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[Echoing whisper]: Him or us... Him or us... It's him or us... It's him or us... Him or us... It's him or us... Him or us... It's him or us... It's him or us... Him or us... It's him or us... Him or us...

Tricia: If you tell Dr. Burns to lock me up. Dad? Daddy? Dad? Dad, talk to me! Dad, wake up, talk to me! Dad?

Victoria: Dad, do you think Sharon might have been pregnant the night she had those margaritas with Matt Clark?

Victor: It's a possibility.

Victoria: And you think she hurt the baby? I know you're not supposed to drink during your pregnancy, especially during the first trimester. I have to believe it takes more than a couple of drinks to hurt the baby.

Victor: Sharon did not know she was pregnant until after the first trimester.

Victoria: Now she does and she's taking care of herself. I'm glad you didn't say anything to Nicholas. He's in a good place right now and I would hate to alarm him.

Victor: That's why I didn't bring it up.

Cody: Hey, boss, looking for Sharon?

Nicholas: Yeah, she gone?

Cody: Yeah.

Nicholas: She cut out of here like she promised.

Cody: She left right after you.

Nicholas: Did she say where she was going?

Cody: She said she had something to do.

Nicholas: She said she was doing the books.

Sharon: Hi, hon.

Nicholas: Hi. Where did you go?

Sharon: I went to see Dr. Thompson.

Alex: I don't want to get engaged on a wait and see basis. What kind of commitment is that, Malcolm? Do you understand?

Malcolm: Yeah, yeah, I understand.

Alex: Are you sure?

Malcolm: Alex, I read you loud and clear.

Alex: Gosh, Malcolm, I hope you understand. Because if you don't, I don't know. What are you doing here?

Malcolm: It's the strangest thing. I got in my car to go to work. My car has a mind of its own, so I could see the smile on your pretty little face when I gave you this.

Sorry to keep you waiting.

Paul: Lauren, hi. What brings you to Genoa City?

Lauren: I have a store here.

Paul: Sit down.

Lauren: I come in every come of months to check in on it.

Paul: You look well.

Lauren: Thank you. I wish I could say the same about you.

Paul: Thanks.

Lauren: What happened? Lose your best friend?

Paul: Something like that.

Lauren: So tell me.

Paul: Chris and I are getting a divorce.

Michael: This is a surprise.

Isabella: You didn't expect to hear from me?

Michael: Not to the sacred Williams house, no.

Isabella: It's safe here.

Michael: Where is the old battle axe, out saving the world?

Isabella: At a church function. I take it you have never been here before.

Michael: No. It's just as I imagined.

Isabella: It reminds me of Paul.

Michael: All-American baseball, apple pie. How can a woman like Christine fall for someone like Paul Williams? How?

Isabella: Michael, please don't start in on the wonders of Christine bit. It's the last thing I need.

Nicholas: Sharon, is there something wrong with the baby?

Sharon: No, everything's fine.

Nicholas: Why did you have to see the doctor?

Sharon: I had a couple of questions.

Nicholas: You couldn't call her on the phone?

Sharon: I guess I was a little worried.

Nicholas: About what?

Sharon: Just how this whole thing happened.

Nicholas: Not realizing you were pregnant for so long.

Sharon: Right. I was taking my prenatal vitamins, eating right.

Nicholas: You take care of yourself all the time.

Sharon: Still.

Nicholas: It's natural to be concerned. Don't freak yourself out. What's done is done. Just get some rest, eat well, take your vitamins. Everything's going to be cool.

Sharon: Why worry about something that may not have happened.

Nicholas: That's right. What did Dr. Thompson have to say?

Sharon: Pretty much the same thing you did. However it's much more reassuring hearing it from you.

Larry: Somebody looks happy.

Nicholas: Hey, Larry.

Larry: How you doing?

Nicholas: Actually, Larry, things are awesome.

Larry: Really? What's going on, if you don't mind me asking.

Sharon: I'm pregnant.

Larry: Oh.

Lauren: Divorce? Whose idea was that?

Paul: Chris's, I guess.

Lauren: Really. Where is she?

Paul: Well, she was in Hong Kong for six months. And now she's in Australia, indefinitely.

Lauren: Working? Honey, there's your trouble right there. Not many marriages can survive that.

Paul: Well, things weren't all that great when she left. We have issues.

Lauren: And she thought running away will help?

Paul: I don't know what she thought really.

Lauren: Whatever she thought, leaving town isn't the answer. I gave that girl points for brains. Leaving a guy like you alone? What was she thinking? What? What did I say?

[Knock on door]

Neil: Yeah.

Ryan: Ask and ye shall receive. Want a look at third quarter profits?

Neil: Let's take a look. Hey. Hey, this is really good. Victor will be pleased.

Ryan: He's not the only one.

Neil: Why are you so cheery today?

Ryan: Things are great. What about you?

Neil: Business is good.

Ryan: I know that.

Neil: You know what?

Ryan: As usual I give you the scoop on my personal life and you don't tell me anything.

Neil: I have a personal life?

Ryan: I was thinking of a certain beautiful co-worker. Does the name Alex Perez ring a bell?

Malcolm: Well, does this mean you approve?

Alex: The flowers are beautiful.

Malcolm: The flowers ain't got nothing on your sexy self.

Alex: Tell me about your first night with Nate.

Malcolm: Alex, it was great.

Alex: I'm so glad.

Neil: Olivia dropped him off. There was no way I was going to let that woman spoil my evening. It was perfect hanging out with my son, not worry about Olivia.

Alex: Did you go out to eat?

Malcolm: I cooked my son his favorite dinner. Cheese enchiladas. After he was done stuffing his face, we played cards.

Alex: Go fish?

Malcolm: A little of that and concentration.

Alex: Who won?

Malcolm: The boy kicks my butt every time. The best part of the night is when we were chilling on the couch. We got to talk about things we were doing together. Out of nowhere, boom, passes out.

Alex: In your arms?

Malcolm: Yeah. Alex, he just looked so happy. He didn't have a care in the world. Well me, I had to thank the man upstairs for bringing him back to me. Alex, I really have to thank you too. I mean, if it weren't for you --

Alex: He's your son and you deserve to be together.

Alex: You're not thinking about Nate.

Malcolm: No.

Victor: Any questions?

Victoria: Just one. Why didn't you tell me you were buying Ryan's building?

Victor: You don't like the security system I installed?

Victoria: It's cozy. It's like checking in at the airport. Listen, I know you care.

Victor: Are you comfortable being in a same place where Ryan and Tricia were lived together when they were married?

Victoria: It's not exactly ideal. She hasn't been there for almost a year and it's not forever. I hope it was a good investment for you.

Victor: I know you think I acted prematurely. The reason I did is because I think time is of the essence.

Larry: Well, congratulations on your new little kid.

Sharon: Thank you.

Larry: You must be stoked, man.

Nicholas: We are very excited.

Larry: That's one lucky little bugger, too.

Nicholas: Thank you.

Larry: I'm going to get one of my favorite smoothies.

Nicholas: Okay.

Larry: I ran across your sister and Ryan the other day. They told me Tricia was released from the hospital? What's up with that?

Sharon: That's what I want to know.

Larry: That crazy broad isn't getting in your hair, is she?

Nicholas: She's taking medication, in therapy.

Larry: So far so good. I said if they needed help with that chick, I'm there for them. Same goes for you guys.

Nicholas: Cool, thanks.

Sharon: Larry, wait. How well did you know Tricia?

Larry: She was squirrelly and freaky when I was around.

Sharon: Why?

Larry: I don't know. I guess she was afraid of me or something.

Sharon: Why's that?

Larry: Whenever Clark and I got together we were kind of intense, you know real heavy?

Sharon: Was Tricia around a lot?

Larry: Pretty much.

Sharon: Do you think she got dragged into that mess?

Larry: Look, it was all Clark's doing which is another reason I'm glad, and we all should be glad the little punk is dead and gone.

Tricia: Daddy won't wake up.

Matt: I know.

Tricia: What am I going to do?

Matt: He's still breathing.

Tricia: He's lying there.

Matt: Yeah, it's perfect, isn't it?

Tricia: What are you saying?

Matt: You didn't have to do a thing. Your hands are clean.

Tricia: I have to call 911.

Matt: Wait. Let it be.

Tricia: But he could die.

Matt: So? People die everyday.

Tricia: We can help him.

Matt: Like he's going to help us?

Tricia: He's my father. I love him.

Matt: That kind of love, you don't need.

Tricia: I can't kill him.

Matt: Sure you can. You went up to his room, right? You were all prepared to do it. You had that pillow in your hand.

Tricia: I was just confused.

Matt: You still are. You want to get locked away forever. If your old man wakes up, we're history. Will you wake up? Your old man thinks you're nuts.

Tricia: But he --

Matt: Damn it, Tricia, you're not listening! It's him or us! Leave it alone.

Lauren: Paul, don't tell me Chris met someone in Hong Kong.

Paul: No, Lauren, that's not what happened.

Lauren: You're really hurting.

Paul: What do you expect?

Lauren: I think you should tell Dr. Fenmore everything. Come on, I might be able to help.

Paul: No, no one can help.

Lauren: Get it off your chest. We're old friends and more.

Paul: A woman came into my office. She was in trouble.

Lauren: And she's young and beautiful? And you have been alone for a while.

Paul: I did, and if you're going to lecture me about it.

Lauren: I won't lecture you. What did you expect?

Paul: I expected I would keep my wedding vows.

Lauren: Okay. So you had a fight. This beautiful woman walks into your office and you couldn't resist her.

Paul: I didn't jump on Isabella the moment she walked in the door.

Lauren: Isabella. That's exotic.

Paul: She was a client, Lauren.

Lauren: Client. Professional ethics.

Paul: Her case demanded we work closely together.

Lauren: How closely?

Paul: I had her move into my apartment for protection. I didn't lure her in my bed, if that's what you're thinking.

Lauren: Luring happened at some point.

Paul: I handled things incredibly badly.

Lauren: Paul, you messed up.

Paul: I messed up.

Lauren: At least you waited for Christine to be thousands of miles away.

Paul: No, I didn't. Chris came back for one night. She came back to talk. I had no idea she was coming.

Lauren: She found out what was going on?

Paul: Worse. She saw us together.

Michael: Is Paul at this religious function, too?

Isabella: I don't know where Paul is.

Michael: Aren't you worried he could walk in here at any moment?

Isabella: You're worried, Michael?

Michael: You're living dangerously.

Isabella: I don't care. It would put an end to all of this.

Michael: I take it there's been a new development.

Isabella: After we last spoke, Paul was here waiting for me.

Michael: That's good. The man came running.

Isabella: I was wrong.

Michael: What happened?

Isabella: We talked.

Michael: And?

Isabella: And Paul feels he doesn't have any closure where his marriage is concerned and he's not sure he ever will. He'd like me to stick around, just in case.

Michael: Put yourself in his shoes. The wife walked in on the hubby in the act. The man has to be freaking out a little. Give him time, he'll call.

Isabella: When?

Michael: Don't push it.

Isabella: It's up to me to make the first move.

Michael: The ball is in your court, yes.

Isabella: If Paul cared, he would do everything it to get me to stay.

Michael: Paul cares a great deal about you.

Isabella: Not as much as he does for Christine.

Neil: Ryan, don't start with your fantasies about Alex and me.

Ryan: Is that all they are, Neil?

Neil: Yeah, in your head.

Ryan: If you don't want to talk about it, that's cool. I'm just getting these major vibes where you two are concerned.

Neil: Ryan, she's involved with my brother.

Ryan: So?

Neil: So Malcolm's proposed.

Ryan: Every time I bring up this woman's name, you get worked up.

Neil: Because you put me on the spot.

Ryan: Well, I get the feeling --

Neil: Your feeling is wrong.

Ryan: So they're engaged, huh?

Neil: Not quite.

Ryan: I thought you said Malcolm popped the question.

Neil: He did.

Ryan: Alex didn't say yes.

Neil: Not exactly. She needs more time before she makes up her mind.

Ryan: How'd your brother take that?

Neil: He was disappointed. If he can get ego out of the way long enough, he'll get the answer he wants.

Ryan: Did you tell him that?

Neil: Yeah, I did.

Ryan: That must have been tough.

Neil: What do you mean?

Ryan: Never mind. It's interesting. You know as close as those two have been, she doesn't want to make that commitment.

Neil: Not yet. Ryan, let me tell you something. This is not about Malcolm, okay? She loves that guy.

Ryan: Are you sure about that?

Neil: Yes, of course I'm sure.

Ryan: Then why is she stalling?

Neil: She has issues. Her father left her when she was a kid.

Ryan: She doesn't want to get involved in something until she's absolutely certain.

Neil: Right. I have a feeling everything will work out for those two.

Malcolm: Alex, I have been thinking about the other day.

Alex: When you proposed.

Malcolm: I won't lie. I did get caught off guard.

Alex: Because I didn't jump in your arms?

Malcolm: When a man proposes he's not in the mood for maybe or give me more time.

Alex: Because you wanted an answer right then.

Malcolm: Yeah, I did. But now I can see how it might have felt like I was pressuring you too much.

Alex: I know it can't be easy asking a woman to marry you.

Malcolm: Baby, it isn't. And when you didn't respond like I'd hoped, I don't know. My ego kicked in. I got upset. I mean, it hurt.

Alex: Are you telling me you understand?

Malcolm: Look, when I cooled out and thought about it a little more, I realized it didn't have anything to do with me. Baby, I know you have other issues. I mean, things that went down with your dad when you were a kid. Look, I don't claim to know all the details, but I think it's pretty safe to say that it completely rocked your world when he took off and it must have left you with a lot of things to think about. What does it really mean when two people get married, if these two people commit to making all these promises to each other, then why is it so difficult to keep them.

Alex: Yes, Malcolm. I did ask myself those questions, and I still do.

Malcolm: Which is why you want to take it slow from the very beginning. Alex, I finally get that now. Baby, listen to me. However long you want to take to work through this, I'm cool. Just as long as you believe me when I say you're the one, Miss Alex Perez; you are the one for me now and forever.

Paul: I just wished I had talked to Chris first.

Lauren: Maybe it was for the best.

Paul: What, that my wife saw me with another woman?

Lauren: No. When a marriage ends, it's always messy. Yes, you could have handled things differently. But it's over now. You can move on.

Paul: With Isabella. But I'm not sure where this is all headed.

Lauren: Only you can answer that. This relationship might be tainted. It reminds you of the end of your marriage.

Paul: I see your point.

Lauren: How long do you think she's willing to hang out?

Paul: If I were her, I would be long gone.

Lauren: If I were her, I would stick around. I have a meeting. I hate to leave you like this.

Paul: I'll be fine.

Lauren: Of course you will. You're a good man, Paul, the best.

Paul: Thanks.

Lauren: If it doesn't work out with Isabella, I can think of at least one person worth pursuing. Maybe I'll start coming to Genoa City every month, huh?

Michael: I think I have a solution.

Isabella: What? Excuse me?

Michael: I think you could use a distraction.

Isabella: If you're thinking of going south again.

Michael: This suggestion couldn't be further from the salsa club.

Isabella: What do you have in mind?

Michael: Remember what we were discussing the other night and we were talking about how easier it would have been to have fallen in love with yours truly? So love may be out of the question but I think we could have a good time.

[Phone ringing]

Isabella: Hello.

Paul: Hi, it's me.

Isabella: Your mother is not here right now.

Paul: I called to talk with you, Isabella. I'm at Gina's. I'd love to see you.

Isabella: I'll be right there.

Michael: That was Paul. That's perfect timing. Go on. I know you want to. I'll walk you out.

Ryan: You're saying Malcolm needs to back off.

Neil: Yeah, exactly.

Ryan: And if he doesn't?

Neil: He'll shoot himself in the foot.

Ryan: You don't think that'll happen.

Neil: No, not now.

Ryan: What's that supposed to mean?

Neil: As I said, I talked to him.

Ryan: And told him he should give Alex some breathing room and eventually she'll come around?

Neil: He's my brother. He loves her.

Ryan: I have to hand it to you, man, I don't think I could do that. Brother or no brother. You think you got through to him?

Neil: My brother can be very thick-headed sometimes.

Ryan: Maybe there is hope after all.

Neil: Stubborn, not stupid.

Ryan: I wasn't talking about Malcolm.                                                   

Malcolm: Hey, baby, say something.

Alex: Wow.

Malcolm: Wow, that's it?

Alex: You're right, Malcolm. I was concerned.

Malcolm: You figured I'd never understand why you wouldn't jump on my proposal to be Mrs. Malcolm Winters. Well, listen to me. I really do hope you feel better. I know I do. Okay. I'm going to let you get back to taking care of your business. Bye.

Alex: Malcolm, what you said blew me away. When my father left, I've always been afraid to show anybody that part of myself. Because I was afraid that they would walk away too.

Malcolm: Alex, you don't have to be afraid anymore because I'm not going anywhere.

Alex: I believe you. And I do believe that I'm the one for you. Now and forever.

Malcolm: Forgive me, Alex, but what are you telling me?

Alex: Yes, Malcolm. Yes, I'll marry you.

Malcolm: Girl, oh, my God. Oh, my God. Are you kidding? Are you kidding?

Alex: No, I'm not.

Malcolm: Kiss me!

Nicholas: What are you saying? Matt Clark is out of the picture, that means Tricia is harmless?

Sharon: Have you forgotten what happened to Tony?

Cody: Boss, phone.

Nicholas: Excuse me. Hello.

Larry: Look, I don't know anything about this Tony guy. I can tell you, I wouldn't trust Tricia.

Sharon: You don't think she's a victim?

Larry: Early on, she definitely was.

Sharon: What do you mean?

Larry: You don't know what Clark did to that chick.

Sharon: Tell me.

Larry: They were seeing each other a little. The way he got control of her is by slipping her a roofy. You probably don't know what that is. It's a date rape drug.

Sharon: Yes, I do.

Larry: You know what it does.

Sharon: Yes.

Larry: He knocked her out and made it with her. He liked his women all doped up where they couldn't remember anything afterwards.

Sharon: Did Tricia ever figure that out?

Larry: I don't know. But if she did and still stayed with him, then I bet he worked some kind of mild mind manipulation game on her. It makes you wonder what something like that would do to a woman. Sharon. Sharon, you all right?

Sharon: Yes, I'm fine.

Larry: I'm sorry to be talking about that low life. I'm sure it's upsetting you. It's kind of freaky. Anyway, that's all history now.

Nicholas: Sorry.

Sharon: Problem?

Nicholas: Something at the office. I can take care of it later.

Larry: I think I'm shoving off.

Nicholas: Don't forget your smoothie.

Larry: Congratulations again on your new baby. If you wouldn't mind, please tell Cassie I said hi.

Nicholas: We'll do that. He blows me away.

Sharon: Why, because Larry Wharton's happy for us?

Nicholas: How happy everyone is for us. And you know why? It's because we're so excited. There is another little Newman on the way. I can't wait.

Victoria: Listen, Dad, if you're trying to make me uptight.

Victor: You know exactly how I feel about Tricia Dennison.

Victoria: I'm not her biggest fan either.

Victor: That's why I'm prepared to take precautions.

Victoria: Instead of worrying about me, we should start concentrating on Tricia.

Victor: What do you have in mind?

Victoria: The observable reason she's in Genoa City is supposedly because of this therapist that's working wonders.

Victor: What are you suggesting?

Victoria: I'm suggesting if we convince Tricia and her dad and this therapist to relocate --

Victor: Relocate where?

Victoria: Far out of Genoa City. I don't care.

Victor: That's an interesting idea.

Victoria: Do you think you can make it work?

Victor: It's not exactly what I had in mind, but I'll give it a thought. You know, I have been thinking about Keith Dennison lately. Last time I saw him in court, he didn't seem to be himself.

Victoria: Looking after his psycho daughter, is it any wonder?

Victor: It's taking a toll on him. I think he ought to reassess the situation.

Victoria: Are you suggesting it's best for Keith and Tricia?

Victor: He's a smart man. I'm sure he'll realize as long as he's not well, he can't properly look after his daughter. You know, I'm going to give Keith Dennison a call.

We have to get him to the hospital.

Tricia: I'm coming.

You can't ride in the ambulance.

Tricia: Okay. I'll meet you there. Hang on, Daddy. Hang on.

Matt: That's a big mistake, Tricia.

Tricia: Shut up! I said I don't want to hear from you! I want you gone!

Matt: It doesn't work that way!

Tricia: I want you gone!

[Matt laughing evilly]

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