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Nikki: Good morning.

Victor: Hi.

Nikki: I thought I saw your car here. Where were you?

Victor: I came out early and went for a ride.

Nikki: Are you all right?

Victor: Why wouldn't I be?

Nikki: You're not frustrated by something?

Victor: Because I want to exercise?

Nikki: The closer to dawn you saddle up, the more upset you are.

Victor: It isn't the case today.

Nikki: Well good. My mistake. Although if I recall, the last time you were here at sunup, you had rather unkind things to say to me.

Victor: I did?

Nikki: Yes, you said the children were the only thing we had in common and it was pointless for us to talk about anything else.

Nicholas: That was then.

Nikki: Are you in a pleasant enough mood to have breakfast with me?

Victor: I have to get to the office.

Nikki: I know, so do I. I already told Miguel you were here.

Miguel: Good morning Mr. and Mrs. Newman.

Victor: Good morning. That looks delicious.

Nikki: Well, good. You'll stay.

Victor: That's too hard to resist, isn't it?

Tricia: What are you staring at?

Matt: You.

Tricia: Why?

Matt: I wanted to see how you were holding up.

Tricia: You think I'm going to come unglued because my sister is coming to see me?

Matt: I'm sure you're not excited about it. Humility is good for the soul.

Tricia: Like you know anything about souls or humility. Tonight, I put an end to sightseeing and visiting.

Matt: Anxious to get out of here?

Tricia: I need to be home in time for the divorce hearing.

Matt: What are you planning on doing?

[Knock on door]

Tricia: Hi.

Megan: Hi.

Megan: Where's Dad?

Tricia: Sleeping in.

Megan: He always gets up early. Is he okay?

Tricia: I think the running around -- as much fun as we're having.

Megan: I was looking in the paper this morning, the classifieds.

Tricia: Why?

Megan: There's a terrific rental available on Cape Cod next week. I think we all should go.

Phyllis: John, I hope you enjoyed your poached eggs.

John: They were terrific. You didn't have to go to the trouble.

Phyllis: Mamie and the house maid have the day off.

Jack: Phyllis is taking off.

Phyllis: How are you doing, baby?

Jack: I'm fine. Did you pick up on the tension on the website?

John: Why don't we talk about this at the office? Well, if you'll excuse me.

Jack: You taking off already?

John: I promised Colleen I would pick her up on the way to Jabot and drop her off at dance class.

Phyllis: Jack told me she's very good. I'd love to see her one time.

John: You should do that.

Jack: I wanted to talk to you about something. Phyllis and I are discussing a party here in the next couple of weeks.

John: Any special occasion?

Jack: It's just been a while since we have had family and a few close friends around.

Phyllis: We thought it would be fun.

Jack: Before summer is over.

John: Won't it conflict with the Glow by Jabot House?

Jack: I will see that it doesn't.

John: All right. Fine with me.

Phyllis: We'll keep you informed, John. Good. Good boy.

Jack: Good boy. Stop. Well, now we can start planning the invitations.

Phyllis: Mm-hmm.

Alex: All set?

Malcolm: I'm as set as I'm going to be.

Alex: I had to work late so I could clear my schedule for today.

Malcolm: It's just as well you didn't come by last night.

Alex: Why?

Malcolm: I would have been lousy company, Alex.

Alex: You're really dreading this.

Malcolm: I would rather have brain surgery.

Alex: I know it's rather uncomfortable testifying in court but you can handle this.

Malcolm: You have more confidence in me than I do.

Alex: I spoke to your boy a couple times and he is really good. I made a few suggestions I think might be helpful and made a few insights to your situation. Malcolm, just remember when you're on that stand, your behavior's crucial. You must speak honestly and sincerely when you're explaining your actions to the court. Do you hear?

Malcolm: Yeah, yeah, I do. Loud and clear.

Alex: All right. Most of all, you must remain calm when you're being questioned because Michael Baldwin's job is to make you look irresponsible and impulsive.

Malcolm: The man's going to attack me like a pit bull.

Alex: Not necessarily, but he will come after you in a degree. You must keep things together if you expect to win.

[Phone ringing]

Chantal: Michael Baldwin's office.

Olivia: Hi, Chantal, it's Dr. Winters. Have we heard anything from the lawyers yet? I was indulging in wishful thinking, hoping they would throw in the towel.

Chantal: I wouldn't anticipate that.

Olivia: You're right. I just wish Malcolm would come to his senses. I hate putting my son through this.

Chantal: The process server is waiting for my call.

Olivia: Don't do anything yet. I'll call. Can you tell Michael I'll see him in court?

Chantal: I'll give him the message, Dr. Winters.

[Phone ringing]

Olivia: Aunt Mamie, good.

Mamie: Olivia, you said the -- I was hoping the reason you called was you changed your mind.

Olivia: I was hoping the same thing of my ex-husband. We'll both be disappointed.

Mamie: Why did you call me?

Tricia: A cottage on Cape Cod?

Megan: What?

Tricia: It's just sweet that you would think of all of us being together like that. It shows the progress we're making.

Megan: So we're on.

Tricia: Meg, you know it's a great idea. But I really have to get back to my therapy.

Megan: I understand that, Trish, but I'm worried about Dad. I think a few days at the beach might do him good.

Tricia: Maybe you can talk him into going. Just the two of you and I can go home for my doctor's appointment.

Megan: You and Dad have to be in therapy together. You made that agreement.

Tricia: Dad got into that with you?

Megan: You don't care that I know, do you?

Tricia: I just feel so exposed sometimes like the whole world knows. I guess it's part of the process I have to go through.

Megan: You've come a long way, Trish, to healing wounds I never thought we'd come close to healing.

Tricia: We're not there yet, are we?

Megan: I have my issues. And maybe I always will.

Tricia: Because of Tony's death and the terrible loss you suffered.

Megan: At least now I am convinced that your remorse is truly sincere. I honestly think you are trying to get better. Honey?

Tricia: Thank you so much for saying that.

Megan: I had this thought. I wasn't going to say anything because I wasn't sure if it's really what I wanted. I'm not certain but I'll just put it out there. How about you and Dad relocating here to Boston? Permanently?

Jack: I cannot wait to stand in front of our entire party and tell them we're engaged. What about a brass band? We should get some fireworks or something.

Phyllis: Not to mention the reaction on all the faces when we tell them.

Jack: Who do we invite?

Phyllis: Well, let's see. We should invite your family I guess. Your Dad, Ashley, Brad, Colleen.

Jack: Traci if she's in town.

Phyllis: Mamie, Billy, Mackenzie.

Jack: I like it so far. Who else?

Phyllis: Malcolm, definitely.

Jack: I assume you want Baldwin here.

Phyllis: Yeah. I'd like to have Baldwin here if you don't mind. Sean, too.

Jack: Honey, Sean means Jill.

Phyllis: Yeah, I know that. But Sean is a friend of mine, and I'd like some people in my corner, you know what I mean? And besides, the way we handled Jill the other day, I doubt she's going to be a problem.

Jack: She may pass out after our announcement.

Phyllis: Don't count on me to revive her. Nikki.

Jack: And Katherine Chancellor. That's family, friends, Jabot. What about Newman Enterprises?

Phyllis: I guess I should invite people from my work. Neil Winters, and I guess I have to invite Victoria and Ryan although I doubt that Vicki will accept, but I have to invite her. She's my boss.

Jack: You may be forgetting someone?

Phyllis: Who?

Jack: The moustache.

Phyllis: The moustache? Victor? No, over my dead body.

Jack: I'm kidding.

Phyllis: Thank God.

Jack: You honestly thought I would want Victor here sucking the air out of this room? What was that? That was an awfully big reaction.

Phyllis: He creeps me out, Jack.

Jack: Wait, did something happen?

Phyllis: He found out we were living together.

Jack: Really. He have something to say about that?

Colleen: Good morning.

Brad: Hi. Good morning. Look at you. You look ready for dance class.

Colleen: Granddad is picking me up.

Brad: Liking the classes?

Colleen: A lot better than doing nothing. Thank you for setting it up for me.

Brad: I just made a few phone calls.

Colleen: I was hoping, do you think you could come and watch me? You and Ashley I mean. [Doorbell sounding] That'll be Granddad. So, can you come with us?

Alex: Do you understand what I'm telling you, Malcolm?

Malcolm: Yeah, I do. Speak from the old heart and give it all I got.

Alex: Right. But when it comes to expressing your feelings, don't overdo it. Strike an even wall.

Malcolm: You mean keep my cool, right? Alex, I think I can handle that.

Alex: Good. Let the attorneys do the leading.

Malcolm: What, you mean don't volunteer stuff?

Alex: Right. And the judge may have questions of her own.

Malcolm: Look, Alex, I have a question for you.

Alex: What?

Malcolm: What happens if I don't win? This isn't something I wouldn't allow for myself before today. I have to be real about it in case things don't go my way. I made a decision.

Alex: What?

Malcolm: If I don't get visitation with my little boy, I'm going to leave Genoa City for good.

Mamie: The man wanted to see his son, Olivia. What was I supposed to do?

Olivia: You could have respected my wishes. I trusted you.

Mamie: Sorry to disappoint you. But you were wrong.

Olivia: I don't want to fight with you. We will never agree on this.

Mamie: Which is why I shouldn't testify on your behalf.

Olivia: This is a question of right and wrong. You shouldn't have let Malcolm see Nate behind my back. That was wrong.

Mamie: According to your point of view.

Olivia: I'm his mother. My point of view counts. You're upset?

Mamie: Of course I'm upset.

Olivia: Who isn't angry these days?

Mamie: Can't you see what this is doing?

Olivia: You're doing this to this family.

Mamie: If the shoe fits.

Olivia: The point is I have been honest, unlike you and Malcolm. I have been straightforward from day one.

Mamie: Olivia, you forced us to do those things. And you still think I should testify even though you know how I feel?

Olivia: Michael was planning on having you subpoenaed. I told him you will come to court willingly. Am I wrong? Are you going? Either way, Michael has it set up to have you subpoenaed immediately. One way or another you're going to have to testify, Aunt Mamie. I just hope you don't plan to perjure yourself.

Ashley: Good morning, Dad.

John: Good morning, my cutie.

Colleen: Good morning, Granddad.

John: Good morning Colleen, Brad.

Brad: I understand you're here to whisk my daughter off to dance class.

Colleen: Come and watch me dance, please?

Brad: I would love to but I have a lot of work.

John: I told anyone who would listen that you're fabulous. I am very proud to be your granddad.

Ashley: Tell you what, Colleen. Brad and I will come to watch you dance real soon. Fair enough?

John: Well, we should get going. Bye, all.

Ashley: You guys have fun.

Brad: All right. What's on your mind? I know something is.

Nikki: So was it hot out on the trails?

Victor: As a matter of fact, it was perfect.

Nikki: You want more coffee?

Victor: No thank you.

Nikki: By the way, I saw Ryan and Victoria last night.

Victor: You say that as if you have news about them.

Nikki: I do.

Victor: And?

Nikki: It seems his divorce hearing is next week. He doesn't anticipate any problems. He thinks everything will be smooth.

Victor: That should be a relief for him.

Nikki: I'm concerned what this divorce means for Victoria. She's spending several nights a week at his place.

Victor: They're not talking engagement?

Nikki: No.

Victoria: Ryan, this is the life.

Ryan: Baby, this is what living is all about.

Victoria: It would be just so nice to take some time off, to be together, enjoy each other.

Ryan: There's no reason that can't happen. I can rearrange things. You're the boss. Declare a short vacation for yourself.

Victoria: Have you forgotten you have a divorce hearing coming up?

Ryan: It's no big deal.

Victoria: I disagree.

Ryan: It's cut and dried.

Victoria: I'm holding my breath until it's over.

Ryan: She'll let the lawyer handle the details.

Victoria: Did she say she would stay in Boston indefinitely?

Ryan: That's what she told me.

Victoria: I can't believe we'd get that lucky. What?

Ryan: I have a confession to make.

Victoria: Okay.

Ryan: You know how we were discussing how to proceed with our relationship?

Victoria: Mm-hmm, proceed with caution.

Ryan: I think I'm changing my mind.

Victoria: How so?

Ryan: Right now with you here in my arms, the memory of last night, it just feels so right. Maybe we should just toss caution to the wind and maybe you should move in with me right now. What do you say?

Victoria: After the divorce hearing.

Ryan: Promise?

Victoria: Mm-hmm.

Ryan: Good. We just have one more little thing to deal with.

Victoria: My father.

Tricia: You want Dad and me to move to Boston?

Megan: I'm suggesting it mainly for Dad but for you too, of course.

Tricia: What about my therapy?

Megan: Tricia, you could find a therapist here. It might even be for the best.

Tricia: How do you mean?

Megan: You can get away from Genoa City and all the negative memories and people.

Tricia: I don't know.

Megan: I don't mean to make you feel bad, but with everything going on, it's affecting Dad. For Dad's sake and your sake, please, just say yes.

Tricia: It's a wonderful offer.

Megan: Great. You'll do it, right? You'll move here and just find a place.

Tricia: Maybe. You know, there are other factors. It's a lot more complicated than you realize.

Megan: Okay. So why don't you help me understand?

Tricia: The most important thing is my therapist. I've been with her since I started recovery.

Megan: You're not ready to let go of her yet.

Tricia: Which doesn't mean I'm passing on your offer. I have to talk to Dr. Burns and get a bit stronger. I promise I'll think about what you're suggesting.

Megan: Look, I don't want to wake Dad. Just call me when he gets up. We'll discuss what we want to do today.

Tricia: Meg, I think we should discuss going home. One more thing.

Megan: What?

Tricia: Let's not discuss this yet until I have time to talk to my therapist.

Megan: Don't be long, for Dad's sake.

Tricia: I won't. I promise.

Megan: Okay. I'll talk to you later.

Tricia: Bye.

Megan: Bye.

Matt: Ah, sisterly love. Ain't it beautiful?

Ashley: Honey, this isn't easy for me to get into.

Brad: It's hard to say until we know what we're talking about.

Ashley: Our house guest.

Brad: That would be Colleen.

Ashley: Of course. It's sensitive stuff. I want to make sure you're going to hear me out.

Brad: Ash, I have no idea what you're concerned about. I think things are working out beautifully with my daughter.

Ashley: That's how you're seeing her more and more, your daughter. It's working. She's coming out of her shell. So far you maintain a delicate balance of things. I'm worried if she stays here much longer, we're going to have serious problems.

Brad: You said I maintained a good balance which I worked very hard to do. So what's the problem?

Mamie: Listen how you're talking to me. You hope I won't perjure myself? To think things came down to this.

Olivia: How do you think I feel knowing you betrayed me? Time to go. Nate honey, come on. We have to go now.

Mamie: Hi, sweetie.

Nate: Are you coming with us to court, Aunt Mamie?

Mamie: Of course I am, honey. I'll be there.

Olivia: Nate, I'm really hoping with all my heart you don't have to testify today. That's really going to depend on Malcolm.

Alex: Are you serious, Malcolm?

Malcolm: I'm sorry, Alex, but I am.

Alex: Your whole life is here, your work, family, friends, people who love you.

Malcolm: Little Nate is here too, Alex. If I lost any chance to see him, I can't take it.

Alex: Why dwell on the worst case scenario?

Malcolm: I'm being realistic. Alex, Alex, I could lose. If that happens --

Alex: We'll deal with it then.

Malcolm: Alex, if I lost visitation it would kill me. To know that my son is nearby but I'm not allowed to see him. I would get so damn frustrated, I would lose it. I might say to hell with the court and grab my son and leave.

Alex: Which would be the worse possible --

Malcolm: You don't think I know that? My son's entire life would come crashing down yet again. Look, baby, I'm being honest. I'm not sure I could trust myself.

Alex: Malcolm, this is counterproductive. Now I need you to put every single negative thought of the future out of your mind. You need to concentrate on today and today only.

Malcolm: Alex, I'm scared, okay? The implication I won't be able to see my son ever again.

Alex: Malcolm, stop it. If you keep thinking like this you will appear insecure and defensive on the stand. We want the judge to see the very best Malcolm Winters has to offer, right?

Malcolm: You think my very best is good enough, huh?

Alex: I believe in you totally.

Malcolm: Okay. Okay. Let's do it.

Ryan: How do you think your Dad's going to feel about the fact we're going to be living together?

Victoria: Oh, I don't think he'll have a problem with it.

Ryan: Come on. He's protective.

Victoria: Do I look like I need protection?

Ryan: Maybe from me.

Victoria: Seriously.

Ryan: I haven't changed much since we were married.

Victoria: We've grown up a lot. We were kids. My Dad won't forget how you helped Nicholas out when he was in trouble. He puts a lot of stock in that sort of thing.

Ryan: I didn't do it to impress him.

Victoria: You did it to impress me. It worked.

Ryan: Don't you think your Dad's going to give us a lot of flak?

Victoria: What can he do? It's our call. He's going to have to live with it.

Nikki: Well, Ryan and Victoria are adults. We can't control what they do.

Victor: I don't have a moral issue with their relationship.

Nikki: Why do you look so grim? You said after everything he did for Nicholas, he was worthy of our respect.

Victor: I have nothing against Ryan McNeil. He's developed into a very trustworthy, dependable young man.

Nikki: Something is bothering you.

Victor: Let's just say I hope Ryan and Victoria will keep their relationship low profile, not make their intentions known. Because our daughter's a target.

Nikki: What are you talking about?

Victor: I don't trust Tricia Dennison. As long as she's around, I'm concerned.

Tricia: Obviously, I'm not going to get any help from Meg. I have to convince Dad to go myself. I can't wait to see the last of that little twit. Did you see that look she gave me? She wants me to bow down to her.

Matt: Every time she said let's do this for Dad's sake.

Tricia: She was checking to see if I would be selfish.

Matt: You did well.

Tricia: Because I didn't throttle her on the spot? I can't believe it after all these apologies I have given. All she can give is a few days at the beach with dear old Dad. Do you think the stress is getting to him?

Matt: Is that a daughter's concern in your eyes, or is that something else?

Tricia: What do you mean?

Matt: If your old man isn't in the pink, he can't watch you like a hawk. You can't get complete freedom but it opens the door.

Phyllis: Well, put it this way. He didn't exactly bring out a bottle of champagne to celebrate.

Jack: Oh, dear. Victor disapproved.

Phyllis: He had a lot of questions. I told him to buzz off, professionally speaking, of course. Can we not talk about Victor? This conversation was so much better before his name was brought up.

Jack: I couldn't agree more.

Phyllis: Think, in a few short weeks we will be announcing our engagement. How do you think people will react?

Jack: I suspect we will make a few waves.

Phyllis: You worried about that?

Jack: Not at all. In fact I'm looking forward to it.

Phyllis: Our future together?

Jack: I say bring it on. Bring it on.

Ashley: Please don't get all defensive.

Brad: I just don't know where you're going with this, Ash.

Ashley: I think in spite of your good intentions, Colleen is looking at the situation differently. I think she's reading more into it than you intend.

Brad: Reading more into what exactly?

Ashley: Things that happened that I'm not comfortable with.

Brad: What things?

Ashley: For starters, all the questions she had about you and Traci and why your marriage broke up.

Brad: You said you felt that was natural.

Ashley: She took it upon herself to convince you to bring Traci back from New York City.

Brad: She was worried. She called her mom. Traci sound totally drained.

Ashley: Traci and Steve need this time to work things out. Colleen wants to disrupt that. You know she's totally outraged by what Steve did.

Brad: Can you blame her? I mean can you blame her? She's a kid that feels turned totally away.

Ashley: How did she react when she found out you weren't Abby's biological father? Maybe she wants you to replace Steve. You're so kind to her and supportive that maybe it's encouraging her. And that's not what we want. We didn't agree to that.

Brad: You're creating problems that don't exist.

Ashley: All I'm saying is, honey, I think it's time that we gently move Colleen back to my dad's house. You know eliminate any false notions that Colleen may have. Do you see what I'm saying?

Brad: Yeah, yeah, I see exactly what you're saying. And I don't like it.

Alex: Looks like we're the first ones here.

Malcolm: Yeah. We even beat my attorney.

Alex: And Neil. What are you thinking, Malcolm?

Malcolm: When I walk out of this crap today, my life will be totally changed. For better or for worse.

Nate: Daddy.

Malcolm: Hey.

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