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Nicholas: Hey, Dad, got a minute?

Victor: Sure, son. What is it?

Nicholas: We have an update on Tricia.

Victor: And?

Nicholas: Keith called me. They're in Boston.

Sharon: Ryan was trying to get a hold of her all morning. He was worried.

Victor: He called when he was in Boston.

Nicholas: You think they should have told you before they left.

Sharon: I wonder if he's taking your warning seriously.

Victor: He's trying hard to be protective of his daughter.

Sharon: You're defending him?

Victor: I'm not defending him. It's hard to be objective. Remember how he acted when we told him Tricia gave a candy to Noah?

Sharon: Like it was no big deal. If anybody has to be watched, it's Tricia.

Victor: Yes, I agree with you.

Matt: So when's room service getting here?

Tricia: What do you want?

Matt: Your old man's in the shower. I figured it was safe. We haven't talked in a while. How’re you doing?

Tricia: Do you care?

Matt: Enjoying Boston? Good. I hope you're digging your vacation with Daddy. There's nothing else you can do, is there?

Tricia: What do you mean?

Matt: Getting shipped halfway across the country limits your options unless you have this newspaper - 101 ways to get back at the Newman's?

Tricia: Who's side are you on?

Matt: That's an intriguing question. You have to ask yourself, am I really a part of you or am I me?

Tricia: I can make you disappear if I want to.

Matt: Sure you can, if you take those pills, turn yourself into a zombie.

Tricia: I can do it without the pills. Watch.

Matt: Over here.

Ashley: Perfect. We're set. Full page ads in the major newspapers. I will have the advertising company send you all. Great. Bye-bye. Hi.

John: Hello, my beauty. Fall campaign?

Ashley: All ready to go. Just waiting on the copy.

John: I heard from your brother Jack.

Ashley: Will he be back in town today?

John: That's my understanding.

Ashley: Did he mention where he was calling from?

John: No, but I assume he's still out west.

Ashley: I'm glad he's heading home.

John: Do you miss your big brother?

Ashley: Yeah. And I have some business to discuss with him.

John: You know, I haven't seen Phyllis around the house since Jack left. I suppose she might be with him. He didn't say anything on the phone, but he sure sounded on top of the world. If she is with him, I hope that they're having a good trip.

Ashley: You’re probably right about that.

John: What do you mean?

Ashley: I'm sure you're glad Jack's happy but you're not too pleased about the reason why, am I right?

Jack: You never thought about kids?

Phyllis: No, that's not exactly true.

Jack: Then you have thought about it.

Phyllis: Hold on. Hold on, Jack. We just decided to get married. And we just decided to go for it. And now -- now you're talking about kids.

Jack: I can't believe you would imagine a marriage without it. How many times have I told you I wanted them?

Phyllis: I just got used to the marriage thing and now kids.

Jack: I know you had a bad experience.

Phyllis: I was dragged into court. My child was taken away from me and given to a man that is not even his biological father.

Jack: There are circumstances --

Phyllis: He was probably right. That is my point.

Jack: What is?

Phyllis: Damn it, Jack! I don't need somebody else questioning my fitness as a mother, okay? I do that enough myself. I do that every day of my life.

Colleen: If you don't want to tell me.

Brad: No, no, I'm just surprised by the question, I guess.

Colleen: What's the big deal? Tell me why you and Mom broke up.

Brad: We grew apart.

Colleen: How do two people grow apart?

Brad: Well, there are lives that move in different directions.

Colleen: But when you marry someone, don't you agree to move in the same direction? Isn't that the whole point?

Brad: Yeah, yeah, but sometimes --

Colleen: That's why you take vows, right? Till death do us part.

Brad: Sometimes life throws us a curve ball even if it's unexpected.

Colleen: Okay, then, what unexpected thing happened that made you guys split up?

Malcolm: You know what, baby, this was a good idea.

Alex: Maybe a bit early for lunch, though.

Malcolm: What can I say? My stomach was grumbling. I was hungry for some food and for your sweet little company. All right. See what we've got here.

Alex: Are those tickets to the Cubs game? My gosh, how did you know I was a baseball fan? And they're for today. Now I get it.

Malcolm: You get what?

Alex: The reason you wanted to eat lunch early, to get to Chicago in time for the game.

Malcolm: Baby, no, not really. Okay. Look, I have to explain something --

Alex: Malcolm, don't tell me you're going to do what I think you are.

Olivia: Aunt Mamie, you're early.

Mamie: I wanted to give you plenty of time to get to the airport.

Olivia: I'm in good shape.

Mamie: Where's Nate?

Olivia: In his room.

Mamie: How's he doing?

Olivia: The same, withdrawn, defensive.

Mamie: I'm sorry.

Olivia: I'm sure he'll come out and talk to you. Nate, honey, Aunt Mamie is here.

Nate: Hi, Aunt Mamie.

Mamie: Hi, sweetheart.

Olivia: I'm almost out the door. Give me a hug? You know what, sweetie, I'm not going to see you for a few days. Maybe we can spend a few minutes together. I bought this book. I thought maybe we could read the first chapter.

Nate: No thanks.

Olivia: Okay. I really thought my going away would encourage some sort of affection. But he's built up this wall and I cannot penetrate it.

Mamie: Liv, that boy loves you more than anything else in the world. If he has built a wall, you know what you have to do to bring it down. I'm sorry about that. I needed to say that.

Olivia: You know what? I'm just going to go to the airport. There's no point staying here. Take care of my son.

Mamie: We'll be fine. Don't you worry.

Olivia: Nate, honey, I'm leaving. Bye.

Mamie: Bye.

Victor: If Keith Dennison chooses not to tell us about his trip until he already arrived in Boston, I wonder how much we can rely on him in the future.

Nicholas: I was wondering about that too. I wonder if we spooked him going over to his house.

Victor: You're absolutely right considering her actions. What that tells me is from now on we have to be very careful in how we interact with Keith Dennison.

Nicholas: I agree. We definitely need him on our team.

Victor: Did he say anything about getting permission from her doctor if she could travel?

Nicholas: No, but he gave me the number where they could be reached in Boston.

Matt: Relax, of course I'm on your side, Tricia. I'm just here to offer a little point of view. Your little personal devil's advocate.

Tricia: You like the way that sounds, don't you? [Phone ringing] Hello.

Victor: Tricia.

Tricia: Yes, who is this?

Victor: This is Victor Newman. Is your dad there?

Tricia: He's in the shower. May I take a message?

Victor: Actually, you can clarify something for me. Your father called Nicholas.

Tricia: Yes, he told me. Is there something more you need to know about our trip?

Victor: It sounds rather spur-of-the-moment.

Tricia: My sister called us and we haven't been in touch for a while. My dad was thrilled. She's graduating from college. We didn't want to miss her big day.

Victor: She called out of the blue?

Tricia: Yes.

Victor: How long will you be in Boston?

Tricia: Her graduation is next week, so until at least then.

Victor: You might extend your trip.

Tricia: My therapist is okay with a short trip. If my dad wants to extend our trip, I'm sure my dad will check with Dr. Burns. My dad wants to make a -- I have been wanting to make amends with my sister.

Victor: You think it's important everybody forgives you.

Tricia: Of course. Don't you believe me?

Victor: It's interesting you're not focusing solving your own problems, Tricia. You can do that anywhere in the world, you know.

Tricia: You think dealing with others should come second?

Victor: Yes, I do. Don't you?

Tricia: I have to do both at the same time. If I'm going to put the past behind me, I have to atone for what I've done.

Victor: It was nice talking to you.

Tricia: He didn't call me Mrs. McNeil. I wonder why.

Matt: You talk way too much.

Tricia: What do you mean?

Matt: You babbled on and on. The man's got a mind like a steel trap. You keep going like that and he will trip you up. Count on it.

Phyllis: Please, please, no pressure. I can't deal with it now.

Jack: That's your final decision, no kids? There's no discussing it?

Phyllis: It's hitting me out of the blue. It never occurred to me --

Jack: It never occurred to you that family is terribly important to me? It never occurred to you that I may want a child?

Phyllis: We're just at different ends of the universe.

Jack: I don't want to believe that.

Phyllis: How can you deny it? Marriage to you means children. And marriage to me means marriage. Why are you looking at me like that?

Jack: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I guess I didn't realize the nerve endings were still that raw.

Phyllis: Now you understand. Good. I can never go through that again. I can never go through having a child and losing a child. The pain is too horrible, Jack. I just can't do that. I think I'm better off if I stay away from motherhood, okay?

Malcolm: Look, Alex, the truth is I bought these tickets a while back when I thought the visitation hearing would be long over now.

Alex: You planned to take Nate.

Malcolm: When I heard the hearing was delayed, I didn't want to disappoint him.

Alex: These tickets are for Nate and Mamie.

Malcolm: They were. See, now --

Alex: What?

Malcolm: Olivia’s leaving town for a medical convention.

Alex: You're taking Nate to Chicago for a game?

Malcolm: I dreaded having to tell that little kid the game was canceled. Now I don't have to do that. Now I'm waiting for a call.

Alex: Would you like my opinion on this?

Malcolm: You don't think it's a good idea.

Alex: It's the worst possible thing you could do. I understand how frustrating this is for you and how much you don't want to disappoint your son. This is just too risky.

Malcolm: She's never going to find out. You didn't see Nate's face light up when he saw the cubbies tickets. Olivia leaving the same day as the game, I think it might be a sign. The man upstairs might be telling me it's A-okay to take my son to the game.

Alex: Malcolm, please don't do this.

Malcolm: You think I'm messing up.

Alex: You could throw away everything you're fighting for. Let Mamie take Nate. I'm begging you.

[Cell phone ringing]

Malcolm: Excuse me.

Alex: Malcolm.

Malcolm: Hello. It's Malcolm. Hey, Mamie. She is. Okay. Okay. Great. I'm on my way. I'll be there in a few. Okay.

Alex: You're still going.

Malcolm: No. Okay, no. You've convinced me. Alex, this is not something I'm going to dump on him over the phone. This is something I have to take care of in person.

Alex: I understand.

Malcolm: Okay. Look, let's get out of here. I'll drop you off at the office, all right?

Chantal: These are the files you requested.

Michael: Put it on top, I'll get to it eventually. The petition for the Kettleman file.

Chantal: Can't a paralegal help you with this?

Michael: Afraid not. The judge has to discuss it with me. I stay home or stay late.

Chantal: You must be missing Christine right now.

Michael: Very much.

Olivia: Michael, are you busy?

Chantal: Get in line, doctor.

Michael: I can spare a few minutes.

Olivia: I'm on my way to a medical convention. I just wanted to stop by.

Michael: Chantal, will you check on Dr. Winter's flight and see if it's on time?

Chantal: Sure.

Olivia: Thanks, Chantal. Here's the number. I assume you're here about your case.

Olivia: Where do we stand, Michael?

Michael: About the same place we did when last we spoke. Your former husband and his attorney are not happy about things.

Olivia: Didn't think they would be.

Michael: I don't know how much longer I can delay.

Olivia: What do you mean?

Michael: By the time you and I return from this convention, the discovery process will have ended. I'm afraid I have run out of options. 

Brad: Those are tough questions, young lady.

Colleen: Sorry, if it's stuff you don't want to answer.

Brad: It's not, it's just it was a long time ago.

Colleen: Don't you want me to know why?

Brad: Of course. 

Colleen: Did something happen, I have always wondered. Did you and my mom get in a major fight over some big issue?

Brad: What do you mean?

Colleen: I don't know. 

Brad: Sweetheart, sit down. You have to understand  something. Your mom and I were very young when we got married, probably too young.

Colleen: Then why'd you do it?

Brad: Well, because young people don't always --

Colleen: Make the right decisions.

Brad: That's part of it.

Colleen: Did you fall out of love with my mom?

Brad: I always cared a great deal for your mom. I still do.

Colleen: Just not enough to be married to her.

Brad: Sometimes things happen between couples that might be hard for you to understand right now. But trust me, as time goes on, as you get older, things will make a lot more sense.

Colleen: Why do adult always say stuff like that?

Brad: Please don't think I'm talking down to you because I'm not. Your mother and I share a special bond. That's you.

Colleen: Was it a bad divorce?

Brad: You mean, was there anger and bitterness, no. Your mom and I always respected each other.

Colleen: You just decided to go your different ways.

Brad: Your mom met Steve and they got close. He encouraged her to try new things at a very difficult time in her life.

Colleen: My father broke up your marriage.

Brad: Wasn't like that.

Colleen: What was it like?

[Doorbell sounding]

Brad: Sweetheart, it was -- that must be the sitter. Just one second.

Heidi: Hi, Mr. Carlton.

Brad: Hi. Thank you for coming in.

Heidi: No problem. I love watching Abby.

Brad: I would like to continue this, but if you want to make dance class we have to get moving.

Colleen: I'm ready.

Brad: Heidi, the baby is upstairs napping.

Michael: I can't stall any longer, Olivia. I recommend we go to court, present our case and let the chips fall where they may.

Olivia: It's a difficult position for me. And it's beginning to wear me down.

Michael: I understand how hard this is for you.

Olivia: I think I'm right. That hasn't changed. It's just that things have become so unbearable between my son and me.

Michael: No progress in bringing Nate around to your way of thinking?

Olivia: I left the house just now, he could barely say goodbye to me. Michael, I'm not sure how much more of this I can take.

Mamie: I swear you're going to punch a hole clear through that glove.

Nate: Hey, why isn't Daddy here yet?

Mamie: He'll be here any second.

Nate: I thought you would never get here, Dad.

Malcolm: I'm here now. How you doing, partner?

Nate: I will be a lot better when we get to the ballpark. Can we go now? Hey, can we get hot dogs? I think I can eat three.

Mamie: Your father has something to tell you.

Nate: Can't be better than a Cubs game.

Malcolm: The best in the park.

Nate: Will I catch a foul ball?

Malcolm: You never know.

Nate: Come on, let's go!

Mamie: I'll be in the bedroom packing my bags. Call me if you need me.

Nate: What's wrong?

Malcolm: Son, there's something we have to talk about.

Nate: Is it about the baseball game today?

Malcolm: Yeah, sort of.

Nate: You look really sad.

Malcolm: Nate, I don't know how to tell you this.

Nate: Can't you tell me in the car on the way to Chicago? Come on, Dad, we're wasting time!

Jack: I want you to know I understand where you're coming from.

Phyllis: Good. No more pressure then.

Jack: I also want you to know I just can't let this go.

Phyllis: You won't let it go.

Jack: If you didn't care about kids, you wouldn't be feeling the pain you're feeling.

Phyllis: It's not that I don't care about kids. I'm not cut out to be a mother.

Jack: You're selling yourself short.

Phyllis: I'm being realistic.

Jack: Tell me something, do you miss Daniel?

Phyllis: What are you doing? Why don't you just stick the dagger in and twist it.

Jack: Having a child taken from you left a huge void in your life.

Phyllis: Give the man a gold star.

Jack: I'm saying having a child with me could maybe fill that void.

Phyllis: Jack, or it could change it into a gaping wound. Please, please don't. I've spent years stopping the bleeding. I don't want to start this again.

Jack: Why is having a child a negative thing?

Phyllis: I don't want to talk about this!

Jack: It can be built on the love we have together. You and Danny didn't have that.

Phyllis: I love my son, okay?

Jack: I believe that. I do. I'm saying that having another child might bring some peace back into your life. It might help you heal that old wound.

Phyllis: Some wounds don't heal.

Jack: Okay. Okay. Maybe you're right. Just think about this. Think about how much you love Daniel, how much you still love him even though he was brought into this world in the worst possible circumstances. When you were pregnant with him there was no love between you and Danny. When you got married it was because he thought you were carrying his child. Whatever moments of happiness you shared were based on deception.

Phyllis: Okay. If you're trying to make me feel like garbage --

Jack: The woman you were then is not the woman you are now. And having a child with me now would be totally different than it was then.

Phyllis: Jack, I thought you loved me for myself. Now I'm just realizing that all you want is a woman who can give you a baby.

Brad: Hey.

Ashley: Hi, honey.

Brad: How's your day going?

Ashley: So far so good. Did you get Colleen to dance class?

Brad: She seemed a little nervous but I'm sure she'll relax.

Ashley: Did you stay for a while?

Brad: There's plenty of time for that.

Ashley: I thought you wanted to see her dance.

Brad: I did but --

Ashley: But what?

Brad: Colleen and I had a little uncomfortable conversation before we left. She wanted to know why me and her mom broke up.

Ashley: What did you tell her?

Brad: I didn't want to go into detail. I said we grew apart. It caught me off guard. I don't think I handled it that well.

Ashley: Those questions are natural coming from a 13-year-old whose mother and father are having problems. I'm sure you handled it just right.

Brad: I don't know. I think I left her with more questions. What's that for?

Ashley: I love you and I'm very impressed with how you're handling a difficult situation. You're a very special man.

Brad: Thank you.

Sharon: That was Tricia?

Victor: Said her father was in the shower.

Sharon: What are they doing in Boston?

Victor: Apparently, they are there for her sister's graduation from college.

Nicholas: Keith told me that too.

Victor: Supposedly the sister invited them to come to Boston.

Sharon: You don't believe her?

Victor: I have a strange feeling about this. I think she was over compensating. I have a strong hunch that she's the one that made this trip to Boston happen.

Nicholas: Why would she want to leave Genoa City?

Victor: I don't know. I don't know. You know, I can't escape the impression that that woman is wearing a mask.

Sharon: Covering what?

Victor: I don't know. I don't know. I'm going to have to find out.

[Knock on door]

I just received the lab report you ordered.

Victor: Thank you.

Sharon: What's it say?

Victor: This is a full spectrum analysis of the candy that Tricia gave to Noah.

Nicholas: And?

Victor: Nothing but sugar and chocolate.

Nicholas: Thank God.

Sharon: Whatever is going on with Tricia, at least our son wasn't at risk.

Victor: Yes. I'm very glad the results are negative. I just have a very strange feeling about this girl. You know, I can't help but feel she has an agenda. There's nothing more dangerous than an unstable woman with an agenda.

Tricia: I suppose I did say more than I should have. It's hard to match wits with a man like that.

Matt: We can add illusions of grandeur to your résumé. You go toe to toe with Newman, he will squash you like a bug. That trip to the coffee house was dumb.

Tricia: They thought I poisoned their son.

Matt: Can you blame them? You're the enemy, babe. You're going about this all wrong. Stay low to the ground and stay off Newman's radar screen if you hope to get payback.

Tricia: Or stay off his radar screen, as you put it, and use that in other ways.

Matt: What the hell are you talking about?

Tricia: Best way to surprise your enemy is be unpredictable.

Matt: I suppose you have something in mind?

Tricia: Stick around and find out.

Mamie: Malcolm, it's getting late. Nate and I are going to get to the game on time, we -- "Nate and I went to Chicago. Couldn't disappoint my son. See you later." No, no, no! Malcolm, what could you be thinking?!

Michael: Things are really that rough?

Olivia: When my son looks at me, Michael, it's like a knife going through my heart.

Michael: Well, I'm sorry to hear that.

Olivia: I thought these delays would goad Malcolm into doing something stupid so people could see the man he really is.

Michael: You thought he would make a mistake we would use in court?

Olivia: I'm astonished. It's not like him to be so calm. I didn't think I would be saying this to you, but I'm beginning to consider the advice you gave me in the beginning.

Michael: Really.

Olivia: It's not like these delays are working, and ultimately Malcolm will win visitation.

Michael: Well, I appreciate that you still have reservations, but I'm glad to see you're seeing things realistically.

Olivia: Don't get ahead of yourself, counselor. I'm not ready to pull the plug yet.

Michael: Then what?

Olivia: I'm going to take time on this trip. I'm going to re-assess my position. I'm going to think of all my options.

[Knock on door]

Chantal: Good thing I called the airline, Doctor.

Olivia: What's wrong?

Chantal: Mechanical problems with the plane. Your flight will be delayed a couple of hours.

Olivia: No point sitting around there for a few hours. I might as well go back home. Thank you.

Jack: You honestly think I'm looking for someone to carry my child? You cannot be more off base.

Phyllis: I accept your marriage proposal and next thing I know you're shoving kids down my throat. Obviously, you don't have anything to say to that. I guess this conversation is over and I'm not going to be needing that.

Jack: You listen to me. If I wanted someone, anyone to carry my child, that wouldn't be so difficult. I imagine there are any number of woman out there who would be happy to oblige me.

Phyllis: Why don't you go out and get one?

Jack: I don't want one of them! I want you! I know you don't believe that, but I want you! I want you, Phyllis Summers. Yes. Yes, I want you to have my children. Because I love you. And because I honestly believe that any child the two of us created together would be an amazing kid. You think about it. With the two of us put together, oh, my God. What an amazing human being that would be. Most important of all, I would be so proud, so honored to walk by your side as you carried our child. For the whole world to see. That would mean the world to me. To know that I was the guy, the one guy lucky enough to father Phyllis Summers' child. I can't just walk out. Can we please try this again?

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