl.

Jill: You were doing a lot more than talking.

Sean: She kissed me and I came to you. Brittany knows where I stand. I made that abundantly clear. Her advances were totally unwanted.

Jill: But did she hear you?

Sean: I think so. If not, who cares? We have one more day with her and then this project is history.

Jill: It can't be soon enough for me.

J.T.: I have to hand it to you, Raul, you have a way with the ladies. You hang on a lot longer than I thought you would.

Raul: Back off.

J.T.: Sounds like a threat.

Raul: Just shut your mouth.

J.T.: You going to do it for me?

Raul: Give me a reason.

J.T.: Like this?

Billy: Hey, hey! Break it up! Break it up! It's not worth it!

Brittany: Wow, two guys fighting over you, Rianna? Not bad.

Rianna: You think I like this?

Brittany: What's not to like?

Traci: So I hope you don't mind the interruption but Colleen has great news for you.

Brad: I don't mind one bit. What's up?

Colleen: The coolest thing happened to me at dance. Remember the steps I was having so much trouble with?

Brad: Let me guess. You nailed them.

Colleen: I didn't think I would ever figure them out. Then my feet knew where to go. Then my teacher asked me to do my routine in front of all the other kids.

Brad: I bet you did great.

Traci: She sure did. She's the star of the class.

Colleen: Mom.

Brad: Sweetheart, that's terrific.

Colleen: Why don't you come tomorrow?

Brad: Why wait then? You can do your routine here.

Colleen: Here?

Brad: Why not? You're already dressed for it.

Colleen: I don't have any music.

Brad: Yeah, that's a problem. It's one I can take care of. Remember this?

Colleen: Brad asked my teacher what music we played in class and he bought it so I could dance for him.

Brad: And you promised me my own recital. What do you say, Colleen? No time like the present.

Olivia: Knock, knock.

Ashley: Hi. What brings you by?

Olivia: Touching base. I want to know how you're doing.

Ashley: You want to know about Colleen and Brad.

Olivia: Last time we talked you hoped your sister would agree with you, that your sister was getting too involved.

Ashley: Again, my expectations were too high.

Olivia: I don't like the sound of that.

Ashley: Traci decided to reassess things which is what she's doing while she's staying in our home with Colleen.

Olivia: They're both staying in your home now?

Ashley: Can you imagine how naive I was?

Olivia: I thought it was an experiment.

Ashley: Well, the plan's not working. I think it will cause problems for all of us. If I try to say anything about it --

Olivia: You'll come off paranoid and insecure.

Ashley: My fears are not unfounded. I'm getting very worried what the implications might be.

Nicholas: Hey, guys, what are you working on?

Cassie: A picture of my new bedroom.

Sharon: Let me see.

Cassie: Do you like it?

Nicholas: Well, Cassie, that is really good.

Sharon: You really put a lot of thought into this. I always wanted one of those when I was a little girl.

Cassie: Noah thinks I should have a tower with a drawbridge and a moat.

Nicholas: Those are good ideas but you forgot one thing.

Cassie: What?

Nicholas: Bunk beds.

Cassie: I can have bunk beds, really?

Nicholas: Sure, when your friends come over, they have a place to crash. Between turning Cassie's old room in a nursery and building her a new room, I'm going to get on these ideas right away.

Sharon: Labor Day is coming up too. Your parents have a barbecue or something. Think your mom will be back by then?

Nicholas: I doubt it. Maybe Victoria and Ryan want to do something.

Sharon: I wouldn't count on it. My guess is they want to spend the holiday alone. I think they've had enough family time for a while.

Billy: You have got to keep it together, man. All right. Want to tell me what happened?

Raul: I came out of the pool house, J.T. and Rianna were together being all happy which proves everything I said.

Billy: Maybe you misinterpreted it.

Raul: You know what? I don't give a damn. To hell with both.

Billy: You want to go for a swim, cool down a little?

Raul: I don't feel like it.

Billy: How about a sandwich.

Raul: I'm not hungry.

Billy: When's the last time you ate? Raul?

Raul: Lay off. I don't need a babysitter. My turn to chat.

Victor: You know there are other forms of supervision. Given everything that has happened, why would you think I'm your only viable option.

Tricia: Because in a strange way, I believe you care about me. You're concerned about my spirit and mind.

Victor: That's because I'm protective of my family, because you have caused a lot of damage to those I love.

Tricia: I am committed to getting better, but I can't do it myself. Let's face it, you are a man whose authority isn't questioned.

Victor: What's your point?

Tricia: If I were living under your roof, you would monitor my progress. Even if it is for a different reason. I'm determined to make amends for what I've done. Maybe if you see me every day I can prove to you I'm sincere.

Victor: It matters that much to you?

Tricia: I need all the support I can get. And I can't tell you what a difference it would make having you in my corner. Is that too much to hope for?

Victoria: Oh, my God. What is she doing here?

Brad: Wow! I can't believe what I just saw.

Colleen: You really liked it?

Brad: Liked it? That was unbelievable.

Colleen: I messed up on one part though.

Brad: It looked flawless to me. Thank you for dancing for me.

Colleen: You're welcome.

Traci: Well, you must be exhausted after a dazzling performance.

Colleen: Not really. I am a little thirsty. Is there a water fountain?

Brad: Down by the elevator. You can go down to the commissary to get a drink.

Colleen: That sounds good. Does anybody want anything?

Brad: No, thank you.

Colleen: Mom?

Traci: No, thank you.

Colleen: Okay. I'll be right back.

Brad: Wow. So it's been a couple of days, Trace.

Traci: Yes, it has.

Brad: Formed any opinions?

Traci: Well, I can tell you I'm overjoyed to see my daughter finally relaxed and happy again. However --

Brad: You can't ignore the issues that brought you back here.

Traci: Brad, when I left, we had an agreement about how much you would actually interact with our daughter. We both knew it was completely natural to want reach to you out to you as her father.

Brad: I am not minimizing your concerns, but if we are to have a closer relationship, would that be such a terrible thing? I have been on the sidelines almost her whole life. These last few weeks I finally have had an opportunity to get to know my daughter. It would be pretty tough to go back to a phone call now and then.

Traci: You have to keep one more thing in mind. Steve feels exactly the same way you do about Colleen. Whatever problems he and I have, make no mistake, he loves that little girl with all his heart.

Olivia: Honey, this really has you upset.

Ashley: Traci is doing what's best for her daughter.

Olivia: How bad is this tension?

Ashley: Bad. Bad. But Brad and I are coping.

Olivia: How?

Ashley: You know, the usual, not talking, not spending any time alone.

Olivia: That sounds healthy.

Ashley: I'm trying to avoid confrontation because I know Traci has had enough of that with Steve. Colleen is not just Traci's daughter but Brad's daughter, too. He feels robbed not having had a relationship with her.

Olivia: Wasn't that Traci's decision?

Ashley: Yes and Brad went with it but he's experiencing something powerful, getting to know Colleen. And how involved she should let her daughter become with my husband.

Olivia: Why is it taking Traci so long to assess the situation?

Ashley: She's being very methodical.

Olivia: How can you be methodical about affairs of the heart?

Ashley: That's another thing that worries me.

Sean: Brittany, the drama queen. She feels neglected and she's acting out.

Jill: She won't feel neglected very long. You're building this whole soirée around her. She will be the center of the universe.

Sean: Brittany's birthday happened to fall on the same day.

Jill: How convenient for her.

Sean: She's not looking forward to it. The kids can't stand her.

Jill: Tell me you're not this naive. You will be there. You are the only guest that matters. You are acting like it's no big deal. She has her sights on you because she sees it as a challenge.

Sean: She will get bored and move on to the next target. It's kind of sad.

Jill: You're breaking my heart.

Sean: She didn't get enough attention from her father. Look what happened to your son. She knew Billy wouldn't stay with her. She clung on to the bitter end.

Jill: Would you look how you're creating excuses for her behavior?

Sean: I'm not making it up especially the relationship with her father.

Jill: How do you know?

Sean: I presented my theory and I hit a hot button.

Jill: You are delving in together about their personal life?

Sean: People that work together talk.

Jill: Not about their innermost insecurities.

Sean: She's not my type. You are. She's a kid. You're a woman.

Jill: Nice of you to notice.

Sean: I have work to do.

Jill: Make sure you wish a happy birthday to Brittany, Sean.

Sean: Brittany may be young but you're the one acting like a child.

Nicholas: I just had a great idea.

Cassie: What?

Nicholas: It looks like we won't have a big party at the ranch for Labor Day, why don't we go and do something ourselves, just the four of us?

Cassie: Don't forget about the baby.

Nicholas: Ah, yes, the five of us.

Sharon: It won't be long before I can't do any traveling.

Cassie: Start a new tradition of our own.

Nicholas: In fact, I know just the place.

Sharon: What are you looking for?

Nicholas: Here we go. Saw it the other day. Lake Geneva. Look at this, private cabins on the water, sandy beaches, boat rentals, tons of activities for the kids.

Noah: Can I go fishing?

Nicholas: We're definitely going fishing.

Sharon: They have a spa.

Nicholas: A perfect place for a pregnant mom to be pampered. I want to go. Let's take a vote. All those in favor who want to go say aye.

Sharon: Looks like it's unanimous.

Mackenzie: J.T., I thought you were going to stay away.

J.T.: It seemed like they patched things up. Obviously, that's not in the cards.

Mackenzie: You trying to make things worse?

J.T.: Rianna came to me. What am I supposed to do, kick her when she's down?

Mackenzie: You knew Raul would be upset if he saw you.

J.T.: Rianna needs a friend. I intend to be there for her.

Mackenzie: It's not too late for those two. They can still work things out, if someone gives them space.

J.T.: He's the one that keeps saying cruel things to her. He's the one that keeps hurting her, not me. You can't deny it because it's true.

Mackenzie: How's Raul?

Billy: Not good.

Mackenzie: Did you calm him down?

Billy: A little.

Mackenzie: Where is he?

Billy: In the pool house, doing a chat.

Mackenzie: I'm going to talk to him.

Victor: Miss Dennison has come up with a proposal about her living arrangements. She's offered to move in with me.

Victoria: What? You can't be serious.

Tricia: I assume you know about my dad.

Victoria: Yeah. I'm very sorry to hear about his stroke. Ryan was too. Is that relevant?

Tricia: This has been a very traumatic time for me. For the past few months my father has been my sole support. I can't imagine not having him in my life. Your dad told you I was at the apartment.

Victoria: Yes, he did.

Tricia: I know it was, all I can say in my defense is I have been kind of walking around in a daze. It just happened.

Victoria: Well, as I said, I'm very sorry about your dad, but I don't see how that has anything to do with your living at the penthouse. I mean excuse me for saying this, I think the best place for you is the hospital where you can continue your treatment.

Victor: Miss Dennison and I already discussed that. She's opposed to the idea.

Victoria: Well, then obviously she has to come up with some other plan.

Tricia: Well, it looks like your father agrees with you. It was just an idea. I thought it was worth mentioning. I guess I was wrong. I'm sorry for wasting your time.

Victor: Miss Dennison, I accept your proposal.

Raul: You're saying you care more about me than J.T. You went to bed with J.T. and you won't go to bed with me.

Rianna: It's different. It's because --

Raul: You're so totally in love with me, why wouldn't you want to show me that love?

Mackenzie: You okay?

Raul: Not really.

Mackenzie: You want to talk about it? You need some sugar? Feel like a soda? Look, Raul --

Raul: Mac, I don't mean to be a jerk. I'm in the middle of a chat. This won't be long, okay?

Mackenzie: I'll leave this here if you want it.

Sean: Last day of the promotion. How does it feel? Rianna?

Rianna: Would it be okay if I worked in the boutique today?

Sean: Is there a problem?

Rianna: I would rather not be here.

Sean: I wish I could help you out but I closed down the shop. We're having a live web cast today, remember? Brittany's birthday party. Is it too much for you? We can make other arrangements.

Rianna: No. I made a commitment. I'll stay. I'll find a way to get through this.

Brittany: Hi.

Sean: Hi, Brittany.

Brittany: I guess my party's going to be starting soon. Is my cake ready?

Sean: In the kitchen. Mrs. Martinez is putting candles on it.

Brittany: When you bring it out, should I act surprised? Will that play better for the cameras?

Sean: Do what you want, Brit. You will anyway.

Brittany: I can't believe this. It's my birthday and everybody is miserable, including you. What's the matter, you and Jill have a fight?

Sean: What's going on with Rianna? She seemed pretty down.

Brittany: Nothing. J.T. and Raul got into a shoving match over her.

Sean: Oh, great.

Brittany: You said you wanted the summer to end with a bang. You got your wish. I didn't mean to get on your case with canceling the all-nighter. I was looking forward to it.

Sean: I gathered that. Why did you get so bummed when it got shelved?

Brittany: It's one thing to spend time during the day but at night, you see another side to them. They relax. Their guards come down. All sorts of interesting things can happen.

Brad: I'm not questioning Steve's feelings for Colleen, and I wouldn't undermine him. I don't see why there has to be a tug of war about her affection. Regardless what she thinks about me, that doesn't have to change how she feels for Steve. I missed out on so much of that girl's childhood, I don't want to miss out on anymore. Every minute I'm with her, I find more to be proud of and more to admire, more to --

Traci: Fall in love with. Believe me, I know how you feel.

Brad: I hope you do.

Traci: Well, I think I need to talk to Ashley again.

Brad: Does that mean after you talk to my wife you're ready to make a decision?

Traci: Is she gone down to the lab, do you think?

Brad: I think she is.

Traci: You didn't say anything to Colleen, did you?

Brad: You mean that the entire future of our relationship lies in your hands? No. No, I wouldn't do that to you. 

Olivia: You think Brad doesn't see what's happening?

Ashley: He sees it. He just doesn't see it as a problem.

Olivia: You do.

Ashley: He loves her. He's been there for her.

Olivia: Which is why she's so bitter. If she didn't trust him so much --

Ashley: She wouldn't be this angry. If there was reconciliation between Traci and Steve, they will have a very difficult time pulling together as a family.

Olivia: You're afraid she's transferring her affections to Brad and there's no turning back.

Ashley: Exactly. I'm not saying I don't think Brad shouldn't get to know her better. I know it's not healthy to be living in our home in that vulnerable state and grasping at Brad as a substitute father figure.

Olivia: And you see that happening?

Ashley: Let's put it this way. I don't see her making room in her life for two dads. I see her using Brad to push Steve out of her life. I hope Traci sees the situation.

Traci: Did I hear my name?

Ashley: Hi.

Traci: Sorry to interrupt.

Olivia: It's okay. I'm leaving.  

Traci: Olivia, how is everything going?

Olivia: It's going good. Thanks. It's nice to see you.

Traci: Nice to see you too. Thanks. Ashley, I just came from spending time with Brad. I know you're looking for answers. I think I'm ready to give them to you.

Nicholas: Okay. Could you please repeat that confirmation number? Okay. Everything looks good. We'll see you soon. Thanks again.

Sharon: How'd it go?

Nicholas: We are in luck. While I was on the phone, somebody canceled so I snatched it up.

Sharon: What perfect timing.

Nicholas: I can't wait to go away and spend some time alone with my family.

Sharon: The kids are really happy about starting a new family tradition.

Nicholas: Before they come back down, do you want to explain your comment about Victoria and Ryan avoiding family togetherness?

Sharon: Your father has outdone himself again.

Nicholas: What did he do now?

Sharon: He bought their apartment building.

Nicholas: Any particular reason?

Sharon: Yeah, to increase security.

Nicholas: To protect them from Tricia.

Sharon: You got it. She felt invaded.

Nicholas: That's a drastic step for my old man.

Sharon: Tricia is still a threat.

Nicholas: Dad will do anything to protect his family. I'll even rest easier knowing he's involved.

J.T.: Getting ready for your big celebration?

Billy: Where's Rianna?

Mackenzie: I don't know. I haven't seen her. Probably trying to keep a low profile.

Billy: Probably a good idea. Why are you rubbing it in?

Sean: Billy, can I get some help?

Billy: Yeah, sure.

Sean: While you're at it, have a little enthusiasm.

Billy: I'll do my best.

Brittany: Oh, for me? How sweet. You shouldn't have.

Billy: Happy birthday, Brittany.

Mackenzie: Yeah, happy birthday.

Brittany: Thank you so much. Does anybody mind if I say a few words? This is such a wonderful day. It's so great to be able to celebrate with all my friends here and all my friends out there. It just seems so unreal that I'm turning 18. It's a little scary being an adult now. But it's also very exciting because a whole new world of opportunities is just opening up to me. The Glow by Jabot gang has been through a lot of ups and downs this summer. But I'm glad you're all able to share this milestone in my life with me on our last day together.

J.T.: Blow out those candles, Brit.

Brittany: What should I wish for? I have just the thing. 

Traci: Ashley, I've been considering -- I've been thinking so much about everything you've said.

Ashley: I'm happy to hear you say that.

Traci: I can't deny the logic of your concerns.

Ashley: I'm glad to hear that. You can see Brad's relationship with Colleen is getting problematic.

Traci: I can see why you feel that way.

Ashley: You agree that Colleen should move back to Dad's.

Traci: Today I watched my daughter and Brad together. Especially, I watched my daughter. The sparkle has come back into her eyes. I can't tell you how long it has been since I have seen her so happy. But I understand your concerns. And it's true. Brad has overstepped the bounds of our agreement. And frankly, I'm glad he did.

Nicholas: Time to get to work.

Sharon: Okay. Glad you took the morning off.

Nicholas: I have to do this. I want to get home and talk about the plans for our trip. What's so funny?

Sharon: I was thinking about Cassie and the way her face lit up when you told her she could have the skylight and bunk beds.

Nicholas: I can't tell what's got her more excited, the new bedroom or the new baby.

Sharon: Yeah, it's hard to tell.

Nicholas: I've missed that.

Sharon: What?

Nicholas: Seeing that beautiful smile on your face. You were so worried about this pregnancy. You feel better about things now?

Sharon: Yeah, I do.

Nicholas: You sure?

Sharon: I've decided no matter what happens, it's better off I stay positive. Besides, being around you and the kids, around all this love and encouragement, how could I not feel happy about the future?

Victoria: You have got to be kidding me.

Victor: Miss Dennison, my driver will take you home. Pack what you need and I will see you at the penthouse.

Tricia: Thank you, Mr. Newman. I can't tell you what this means to me. You won't regret it. I promise.

Victor: Kindly take Miss Dennison back to her home and then back to my apartment. Please tell the driver those are my orders.

Yes, sir.

Victoria: What are you thinking?

Victor: I don't have time to discuss this with you. I have removed the problem. Keep your friends close and your enemies even closer.

Victoria: Dad.

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