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Isabella: I can't believe you found this.

Paul: Neither can I.

Isabella: I had no idea that James kept these pictures.

Paul: Obviously, he did.

Isabella: Probably could use them against me whenever the need erupts.

Paul: So you worked at this massage parlor.

Isabella: No point denying it.

Paul: No point at all. Do you have any explanation?

Isabella: What do you want me to say, Paul? I'll pack my things and I'll leave.

Paul: You're not going anywhere, I deserve some answers and you're not leaving until I get them.

Mackenzie: I wouldn't call my talk with J.T. intense.

Billy: What did you guys talk about?

Mackenzie: What happened between him and Rianna when they were dating?

Billy: That's it?

Mackenzie: Yeah.

Billy: Why would he be upset about that, oh, let me guess. The guy is a real softy.

Mackenzie: Give him a break.

Billy: Mac, J.T. is bad news and I'm not falling for his act. Neither should you.

Mackenzie: Please don't talk about J.T.

Billy: Why? Afraid you might betray his confidence?

Mackenzie: The person I'm worried about right now is Rianna. She's hiding whatever happened between her and J.T.

Billy: How much does Raul know?

Mackenzie: It was a bad breakup. You figure that Rianna had already gotten over it.

Billy: Are you saying she hasn't?

Rianna: Do you want to talk about it?

J.T.: I think we should.

Rianna: There's nothing to talk about.

J.T.: That's not true.

Rianna: I need to get back to work. J.T. look, why are you making this hard on me?

Rianna: Why are you dwelling on the past? We had a simple high school relationship and it's over. It's not a big deal.

J.T.: Yes, it is. Because I said we hit some bumps along the way.

Rianna: Our problems were a lot more than that.

J.T.: I thought that was no big deal.

Rianna: Would you leave me alone?

J.T.: No, I want to know if I did something to hurt you. Is this a girl thing? No, what I mean is girls take this stuff more seriously. Us guys are clueless.

Rianna: Not all guys.

J.T.: Like Raul.

Rianna: You could learn a lot from him.

J.T.: You're right.

Rianna: Would you stop messing with me?

J.T.: I'm not. Look, I’ve been doing some thinking about what happened with us. I didn't treat you so great at the end. So I'm sorry. I hope you can forgive me.

Raul: Hey, Sean, came to grab some shopping bags. How are things going? Getting enough moments?

Sean: More than enough. So are things working out then with the big group?

Raul: Well it's not the same as last summer. I'm glad Mac is around and everything. She could do without J.T.

Sean: Let's just put it this way. If he didn't click with the public and you guys had to get rid of him I'd live.

Sean: You haven't been reading the e-mails, have you?

Raul: No, why?

Sean: I hate to break this to you, Raul, but J.T. is a big hit. The audience can't get enough of him.

Neil: I completely understand why you're worried about Malcolm.

Alex: He's absolutely devastated.

Neil: I don't get it. Why would Olivia delay the hearing, especially after everything she's been putting my brother through? When did Malcolm find out?

Alex: Not too long after you left for the business trip.

Neil: You were with him?

Alex: Actually I was with Olivia at her house.

Neil: Really what were you doing there?

Alex: We just got the evidence for the HMO case. It was ironic. I was thanking Olivia and he came bailing in. It gets worse. The attorney showed up.

Neil: Oh, no, that could have been a disaster.

Alex: The important thing is your brother is in a good position.

Neil: You think, so even after this latest stunt?

Alex: She can stall all she wants but eventually it will go to the court and Nate will take the stand. The judge will give the testimony to allow a voice, probably now rule in Malcolm's favor. In the meantime you and I have our work cut out for us.

Neil: Yeah, keeping my brother on the line.

Alex: As agonizing as it is he cannot go around blowing up at people. If he does, Neil, it can cost him big time.

Jasmine: How do I look?

Malcolm: Smoking, girl. You're going to hurt somebody. Just give me a couple of seconds.

Jasmine: Don't worry. Is this for a catalogue?

Malcolm: Yeah, the client called this afternoon. I just take the pictures. I don't ask too many questions, you know what I'm saying?

Jasmine: I didn't know you were a Cubs fan. The cubbies are the best. When I was little I had no idea what was going on. That's what's so cool with baseball games. They're great for little kids.

Malcolm: Yeah, they sure are. You know what, I think I'm set up here. Here you go.

Malcolm: Thanks.


Victoria: Hi. I'm not too late, am I?

Ryan: For what?

Victoria: Too late for what the hell, dinner, of course. Have you eaten?

Ryan: No.

Victoria: Well good. You like fried chicken, right?

Ryan: Are you okay?

Victoria: Yeah, why?

Ryan: Do you remember the argument we had at coffee house?

Victoria: It wasn't an argument.

Ryan: What would you call it?

Victoria: A disagreement.

Ryan: Which ended with you walking out.

Victoria: We had a little difference of opinion. So what? We can't fall apart every time we don't agree.

Ryan: So you're not mad at me?

Victoria: No. I do think you're a little off base when a certain female party is concerned. You know what? We're going to have one ground rule for tonight. We're not going to talk about Tricia. We're not going to talk about my father, her father or anyone who is not in this room. Can you handle those terms?

Ryan: If I say yes what will we talk about?

Victoria: Well I'm sure we can think of something. You know what, all we have to do is make dinner. After that, we don't have to talk at all.

Isabella: I don't want to talk about this.

Paul: Well I do.

Isabella: Haven't I been humiliated enough?

Paul: What, you don't think I deserve some answers?

Isabella: Answers to what, Paul? It's all self-testified in these pictures.

Paul: Come on, Isabella, I don't give a damn about those pictures! I don't care you worked in a massage parlor. Your whole attitude --

Isabella: Your whole attitude has changed toward me.

Paul: Every time I turn around there's something new.

Isabella: I haven't lived a perfect life. There are things in my past I don't want you to know about.

Paul: So how many more things are there?

Mackenzie: I can't answer that, Billy. I don't know what Rianna is feeling and I don't even know the whole story between her and J.T.

Billy: It's none of our business anyway.

Mackenzie: She's my friend. I feel a sense to protect her. I do. But if it's really tough on Rianna I don't even know.

All through with my chat. You're up, Mac. Don't want to keep America waiting.

Billy: Talk to you later, okay?

Mackenzie: Okay.

Billy: So, how was the chat?

Brittany: It was fine I guess.

Billy: Anything interesting?

Brittany: No, not really.

Billy: Well it's a nice night out.

Brittany: Yeah, it is.

Billy: I think I'm going to take a swim.

Brittany: You're talking to me, right? Sorry. It's hard. Not that long ago things were so different.

Billy: What do you want me to say, Brittany?

Brittany: I don't know. Maybe that a part of you misses being with me.

Billy: Brittany --

Brittany: No, I'm not lying to myself. I know it's over. It just happened so suddenly. I guess I'm not over it.

Billy: You'll be okay, right?

Brittany: You mean am I going to mope around and cry over what might have been? Hardly.

Billy: Well I guess I'll join Mac.

Brittany: Before you go, can I ask you something?

Billy: Sure.

Brittany: What's the deal with Sean? He's just so full of himself.

Billy: Are we talking about the same Sean?

Brittany: Jabot's web master, last name Bridges.

Billy: He's a pretty cool guy.

Brittany: He thinks he knows everything.

Billy: He is pretty smart.

Brittany: That doesn't give him the right to put other people down.

Billy: Brittany, where are you coming from? Did Sean do something to you?

Raul: You're saying J.T. is in for the duration.

Sean: It looks that way. Raul, is it a problem for you?

Raul: I'm not trying to make trouble. I know this is an important campaign.

Sean: I'll tell you what. If it becomes too uncomfortable for you, don't be afraid to speak up, okay?

Raul: Deal.

Jill: Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't realize anybody was in here.

Raul: Sorry, Mrs. Abbott. I was heading downstairs anyway.

Sean: Remember what we talked about, Raul.

Raul: I will.

Jill: What was that about?

Sean: Just reading between the lines. Raul has a problem with J.T. being on the project. So I told him --

Jill: You told him to blame me.

Neil: Alex, how long can Olivia delay this meeting?

Alex: Could be weeks, maybe longer. It's hard to say.

Neil: Does Malcolm know that?

Alex: His lawyer told him.

Neil: Alex, I wish I could make Olivia see how wrong she is. I've tried to make her see how bad this is for her son.

Alex: She says she's protecting her child.

Neil: I have. She refuses to listen.

Alex: We've done all we can. It's out of our hands.

Neil: Alex, it's so unfortunate when I think how much Malcolm loves that little boy. The way he changed after Nathan died. Olivia acts like none of it ever mattered. When was the last time you talked to Malcolm?

Alex: He called a little while ago.

Neil: How's he doing?

Alex: He's hanging in there. I reminded him not to let Olivia provoke him.

Neil: Was he listening?

Alex: I think so.

Neil: I'm glad he has you.

Alex: He has you too.

Neil: No, it's not the same. You're able to fill a void in Malcolm's life I can't possibly fill. So thank you for taking good care of him. Where was he when you talked to him?

Alex: At his studio.

Neil: I'm going to go see him. I'll be back.

Alex: Neil? Please tell your brother I'm thinking about him.

Neil: Yeah. I sure will.

Rianna: If I didn't know you any better, I might think this was for real.

J.T.: It is.

Rianna: How can you be sure?

J.T.: You need proof?

Rianna: Proof? It would help.

J.T.: I said I was sorry. How many times have I ever said that before?

Rianna: I have to admit. I've never heard that.

J.T.: Doesn't that tell you something? At least I'm making progress.

Rianna: What made you suddenly girl conscious.

J.T.: I guess all this time I thought you felt the same way I did. Like you said we went out. We broke up. We had fun while we were together. The other day when you were upset I realized maybe we weren't on the same page after all.

Rianna: If I asked you something, would you give me an honest answer?

J.T.: I'll try.

Rianna: Did I mean anything to you?

J.T.: Yeah, sure you did.

Rianna: More than just a notch on your bed post?

J.T.: Come on, Rianna.

Rianna: You were my first, J.T. Maybe it's hard for a guy to understand but it's a big deal for a girl. It means her self-respect.

J.T.: It's just a part of growing up.

Rianna: A huge part. I thought you really cared about me. And then we broke up and I felt used. I couldn't believe I gave away something so precious.

J.T.: Why didn't you say anything before?

Rianna: Because you were too busy finding your next score. You know what, I'm over it. I've moved on a long time ago.

J.T.: With Raul.

Rianna: He's a great guy.

J.T.: You seem like a perfect fit.

Rianna: Yeah. Anyway, thank you for your apology.

J.T.: Yeah. Better late than never, right?

Rianna: I'm amazed you came around at all. J.T., I had a feeling something was wrong. I actually didn't get it until I talked to Mac.

J.T.: You talked to everyone?

Victoria: What, food?

Ryan: And company.

Victoria: I had an idea. You want to hear it?

Ryan: Right away.

Victoria: How do you feel about the Greek Islands?

Ryan: I have an opinion. Why?

Victoria: Well, I always wanted to go there. The resorts are supposed to be amazing. The ruins. They have a great nightlife.

Ryan: You want to check it out?

Victoria: Only if I have the right traveling companion.

Ryan: Is that an invitation?

Victoria: It depends on whether you say yes.

Ryan: You know what, book it. We'll make it work with my schedule.

Victoria: Really?

Ryan: Yeah, it sounds like fun.

Victoria: Good, good. After everything we have been through we deserve a little r and r.

Ryan: Breaking your own rule. I better distract you before do you it again.

Victoria: How do you plan on doing that?

Ryan: Right here.

Ryan: Care to work off something else?

Victoria: I will take you over a treadmill any day of the week.

Malcolm: All right. All right, Jasmine. There you go girl. Work it for me. Beautiful. Work that magic. Come on, like you know how. Give me your eyes. Right here. Flip your hair around a little bit. A little sassiness. Right in the lens, girl. There strong eyes. Don't change a thing. There you go. Right at you, baby two. More. Give me that cover shy. There we go. One two, where is she! Bang! That is what we call a wrap.

Jasmine: Already? That was easy.

Malcolm: It was easy because the camera loves you, miss thing. Get out of here and go change.

Jasmine: Thanks, Malcolm.

Malcolm: Yeah. Neil, hey. How long have you been standing there?

Neil: Just walked in. Didn't want to interrupt.

Malcolm: Well, how was your trip?

Neil: Yeah, that's why Victor pays me the big bucks.

Malcolm: So I guess you heard the hearing has been delayed, huh?

Neil: Yeah. Alex told me. I'm sorry, Malcolm.

Malcolm: Yeah, me too.

Neil: I was stunned to hear it. I talked to Olivia. She didn't hear a word.

Malcolm: Of course she didn't. She figured you would get on her case. Not that it mattered. That woman's head is made out of solid granite.

Neil: I'm worried about you. How are you coping?

Malcolm: How am I coping? Neil, I feel like putting my fist through a wall, but that wouldn't accomplish a whole lot now would it?

Neil: Words of wisdom from Miss Alex Perez?

Malcolm: Alex told me to take one day at a time.

Neil: Sounds like a good strategy. I want you to know you're in her thoughts. Mine too.

Malcolm: Thanks, man. It helps knowing that.

Neil: Anyway, I'll let you finish your business here. You take care of yourself, all right?

Malcolm: Yeah, yeah. You, too.

Malcolm: Hey. Good to have you back old man.

Neil: It's good to be back. You hang in there.

Malcolm: I'll do that.

Isabella: I told you how I met James, when I was in school in Green Bay and how he offered me a job at the escort service making lots of money. That's mostly true.

Paul: Mostly true?

Isabella: What I didn't tell you was that the escort service came later. When I first met James he was running a massage parlor. I was a kid far away from home, away from my parents for the first time. No money, scraping to get by. And a smooth attractive young man made me an offer. He said he could do a lot for me. A job with flexible hours making good pay. I was a naive kid. I said yes before I even knew it was a massage parlor.

Paul: And what did you do when you found out?

Isabella: James made it seem not so bad. The money was a huge temptation, but it was more than that.

Paul: More?

Isabella: This was a declaration of my independence. I was free finding my own way in the world, a chance to take off the shackles of my strict Catholic upbringing.

Paul: So your parents had no idea.

Isabella: They'd call and leave messages. I guess it became suspicious when I was never home. Then it happened. My father and mother decided to surprise me with a visit. Of course, I wasn't home and my father pressured my roommate for some answers. When he felt she was hiding something he went through my desk and found my address book. When I thought I was done for the night the bell rang out in the lobby. I thought it was a customer. So I went out dressed for work, putting on my sexiest smile. And there was my dad staring at me. And I will never forget the look on his face. As long as I live, I will never forget.

Jasmine: Okay, Malcolm. I left the outfit in the second dressing room. I guess I'm out of here.

Malcolm: Cool. Listen, Jasmine, thanks for doing this shoot.

Jasmine: No sweat. So a shoot next week?

Malcolm: Yeah, I'm looking forward to that.

Jasmine: You still have those tickets on you?

Malcolm: Cubbies? Oh, yeah. This game is -- shoot.

Jasmine: You are never going to make it in time for the opening pitch.

Malcolm: You're right.

Jasmine: What are you going to do? Exchange the tickets?

Malcolm: No, I'm going to reschedule the shoot.

Jasmine: You must really want to see that game.

Malcolm: You got that right.

Jasmine: Okay. I'll call my agent.

Malcolm: Hey did you a good job tonight.

Jasmine: Thank you.

Ryan: The song is over.

Victoria: And we've already had dinner.

Ryan: What's next on the schedule?

Victoria: Well, I gave you a hint.

Ryan: Something that doesn't require any talking.

Victoria: Just body language.

Ryan: You really are amazing.

Victoria: Why because I am at your front door with a bag full of junk food?

Ryan: No, I was referring to the trip idea.

Victoria: Yeah, the Greek Islands.

Ryan: A vacation would be good for us, just what we need to make this work. Smooth out the rough spots. You know I want us to make a vow, okay? No matter how busy we get, we'll always make time to be alone. Together.

Victoria: I promise. I think I will go so crazy.

Rianna: She is.

J.T.: So what's with the attitude?

Rianna: I just figured out your angle.

J.T.: My angle.

Rianna: The apology had nothing to do with me. You did this to impress Mackenzie. I can't believe I let you con me again.

J.T.: Rianna you are overreacting.

Rianna: Mac told me you changed. I shouldn’t have believed it for a second. I'm right. You want something and you go back and treat people like dirt.

J.T.: If you're worried that I'm going to tell people what we said I'm not!

Rianna: No! I don't want Mac to fall for you like I did. I'm going to make sure she knows the real J.T., the one who doesn't give a damn about anybody but himself!

J.T.: Look, I came here because I was sorry I hurt you. Maybe I was a little late, but I meant every word I said. If you don't believe me, fine. That's your decision.

Sean: Why would I tell Raul to blame you?

Jill: Because it was my idea to take J.T. onboard.

Sean: It turned out to be a really good move.

Jill: What about those predictions of yours it would destroy my son?

Sean: I stand corrected. Billy is handling it like a pro. Raul, on the other hand, I'm not too sure about.

Jill: He and J.T. have never been friends.

Sean: There's a story there somewhere. Something happened between the two of them. Maybe had something to do with Rianna. I don't know.

Jill: Sean, you remember last night?

Sean: Sure do.

Jill: Well one of the reasons it was so lovely is that we never once talked about these kids.

Sean: It's part of our job, Jill.

Jill: I realize that! But I've had my fill of them. Especially Brittany.

Sean: What happened with Brittany?

Jill: You should have heard the way she spoke to me. Just went on and on and on as if we were allies or something. As if I would ever trust her in any way.

Sean: Wonder where she got that idea.

Jill: It's probably because at one time we were in agreement where my son was concerned.

Sean: Meaning what?

Jill: Meaning neither one of us wanted him to be with Mackenzie. When Billy and Brittany first started dating I thought she was a wonderful girl. But then she became involved with many some bad decisions Billy made with alcohol.

Sean: Correct me if I'm wrong but wouldn't the bane of last summer's campaign be Brittany? How did she get back on your good side?

Jill: Well, I still have issues with her. I just made it very clear her previous behavior wouldn't be tolerated. From that point on she did behave herself.

Sean: Except she couldn't keep a hold of Billy, right?

Jill: Here we go again. Why are we talking about this? Brittany Hodges is of no consequence.

Sean: Because, Jill, what you just said definitely puts a new spin on what happened earlier.

Jill: Tell me.

Sean: At the Abbotts right after you left Brittany was working for a little sympathy.

Jill: From you?

Sean: Whatever you told her really nailed her so she's feeling a little bruised.

Jill: So you comforted her.

Sean: No, I tried to give her a dose of reality.

Jill: You backed me up?

Sean: In my own way. And what I told her hopefully it will help her to be more of a team player this summer.

Jill: Don't hold your breath.

Brittany: You don't think Sean has a major attitude?

Billy: I haven't seen it.

Brittany: He's totally different with you.

Billy: Why would he be?

Brittany: Because you're the boss's son. That makes you worthy. The rest of us are little peons.

Billy: I don't know, Brittany.

Brittany: He acts so enlightened like it gives him the right to say whatever he wants no matter how cruel.

Billy: Was he mean to you?

Brittany: I'm sure he thinks he was just telling you like it is. Well, I'd like to tell him how it is with his tight t-shirts and those cute little glasses. What adult dresses like that?

Billy: Brittany, you really have a problem with the guy.

Brittany: Well he better watch out. He will have a problem with me. I'm going home.

Billy: All right.

Mackenzie: That was strange. Even for Brittany.

Billy: You heard?

Mackenzie: She just started going off on Sean?

Billy: Yeah. I don't even know why. Because he said something.

Mackenzie: It's got to be more than that. You think Brittany is interested in him?

Billy: It would make things a lot easier for us if she were.

Mackenzie: He's out of high school. He is so much older than her.

Billy: I'm not saying Sean feels the same way but it would be great if Brittany started pining after someone else. Anyone else.

Mackenzie: True.

Paul: So what did your father say?

Isabella: Worse. He just stared at me. I wanted to scream or cry. Anything but that excruciating silence. He turned away and walked away. It's the last time I saw him. Since then not a word has been communicated between me and my family. As if I was dead. And a part of me did die. You asked me how I could keep the truth from you, and how I could keep deceiving you like I have. Well my worst fear is seeing that look in the eyes of someone I love and that's happened. Why didn't you just let me leave when I wanted to leave? None of this would have happened if you would have just let me leave. Why didn't you?

Raul: Okay. I got some bags. I don't think they would mind if I turned off the camera. What?

Rianna: I'm just glad you're back. I missed you.

Raul: I wasn't gone that long.

Rianna: Well, it seemed like that to me.

Raul: Something about J.T.

Rianna: Why would you think that?

Raul: Because we were talking about how bad he treated you.

Rianna: You are the best thing that ever happened to me. I am so lucky to be with you.

Alex: So from what you could tell, how was he doing?

Neil: Malcolm was holding it together. He seems to be on an even keel.

Alex: All right. Well that's a good sign.

Neil: He's following your advice, not letting his anger get the best of him.

Alex: Well it's great to hear that.

Neil: So you feel like you can rest easier now?

Alex: I just pray this means what I hope it means. He’s not planning to do anything foolish.

Neil: Me too.

Malcolm: Why are you doing this to me, Olivia? Why are you doing this to our son?

Isabella: I'm sorry. I am so sorry this is going to be the image that you'll have of me forever.

Paul: How can I say this so that you understand? It's not about the photos. It's not about the massage parlor, it's about the lies. Isabella, trust is more than just a word to me. I thought we had something real. I thought we had something special together. And then I find out that you have deceived me yet once again.

Isabella: What if I told you there are no more secrets? Would you believe me? I've lost your trust and there's no way I'm going to get it back. I've said all I have to say.

Paul: Wait. Where are you going?

Isabella: Paul, just let me go.

Paul: Is that what you want? Is it? You want to leave? No more secrets? You've told me everything?

Isabella: What are you saying? Are you saying you're going to give me one more chance?

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