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Matt: I'm telling you, you're making a big mistake. If you were going to take action, you would have by now.

Tricia: My dad freaked out a little.

Matt: You were yelling at the wall. Your dad thinks you completely lost it.

Tricia: I can convince him that I'm fine.

Matt: That's how you're going to handle this mess, by talking? Like you talked him into you going wherever you're going to go? Like talking you into not going to therapy or going to Boston? Your track record stinks! You can't convince your daddy of anything. There's no way you can convince him into not taking you to the doctor today.

Ashley: You're obviously in a good mood.

Colleen: I love having my mom here.

Ashley: You're anxious to spend time together.

Colleen: I missed her a lot.

Traci: I missed you too, sweetie. Good morning.

Colleen: Good morning. Have you seen Brad this morning?

Traci: No, I don't know. Why don't you ask your aunt Ashley?

Colleen: Do you know, Aunt Ashley?

Colleen: I want you and Brad to watch me dance. They have muffins that are totally killer. You have to try them.

Traci: Honey, I don't know if that's going to work out.

Colleen: Please?

Traci: I will think about it.

Colleen: You don't have much time.

Traci: Which is why you better get a move on. Go get your stuff. Go on.

Traci: I know my daughter wasn't exactly subtle.

Ashley: I'm glad you saw that. Your daughter is trying to make a family unit with my husband.

Traci: Ashley, I know the situation has created a lot of tension between you and Brad. I'm very grateful you're letting us stay here. I hope we can resolve the situation more quickly.

Ashley: So do I.

Traci: I don't think it's a bad idea we all three have breakfast together. I can start to get a fix on how Brad's affecting Colleen.

Ashley: Right, so you can determine if I'm lying?

Traci: Ashley, we're on the same side. This is new territory for me too.

Ashley: That decision is going to be yours.

Traci: I'm Colleen's mother. I'm under the impression this arrangement didn't bother you. If something has changed, you better tell me.

Ashley: I'm fine. I'm fine.

Traci: Are you sure?

Brad: Colleen said you wanted to see me? What's wrong?

Traci: Brad, Colleen would like you and I to go with her and have breakfast and see her at dance class. I think it's a good idea. It will give me a chance to start to evaluate things, and Ashley agrees.

Brad: You do?

Ashley: Yep.

Traci: Brad, I hope you understand that my decision to stay does not endorse your position.

Brad: I'm aware of that.

Traci: As long as we're clear.

Colleen: I'm ready. Did Mom tell you my idea?

Brad: She sure did, and we're going to take you up on it.

Colleen: Really?

Traci: Sweetie, we better get going or we won't have time to have breakfast before your class starts. Do you have your new shoes and everything?

Colleen: Yes, Mom.

Traci: You all set? Come on, let's go.

Brad: Hey, thank you.

Sharon: Thank you for seeing me, Dr. Thompson.

Dr. Thompson: Not at all, Sharon. I apologize I couldn't get back to you yet yesterday. I was in surgery all day. Are you feeling okay?

Sharon: Good.

Dr. Thompson: Getting enough sleep?

Sharon: Mm-hmm.

Dr. Thompson: What about spotting? Any symptoms?

Sharon: None.

Dr. Thompson: What can I do for you?

Sharon: Last time I was here we spoke about the night I was assaulted.

Dr. Thompson: I remember.

Sharon: Well, there's something I didn't tell you.

Victor: We can't do anything without that power --

Nicholas: Sorry to start without you.

Victor: We wouldn't let that happen.

Nicholas: That's right.

Victor: Keep me updated. Yep. Thank you. Hi, son. This has to do with the project you're working on?

Nicholas: We have come up with a solution to the real estate acquisition.

Victoria: I think you'll be pleased.

Victor: Did you like my suggestions?

Nicholas: We never even looked at them.

Victoria: We wanted to see if we could get this on our own.

Victor: Oh, interesting. Very interesting. Doesn't that contain the suggestions I sent you?

Nicholas: Yeah.

Victor: Why don't you take a look at it?

Nicholas: Well, what do you know.

Victoria: Looks like the exact same plan we came up with.

Victor: Isn't that proof of the saying great minds think alike?

Nicholas: You know, you're starting to show promise around here.

Victoria: You may have a future in this company.

Victor: Nice to hear from my mentors with so many years of experience. Now we have that out of the way, how's Sharon?

Nicholas: She's awesome. I left her at the coffee house.

Victor: She still working?

Nicholas: Half days. I want her to cut back more.

Victoria: You're doing the expectant father routine.

Nicholas: I wish I found out she was pregnant sooner. I feel like I have to make up for lost time.

Nate: Done.

Malcolm: Get out of here, done. That was a monster second flapjack.

Nate: I was hungry.

Malcolm: There were two of those rolls too.

Nate: I was hungry.

Malcolm: Well, oink, oink. You all packed for camp?

Nate: Why do I have to go? I want to stay with you.

Malcolm: Nate.

Nate: I know. Mom won't like it.

Malcolm: You have to do what your mom wants to do.

Nate: I'm coming over next week, right?

Malcolm: You better be. How are we supposed to have guys’ night without my favorite guy?

Neil: I'll call accounting as soon as I get back to the office. Are there any other loose ends for me to tie up?

Alex: Not that I can think of. I'm surprised we got through everything quickly.

Neil: Why's that?

Alex: You seem pretty exhausted when you sat down.

Neil: I really needed this cup of coffee.

Alex: Late evening?

Neil: I took Olivia out to dinner. I figured she could use the diversion.

Alex: Since this was Malcolm's first night with Nate. I'm telling you, you are such an incredible guy. With everything that's happened.

Neil: I needed a diversion too.

Alex: From what?

Neil: You.

Alex: Me?

Neil: Alex, I am trying to stop thinking about you, and I can't. It is hopeless.

Alex: Neil, I --

Neil: It was hard enough when you started dating my brother. Now he's asked you to marry him, I can't keep it inside any longer.

Alex: What are you saying?

Neil: I wished you looked at me the way you looked at Malcolm. I wished that I was the one who proposed to you.

Alex: Neil. Neil. Earth to Mr. Winters.

Neil: Yeah, what is it?

Alex: You tell me, I was calling your name and you were staring into space with that blank look in your eyes. What were you thinking about?

Neil: Waiter?

Alex: Neil, where were you?

Neil: Sitting right here with you. Why, what were you saying?

Alex: I had asked about your dinner with Olivia and you said you needed a diversion.

Neil: Yeah, yeah. I just needed the break. Things are crazy for me at the office. I thought I could use a change of pace.

Alex: Did it work? Did you have a good time?

Neil: We had a great -- yeah, it was a good time.

Alex: I'm glad.

Neil: I wanted to check in, see how things went with Nate.

Alex: I'd ask if I could come along, but that's probably not a good idea.

Neil: Why?

Alex: I'm not sure when Nate's leaving and I don't want to stop by if he's still there.

Neil: Is anything wrong?

Alex: Malcolm didn't call last night.

Neil: Is that unusual?

Alex: Yeah, when we're not together, we usually touch base.

Neil: Alex, this must be about his marriage proposal. You told him you need more time to mull it over. Are you afraid he won't give it to you?

Alex: There's no point in my freaking out because he didn't call.

Neil: I hate to eat and run like this but I have to get back to the office. I will see you there, okay?

Alex: I will see you later.

Ashley: I want to confirm I will be getting these numbers sometime this week? [Doorbell sounding] I'll look them over and get back to you. Thanks a lot. Bye-bye. Dad, hi. Come in.

John: Good morning, beauty.

Ashley: Would you like some juice?

John: No, honey, I'm fine, thank you. Billy tells me Traci is in town and she's staying here.

Ashley: Uh-huh.

John: That's surprising. I would think Traci and Colleen would want to stay with me.

Ashley: I thought so too, Dad.

John: Is there something I should know?

Ashley: I asked Traci to come.

John: Why?

Ashley: I'm concerned with the way Colleen is bonding with Brad. I think she's transferring her affections from Steve to Brad. Brad is her biological father. She sees him every day now.

John: No wonder she hightailed it back. Where are they now?

Ashley: They went to breakfast and watch her dance.

John: You didn't want to go?

Ashley: I wasn't invited.

John: Why?

Ashley: Brad and Traci spoke and Traci decided there's more to it.

John: I would have assumed your sister would have erred on the side of caution. What in the world is she thinking going off alone with Brad and Colleen? I'm going to speak to her.

Ashley: It's so easy for a family to overstep in a situation like this. I would rather just wait and let Traci make the move.

Traci: You were absolutely right. The muffins are fabulous.

Colleen: I knew you would like them. Does anybody else want coffee?

Brad: No, not me.

Colleen: Mom?

Traci: No, thank you, honey.

Colleen: I like this, Mom.

Traci: I didn't know you like this kind of music.

Colleen: I like all kinds not just the stuff I dance to. I can't wait to show you some of my new routine. Can I listen to some music?

Traci: Sure. You want some quarters?

Colleen: No, I have some.

Brad: It's nice to see a smile on her face.

Traci: I know it's been a real difficult summer for her.

Brad: And for her mom.

Traci: I can't believe Steve did this. But to betray his sweet daughter like this. Families are ripped apart every day. Somehow when it's your family, when it's your child, I can't stand to see her in the middle of all of this.

Brad: You didn't put her there. Steve was the one unfaithful, not you.

Colleen: What are you talking about?

Traci: We were anxious to hear your pick from the jukebox.

Colleen: I decided to skip it. There's no time before we have to leave. Mom, can I ask you a question?

Traci: Sure, sweetie.

Colleen: I know you came back because you needed a break from Dad.

Traci: Yeah, that's right.

Colleen: Does that mean you're still trying to work things out with him?

Traci: Of course it does. Why would you think otherwise?

Colleen: I figured now that you're here you would think there was no point. You have been talking for weeks and you're not getting anywhere. When are you going to give up?

Michael: Miss Perez.

Alex: Mr. Baldwin.

Michael: May I?

Alex: Sure, be my guest. I'm glad you're here. I wanted to compliment you on the way you handled Olivia's case.

Michael: Just doing my job.

Alex: Since you could have gone much further but you held back.

Michael: Well, off the record, that's one case I don't mind losing.

Alex: You were in a tough position.

Michael: The important thing is justice was served. As an attorney, my feelings are irrelevant. I have been reading about Victor Newman's lawsuit against Lawson Medical in the newspapers. Where does that stand?

Alex: I don't want to jump the gun. We're about to turn everything over to the U.S. Federal office.

Michael: Good for you. Score one for the little guy.

Alex: Victor Newman is hardly the little guy.

Michael: He probably lets you handle things your way.

Alex: Neil and I are very pleased with the way it's turned out.

Michael: Malcolm must be very pleased too.

Malcolm: Alex, why you doing this to me?

[Doorbell sounding]

Malcolm: Hey.

Neil: Hey yourself. Bad time?

Malcolm: No, no.

Neil: Nate still here?

Malcolm: Actually, no. I just dropped him off at camp. I came home because I have to pick up this camera. What brings you by?

Neil: I wanted a post-game report on what happened last night.

Malcolm: It was great, man. We had ourselves a blast.

Neil: A blast, huh? Don't you know I can read you like a book? What's wrong? Something to do with Alex?

Malcolm: Okay. I'll bite. Neil, I'm just -- for months that woman kept me from losing it while I was separated from my kid. Now, it's my kid keeping me sane going through what I'm going through with my woman.

Neil: I had breakfast with her at Gina's.

Malcolm: What did she say?

Neil: She told me you proposed to her.

Malcolm: Did she say she turned me down flat?

Neil: That's not what she said.

Malcolm: She said she wasn't ready, she wasn't sure.

Neil: Call me crazy. That doesn't sound like no.

Malcolm: My brain says I should give her space and let her work through her feelings.

Neil: What does your heart tell you?

Malcolm: My heart feels like it just got dumped.

Tricia: You're so smart. You don't know my father.

Matt: You are in denial. When he wakes up, you're going back to the nuthouse, okay? The doctors will grill you. They will find out you're off your meds.

Tricia: I'll tell them I forgot to take them last night.

Matt: That will fool them. The panels they do are very, very sophisticated. They will find you have not been taking them for weeks. They will commit you on the spot. That's when they will really start doping you up.

Tricia: How?

Matt: Well, first, see, they will watch you take your pills. They want to make sure you're not hiding them under your tongue. When that doesn't work, they'll inject you. You remember how it felt when you took that first pill, like it stripped away your personality, your brain was all wrapped in cotton?

Tricia: It was horrible.

Matt: Get used to it. That's exactly how it's going to be from now on, if you're lucky.

Tricia: What do you mean?

Matt: Your father could want to put you away forever. Padded cell, pills all day long. Elevator music.

Tricia: You're trying to scare me because you're afraid you won't be around anymore. When Daddy wakes up, I'll talk to him.

Matt: If he wakes up, the opportunity will be gone. If you're going to act, you have to act now.

Tricia: You keep saying that. What are you thinking?

Matt: You know what I'm thinking. You're thinking the same thing.

Tricia: No, I can't.

Matt: That's your only option, doll, okay? Your dad's upstairs. He's asleep. Everyone knows how tired he has been lately. If he rolls over onto a pillow and suffocates himself --

Tricia: I couldn't murder my father.

Matt: Like you couldn't murder Tony? If you're too weak, I'll be there. I'll be the strength you need.

Tricia: I can't murder.

Matt: It's not murder. It's survival. Are you ready to spend the rest of your life drugged up in a hospital?

Victor: By the way, has Sharon been to the doctor again?

Nicholas: Not since our first visit.

Victor: Did they find anything unusual?

Nicholas: That she was further along than we thought.

Victor: She was pregnant when you were arrested.

Nicholas: That was Dr. Thompson's best guess. You're concerned Sharon was pregnant when she went through that nightmare at the cabin. This is a miracle baby considering everything that went on.

Victor: She certainly went through an ordeal.

Nicholas: I'm going to swing by the coffee house.

Victoria: You're being very attentive.

Nicholas: Darn right. See you later.

Victor: See you later, my boy.

Victoria: You seem awfully curious about Sharon's pregnancy.

Victor: Given the circumstances, I'm concerned.

Victoria: Are you sure that's all there is to it?

Dr. Thompson: As I recall, you said the abuse was mostly emotional?

Sharon: It was. The man who attacked me, Matt Clark, he worked for Nicholas and me. We thought he was our friend. I can't believe how badly I misjudged him.

Dr. Thompson: Now it's eating away at your self-confidence.

Sharon: I wonder if I can trust people again.

Dr. Thompson: There are very few Matt Clarks in the world.

Sharon: The night of the attack, Matt told me about something that he did earlier. It happened just before Nicholas went to jail. This is so hard.

Dr. Thompson: Take as long as you need.

Sharon: My husband and I invited Matt over for dinner. And then at the last minute, Nicholas couldn't make it but Matt was already there. We were having Mexican food and I made some margaritas. I guess I overindulged because I got dizzy and passed out. Thank God Nicholas got there when he did.

Dr. Thompson: How many drinks did you have?

Sharon: Only two. I wasn't used to them. At the time it made sense they went straight to my head. Later, I found out the truth. Matt had slipped something into my drink and I have no idea what it was, but it made me forget just about everything that happened that night.

Dr. Thompson: It's often called the date rape drug.

Sharon: You can see why I'm worried.

Dr. Thompson: You're afraid you might have been pregnant at that time.

Sharon: Could the drugs and alcohol have affected my baby?

Dr. Thompson: We don't know exactly when your baby was conceived or the Rohypnol has rarely been ingested by pregnant women.

Sharon: And?

Dr. Thompson: The risk is greater in pregnancy.

Sharon: But not always. Sometimes there's damage early on, that's what you're telling me, isn't it? 

Traci: Colleen, I know you're frustrated. You have every right to be.

Colleen: It doesn't seem you and Dad are making any progress.

Traci: It's taking a lot longer than we thought it would. We have invested so many years in this marriage. We won't throw it all away because of impatience.

Colleen: You say I'm being impatient?

Traci: I felt this way many times. This process is too important to rush.

Brad: Colleen, I know kids don't like to hear this. Sometimes you just have to take things on faith. It's your mom's call if she wants to fight to save her marriage, it's not your place to question.

Colleen: What about --?

Brad: There are no buts. You're making a difficult situation harder. I think your mom would appreciate it if you backed off a bit. If Traci wants any advice from you or anyone else, I'm sure she'll ask for it. Right, Trace?

Traci: I do respect your opinion, Colleen. I understand the sacrifice.

Brad: But your mom doesn't need any more voices in her head right now.

Colleen: All right.

Brad: Okay. Now I think we better get to that dance class.

Traci: Brad's right.

Brad: I believe you have several quarters in that purse of yours. I'll let you buy breakfast. What do you say?

Colleen: Wait a minute.

Alex: You've been discreet.

Michael: So?

Alex: I'm sure you got an earful from Olivia about my relationship with Malcolm.

Michael: I'm walking an ethical tightrope here but I'll say this much; Olivia has given me every indication that she will leave you and Malcolm alone. However, if for any reason she feels her ex-husband is crossing a certain line--.

Alex: I know what you're saying and Malcolm and I are very aware we have to be very careful around Nate. We will conduct ourselves appropriately.

Michael: It must be very interesting for you, working with one brother, involved with another. Most people would find it awkward.

Alex: We're fine with it. Is there a point with this?

Michael: I have had business dealings with Mr. Neil Winters. I'm curious about his personal side. He seemed very friendly, especially Neil. [Cell phone ringing] Yes. Yes, Chantal. When? All right. I'll be there. Thanks.

Alex: Is there something wrong?

Michael: I got a trial date and it interferes with a trial date I already have. This workload is going to kill me.

Alex: Your partner isn't back?

Michael: No. I don't know when she will be. It's good talking to you, Miss Perez.

Alex: Mr. Baldwin.

Neil: I have half a mind to walk out that door and let you mess things up. I won't do that. When I saw Alex, she was worried that you were upset with her.

Malcolm: Which I am.

Neil: Because she needs more time to think before she makes the biggest, most important decision of her life?

Malcolm: People know if they want to marry somebody.

Neil: You know her better than I do. What happened in Alex's past that made her gun-shy about marriage?

Malcolm: You mean in general?

Neil: Yes in general, you dummy. Why does everything have to be about you?

Malcolm: You're talking about her dad, aren't you?

Neil: He walked out on her when she was a kid. It probably makes her question any man that says he will stay with her forever.

Malcolm: Oh, my God. I didn't think about that.

Neil: I'm sure you didn't. I'm tired of bailing you out. I'm tired of coming to your rescue. You better check yourself when Alex says she has to think it through means only one thing. She's seriously considering it. If you walk away from her now, if you ask me, you're a fool.

Victoria: Why were you really asking Nicholas all those questions?

Victor: You remember the night Sharon had Matt Clark over for dinner?

Victoria: I stopped by for a while.

Victor: You remember she had a bit too much to drink?

Victoria: They made margaritas.

Victor: That was before your brother was incarcerated.

Victoria: So? Oh, Dad, where are you going with this?

Victor: What do you think?

Dr. Thompson: I won't lie to you, Sharon. In some cases ingesting drugs like Rohypnol can affect a pregnancy.

Sharon: Even during the first few days.

Dr. Thompson: It's possible. In most cases if there's complication, the body will take its open action.

Sharon: You mean miscarriage.

Dr. Thompson: That hasn't happened, which is a good sign.

Sharon: Because I didn't lose the baby doesn't mean no damage was done.

Dr. Thompson: Let me remind you. We did a sonogram. Everything was normal.

Sharon: You can't give me any guarantees.

Dr. Thompson: At this point we have to stay positive. We will keep a close eye on things. Have you discussed this with your husband?

Sharon: I wanted to talk to you first. Since you think everything is all right, I don't want to bring this up. He's so excited about this baby, I don't want to worry him for no good reason.

Dr. Thompson: Sharon, I think it would be better --

Sharon: Dr. Thompson, please tell me you will keep this between us. I really don't want him to know.

Dr. Thompson: If that's what you want.

Sharon: Thank you for seeing me. I have to go.  

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