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Cassie: I'm home.

Sharon: Hi, sweetie. How was camp?

Cassie: Fun. I'm excited about tonight's family surprise party to tell everyone you're pregnant.

Sharon: Oh, dear. I was so busy today at the coffee house, I decided to bring the books home with me. I really have to finish these tonight.

Cassie: How long will it take you?

Sharon: Another hour at least.

Cassie: Can we have a party after that?

Sharon: I wanted to make a big thing out of it, barbecue, flowers, decorations. We will have plenty of time to put it together for tomorrow.

Cassie: Okay. Since we're not doing anything tonight, is it okay if I go for a swim?

Sharon: Sure. Just make sure Miguel has time to watch you in the pool.

Cassie: All right. I will.

Victor: Things are moving along very nicely.

Phyllis: Glad you approve.

Victor: You two make a very good team. I'm very impressed, I must say.

Nicholas: Thanks.

Victoria: Is this meeting adjourned?

Victor: This meeting is adjourned. Good work, both of you.

Nicholas: Look at the time. Sharon is going to kill me.

Billy: You're bailing out on the project?

Rianna: I can't be around Raul. It hurts me too much.

Mackenzie: Let's go outside.

Doris: Excuse me. I was looking for Sharon.

Cody: She went home a while ago.

Doris: Oh, well. I'll give her a call. Nikki, how are you?

Nikki: I'm wonderful. Are you visiting Sharon?

Doris: Apparently, she's gone home.

Nikki: That's too bad. I wanted to tell her and Nicholas I'm leaving.

Doris: Won't you see them at the ranch?

Nikki: I'll drop by their place.

Doris: Lately she's been putting in such long hours.

Nikki: I think it's great she's in the swing of things and put that trauma behind her.

Doris: I suppose.

Nikki: You don't agree?

Doris: The last time I saw Sharon she seemed tired. I thought she might be overdoing it. [

[Cell phone ringing]

Nikki: Hello. Well, hi sweetheart.

Isabella: Your mother told you I was here? She promised me she wouldn't.

Paul: Unless she's in church, my mother has her own internal compass about what's right and wrong. If she feels something needs to happen, no one else's opinion matters.

Isabella: You still feel we need to talk?

Paul: And you don't?

Billy: Okay. Tell us what happened. You say you talked to Raul?

Rianna: I think he wants to break up with me.

Mackenzie: Why?

Rianna: He doesn't think I'm over J.T. It's so unfair.

Mackenzie: Why does he think that?

Rianna: I don't really want to talk about it right now.

Mackenzie: Give us a sec, okay? I think that I'll have better luck with her if it's just she and I alone.

Billy: Okay. I'll go to our place. It'll be more private.

Mackenzie: Good idea. I'll call you later, okay?

Mackenzie: Let's go someplace where we can talk. Let's get out of here.

Malcolm: Alex, I don't understand. Why is the judge making him testify?

Alex: It's her prerogative.

Malcolm: If Baldwin lays into my son, I swear to God.

Olivia: I want you to go on easy on him, Michael.

Michael: The judge will question Nate himself.

Olivia: I don't want you to be frightened, okay? The judge is going to ask you a few questions.

Nate: About what?

Michael: About your mom and Malcolm.

Judge: I assume this is Nathaniel?

Michael: Yes, Your Honor.

Judge: Come up here, young man.

Olivia: Just tell the truth.

Judge: Right up here.

Nate: Yes, ma'am.

Nicholas: I had no idea how late it is. I can't believe I forgot.

Victoria: About what?

Nicholas: Sharon and I had plans tonight and now we have to reschedule. She's going to kill me.

Victor: Is Sharon all right?

Nicholas: She's fine. Things are awesome for both of us.

Victor: You want to ask or shall I?

Nicholas: It's not going to do either of you any good.

Victoria: I wonder what that was about.

Victor: I have no clue. [Phone ringing] Yes. Well, hello there. Yes. Yes. As a matter of fact she's right here. Oh, really? Oh, good. I'm looking forward. Bye.

Victoria: Who was that?

Isabella: Frankly, I don't know what to think. I'm torn about the whole situation.

Paul: Is that why my mom came over, to get a read on things?

Isabella: I didn't send her, Paul.

Paul: I believe you.

Isabella: Still when she offered, I didn't say no. Why are you here?

Paul: I feel I need to clarify something.

Isabella: What?

Paul: I know you think I'm hung up on the fact you used to work in a massage parlor. I don't know what I can say or do to make you believe me.

Isabella: Your mother said you would never lie about something like this.

Paul: I wouldn't.

Isabella: Okay. So that's not the issue. There's still no possibility of us having a chance together because of Christine.

Paul: What do you mean?

Isabella: Isn't it obvious? You're still in love with your wife.

He's been sworn in, Your Honor.

Judge: Nate, I'm going to ask you to raise your right hand. Will you do that for me?

Nate: Yes, ma'am.

Judge: I'm going to ask you some questions. Before I do that I will ask you to swear to God that your answers will be completely truthful, can you do that?

Nate: Yes, ma'am.

Judge: Nathaniel, do you swear that the truth you give in this case will be the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help you God?

Nate: Yes, ma'am.

Judge: Good. What grade are you in school?

Nate: I just finished in fourth grade.

Judge: Pretend you're on the playground and let me hear how loud you can shout.

Nate: Fourth grade.

Judge: Good. Do you know why you're here?

Nate: Because my mom won't let me see my dad.

Judge: How does that make you feel?

Nate: I don't know.

Judge: This is a place that people can say anything they feel even if you say something you think will make somebody mad or hurt someone's feelings. You understand what I mean?

Nate: I think so.

Judge: Tell us how you feel in your own words and I think it'll make this situation a little better, okay?

Nate: Okay.

Judge: Are you angry with your mom because she doesn't want you to see Mr. Winters anymore?

Paul: I don't know what you want from me. Love doesn't just evaporate overnight.

Isabella: I realize that.

Paul: Chris and I were as close as two people could possibly be. At the same time, the way things have deteriorated I just feel like we're past the point of no return.

Isabella: If you truly believe that then why are you acting like this? Is it timing?

Paul: I was on my way to Australia. And I'm slapped with divorce papers. I try to talk to my wife. She won't take my call. I'm completely blindsided.

Isabella: I'm aware of that.

Paul: Maybe you can't understand.

Isabella: I try to understand. Where does this leave us? What will it take for you to move on?

Paul: I don't know. I don't know. I guess maybe time.

Isabella: Maybe? In the mean time I'm supposed to wait on indefinitely for you to make peace with your marriage?

Paul: What else?

Isabella: If Christine won't talk to you on the phone, you go there and make her talk to you.

Paul: That's a 180.

Isabella: It's the only way to talk to her.

Paul: I won't force myself on Chris.

Isabella: You won't confront her.

Paul: Things are already resolved in her own mind.

Isabella: How can you be so sure?

Paul: Because I am. Believe it.

Isabella: Paul, I'm being pretty open-minded here, taking the risk you may fall into each other's arms and kiss and make up. You need to resolve this. This is the only way you will ever have a chance.

Paul: Isabella, there's something you don't know.

Isabella: What?

Paul: Chris was in Genoa City the night we made love, in the apartment. She saw us together.

Judge: Nate, remember what I said, don't worry about what anyone feels. You just tell me what you're feeling. Are you angry with your mom?

Nate: Yeah. Sort of.

Judge: Do you love your mother?

Nate: Sure I do.

Judge: Do you understand it's welcome to be angry with her sometimes?

Nate: I'm not supposed to misbehave.

Judge: I bet you found ways to let her know you're mad, haven't you?

Nate: Yeah. I didn't talk to her and things like that.

Judge: What did she say when you did that?

Nate: One day I'll understand and I'll get over it. I never will.

Judge: Are you still angry?

Nate: Yes. He's my dad. Why doesn't she want me to see him?

Judge: That's important to you, isn't it? Seeing your dad.

Nate: Yeah.

Judge: Do you know why?

Nate: He's all that I got.

Judge: Want to tell us what kind of a dad he is?

Nate: The best.

Judge: What makes him the best?

Nate: I don't know. He just is. He does things with me. He calls the apartment. I like that.

Judge: I can understand why. Does your dad keep his promises?

Nate: When he can. Did mom say he doesn't?

Judge: Don't worry about your mom. I'm asking you.

Nate: I love my dad.

Judge: Do you remember when your dad wanted to take you to the baseball game?

Nate: Yeah.

Judge: Didn't work out too well, did it?

Nate: No.

Judge: Did you lie to your mom?

Nate: I tried to.

Judge: Why did you try to lie?

Nate: I didn't want to get my dad in trouble.

Judge: Did your dad ask you to lie?

Nate: He didn't have to. I knew Mom would be mad and I wouldn't see him again. I didn't want that to happen. I knew it was wrong and I shouldn't have done it, but I was scared. Are you going to take my dad away from me because I lied?

Rianna: Mac, you saw the way Raul looks at me. It keeps getting worse. He thinks J.T. still gets under my skin, I'm not over him.

Mackenzie: Are you?

Rianna: You said it yourself the first time stays with you, maybe forever. I don't know. I'm not going to know until I'm older.

Mackenzie: You know you love Raul.

Rianna: Enough to know I knew I didn't love J.T. Maybe I was so stupid that I think I did love him. It's the excitement of it all. The first time a guy paid attention to me. He knew exactly what to say. I know it was just B.S. With Raul it's so different.

Mackenzie: Rianna, don't you see Raul doesn't want to hear all that stuff?

Rianna: The more I try to explain, apologize, the angrier he gets.

Raul: Rianna is quitting?

Billy: She says it's too painful to be around you.

Raul: You think she means it?

Billy: She's devastated. If you let her walk out on this project, you're closing the door. I know you're upset about this but do you really want to close the door?

Billy: She has a lot of bad memories. Whatever issues she has doesn't compare to how she feels about you, man.

Raul: Even if you're right, there's something else.

Billy: What?

Raul: I have this image in my head now, the two of them together getting it on. That's the only thing I can think about. I see them and it's driving me nuts.

Billy: What about Mac? She had to get over Brittany and me and we were dating for months and months. If she was willing to put this aside --

Raul: That's rich. Mac tonight sees you getting all worked up over your ex.

Billy: I didn't say this would be easy. I know you still care about Rianna, I know it. If you can think of anything to put that image out of your head then do it. What? What, you've got an idea?

Raul: Where'd Rianna go?

Billy: Mac took her to the hideaway.

Raul: It's real private there.

Billy: Definitely. You ready to talk to her? You want to see her?

Raul: Yeah. Yeah, I want to see her. There might be a way to get past this after all.

Judge: Everyone wants you to understand, Nate, you are not responsible for what's happening here. No one is blaming you. Nothing will happen because of anything you did.

Nate: Does that mean I can still see my dad?

Judge: That's what we're going to decide. First I have a few questions for you, okay?

Nate: Okay.

Judge: Do the things you do with your dad teach you anything?

Nate: Like how to catch a football and things like that?

Judge: I mean about growing up.

Nate: I don't know. I'm not grown up yet.

Judge: Well, think about it.

Nate: I remember one thing he taught me.

Judge: Go on.

Nate: That it's important for a kid to have both a mother and a father.

Judge: And why is that?

Nate: It's hard to grow up without a father.

Judge: That's all I have. Does anyone want to ask anything further?

Michael: No, Your Honor.

No, Judge.

Nate: Can I get down?

Judge: Yes.

Judge: Does anyone insist on arguing?

We waive closing arguments.

Michael: We waive also.

Judge: Good. We'll recess for ten minutes and I'll render my decision.

Sharon: My goodness, what is this?

Nicholas: Only for the mom to be.

Sharon: Thank you.

Nicholas: You get used to that. You're getting some of those everyday until the newest member of our family gets here.

Sharon: We'll have to build a greenhouse.

Nicholas: I'll build one. Where's Cassie? These are for her.

Sharon: Swimming off her disappointment.

Nicholas: You forgot too?

Sharon: Afraid so.

Nicholas: Work? How did you handle it?

Sharon: I told her we'd have the party tomorrow.

Nicholas: 24 hours is an eternity.

Sharon: You mean it? I get flowers everyday?

Nicholas: Once you figure it out a little sooner, you short-change yourself. You only get six months now.

Sharon: You know how much I love flowers. I might keep cranking out the babies.

Nicholas: If you look as good as you do now pregnant, you can have as many as you want. [Phone ringing] Why does that always happen? Hello. Hey, kiddo, we were talking about you. You done with your swim? Now? Okay. We'll be right up.

Rianna: It was just so terrible. It was like he was sitting around, thinking of the most hurtful things he could say.

Mackenzie: Like what?

Rianna: He thought that we were going to be each other's firsts. Mac, it was like he was dreaming about it.

Mackenzie: Oh, no. I knew you told him that you slept with J.T., but I didn't know you told him he was your first.

Rianna: What, I wanted him to think I was with a ton of guys? He asked me. I wasn't going to lie to him.

Mackenzie: I totally understand where he's coming from now.

Rianna: What are you saying? You agree I'm a terrible person and I deserve to be dumped?

Mackenzie: I didn't say that. I just meant that first time means a lot. I know for me it's --

Rianna: What can I say? I blew it. I wasted it on a jerk.

Mackenzie: I'm saying put yourself in Raul's position.

Rianna: He's overreacting. Maybe I have some leftover feeling of a situation that happened with J.T., but he's going crazy. I wish we could have shared our first time, but we can't. Maybe if it is that big of a deal, then it is the end.

Mackenzie: I'm sorry.

Rianna: I would give anything to turn back time. If I'd only known that somebody as amazing as Raul was coming into my life, I would have waited. Like when you were going to Hawaii with J.T., I told you not to do anything if you weren't sure. If I had just followed my own advice.

Mackenzie: I wish you were as lucky as I was. To have somebody who cared enough to tell you what you told me.

[Knock on door]

Rianna: I don't want to see anybody.

Rianna: You get rid of them?

Mackenzie: No.

Isabella: Chris saw us?

Paul: She came back to see me evidently, arrived at our apartment, walked in at the worst possible moment.

Isabella: That must have been awful for her. But even so, I have to ask, where does this leave you? It happened, Paul. It wasn't an accident. We both were very drawn to each other.

Paul: Look, right now I'm just going through the motions. I'm not contesting the divorce. I instructed my attorney to write a document to that effect. The process has begun.

Isabella: You're going through all of this and you still have no sense of finality.

Paul: Look, I realize it might be intolerable for you to wait around with no assurance that anything may happen between us. I want you to know that I want you to stay. I completely understand if you feel that you can't.

Doris: Don't get me wrong, Nikki. I'm glad to be here.

Nikki: You're worried about Sharon.

Doris: Instead of taking the evening off, she's cooking for us.

Nikki: Where is everybody? Cassie told me on the phone we're all supposed to meet here. Miguel, what's going on? What do you know about this dinner?

Miguel: Dinner?

Nikki: Cassie called and invited us. Where is she?

Miguel: I don't know. Let me see if I can find her.

Doris: Is it me or is this a little mysterious?

Nikki: Yeah. Let's call Nick and Sharon. Hey, what are you two doing here?

Victor: I should ask you the same question.

Doris: We got a phone call from Cassie.

Victor: You did.

Nikki: What did she say to you?

Victor: This is mysterious.

Nikki: Here at the main house.

Victor: Yes.

Doris: We were about to call Nick and Sharon and get some answers.

Nicholas: What's everybody doing here?

Victor: That is the question we have been asking.

Victoria: You're having a barbecue, right?

Nicholas: We are?

Judge: Family law is full of difficult cases. This is no exception. At the core of the controversy is young Nathaniel. The court was particularly impressed with Nate. He's intelligent, mature, his ability to maintain composure and ability to speak the truth under difficult situations. Much of the credit goes to Dr. Winters and the excellent job she has done raising this fine young man, and the court commends her. The court finds herself in substantial agreement with the issues raised by Dr. Winters. She has the initial, the ultimate and sole responsibility for raising Nathaniel. Mr. Winters' recent behavior has undermined her authority. And thereby represents a threat to impede the responsibility placed on her both by law and by her natural status as Nathaniel's mother. The conduct you engaged in, Mr. Winters, could easily disrupt Nate's emotional development. Love, unfortunately, does not conquer all. Love is wonderful, but it is not an adequate substitute or replacement for good sense, responsibility, honesty, integrity and in the final analysis respect of legitimate authority. In plain English, you cannot justify what you did on the grounds that you love Nate and he loves you.

Rianna: Did you just drag Raul over here, Billy?

Raul: I wanted to come.

Billy: We'll give you guys some space.

Rianna: You wanted to see me?

Raul: Yes.

Rianna: What's the point?

Raul: I'm not sure.

Rianna: Look, Raul, I'm so glad that you want to talk. I don't know what I could say to you.

Raul: I don't either.

Rianna: Then why are you here?

Rianna: Does that kiss mean what I hope it does?

Nikki: Well, this makes no sense.

Nicholas: We were supposed to be having a barbecue?

Victor: That was our understanding.

Cassie: Surprise.

Nikki: There you are.

Sharon: Cassie, what's going on?

Cassie: I called everyone and told them, Mommy. The food's all ready, just like you wanted. Barbecued chicken.

Victor: I'm mystified. Can someone give us a hint what this is about?

Nicholas: We were thinking of throwing a party tonight.

Victor: You mean just like that. Any reason?

Nicholas: Yes, actually there is. Sharon and I wanted to have this little get together to make an announcement.

Noah: Mommy's having a baby.

Victor: What?

Nicholas: Yeah, we're having a baby.

Judge: Were this a custody hearing, the court would have substantial problems in finding for Mr. Winters. However the court cannot ignore the fact the petitioner only asks for visitation. As stated, the court is concerned with Malcolm's most recent conduct. However, the court also finds Dr. Winters' conduct contributed substantially to Malcolm's actions. Even if Malcolm is all you say, his contact with Nate hasn't impaired the boy's development. Nate trusts him and feels their relationship is a strong one. The events you made the most of, happened recently when the dispute between you and Malcolm reached a boiling point. However, it does appear that you're the one that turned up the heat and I fail to see why. To put it plainly, where Nathaniel was concerned, it wasn't broke but you tried to fix it. The court finds that there is a reasonable likelihood that threats posed by visitation to the intellectual, emotional and social development of Nathaniel can be minimized or even eliminated. Malcolm will be allowed reasonable visitation. The court is deliberately allowing the parties to come up with a plan as a way of demonstrating to the court and Nathaniel that they can work together for their son's benefit. If you can't, people, rest assured I will.

Malcolm: Oh, my God.

Judge: Mr. Winters, I'm not finished. You need to understand that you do not set the rules by which Nathaniel is raised. Dr. Winters does and Dr. Winters alone. There will be times, perhaps, that you will chafe under her rules and regulations, but you must make no attempt to interfere or circumvent them. I hope I'm making myself clear. I will take it personally if you force me to revoke the rights I'm giving you today. I like your son, and I truly would hate to see that happen. Dr. Winters, yes, be vigilant but your son does not have bad examples set for him. The court will remain jurisdiction of the matter to ensure the compliance of that order.

Nate: I love you, Mommy.

Olivia: I know. I love you too, sweetheart.

Malcolm: Oh, my God. We did it. Oh, we did it! Nate, I will never leave you. I swear to God.

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