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Michael: Excuse me, Phyllis Summers' room? Hey beautiful.

Phyllis: Hi.

Michael: When Chantal told me you called from the hospital, I thought she was kidding.

Phyllis: I was just as surprised to see myself here.

Michael: Emergency surgery, she said. What happened?

Phyllis: I had an ectopic pregnancy. My fallopian tube burst.

Michael: Wow. You okay?

Phyllis: Yeah, I'm okay now.

Michael: Scary time, huh.

Phyllis: Yeah, it was scary. I had these twinges. I had no idea how serious it was.

Michael: Where's Jack?

Phyllis: He had to take care of some things at work.

Michael: So much for your boyfriend's priorities.

Phyllis: Please don't do that. If Jack hadn't insisted I come, I could be sitting with the angels now.

Michael: If he cared so much, he would be here sitting at your bedside, holding your hand.

John: Oh, Jack.

Jack: Hey, Dad.

John: Your secretary said you were at the hospital.

Jack: I was.

John: Are you all right, son?

Jack: It wasn't about me at all.

John: Why were you there then?

Jack: It was Phyllis, Dad.

John: Is she okay?

Jack: She needed emergency surgery.

John: Why? What happened?

Jack: It was female problems. She'll be fine.

John: Well, thank God. Hey, what is it? Why are you so upset then?

Brad: Trace, you call, I come running.

Traci: Where's Colleen?

Brad: I dropped her off at your dad's place on the way over.

Traci: I'm sure you know why I'm here.

Brad: My wife phoned you.

Traci: I'm well aware of the situation.

Brad: Go on.

Traci: Brad, I know you know what I'm talking about. I think you've let me down. More importantly, you've let our daughter down.

Brittany: I'm bored.

J.T.: Tell someone who cares, Brit.

Brittany: Hey, J.T., your new girlfriend's here.

J.T.: Give it a rest.

Brittany: I'll tell her you're interested but too shy to talk to her.

J.T.: Leave the kid alone.

Ashley: You busy?

Olivia: Never too busy for you. Come in. I hope this is a social visit?

Ashley: Strictly social. Come here. How are you doing?

Olivia: You want to ask how I'm holding up after the hearing.

Ashley: I'm aware it didn't go your way.

Olivia: No. I have to accept it.

Ashley: If you don't, your relationship with Nate will suffer.

Olivia: He and I are on eggshells as it is and I hate it. The judge has spoken. I'm just going to have to adjust.

Ashley: You will for your sake and your son.

Olivia: And you?

Ashley: Me?

Olivia: We both know my attitude drove a barrier between us.

Ashley: I think people can disagree and stay friends.

Olivia: I'm glad you said that.

Ashley: Are you kidding? After everything we've been through?

Olivia: Ashley Carlton, last we spoke you told me your niece is staying with you and Brad. Is that still the case?

Matt: Welcome home, honey.

Tricia: Dad?

Matt: Another great session with Dr. Burns.

Tricia: Get lost.

Matt: You don't have a plan.

Tricia: I'm taking my time. You're one to talk.

Matt: Meaning?

Tricia: Look how your plans turned out? I don't mind waiting. What's an hour with a shrink? I can handle it. The important thing is the results.

Keith: Tricia.

Tricia: Dad, you're up.

Keith: God, Tricia, why didn't you wake me?

Billy: Great to do the chat and get out of here.

Mackenzie: You have the last chat of the day and you're not getting out of it.

Billy: I just wanted to spend more time with you.

Mackenzie: I can't wait.

Billy: You know, before I do my chat, maybe we should make some plans for tonight.

Mackenzie: Like what, movie?

Billy: Sure. Should we call Raul and Rianna and see if they're up for it?

Mackenzie: Depends how they're doing.

Billy: They have been at the boutique all day. We haven't had any phone calls. It has to be a good sign.

Mackenzie: I'll give them a call.

[Phone ringing]

Rianna: Jabot Boutique, this is Rianna.

Mackenzie: It's me. Billy and I are going to catch a movie tonight. I was wondering if you and Raul wanted to meet us.

Rianna: I don't think so.

Mackenzie: Are you sure?

Rianna: Yeah. Raul and I have something to talk about.

Mackenzie: Okay. If you get through, give us a call.

Rianna: Sure.

Mackenzie: Bye.

Raul: No need to lock that. I'm leaving.

Rianna: No, you're not. I have something to say to you.

Colleen: Hey.

Brittany: Colleen, huh?

Colleen: My mom is Billy's half-sister.

Brittany: Brad Carlton is your dad. Why don't you join us?

Colleen: That's okay.

Brittany: It's fun to be on camera.

Colleen: Maybe tomorrow.

Brittany: We're wrapping up soon. If you want to be famous, now's your chance. You've already met J.T., haven't you?

Colleen: Yeah. Is he your boyfriend?

Brittany: Oh, no. You're welcome to him.

Colleen: That's not what I meant.

Brittany: I was just kidding. Mind if I ask you a question?

Colleen: Sure.

Brittany: If Brad's your father, why haven't I seen you around here before?

Colleen: It's pretty complicated.

Brittany: Your mom and dad are separated. You have a stepfather?

Colleen: He's in New York.

Brittany: Why do I have the impression you like Brad better than your stepfather?

Mackenzie: Can I talk to you for a second? I talked to Rianna and it sounds like Rianna and Raul are working things out over at the boutique.

J.T.: Good for them. Why are you telling me?

Mackenzie: Stay away from them.

J.T.: That's why you told them to warn me? The reason I said that stuff was because Billy and Raul were on my back.

Mackenzie: I still think they need space.

J.T.: So they haven't worked things out.

Mackenzie: I don't know. They're in the process.

J.T.: I would make it impossible.

Mackenzie: More difficult. I never said you wanted to make trouble, I only said that you could.

J.T.: Brittany's not causing problems with you and Billy. There's a lot more going on between Brittany and your boyfriend than Rianna and me.

Mackenzie: We're different people. Why are you fighting me on this? Is it that difficult to stay clear?

J.T.: Other than the time I apologized to Rianna, why I did that I will never know, I haven't gotten in anybody's face.

Mackenzie: Then you won't have any trouble doing what I'm asking.

Ashley: It's one thing to talk theoretically, and another thing leaning on him and treating him like he's a strong, wise man. Why would he let this young girl get so attached to him?

Olivia: The plan is Colleen stays with you and Traci goes to New York to save what's left of her marriage.

Ashley: We had no idea how Colleen would cope.

Olivia: Then she feels safe.

Ashley: We knew that going in, which is why we were so cautious going in.

Olivia: It's perfectly natural she would reach out to her biological father.

Ashley: And Brad keep his distance. He doesn't see it as a problem. He refuses to see the harm it could do.

Olivia: He did when you first discussed it?

Ashley: That's when it was still theoretical.

Olivia: For what it's worth, you're right.

Ashley: Just pouring gasoline on the fire.

Olivia: Not problems already between you and Brad.

Ashley: There's never been as much tension between us as there is right now.

Traci: I suppose you're going to tell me you lived up to our agreement.

Brad: I have.

Traci: And there was no inappropriate bonding.

Brad: That depends on how you and Ash define inappropriate.

Traci: Don't play word games with me, Brad.

Brad: I wish your sister didn't call you.

Traci: She did the right thing.

Brad: She overreacted.

Traci: Why didn't you admit you made a mistake? I feel bad enough this situation has caused tension between you two.

Brad: You heard Ashley's side of the story. Now will you hear mine?

Traci: Just so we are clear who makes the final decision.

Brad: You do. I'm not disputing that.

Traci: All right. I'm listening.

John: Sorry Phyllis had to go through this. I'm grateful you could get her to the hospital in time.

Jack: It's frightening.

John: You seem rather shaken. I want you to take the rest of the day off and spend time with her.

Jack: Dad, I don't think I can be much comfort to her now.

John: Why on earth would you say that?

Jack: There's a lot you don't know. Look, could you keep this between the two of us?

John: Jackie, of course I can.

Jack: Phyllis and I went to California, I proposed to her. She accepted.

John: Really. I can't say I'm totally surprised. You two have been living together for some time. I never realized things had gotten so far.

Jack: Dad, it was such a wonderful time. We're both so happy, talking about our future together and the family which -- after the doctor told us that there was virtually no chance Phyllis could ever have a baby again.

John: Oh, no.

Jack: I'm numb, Dad. I'm numb. You know how long I have wanted a child. Hell, you're partly to blame. You're the one that taught us how important family is. And over the years as my life hasn't quite worked out, it's become more important. It's like something's wrong, like a piece of me is missing. Phyllis was the answer. Dad, I had finally found my soul mate. And I started dreaming what that life would be like in a family way. I got so far ahead of myself, I could tell you what the kids would look like.

John: And now this.

Jack: And now this. Dad, can you love someone so much that suddenly losing the dream of a family with her doesn't change that love, doesn't alter it?

John: Jackie, Jackie, I don't know.

Jack: I can't tell her I love her. I can't tell her I want to marry her but only if she can have a child. I can't say that. I don't know what the hell I'm going to do.

Michael: What's going on, Phyllis? Something's bothering you.

Phyllis: Yes, fallopian tube burst.

Michael: Not that. What's going on between you and Jack?

Phyllis: I'm afraid when he left he didn't really have anything to do at the office.

Michael: You want to talk about it?

Phyllis: When the doctor was saving my life on the operating table, they found something.

Michael: What?

Phyllis: That it's possible that I'll never be able to have another child.

Michael: I'm sorry.

Phyllis: Yeah, me too.

Michael: Well, I realize Jack wanted to have a family. I'm sure he's relieved to know that you got through this all right.

Phyllis: Mm-hmm. He said all the right things. He meant them too.

Michael: But you wonder what he was really thinking.

Phyllis: He desperately wants to have a child.

Michael: And you were going to give him that.

Phyllis: I'm afraid that now that I can't, he might want to find somebody else who can.

J.T.: So Raul's upset something happened between me and Rianna. Is there something else? Are you going to answer me?

Mackenzie: There's nothing that will change your mood.

J.T.: I wish you trusted me enough to tell me what's going on. You can't back off enough to tell me what's going on.

Mackenzie: Your past with Rianna caused serious problems.

J.T.: It has nothing to do with her current feelings.

Mackenzie: Just steer clear of them. If you don't, you're stirring up problems for the fun of it.

J.T.: It's a strange situation isn't it?

Mackenzie: It's your choice to live up to it.

Raul: Look, Rianna, I have nothing left to say.

Rianna: Well, I do.

Raul: Okay. What is on your mind?

Rianna: I have been doing a lot of thinking about the other night.

Raul: So have I.

Rianna: The more I think about it, the angrier I get. When you came over, I thought it was to work things out. Instead you jumped all over me. I cannot believe how you treated me.

Raul: How?

Rianna: Like a tramp. How dare you demand me to sleep with you?

Raul: You were the one that was dishonest. You strung me along and messed with my head. You weren't honest with me since day one.

Rianna: Tell me one time I lied to you.

Raul: When we started going out or this past year you should have told me.

Rianna: Told you what?

Tricia: Dad, calm down, you were sleeping.

Keith: I was supposed to take you to therapy.

Tricia: I went and I'm back already.

Keith: You went alone?

Tricia: Yes.

Keith: I am supposed to go with you.

Tricia: Dad, what is the big deal? We decided it was okay if I went and came straight home.

Keith: From now on, at least for the foreseeable future, I want to take you.

Tricia: You want to come along. Okay, fine, whatever.

Keith: All right. Oh, God, look what time it is. Do you want to go and get something to eat?

Tricia: I'm going to make something here. How about you?

Keith: I'm not really hungry.

Tricia: You have to keep up your strength.

Keith: I'm going to take a shower and see how I feel.

Tricia: All right.

Keith: I'm sorry.

Tricia: It's okay.

Matt: That's okay. I enjoy being led around by the nose, treated like a dangerous loony.

Tricia: Maybe I am a dangerous loony. I'm up for the dangerous part.

Matt: You're all talk, baby, all talk.

Tricia: Oh, yeah, and what are you? Huh? You're a voice inside my head.

Matt: You sure about that?

Matt: Had you going there for a moment, didn't I?

Tricia: Go away.

Matt: Make me.

Olivia: I am so sorry to hear this situation is causing problems between you and Brad.

Ashley: Brad's acting irrationally.

Olivia: He's not seeing the danger.

Ashley: I feel better having spoken to Traci.

Olivia: She thinks things have gotten out of control?

Ashley: Given our history, are you kidding? They're probably discussing things as we speak.

Olivia: How do you think it's going?

Ashley: I don't know. Hopefully they will resolve things. Traci is Colleen's mother. If anybody can give Brad a wake-up call.

Olivia: Traci and Colleen will move back to your father's.

Ashley: Amen to that.

Olivia: In the long run, Brad will thank you.

Ashley: I don't think he will come around that easily.

Olivia: If you need to talk, anytime, anywhere. I'm just a phone call away.

Brad: What Ashley told you isn't the whole story, Trace.

Traci: By all means enlighten me.

Brad: There's been a rebonding not on just my part but Colleen's as well.

Traci: Oh, that makes me feel better.

Brad: You said you would hear me out. The more time I spent with Colleen, the more I realized something.

Traci: What's that?

Brad: My daughter and me bonding isn't a bad thing.

Traci: Brad?

Brad: She's beginning to trust me. I won't misuse that trust. The fact is I can help her.

Traci: Help her how?

Brad: We both know when you and -- if you and Steve get back together, Colleen will have a lot of trouble forgiving him. I have counseled her that everybody makes mistakes.

Traci: What happens if we break up? You're in the perfect position to step in as her father.

Brad: Whatever happens, I don't want her to throw her relationship with Steve away. That's not how we want our daughter to deal with people in life. If Colleen and Steve can maintain a relationship, great. How could I in good conscience interfere with that? If you and Steve do split up, wouldn't it be great for Colleen to have a father figure, me, somebody to lean on? Come on, Trace, think about it. This could be a win-win for Colleen. I just wish that you and your sister could see I could be a force for good here.

Colleen: It's not like that. Brad's great. I just don't know him well. Everything's a mess. You know how it is.

Brittany: Yeah. I used to have this daydream when I was about your age that my parents got divorced.

Colleen: Did they fight a lot?

Brittany: Sometimes I wish they did. That way I would know they were feeling something. It was a daydream, unrealistic. In this fantasy I have this stepfather, a totally nice guy. He was always interested in what I was doing, would always listen to me and was always there when I needed him. It was great.

Colleen: Steve is --

Brittany: Steve? Is that your stepfather? What were you going to say?

Colleen: He was like that, once. There's a lot of stuff going on between him and my mom that I don't want, but you know, Brad's like that too. I think he really cares about me.

Brittany: Wow, lucky girl.

Colleen: You think?

Brittany: Two dads that care about you, it sounds like a good deal to me.

Colleen: I never thought about it.

J.T.: Excuse me, ma'am. Is this chick bothering you?

Brittany: J.T., This was a private conversation.

J.T.: Colleen, how are you doing?

Colleen: Good. Brad's picking me up soon.

Brittany: It was nice talking to you. I'll catch you later, Colleen.

Colleen: Bye, Brittany.

Brittany: Bye.

J.T.: She's something he is, isn't she?

Colleen: Brittany's really nice.

J.T.: Be careful.

Colleen: What do you mean?

J.T.: Just don't believe everything you hear. It was nice to see you again, Colleen.

Colleen: You, too.

Brittany: Mackenzie Browning? How did they find out her last name?

Billy: Mac's full name, even said she was living in Genoa City.

Brittany: That's terrible. I mean Mac never wanted any of that made public. Has there been any fallout?

Billy: No. But it still makes me nervous.

Brittany: I know there's a story there and you don't want to tell me so I won't even ask. I'm sorry, though. I hope this doesn't cause any trouble.

Billy: Thank you, Brit. You know, this has been a really intense summer. And I have to hand it to you, you've been great the way you've been dealing with things.

Brittany: No regrets?

Billy: No, no, not really. It's just that, you know, in a way you're connected to J.T. If you weren't here, he wouldn't be either. He has been a royal pain, not just for me but for --

Brittany: Raul and Rianna.

Billy: I just hope it's not too late for them to put things back together.

Rianna: I can't believe you thought I was hung up on J.T.

Raul: You slept with the guy.

Rianna: A long time ago.

Raul: You still think about the guy.

Rianna: If there's a schedule to get over a guy like that. Whatever J.T. and I had was long over before you and I ever met. You have no right to be so cruel.

Raul: What is cruel is the way you kept it a secret especially when you claim being in love with me.

Rianna: That does not mean I have to come up with a list of the ten biggest mistakes I ever made. I thought I put it behind me.

Raul: Obviously, you didn't.

Rianna: It didn't come up until J.T. joined the group.

Raul: We were hanging out all year and at the coffee house. You must have had feelings for him.

Rianna: You make it seem like I'm in love with him.

Raul: You're acting like I'm some crazy sex maniac. I was in a crummy situation trying to figure out a way to clear my head. I will be damned to apologize to you if I want to make love with you.

Rianna: Don't talk to me about love. When you love a woman, you don't use it as a weapon against her.

Raul: I didn't.

Rianna: I thought we would make love some day, some day very soon, it's not a way to erase a filthy image you have in your head. You know what that is? That's disgusting. God, to think I was so happy to be with you, somebody who cared about me and who respected me. The way you acted the other night, you were a bigger jerk than J.T. ever was. At least he never pretended to be a decent guy.

Traci: Wow. You have given me a lot to think about.

Brad: I hope I convinced you I'm doing the best I can, Trace.

Traci: Perhaps my first response was premature.

Brad: You're under a lot of pressure.

Traci: Brad, I don't know what to think. You seem very sincere.

Brad: I mean every word.

Traci: But I heard Ashley's side of the story, too. I have to trust my sister.

Brad: You know what I think?

Traci: What?

Brad: In a way it's good you've come back. Our daughter really missed you.

Traci: I missed her too.

Brad: I realize you have doubts about what I told you. Stay for a while. Don't take Colleen back.

Traci: I don't think that's a good idea.

Brad: Come on, Traci, please. Don't make the decision based on how Ash and I are. Stay right here. You can see if this bonding between Colleen and me is so inappropriate, whether or not it's good for her.

Traci: This isn't what I expected at all.

Brad: It's impulse. I can't blame you for that. You have been through the wringer in New York.

Tricia: You talk about my empty threats. I don't see you come up with anything.

Matt: You have to be willing to listen, truly open yourself up to me. I'm a part of you, babe.

Tricia: I don't trust that part.

Matt: That's the part that will get you what you want. Come on, Tricia, you're so close. You have to take that next step.

Tricia: I'm afraid.

Matt: Nothing to fear, baby.

Tricia: Shut up. I will tell you when I'm ready to listen.

Matt: You're past ready.

Tricia: I said shut up.

Michael: Listen to me, Phyllis. Phyllis!

Phyllis: What?

Michael: The man loves you.

Phyllis: He'll tell me he loves me but this isn't the life he wanted. This is the beginning of the end.

Michael: Do you think Jack is so obsessed with having his own biological child that he will walk away from you?

Phyllis: You don't know how desperately he wanted --

Michael: He will have to deal some other way with his yearnings to have a child.

Phyllis: I wish I had your confidence.

Michael: Look, you've been through a traumatic time. You're hurting. You're disappointed. You need time for your body and mind to heal, and then you'll see things differently.

Phyllis: You think so?

Michael: You know, I'm not a romantic, I can, as you well know, but in this case, I'm going to have to believe in the old saying love conquers all. Yes, I said it. And you have to believe that too. Get some rest. Try not to worry about things.

John: So how does Phyllis feel? Was she as devastated as you?

Jack: Not long ago I would have said no.

John: And now?

Jack: She's come a long way. We discussed it quite a lot. I wanted to know we both wanted the same things. I think she finally understood how much family meant to me.

John: You know, I can see this is just ripping you apart.

Jack: I love this woman, Dad. The idea of walking away from her because of this, and I hate the idea I'm even talking about kids. I should be thrilled Phyllis is doing fine.

John: Jackie, listen to me. Do not be so rough on yourself. You cannot decide anything right now. Now please, give the news a chance to settle in. Really, things will become much clearer once the shock has worn off.

Jack: You know the best thing? As soon as we got the news, Phyllis knew exactly what I was thinking. She saw right through me. I want to tell her what she wants to hear. I can't do it right now. If I can't comfort the woman that I love what the hell's wrong with me? I don't know what this is going to do to us. I just don't know.

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