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Malcolm: What the hell do you think you're doing with a subpoena?

Michael: I'm calling Miss Perez to testify.

Malcolm: To testify against me?

Michael: As a hostile witness. Maybe she'll help you.

Malcolm: You're playing dirty.

Alex: It's all right.

People, if you're finished with your conference over there.

Michael: Sorry, Your Honor.

I believe Malcolm Winters was called to the stand.

Alex: That was very efficient timing.

Michael: I promise it wasn't my intent to upset your -- tell me, is Malcolm your client?

Alex: You'll have to find that out, won't you?

Please raise your right hand.

Paul: You know what I'm going through?

Mary: Christine served you with divorce papers.

Paul: Lynne got to you?

Mary: Honey, I wish I knew what to say or do.

Paul: I thought you would be celebrating Chris is out of my life.

Mary: You really think I could endure your suffering?

Paul: I'm sorry, that was out of line.

Mary: Would you like me to leave?

Paul: Please.

Mary: First I want to talk about Isabella.

Gina: Victoria. Ryan, I'm so surprised to see you here. How can you possibly be hungry after that huge breakfast you had this morning?

Ryan: That was hours ago.

Gina: A crazy morning at the office.

Ryan: Oh, yeah.

Gina: Forget that I asked. Come on. I'll take you to your table. I'll send the waiter right over, and you two enjoy your lunch.

Ryan: Thank you. I can't imagine what's going through her head right now.

Victoria: Maybe that we're madly in love and deliriously happy.

Ryan: She's jealous.

Victoria: I don't know. It's such a fantastic day. The whole world must be flying sky high. I'm hungry.

Billy: This looks like a good place.

Mackenzie: Yeah, This was such a good idea. It's been so long since I’ve been on a picnic.

Billy: Yeah, me too.

Mackenzie: Okay. So what's in the basket?

Billy: I've got sandwiches and sodas, chips and look what I have for dessert.

Mackenzie: Fudge brownies? Oh, my God. Everything we need for a perfect date.

Billy: That's what I was thinking.

Mackenzie: It's about time.

Cody: Hey, Raul.

Raul: What's up, Cody. Can I have a cup of coffee?

Cody: Sure thing.

Raul: To go.

Cody: On your way to work?

Raul: I have the day off.

Cody: Must be nice although lounging around the pool with your girlfriend can't be too stressful. What's the matter, you okay?

Raul: I've been better.

Rianna: Hi. I was hoping I would find you here. I really want to talk to you.

Raul: There's nothing left to say.

Jack: Hey, sis, what are you reading?

Ashley: The notes from yesterday's Glow by Jabot meeting.

Jack: Brash & Sassy can eat our dust.

Ashley: Brash & Sassy’s numbers are up too, which you would know if you would bother to read the numbers.

Jack: How about if I go out and come back in again?

Ashley: Sorry, a lot on my mind.

Jack: Does this have anything to do with Brad?

Brad: Ash.

Ashley: Hi.

Jack: Any sign of Jill and Sean yet?

Brad: I saw them in the hall.

Jack: Either of you check your e-mail today?

Brad: Not yet.

Jack: How about you?

Ashley: No, why?

Jack: I wanted to invite you to a party Phyllis and I are throwing.

Brad: When is it?

Jack: A couple of weeks. That is if you're not worried about being around Phyllis. Don't tell me that's still an issue. You think Phyllis is going to corrupt Colleen's mind?

Brad: No, Jack.

Jack: If that isn't the problem, what is?

How many clients would you say that would amount to?

Malcolm: Including consulting, fifty a year. I have five major clients and give or take twenty others.

How many clients did you lose this year?

Malcolm: None.

How many did you gain?

Malcolm: Three. One major and two occasional.

How do those clients come to you?

Malcolm: Word of mouth. I don't advertise.

Are you saying fashion photography is a competitive line of work?

Malcolm: You're kidding, right? Yes, yes, of course.

If you don't deliver the goods, someone else will.

Malcolm: Definitely.

All right. Then let me ask you about your son --

Michael: Your Honor, Nate is not Malcolm's son in any sense.

Malcolm: You want to tell him that?

I think I can keep straight who's related to whom, counsel. Proceed.

Tell us in your own words about your son, Nate.

Malcolm: I love him. I care about him. I want to see him grow up into an honest, strong, young man. I admit I don't always get it right. Look around you. I don't know too many people who do. I see a bunch of folks who don't even try. I'm at least one of the ones that at least makes an effort. That's it. I don't know what else to say.

That says it all, Mr. Winters. Your witness, counsel.

Michael: Mr. Winters, your brother stated that you faced extraordinary circumstances when you decided to ignore the law and spend time with Nate. I'm curious. Who do you feel created the situation where it's necessary to instruct a young boy to lie to his mother?

Malcolm: I agree with my brother, Mr. Baldwin. It was your client, Olivia. If she just allowed Nate to see me, there wouldn't have been any trouble.

Michael: In a sense it was proper for you to encourage Nate to meet you on the sly and lie to his mother about what he was doing.

Malcolm: Man, we should have been in court weeks ago. Your client begged me to delay my filing --

Michael: Objection!

Mr. Winters!

Paul: Isabella is gone. There's no point talking about it.

Mary: At least clarify one thing for me.

Paul: What?

Mary: When you were working on Isabella's case, you uncovered something shameful from her past.

Paul: She talked to you about that?

Mary: We didn't get into specifics, but whatever it was you found, she's certain it changed your opinion of her which is why you pushed her away.

Paul: I told her that wasn't the reason. We've all done things we're not proud of, including me.

Mary: Well, then if that isn't the issue, what is?

Paul: Why does it matter?

Mary: This woman has obviously had an effect on you.

Paul: Mom, just leave it alone.

Mary: Paul, please listen to me. You are my son. And I will love you no matter what. And I can see that you're hurting and I want to help you. Why won't you let me?

Paul: I can't. Maybe some day but not now.

Mary: I've done all I can.

Paul: Wait a minute. You know where she is, don't you?

Ryan: Chicken caesar for the lady please, and I will have the chicken cacciatore.

Very good, sir.

Gina: Sorry you had to wait. We had a little problem in the kitchen. Table for one?

Isabella: What? Yes, for one.

They need you in the kitchen again.

Gina: All right. Please excuse me. The table right over there and I will send a waiter right over.

Isabella: Okay. Thank you.

Victoria: What do you have planned for the rest of the day?

Ryan: We played hooky all morning. I think your father would appreciate us spending some time at the office.

Victoria: Boring.

Ryan: You have a better idea?

Isabella: Victoria?

Victoria: Yes.

Isabella: I'm Isabella Brogna, Paul Williams' client.

Victoria: Yes, Paul brought you to the ranch once. Good to see you. This is Ryan McNeil.

Ryan: Pleased to meet you.

Victoria: Is Paul joining you?

Isabella: No, I'm by myself.

Victoria: Would you like to join us?

Isabella: I don't want to intrude.

Victoria: That's okay. Find a chair? How's your case coming along?

Isabella: It's solved.

Victoria: Good, good. Congratulations. I'm not surprised.

Isabella: What do you mean?

Victoria: Paul's the best.

Raul: I am not trying to hurt you, Rianna. I just can't do this right now.

Rianna: When?

Raul: I'm afraid talking about this will make things worse.

Rianna: There has to be something that I can say to you.

Raul: Okay. I'm listening.

Rianna: I realize it was a shock when you found out about J.T. and me. But you need to understand I was a totally different person back then, and I know I should have told you we slept together.

Raul: Why didn't you?

Rianna: Because I was afraid.

Raul: Of what?

Rianna: That you would change the way that you felt about me. You despise J.T. and now you despise me too.

Raul: You're twisting it around. How is it you had sex with that jerk? That you had sex with anyone? I thought your first time would be with me. I thought that it would be the first time for both of us.

Jack: Is somebody going to tell me what the hell is going on?

Ashley: None of your business.

Jack: That makes me feel a lot better.

Brad: You heard your sister. Stay the hell out of it.

Jack: What's with him?

Ashley: You know that marriage isn't always easy so just back off!

Jill: We can hear you down the hall. What is going on?

Sean: We got the e-mail about the party.

Jack: You can make it?

Sean: Count me in.

Jack: You, Jill?

Jill: It depends. What's the occasion?

Jack: It's just a party.

Jill: Why are you inviting me?

Jack: You think there is an ulterior motive?

Jill: Either you have or Phyllis does.

Sean: There's important information we have to discuss about the website. There's been tension between Raul and Rianna. Until last night I figured it was just typical teenage drama. Now I think it's more serious. As Jill can attest, things got a little hot at the barbecue, excuse the pun.

Brad: What happened?

Jill: The kids had some kind of blow-up before the web cast. Once we went live they tried to cover, but it was obvious there was a problem brewing.

Ashley: Was there a reaction from the audience?

Sean: Oh, yes.

Jack: Has there been an impact on the number of hits on the site?

Sean: Most definitely. They've almost doubled.

Judge: When the lawyer makes objections, you stop talking. Understand?

Malcolm: Yes, Ma'am.

Judge: Mr. Baldwin, what was the objection?

Michael: Witness was volunteering, Judge. I asked no questions about delays.

Judge: Overruled. Mr. Winters, you may finish your answer.

Malcolm: Olivia was playing games with me. She asked me to delay this hearing. As soon as this delay was over, she put me off again. I think she wanted Nate to get used to not seeing me before we came to court. In the mean time, I promised him I would take him to a baseball game.

Michael: Promised?

Malcolm: I thought this hearing would be over and I would be granted --

Michael: It didn't happen to your timetable, you took matters into your own hands.

Malcolm: I didn't want to disappoint the boy. Your Honor, if you could have seen his face --

Michael: Did you stop to think it was his mother's sole right to decide what was best?

Malcolm: She was making the wrong decision.

Michael: You determined to make another decision.

Malcolm: I would not disappoint him one more time. We're talking about a ball game here.

Michael: All right, all right. What if he's a teenager and decides he wants to hang out with a group of kids, which his mother for reasons of her own feels is a bad influence on him, and he's very unhappy about that. Would you enlist the aid of his relatives, sneak around behind her back and lie about it to keep him from being unhappy?

Malcolm: I would not.

Michael: What if homework makes him unhappy?

Malcolm: That's crazy.

Michael: You, a former step-father with limited visitation, would you make decisions whether the legal guardian was right or wrong and stop from consulting her?

Malcolm: No, I wouldn't.

Michael: How would we be certain, because you acted like that in the past even when you didn't have legal visitation?

Mackenzie: He loves me, he loves me not.

Billy: Give me that.

Mackenzie: I wasn't finished.

Billy: You don't have to. I know how it'll turn out.

Mackenzie: I'll rip all the petals off as many flowers as it takes. I'm serious.

Billy: It blows my mind how much we had to be here together.

Mackenzie: This park?

Billy: No, here, together.

Mackenzie: I don't follow.

Billy: Think back two years ago. What if my dad didn't go on that trip with Traci? I would have gone white water rafting. What if I had come the summer before? I still would have been in St. Louis. Jack not regaining control in Jabot, there would have been no reason for my dad to come home.

Mackenzie: You would have spent two summers in Genoa City.

Billy: Which means we never would have never met. Okay. Your turn.

Mackenzie: Okay. The first thing is what if I never met my grandma in the shelter.

Billy: Yeah, talk about things falling into place.

Mackenzie: And what if I didn't decide to stay with her?

Billy: What if your grandmother didn't live with my mom?

Mackenzie: What if I got on that bus last fall, if when I decided to run away. You're right, Billy. It's amazing we're even together.

Billy: Destiny.

Mackenzie: You really believe in that?

Billy: Yeah, yeah, sure do. Somebody out there is looking out for us. It's all part of a master plan.

Mackenzie: I like the sound of that.

Michael: Miss Perez, you're an attorney licensed in the state of Wisconsin.

Alex: Wisconsin and Minnesota.

Michael: You have a relationship of a personal nature with Mr. Winters, do you not?

Alex: Yes.

Michael: Do you advise him?

Alex: Not as his lawyer.

Michael: As a good friend.

Alex: Yes.

Michael: You talked to him about the circumstances around his wife and young Nathaniel. It's agreed these are not privileged?

I agree.

Michael: What did you tell Malcolm when he told you of his plan to take Nate to Chicago for a Cubs game?

Alex: I thought it was a bad idea.

Michael: You tried to talk him out of it.

Alex: Yes.

Michael: Were you successful?

Alex: Yes.

Michael: You told him of a negative impact on his visitation if his behavior were to be discovered.

Alex: Yes.

Michael: But he did it anyway.

Alex: Yes.

Michael: No further questions.

Miss Perez have you been given advice by a close friend that was an expert, ignored the advice and come to realize you probably should have taken it?

Alex: Of course, who hasn't in their life?

Thank you, Miss Perez.

Victoria: So what are your plans now that your case is wrapped up?

Isabella: Right now, undecided.

Ryan: It must feel good having your situation resolved.

Isabella: Yes, it does. I gather Paul and your family are good friends.

Victoria: We have known him for a long time.

Isabella: Are you friends with his wife too?

Victoria: Sure.

Isabella: You're aware they're having serious problems.

Victoria: I know Chris has been out of the country for a while.

Isabella: Many months.

Victoria: That must be difficult. Long distance relationships are difficult.

Isabella: Do you think they'll work it out?

Ryan: That's tough living on separate continents.

Victoria: Maybe Chris will come back soon.

Isabella: Have you heard something?

Victoria: It's only a matter of time before Paul insists she comes back.

Isabella: What if she refuses.

Victoria: Then he'll go to her.

Ryan: There's no way I'd let this lady get 10,000 miles away from me.

Can I get you something, ma'am?

Isabella: No, I'm not staying.

Victoria: You're not going to eat?

Isabella: I just remembered an errand I have to run. I'm so sorry, if you'll excuse me. Ryan, it was nice meeting you.

Ryan: Nice meeting you, too.

Isabella: Victoria, it was good seeing you again.

Michael: Dr. Winters, why do you object to your son seeing Malcolm?

Olivia: If the relationship tipped Malcolm would become a worse influence.

Michael: How did you come upon that judgment?

Olivia: While we were legally married and after we were divorced, Malcolm appeared irresponsible and had a promiscuous lifestyle and these were things I felt was inappropriate.

Michael: Has there been more than one relationship?

Olivia: Yes.

Michael: While you were married.

Olivia: Legally married, yes.

Michael: Please explain.

Olivia: Malcolm insisted that Nate join him and a married woman he was romantically involved with on vacation. He created more problems and an uncomfortable situation when he started to live romantically with my sister, Nate's aunt, who was also married to his brother.

Did you say they flaunted their relationship sexually in front of Nate?

Olivia: I can't say that. Let's say Malcolm had a stream of women coming and going. I felt that that was not the lifestyle that my son should be exposed to.

Michael: What else factored into your decision?

Olivia: Malcolm continually blaming his misadventures on bad luck and other people. He refuses to take responsibility for his own conduct.

Michael: Do you have any other examples for the court?

Olivia: You heard Neil Winters say I was forced to --

We can listen to Dr. Winters bad-mouth my client all day.

Michael: And perhaps we will. Her opinion is of interest to the court.

Olivia: I have had ample opportunity to get to know Malcolm Winters. I felt he was an unsuitable man for my son to model himself after. Though I ended his visitation privileges which was in my right legally. And then when I was trying to teach Nate that his life could go on without Malcolm, Malcolm started to sneak around to see Nate behind my back. He was undermining my plan for Nate to move on without him. Then when he was caught, he was caught. For Nate's sake? No, he was protecting himself. Malcolm can sit there all he wants and swear up and down his undying love for my son, and maybe he can get a lot of people to support him in the role of victim. He is fundamentally selfish and thoughtless. And the only person that Malcolm Winters cares about is Malcolm.

Rianna: Raul, please understand. I know I can't change what happened. I would do anything if I could. I never meant to sleep with J.T.

Raul: Why did you?

Rianna: I believed he really cared about me. It was stupid, I know. But I learned something. When the time comes for us, it'll be different. It'll be perfect. Please tell me we can put this behind us and move on.

Raul: You think you can do that?

Rianna: Yes. What's wrong?

Raul: I have eyes, Rianna. I see the hold J.T. still has on you. You're asking me to get over this? How the hell am I supposed to do that when you haven't?

Michael: Do you have any other examples of Malcolm's unsuitability?

Olivia: You heard him say he had to take Nate to a baseball game because he didn't want to disappoint his son. There were other times, many times he let Nate down without hesitation because his other interests were more important.

Michael: We heard testimony from your aunt and Neil Winters and Malcolm himself that Nate regards Malcolm as his father.

Olivia: At present there's no male figure in Nate's life. He will reach out to any man that will give him attention as a father figure.

Michael: Any man at all.

Olivia: I was married to Malcolm. He was part of Nate's life. It doesn't make it right or appropriate for him to continue that role now that we're divorced.

Michael: Did Mr. Winters fight for visitation at the time of the divorce?

Olivia: No. But I made the mistake because I got pressure from all sides to allow him informal visitation. That was an error on my part. And I asked the court, I begged the court to allow me to raise my son in a manner that I see fit.

Michael: Your witness, counsel.

Dr. Winters, you talk about the importance of having a male figure in your son's life. Now you did have a plan, did you not?

Olivia: To help Nate move on, yes.

And in that plan, after your son presumably got over his attachment to Malcolm, after he learned to live without the man he considered to be his father, after all of his hurt and sadness finally left him, did you have a specific plan to provide him with a different role model, someone you considered to be of higher moral fiber?

Michael: Objection, relevancy.

I have the right to explore the relationship with my client.

Olivia: That was not my motive.

A judge will decide that. The question is do you have specific replacement in mind?

Olivia: At the moment, no.

Are you dating? Is there one on the horizon?

Olivia: No. I don't see how this is --

Thank you, doctor. No further questions.

Billy: All right. So how did you like the picnic?

Mackenzie: I loved it. But I'm not ready for the date to end.

Billy: What did you have in mind?

Mackenzie: We could catch a movie.

Billy: Sounds good to me.

Mackenzie: What movie should we see?

Billy: I don't know. What was that one Raul was raving about? Wait, wait, wait. Let's not talk about them, okay? This is our day.

Mackenzie: Billy, they are going to get through this, right?

Billy: I don't know, Mac. Raul's taking this pretty hard.

Mackenzie: He still cares for Rianna, though.

Billy: Yeah. I'm sure he does.

Mackenzie: Let's just hope that time will do the trick.

Billy: Yeah. Either that or we could trap them in an elevator.

Mackenzie: You're goofy.

Billy: Yeah. You got that? A strong woman.

Brad: All right. I'm out of here. Ash, you coming?

Ashley: No. I have some things I have to finish up here. Thanks.

Brad: You sure?

Ashley: Mm-hmm.

Jack: My, my, golden boy didn't want to leave you alone with me.

Ashley: He knows you would get on my case.

Jack: I'm your brother.

Ashley: I don't need your protection. This is between Brad and me. This is one thing he's right about.

Jack: What's that mean?

Ashley: I have some work to finish.

Jack: Throw me a bone, okay? This is a normal misunderstanding, a disagreement, right? Ash?

Mackenzie: What time does the movie start?

Billy: We have time. You want to hang out here for a while?

Mackenzie: Yeah. Let's grab a table. Rianna, what's wrong?

Rianna: Raul was just here.

Mackenzie: Did he say anything else?

Rianna: He told me exactly how he feels. That's why I've made a decision.

Mackenzie: What?

Rianna: I'm dropping out of the campaign. I can't go back there, not anywhere near Raul, never again.

Victoria: You said you would never let me get 10,000 miles away from you?

Ryan: Not without me by your side. Isabella left in a hurry.

Victoria: Whatever she had to do must have been important.

Ryan: Is it just me or is she just a little too interested in Chris and Paul's marriage?

Victoria: I felt the same. I wonder where that came from.

Isabella: Mary, are you home?

Paul: Hello, Isabella.

Judge: Call your next witness.

Michael: What about Nate?

Olivia: Must we?

Michael: You've done a good job. I don't know what he could add.

Olivia: I don't want to put him through that experience unless you think it's absolutely necessary.

Michael: I don't. Respondent rests, Your Honor.

Judge: Any rebuttal?

Malcolm: Don't tell me we have to call Nate.

No. It probably wouldn't do us a lot of good.

Malcolm: I'm not putting my son through that.

You sure?

Malcolm: Hell yeah, I'm sure. If we put him on the stand right now I will be seen causing his suffering.

No rebuttal.

Judge: No one is calling the boy?

Michael: No, Your Honor.

Judge: The court wants to hear from him. How soon can you get him here?

Olivia: Please, don't make me --

Judge: Dr. Winters, I want to hear from the person that's affected the most by the outcome of this. Do I make myself clear?

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