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Colleen: Hey. I didn't know it was you.

Billy: What are you listening to? Sorry.

Colleen: I'm into the bubble gum stuff. What are you into?

Billy: You actually smiled.

Colleen: I guess I've been a real downer lately.

Billy: Yeah, well you have a lot going on.

Colleen: Tell me about it.

Billy: If you want to, you can hang out with me and the rest of the Glow by Jabot gang today.

Colleen: We'll see.

Billy: Did you get my message last night?

Colleen: About the movie? Yeah.

Billy: Not interested?

Colleen: I went to Brad and Ashley's last night for dinner.

Billy: How was it?

Colleen: Fun. I got to hold Abby for a minute.

Billy: Yeah, she's a pretty cute kid.

Colleen: Billy, can I ask you something?

Billy: Sure.

Colleen: How well do you know Brad?

Billy: Well, I mostly know him through Ashley, but he seems like a pretty cool guy. It must be weird, huh? Being around him.

Colleen: It was at first. Like you said he's cool. It's not his fault we haven't spent much time together.

Billy: You're not mad at him?

Colleen: Why should I be? It's my mom's idea. She doesn't want me to be confused about who my real dad is.

Billy: So you haven't been around Brad much.

Colleen: Even though he's my real father.

Keith: Now I realize it was spur of the moment, and you got to your doctor's appointment on time.

Tricia: But you're concerned. I guess it's more difficult than I thought it was.

Keith: What is, sweetheart?

Tricia: Adjusting. I just wanted to apologize to Nick and Sharon.

Keith: You understand now that wasn't right.

Tricia: They don't trust me. I don't blame them. Not after everything I've done.

Keith: We have to take responsibility for our actions, hon.

Tricia: I'm trying. You believe me, don't you, Dad?

Keith: I do, sweetheart. Listen, I have to run over to the office. I'll be back soon, okay?

Tricia: Dad?

Keith: Yeah?

Tricia: Thanks.

Tricia: Yeah, Dad thanks. Thanks for nothing. Almost as bad as there's got to be a way to get him out of here.

Tricia: Boston, Massachusetts. Do you have a listing for a Megan Dennison?


Victor: Come in!

Sharon: You're sure you know why I wanted to see you.

Victor: Talk about Tricia McNeil.

Sharon: The more I think about it, the more I realize how wrong it was for her to stop by the coffee house, not to mention giving Noah a piece of candy.

Victor: I've already contacted the lab.

Sharon: And?

Victor: They're sending a message as we speak.

Sharon: How long before we get the results?

Victor: Couple of days.

Sharon: You don't think she's cured either, do you? You don't trust her?

Victor: Tricia McNeil is a dangerous lady. We better keep an eye on her, a very close eye.

Sharon: You talk about keeping an eye on Tricia, but as long as she's running around doing whatever the hell she wants --


Keith: Victor, oh, I hope I'm not interrupting.

Victor: Hello, Keith. Please come in.

Keith: Thank you. I assume you have the date.

Victor: I have indeed.

Keith: Crimson Lights was an innocent mistake and it won't happen again.

Victor: Keith, you know that visit to the coffee house was utterly inappropriate.

Keith: Certainly. I spoke to Tricia. She's very sorry. Let's not make too much of this visit.

Sharon: Are you saying that my husband and I are overreacting?

Keith: She simply offered your boy a piece of candy.

Sharon: Which is totally unacceptable. You don't give anything to a child you that you don't know.

Keith: As I said. It was a mistake. Can we please drop it?

Malcolm: Boo. Good morning, Pretty in Pink.

Alex: Good morning.

Malcolm: Breakfast is now served.

Alex: Ah. No Eggs Benedict.

Malcolm: Baby, please. My fridge is all the way empty.

Alex: You didn't know you had a houseguest?

Malcolm: Woman, please. You are so much more than a houseguest and you know that. Mwa! [Purring] [Laughing] You know something, I was reading the paper earlier.

Alex: Huh? What's going on in the world?

Malcolm: You heard teenage pregnancy is down?

Alex: That's good news.

Malcolm: What I don't get is, I think about these young kids messing around with each other, not using protection.

Alex: Maybe they're learning.

Malcolm: I hope so because it's crazy out there.

Alex: I know because we're all so young and foolish. It's a miracle we survive.

Malcolm: Ain't that the truth. Not without some scars.

Alex: They never completely heal.

Malcolm: You believe that?

Alex: Not anymore. Something happened that I thought would never come true and it did after all. Thank you, Malcolm.

Malcolm: You're welcome, but what's the big deal? It was just a prom.

Alex: No, it wasn't. It was my prom. No one else's. It's a night I will never forget.

Paul: All right. This could be the day.

Isabella: We don't know that. What if you don't find anything?

Paul: I told you only positive talk.

Isabella: I'm trying.

Paul: It's difficult. It just makes sense your husband is going to have another set of books somewhere.

Isabella: Even if you're right, James could have had them destroyed.

Paul: It's worth investigating.

Isabella: I don't know, Paul what if you don't find any evidence, then what?

Paul: Where you are concerned he's going to continue to threaten you.

Isabella: More than anything I just want this to be over with so we can get on with our lives together.

Billy: Hey, Raul!

Raul: Sorry. I can come back later, man.

Billy: No, no. It's cool. We were just talking.

Raul: What was that about?

Billy: It's kind of hard for her being here.

Raul: When is she going back to New York?

Billy: Her parents are having problems. She's going to be here for a while, while they figure things out. Then there's Brad.

Raul: What about him?

Billy: He's her real dad.

Raul: He's married -- he was married to your sister Tracy.

Billy: She barely knows the guy, now she's seeing him all the time.

Raul: That's a lot for a kid to handle.

Billy: I wish things could be better.

Raul: Anyway I can help?

Billy: She's thinking about spending the day with us.

Raul: I don't know, man. All the stuff that's going down with Brittany and J.T.?

Billy: What you're saying is it's too much trouble?

Raul: No, I don't want to make things worse.

Billy: Her parents are in New York and she's here. It's cool. But they had better get it worked out or they'll have to deal with me.

Colleen: No bother. Thanks for the invite. I don't want your friends to know what's going on in my family.

Billy: It won't be like that.

Raul: We just want you to chill.

Billy: Nothing wrong with giving them a heads-up, right? So what do you say?

Colleen: I'll think about it.

Raul: The girl is in a bad mood.

Paul: You know, we really shouldn't talk about this right now.

Isabella: Are you upset?

Paul: No, of course not. We're just getting ahead ourselves. Wish me luck.

Isabella: Paul! If you don't find any evidence linking James to the money laundering, can we just forget about the case and move on?

Paul: You know, Isabella, as tempting as that may sound, I don't want to do anything that's going to put you at risk. Believe me, I know how frustrating it is. I'm not going to take that chance.

Isabella: Last night I told you how lucky I was because I know how I feel about you, but maybe I was wrong. I'm so grateful for everything that you've done for me. But you're a married man and if you're getting cold feet --

Paul: Look, let me just put our professional relationship on hold for a minute.

Isabella: I wish you hadn't done that.

Paul: Why?

Isabella: It just reminds me of how desperately I want this to be over with. You could just promise me that --

Paul: Shh. I have a good feeling about today. You've got it. Back on the job. Be patient.

Victor: You do agree.

Keith: Maybe Tricia and your son haven't been introduced, but it's not as though they're totally strangers.

Sharon: Are you trying to say we shouldn't be concerned?

Keith: Can't you cut Tricia just a little slack? She won't recuperate if you and your husband are out to get her.

Sharon: We're not out to get her.

Victor: Thank you for coming by. We appreciate you kept up your end of the bargain.

Keith: Though itís within your power to derail my daughter's recovery.

Victor: As long as she's making progress, there will be no trouble.

Keith: Yes, certainly. And thank you for being the voice of reason.

Sharon: Don't tell me you've all of a sudden decided to trust that woman.

Hi, I'm from Clinical Analysis Labs. I'm supposed to pick up a piece of candy for analysis.

Billy: Well things were cool when we thought Colleen might join us, then we screwed up big-time.

Ashley: What happened?

Billy: We thought we were alone so we started to talk about how we would get through to her and it turns out she heard most of our conversation.

Ashley: Oh, no. She wasn't too thrilled about it.

Billy: She got all weird, shut down.

Brad: She has a lot on her plate.

Billy: It's frustrating. We just want her to have fun.

Ashley: At the very least she knows you guys care.

Billy: Next time we'll be more careful. Well, if Colleen changes her mind we'll be at the pool house.

Ashley: Thanks, you guys.

Colleen: You're back.

Ashley: Hey.

Brad: Hi. We just wanted to tell you what a great time we had last night.

Colleen: It was fun.

Ashley: I'm glad you enjoyed yourself.

Colleen: Where's Abby?

Brad: She's with the nanny.

Ashley: But you can go on over and visit any time you want. You're always welcome.

Colleen: Actually, I've been doing a lot of thinking and if it's okay with you I was wondering if I could stay at your place for a while.

Michael: That was fast.

Isabella: Don't worry. The bodyguard seems to have a doctor's appointment.

Michael: At least you called ahead. I was able to send Chantal on an errand.

Isabella: So we can talk.

Michael: I can't imagine why you're here.

Isabella: Surely you have some idea.

Michael: You normally pop by when things are going wrong. Actually, I heard from a reliable source.

Isabella: Who?

Michael: Mary Williams, Paul's mom.

Isabella: I didn't realize you two were --

Michael: Friends? We're not. She can't stand me. I just happened to overhear her singing your praises to Gina last night.

Isabella: What did she say?

Michael: Oh, she said you were beautiful, charming, and of course she detests Christine, which is why I couldn't resist giving her a piece of my mind.

Isabella: Michael?

Michael: Nothing to worry about.

Isabella: It didn't get out of hand, did it?

Michael: I wouldn't say that.

Isabella: What happened?

Michael: Well I may have pressed a few of her buttons, which is probably why she slapped me.

Isabella: What? Michael, what have you done?

Alex: How did you know last night was exactly what I needed?

Malcolm: What, read your mind?

Alex: Well, it goes a lot deeper. Things I thought I had buried forever.

Malcolm: Alex, I could tell you were hurting and I just wanted to change all that.

Alex: Well, Malcolm, you did.

Malcolm: Baby, you are so beautiful. You do know that, don't you?

Alex: Well when I see it in your eyes I do.

Malcolm: Well then I guess you're just going to have to keep me around a little while longer, aren't you?

Alex: You mean that?

Malcolm: Of course I do.

Alex: I think it's time for the two of us to take our relationship to the next level. I want us to live together. I want to move in with you, Malcolm.

[Phone rings]

Megan: Hello.

Tricia: Hi, Meg, it's me.

Megan: Tricia?

Tricia: Hope you don't mind my calling. Long time, huh?

Megan: So how have you been?

Tricia: I'm fine. Boston is such a neat town. I was hoping I'd hear from you.

Megan: I think you know why I haven't been in touch.

Tricia: I really miss you.

Megan: I was thinking about you and Dad a lot. I guess especially lately.

Tricia: Really? Why is that?

Megan: I've been taking some college courses and I have enough credits to graduate.

Tricia: Congratulations. When is the ceremony?

Megan: Mid-summer.

Tricia: I'm sure it will be wonderful, Meg. I'm so proud of you. And Dad will be thrilled.

Megan: You two are talking?

Tricia: Actually, I'm living at home again.

Megan: Oh, so things with Ryan --

Tricia: You know, a lot has been going on but I better not get into it over the phone.

Megan: Then why are you calling me, Tricia?

Tricia: It's Dad. He's been down lately and I'm worried about him. He's not here right now. He should be back soon, but I don't know. If you could just find it in your heart to give him a call, I know it would lift his spirits. I know you have issues with Dad and me, but if it makes a difference, we're both really sorry. We'd be willing to do anything to make things right with you. So the ball is in your court. If you do call, don't tell him I suggested it, okay?

Megan: Why not?

Tricia: It would mean more to him that way. I miss you.

Megan: I miss you too, Tricia.

Victor: The situation with Tricia McNeil is very complicated.

Sharon: No, it's not. The woman is dangerous.

Victor: And that's why we need to keep tabs on her.

Sharon: By giving in to her father's demands.

Victor: Have you known me to cave in to anyone? I have control of the situation. Okay? [Phone rings] Yes. Good. Thank you.

Sharon: If you're in control why don't you just make him see his daughter is committed?

Victor: We can't do that.

Sharon: Why not?

Victor: Because Keith Dennison is a doting and protective father, too. Try to convince him his daughter would be a danger to anyone would be counterproductive, all right? Let's just say we need Keith Dennison. At the moment we can't afford to alienate him. 

Brad: You want to come stay with us, Colleen?

Colleen: You're really nice. Everybody has been really sweet.

Ashley: You're not really happy.

Colleen: The whole Glow by Jabot thing and Billy and his friends around, I just feel like everyone knows. I just feel really weird.

Brad: It's just that your mom made it really clear she's more comfortable with you staying here.

Colleen: I don't know what the big deal is.

Ashley: How about we call your mom right now and we ask her.

Colleen: Really?

Ashley: Yeah. Give her a ring right now.

Tricia: That was quick.

Keith: There was someone I had to see.

Tricia: Everything is taken care of?

Keith: Yeah, I thought it was.

Tricia: Dad, you're still not upset with what happened yesterday.

Keith: No, no. I had something else on my mind.

Tricia: Well it sounds important.

Keith: I thought cooler heads would prevail. Apparently, I was wrong.

Tricia: What does that mean?

Keith: Nothing for you to worry about.

Tricia: Dad, if it's about me -- .

Keith: I just had a little revelation about someone, someone I thought I could trust.

[Phone rings]

Tricia: I'm -- can you grab that?

Keith: Hello. Megan. How wonderful hear your voice, hon. Boy, you have been on my mind lately. How are you?

Isabella: I can't believe it. Paul's mother slapped you.

Michael: Oh, I've been dealt worse blows.

Isabella: What did you do? That is not the Mary I know. She's a great person.

Michael: Baloney. Mary Williams is a righteous old windbag and I'm sick of her holier-than-thou attitude.

Isabella: What did you say? You didn't let anything slip out about us?

Michael: About our partnership? Why would I do that?

Isabella: Maybe because you're not as motivated to keep quiet than I am.

Michael: That's true. It's hard to remain focused with Chris gone so long, but it's still in my best interest to keep our friendship secret. Tell me. What brings you by?

Isabella: Paul and I are growing closer.

Michael: Congratulations.

Isabella: We're at a point where something significant can happen in our relationship.

Michael: Hmm. Then what's the problem?

Isabella: -- He hasnít allowed things to go any further like I planned.

Michael: So we have to go along just like his mother. Where do things stand with this case?

Isabella: James has a cabin outside of Green Bay. Paul is on his way there now to find evidence.

Michael: Connecting him with the money laundering.

Isabella: He's very confident.

Michael: And you're not.

Isabella: I asked Paul if he came up empty-handed if we could still move on.

Michael: And he didn't give you the answer you want.

Isabella: No, he didn't. So, Michael, the man with everything under control, tell me how am I going to get Paul to move on with me?

Tracy: Colleen wants to come and stay with you and Brad?

Ashley: Yeah. We were surprised, too.

Tracy: Ashley, things are far from settled with Steve.

Ashley: Yeah, but you are making progress, aren't you?

Tracy: That's not the point.

Ashley: You don't want Brad and Colleen to spend too much time together.

Tracy: Especially not with things up in the air here.

Ashley: You can see how wonderful Brad is. Heís completely there for Colleen but it's on her terms.

Tracy: You're obviously more close to the situation than I am.

Ashley: The only reason I'm calling is because it's what Colleen wants. So maybe for her sake you'll consider her letting her stay with us?

Keith: You, too hon. I love you.

Tricia: Who was on the phone?

Keith: Your sister.

Tricia: Megan.

Keith: Yes. I was totally stunned, too.

Tricia: How did she sound?

Keith: Terrific. She's still in Boston. She's been going to college all this time. Guess what? Next week she gets her degree.

Tricia: You know, Dad, I doubt it was just a coincidence Meg calling when she did.

Keith: What do you mean, honey?

Tricia: Well you just said she's graduating next week.

Keith: So?

Tricia: Even if she didn't come out and say it, I'm sure she would love it to have family there.

Keith: You know, you're right. A trip might be just the thing.

Malcolm: You want to move in together?

Alex: Don't you? [Laughing]

Malcolm: Oh, baby. Mm, mm, mm! Yes, yes. I can't think of anything greater.

Alex: Don't worry. I'll split rent.

Malcolm: There's going to be none of that. Who is going to do the cooking?

Alex: Well you have to buy groceries.

Malcolm: Come here, you. Alex, Alex, this is so incredible. Oh, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.

Alex: Second thoughts?

Malcolm: No, no. Wait a minute, Alex. If we were to do this, I donít want to hurt my chances getting visitation with Nate. Oh, man.

Alex: You're right. We can't risk giving Olivia any more ammunition.

Malcolm: See, that is the problem. I've had it up to here with Olivia. This whole thing would have been a done deal if she had kept her word, not pushed this hearing.

Alex: I realize you're upset. You haven't been able to see your son in months.

Malcolm: Alex, Alex. This case is all I think about. Wondering what else Olivia might try to pull. It's on my mind 24/7. Except for last night. You know, I didn't think about Olivia once. Don't you see how good you are for me? Alex, we belong together. Olivia, she's trying to wreck that, too.

Alex: No, we can still see each other.

Malcolm: Come on, baby. It won't be the same.

Alex: No, we can make this thing work. Malcolm, I'm not going anywhere. I think I'm falling in love with you.

Malcolm: Oh. Oh, baby. Do you know that I have dreamt of the day you would say those words to me in -- me? Oh.

Malcolm: I know I don't have to tell you how I feel, honey.

Alex: Your girl still wants to hear it.

Malcolm: Okay. Well here goes. Alex Perez, I love you, too.

Colleen: Did you talk to my mom?

Ashley: Sure did. I just got off the phone.

Brad: What did Tracy say?

Ashley: We're going to give it a trial run?

Colleen: If everything goes well.

Ashley: We're just going to take it day by day, okay?

Colleen: Thank you so much, Aunt Ashley. This means a lot to me. I'm going to go pack.

Ashley: Okay. What's wrong with you?

Brad: I was just thinking about your dad.

Ashley: Well, he'll understand.

Brad: Not sure I do.

Ashley: What do you mean?

Brad: I'm just so surprised you got Tracy to go along with this.

Ashley: I told her how fabulous you were. I told her you have been there for Colleen but not coming on too strong. I told her this is what Colleen wants.

Brad: She does, huh? It's pretty incredible.

Ashley: Yeah. I'm happy we're in a position where we can help her.

Brad: A lot of support, she's going through a rough time.

Ashley: She's come to the right place.

Brad: She sure has.

Brad: You know something Mrs. Carleton? You're one incredible woman. I love you.

Michael: So you want to move ahead with Paul, but you have a little problem in that you have been lying to him for months.

Isabella: Don't remind me. Do you know what it's like to build your relationship on a lie?

Michael: You're not having second thoughts, are you? You're not going to come clean to the man you love?

Isabella: We both have a lot at stake, Michael.

Michael: Then we understand each other.

Isabella: Perfectly. That doesn't solve my problem.

Michael: So you can ride off into the sunset with Christine's husband?

Isabella: You know, I'm getting really impatient.

Michael: I can see that. But our little drama was planned to a certainty. It has to play itself out.

Isabella: Sooner rather than later.

Michael: Yeah. I'll see what I can do but my hand is tied.

Isabella: Meaning?

Michael: Meaning Paul could be digging around for evidence and that could put your husband behind bars for a long, long time. You don't have a problem with that?

Isabella:. No after what James did, all the lies he told me. There's no jail term long enough.

Michael: Well, we'll just have to wish Paul luck. If he can find a legitimate way to keep James behind bars for a long time eliminating the so-called danger he represents, our charade is no longer necessary and you and Sherlock Holmes can live happily ever after.

Paul: Pay dirt. James, you are history.

Paul: Oh, my God.

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