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Brittany: Hands off my man, he's mine.

Sean: What was that all about?

Brittany: What do you think?

Sean: Listen, Brittany, I don't know what kind of games you're playing.

Brittany: Don't be uptight. It was just a little kiss. Don't read more into it.

Sean: Listen to me. You may think this is cute but it's not. You crossed the line. Don't ever try anything like that again, understand?

Brittany: Yes, Sean. When I kissed you, you kissed me back.

Malcolm: You, Cody, can you hook me up with your strongest coffee, and little man crashing at my pad, you know I have to have his favorite eats on hand.

Cody: Got it, Dad.

Malcolm: My bad. Maybe I messed up here.

Alex: No, no, no. This isn't about anything you did or did not do.

Malcolm: You just don't want to marry me.

Alex: Not now.

Cody: There are your rolls and a tall drip for you.

Victoria: Cod, can I get a smoothie to go?

Cody: Weren't you just here?

Victoria: Yes, but we keep forgetting our coffee. I'm a little scatterbrain today.

Malcolm: Victoria Newman, scatterbrain?

Victoria: Yes, yes. That's what happens when you're in love but I guess I don't have to tell you about that.

Alex: Neil, the judge's order for Lawson Medical to produce the contents.

Neil: That's outstanding. Way to go, Alex.

Alex: This has to be it.

Neil: The hard core evidence we need to nail Lawson.

Alex: They better not get any smart ideas about destroying evidence.

Neil: When do you get to take a look?

Alex: Soon.

Neil: No wonder why you're excited. You're grinning from ear to ear.

Alex: I made a phone call to the U.S. Department of Justice.

Neil: And?

Alex: We came up with the smoking gun. No reason they can't take it from here and go after criminal conduct.

Neil: Saving us the time and expense of suing them ourselves.

Alex: Do you think Victor will be pleased?

Neil: The man will be ecstatic. Are you nuts? A big win for the good guys, I tell you. Then what?

Alex: What do you mean?

Neil: Once this case wraps up, you'll be out of a job. Will you stay? Genoa City, or are you planning to hit the road?

Jack: Can anyone tell me anything? I'm with Phyllis Summers.

Miss Summers is in surgery.

Jack: I know. Is she okay? Somebody said something about an ectopic pregnancy. Excuse me. Hey. Hey there. How you doing?

Phyllis: I survived.

Jack: What happened?

Phyllis: That's what I'm trying to figure out.

Jack: All kinds of pain. The doctor rushed you off to the operating room.

Phyllis: That's not fair. You remember.

Reese: The procedure went great, Phyllis. You're going to be fine. How do you feel?

Phyllis: Out of it. I don't know what happened. I just thought I was going to die.

Reese: You can relax. That's not going to happen. It's a good thing Jack brought you in when he did.

Phyllis: I'm not going to get the ‘I told you so’, lecture am I?

Jack: No, no. I'm so relieved. You scared me to death.

Colleen: I wish my friends could see me now. When I get in the chat room on my computer, now here I am.

Billy: You can't wait to call them up and rub it in.

Colleen: Would I do that?

Brad: Hey troops, how's it going?

Colleen: Brad, what are you doing here?

Brad: A certain young lady is going to be on the web site.

Colleen: Who told you that?

Brad: Your new boyfriend, your granddad. I haven't missed anything, have I?

Colleen: Well, actually.

Billy: I have a tape.

Colleen: This is my dance class. How did you know?

Brad: I have certain psychic abilities and I spoke to your dance teacher this morning.

Colleen: That was really sweet of you, Brad. But I can't do it. Music or no music, I'm not dancing today.

[Doorbell sounding]

Ashley: Hi.

Traci: Hi, Ashley. I came as soon as I could. Are we alone?

Ashley: Yeah, for the moment.

Traci: Okay. Let's not waste time. I am so concerned. The last thing I needed to hear was Colleen was turning to Brad.

Ashley: Are things working out with you and Steve?

Traci: Unfortunately no. I don't know if a reconciliation will even be possible. But with Steve or without, my life right now is in New York and so is Colleen's. What is Brad doing? Why is he letting our daughter turn to him, bond with him? Why is your husband doing the very thing he promised he wouldn't?

Sean: Probably should have seen this coming.

Brittany: You did, but you let it happen anyway.

Sean: I was just being friendly talking to you about personal things because I could see were you having a hard time. I wanted to help and evidently --

Brittany: Sean, admit it. You enjoyed kissing me.

Sean: You will spin this no matter what I say. From now on, just business and only business between you and me. You got that?

Brittany: Yes, Sean. Whatever you say.

Billy: This is your big chance. Go for it.

Colleen: What part of ‘no way’ don't you understand?

Mackenzie: You don't want to dance for the website?

Colleen: Not that I don't want to.

Brad: Why don't you dance for me at home to get rid of your nerves and you can make the big debut whenever.

Colleen: You have to be honest. Tell me if I'm good enough to go public.

Brad: Sweetheart, I know the answer to that. Why don't we go to Crimson Lights and you can buy me a coffee?

Colleen: Okay.

Billy: See you later. Whatever problems she had with Brad are history now.

Mackenzie: I wonder what happened.

Billy: Who knows? I'm just glad to see her smiling.

Mackenzie: That can happen when you have problems with your parents, especially when they do things that throw you.

Billy: I don't want to talk about my mom or Sean, okay?

Mackenzie: Billy, not if you're going to let it eat away at you like this.

Ashley: Traci, if you can, please try not to be upset. Brad has not broken his word to you. Colleen is in such an emotional state.

Traci: You don't have to tell me that. I'm her mother. I know how hurt and confused she is.

Ashley: And she's very disappointed in her father, which is why she's been reaching out to Brad, and she's trying to create a new family unit with Brad and herself. She's gotten to know Brad a lot better.

Traci: She's living here and sees him every day.

Ashley: In a way that's great. She's very emotionally needy.

Traci: All right, Ashley, what are you trying to say?

Ashley: I think her anger towards Steve is pushing her towards Brad and she's trying to make Brad her father.

Traci: Have you told Brad this?

Ashley: Mmm.

Traci: And?

Ashley: He thinks I'm overreacting.

Traci: You think Brad lost his objectivity.

Ashley: He doesn't feel that way. I admit maybe I'm not as objective as I would like to believe, but maybe I'm letting my emotions run over me. Maybe I'm overreacting.

Traci: No, Ashley, I don't think you are. Brad should have backed off at the first hint of a problem, and he didn't. And that upsets me. That upsets me more than I can tell you.

Jack: Hey, why don't you get some rest? I'll be back, okay?

Phyllis: Okay. Where are you going?

Jack: We'll be right outside.

Phyllis: No, no, no. If you guys are going to talk about me, I want to hear. Don't you dare try to keep anything from me.

Jack: Okay. Why don't you fill us both in?

Reese: Well, when Jack brought you in, I ran a pregnancy test and it was positive.

Phyllis: I'm pregnant?

Alex: Actually, you're not the first person at Newman to ask about my future plans. Victor asked me about it, not that he came out and offered me a job.

Neil: You got the feeling he would like you to stick around.

Alex: Which I'm very interested in doing.

Neil: Would you like me to get the ball rolling or would you like to go to the great man and talk to him directly?

Alex: Whatever you think is best. However we do it, the sooner the better because I hate being in limbo.

Neil: Professionally you mean, or are you talking personally too?

Alex: If you're asking if Malcolm is a big part of why I want to stay in Genoa City --

Neil: Alex, things are still good between you and my brother, aren't they?

Alex: Well, he proposed to me.

Neil: He what?

Alex: Your brother asked me to marry him. This time for real. I know. I mean, I wasn't expecting it either.

Neil: So you -- you said yes, of course, right?

Alex: Not exactly.

Neil: What do you mean?

Alex: Well, I can't marry your brother right now.

Neil: Alex, why not? I don't understand.

Alex: I'm not ready to make such a huge step, Neil. I'm not certain. I need to know it's going to last, or we have the best possible chance of making it work.

Neil: That's what you told Malcolm?

Alex: Yes. He said he understood.

Neil: Now you're wondering if he really does.

Alex: Right. He was really upset, Neil, he would have told me, wouldn't he?

Malcolm: So, Miss Vicki, this happy-go-lucky attitude, what going on?

Victoria: Ryan and I are moving in together and things couldn't be better.

Malcolm: Hey, hey, hey, no wonder why you're bouncing off the walls. I'm happy for you.

Victoria: Are you all right? You're kind of down.

Malcolm: I'm sorry, Vic. My bad. I don't know. Sometimes I think it's a miracle couples ever get together.

Victoria: You know, Malcolm, I heard through the grapevine you were dating Alex Perez.

Malcolm: Okay. Okay. Alex Perez, she's an amazing woman, she is. We're having a blast together.

Victoria: But?

Malcolm: I don't know, Vicki. You get to know somebody and, boom, something happens. You wind up wondering if you read them right all along.

Jack: I get the feeling there's more, doctor.

Reese: Well, I didn't say anything about the pregnancy at the time because I was concerned about the pain you were experiencing. I thought the embryo might have planted itself in the fallopian tube rather than the uterus. That's what happened. When the pain became so intense, it's because the tube ruptured.

Jack: I thought you told her she was going to be fine.

Reese: She is.

Phyllis: And the baby?

Reese: A tubal or ectopic pregnancy is very dangerous, when the tube ruptures like yours did. The procedure we performed was to save your life.

Phyllis: You couldn't save the baby.

Reese: That's impossible in a situation like this. The embryo isn't remotely viable.

Jack: The important thing is you're okay. We can always have another child together.

Phyllis: Dr. Walker, what is it? You're holding something back.

Sean: There you are. I thought we could go over some budget revisions, if you had a minute. Jill? Something wrong? Look, I'm sorry I was distracted before when you were trying to talk to me. A lot of problems came up.

Jill: Yeah, I noticed.

Sean: You're mad at me because I wasn't as concerned before about what Billy thought about us.

Jill: I also thought he was getting an earful from a certain someone.

Sean: Brittany?

Jill: I'm going to have another chat with Brittany.

Sean: I think if you get in her face again, it will be counterproductive.

Jill: Do you?

Sean: What's going on?

Jill: What do you mean?

Sean: I don't know, maybe you're having a bad day. Not that I'm having a great day either.

Jill: Poor baby, what happened?

Sean: I tried to be a friend, help her get through some issues.

Jill: What's the matter, did she refuse your help?

Sean: She has a lot of problems.

Jill: Underneath that captivating school girl style.

Sean: You thought if I helped her out --

Jill: You could turn her around, manipulate, I have.

Sean: Some people get caught up in the self-destructive pattern.

Jill: What are a psychiatrist now?

Sean: No.

Jill: You sound like one with all this advice you've been giving Brittany.

Ashley: I wish you wouldn't be so angry with Brad.

Traci: Ashley, he never should have let things get this far. For my daughter's sake, there better not be a problem. He knows how vulnerable she is right now. This is just a mess. Ashley, I'm very grateful for you calling me. Thank you for letting me know.

Ashley: Of course I'm going to call you. You're my sister.

Traci: Could there be another reason? You told Brad how you felt and he didn't agree. Is it possible the situation with Colleen is causing trouble between you and your husband, causing tension?

Traci: I'm sorry.

Ashley: It's not your fault. Don't you worry about it because Brad and I will work through this just fine. How are you going to handle that?

Traci: I think we have to move her to Dad's immediately. There's one thing I have to take care of first. May I?

Brad: There you go. One frosty fruit smoothie as ordered.

Colleen: What do I have to do?

Brad: Just smile.

Colleen: I have to get used to you bringing things.

Brad: What do you mean?

Colleen: When I was little you would come to visit me with a big bag of toys.

Brad: You remember that?

Colleen: Are you kidding me?

Brad: And when I stopped coming?

Colleen: I think Steve worked extra hard to distract me.

Brad: Keep you from asking too many questions. He's still one of the good guys, Colleen. You're not ready to cut him any slack, are you?

Colleen: He doesn't deserve it.

Brad: Colleen, believe me I know you're still angry. I don't want you to go through life expecting people to be perfect. No one is.

Colleen: So you're on his side?

Brad: Well, in a way I guess I am.

Colleen: Why?

[Cell phone ringing]

Brad: Excuse me. Hello.

Traci: Brad, it's me. I'm at your house, and I need to talk to you, now.

Phyllis: I want to know now.

Jack: That goes for both of us.

Reese: Your left fallopian tube ruptured. I noticed your right tube is heavily scarred.

Phyllis: What are you saying? Doctor, please, what are you saying? Just spit it out, please.

Reese: Well, I seriously doubt you'll be able to conceive another child.

Phyllis: Ever?

Reese: I'm sorry. I have to be honest with you. It's virtually impossible.

Dr. Reese Walker, E.R. Stat. Dr. Reese Walker, E.R. Stat.

Reese: I have to respond to this page.

Jack: Yeah. I think we need some time.

Billy: Mac, I really don't want to get into this, okay?

Mackenzie: Because you're suddenly okay with your mom being with Sean?

Billy: No, no. There's nothing for me to say. It's her life.

Mackenzie: Your feelings don't matter?

Billy: Fine. You want to know why I'm so bugged. I am letting this get to me. Fine, my mom is dating Sean Bridges. Not that I'm a kid or we're all that close.

Mackenzie: She's your mother.

Billy: Who my mom dates is her business, not mine. Although I'm not crazy about the way she's acting around him.

Mackenzie: You know what I think? You're upset because Sean is younger than your mother. Way younger.

Sean: I don't know what you're thinking. You won't believe what Brittany did earlier.

Jill: Tell me.

Sean: She pulled me in front of the camera and kissed me. I know. Shocked the heck out of me, too. I've got the tape. It was out of line and I told her to never pull a stunt like that again. So now you know what was bothering me. Now it's your turn. Come on, Jill.

Jill: Oh, really? You want to tell me about it, or maybe you'd like to show me?

Colleen: That mom.

Brad: She's back in town

Colleen: Then what are you waiting for? Maybe the three of us can go out to dinner.

Brad: Maybe.

Colleen: I'm dying to see Mom.

Brad: I know you are.

Colleen: Is Mom coming back because of our calls?

Brad: I don't think that's why she came.

Colleen: What other reason could there be?

Brad: Traci said she needed to see me alone. I don't know how long this is going to take. I don't want her to feel pressure there, okay?

Colleen: Yeah, sure.

Brad: How about I drop you off at the Glow by Jabot House? You can hang out there, okay?

Colleen: If you need to talk, that's fine. As soon as you're done --

Brad: As soon as we're done, she'll drop by.

Colleen: Or maybe you'll come together.

Billy: I admit it. The age difference gets to me. Mac, Sean is young enough to be her son. Why can't she pick somebody her own age?

Mackenzie: I think it's more like he picked her. I'm sure your mom was pretty surprised.

Billy: Isn't that weird to you?

Mackenzie: Maybe, yeah. Older men date younger women all the time. People don't get bent out of shape about that.

Billy: Sure, there's a double standard, right.

Mackenzie: Then why does it bother you?

Billy: I feel like Sean is using her. Sean has the power to hurt her, Mac.

Mackenzie: Your mom can't hold her own?

Billy: Sean has options. How long will it take before a babe comes along and turns his head, someone his age or younger?

Mackenzie: It's like you said. It's your mother's life. All you can do is, be there for her if it doesn't work out.

Billy: I just hope Sean isn't using her. My mom gets hurt, the dude is gonna pay.

Jill: What's the matter? I thought this is what you wanted?

Sean: It's exactly what I want, but later. First, I want to take you out, get you to relax.

Jill: How do you propose to do that?

Sean: One of my favorite musicians is playing in town, the same place we saw BB King.

Jill: Okay. I'm getting the picture.

Sean: He is a very good friend of mine, and I want you to meet him.

Jill: Think he'd approve?

Sean: Why wouldn't he? Jill, I’d like you to meet the people in my life.

Jill: The people from your life in New York.

Sean: No, my life is here now. Still, once this summer promotion is done, I'd like to take you there for a long weekend.

Jill: You do?

Sean: You bet. I'm warning you, lady, you better rest up before and after because you and I are gonna paint the Big Apple red. [Phone ringing] Bridges. I'll be right there.

Jill: Problems?

Sean: Nothing I can't handle. But I will call you later, beautiful, about tonight.

Jill: I'm looking forward to it.

J.T.: So, princess, why don't you tell me how it feels to keep sinking lower and lower?

Brittany: What are you yammering about?

J.T.: Sean, before, only to have him reject you. You're losing your touch.

Brittany: I don't know what you're talking about.

J.T.: Talk about pathetic.

Brittany: You want to see pathetic? Look in the mirror. You don't know anything about the art of seduction. This little dance and kiss --

J.T.: I still can't believe you did it.

Brittany: He won't forget that kiss any time soon, I can tell you that.

Alex: Of course, you do realize it would affect you and me too.

Neil: Really? What do you mean?

Alex: If Malcolm and I tie the knot, I would be your sister-in-law. Would you be okay with that?

Neil: What do you think?

Alex: We've come a long way since the days of not being able to stay in the same room together. Well, I better get back to it.

Neil: Hey, Alex. Never mind.

Victoria: You know, Malcolm, sometimes misunderstandings happen when couples are just starting to get to know each other.

Malcolm: Yeah, Vic, I hear you. I thought I -- you got a couch I can lay on?

Victoria: Well, I have been told I'm a woman of many talents.

Malcolm: You know what? I'm going to leave that one alone. You know, Vicki, I don't want to do that to you. I don't want to bring you down since you and your man are all lovey-dovey again. This is something I have to go through on my own.

Victoria: Okay. I will give you one piece of advice. If you love each other, there's nothing you can't overcome. It took us a long, long time to get to this place. Things are really good.

Jack: Can I get you anything else?

Phyllis: I want you to be honest with me. I want you to tell me how you feel.

Jack: Very lucky that you're okay.

Phyllis: Sorry this happened. Sorry this baby can't be saved. Sorry I can't have another one.

Jack: Don't apologize. It's not your fault. It's one of those things.

Phyllis: Jack, I need for you to be honest with me.

Jack: I've done that. I've done that.

Phyllis: I know how much you wanted to have a baby.

Jack: We don't have to talk about this right now.

Phyllis: We have to talk about this, Jack.

Jack: This stuff happens. You can't anticipate it. Sometimes you can fix it, sometimes you can't.

Phyllis: Getting philosophical on me, aren't you?

Jack: I need you to be honest with me. Please stop acting like this is something that you can just come to terms with and move on. Please, I need you to be honest with me. I need you to be honest with me and I just thank God that I got you here in time, when I think of what might have happened to you, I guess everything else seems kind of small.

Phyllis: Is that what you're thinking?

Jack: I'll find a way to deal with this. I love you. Listen, I should call the office just to check in. Unless you want me to stay.

Phyllis: No, no. Go ahead.

Jack: You sure?

Phyllis: Uh-huh.

Jack: I have my cell phone. If you need anything at all --

Phyllis: I'll call. I promise.

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